Take notice of these areas in Dar with a rise in crime

This warning message was shared to us via WhatsApp. Its authenticity has not been verified however, I felt the safety reminders needed to be shared, therefore I decided to put it here, not to scare but alert us and our loved ones to take extra precaution. It is my hope that it doesn't hurt to be reminded to be extra careful. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Knight Support do not want to scare you but we feel you need to know the following areas which have seen a rise in crime in Dar.

In the last three weeks, we have seen a number of armed robberies in the Dar area and we are sharing this information in order that you can take safety precautions and help yourself to stay safe.

1. Jangwani Area - near the New Giraffe Hotel and the Belinda Hotel. A couple were relaxing in their garden patio area and at approximately 0230am a group of 12 males came over the perimeter wall and attacked and robbed this couple. The gang had a gun, pangas and large wooden sticks and they were not afraid to hit the couple. They roped tied the man and made the lady open the safe and show them where they kept their valuables. They were looking for guns, money, jewellery, iphones, phones, ipads, computers and televisions etc. The couple lost many valuables but luckily they were not seriously harmed but were of course traumatised by the whole event. The matter is being investigated by Kawe police.

2. Kigamboni South Beach - A couple returned home at approx. 2330 pm and the guard opened the gate to let them in. They drove in but directly behind them two armed robbers forced their way past the guard. They shot the guard in the legs and forced the couple to open their home and they then proceeded to rob them of their valuables. This couple had a very large sum of money in the house which the robbers stole along with other items. Again, the couple are traumatised and the poor guard is in hospital.

3. Ocean Road – we are receiving complaints that there is a gang along this road who are stopping cars and forcefully robbing the occupants of the cars they stop. Always keep your doors locked, windows up and NEVER stop for anyone.

4. The Armed Boda Boda Gang - this gang, we are advised it is more than one gang, are robbing shops that have easy access for motorbikes. They drive up and rob people in the shops before making a fast get a way on their bikes. The areas that have been hit are the shops on African Road, Jangwani, The bread shop at Kawe roundabout, the shops opposite Saverios on Old Bagamoyo Road and today the car park area of the Furniture Centre on Nyererer Road. Please be careful of what you carry when you are out and about, always be vigilant and NEVER try to be a hero!

Sadly the crime rate does go UP in Dar at this time and we all must try to do our best to stay safe. We will never stop this bad element, we can only take precautions to deter them and keep ourselves safe.

1. NEVER fight or argue with any armed robber – Your life and the lives of your loved ones are more important than ANY possession you may have – even family heirlooms! Possessions can be replaced (get your possessions insured!) – YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED.

2. Take as many precautions as you can – at home keep your doors and windows grill gates locked – even when you are sitting watching TV.

3. Check your perimeter wall – is it high enough? Can you climb over it easily – If you can then thieves can too! Are there trees or decorative holes in the wall that assist people to climb over it? Is your electric fence working? THESE NEED YOUR ATTENTION.

4. Keep your gates locked at all times.

5. If you have a safe in the house consider keeping two safes – one that you can open in the event of a robbery with a small amount of cash and copies of documents and the other one well hidden that NO-ONE knows about including your house staff. DO NOT KEEP LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY IN YOUR HOME!

6. Have a room in your house with security doors and bars on the windows that, if you hear people breaking in, you can secure yourself and your family in to buy you time to call for help.

7. If you can safely do so – press the security alarm and call the Knight Support emergency number 0754 777 100 or 0784 555 911. Program these numbers into the speed dial of your phone – memorise your unique Knight Support unit number (3 numbers and a letter for example 123B)

8. Hide a cheap spare phone with a charger that you can use to call for assistance after the robbers have left – program emergency numbers in this phone. They will steal your phone.

9. When you are coming home and sitting in your car at your gate keep your car in reverse gear while you wait for the guard to open the gate – then if you see anything suspicious you can reverse away quickly to safety.

