Emirates Airlines blamed for death of Tanzanian passenger

Emirates Airlines in Tanzania did not really stand up for its slogan to be the connector of people. It had neglected an overweight man who died this weekend. Emirates has been blamed by many for this tragic and unfortunate death.

ETN reached out to Emirates, but received no response.

Family members of the late Sande Jacob Mremi, a resident of Tanzania’s capital of Dar es Salaam, pointed a finger to Emirates Airlines for failing to board him for treatment in India.

The 25-year-old man was suffering from a weight of 250 kilograms, and every airline approached in Tanzania so far were unable to allocate him a seat due to his oversized body.

They told a leading Tanzanian television station, ITV, that their son has been suffering from obesity and was referred to India for treatment, but failed to get a seat through international airlines
operating in Tanzania, including Emirates, to fly to India to undergo an urgently-needed treatment.

Family members further accused Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, which connects Tanzania and the rest of the world via Dubai for failing to fulfill their obligation regulated by contract and refused this passenger on a booked and confirmed flight.

According to the Emirates Airlines managers in Dar es Salaam, seats were too small to make him fly safely and comfortably.

Emirates managers said it needed to uproot at least six seats to get a space that would allow aircraft engineers to create a single, big-sized seat that would be spacious enough to accommodate that obese
man throughout his long journey from Africa to India.

They said that the airline’s Airbus long-haul aircraft was not equipped with such big seats that would help to accommodate the obese man.

The passenger paid the enormous amount of US$13,800 to Emirates. This should cover several tickets for such a flight. In a 2011 survey, more than 30 percent of travelers in the UAE believe that airlines in the region should charge overweight passengers more because of their size.

A poll carried out by Emirates 24/7 found that 32 percent of people believe airlines should charge a "fat tax." However, the majority (63 percent) voted against this, saying such a move will amount to unfair discrimination. In this case, Emirates clearly charged the airfare many times over and did not fulfill its obligation to provide the contracted transportation service.

It is a rare incident to find obese people in Tanzania.

Further reports stated that the family of the obese man had later approached Star Alliance Member Ethiopian Airlines for the same purpose, and managers had promised them to arrange a seat for the man. The man died before the Addis Ababa-based airline arranged a seat for him to fly this Sunday.

This is the first such reported incident in Tanzania’s aviation industry and received stakeholders attention.

Emirates newly-launched flights to Tanzania had increased the total passenger and cargo capacity by 2,370 seats and up to 170 tons respectively with flights available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Rais Nkurunziza awafuta kazi vigogo waliokuwa washirika wake

Rais wa Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza amewafuta washirika wake wa karibu kwenye nyadhifa zao.

Mkurugenzi kwenye afisi ya rais jenerali Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni na mkuu wa Idara ya Ujasusi jenerali Adolphe Nshimirimana ambao wamekua na ushawishi mkubwa kwenye utawala wa Pierre Nkurunziza, wameondolewa kwenye nyadhifa zao.

Si hao tu, maafisa wengine waandamizi wamefutwa kwenye nyadhifa zao, ikiwa ni pamoja na wakurugenzi wawili kwenye afisi ya rais. Maafisa hao waandamizi wanadaiwa kuwa miongoni mwa vigogo wenye ushawishi mkubwa kwenye utawala.

Uamuzi huu ambao umewashangaza wengi, umetolewa baada ya kufanyika vikao vya siri. Hakuna mtu ambaye angelifikiri kuwa hali hii ingelitokea. Jenerali Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, ambaye ni miongoni mwa vigogo hao katika utawala wa CNDD-FDD amekabidhi madaraka leo Ijumaa asubuhi, na nafasi yake imechukuliwa na raia wa kawaida. Kwa sasa Bunyoni ni katibu mtendaji wa Baraza la usalama wa taifa. amekua kama amewekwa kapuni.

