Ndiyo inaashiria ilivyo nafasi ya Tanzania katika EAC?

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How to give constructive criticism

So you’re sure the person-in-charge is at fault. There is no avoiding the dreaded "talk". But first, here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Identify the problem

Yes, constructive criticism is hard work, and part of it involves identifying the problem. No one likes being told that what they’re doing is wrong, without being given the specifics of what the hell is wrong. Adopting the "Because I said so," attitude is not only child-like, it also shows how little you think of other people’s time. If you find that the issue is with the person’s carelessness, or them focusing on a wrong area or aspect, or a terrible misunderstanding of the specifications, tell it like it is. Get the person on the same page before proceeding to what you think is a proper solution.

2. Provide a solution

Yes, you also need to provide a solution. If blue is not the color you want, identify what is, and why. Don’t give people that "reddish blue but not purple" nonsense. Unless a specific color has been specified in the client’s brief, a designer has the freedom to pick a suitable color for your design. If you don’t like it – which is totally fine, since you are paying for the design – give them a ballpark color and your reasoning why it is better suited for your purpose. This applies to all forms of feedback. Alternatively, you can share your expectations of the receiver’s future performances. Be clear with what you want, which leads us to the next point.

3. Provide examples

As an extension from #2, examples will help you and the receiver get the same visuals in both your minds. This can be in the form of what steps to take in order to fix the problem, what changes to make, or what new direction to follow. Where possible, treat this like it’s the last time the both of you can sit down and discuss the task(s) and expectation(s), so lay everything out on the table and talk it out. (Seriously, how many times does this criticism talk need to happen? Unless it is completely necessary, once is enough).

4. Give them limitations they can work with

And because you aren’t a dictator, do provide the receiver with how much freedom he can work with, or the limitations he has to manage. This will allow him to exercise his creative license (it’s his job to have some input into the task, isn’t it?) while still delivering what you expect from him.

Last Reminders

In highlighting the pitfalls to avoid, the ultimate goal of constructive criticism is to help the receiver improve. The tone and attitude in relaying this information should be encouraging, despite the need to highlight the negative aspects of the situation. Also remember that, not everyone can accept your criticism with an open mind – constructive or not, be ready to receive a defiant backlash that may stem from wounded dignity. You might also want to prepare for harsh words bent on retaliation or attacks on your personality – things that make you question why you are doing this in the first place. I’ll tell you why. Criticism that is constructive is essential to the industry at large. Not only does it funnel experience from the seasoned players to new beginners, it also helps develop best practices for the whole trade. As it may take a while for a newbie to catch up in terms of experience, criticism can help accelerate the learning process, and don’t we love to have more professionals around to help us achieve our goals?

Read this article in details: hongkiat.com

Diocese of Bukoba Priest among 5 arrested in child prostitution sting in USA

A Catholic priest assigned to an east Mesa church was among five suspects arrested by Mesa police in a sting operation that targeted prostitution involving under-aged girls.

Mesa police detectives posed as 16-year-old girls and advertised their services on a website known for trading in prostitution. Johns were to come to a Mesa motel at a predetermined time to rendezvous with the prostitutes for sex, according to a police statement released Friday.

When the men agreed to have sex with the supposed prostitutes, even after being told they were 16, police arrested them on suspicion of child prostitution, said Detective Steve Berry, a Mesa police spokesman.

The suspects include Father Solomon Bandiho, 49, who is listed on Holy Cross Catholic Church's website as the east Mesa church's parochial administrator. The other four suspects were identified by police as Eric Mohren, 34; Christopher Sherman, 48;Jose Flores Nunez, 31; and Santiago Robles, 26.

The sting concept used in operation "Buyer Beware" is not new. Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix police have conducted such stings in the past. A Phoenix police lieutenant was arrested as part of a June sting by the Glendale police and quickly submitted his retirement.

"When you have people who are willing to prey upon our juveniles, those are some of the worse people in our society," Berry said.

Berry said the suspects were willing to lay down their money for sex acts even after they were told that the supposed prostitutes were 16 years old.

He said someone who is willing to have sex with a 16-year-old might be willing to victimize even younger children.

Rob DeFrancesco, a spokesman for the diocese, said the diocese learned aboutBandiho's arrest on Friday afternoon. Bandiho's faculties as a priest have been removed, meaning that he is barred from public ministry, he said. Other priests will be available at Holy Cross to say Mass and perform other ministerial duties.

Various Catholic-related websites said Bandiho was ordained as a priest on June 19, 1994, in the Diocese of Bukoba, Tanzania. He was appointed as parochial administrator at Holy Cross on July 31.

