37 writers awarded for their ideas on improving service delivery

Prizes awarded by Minister for Good Governance in a special ceremony

Monday 9 June, Dar es Salaam: Twaweza, as part of its work for the Open Government Partnership (OGP), has awarded prizes of laptops and solar lamps to over 35 writers for their ideas on how Government and citizens can improve service delivery in the education, health and water sectors.

The competition, which sought citizens’ views, was jointly launched by Twaweza and the Government of Tanzania in December 2012. Twaweza supported the Government’s request for people’s inputs by distributing details of the competition in five million popular booklets and by reviewing the submissions received.

Out of almost 250 entries, the best 12 were awarded laptops and the remaining 25 received special commendations and solar lamps. The names of the winners are:

Top 12: Rahma Chanzi, Yavan N. Eslon, Amani Frank, Kingstone W. Kahumuza,

[infographic] Workplace Bullying

In spite of increased media attention, improvements to health and safety legislation, and trends demonstrating a general increase in complaints, workplace bullying continues to be a misunderstood phenomenon that most organisations struggle to combat effectively.

As such TMS has developed this infographic to help assist companies in better managing and prevent workplace bullying. -- (click here for a PDF to see more)
What is Workplace Bullying?

Tahadhari kuhusu matapeli wanaotumia jina la JKT


Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa (JKT) linautangazia umma kuepukana na matapeli wanaochukua fedha kwa lengo la kuwapatia vijana nafasi za kujiunga na JKT. Nafasi za kujiunga na JKT haziuzwi popote.

Jeshi linaomba umma utambue kuwa linaendehsa mafunzo aina mbili. Aina ya kwanza ni Kujitolea na aina ya pili ni Mujibu wa Sheria.

Nafasi za vijana wa kujitolea zinatolewa na Mkuu wa JKT kupitia Wakuu wa Mikoa Tanzania Bara na

Simulizi la Brazil FIFA's Wold Cup Extra! Mjengwa na Victor Simon

Simulizi za kombe la Dunia...

Barclays to keep two competing banks in Tanzania

JOHANNESBURG — Barclays Africa Group has said it will continue controlling two competing independent banks in Tanzania for the foreseeable future, raising questions about the efficiency and cost of running two banks in one country.

The arrangement in Tanzania also raises questions about Barclays’ "One Bank in Africa strategy".

Barclays Africa Group, which is headed by Maria Ramos, owns a majority stake in National Bank of Commerce in Tanzania, and Barclays Bank Tanzania.

The Tanzanian government and the International Finance Corporation are also shareholders in National Bank of Commerce.

Before Absa Group acquired the Africa operations from Barclays in an R18bn deal in 2012,

Keystone Symposia Global Health Travel Awards

Global Health Travel Awards (for the Global Health Series) are to enable attendance of scientists, physicians, fellows or students from countries where the meeting topic health problems are endemic. The purpose of providing travel awards is to add to the diversity of experiences represented by participants at each meeting.

Keystone Symposia encourages all eligible applicants to apply for these valuable awards. The award will cover conference-related expenses to include: meeting registration, lodging, airfare and ground transportation from host airport to the resort. Awardees should be prepared for any unexpected costs of travel that may arise, such as those associated with flight changes, visa application fees, etc. The awardee

[update] Taarifa ya kuahirishwa safari ya treni


Uongozi wa Kampuni ya Reli Tanzania – TRL unawataarifu abiria wote na wananchi kwa jumla kuwa kutokana na kutetereka kwa mojawapo ya madaraja katika bonde la mto Ruvu katika reli ya kati , umeamua kusitisha kwa muda huduma ya usafiri wa abiria hadi ukarabati wa daraja utakapokamilika.

Hapo jana Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TRL Mhandisi Kipallo Aman Kisamfu na Wahandisi waandamizi na Mafundi Mchundo Ujenzi walifika katika daraja hilo lililopo km 82/5 na kulifanyia tathmini ili kuona uharibifu uliotokea na mahitaji kuliimarisha ili lirejee katika kiwango cha usalama kuruhusu treni za abiria kupita.

Kwa mujibu wa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji, ukarabati wa kulirejesha katika hali ya kutumika utachukua takriban wiki moja na hivyo kuanzia jana saa 12 jioni eneo la reli kati ya Dar es Salaam na kilomita 82/5 Ruvu limesitishwa kwa huduma za usafiri wa reli.

Kwa taarifa hii wananchi na wateja wa TRL na wananchi kwa jumla ambao walikuwa wasafiri kwenda bara kwa treni ya jana ya Juni 10, 2014 wanatakiwa kufika katika stesheni zilizokaribu nao ili warejeshewe nauli zao ili watafute usafiri mbadala. Wakati taarifa hii inatolewa katika vyombo vya habari zoezi la kuwarejeshea nauli abiria wapatao 1000 lilikuwa zinaendelea katika stesheni mbali mbali za TRL na hasa katika Stesheni kubwa ya Dar es Salaam ambapo safari kwenda bara huanzia.

Aidha Uongozi wa TRL umeomba radhi kwa usumbufu wowote utakaojitokeza.

