TBS notice to public regarding Drinking water branded "DEW"



Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has learnt of information circulating through the internet on drinking water branded DEW purported to be produced in Tanzania, which is claimed to have caused deaths among consumers in Nigeria.

TBS would like to make it clear to the public that this information is sheer hearsay and utter lie, as there is no drinking water branded DEW that is being produced in Tanzania.

Shinda na Vodacom Kabumbu

Sigfrid Massawe ajishindia Ndovu Golden Experience

Tunamkumbuka Msomi Marehemu Idrissa Abdallah Majura

Idrissa Abdallah Majura
Idrissa Abdallah Majura

Siku ya leo, yaani tarehe 19.11. ni siku maalumu na ya kumbukumbu ulimwenguni kote kwa wapenda amani na maendeleo ya jamii, wapigania amani na haki za binadamu.

Ni siku ambayo alizaliwa mwanazuoni Idrissa Abdallah Majura, tarehe 19.11.1938 katika kijiji cha Gera, Mkoani Kagera nchini Tanzania. Ndugu Majura alikuwa miongoni mwa wanafunzi wachache toka Tanganyika wakati huo waliobahatika kupata scholarship ya kwenda masomoni huko Zanzibar.

[video] Maswi alipotamka "Kafulila na mwenzake Zitto ni 'washenzi'"

Bofya video hapo kumsikiliza.

Chinese travelling from Tanzania arrested in Kenya for ivory smuggling

DETECTIVES in Mombasa county yesterday detained a ship and arrested two Chinese crew members over alleged smuggling of ivory through the Moi International Airport.

Aung Hlang and Suraya Mesdin were charged with having wildlife trophies.

Police sought three days to search MV Kota Henning that docked at the port and investigate the two men.

Mombasa resident magistrate Richard Odenyo granted the request.

He ordered that Hlang and Mesdin be remanded at the Airport police station pending investigations.

The duo arrived in the country aboard the vessel from Pemba, Tanzania, on Monday.

Tanzania ilivyojitutumua kumpa Rais Obama zawadi

Then-U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell poses with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi at the start of talks at Iikura House in Tokyo on Feb. 22, 2003. (Eriko Sugita/Reuters)

The State Department’s release of its annual inventory of bizarre — though we’re sure very thoughtful — gifts that federal government officials received from foreign governments got us thinking. When you’re handed 20 baseball hats with your picture on them, what do you possibly say?

It’s a bit like opening socks on Christmas morning from your aunt. You must smile and feign excitement.

The proper response is something of an art form honed over time. We reached out to the experienced former secretary of state Colin Powell to get his tips on how to react when opening even the most random of gifts from a foreign leader.

Andrew Chale kutoa vitabu vya maisha yake

Andrew Chale (kulia) akiteta jambo na 'Mwenyekiti' Maggid Mjengwa wa Mjengwa Blog.

..Ni vya 'Who Is Andrew Chale', 'Nimnukuu Nani?' na ''Mimi ni Historia',

Na Mwandishi Wetu

Mwandishi wa Habari nchini Tanzania, Andrew Chale anayeandikia magazeti ya Tanzania Daima na Sayari yanayotolewa na kampuni ya Free Media ya jijini Dar es Salaam, ambaye pia mwandishi 'msaada' wa blog za habari mbalimbali za hapa nchini na nje ya Tanzania ameanza mchakato rasmi wa kuandika vitabu vitatu (3) vitakavyokuwa vikielezea juu ya Maisha yake.

Katika taarifa yake aliyoitoa kwa vyombo vya habari leo Novemba 19, Andrew Chale alibainisha juu ya kusudio hilo la kutoa vitabu vya kuelezea maisha yake ni ndoto aliyonayo kwa miaka mingi na kwa sasa imetimia.

"Wengi watajiuliza sasa nimepata wapi ujasiri wa kufanya jambo hili kubwa la kuelezea maisha yangu? Ni rahisi sana, unapokuwa na Mungu kila jambo linawezekana hivyo vitabu hivi vitakuwa ni muongozo kwa vijana wote hapa Duniani kuelewa kuwa yale yote wanayopitia si ya kuyakatia tamaa, bali kuangalia wapi wataweza kujikomboa na hata kuendana na hali iliyopo kwa kujithamini, kujielewa, uvumilivu na kufikia malengo stahiki ya maisha," alifafanua Andrew Chale.