Jenerali Adolphe Nshimirimana mkuu wa Idara ya Ujasusi, ambaye aliwahi kua mkuu wa majeshi wakati walipokua bado msituni na ambaye amekua akiendesha ukaguzi katika sekta nzima ya usalama, ameondolewa kwenye wadhifa wake, nafasi hiyo imechukuliwa na mkuu wa zamani wa majeshi, jenerali Godfroid Niyombare.

Maafisa wengine waandamizi ambao wana ushawishi mkubwa kwenye utawalawa CNDD-FDD wamefutwa kwenye nyadhifa zao. Hali hii inatokea baada ya hali ya sintofahamu kuripotiwa katika uongozi wa juu wa maafisa wa kijeshi kutoka waasi wa zamani wa CNDD-FDD. hata hivo, inaarifiwa kuwa sakata hilo bado linaendela.

Richland Resources to sell TanzaniteOne to Sky Associates

A day after announcing that it had gained some control over illegal mining activities at its Tanzanian operations, Aim-listed Richland Resources has agreed to sell the embattled TanzaniteOne Mining Limited (TML) to Sky Associates for US$ 5.1 million.

The gemstone producer and developer, following a comprehensive review of the strategic options available, would shed its tanzanite mining, exploration and cutting and beneficiation operations and its licence interests in the East African country to focus on its Australian assets.

"Given the continuing operational uncertainties in relation to the Tanzanite mining operations of TML, including the sustained period that it has not been possible to operate profitability and the need for funding to be provided, the board of directors strongly believe that this deal is in the best interest of the company's shareholders," Richland CEO Bernard Olivier explained on Wednesday.

The sale was conditional on approval from shareholders, the Minister of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania and South Africa Reserve Bank.

Following an increase in illegal mining activities, which threatened the safety of the company's mineworkers, in addition to liabilities and changes in legislation relating to gemstone production, tanzanite mining had become 'extremely challenging' in Tanzania.

African Barrick Gold is now Acacia

AFRICAN Barrick Gold (ABG) Plc. has changed its name to Acacia Mining Plc. with immediate effect.

The largest gold producer in Africa said in a statement that the change of the name was approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Wednesday.

Trading in shares under the new name was scheduled to start at the commencement of business. The company's International Securities Identification Number will remain unchanged.

The gold mining company which is facing a plummeting gold price and violent strike around its North Mara mine in Tanzania said it would apply for permits to begin underground mining at its mine in Mara Region.

The company, unveiling its long-term strategy, said the underground project was expected to produce 450,000 ounces of gold over a five-year mine life at an all-in sustaining cost (AISC) of under $750 per ounce.

AISC includes production and exploration expenses. Acacia said it expected underground production from the Gorkana pit at North Mara to begin in the first half of 2015.

The Board has approved the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) into developing an underground operation at the Gokona pit at North Mara.

The DFS, undertaken by independent consultant, Mining One, confirms an attractive return for the Company at current reserve pricing.

The gold miner also said it had signed an exploration joint venture with Canada's Sarama Resources Ltd to work on the South Hounde Project in Burkina Faso.

Apart from North Mara, Acacia has two other producing mines in northwest Tanzania - Bulyanhulu and Buzwagi. It also has exploration projects in Tanzania, Kenya and Burkina Faso.

Trashing others only holds you back

Finding the flaws in others comes as naturally as breathing to some people. However, trash talk and gossip don't just strain relationships, they make it harder to improve your own work.

As productivity blog 99u explains, having a hypercritical mindset with others makes it a lot easier to focus on your own flaws as well. You can find yourself throwing away good ideas simply because they're not up to the unrealistic standards you've set for others. Or, worse, you could be motivated to inaction because you don't want to feel like the people you despise.

Getting off the cynical asshole bandwagon is a process, but it's one that's worthwhile. This doesn't mean you can never criticize something or have high standards. But if you're trashing ten people's work for every one person you like, the problem may be that you simply have trouble seeing the value in things.
Lifehacker: Stop Trash Talking Others to Improve Your Own Work

In this photo: Werema, Chenge and Mkono...