In a statement released Friday, the diocese said Bandiho is a doctoral student from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley, CA. He was on a work-study program as part of his studies, and although assigned to Holy Cross, he has also assisted at St. Helen Parish in Glendale. He remains a priest of the Diocese of Bukoba.

"The Diocese of Phoenix performs background checks, including fingerprinting on all priests who are given assignments in its parishes and institutions. No previous allegations or criminal activity were indicated in a background check. He comes with the recommendation and letter of good standing from his own bishop as well," the diocese statement said.

The diocese also said it is "not aware of any additional claims of sexual misconduct involving Father Bandiho."

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Call for MSc Scholarships at Universities in Denmark

Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) on behalf of Danida, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, calls for applications for MSc Scholarships under the Building Stronger Universities Programme.

The Programme offers 38 two-year full-time scholarships available for commencement in September 2015.

Bachelor graduates from the following universities are eligible to apply:
  • Ghana: University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • Tanzania: Sokoine University of Agriculture, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College, and State University of Zanzibar
  • Uganda: Gulu University
  • Nepal: Kathmandu University.
The aim of the MSc Scholarship Programme is to provide talented students from South partner universities with the opportunity to obtain a master's degree from a Danish university in order to contribute to the development of their countries. In addition to their professional studies, it is expected that the students will obtain good knowledge of the Danish society, culture and values as well as the opportunity to networking with Danish students, companies and organisations.

Click here to download full details of the Scholarships

Baadhi ya picha za video ya MwanaFA na Ali Kiba

Binamu aka The Choir Master, akimpaka hina mdada kwenye moja ya scene ya video itakayojulikana ‘Kiboko Yangu’ aliyemshirikisha Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba, akiwa amezungukwa na warembo huku Binamu akionekana kwa nyuma kwenye moja ya scene ya video itakayo julikana ‘Kiboko Yangu’ ambayo Binamu aka The Choir Master, amemshirikisha Ali Kiba, video hiyo imefanywa jijini Nairobi.

Ali Kiba, akiwa amezungukwa na warembo kwenye moja ya scene ya video itakayo julikana ‘Kiboko Yangu’ ambayo Binamu aka The Choir Master, amemshirikisha Ali Kiba, video hiyo imefanyika jijini Nairobi.

Ali Kiba, akiwa na Binamu aka The Choir Master, kwenye moja ya scene ya video itakayo julikana ‘Kiboko Yangu’, video hiyo imefanyika jijini Nairobi.

Ali Kiba, akiwa na Binamu aka The Choir Master, kwenye moja ya scene ya video itakayojulikana ‘Kiboko Yangu’, video hiyo imefanyika jijini Nairobi.

Geita wakatana mapanga kwenye uchaguzi

Uchaguzi wa serikali za mitaa huko Geita umefunguliwa kwa vurugu kubwa ambapo mkurugenzi wa siasa na uenezi wa chama cha wananchi (CUF)katika kata ya Kagu wilayani Geita, Fransisco Kadimu (34)amenusurika kufa baada ya kukatwa mapanga kichwani na vidoleni na watu wanaodaiwa ni wafuasi wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

Kutokana na hali hiyo wananchi wa eneo hilo walikasirishwa na kitendo hicho na kulazimika kupiga yowe kujikusanya na baadaye waliamua kuvamia makazi ya watuhumiwa kisha kuyasambaza na kuchoma moto moja ya pool table ya mtuhumiwa wa ukataji mapanga.

Tukio hilo limetokea usiku wa kuamkia Desemba 14 saa 5 usiku katika kijiji cha Kinaki kata ya Nyawilimilwa Wilayani Geita Katika mkoa wa Geita.

Akizungumza kwa taabu akiwa katika hospitali ya Wilaya ya Geita, Kadimu alidai kuwa alikumbana na wakataji hao wakati akitokea kwa Katibu wa chama chake anayeishi kijijini hapo.

Alisema, akiwa ameivuka senta ndogo ya Califonia ndipo alipokutana na watu hao ambao aliwatambua kwa majina na sura ambao bila huruma walianza kumkat akata mapanga kichwani na mikononi sambamba na kumpiga kwa fimbo na marungu hali iliyopelekea kupoteza fahamu.

Alisema,alikuja kupata fahamu baadaye na kujikuta amezungukwa na wananchi waliofika eneo hilo kufuatia mayowe aliyopiga kabla ya kuzirai na ndipo walipomkimbiza katika hospitali ya Wilaya ya Geita anakoendelea na matibabu.

