Video ya hoteli iliyopo chini ya bahari huko Pemba, Zanzibar

Hoteli ya kwanza chini ya maji barani Afrika imefunguliwa kisiwani Pemba nchini Tanzania. Hoteli hiyo ina umbali wa mita 250 kutoka baharini. Salim Kikeke katika matangazo ya BBC Dira ya Dunia anasimulia akiwa kisiwani humo, katika video ifuatayo...

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Internet 2014 User Statistics

The following table below shows the growth in Internet users between 2000 and 2014 (mid-year) for the main seven World Geographic Regions. It is interesting to see that the growth rate has been very different for the various languages. Most impressive is the very high growth rate for Africa and the Middle East.

World Regions
Users 2000
Users 2014
Growth %
6,498.6 %
1,112.7 %
454.2 %
3,303.8 %
187.1 %
1,672.7 %
251.6 %
741.0 %
Source: Internet World Stats, data accessed on December 2, 2014.
Reaching three billion Internet users is indeed a special occasion. Some of you will recall that in the IWS Newsletter No.014 we announced the First Billion Internet users back in December, 2005. You can see more Internet Growth data by visiting this page.

If IPTL continues, Tanzania will step further down the road to permanent underdevelopment


A development consultant has criticised Malaysian investments in Tanzania, saying that the country will never prosper in the absence of ruling elites whose "rent-seeking strategies" contribute to rather than subtract from the public good.

Brian Cooksey, an independent writer in Dar es Salaam, said that "it is one thing for politicians and bureaucrats to take a cut from a valid investment that generates significant employment, turns out useful products, and contributes to government revenue.

"But it is quite another for this group to take a corrupt cut from a project which derails a key national policy and imposes huge additional costs on end users and tax-payers," he added.

Cooksey is a trained sociologist and taught at the universities of Jos (Nigeria) and Dar es Salaam from 1978-83.

He has been involved in investigative journalism since the emergence of Tanzania's free press in 1989. In 1995, he helped found the Tanzanian chapter of Transparency International (TI).

In his chapter "The power and the vainglory": anatomy of a Malaysian IPP (independent power plant) in Tanzania" in the book Ugly Malaysians: South-South investments abused, Cooksey said the ideology of South-South cooperation that led to the establishment of the South Commission and its report "Challenges to the South" (1993) has been "cynically manipulated to justify dubious investments" like the ones coming from Malaysia.

Controversial power project

Commenting on his research on a joint venture set up by Malaysia's Mechmar Corporation and Tanzania's VIPEM, known as Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) in 1994, Cooksey added that if the controversial power project continues, Tanzania will be one significant step further down the road to underdevelopment.

Mechmar is largely owned by one of Malaysia's largest industrial conglomerates, DRB Hicom. Mechmar is a trading and marketing company and IPTL is its first big power project.

"An unholy alliance of Malaysian investors and Tanzania politicians and bureaucrats will be to blame," he said, in the book edited by Universiti Malaya's Prof Dr KS Jomo, and published by Durban's Institute for Black Research early this year.

In 1994, Tanzania was plagued with drought problems which led to power shortages as hydro catchment areas ran dry, prompting state power utility Tanesco to invite emergency solutions, and eventually settling for two turbines financed by foreign aid.

Despite having signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide electricity, IPTL in 1995 negotiated with another company, Wartsila, to build a cheaper medium-speed diesel (MSD) plant, without informing Tanesco.

Watsila's engineering procurement and construction contract (EPC) bid increased by 33 percent, from US$85.7 million to US$114.2 million, even though the scope of the project falls considerably.

Requested arbitration

Three years later, Tanesco issued a notice of default to IPTL, and failed to negotiate a lower tariff reflecting the "actual, verifiable and prudently incurred cost" to IPTL.

Tanesco then requested arbitration before the International Centre for the Settlement of Disputes after IPTL failed to justify cost structure and payments including US$6 million payments to another two companies, Omni Technical Management Establishment and Prime Consolidated Establishment.

In 1999, IPTL took Tanesco to court, claiming interim payments of US$3.6 million a month and IPTL won the case. Execution of the ruling is stayed pending Tanesco's appeal.

In 2000, two Tanzanian officials signed affidavits claiming they were offered bribes by IPTL's director James Rugemalira, and a third admitted to accepting a bribe.

Despite the controversy, IPTL is currently supplying power to the national grid for 13 US cents per unit.

And last year, Mechmar, who jointly owns IPTL, has been warned and fined RM25,000 by the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange for delaying its financial reports to the Exchange, putting the company's "corporate responsibility and accountability" in question.

Cooksey said that he had been advised by an official of Malaysia's TI "on the subtleties of the relationship between Malaysia and the promotion of foreign direct investments".

Direct personal interest

According to Cooksey, TI Malaysia's vice-chair Tunku Abdul Aziz, in meetings and e-mail conversations had declared that "the sight of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's herding a gaggle of assorted businessmen on his official overseas trips and bending over, ever so protectively, witnessing the signing of one grand MOU after another has created the impression that the PM has a direct personal interest in all these deals.

"We are dealing, very often, with people in places where corruption is so rampant that they cannot imagine that there are Malaysians who can win major overseas contracts without resorting to corruption," Aziz had remarked, said Cooksey.

Dr Johann Lambsdorff of Gottingen University, the brains behind TI's annual Corruption Perception Index, Cooksey said, had engaged him in a lively exchange on the extent to which trade patterns do or do not implicate Malaysia in international corruption.

"His (Lambsdorff) published research suggested that Malaysian exports to Africa were less than they would have been had corruption been driving trade and investment. In fact, his econometric analysis found Malaysia to be one of the cleanest major trading nations in the world," said Cooksey.

"But my more qualitative and journalistic approach led me to diametrically opposed conclusions," he added.

In 1999, TI and Gallup International briber's index gave lie to Mahathir's rhetoric that it is invariably companies from the North which bring corruption to the South. This was the argument Mahathir had used to denounce TI's corruption index in 1997, where Malaysia was reported to be one of the most corrupt countries (Index: 3.9), after China and Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Italy.

"The scale of bribe-paying by international corporations in the developing countries of the world is massive. Actions by the majority of governments of the leading industrial countries to curb international corruption are modest," said TI chairperson Peter Eigen.

Simple conclusions

Cooksey said his own conclusions led him to a number of simple conclusions on the pattern of Malaysian investments in Africa.

"First the speed with which MOUs and contracts are signed suggests that Malaysian investors circumvent the lengthy procedures that foreign direct investment into poor countries normally involves," he said.