10. In traffic – when we are stuck in traffic or people are pushing in front of you all the time we get into the habit here of staying very close to the car in front so as not to allow other cars to push in front of us BUT this is actually very bad practice – for safety to make a fast get away ALWAYS leave a space between you and the car in front. Drive with your mobile phone close to you (between your legs is a good place) in case you need to grab your phone quickly to call for help.

Again, we at Knight Support do not want to frighten you but we do want you to be aware of the potential dangers and for you to always be vigilant of your safety and your surrounding areas.

Stay safe this Christmas period.

Ujumbe wa t-shirt huo: Kula CCM, kulala UKA...

Dr Mwele Malecela: A girl whose dream came true



My career at NIMR is a true story of serendipity rather than design. I joined NIMR in 1987 after graduating form the University of Dar-es-Salaam with a B.Sc. in Zoology in 1986. After an extremely rigorous interview process I was assigned to work at the Amani Center and to specifically focus on a disease they called Bancroftian Filariasis. Now I had heard of this disease in my classes at UDSM and the great tutelage of Dr Parkin but I had know idea what I was going to do. In my mind I wanted to work on malaria which at the time I thought was  more interesting area of research. So I must say I was quite depressed as at the time Malaria research had the most resources in terms of funding and equipment. I was told explicitly that I was to work to revive the Bancroftian filariasis work at Amani.
As one who always thrives on a challenge I set off for my long trip up the Eastern Usambara Mountains to this place they called Amani. The trip was up a series of undulating hills until we got to a point where I did not see houses or people. My fear was supressed by the breathtaking beauty of the drive, the beautiful forest, and the air getting clearer as we drove up the hill. On arrival at Amani my fears attacked me again, could I do it how was I expected to live here almost in the middle of nowhere. I consoled myself by reminding myself that there were several scientists here and that if they could live here so could I. My dad had a favourite saying that “its up to you to manage your circumstances” and that is exactly what I decided to do.
After several weeks of orientation I was finally designated to work in the helminthology laboratory where I learnt all about this parasite Wuchereria Bancrofti, the parasite that spreads bancroftian filariasis. I learnt to identify microfilariae of Wuchereria Bancrofti and Onchocerca volvulus. I learnt to dissect mosquitoes for infective larvae and the lab diagnosis of several parasites including schistosomes, hookworms, Trichuris etc. At the time mine was a predominantly wormy world and the people who truly initiated me into the wonderful world of worms were some great lab technicians and lab assistants who gave me the best hands on training I ever had. I treasure this training because it has played a great role in making me who I am today. One lab assistant liked to remind me that he started working on the month I was born. It didn’t affect me that they treated me like a kid I just soaked up all the information that was being given to me and enjoyed every moment. My family sometimes worried about how i was doing I would phone them from our old handle phones connected through the tiny exchange to tell them that I was doing fine and that I actually liked it there.

My early work included examining the relationship between eosinophilia and helminth parasites, I also looked at the impact of the trials for vector control for malaria on the transmission of Bancroftian Filariasis. I also worked with the late Prof Chris Curtis to control culicines in Muheza town using polystyrene beads.

I then went on to do my Msc and PhD at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of the University of London, where I worked on filarial infection in cats. The cats was an experimental animal model that provided a lot of current knowledge in the understanding of the pathogenesis of filarial infection. The work I did focused on understanding how parasites evaded the hosts immune system and my findings indicated that there were surface immunoglobulins of the host that actually protected the parasite. This added to the body of knowledge on asymptomatic microfilaraemics people who have microfilariae but have no overt symptoms of the disease.

On my return I was involved in developing a study to understand immunoepidemiology of Lymphatic Filariasis Transmission, a study that took place in sites in Kenya(Kingwende) and Tanzania (Masaika). Several papers came out of this study which allowed us to getter a better understanding of the spatial dynamics of LF transmission which would be very useful in developing effective control programmes.