Katika tukio hilo mbali na kujeruhiwa vibaya sehemu mbalimbali za kichwani pia kidole chake kimoja cha mkono wa kulia kilinyofolewa kwa panga na kubakia na ulemavu.

Akithibitisha kutokea kwa tukio hilo afisa mtendaji wa kijiji cha Nyawilimilwa Charles Kidingi alisema, baada ya tukio hilo wananchi walihamasishana na kwenda kuvunja makazi ya watuhumiwa hao pamoja na kuteketeza kwa moto pooltable la mmoja wa watuhumiwa hao.

Aliwataja watu wanaodaiwa kuhusika na tukio hilo ambao ni makada wa CCM kijijini hapo kuwa ni pamoja na Mashiku Ndezu, Deo Ndezu na wengine waliofahamika kwa jina moja la Laurian na Alex ambao wamekimbilia kusikojulikana.

Shinyanga: Aua mke kwa kumpigia kura mgombea tofauti

Habari kutoka Malunde1 blog zinasema kwamba huko katika mtaa wa Mwandu kata ya Tinde katika wilaya ya Shinyanga mkoani Shinyanga, mwanaume mmoja amemuua mke wake kwa kumpiga makonde kutokana na kile kinachoelezwa kuwa kwa kumchagua mgombea wa CCM badala ya wa CHADEMA.

Imeelezwa kuwa mwanaume huyo ni mfuasi wa CHADEMA huku mke wake akiwa ni mfuasi wa CCM.

Tukio linaelezwa kuwa limetokea jioni ya jana baada ya mume kumuuliza mkewe kampigia mgombea wa chama kipi leo, na mke aliposema CCM ndipo mume akaanza kumpiga hadi mauti ilipomfika.

Paul De Nyoso Seseja anasema kuna taarifa kuwa mwanaume huyo alikuwa amebugia pombe na yuko kwenye mikono ya dola.

Taarifa ya ACT kuhusu kuhusu uchaguzi wa SM

Alliance for Change and Transparency

Mabadiliko na Uwazi

14 Desemba 2014 


Ndugu wanahabari, Kama mjuavyo leo ni siku ya uchaguzi wa serikali za mitaa, vijiji na vitongoji katika taifa letu. Chama chetu cha ACT-Tanzania kimeshiriki uchaguzi huo ukiwa ndio uchaguzi wetu wa kwanza kushiriki tangu chama kipate usajili wa kudumu hapo Mei 5, 2014. Chama kimesimamisha wagombea wapatao 2,202 nchi nzima katika mikoa karibu yote ya Tanzania bara ambayo ndiyo inayoshiriki uchaguzi huo. Wakati zoezi hilo likiendelea wakati huu, kama chama tunapenda kusema yafuatayo kuhusiana na uchaguzi huu:

1. Tunapenda kutoa shukrani zetu za dhati kwa watanzania kwa kutupokea na kutukubali na hata kutuwezesha kupata wagombea 2,202. Si jambo la kawaida kwa kwa chama kilichosajiliwa miezi 7 iliyopita kupata idadi hiyo ya wagombea. Miongoni mwa wagombea hao 2,202 tayari chama chetu kimeshapata ushindi kwa mgombea mmoja aliyepita bila kupingwa. Nafurahi kumtangaza Mwenyekiti wa kwanza wa Serikali ya Kitongoji kupitia ACT-Tanzania ambaye ni ndugu Ndugu Justin Kahonga Mwenyekiti wa Serikali ya Kitongoji cha Songambele , Kijiji cha Masigo katika Kata ya Ilela wilayani Mlele Mkoa wa Katavi. Ahsante wananchi wa Songambele kwa kutufanya wa kwanza katika kitongoji chenu. Tunawaahidi utumishi uliotukuka na tutakuwa karibu na mwenyekiti wetu kumshauri, kumwelekeza na kumsaidia kila panapobidi ili awatumikie vema.