"It is rare for a Malaysian company to lose a competitive tender. This suggests second, high level political support for the proposed investments, and, third, the likelihood that systematic bribery is involved," he added.

Sectors targetted by Malaysian companies are often those undergoing privatisation with pressure and funding from the Bretton Woods institutions (the World Bank and its sister organisation, the International Monetary Fund) and the donor community, including power, telecommunications and banking.

Another similarity is the mobilisation of targetted political and diplomatic support for the proposed investments.

"Mahathir actively supports Malaysian investments in Africa and elsewhere, appealing to South-South solidarity as means of delinking from the hegemony of Northern multinationals in the global economy," said Cooksey.

"Mahathir actively lobbies for Malaysian backed projects when he meets with African heads of state as various international gatherings it is no secret that Malaysia contributed to the African National Congress' election campaign in 1994," he added.

Cooksey further explained that finding well-placed local middlemen to champion the cause is also a common characteristic.

The best choice, he said, is a senior politician or retired government official with good access to the political leadership.

Controversial power project

This comprador (crony) often advises on the best lobbying strategy, makes the key introduction, facilitates setting up joint ventures to manage the investment, fends of opposition that may arise from potential competitors or nosey donor agencies and buys positive press coverage, he added.

IPTL has been fraught with problems and was the subject of lengthy and costly arbitration, said Cooksey.

"This leads me to one final characteristic of the Malaysian investment strategy in Africa: It does not necessarily work. There is no argument that investing in Africa can be a high risk venture, and that, therefore, the potential profits have to be very large," he said.

"But the regularity with which Malaysian-backed projects turn sour suggests that the investors have overestimated the capacity of their local partners to deliver," he added

This is the third part of a four-part series based on the book Ugly Malaysians? South-South investment abused (Institute for Black Research, Durban, 2002) which highlights the growing resentment abroad to various foreign direct investments by Malaysian firms.


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Changamoto katika shule ya walemavu Buhangija Jumuishi

Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa UNESCO Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues, Afisa Mradi wa Elimu ya Afya na VVU/UKIMWI kutoka UNESCO, Bw. Herman Mathias pamoja na Mkuu wa Kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi ya mkoani Shinyanga Mwl. Loyce Daudi wakifurahi pamoja na watoto wenye ulemavu wa ngozi (picha: Zainul Mzige)

SHULE ya watoto wenye ulemavu ya Buhangija Jumuishi inakabiliwa na changamoto kubwa zinazofanya maisha kwa watoto hao kuwa magumu.

Miongoni mwa changamoto hizo ni kukosekana kwa huduma za matibabu, walimu wa kutosha na mabweni.

Hayo yamebainika wakati wa ziara fupi ya Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues.

Mkuu wa Kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi iliyopo mkoani Shinyanga Mwl. Loyce Daudi, ndiye aliyeelezea ugumu uliopo katika shule hiyo yenye wanafunzi 209 wenye ulemavu wa aina mbalimbali.
Mkuu wa kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi ya mkoani Shinyanga Mwl. Loyce Daudi akimtambulisha Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues aliyefanyia ziara fupi akiwa safarini kuelekea jijini Mwanza akiwa ameambatana na Afisa Mradi wa Elimu ya Afya na VVU/UKIMWI kutoka UNESCO, Bw. Herman Mathias (katikati).

Alisema shule hiyo yenye walemavu wa aina tatu wa kusikia, ngozi na wasioona inakabiliwa pia na lishe duni ambayo haimpi kijana nafasi ya kuendelea, kwani wanakula mlo wa aina moja na kidogo.

Shule hiyo ambayo awali ilikuwa inawapokea wanafunzi wasioona sasa inapokea walemavu wa ngozi kutokana na hofu iliyokuwa inalikumba taifa ya mauaji ya albino.

Aidha mwalimu huyo alisema kwamba wameiomba serikali kuwa na muuguzi na daktari katika makazi hayo lakini mpaka sasa hawajapatiwa kutokana na wao wenyewe kutokuwa na uwezo wa kuwalipa.

Alisema kutokana na rika mbalimbali na tatizo la walemavu wa ngozi shule hiyo ambayo sasa imegeuzwa kuwa makazi inastahili kuwa na daktari na mabweni yaongezwe.

Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa UNESCO Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues akimsikiliza Mkuu wa kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi, Mwl. Loyce Daud.

Aidha mwalimu alisema walimu kwa ajili ya viziwi hawatoshi.

Naye Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues, amesema ameyaona mazingira hayo na kuahidi kushirikiana na marafiki na mamlaka nyingine kuboresha mazingira ya kituo hicho.

Alisema kwamba amefurahishwa kuwapo katika kituo hicho na kuona namna wanavyoweza kusaidia sehemu hiyo ya jamii kutojisikia upweke.

Akizungumza na watoto hao walimwambia kwamba wana changamoto ya nguo, vitanda, vitabu na mahitaji mengine ya lazima kama watoto na wanafunzi.

Baadhi ya watoto wanaosoma shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi ya mkoani Shinyanga wakimsikiliza Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues (hayupo pichani).

Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues ( wa pili kushoto) akizungumza na wanafunzi wa shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi ya mkoani Shinyanga (hawapo pichani) alipofanya ziara fupi akiwa safarini kuelekea jijini Mwanza akiwa ameambatana na Afisa Mradi wa Elimu ya Afya na VVU/UKIMWI kutoka UNESCO, Bw. Herman Mathias (wa pili kulia). Kulia ni Mkuu wa kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi ya mkoani Shinyanga Mwl. Loyce Daudi.

Mwanafunzi wa kidato cha pili shule ya sekondari Loreto mkoani Shinyanga Beatrice Leme anayelelewa kwenye kituo hicho kutokana na kukithiri kwa mauaji ya walemavu wa ngozi mkoani humo akimwelezea changamoto mbalimbali zinazowakabili kwa niaba ya wanafunzi wenzake Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues aliyefanya ziara fupi shuleni hapo.

Mwanafunzi wa darasa la sita shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi ya mkoani Shinyanga, Daniel Limbu akizungumza na Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues kwa niaba ya wanafunzi wenzake.

Afisa Mradi wa Elimu ya Afya na VVU/UKIMWI kutoka UNESCO, Bw. Herman Mathias katika picha ya pamoja na baadhi ya watoto wenye ulemavu wa ngozi wanaolelewa kwenye kituo hicho ambacho ni salama kwao kutokana na hofu iliyokuwa inalikumba taifa ya mauaji ya albino.

Baadhi ya majengo ya mabweni ya shule ya msingi Buhangija ya wilayani Shinyanga.