At the same time I was involved with developing a strategic plan for the Elimination of the Lymphatic Filariasis Program of Tanzania. This followed the WHA resolution in May 1997 that called for the Elimination of Filariasis as a public health problem. The development of the comprehensive plan was followed by appointment to be the Director of the LF programme in 2000. In the year 2000 the LF program was launched on the island of Mafia and my legacy from the lab to the field to control came full circle. There is a swahili saying that says “safari moja huanzisha nyingine” literally translated means the end of one journey is the beginning of another! In my case however there has been no end to this journey just different points where I have paused but moved on in the same direction.

The LF programme has moved from strength to strength and is now functional in 53 districts and has reached 13 million people. With the focus now on neglected tropical diseases the approach has been integrated to include treatment for schistosomiasis, Soil Transmitted Helminths and Trachoma. In many ways my interview at the NIMR Headquarters prepared me for a career in Lymphatic Filariasis Research and Control but like all things in life I did not know it then. It gave me great pride when President Kikwete announced that he was going to start an LF Fund to support the people with the debilitating manifestations of the disease. H.E the President announced this at the Global Alliance Meeting in Arusha and this has raised the profile of the patients both in Tanzania and other countries in Africa. Results from our sentinel site in Tandahima show that the programme may have succeeded in interrupting transmission in the district charting it our to be the first district to have attained interruption of transmission of LF on  Tanzania mainland


So is this a success story? It's a story about a young girl who dreamed about being a researcher, about a young woman who climbed the hills of Amani in search of that dream, and the woman who is living that dream doing research and contributing to the control of a disease she has worked on all her life! I would say that’s success; Wouldn’t you!

I am indebted to so many people who made this journey possible but most of all my parents Dr John Malecela and the late Mrs. Ezerina Malecela who told me in no uncertain terms that “yes I could”.

Relevant publications
Malecela M.N. Baldwin C.I and Denham D.A (1994) Hosts antigen on the surface of microfilariae of Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia pahangi.
Awarded prize for best presentation

Baldwin C.I., Medieros F, Malecela M.N. and Denham D.A (1994) Humoral responses in cats repeatedly infected with Brugia pahangi. Parasite 1,1S

Malecela (1995): Microfilariae and the immune response in cats repeatedly infected with Brugia pahangi. Ph.D. thesis, University of London.

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Michael E., Simonsen P.E., Malecela M., Mukoko D., Pedersen E.M., Rwegoshora R.T., Meyrowitsch D.W, Jaoko W.G., (2001)Transmission intensity and immunoepidemiology of bancroftian filariasis in East Africa. Parasite Immunology No 23. Pp 373-388

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Paul E. Simonsen, Stephen M. Magesa, Samuel K. Dunyo, Mwele N. Malecela-Lazaro, Edwin Michael (2004) The effect of single dose ivermectin alone or in combination with albendazole on Wuchereria bancrofti infection in primary school children in Tanzania. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 98,462-472

Simonsen,P.E., Meyerowistch D.W., Mukoko,D., Rwegoshora,R.T., Pedersen,E.M., Malecela Lazaro M.N., Jaoko W.G., and Michael E.(2005) The effect of eight half-yearly single-doses treatments with DEC on Wuchereria bancrofti circulating antigenaemia. Transactions 99,541-547

SADC essay writing competition for Secondary Schools 2015

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat has organized the SADC students essay writing competition for the year 2015. The essay writing competition is intended to broaden knowledge of the secondary school going population on SADC activities. The competition is open to all students from Form 1 to Form 6. The students are required to begin researching on the topic prior writing and submitting the same to their Heads of School. 

The 34th SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government deliberated and agreed that the topic for the year 2015 be: "Leveraging the Region's Diverse Resources for Sustainable Economic and Social Development through Beneficiation and Value Addition". Discuss how this would result in Sustainable Economic Development.