2. Tunapenda kueleza masikitiko yetu kwa jinsi uchaguzi huu unavyoendeshwa na wizara ya TAMISEMI. Kumekuwa na matatizo mengi sana hasa mahali ambapo chama chetu kina nguvu na zaidi sana katika maeneo ambayo kuna wagombea wawili tu yaani wa ACT-Tanzania na CCM. Baadhi ya matatizo tuliyoyashuhudia nchi nzima ni kama ifuatavyo:

i. Uchaguzi kuahirishwa maeneo mbalimbali kwa kisingizio cha kukosekana kwa vifaa vya uchaguzi kama karatasi za kupigia kura, nk, majina ya wagombea kuchanganywa na kadhalika. Mfano katika wilaya nzima ya Kaliua ambako maeneo mengi wagombea ni wa ACT-Tanzania na CCM tu, uchaguzi umesimama hadi ninapoandika taarifa hii. Maeneo mengi hakuna karatasi za kupigia kura na majina ya wagombea yamechanganywa sana. Jina la Mgombea wa kijiji A linapelekwa Kijiji B. Uchaguzi katika kata ya Vingunguti jimbo la Segerea, wilaya ya Ilala jijini Dar es salaam wilaya ambayo ndipo yalipo makao makuu ya Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu, wizara ya TAMISEMI, uchaguzi haukufanyika kabisa kwa kisingizio kwamba hakuna karatasi za kupigia kura.

ii. Maeneo mengine majina ya wagombea wa ACT-Tanzania hayakuwepo kabisa kwenye karatasi za kupigia kura. Hilo limetokea wilayani Bukombe, hususan Kata ya Runzewe mashariki, Kijiji cha Ikuzi na vitongoji vya Kigoba A na Burumbonga A. Aidha maeneo mbalimbali ya wilaya ya Busega na Kasulu, Wilaya ya Kondoa Kata ya Kisese kijiji cha Disa, Wilaya ya Geita kata ya Nkome kijiji cha Nkome, wilaya ya Mlele Kata ya Inyonga kijiji cha Inyoga, Wilaya ya Kahama kata ya Nyansubi, mtaa wa Nyansubi, Mtaa wa Kilimo B Kata ya Kishiri, wilaya ya Nyamagana, na maeneo mengine mengi, majina ya wagombea wetu wa uenyekiti na wajumbe hayamo kwenye karatasi za kupigia kura kusababisha uchaguzi kuchelewa kuanza ama kuahirishwa kabisa katika maeneo hayo. Hata hivyo Mtendaji wa Kata ya Nkome wilayani Geita amelazimisha uchaguzi uendelee kwa kutumia karatasi ya kura ambayo haina mgombea wa chama chetu kwa madai kwamba eti atatoa uamuzi baadaye.

iii. Wagombea wetu kutokuwa na nembo ya chama mbele ya majina yao. Hilo limeripotiwa maeneo karibu yote katika wilaya ya Ilemela jijini Mwanza, japo nembo tulishampa mkurugenzi wa halmashauri ya manispaa muda mrefu karibu ya siku ya uchaguzi.

iv. Wafuasi wa chama kimoja kutokeza na mapanga na silaha nyingine za jadi kutaka kuvuruga uchaguzi. Katika Mtaa Ihoga Kata ya Maina wilaya ya Nyamagana, ambako kuna wagombea wawili tu wa ACT-Tanzania na CCM, wafuasi wanaosadikiwa kuwa chama kimoja cha upinzani ambacho mgombea wao alienguliwa kwa pingamizi wameibuka kwenye kituo cha kupigia kura wakiwa na mapanga na silaha za jadi kwa ajili ya kutaka kuvuruga uchaguzi huo. Tumeripoti kwa mkuu wa polisi wa wilaya na kumtaka kushughulikia tatizo hilo haraka.

Natoa wito kwa wizara ya TAMISEMI kuhakikisha wanawapa maelekezo ya dhati na dharura wasimamizi wote wa uchaguzi kuhakikisha uchaguzi unafuata taratibu. ACT-Tanzania hatutatulia huku tukiona haki yetu ikiminywa kwa kutumia uchaguzi usio huru wala haki. Viongozi wetu wote wa Mikoa, Majimbo, Kata na Matawi wako macho pamoja na wagombea wetu kuhakikisha haki yetu inapatikana. Nawashukuru tena viongozi, wanachama na watanzania kwa ujumla kwa sapoti wanayotupatia.

Samson Mwigamba K

Alliance for Change and Transparency
Mabadiliko na Uwazi
House no. 203, Mpakani A Street, Kijitonyama, P.O. Box 105043, Dar es salaam.
Tel: +255 763 463740 / 715 784670, Email: [email protected]
All letters to be addressed to the Secretary General

Upigaji kura SM Kasulu waahirishwa

HALMASHAURI ya wilaya ya Kasulu imeahirisha zoezi la upigaji kura kwa ajili ya kuchagua viongozi wa Serikali za Mitaa (SM) kutokana na kuwepo kwa dosari kubwa kwenye karatasi za kupigia kura ambazo zisingeweza kutoa ushindi wa haki kwa wagombea.