Attorney General, Judge Fredrick Werema (left) and Legislators Andrew Chenge (Bariadi West) and Nimrod Mkono (right - Musoma Rural) in discussion at Parliament grounds in Dodoma on Friday.

photo: Robert Okanda/DailyNews

Petition: Tunataka uwajibikaji na, Pesa za Tegeta Escrow zirudi

Wito kwa Wabunge na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania: KUHAKIKISHA UWAJIBIKAJI KAMILI NA PESA ZA UMMA ZINARUDISHWA

Sisi wananchi wa Tanzania:

Tukiwa ni wapiga kura wa majimbo mbalimbali nchini Tanzania, tumechukua jukumu leo kutoa wito kwa wabunge na Rais wa JMT kuhakikisha kuwa uwajibikaji wa hali ya juu unafanyika na wahalifu waliokwapua pesa za umma za Tegeta Escrow mwezi wa 12, mwaka 2013 wanazirudisha mara moja na kuchukuliwa hatua kali za kisheria.

Uwajibikaji tunaotaka kuuona ni pamoja na:

Wahusika wote wakiwa ama watumishi wa serikali au mawaziri wafukuzwe kazi au kujiuzulu mara moja.

DPP afungue mashtaka dhidi ya watuhumiwa wa uhalifu huu na wanufaika wote wa pesa za Tegeta Escrow.

Pesa zirudishwe hata ikitakiwa kwa kuwafilisi wanufaika wa pesa hizi.

Hii ni sehemu muhimu ya wajibu wetu kama raia waaminifu, wenye nia njema ya kuchangia mawazo bora yatakayotuletea uwazi na uwajibikaji nchini kwetu.

Kukaa kimya kwenye jambo ambalo tunaliona linaangamiza taifa na wananchi na kunachangia kuturudisha nyuma kimaendeleo.

Tunataka uwajibikaji kamili na pesa za Tegeta Escrow zirudishwe mara moja

KWA SABABU:- Kutokana na taarifa tulizopokea kutoka vyanzo vinavyoaminika kuhusu ripoti ya Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Serikali (CAG); imedhihirika kuwaTANESCO ilikuwa na haki ya kulalamika kuwa ilikuwa ikitozwa na IPTL gharama za uendeshaji (capacity charges) zaidi ya kile kilichokuwa stahili (over charging). Gharama za kukotoa ‘capacity charges’ zilitokana na gharama za mwanzo za uwekezaji pale IPTL, kwa makusudi IPTL iliziongeza gharama hizo kinyume na ukweli na mkataba wake na Tanesco.

KWA SABABU:- Account ya Tegeta Escrow ilifunguliwa mwaka 2006 katika Benki Kuu (BoT) kwa mujibu ya maamuzi ya mahakama ya usuluhishi iliyoshauri kuwa badala ya kulipwa IPTL pesa zile zitunzwe na Benki kuu (escrow account) hadi pale mgogoro utakapopatiwa ufumbuzi na mahakama ya kimataifa ICSID. Ufumbuzi huu ni uamuzi wa ama kukubali kiwango cha capacity charges walichokuwa wakidai IPTL au kukataa na kutumia kiwango ambacho Tanesco walikuwa wakidai. Kwa mazingira ya kutatanisha pesa zote za Escrow zililipwa kwa IPTL mwezi wa 12, mwaka 2013 kabla ya hukumu ya ICSID iliyotelewa mwezi wa 2, mwaka 2014. Hivyo ulipaji huu ulikuwa kinyume cha sheria na makubaliano ya Escrow. (The Citizen)

KWA SABABU:- Ulipaji huu ulio kinyume na sheria, na ulifanywa huku wahusika kutoka serikalini wakiwemo mawaziri, makatibu wakuu, maafisa wa TANESCO, BoT, TRA wakiwa na ufahamu na kushiriki katika mchakato huu wa kihalifu.