Ukame watishia uhai wa bwawa la Mtera

Wakazi wa Migoli Mtera wakiingia na punda baada ya kina chake kupungua zaidi, katika bwawa la Mtera kwa ajili ya kuchota ya matumizi nyumbani.
(picha: Francis Godwin Blog) 

Kina cha maji katika bwawa ambalo ni moja kati ya vyanzo vya uzalishaji wa umeme nchini, Mtera lina hali mbaya baada ya maji kukauka na kusababisha kilomita 10 kuwa kame.

Uchunguzi uliofanywa na matukiodaima.co.tz umebaini kuwepo kwa kasi kubwa ya bwawa hilo kuendelea kupoteza sifa ya kuendelea kuitwa bwawa baada ya maji kuendelea kukauka na kulifanya sasa bwawa hilo kuwa na hadhi ya mto.

New drug in fight against malaria

The fight against malaria, especially in sub-Sahara Africa, has received a boost following the development of a new drug.

According to the data from the Ministry of Health, malaria is estimated to cause 20 per cent of all deaths in children under five in Kenya.

The new drug, Artesunate-Mefloquine fixed dose combination (ASMQ FDC), was developed by Geneva-based Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) and the Brazilian government.

In an exclusive interview with Nation.co.ke, DNDi Executive Director Dr Benard Pecoul described the development of ASMQ FDC as a big breakthrough in the fight against malaria in children specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Maasai evicted from homeland so wealthy group can hunt

Nomad People: Masai tribesmen and women are being told they must leave their ancestral land (Photo: mirror.co.uk) 

The government of Tanzania is contemplating selling a large tract of protected land to a private firm that would turn it into a zone for commercial hunting and luxury safaris. According to Britain's Guardian newspaper, Tanzanian officials are still in talks to sell 1,500 square kilometers near the famed Serengeti national park to a private company connected to the royal family in Dubai, the wealthy Gulf city-state that's part of the United Arab Emirates.

The proposed deal, which attracted headlines last year, would force tens of thousands of local Maasai tribesmen to abandon ancestral pastures and grave sites. An international campaign to protect the Maasai land was backed by nearly two million signatures online, led to protest marches and forced the Tanzanian government to drop its eviction plans this March.

But, the Guardian reports, authorities are still keen on going ahead with the purchase and have now offered locals compensation worth less than $600,000 to move away from what would become a designated "wildlife corridor."

"I feel betrayed," one local activist told the Guardian. "[The government] had to pretend they were dropping the agenda to fool the international press."

Representatives of the Maasai are due to meet the Tanzanian prime minister Tuesday to express their outrage.

The Masai, a traditionally nomadic people, appear on cliched tourism posters for this part of Africa, perhaps set against a backdrop of the Serengeti's incredible wildlife. But they claim that eco-tourism has been a curse for their communities, with government attempts to cordon off certain lands for well-heeled safari goers endangering their heritage.

"The British moved us 50 years ago from what is now the Serengeti park, and subsequent governments have consistently restricted our grazing rights," a Maasai elder, Lekakui Kanduli, told CNN last year. "The government uses our faces on tourism posters and brochures for Tanzania, yet President Kikwete has said that our way of life is a thing of the past and we should live in the modern world. But without our land and our traditions, what are we?"

The little-known company said to be involved in the purchase of this new hunting ground is owned by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdulrahim al Ali, the deputy defense minister of the U.A.E., according to the Associated Press.

The case is eye-catching for the cast of characters involved, but is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to overseas firms buying up land in Africa. Between 2000 and 2012, some 5 percent of all of Africa's agricultural land has been leased by outside investors. According to a 2011 report by the rights group Oxfam, international investors have bought, sold or leased some 227 million hectares of land in Africa — a figure equivalent to a good chunk of Western Europe.

Since the global financial crisis in 2008 spurred chaos in global food markets, Africa's supposedly under-used arable land became a coveted asset for governments and firms elsewhere. As The Post's Stephanie McCrummen documented in 2009, a host of governments are out-sourcing food production in parts of Africa, and not just Western ones. A graphic from the Christian Science Monitor illustrates some of the investments:
(Christian Science Monitor)

Tanzania itself is a petri dish for outside investment in its agricultural lands. It is a signatory to a scheme endorsed by President Obama at the 2012 G8 Summit that aims to bring in foreign multinationals to help improve food cultivation and security in a number of African countries. Many argue this is vital: Three-quarters of Tanzania's population are small-scale farmers, reports the Guardian, but only 6 percent of the country's budget in 2012 was spent on agriculture.