Kuahirishwa kwa kikao hicho kumefanywa kwa pamoja baina ya wasimamizi wa uchaguzi wilayani humo, viongozi wa vyama na wagombea ambao wamekubaliana kwa kauli moja kuahirishwa kwa uchaguzi huo.

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Halmashauri ya wilaya ya Kasulu, Masalu Mayaya ambaye ndiye msimamizi wa uchaguzi katika wilaya hiyo amethibitisha kuahirishwa kwa uchaguzi huo kutokana na dosari zilizojitokeza.

Mayaya alizitaja kasoro zilizojitokeza kuwa ni pamoja na kuchanganyika kwa majina ya wagombea na nembo za vyama vyao ambapo majina ya mgombea mmoja yameenda kwenye nembo ya chama kisicho chake.

Sambamba na hilo, Mkurugenzi huyo alisema kuwa pia kumekuwa na upungufu wa karatasi za kupigia kura katika baadhi ya vituo na hivyo kusababisha watu wengi kutopiga kura.

Tanzia! Balozi Ndayiziga gwiji wa masuala ya mtangamano EAC

Balozi Ndayiziga katika mojawapo ya warsha ya EAC hivi karibuni. Kulia ni mtaalamu wa habari na mratibu wa mafunzo ya wandishi wa habari EAC, Bw. Sukhdev Chhatbar.

Na Mtua Salira, EANA

Mshauri Mtaalamu wa muda mrefu wa Masuala ya Mtangamano wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki (EAC) Balozi Jeremy Ndayiziga (54) amefariki dunia baada ya kuugua kwa muda mfupi ugonjwa wa kisukari mjini Bujumbura, Burundi.

Balozi huyo raia wa Burundi kwa mujibu wa marafiki wa karibu na ndugu zake alifariki Jumatano wiki iliyopita na anatarajiwa kuzikwa nchini Burundi Jumanne ijayo, Shirika Huru la Habari la Afrika Mashariki (EANA) limeripoti.

Kutokana na hali yake ya afya kuendelea kudorora, Balozi Ndayiziga alilazimika kukatwa mguu wake wa kulia katika Hopsitali ya Nairobi kutokana kuzidiwa na ugonjwa wa kisukari na hivyo kubaki hospitalini kwa miezi ipatayo minne. Afya yake ilionekana kuimarika kidogo na alikuwa anakaribia kupona.

Mara ya mwisho alionekana makao makuu ya EAC mjini Arusha, Tanzania katikati ya Novemba mwaka huu katika mkutano wa Maofisa Mawasiliano wa EAC.

Jina la Balozi Ndayiziga ni maarufu kwa watendaji wa EAC kutokana na umahiri wake wa uchapaji kazi,uongozi wa busara na kuwa muumini wa itikadi ya Shirikisho la EAC. Ndiye aliyeiongoza nchi yake katika harakati za kujiunga na EAC 2007.

‘Marehemu Balozi Ndayiziga alikuwa mtu maarufu, mchapakazi mwenzangu na kwa kweli, zaidi ya yote alikuwa rafiki yangu wa karibu sana,’ alisema Jean Rigi,Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Afrika Mashariki nchini Burundi na kuongeza kuwa wengi watamkosa na ni pigo kubwa kwa wote wanaopigania kujenga Afrika Mashariki na raia wake.

Mkongwe wa masuala ya habari nchini Tanzania Jenerali Ulimwengu kufuatia taarifa ya kifo hicho alisema: ‘Nimepata mshtuko mkubwa! Nilijua kwamba alikuwa anaugua lakini nilifikiri kwamba ni jambo la kawaida tu linaloweza kudhibitiwa.Nimesikitishwa sana kwa sababu alikuwa ni mtu makini na mwalimu mwenye uelewa wa hali ya juu na alikuwa mwakilishi mzuri wa masuala ya mtangamano wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki.Nilifanya naye kazi kwa karibu sana kwa kipindi cha zaidi ya miaka mitano.’

Naye mmoja kati wafanyakazi aliokuwa anafanya nao kazi kwa karibu ni Sukhdev Chhatbar, Mtaalamu wa Masuala ya Habari, ambaye alielezea kusitishwa na kifo Balozi Ndayiziga.