Imetolewa na Afisi ya Uhusiano kwa Niaba ya Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TRL Mhandisi Kipallo Aman Kisamfu
Dar es Salaam
Juni 11, 2014




Uongozi wa Kampuni ya Reli Tanzania – TRL unawataarifu abiria wote na wananchi kwa jumla kuwa kutokana na kutetereka kwa daraja la reli kati ya stesheni ya Ruvu na mchepuko wa reli ya Ruvu kwenda Mruazi usiku wa kuamkia leo, umeamua kusitisha kwa muda huduma ya usafiri wa abiria hadi ukarabati wa daraja utakapokamilika.

Tokea asubuhi ya leo Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TRL Mhandisi Kipallo Aman Kisamfu na Wahandisi

Job opportunity for Principal Communication and PR Officer at The Nelson Mandela African Institution


Applications are invited from suitably qualified Tanzanians for employment as Principal Communication and Public Relations Officer at The Nelson Mandela African Institution Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha, Tanzania.

The required qualifications, salary scale and duties and responsibilities for the position are as shown in Table 1.

Application deadline is 25th June 2014

Click here to download a document with details

Tanzania, Singapore signs MoU to face-lift two major cities

ARUSHA, Tanzania, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Tanzania on Monday signed Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore on the need to face- lift two major cities of Arusha and Mwanza.

Speaking soon after signing the pact, Alphayo Kidata, Tanzania' s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements, said the agreement is meant to change the entire outlook of the two booming cities and their vicinity.

"We want to make those two cities attractive to the eye-sore of visitors and public," the official said, "We want to make them properly planned and deliver competitive services to its people and visitors."

Among the tasks to be dealt with includes addressing traffic jam in the two cities,

Diamond azungumza kuhusu MTV Africa Music Awards 2014

Diamond na Wema

Video imepachikwa hapo chini...

Vote for SMART CODES: The 1st Company in Tanzania nominated for Global AWWWARDS

Smartcodes, a tech startup from Dar-es-Salaam has been nominated in the 2014 Awwwards from awwwards.com as one of the best websites. As the #1 pick from Tanzania, Smartcodes has been nominated on an international platform going against web development and tech companies from around the world.

About the nomination for best website

The Awwwards are judged by a jury and users from the site who also get a say in which nominees have the chance of winning. Smartcodes will be judged on criteria such as design, user interface,

Taarifa ya kufungwa kwa barabara Sam Nujoma - Shekilango

Na Imma Matukio blog — Kipande cha Barabara ya Morogoro kitafungwa kuanzia leo tarehe 10/06/2014.

Katika tangazo lilitolewa katika vyombo vya habari, kipande hicho kitafungwa ili kukamilisha ujenzi wa mabasi yaendayo haraka.

Kipande kinachotegemewa kufungwa ni kile cha kuanzia makutano ya Sam Nujoma hadi Shekilango. 

Kufuatia tukio hilo, watumiaji wa barabara hiyo wameshauriwa kutumia njia mbadala kama

Ajiua kwa risasi baada ya kusababisha ajali

Mfanyabiashara wa madini, Richard Lucas (29) anadaiwa kujiua kwa kujipiga risasi kichwani baada ya kusababisha ajali mbili tofauti. 

Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Arusha, Liberatus Sabas alisema alijipiga risasi juzi saa 12:45 jioni nyumbani kwake eneo la Kimandolu. Alitumia bastola aina ya Luger yenye namba B136986. Alisema uchunguzi wa awali wa polisi umebaini kuwa Lucas alitokea Tengeru akiwa na gari aina ya Toyota Rav 4 yenye namba za usajili T 494 CKY alikokuwa amemfuata rafiki yake aliyekuwa amepata

Behind Finland’s educational system, and What makes it work so well

To some people, Finland isn’t a whole lot more than a chilly, northern country boasting a population of around 5 million people.

Whether you’ve been to Finland or not, you probably haven’t had the chance to take an up-close and personal look at one of Finland’s greatest accomplishments to date—its high-achieving education system.

Students in Finland have, over the past several years, risen to the top of the academic food-chain, and they’ve become some of the top scholarly performers in the world. Compared to many other developed nations, including the US and Canada, Finland’s high school graduation rates have continued to grow steadily and impressively.

Furthermore, a huge percentage of students continue on to earn college degrees, and students at all levels perform exceedingly well on standardized tests.

So what’s Finland’s secret?

It’s hard to say for sure, but some good guesses as to the source of their success include respecting their teachers highly, assigning students less homework and more recess time, and keeping standardized testing to a minimum.

The following infographic takes an in-depth look at some of the details behind Finland’s educational system, and what makes it work so well.

Infographic surce: -- onlineclasses.org

via - Visually.

Statement by Tanzanian MPs against motion to censure EALA Speaker

EALA MPs from Tanzania (L-R:) Adam Kimbisa, Shy-Rose Bhanji, Twaha Taslima


We, Members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) from the Tanzanian Chapter, hereby reaffirm our position not to support the motion to censure the Speaker of the EALA, Hon. Margaret Nantongo Zziwa.

After careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation with regard to the real motive of the motion, we came to the following conclusions:-