But critics fear all sorts of abuse. Some of the land acquisitions elsewhere in Africa, as Oxfam notes, are driven purely by outside speculators with short-term interests and enabled by corrupt local officials and an absence of rigorous regulation. The people living and working on the land lose out, says Oxfam, and face "dispossession, deception, violation of human rights, and destruction of livelihoods."

Though the Maasai's lands won't be handed over for agribusiness, they say they are fighting a similar fate.

Ishaan Tharoor writes about foreign affairs for The Washington Post. He previously was a senior editor at TIME, based first in Hong Kong and later in New York.

Mishumaa ya kale: Kipindi kutoka Vijimabo na Kwanza Production

MixMaster DJ Luke Joe

Baada ya pilika za wiki nzima, na mchamchaka wa maisha, sasa unakuja wakati wa kuburudika na muziki halisi wa zamani.

Katika kipindi hiki, utaweza "kuruka majoka" na "kula mangoma" kwa kusikiliza nyimbo ziliotamba miaka ya zamani, kupata historia ya wasanii na vikundi mbalimbali na pia kusikiliza mazungumzo na maDj na wasanii mbalimbali wa zamani.

Tunasikitishwa namna Serikali inahughulikia upungufu wa dawa na vifaa tiba

Irenei Kiria

Tunasikitishwa na namna ambavyo serikali imekuwa ikishughulikia suala laupungufu wa dawa na vifaa tiba nchini. Siku za karibuni, kumekuwepo na taarifa za ukosefu wa dawa na vifaa tiba katika sehemu mbalimbali nchinilakini serikali bado haijachukua hatua madhubuti, jambo ambalo linaweza kuchangia wagonjwa kuteseka zaidi na hata kusababisha vifo.

Sikika ilitegemea serikali ingeangalia janga hili kwa makini zaidi na kulipa mara moja deni lote (Tshs bilioni 90),linalodaiwa na Bohari Kuu ya Dawa(MSD). Badala yake ni Tshs. bilioni 20 tu zilizotolewa mpaka sasa na nyingine Tsh bilioni 11 zilizoahidiwa kutolewa ndani ya mwezi mmoja.Kutokana na unyeti wa suala hili ambalo linagusa maisha ya wananchi, tungependa kuona serikali ikilipa fedha zote inayodaiwa na MSD ili kuiwezesha kufanya kazi ipasavyo na kupunguza upungufu wa dawa na vifaa tiba uliojitokeza nchini.

Filamu ya 990 Wamekufa mbioni kuzinduliwa

Hii ndiyo filamu mpya ya 990 wamekufa inayotarajiwa kuzinduliwa hivi karibuni na wasanii wa Miale sanaa Group wa Iringa 
Wasanii wa Miale Sanaa Group wa mjini Iringa mkoani Iringa wameanza kutembeza bakuli kuomba kuchangia kiasi cha sh milioni 3/= kwa ajili ya kukamilisha uzinduzi wa filamu yao mpya ya "990 Wamekufa".

Akizungumza na mtandao wa matukiodaima.co.tz mkurugenzi mtendaji wa kundi hilo Nurdini Khamis alisema kuwa kundi hilo limeendelea kufanya vema katika tasnia ya filamu nchini kutokana na wasanii wake kuifanya kazi hiyo kwa kutumia vipaji halisi vya kuzaliwa na hivyo kuwa tofauti na wasanii wengine ambao wamekuwa wakiifanya kazi hiyo kwa kutegemea elimu ya vyuo vya sanaa.

Moto wateketeza Mt. Meru Curios & Crafts Market

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Arusha, Magesa Mulongo ameagiza uchunguzi wa kina kufanyika kufuatia soko la wafanyabiashara wa vinyago na bidhaa mbalimbali za kitalii la Mt. Meru Curios & Crafts Market kuteketea kwa moto.

