Israel's secretive spy organization members claim were directed to spy on Palestinians for political purposes, not national security

Last Friday, 43 veteran and reserve members of Israel's secretive spy organization, Unit 8200, claimed they'd been directed to spy on Palestinians for coercion purposes.
The group signed an open letter of protest to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to the head of the Israeli army, accusing the spy agency of targeting innocent Palestinians and collecting data for political purposes, not national security.
Dubbed the "refusniks," the veterans declared that they had a "moral duty" to no longer "take part in the state's actions against Palestinians."
The source of much of the Israeli data may be the U.S. National Security Agency.
Author and journalist James Bamford interviewed NSA leaker Edward Snowden in Moscow this summer. Bamford tells NPR's Arun Rath that Snowden was eager to discuss documents that show a U.S. agreement to routinely share information with Israel and Unit 8200.

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Afrika ni moja! Simulizi kwa picha la Wanahabari wa Tanzania safarini Malawi

Kama ilivyo kwa wanavijiji wa Tanzania hapa pia wapo wanavijiji wanaoshabihiana kwa mila na desturi, Mary Nkhoma ni mama mwanakijiji wa Luwawa alikuwa akiandaa chakula cha mchana kwa

UAE national airline, Etihad Airways announce daily flights to Tanzania


Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, will expand its global route network with the addition of Baku, Tbilisi and Dar es Salaam in the second half of 2015, increasing the total number of new destinations it has announced for next year to nine.

The fast-growing Caucasus region will be a major focus area for the Abu Dhabi-based airline next year, with a new service to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, being operated four times a week from October 1, while Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will be served three times a week from October 2.

Both cities are famed for their warm hospitality and natural beauty, offering a breath-taking range of botanical gardens and parks, as well as historic attractions, museums and galleries.

Etihad Airways will also commence a daily service to Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, from