‘Tulikuwa tunawasiliana vyema katika uekelezaji wa miradi mbalimbali.Alikuwa mtu maarufu, mwenye msimamo thabiti,mwenye busara na alikuwa tayari kufanya lolote kuimarisha mchakato wa mtangamano wa kikanda,’’ alisema Chhatbar, mwandishi wa habari maarufu aliyekuwa anasafiri na kusimamia miradi ya pamoja ya EAC na marehemu Balozi huyo katika nchi wananchama wa jumuiya.

Marehemu ameacha mjane na watoto wanne.

Mkufunzi Balozi Jeremy Ndayiziga (kushoto enzi za uhai wake) akimkabidhi cheti Mroki Mroki, kutoka Father Kidevu Blog ambaye pia ni Mpigapicha wa Masuala ya Mtangamano wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki, kwa kushiriki kikamilifu mafunzo hayo ya masuala ya Mtengamano wa EAC. Anaeshuhudia Katikati ni Elizabeth Wanyoike wa GIZ ambao walifadhili mafunzo hayo na Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki.

Picha za Mkutano Mkuu wa 47 wa MAT

Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais asiye na Wizara Maalum Prof Mark Mwandosya akisisitiza jambo kwenye mkutano wa mkuu wa 47 wa chama cha madaktari unaofanyika kwa siku 2 katika ukumbi wa Pius Msekwa Bungeni Dodoma.

Madaktari ambao ni wajumbe wa Chama cha Madaktari Tanzania (MAT) wakifuatilia jambo katika ukumbi wa Pius Msekwa Mjini Dodoma walipokuwa kwenye mkutano wao wa 47.

Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais asiye na Wizara Maalum Prof Mark Mwandosya na Naibu Waziri wa Afya Mhe. Kebwe Stevin Kebwe wakiwa kwenye picha ya pamoja na wajumbe wa chama cha madaktari waliokuwa kwenye mkutano wao mkuu.

Baadhi ya wajumbe wa mkutano huo wakiwa nje ya ukumbi wa Pius Msekwa kwa ajili ya mapumziko kabla ya kuendelea na mkutano.

[video] Magoli ya Simba dhidi ya Yanga katika mechi ya Nani Mtani Jembe

Hawajapiga kura kutokana na wagombea kujitoa baada ya kutishwa

Walemavu nao kama kawaida wakipewa kipaumble.

Wakati zoezi la kupiga kura uchaguzi wa viongozi wa serikali za mitaa kwa ngazi za vijiji, vitongoji pamoja na mitaa ukiendelea leo nchi nzima hali si shwari mkoani Simiyu katika wilaya ya Busega.

Taarifa zilizotolewa na jeshi polisi Mkoani hapa pamoja na Mkuu wa Wilaya hiyo Paul Mzindakaya zinaeleza kuwa katika mji wa Lamadi viongozi walikuwa wanagombea katika uchaguzi huo kupitia CCM wamejiondoa katika dakika za mwisho.

Taarifa hizo zilieleza kuwa viongozi hao wamejiondoa kwa madai ya kutishiwa kuuwa, kuchomwa moto nyumba zao ikiwa pamoja na familia zao kuuawa na wafuasi wa chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo CHADEMA.

Mzindakaya ameeleza kuwa katika uchaguzi huo katika kijiji cha Lamadi, wagombea wa kutoka CHADEMA walienguliwa kutokana na kutokidhi vigezo baada ya kuwekewa pingamizi na CCM.

Alisema kuwa baada ya CHADEMA kuenguliwa walibaki wagombea kutoka CCM, huku akieleza kuwa mpaka jana jioni ofisi yake ilikuwa na taarifa za kuwepo chama kimoja kinachotakiwa kupigiwa kura.

Alibainisha kuwa hata hivyo leo (jana) asubuhi walipokea taarifa kutoka Mgombea nafasi ya Mwenyekiti wa Kijiji kupitia CCM aliyejulikana kwa jina moja Vumi pamoja na wajumbe wake kujitoa katika kinyanganyilo hicho kutokana na kutishiwa maisha yao.

“…mpaka sasa majira ya saa sita mchana…tumeamua kusitisha zoezi la kupiga kura..masanduku yote tumeyaondoa…na hali siyo shwari katika eneo hilo…askari wamepelekwa kuweka hali ya usalama…na kamati ya ulinzi na usalama wilaya muda huu itaakaa kuweza kujadili hali hii..ili tukubaliane kama tuendelee na zoezi au tusitishe,” 
alisema Mzindakaya.

Kwa upande wake Kamanda wa jeshi la polisi Mkoani hapa Charles Mkubo alisema kuwa jeshi lake limejiandaa kukabiliana na hali ya vurugu itakayojitokeza katika mji huo wa lamadi.