Baadhi ya watoto wenye ulemavu wa ngozi wakicheza mpira kwenye mazingira salama shuleni hapo kutokana na hofu iliyokuwa inalikumba taifa ya mauaji ya albino.

Mkuu wa Kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi iliyopo mkoani Shinyanga Mwl. Loyce Daudi akimtambulisha mtoto Erick mwenye ulemavu wa ngozi kwa Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues (kushoto) aliyefanya ziara fupi kwenye kituo cha kulelea watoto wenye ulemavu (mahitaji maalum).

Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues akimsuka kwenye bembea mmoja wa watoto wenye ulemavu wa ngozi Zawadi Deus anayesoma shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi iliyopo mkoani Shinyanga wakati wa michezo alipofanya ziara fupi shuleni hapo.

Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO) Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues akisaini kitabu cha wageni wakati akijiandaa kuondoka shuleni hapo baada ya kuhitimisha ziara yake fupi. Kulia ni Mkuu wa Kitengo cha watoto walemavu shule ya msingi Buhangija Jumuishi iliyopo mkoani Shinyanga Mwl. Loyce Daudi. imeshirikishwa taarifa hii na timu ya MOblog

Kashfa ya 'escrow' yaua ndoto za 3 wawania Urais 2015

KASHFA ya uchotwaji wa zaidi ya Sh bilioni 300 kwenye akaunti ya Tegeta Escrow, imewachafua viongozi watatu ambao walishaanza harakati za kuusaka urais kwa mwaka 2015.

Baadhi ya viongozi hao ni pamoja na Waziri Mkuu Mizengo Pinda, Mbunge wa Sengerema, William Ngeleja na Waziri wa Ardhi Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi, Profesa Anna Tibaijuka.

Kwa upande wa Pinda, ripoti ya Kamati ya Bunge ya Hesabu za Serikali (PAC) iliyowasilishwa bungeni, ilionyesha kiongozi huyo wa shughuli za Serikali bungeni alilidanganya Bunge kwa matamshi yake.

Mara kadhaa Pinda alisikika akiueleza umma kuwa fedha hizo hazikuwa za umma bali mali ya Kampuni ya Kuzalisha Umeme ya IPTL.

Katika maazimio ya PAC, Pinda alitakiwa pia kuwajibika kutokana na kushindwa kusimamia Serikali kwani katika hatua zote za kutolewa kwa fedha hizo, alikuwa akijulishwa.

Pinda ambaye alitangaza kuanza harakati za urais kimya kimya, akiwa jijini London, Uingereza alipohojiwa na Kituo cha Televisheni cha BBC, alijikuta kwenye wakati mgumu pale Bunge lilipopitisha azimio la kumpeleka kwa mamlaka ya uteuzi kabla baadae jina lake kuondolewa.

Hali hiyo ilijitokeza pale Mwenyekiti wa PAC, Zitto Kabwe alipolishauri Bunge kupeleka majina ya watu wote waliotakiwa kuchukuliwa hatua kwa mamlaka zao za uteuzi ili hatua zaidi zichukuliwe.

Baada ya kauli hiyo ya Zitto, Spika wa Bunge Anne Makinda alilihoji Bunge na kwa sauti moja likakubali kabla ya Mbunge wa Simanjiro, Ole Sendeka kusimama na kuomba mwongozo wa Spika ambaye baadaye alitengua uamuzi wake.

Akizungumza na gazeti hili, Zitto alisema jina la Pinda kupelekwa kwa rais ingetosha kuonyesha Bunge halina imani naye, hivyo mamlaka yake hiyo ya uteuzi ingebidi itengue nafasi ya kiongozi huyo wa shughuli za Serikali bungeni.

Alisema pia kamati yake ilikubali kuondoa jina la Pinda kwenye orodha ya vigogo waliopaswa kushughulikiwa baada ya mazungumzo kati ya wabunge wa upinzani na wale wa CCM.

Kutokana na hali hiyo, Pinda ambaye anajulikana zaidi kama ‘mtoto wa mkulima’, harakati zake za kwenda Ikulu zimetiwa doa kwani mwanzo alihesabika kuwa ni kati ya wagombea wasio na kashfa.

Kwa upande wake, Ngeleja ambaye aliwahi kuwa Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, anadaiwa kupewa Sh milioni 40.4 kutoka kwenye akaunti ya Escrow huku Profesa Tibaijuka ambaye ni Waziri wa Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi, akidaiwa kupewa Sh bilioni 1.6.

Viongozi wote hao wawili ambao hawajawahi kutangaza rasmi kuwania urais mbali na majina yao kutajwa kwenye orodha hiyo, Bunge limeazimia wachukuliwe hatua.

Kwa upande wa Profesa Tibaijuka, rais ametakiwa kumvua wadhifa wa uwaziri huku Ngeleja ambaye ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Bunge ya Katiba, Sheria na Utawala, spika akishauriwa kumchukulia hatua ya kumvua wadhifa huo.

Akichangia bungeni, Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais Mahusiano na Uratibu, Steven Wasira, aliwataka wote wanaotumia suala la ripoti ya PAC kwa vigezo vya kuwaondoa wenzao katika mbio za urais hawastahili kupewa nafasi hiyo.

“Wanaotaka urais kama wapo ni pamoja na mimi, ambao wanaona mbinu ni kuwaondoa wengine kwa nguvu, hao hawafai kupewa urais wa nchi hii. Urais ni lazima ushindaniwe kwa haki na vyama vyote vipewe nafasi ya kushiriki. Kama unataka urais ushindani uwe kwa njia sahihi,” alisema.

Alisema ni bora kuwa maskini anayeheshimika kuliko kukubali kuwa tajiri anayedharauliwa na kutukanwa kutokana na mapato yasiyokuwa halali.

Wasira alieleza kwa kuwa Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa (Takukuru) imesema baadhi ya watu walikwenda kuchukua fedha wakiwa na magunia, mifuko ya sandarusi, rumbesa na maboksi katika moja ya benki, ni vyema uchunguzi ukifanyika ili kuwatambua watu hao na hatua zaidi zichukuliwe.

“Ni lazima tufuatilie na vyombo vyetu vya sheria vituambie ni kina nani hao, vinginevyo hatuna nchi. Tukubali hawa watu wabebe mizigo yao, hakuna CCM ya wezi, ila kuna wezi ndani ya CCM, hivyo wezi ni lazima wabebe mizigo yao,” alisema.

Alisisitiza kwamba ripoti hiyo ya PAC inatakiwa kuheshimiwa na kwamba hakuna mtu mwenye mamlaka ya kuihoji uhalali wake kwa kuwa inatokana na kamati maalumu inayotambuliwa na Bunge iliyokusanya taarifa kutoka kwa vyombo vinavyoaminika vya Serikali, ambavyo ni Takukuru na CAG.