The following set of questions below are meant to guide students when responding to the question above. Thus, on answering the question, students should answer all the questions listed below as follows: 

  1. Discuss the abundant natural resources versus economic development in the SADC Region as a whole expounding the issues of ownership, monetary values and benefits accrued from them on annual basis over the past five years? 
  2. Has the SADC Region ultimately benefited from its abundance of natural resources since the complete democratization with the fall of the Apartheid regime in South Africa in 1994?
  3. Discuss the Beneficiation and Value Addition with concrete proposals for SADC Region on ownership and processing of mineral/natural resources and how they benefited SADC citizens if at all and what can be improved to maximize benefits to the SADC citizenry?
  4. How should the SADC Region go about implementing the 34th Summit Theme in order for it to benefit the whole region including some of its Member States that might not have as much natural resources as the others?
  5. What role should be played in the operationalization of the 34th Summit Theme by non-state actors in the SADC Region, thus, private sector, Non Governmental Organizations, Traditional Authorities and Local Communities?
  6. As a secondary school learner, what do you think should be the education sector's role in the operationalization of the 34th Summit Theme to benefit the education sector in the whole region? 
Heads of schools are supposed to ensure that the students adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. The essay should not be longer than 2000 words and not shorter than 1000 words.
  2. Where students have access to computers, they are advised to type their essays and submit both the soft and hard copies.
  3. Students who will type their essays will have to sign and initial the hard copies to make sure that they have not altered.
  4. The essay shall be written in English language.
  5. The front or cover page will display the name, sex, class, school address and stamp, Headmistress/Headmaster's email address, signature, phone number, region and country.
  6. The title of the essay should be written on the cover page and students should not paraphrase the title.
  7. The Handwritten essays will be written on one side of the A4 paper with double margin of two centimeters.

Students are expected to begin writing immediately and submit their essays to their Head of school. The Head of school will then be expected to constitute a marking panel which will choose best essays of the school. The panel should go though the essays without marking them and choose three essays to be submitted to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training not later than 15th April, 2015. The National Adjudication will take place from 2nd - 11th May, 2015 in order to get three entries which will be submitted to the SADC Secretariat in Gaborone, Botswana.
The same information can be found at on these websites: www.sadc.int; www.moe.go.tz; and www.pmolarg.go.tz

*** Wishing you and your schools best wishes ***

Wafanyakazi Vodacom watembelea wagonjwa CCBRT

Mmoja wa kinamama anayetibiwa Fistula katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam, akipokea zawadi ya matunda kutoka kwa mfanyakazi wa kampuni ya simu ya Vodacom kitengo cha Mawasiliano na Uhusiano wa Umma, Glory Mtui (kulia) wakati wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipotembelea wagonjwa katika hospitali hiyo na kuwagawia matunda kama sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka.

Wakina mama na wanaotibiwa katika Hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo Msasani jijini Dar es Salaam,wametembelewa na baadhi ya wafanyakazi wa Kampuni ya mawasiliano ya Vodacom na kupatiwa msaada wa vyakula mbogamboga na matunda kwa wagonjwa wenye mahitaji ambao wanatibiwa katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam.

Msaada huo umekabidhiwa leo kwa uongozi wa hospitali hiyo ambapo pia wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipata fursa ya kuwatembelea wagonjwa waliolazwa na kuwafariji ikiwemo kuwagawia matunda,na zawadi mbalimbali.

Meneja wa Ruzuku na Mawasiliano wa Vodacom Foundation Renatus Rwehikiza amesema kampuni ya Vodacom kupitia taasisi yake ya Vodacom Foundation mwaka huu katika kuelekea katika sikukuu ya Krismas na mwaka mpya imeona ni muhimu kuwakumbuka wagonjwa ambao wamelazwa hospitalini ili kuwasaidia nao wapate faraja na kujisikia kama sehemu ya jamii.

“Tunajua kuwa kuna makundi mengi ya wahitaji katika jamii hivyo tumeona safari hii tuangalie kundi la wagonjwa waliolazwa hospitalini ambao wana mahitaji makubwa ili waweze kupona maradhi yanayowasumbua waweze kuendelea na maisha yao ya kawaida na siku kusaidia makundi ya wahitaji kwenye jamii ’’.Alisema Bi Verma.