Chanzo cha moto bado hakijaweza kufahamika katika maduka hayo yapatayo 188 ambayo hayakuwa yameunganishwa na umeme kwa lengo la kuepusha hatari ya vinyago vinavyotengenezwa

Castle Lite Lite Up The Weekend Ilivyohitimishwa kwa Yacht Party

Wikiendi iliyopita ilishuhudia kilele cha kampeni ya Lite Up The Weekend ambayo iliyoendeshwa na bia ya Castle Lite huku ikihusisha wanywaji wa bia hiyo waliopata nafasi ya kujishindia zawadi mbalimbali kwa kutuma namba za ndani ya kizibo. Katika siku hiyo washindi wa droo kubwa walipata nafasi ya kukutana na kujumuika katika Yacht Party iliyoanzia katika ya hoteli ya Coral Beach kabla ya kupanda Yacht iliyowapeleka katika kisiwa cha Mbudya.

Hizi ni baadhi ya picha kutoka katika party hiyo.

Mashabiki wa Castle Lite tayari kwa safari ya kufurahia Yacht Party

Picha ya ukumbusho

Kwa nini tu wepesi kumsifu akifa ila siyo akiwa hai?

Kwa wale tusio na maslahi nao na wasiotuhusu, mara nyingi hatupendi kuwasifia wasikie kwa masikio yao. Tunapolazimika kufanya hivyo, mara nyingi ni ama kwa hofu ya ‘nitaonekanaje’ kwa maana ya kulinda kutokuonekana muungwana au kwa kujua kabisa kufanya hivyo hakutuathiri kwa vyovyote.

Ndio maana hutashangaa kuona hotuba za hadharani kuwaaga, kuwaenzi au kuwatambua watu fulani hujaa sifa. Sababu? Tunafanya hivyo kwa sababu kufanya kinyume hadharani ni hasara kwetu. Hatupendi kuonekana watu wa ajabu mbele za watu hata kama ndani kabisa ya nafsi tunaweza kuwa tunasema kinyume na tunachotaka watu wasikie. Nia ni ile ile, ‘Nionekane mtu mwenye hekima,’ maana yake napambana kujiweka kwenye nafasi ya juu.

Sasa unaweza kuelewa kwa nini kumsifu marehemu asiyesikia ni rahisi na kila mmoja wetu anaweza kufanya hivyo.
  1. Kwanza sifa kwa marehemu hazitutushi sisi tulio hai kwa sababu tunajua hana uwezo wa kujisikia vizuri hali ambayo wengi hatuipendi.
  2. Pili hatumkosoi kwa sababu tunajua hana uwezo wa kujisikia vibaya hali ambayo mara nyingi tunatamani itokee kama tulivyoona.
  3. Tatu, tunaogopa kushusha hadhi zetu kwa kumsemea vibaya marehemu hata kama tunajua alikuwa jambazi lililosumbua mtaani. Hofu ya kuonekana watu wa ajabu ndiyo ile nia tuliyokwisha izungumza ya kuhakikisha heshima zetu zinabaki juu.
Makala nzima ipo kwenye blogu ya Christian Bwaya - Jielewe: Kwa nini ni rahisi kumsifia mtu akifa kuliko akiwa hai?

Eh! Mwanamke atumia milioni 60/= kumtafuta mbwa wake

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A District of Columbia woman has spent more than $35,000 in a year-long search for her beloved missing dog.

Janet Mihalyfi, 39, of Georgetown has hired psychics and private investigators, posted thousands of fliers, installed cameras in the woods and put out dog food at spots where the Rottweiler mix has reportedly been spotted.

Mihalyfi lost 5-year-old Havoc on Nov. 9, 2013, after she took him and her other dog off their leashes during a run in a wooded area. Just then, a deer bolted by and both dogs gave chase.

"it's the emotional abuse, lack of respect, neglect which is most painful" - Hidden Voices: Violence against older persons

We assumed that violence against older persons, women mainly, is confined in Mwanza and Shinyanga regions in mainland Tanzania based on the number of elderly women killed after being accused of witchcraft practice.

Witchcraft practice is defined as causing famine, drought and foot and mouth and disease among cattle. It is mainly associated with illness among small children for example rickets, diarrhea, and infant death which medical science would easily prove were caused by typhus fever or gastroenteritis, which did not get the correct medical treatment.But there has to be a 'witch' who causes such 'misfortune'. The witch is invariably a woman, over the age of 65, who most likely owns a tract of land that a member of her family covets and so, the witch has to be disposed of.