“….Taarifa hizo ni kweli. Pale Lamadi watu hawajapiga kura kutokana na wagombea wa CCM kujitoa dakika za mwisho baada ya kutishiwa maisha yao na wafuasi wa CHADEMA…na sisi jeshi la polisi tumeimarisha usalama hapo.”

Kamanda Mkumbo ameongeza kuwa kwa mkoa mzima wa Simiyu hali ni shwari kiusalama huku afafanua kuwa baadhi ya maeneo kulikuwepo na kasoro ndogondogo za kucheleweshwa masanduku ya kupigia kura.

Majira ya Hasubuhi, kamera yetu katika pita pita kukagua hali ya upigaji kura katika uchaguzi wa serikali za mitaa. Mkoani Simiyu mamia wajitokeza kupiga kura, vituo vimefunguliwa ndani ya muda lakini ni baadhi. katika wilaya ya Itilima mpaka muda huu baadhi ya maeneo vituo bado havijafunguliwa kutokana na masanduku ya kuchelewa.

Usalama kama kawaida ni wakutosha.

"Wakifa tutawapa tuzo za heshima"

Job opportunities at SUA

The Management of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) invites qualified Tanzanians to apply for positions of Tutorial Assistants (TA’s) (<35 yrs of age) and Assistant Lecturers (<45
years). Applicants are advised to note that the minimum GPA of 3.8 or an average of B for unclassified degrees such as that of Veterinary and Medical graduates at undergraduate level applies
for TA’s and 3.5 at BSc/BA level or equivalent (i.e. an average of B for Veterinary and Medical graduates) and a good Masters degree with a GPA of 3.8 is applicable for those with postgraduate qualifications. Only registered Veterinarians will beconsidered for interviews.

Due to procedural technicalities the following positions had to be re-advertised. Applicants are advised to note that salary packages and fringe benefits shall be as per Treasury Registrar’s Salaries Circular No. 3 of 2013. The deadline for submission of application letters indicating names and addresses of three referees, together with certified copies of certificates and transcripts, curriculum vitae and testimonials shall be two weeks after the date of the first advertisement. Only short listed applicants will be contacted for interview. Those who had applied for similar posts in the past are encouraged to apply. Application letters should be sent to the undersigned.


 Assistant Lecturer (1 Post) in the discipline of Farm  Machinery and Mechanization for applicants in possession of a  BSc in Electro – Mechanical Engineering/ Mechanical  Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering or related field and a MSc  in the areas related to Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization. Those working in the industry are encouraged  to apply.


Tutorial Assistant (1 Post) in the discipline of Dairy Science for  applicants in possession of a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minimum GPA of 3.8 at undergraduate level and at least B+ score in Dairy Cattle Management and Milk Processing courses. 


 Assistant Lecturer (1 Post) in the discipline of Forest Resource  Assessment in the fields of Forest Mensuration, GIS and Remote  Sensing for applicants in possession of a BSc Forestry and MSc.
 in Forestry Mensuration and Management/ Forestry Resource  Assessment and Management and in the related field.


Assistant Lecturer (1 Posts) in the discipline of Veterinary  Microbiology for applicants in possession of a BVM/BVSc degree and MSc in Veterinary Microbiology from a recognised Institution and who has an overall of “B” grade or above for BVM and should in addition have scored “B” grade or above in Veterinary Microbiology at Undergraduate.

Assistant Lecturer (1 Post) in the discipline of Veterinary Immunology for applicants in possession of a BVM degree and MVM/MVSc/MSc in Veterinary Immunology from a recognised University and who have an overall “B” grade or higher at Bachelor degree and should in addition have scored “B” grade or above in Immunology.

Assistant Lecturer (1 Post) in the discipline of Veterinary Parasitology for applicants in possession of a BVM degree and MVM/MVSc/MSc in Veterinary Parasitology from a recognised University and who have an overall “B” grade or higher at Bachelor degree and should in addition have scored “B” grade or above in Parasitology. Working experience of at least three years will be an added advantage.


Tutorial Assistant (1 Post) for applicants in possession of a  BVM/BVSc degree from a recognised Institution. The applicant  must have an overall score of “B” or above for all subjects. In  addition must have an average of “B” or above in Veterinary Pathology courses.