Alisema safari hii badala ya kutoa vifaa kwa hospitali wamelengwa wagonjwa ambapo wamepatiwa vyakula,matunda va vyakula vya lishe ili kuwawezesha kupata lishe bora inayohitajika katika miili yao katika kipindi hiki kigumi kwao wanapoendelea kupata matibabu ili kurejesha afya zao kama zilivyokuwa hapo awali.

Muuguzi na Mshauri katika wodi ya akina mama wanaotibiwa Fistula hospitalini hapo,Bi Theodora Millinga, aliishukuru Vodacom kwa kuwakumbuka wagonjwa na alisema kuwa ana imani walengwa wa msaada huu wamepata faraja kubwa kwa kupatiwa msaada huu wa lishe ambao ni wa muhimu katika kipindi cha matibabu.

“Tunashukuru kwa kufika kuwafariji wagonjwa hawa na natoa wito kwa akina mama wenye ugonjwa huu wa Fistula wajitokeze kupata matibabu pia jamii ielewe kuwa huu ni ugonjwa kama yalivyo magonjwa mengine na iache kuwanyanyapaa waathirika”.Alisisitiza.

Baadhi ya wagonjwa waliolazwa CCRBT walishukuru kampuni ya Vodacom na wafanyakazi wake kwa kufika kuwafariji na kuwapatia msaada wa vyakula vya lishe.

Vodacom kupitia taasisi yake ya Vodacom Foundation imekuwa ikitoa misaada mbalimbali ya kuleta mabadiliko kwenye jamii hususan katika sekta ya elimu na Afya bila kusahau makundi yenye mahitaji maalumu kwenye jamii

Baadhi ya wagonjwa waliolazwa CCBRT walishukuru kampuni ya Vodacom naa wafanyakazi wake kwa kufika kuwafariji na kuwapatia msaada wa vyakula vya lishe.

Vodacom kupitia taasisi yake ya Vodacom Foundation imekuwa ikitoa misaada mbalimbali ya kuleta mabadiliko kwenye jamii hususan katika sekta ya elimu na Afya bila kusahau makundi yenye mahitaji maalumu kwenye jamii.

Mtoto Raphael Barnaba (4) kutoka mkoani Mbeya anayetibiwa miguu katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam, akipokea kwa furaha zawadi ya matunda kutoka kwa mfanyakazi wa kampuni ya simu ya Vodacom kitengo cha Rasilimali Watu, Alice Lewis (katikati) wakati wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipotembelea wagonjwa katika hospitali hiyo na kuwagawia matunda kama sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka. Akitazama ni mama wa mtoto huyo (wa kwanza kushoto).

Meneja biashara wa kitengo cha Mawasiliano na Uhusiano wa Umma wa Vodacom Tanzania,Grace Lyon(kushoto)akimuongelesha jambo Mtoto Elisha Lazaro(5) kutoka mkoani Mbeya anayetibiwa miguu katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam, wakati wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipotembelea wagonjwa katika hospitali hiyo na kuwagawia matunda kama sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka.

Mfanyakazi wa Vodacom Tanzania Neema Kisanga akiwapatia zawadi za matunda wakina mama wanaotibiwa Fistula katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam ikiwa ni sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka.

Meneja wa Ruzuku na Mawasiliano wa Vodacom Foundation Renatus Rwehikiza(kushoto)akimkabidhi zawadi ya matunda Joyce Mwenda anaetibiwa Fistula katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam,wakati wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipotembelea wagonjwa katika hospitali hiyo na kuwagawia matunda kama sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka na katikati ni Aisha Shabani.

Mfanyakazi wa Vodacom Tanzania Protas Ruwanda(kushoto) akimkabidhi zawadi ya matunda Hawa Othmani anaetibiwa Fistula katika hospitali ya CCBRT iliyopo jijini Dar es Salaam,wakati wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipotembelea wagonjwa katika hospitali hiyo na kuwagawia matunda kama sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka na katikati ni Joyce Mwenda.