Serikali ya hila haiwezi kusimama

JAMII tuliyonayo kwa sasa ni jamii yenye upendo wa mashaka kwa watoto wetu.

Waliobahatika kuzaa watoto, hasa wafanya kazi, baada ya watoto hao kufikisha umri wa miezi mitatu, wanawapeleka katika vituo vya kulelea watoto viitwavyo(shule).

Wakitoka makazini wanaenda kuwachukua watoto hao kwa ajili ya kwenda (kulala), nao.

Watoto hao wakifikisha mwaka mmoja, wanapelekwa kwenda kuishi katika shule za bweni, wazazi wakidhani kuwa wanao upendo wa Agape (uliotopea) kwa watoto wao.

Watoto hao wanaendelea kupunguza upendo kwa wazazi wao taratibu bila wazazi kutambua jambo hilo.

Nchi za ulaya, wazee wamejengewa makazi yao mbali na watoto wao, hali ambayo naiona kwa baadhi ya sisi wazee tarajali hapa nchini, ambapo watoto hawa tunaodhania kuwa tunawapenda na kuwapeleka shule za bweni wakiwa angali wadogo, wakikua, watatujengea mabweni ili tusiwe karibu nao kama ambavyo nasi hatutaki watoto hawa wawe karibu nasi.

Kutokana na upendo huo kupungua, huku nyikani kulikuwa na kijana mmoja aliyekuwa na mafanikio ya kifedha, alitembelewa na Baba yake mzazi ambaye aliishi kwa mtoto wake kwa mwaka mmoja.

Kutokana na kile kiitwacho adha ya kulea wazee, kijana huyo akashauliawa na mkewe na wakakubaliana kwenda kumtupa yule mzee porini.

Walifanya hivyo na kwenda kumtupa yule mzee katika pori lililokuwa nje ya mji. Baada ya kumtupa na kumpa kisogo, yule mzee akamwita mwanae na kwamba anahitaji kumwambia neno la mwisho.

Yule kijana alipomrejea mzazi wake, akaambiwa “Nashukuru kwa kuja kunitupa huku porini, lakini kabla hujaondoka, naomba unirejeshe nyumbani kwangu kijijini, ili laana hii isije kukurudia wewe na vizazi vyako” alisema yule mzee.

Alimwambia kuwa akimwacha pale, naye akizeeka, atatupwa na wototo wake kama anavyomtupa yeye. Yule kijana akafikiri na akafikia hatua ya kurejea nyumbani na Baba yake mzazi ili asije akapata laana ya kurejewa na tukio hilo.

Vivyo hivyo, watawala wakiwa na nia za hila katika suala la kuendesha nchi, laana hiyo haitakwisha.

Tumeendelea kushuhudia masuala ya tuhuma za ufisadi katika nchi yetu, hiyo yote ni moja ya laana ya hila za watawaa wetu kukalia poritiki za kunyoosheana vidole hata pasipokuwa na ushahidi.

Nakumbuka kauli ya Mbunge wa Monduli, Edward Lowassa, aliwahi kusema kuwa, “Sisi wote hapa ni wanasiasa, tukiendelea kusikiliza minong’ono ya mitaani nani atapona hapa’’, alihoji kabla hajatangaza kujiuzulu nafasi ya Uwaziri Mkuu.

Kwa sasa limejitokeza sakata la Escrow, ambalo limekuwa gumzo mtaani na serikalini, lakini kwasababu serikali inajisikiliza zaidi yenyewe badala ya kusikiliza hali ivumayo mitaani, matokeo yake chama kilichopo madarakani kinapunguza mashabiki wake.

Aibu hii, ingawa baadhi wanadhani ni aibu ya Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda, lakini kwa uhalisia wake ni kwamba aibu hii itaendelea kuwa juu ya Rais Jakaya Kikwete.

Niliwahi kusema wakati fulani kuwa, mahala penye kidonda katika mwili wa binadamu panapaswa kutibiwa kidonda hicho badala ya kupaka dawa ya kutuliza maumivu huku mwili ukiendelea kuchimbika.

Sina tatizo na kugawana kwa waliogawana fedha za akaunti ya Escrow, bali tatizo langu kwenye suala hilo ni kodi. Huku nyikani, akina mama wenye mitaji ya Shilingi Elfu Mbili wanaouza mbogamboga na karanga, wanatozwa ushuru, lakini fedha hiyo inaonesha haijawahi kutozwa kodi!

Wengi tumeshuhudia malumbano ya Bungeni huku serikali ikiingilia kati kutetea watuhumiwa mbele ya chombo cha habari cha Taifa(TBC1)!

Nasema serikali ya hila haiwezi kusimama mpaka itubu kwasababu, CCM imeshauriwa mara kadhaa lakini wakubwa hawafanyii kazi ushauri wa wanachama na wananchi wa kawaida wasi viongozi.

Yawezekana yote hayo ni kutimia ka maandiko yasemayo kuwa “Hekima ya masikini haisikilizwi”. Hali hiyo inapelekea kuogezeka kwa wanaokubalia kutokubaliana na CCM, na nchi kuyumba kwa mfano.

Hila hizo ni pamoja na mgombea anapogombea na kushinda unakuja kuambiwa huyu alitoa rushwa jina lake limekatwa na kuchukuliwa jina la pili, hili linaleta sintofahamu kwa wananchi na mgawanyiko unatokea.

Matajiri kumiliki chama hilo nalo ni hatari na ndiyo maana hata vijana wengi wasio na pesa licha ya kuwa na uwezo wa kuongoza hawawezi kuwania nafasi kama za Ubunge na Udiwani ndani ya CCM.

Hila za kusingiziana zinaendelea kuzidi ndani ya CCM kwa ni moja ya kukomoana na kulipiziana visasi, bahati mbaya nao baadhi ya viongozi wa vyama vya upinzani navyo vinaiga yale yale yafanywayo na CCM ya hila na visasi! Hakika kila mwenye hila atapata na kuondoka kwa hila.

Kizazi hiki kinataka maji, Barabara, madaraja, umeme, shule, kazi, zahanati, usalama na madawa, wala hakitaki fitina zenu kama wanasiasa ambazo manufaa makubwa ni yenu wenyewe na wala si kwa faida ya wananch.

Hila hizo hazitawaacha salama kama ambavyo hila alizotendewa Lowassa, zinavyoendelea kuurudi 
utawala chini ya Rais Kikwete, ingawa tukiseama haya tunaonekana tumenunuliwa.