Assistant lecturer (1 Post) in the discipline of Complex  and/or Functional analysis for applicants in possession of  Master degree in Mathematics or related field with a strong  bias in Complex and/or Functional Analysis. In addition the candidate should possess a BSc. with Education majoring in


Assistant lecturer (1 Post) in the discipline of Business  Management for applicants in possession of honours degree  in Business Administration/ Accountancy and Finance/ Economics/ Agricultural Economics/ Agribusiness/ Human Resource Management/ International Business Management
 and a Master degree in Business Administration/ Management/ International Business majoring in Human Resource Management/ Agribusiness/ Entrepreneurship/ Small Business Development/ Marketing/ Finance/Accountancy

Please Note:-

Only shortlisted candidates will be contact through their addresses/ e-mail and/or telephone
Those who applied previously are encouraged to apply.

Those working in the Public Service are advised to route their applications through their current employers.

During application the applicant should state the Department, Position and Discipline one is vying for.

Issued by
Office of the Deputy Vice−Chancellor (A & F)
Sokoine University of Agriculture
P. O. Box 3000, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro

Mjengwa: Kwenda kupiga kura ni kwenda kuchagua...

Ndugu zangu,

Leo ni siku ya kupiga kura kwenye Serikali za Mitaa, Vijiji na Vitongoji. Huu ni Uchaguzi Muhimu sana katika nchi. Uchaguzi huu ndio MSINGI wa siasa kubwa za Kitaifa.

Siasa ya nchi inaanzia kwenye Mtaa, Kijiji na Kitongoji. Na hakika, siku ya leo ilipaswa uwe ni uchaguzi pia kwa ngazi ya Manispaa na Halmshauri, kwa maana ya kuwachagua Madiwani.

Inahusu Serikali za Mitaa ( Local Goverment). Nimepata kuandika, kuwa Mahtama Ghandhi alipata kusema, kuwa ukitaka kuujua moyo wa nchi, nenda vijijini.

Katika nchi zetu hizi, uchaguzi wa leo ni kipimo cha Uchaguzi Mkuu ujao. Chama ama kambi itakayofaulu kupata asilimia 80 ya viti vyote vinavyogombaniwa, basi, naweza kuandika hapa, Kuwa ni ndio chama au kambi itakayounda Serikali baada ya matokeo ya uchaguzi mkuu wa Oktoba mwakani.

Na kama kwenda kupiga kura ni kwenda kuchagua swali ni je, wapiga kura wanajua wanachokwenda kuchagua? Jibu, yumkini kuna wapiga kura wenye kwenda kuchagua sura na majina ya watu, lakini, kwa wengi waliohamasika au kuhamasishwa kujiandikisha, leo Jumapili wanakwenda kuchagua wanachokijua na kukiamini.

Na siasa ni itikadi, na kwenye itikadi, kama nilivyoandika huko nyuma, kuwa kuna KULIA na KUSHOTO. Ni imani. Hivyo, kuwa na msimamo kisiasa ina maana ya kusimama ama Kulia, au Kushoto. Kushoto ni wenye mrengo wa Kijamaa na Kujitegemea na kujali zaidi maslahi ya walio wengi. Kushoto ni Mrengo wenye kusimamia katika Haki na Usawa kwenye jamii. Kulia ni upande wa Mabwanyenye ama Mabepari. Ni wenye kuamini zaidi katika Mtaji na kukuza mtaji, bila kujali maslahi ya wengi. Na walio kwenye upande huo, wanaamini, kuwa Kutokuwepo kwa Usawa kwenye jamii ni jambo lisiloepukika.

Na kuna Katikati ya kiitikadi, kwamba kuna waliosimama kati. Lakini, aliyesimama kati anapo anapoegemea. Hivyo, kuna waliosimama kati wakiegemea Kushoto na wengine wakiegemea Kulia. Nao waweza kuwa viongozi bora, kama mpiga kura atafanya maamuzi yake.

Leo tunakwenda kuwachagua viongozi wetu kwenye Mitaa yetu, Vijiji na Vitongoji. Na kuna kisa cha mume aliyegombea nafasi ya uongozi. Alikwenda kituo cha kupigia kura na mkewe. Kura zilipohesabiwa aliambulia kura moja, ya kwake mwenyewe. Nyumbani akamuulizia mkewe; " Hivi mke wangu hata wewe hukunipigia kura?"

Mkewe akajibu: " Mume wangu, tulikwenda kupiga kura kumchagua Kiongozi Bora, na kama ingelikuwa kumchagua Mume Bora, kura yangu ingeangukia kwako!"

Naam, e twendeni tukapige kura kuwachagua viongozi bora, nao watokane na itikadi bora wenye kuzisimamia.

Ni Neno La Leo.