Baadhi ya wafanyakazi wa Vodacom Tanzania wakiwasili katika hospitali ya CCBRT walipotembelea wagonjwa katika hospitali hiyo na kuwagawia matunda kama sehemu ya kampeni ya Pamoja na Vodacom chini ya Vodacom Foundation wakati wa kipindi hiki cha sikukuu za mwisho wa mwaka.

Mwanamke kubadili tairi la gari haiwezekani?

A lady motorist unscrews nuts to change an inflated tyre in her saloon car opposite the TAZARA bus stage located along Nyerere Road in Dar es Salaam., Tanzania.

photo: Mohamed Mambo/DAILY NEWS

Flora Mbasha awasilisha mahakamaini dai la talaka na maombi kuhusu mtoto, mali

BBC Swahili -- Mwimbaji maarufu wa nyimbo za injili nchini Tanzania,Flora Mbasha, amekwenda katika mahakama ya hakimu Mkazi Kisutu jijini Dar-es-Salaam, akiomba kuvunjwa kwa ndoa yake na mumewe Emanuel Mbasha.

Flora amefungua kesi ya madai namba 64 ya mwaka huu kesi ambayo inasikilizwa na hakimu mkazi, Devota Kisoka.

Flora anadai kuomba kuvunja ndoa hiyo na apewe talaka ni kutokana na tabia ya mumewe kumpiga, kumnyanyasa na kushindwa kumpatia matibabu. Katika hati hiyo ya madai, anaendelea kudai kwamba mgogoro wao waliwahi kuufikisha kwa ustawi wa jamii kwa ajili ya upatanishi lakini ilishindikana wakashauriwa walifikishe suala lao mahakamani.

Flora anaiomba mahakama itoe talaka, iamuru aendelee kukaa na mtoto, matunzo ya mtoto yatoke kwa Mbasha na wagawane mali walizochuma pamoja.

Rais Kikwete atunukiwa PhD ya Nelson Mandela AIST

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ambae pia ni Mkuu wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela Mhe. Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akimtunuku shahada ya heshima ya Uzamivu PhD Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. Profesa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete kwa kutambua mchango wake katika Jamii, kitaifa na kimataifa pamoja na kufanikisha kuanzishwa kwa Taasisi hiyo kwenye Mahafali ya pili iliyofanyika jijini Arusha.

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ambaye pia ni Mkuu wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela Mhe. Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akimtunuku shahada ya PhD ya Sayansi Uhandisi na Hesabu Bw. James Philip kwenye Mahafali ya pili ya Taasisi hiyo iliyofanyika jijini Arusha.

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ambae pia ni Mkuu wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela Mhe. Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akihutubia kwenye Mahafali ya 2 ya Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela iliyofanyika jijini Arusha.

Sehemu ya wahitimu wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela.

Wahadhiri katika Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela.

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanmzania ambae pia ni Mkuu wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela Mhe. Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akiwa katika maandamano na viongozi wa Taasisi hiyo pamoja na wahitimu, wakati wa Mahafali ya 2 ya Taasisi hiyo yaliyofanyika jijini Arusha.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete na Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ambae pia ni Mkuu wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela Mhe. Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal na wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na wahitimu wa Shahada ya Uzamili na Uzamifu kwenye Mahafali ya 2 ya Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela iliyofanyika jijini Arusha.