Mwandishi wa makala hii, GORDON KALULUNGAanapatikana kwa simu 0754 440 749 

Kuhusu 'escrow': Rais Kikwete na Usalama wa Taifa ndiyo wa kulaumiwa

Wiki iliyopita, Rais wa Marekani, Barack Obama, aliandika historia kwa kuweka hadharani mpango kabambe kuhusu hatma ya takribani wakazi milioni 12 wanaoishi isivyo halali nchini humo.

Ujasiri wa Obama katika suala hilo unatokana na ukweli kwamba licha ya jitihada za muda mrefu, uhasama wa kisiasa kati ya vyama vikuu vya siasa nchini humo, Democrats na Republicans, ulikuwa kikwazo kikubwa katika kufikia mwafaka na ufumbuzi.

Wakati vyama vyote viwili vinaafikiana kuhusu uwepo wa wakazi hao wasio halali milioni 12, wahafidhina wa Republicans wamekuwa wapinzani wakubwa kuhusu ‘ufumbuzi rahisi’ wa kutoa msamaha (amnesty) kwa wahamiaji hao na kisha kuimarisha udhibiti katika mianya inayotumiwa na ‘wahamiaji haramu.’

Lakini suala hilo limekuwa mzigo mkubwa kwa Obama ambaye hata kabla hajaingia madarakani aliahidi kutafuta ufumbuzi hasa ikizingatiwa kwamba licha ya utajiri wa Marekani, hakuna uwezekano wa kuwatumia wahamiaji hao wote.

Kadhalika, mara kadhaa Obama alikuwa akieleza kwamba kulipuuza tatizo hilo hakutolifanya lipotee lenyewe, bali litazidi kuwa kubwa na gumu kulitatua.

Hatimaye Obama aliwatahadharisha Republicans kuwa atalazimika kutumia ‘Nguvu ya Kirais’ (Executive Order) ambayo haihitaji kuridhiwa na Bunge la nchi hiyo, iwapo wanasiasa wataendeleza malumbano pasipo kuja na ufumbuzi.

Hata hivyo, Republicans walitoa vitisho mbalimbali kwa Obama dhidi ya kutumia ‘executive order,’ huku baadhi wakitishia kumburuza mahakamani ili kumng’oa madarakani kwa madai ya ‘kukiuka katiba.’

Licha ya vitisho hivyo, na upinzani wa wengi wa wananchi wa kawaida (ambao kura za maoni zilionyesha wananchi wengi kutoafiki Rais kutumia ‘executive order’ katika suala hilo), hatimaye Obama aliweka hadharani mpango huo kabambe utakaowapatia ahueni ya kimakazi takriban wahamiaji milioni tano.

Matokeo ya uamuzi huo ni bayana: Republicans wamekasirishwa mno na hatua hiyo, huku chama cha Democrats ambacho kwa kiwango kikubwa kimekuwa mstari wa mbele kuwanusuru wahamiaji hao, kikinufaika kwa sapoti kutoka kundi muhimu katika siasa za chaguzi za Marekani, Walatino.

Kundi hili linatajwa kuwa muhimu mno kwa vyama vyote viwili, kwa Democrats kubaki madarakani baada ya Uchaguzi Mkuu wa mwaka 2016, na Republicans kukamata Ikulu baada ya miaka 10 ya Obama. Kidemografia, idadi ya Walatino inaongezeka kwa kasi kuliko kundi lolote lile la ‘asili ya watu’ kwa maana ya Wamarekani Weupe na Wamarekani Weusi, na makundi mengine madogo.

Sasa ni wazi kuwa ili mgombea wa chama chochote kile afanikiwe kuingia Ikulu, ni lazima apate sapoti na kura za kutosha kutoka kwa Walatino.

Uamuzi huo wa Obama umekuwa kama mtego kwa Republicans. Laiti chama hicho kikiendeleza upinzani dhidi ya suala hilo, si tu kitajipunguzia umaarufu wake kwa Walatino na hivyo kuathiri nafasi yao katika uchaguzi mkuu ujao, lakini pia kitawatenga Wamarekani wasio Walatino lakini wanaotaka ‘wahamiaji haramu’ kupatiwa makazi ya kudumu nchi humo.

Lakini kwa upande mwingine, chama hicho kinatambua kuwa kwa kiasi kikubwa ‘Wamarekani hao wapya’ (kwa maana ya ‘wahamiaji haramu’ watakaopewa makazi ya kudumu) wataisapoti Democrats kama kulipa fadhila kwa kushughulikia tatizo lao.

Nitaendelea kuwaletea maendeleo ya suala hili katika makala zijazo hasa kwa vile uamuzi huo wa Obama ni kama umeanzisha ‘vita’ ya kisiasa kati yake binafsi (na chama chake) dhidi ya Republicans ambao mapema mwezi huu walifanikiwa kukamata uongozi wa mabunge yote mawili ya nchi hiyo, yaani Seneti na Congress.

Lengo hasa la kuzungumzia tukio hilo la nchini Marekani ni hali ilivyo huko nyumbani hivi sasa. Hadi wakati ninaandaa makala hii, ‘mshikemshike’ unaotokana na skandali ya ufisadi wa ESCROW sio tu unazidi kukua lakini pia unaleta dalili za uwezekano wa Rais Kikwete kulazimika kufanya mabadiliko kwenye Baraza lake la mawaziri kwa mara nyingine.

Kwa vile takribani kila Mtanzania anafahamu kinachoendelea kuhusu skandali hiyo ya ESCROW, sioni haja ya kuizungumzia kiundani. Hata hivyo, pasi haya, na huku nikitambua kuwa Rais wetu Jakaya Kikwete yupo katika matibabu nchini Marekani, ukweli unabaki kuwa yeye ndiye chanzo cha yote haya.

Nikirejea uamuzi wa Obama kutumia ‘nguvu ya kirais’ kupata ufumbuzi katika tatizo la ‘wahamiaji haramu,’ Kikwete alipaswa kuchukua hatua kama hiyo muda mrefu uliopita. Hapa ninamaanisha Rais kutumia nguvu alizopewa na Katiba kupambana na uhalifu.

Ninaandika hivyo kwa sababu Kikwete ana uelewa wa kutosha kuhusu ‘mgogoro wa IPTL’ ikizingatiwa kuwa huko nyuma alishawahi kuwa Waziri wa Nishati na Madini. Lakini wakati miaka yake 10 ikielekea ukingoni, hakuna jitihada yoyote ya maana iliyofanywa nae kulipatia ufumbuzi tatizo hilo.