KWA SABABU:- Uchunguzi wa PCCB umepata wanasiasa wakiwemo wabunge, mawaziri, majaji na viongozi wengine wa serikali wakishirikishwa katika ‘mgao’ wa fedha hizi tena kwa viwango vya kutisha hadi mabilioni.

KWA SABABU:- Bodi ya shirika la TANESCO haikutimiza wajibu wake na kusababisha ulipaji wa fedha za Tegeta Escrow kinyume na utaratibu, makubaliano na sheria na hivyo kuisababishia TANESCO hasara ya shilingi 321 bilioni .


Lowassa aomba watu wapuuzie akaunti ya Twitter yenye jina lake

Toka bunge limeanza mjadala wa kadhia ya Escrow account, kuna mtu au kikundi kwa sababu wanazozijua wao wenyewe wameanzisha akaunti ya mtandao wa Twitter kwa jina la Edward Ngoyai Lowassa, @edwardlowasa.

Kwa kutumia ukurasa huo, mtu huyo amekuwa akiandika masuala kadhaa kuhusiana na suala hilo la escrow account na kile kinachoendelea bungeni, ikionekana kama ni kauli ya Mhe. Lowassa.

Tunawaomba wananchi kupuuza yote yanayoandikwa katika ukurasa huo. Watanzania tuachane na tabia ya matumizi ya mitandao ya kijamii kupotosha umma,tutumie mitandao hiyo kwa kuhamasisha maendeleo, amani, umoja na mshikamano kwa taifa letu.

Imetolewa na ofisi ya

Mh Edward Ngoyai Lowassa(Mbunge)

[audio] Saa 2 za hoja za Wabunge kuhusu 'escrow'

Chini hapo ni video yenye audio ya sehemu ya mtoa hoja ambayo ilifuatiwa na michango mbalimbali ya maazimio ya Wabunge kuhusu wizi wa fedha za akaunti ya escrow ya BoT, hoja zilizotolewa Bungeni Ddodoma Novemba 28, 2014.

Hii ilikuwa ni kabla ya Spika Anne Makinda kuahirisha Kikao baada ya baadhi ya Wabunge kusimama huku wakituhumu kuwa Bunge linawalinda wezi, hali iliyosababisha kuzuka kwa kelele na kikao kutokuweza kuendelea.

Shukurani ya media: Nyumbani Kwanza Media

Taarifa ya DAWASCO ya kuzimwa kwa mtambo wa maji

Dawasco inawatangazia wakazi wote wa jiji la Dar es salaam na Mji wa Bagamoyo kuwa mtambo wa kuzalisha Maji wa Ruvu Chini utazimwa kwa wastani wa saa 48 kwa siku za Ijumaa na Jumamosi ya tarehe 28 na 29 November 2014, kuanzia saa kumi na mbili asubuhi, ili kuruhusu mkandarasi (Sino-hydro Corporation ltd) kuunganisha bomba la zamani na bomba jipya (cross-connection) katika mtambo wa Ruvu Chini eneo la Mpiji, Bagamoyo na eneo la Chuo Kikuu Ardhi (Makongo Juu)

Kuzimwa kwa mtambo wa Ruvu Chini kutasababisha maeneo yafuatayo kukosa Maji;

Mji wa Bagamoyo, Mapinga, Bunju, Boko, Tegeta, Kunduchi, Salasala, Jangwani, Mbezi beach na Kawe.

Maeneo mengine ni Mlalakuwa, Mwenge, Mikocheni, Msasani, Sinza, Manzese, Mabibo, Kijitonyama, Kinondoni, Oysterbay, Magomeni, Upanga, Kariakoo, City Centre, Ilala, Ubungo Maziwa, Kigogo, Mburahati, Hospitali ya rufaa Muhimbili (MNH), Buguruni, Changombe na Keko.

Wananchi mnashauriwa kuhifadhi maji ya kutosha na kuyatumia kwa matumizi ya lazima.

Au piga simu huduma kwa wateja namba 022- 2194800
Dawasco inaomba radhi kwa usumbufu wowote utakaojitokeza.