Picha na Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais (OMR)

Maoni ya Baraza juu ya ombi la TPDC la kuidhinishiwa bei ya kusindika na kusafirisha gesi asilia


Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti wa Taftishi,
Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya EWURA,
Waheshimiwa Wajumbe wa Bodi na Menejimenti ya EWURA,
Waheshimiwa Wajumbe wa Baraza la Ushauri la Serikali (GCC),
Waheshimiwa Wajumbe wa Bodi na Menejimenti ya TPDC,
Waheshimiwa Washiriki wa Taftishi,
Mabibi na Mabwana,

Baraza la Ushauri la Watumiaji wa huduma za Maji na Nishati (EWURA CCC) lilianzishwa chini
ya kifungu namba 30 cha Sheria ya Mamlaka ya Udhibiti wa Huduma za Maji na Nishati
(EWURA Act), Sura ya 414. Madhumuni ya Baraza ni kutetea na kulinda maslahi ya watumiaji
wa huduma zinazodhibitiwa na EWURA ambazo ni Majisafi & Majitaka, Umeme, Petroli na Gesi

Kufuatia ombi la TPDC la kutaka kuidhinishiwa bei ya kusindika na kusafirisha gesi asilia,
Baraza limechambua kwa kina ombi hilo na yafuatayo ni maoni yake:-

1. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Makadirio ya gharama za mradi na ambazo zimetumia  kukokotoa bei (tariff) zimekuzwa kwa sababu ambazo hazikuwekwa wazi na TPDC. Hata hivyo ni wazi kwamba gharama kubwa za uendeshaji, utekelezaji n.k. zinachangia bei ya gesi kwa watumiaji kuwa kubwa. Kwa mfano, baadhi ya gharama hizo kwa Makao Makuupeke yake (kwa mujibu wa wasilisho la TPDC) ni kama ifuatavyo:

i) Huduma za kisheria Sh. 600 milioni,
ii) Bima za magari (ya makao makuu) Sh. 300 milioni,
iii) Matangazo, magazeti Sh. 150 milioni,
iv) Gharama za kukirimu wajumbe wa Bodi ya Menejimenti (hospitality) Sh. 406 milioni,
v) Mikutano ya Bodi Sh. 700 milioni,
vi) Mikutano ya Kamati za Bodi Sh. 600 milioni,
vii) Gharama za Bodi ya Manunuzi (Tender Board meetings) Sh. 600 milioni,
viii) Gharama za michakato ya kuajiri (recruitment cost) Sh. 400 milioni,
ix) Kuegesha magari (Car park) makao makuu Sh. 300 milioni,
x) Gharama ya huduma za vyakula (cartering services makao makuu) Sh. 2 bilioni,
xi) Zawadi, mahusiano (donation, gifts/public relations) Sh. 3 bilioni,
xii) Gharama za kuomba tariff EWURA Sh. 270 milioni,
xiii) “Public Relations and Promotions” Sh. 625 milioni.
xiv) Rambi rambi na maziko ya watumishi, familia (staff welfare) Sh. 300 milioni, n.k.

Kwa vyovyote vile gharama hizi ni kubwa kupita maelezo (unrealistic) na Baraza linachukua
fursa hii kuiomba EWURA (mdhibiti) kuzipitia na kuzihakiki ili kuepuka kuingiza gharama
zenye utata kwenye “tariff”.

2. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Gharama nyingine zinazozua maswali mengi kuliko majibu na
ambazo zimeingizwa kwenye “tariff” ni za mafunzo (training) kwa Watumishi. Kwa mfano,
baadhi ya gharama hizo (kwa watumishi wa Makao Makuu) ni kama ifuatavyo:

a) Mafunzo ya muda mrefu nje ya nchi kwa mwaka kwa wafanyakazi 10 ni Sh. 1,620,000,000, sawa na Sh. 162 milioni kwa kila mtumishi,

b) Mafunzo ya muda mfupi nje ya nchi kwa wafanyakazi 10 Sh. 576 milioni, sawa na Sh. 57.6 kwa mtumishi mmoja,

c) Mafunzo ya muda mrefu (ndani ya nchi) kwa wafanyakazi 30 Sh. 1,728,000,000, sawa na Sh. 57.6 milioni kwa mtumishi,

d) Mafunzo ya muda ya mfupi, wiki 2 (ndani ya nchi) kwa wafanyakazi 30 Sh. 810,000,000, sawa na Sh. 27 milioni kwa mtumishi mmoja.