Lakini hata tukiweka kando uzoefu wake katika suala hilo, utawala wake utakumbukwa zaidi kwa kuandamwa na mlolongo wa matukio ya ufisadi ambayo hatma yake imekuwa kuwashawishi mafisadi wengine ‘kujaribu bahati zao’.

Naam, kama Kikwete alidiriki ‘kukumbushia haki za binadamu’ za mafisadi wa EPA, na kuwapa deadline ya kurejesha mabilioni waliyoiba, kwanini mafisadi watarajiwa waogope kufanya uhalifu?

Yayumkinika kuhitimisha kwamba laiti idadi ya safari alizokwishafanya nchi za nje ingelingana na hatua dhidi ya ufisadi/ mafisadi, huenda leo hii tungekuwa tunazungumzia ‘mafanikio ya kihistoria ya uchumi wa Tanzania’.

Badala yake, tumekuwa tukiandamwa na vyombo vya habari vya kimataifa kuhusu taifa letu lilivyoukumbatia ufisadi kiasi cha kuruhusu ndege ya msafara wa Rais wa China kuondoka na vipusa, sambamba na taarifa mpya kuwa kuna mpango wa serikali kuwatimua wafugaji wa Kimasai katika makazi yao ili kukabidhi eneo hilo kwa familia ya kifalme ya mojawapo ya nchi za Kiarabu.

Sasa badala ya viongozi wetu kushughulikia changamoto mbalimbali zinazolikabili taifa letu, wamekuwa ‘bize’ kupambana na vyombo vya habari vya kimataifa kukanusha tuhuma hizo. Hivi wazembe hawa hawaoni haya na kujiuliza “kwa kipi hasa cha kuvifanya vyombo vya habari vya kimataifa vituandame bila sababu?”

Kwa upande mwingine, skandali hii ya ESCROW ni uthibitisho mwingine kuwa Idara yetu ya Usalama wa Taifa (TISS) imepoteza mwelekeo, haitimizi wajibu wake, na ni kama ipo likizo ya muda mrefu.

Hivi inawezekana vipi huyo ‘Singasinga’ anayetajwa kuwa mhusika mkuu katika skandali hiyo aliruhusiwa kuishi Tanzania huko rekodi yake ikionyesha bayana kuwa ni mtu hatari kwa usalama wa taifa letu?

Hii haikuhitaji hata operesheni maalum kwa Idara yetu ya Usalama wa Taifa kwani habari za mtu huyo zipo wazi kwenye mtandao. Hivi Idara hiyo imejaa uzembe kiasi cha kushindwa japo ku-Google taarifa za mtu huyo?

Lakini kama ambavyo lawama nyingi katika skandali hii zinaelekezwa kwa Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, Prof. Sospeter Muhongo na Katibu na Katibu Mkuu wake, Eliachim Maswi, sambamba na Mwanasheria Mkuu, Frederick Werema, huku Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda, akishutumiwa kwa kushindwa kusimamia vema watendaji walio chini yake, wenye kustahili kubeba lawama kubwa zaidi ni Rais Kikwete na idara yetu ya Usalama wa Taifa.

Ninaandika makala hii kabla ya taarifa za uchunguzi za CAG na TAKUKURU kusomwa hadharani na ‘Kamati ya Zitto’ (PAC), kwahiyo ni vigumu kubashiri hatma ya suala hili. Hata hivyo, uzoefu wa skandali zilizopita, kuanzia Richmond, EPA, Mabilioni yaliyofichwa Uswisi, Meremeta, Tangold, nk, si ajabu iwapo wahusika wakuu watalindwa na Watanzania kuachwa ‘wanang’aa macho tu.’

Muda mfupi uliopita, zimepatikana taarifa kwamba ripoti hiyo ya PAC imeonekana mitaani huku kurasa zenye majina ya wahusika zikiwa zimenyofolewa. Binafsi ninaamini huo ni ‘uhuni’ tu unaofanywa kuwachanganya Watanzania.

Lakini ukijumlisha na tukio linalodaiwa la kunyweshwa sumu Mbunge Nimrod Mkono, ni muhimu kutodharau nia, sababu na uwezo wa mafisadi kupambana na ukweli kuhusu skandali hii.

Nihitimishe makala hii kwa kumkumbusha Rais Kikwete- kwa mara nyingine - kuwa chini ya mwaka mmoja kutoka sasa atarejea ‘uraiani.’ Ni muhimu kwake kutumia miezi hii michache iliyobaki kurejea ahadi aliyotoa mara baada ya kuapishwa kuwa Rais wetu mwaka 2005 kuwa hatowaonea aibu mafisadi. Tungependa tumkumbuke kwa mema lakini sio rekodi ya kuliingiza taifa kwenye korongo refu la ufisadi.

Kwa ndugu zangu wa Idara ya Usalama wa Taifa, ninawasihi mtambue mzigo mkubwa mnaowabebesha Watanzania masikini kumudu gharama za operesheni zenu. Kwanini msijiskie aibu kuwasaliti wanyonge hawa –wengi wakiwa ni ndugu, jamaa na marafiki zenu – kwa kutotimiza majukumu yenu ipasavyo?


Stanbic Bank's statement regarding IPTL and Tegeta Escrow accounts

via Kiromari's blog

Picha za makao mapya ya Wilaya ya Siha

Wilaya ya Siha ni miongoni mwa wilaya saba mkoani Kilimanjaro ambayo ina ukubwa wa kilometa za mraba 1,158. Wilaya hii ilianzishwa mwaka 2007 ikimegwa kutoka wilaya ya Hai. Inatazamana na Milima ya Meru kwa upande wa Magharibi na Kilimanjaro kwa upande wa Kaskazini - Mashariki.

Maalim Seif azungumzia athari za wizi wa fedha za 'escrow'

Wanachama na wafuasi wa CUF wakimsikiliza Katibu Mkuu wao alipokuwa akihutubia kwenye mkutano wa hadhara Mkokotoni.
 (picha: Salmin Said, OMKR)

Khamis Haji, OMKR -- Katibu Mkuu wa Chama cha Wananchi CUF, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad amesema Zanzibar imepata athari kubwa kwa kukosa fedha za wafadhili kutokana na wizi wa zaidi ya shilingi bilioni 320 katika akaunti ya Tegeta Escrow uliohusisha baadhi ya viongozi serikalini.

Maalim Seif ambaye pia ni Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar alisema hayo alipokuwa akihutubia mkutano wa hadhara ulioandaliwa na CUF katika viwanja vya Mkokotoni, jimbo la Tumbatu mkoa wa Kaskazini Unguja.