Imetolewa na ofisi ya uhusiano, Dawasco - Makao Makuu.

Kauli za Maaskofu waliotajwa 'kugawiwa fedha za escrow'

Wakizungumzia Ripoti ya Kamati ya Bunge ya Hesabu za Serikali (PAC), iliyosomwa bungeni juzi ikiwataja kuwa ni miongoni mwa viongozi wa dini na watu wengine waliopokea mabilioni kutoka katika akaunti ya BoT ya Tegeta escrow, Askofu Msaidizi wa Jimbo la Bukoba, Methodius Kilaini amesema (akinukuliwa na gazeti la MAWIO toleo la jana)
“Ndiyo nimepokea fedha kutoka kwa James (Rugemalira) na hii siyo mara ya kwanza, kwani mara nyingi amekuwa akichangia miradi mbalimbali ya kijamii,” 

Alipoulizwa na gazeti la MWANANCHI kuwa anawezaje kusema hayumo kwenye orodha ya waliopewa fedha kutoka akaunti ya escrow wakati anakiri kuwa aliingiziwa mamilioni ya shilingi na Rugemalira, alisema:
“Michango inayoletwa kwangu haina siri, shikeni wezi halisi,” alisema.

Askofu Nzigirwa aliyerithi kiti cha Kilaini, cha Askofu Msaidizi Jimbo Kuu la Dar es Salaam ameeleza kushtushwa kwake na ripoti ya PAC iliyomtaja yeye na Kilaini kuhusika katika uchotwaji wa fedha hizo.

Baraza la Maaskofu lazungumzia 'mgawo wa escrow' kwa Makasisi wake

BARAZA la Maaskofu wa Kanisa Katoliki (TEC) limezungumzia sakata la maaskofu wa kanisa hilo, Methodius Kilaini na Eusebius Nzigirwa kudaiwa kupewa fedha za akaunti ya Tegeta Escrow na kusema kwa sasa hawawezi kuzungumzia suala hilo kutokana na kuwa linagusa watu binafsi.

Limesema kuwa suala hilo halihusu baraza na inaweza kufanyiwa kazi kwa taratibu za kanisa kwa kadri uchunguzi unavyoendelea kufanyika, lakini sasa ni mapema mno.

Msemaji wa Baraza hilo, Padri Anatoly Salawa alisema kwa sasa suala hilo wazungumzaji ni watu binafsi ambao wanahusika katika sakata hilo na siyo kama baraza.

Alisema orodha inawahusu watu wengi na kwamba wakati mwafaka ukifika kanisa litatoa kauli, lakini suala hilo ni binafsi na askofu yeyote ana haki ya kufungua akaunti binafsi kama ilivyo kwa mtu yeyote.

Alisema suala hapo linalohusu kanisa ni Benki ya Mkombozi, lakini hata hivyo benki haina mamlaka ya kumuuliza mteja alipopata fedha mpaka watilie shaka na kutoa taarifa Benki Kuu ili kuchunguza.

Padri Salawa alikana taarifa zilizozagaa katika mitandao ya kijamii kuwa Askofu Msaidizi wa Kanisa Katoliki Bukoba, Methodius Kilaini aliitwa jijini Dar es Salaam kutokana na tuhuma hizo.

“Taarifa hizo siyo za kweli, kwani Askofu Kilaini yupo hapa jijini Dar es Salaam kufungua kongamano la kiroho la Afrika Mashariki alilofungua jana (juzi) katika ukumbi wa Baraza la Maaskofu na mpaka sasa bado yupo,” alisema.

[audio] Saa 3 za mchango wa Wabunge kuhusu "Escrow"

Shukurani kwa Nyumbani Kwanza Media kwa ku-upload audio hii ya michango ya Wabunge wa Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania jana, Novemba 27, 2014 baada ya akaunti ya BoT Tegeta escrow kusomwa Bungeni na PAC juzi.