Alisema miongoni mwa miradi inayotajwa kuathirika kutokana na uamuzi wa wafadhili kusitisha misaada kufuatia kashfa hiyo ni mradi wa Millenium Challenge Corporation unaopata ufadhili kutoka Marekani, ambao unasaidia huduma za umeme pamoja na ujenzi wa barabara kwa uapnde wa Zanzibar.

Alieleza kuwa Zanzibar pia inanufaika na misaada ya kibajeti na ile inayotolewa na Mfuko wa Dunia (Global Fund) maeneo ambayo pia yameathirika kutokana na uamuzi wa wafadhili hao ambao hawakuridhishwa na wizi wa fedha katika sakata hilo la Escrow.

“Zanzibar tumeathirika sana kuna miradi mingi imesitishwa kwa kashfa hiyo ya Escrow, lakini pia hakuna Mzanzibari hata mmoja aliyetajwa kunufaika na fedha hizo, tungekuwa na Mamlaka ya kujiamulia mambo yetu yasingetokea hayo”, alisema Maalim Seif.
Maalim Seif akihutubia katika mkutano wa hadhara huko Mkokotoni.
(picha: Salmin Said, OMKR)

Katika hatua nyengine, Maalim Seif amekemea tabia ya baadhi ya viongozi wa kisiasa ya kuwatisha wananchi wanaoamua kukihama chama cha Mapinduzi na kujiunga na upinzani.

Akizindua matawi mapya ya CUF, katika vijiji vya Kivunge, Tazari na Nungwi katika Wilaya ya Kaskazini ‘A’ Unguja amesema amesikitishwa kusikia kuna baadhi ya viongozi wanatoa vitisho hivyo ambavyo ni kinyume na Katiba ya nchi.

Maalim Seif alisema hayo baada ya wanachama wa CUF katika kijiji cha Tazari kusema kwamba wamechukua uamuzi mgumu wa kujiunga na CUF na kufungua tawi katika eneo hilo, kwa sababu kwa miaka mingi wamekuwa wakitishwa na kunyimwa uhuru wa kujiunga na chama zaidi ya CCM.

“Kitendo cha kufungua tawi hapa Tazari ni cha kihistoria, kwa miaka yote haikuwezekana na tumekuwa tukitishwa na tukiaminishwa kuwa chama pekee cha kujiunga ni CCM”, alisema Katibu wa tawi hilo, Simai Uyobi katika risala ya wanachama wa tawi hilo.

Maalim Seif aliwataka wananchi wasiogope kujiunga na CUF na kukihama chama cha CCM kwa sababu kujiunga na chama wanachotaka ni haki yao.

“Hakuna mwenye haki ya kukuzuieni kujiunga na chama mnachokipenda, nasema yoyote atakayekuja kukupeni vitisho niambieni tu nitapambana naye”, alisema Maalim Seif.

Katika kijiji cha Tazani ambacho kwa miaka mingi ni miongoni mwa ngome za chama cha CCM katika mkoa wa Kaskazini Unguja, wanachama wapya 40 walipewa kadi za CUF baada ya kuzirejesha za CCM.

Akihutubia mara baada ya kuzindua tawi la CUF Nungwi, Katibu Mkuu huyo alisema wananchi wa Zanzibar wanapaswa kulinda hadhi na heshima ya Zanzibar na waikatae Katiba inayopendekezwa pale watakapoletewa kwa ajili ya kuipigia kura ya maoni.

“Najua hakuna Mzanzibari asiyeumwa na Zanzibar, haya mambo ya kushabikia sera za vyama na kuididimiza Zanzibar hayana maana, Wazanzibari tuungane tuitetee Zanzibar yetu”, alisema Maalim Seif.

Alisema vyama vya siasa huanzishwa na kufa, lakini nchi ndiyo inayobaki, hivyo ni wajibu wa wananchi bila kujali itikadi zao kulinda heshima ya nchi badala ya kukumbatia vyama.

“Vyama vya siasa ni mambo ya kupita hamkumbuki zamani kulikuwa na Afro Shirazi Party, Hizbu, TANU na Umma Party vyama hivyo leo viko wapi, lakini Zanzibar ipo na wala haitakufa”, alisema.

Aidha, aliwataka wanachama wa CUF kujenga matawi na ofisi za kisiasa kwa kile alichoeleza kuwa chama hicho ni kikubwa na kinapaswa kujenga taswira njema kutokana na mipango yake ya maandalizi ya kushika dola katika uchaguzi mkuu ujao.

Katika risala ya wanachama wa CUF jimbo la Tumbatu iliyosomwa kwenye mkutano wa hadhara na Othman Hazir Othman walisema wamesikitishwa na kitendo cha Mbunge wa jimbo la Tumbatu wakati wa vikao vya Bunge Maalum la Katiba alipowasemea kuwa wananchi wa jimbo hilo wanaunga mkono muundo wa Muungano wa Serikali mbili.

Othman alisema wananchi walio wengi katika jimbo hilo wanaelewa kuwa muundo wa Muungano wa Serikali mbili ndicho kitanzi cha Zanzibar, hivyo hawawezi kuuunga mkono na wanataka Zanzibar yenye mamlaka kamili.

Tido Mhando joins Azam Media

Dar es Salaam – Monday, 1st December 2014.

Today Azam Media announced that Tido Mhando had been appointed as Deputy-CEO, Uhai Productions Ltd. (UPL). He now joins the executive management team under the leadership of Rhys Torrington - CEO, Azam Media Ltd.

Mr Mhando will take up his new position with immediate effect, with prime responsibility for the development of local content for both television and radio.

With over 40 years’ experience in media, Mhando is a well-known and highly respected figure in the broadcast industry across East Africa and internationally.

Having started out his career as a DJ on Radio Tanzania, he then joined the BBC in 1985 as its initial Swahili correspondent in Nairobi. A rapid rise through the corporation saw him move to London in 1991 where he eventually became the first African Head of its Swahili Service.

After his return to Tanzania Mhando took on a number of senior roles, including Director General of TBC and, most recently, Managing Director of Mwananchi Communication Ltd.

Reflecting on his appointment, Mhando said: “I am really looking forward to the challenge of building Azam into the premier provider of high quality, local TV and radio programming in Tanzania and across the region”.

Mhando will be based at the impressive Uhai Productions complex at Tabata, Dar es Salaam. UPL is already renowned for its high quality live broadcast of Vodacom Premier League football and a series of hit shows such as Kwetu House and Morning Trumpet.

However, in the next few weeks UPL will unveil its state of the art studios which will give Mhando a significant capability to create a wide range of exciting programmes in-house, in addition to working with other local producers.

In congratulating Mhando on his appointment, Mr Torrington commented: “Tido joins Azam Media at a very auspicious moment. As we near our first birthday it gives me great pride to note that AzamTV has so rapidly become the premier provider of satellite Pay TV services in Tanzania.

With his wealth of experience I am looking for Tido to take the lead in driving us to the next level of commercial success by developing an exciting selection of compelling entertainment for our subscribers in Tanzania and beyond. I wish him every success”

Wito wa kushiriki katika Tamasha la 34 la sanaa na utamaduni, Bagamoyo



Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo inapenda kuwakaribisha wasanii na vikundi vya sanaa
kwa ujumla kuomba kushiriki kwa kufanya maonyesho kwenye tamasha la 34 la kimataifa la
sanaa na utamaduni Bagamoyo ambalo litafanyika chuoni (TaSUBa – Bagamoyo) kuanzia
tarehe 21 - 27 Septemba 2015.

Tamasha hili limekuwa na malengo mbalimbali kama vile kuendeleza na kudumisha utamaduni
wa Mtanzania, kubadilishana uzoefu na kujifunza kutoka kwa wasanii na vikundi vya Tanzania
na mataifa mengine kupitia warsha na maonyesho mbalimbali.

Kauli mbiu ya tamasha hili ni ‘Sanaa na Utamaduni katika Uchaguzi Huru na Amani’.
Tamasha hili hujumuisha aina mbalimbali za sanaa kama vile Ngoma, Maigizo, Muziki,
Sarakasi, Mazingaombwe, Vichekesho n.k pamoja na maonyesho ya sanaa za ufundi

TaSUBa inawakaribisha wasanii na vikundi vya sanaa kutoka sehemu mbalimbali za Tanzania na
nchi za nje ili kuweza kushiriki katika tamasha hili kongwe la sanaa na utamaduni wa Mtanzania.

Kwa maelezo zaidi wasiliana nasi kupitia;
Barua pepe: [email protected]
Namba za Simu: +255(0) 754 310 425, +255(0) 655 840 405 na +255(0) 713 297 626

Wanaonunua line za Vodacom Tanzania sasa kusajiliwa kieletroniki

Kampuni ya Mawasiliano ya Vodacom Tanzania kuanzia leo imezindua huduma mpya ya kuwarahisishia wateja wake maisha ambayo ni ya usajili wa wateja wapya wanaonunua line za simu kwa njia ya kieletronikia.

Huduma hii ya usajili wa wateja wapya kwa njia ya kielektronikia inachukua nafasi ya usajili wa kujaza fomu uliokuwepo hapo awali na imeonekana kuwa ni bora na ya haraka na inapunguza kazi ya kujaza karatasi na kupunguza uwezekano wa taarifa za mteja kupotea na wateja wametokea kuifurahia.

“Wanachotakiwa kufanya wateja wanaonunua line za mtandao wetu ni kututembelea duka lolote la wakala wetu wakiwa na vitambulisho vyao na picha zao za muonekano wa sasa,hakuna sababu ya kuingia gharama za kutoa nakala ya kitambulisho kama ilivyokuwa hapo awali”Anasema Rene Meza Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Vodacom Tanzania.

Usajili wa line za simu kielektronikia unawahusu wateja wapya wanaojiunga na mtandao wa Vodacom na wateja wa zamani ambao wanatumia mtandao na usajili huu unafanyika kwa mujibu wa maelekezo ya Mamlaka ya Mawasiliano Tanzania (TCRA).Vodacom imebuni mfumo huu kuondoa usumbufu wakati wa zoezi la kujisajili ikiwemo kuokoa muda na gharama na pia imeona ini muhimu kuwa na mfumo wa kudumu rafiki wa kusajili watejawanaoendelea kujiunga kwenye mtandao wake.

“Wateja wetu tunawapa umuhimu wa kwanza,hivyo tutaendelea kuboresha huduma zetu.Maendeleo haya yanatuwezesha kuwa na mtizamo wa kuwapatia huduma na bidhaa bora siku zote”. Ameongeza Meza.

Misa ya Kiswahili ya Thanksgiving Baltimore, Maryland, Marekani

Balozi wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania nchini Marekani Mhe. Liberata Mulamula akiwasili Kanisani hapo kwenye misa la thanksgiving iliyofanyika leo Jumapili Novemba 30, 2014 Baltimore, Maryland nchini Marekani
Padre Honest Munishi akiongoza misa.

Balozi Liberata Mulamula akiwashukuru mapadre na kuwaomba Watanzania waishio nchini Marekani washikamane wawe kitu kimoja

Balozi Liberata Mulamua akifuatilia Misa.

  • imeshirikishwa taarifa hii na Luke Joe/Vijimambo Blog

Mo azindua kampeni za CCM za uchaguzi wa SM Singida

Mbunge wa jimbo la Singida mjini Mhe. Mohammed Gulam Dewji akisalimiana na wapiga kura kura wake na wananchi wa jimbo la Singida mjini mara baada ya kuwasili kwenye viwanja vya Kibaoni tayari kuzindua kampeni za CCM uchaguzi wa serikali za mitaa katika jimbo la Singida Mjini.

Mbunge wa Singida MO Dewji akipata mapokezi kwenye mkutano wa uzinduzi wa kampeni zilizofanyika Kibaoni mjini Singida.

Mbunge wa jimbo la Singida mjini Mhe. Mohammed Dewji akimnadi mgombe wa nafasi ya m/kiti wa mtaaa Kibaoni Timotheo Ruben John kwenye uzinduzi wa kampeni za CCM uchaguzi wa serikali za mitaa katika jimbo la Singida Mjini. 

Mbunge wa jimbo la Singda mjini mhe. Mohammed Dewji akizungumza kwenye uzinduzi wa kampeni za CCM uliofanyika katika viwanja vya soko la zamani la kitongoji mjini hapa. 

Mjumbe wa halmashauri kuu CCM (NEC) taifa manispaa ya Singida, Hassan Philip Mazala, akitoa nasaha zake kwenye uzinduzi wa kampeni za CCM zilizofanyika Kibaoni mjini hapa.

Mgombea wa nafasi ya uwenyekiti wa mtaa wa Kibaoni Timotheo Ruben John akiomba kura kwa ajili ya nafasi hiyo, Mjumbe wa halmashauri kuu ya CCM (NEC) taifa jimbo la Singida mjini Hassan Mazala akifurahia jambo wakati wa uzinduzi wa kampeni za CCM zilizofanyika jana.

Baadhi ya wanachama wa Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) waliohudhuria uzinduzi huo wakimsikiliza Mbunge wao.

Taarifa picha ya Geofrey Mwakibete

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