Kwa jumla gharama hizi ni kubwa, zinatia shaka na zinahitaji uhakiki wa Mdhibiti (EWURA) ili kuepuka kuingiza gharama “hewa” kwenye tariff.

3. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Eneo jingine lenye utata kwenye ombi hili la bei ni mishahara iliyopendekezwa. Mishahara inayopendekezwa ni mikubwa. Utetezi wa TPDC kuwa viwango hivyo vya mishahara ni kwa mujibu wa soko la ajira kwenye sekta za mafuta na gesi haujitoshelezi kwa sababu hauelezi soko hilo ni kwa nchi zipi. Kwa mfano mishahara inayopendekezwa ni kama inavyoonyeshwa kwenye jedwali:-

Mbali na mishahara hiyo mikubwa, watumishi watapata stahiki nyingine kama bonasi,
“mileage”, bima ya maisha (life insurance), posho ya nyumba, huduma zingine k.m kulipiwa 
bili za maji, umeme, simu (utilities) n.k.

Ingawa Baraza halipingi watumishi kulipwa vizuri, ni lazima ulipaji huo uwe na uhalisia (realistic) na uzingatie hali ya uchumi wa nchi yetu na ukweli kuwa kwa kuingiza kwenye tariff, mzigo wa mishahara watabebeshwa watumiaji.

4. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; pamoja na kwamba siyo lazima kwa mikataba (kama ya kwenye sekta ya gesi na mafuta) kuwa wazi (accessible) kwa kila atakaye, bado kuna haja ya sekta kuendeshwa kwa uwazi (transparent) zaidi ili kuongeza uwajibikaji na ufanisi. Uwazi na ukweli ni muhimu kwa sababu mikopo na gharama zake pamoja na masharti mengine ya mikataba hubebwa na Mtumiaji mwisho wa siku (kupitia tariff). Kwa mfano:

i) Ukurasa wa 11 wa wasilisho la TPDC kuna mchanganuo wa mtaji wa mradi (capital costs) wa EPC. Kwenye mchanganuo huu, kuna mkopo ambao umegawanyika kwenye... (commitment fee US $ 3.642, management fee US $ 9.190 milion, Interest accrued US $ 12.25 million n.k.) Inaelezwa pia kuwa TPDC imechangia mtaji wa EPC kwa 5% zilizoelekezwa, pamoja na maeneo mengine, 
kulipa fidia ili kupisha ujenzi wa mitambo na bomba Sh. 30 bilioni.

ii) Ukurasa wa 21 wa wasilisho kipengele (k) kinaeleza kuwa TPDC imezingatia mikataba yote kwenye ukokotoaji wa tariff inayoombwa. Baraza linaona kwamba, Mdhibiti (EWURA) hapaswi kuidhinisha bei (tariff) kama hataweza kuhakiki taarifa zilizowasilishwa na mwombaji. Hii inamaanisha kuwa hata kama mikataba inayotajwa haiwezi kuwekwa wazi kwa kila mtu, ni lazima angalau Mdhibiti aweze kuiona.

5. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Baraza lina wasiwasi kuhusu makadirio ya gesi itakayozalishwa, kusafirishwa na kusambazwa/kuuzwa. Makadirio hayo yamejengwa kwenye “assumptions” ambazo ndiyo msingi wa ukokotoaji wa bei inayoombwa. Kwa mfano, ukurasa wa 23 wa wasilisho aya ya 3 imeelezwa kuwa, ili kukidhi mahitaji ya gesi kuzalisha umeme, kiasi cha 435 mmscfd kitazalishwa ili kuzalisha 2,175 MW za umeme.

Wasiwasi wa Baraza umejengeka juu ya dhana zifuatazo:-

a) Utayari wa miundombinu hasa (Songo songo) na upatikanaji wa gesi kukidhi mahitaji ya mitambo miwili (2 trains) za 70mmscfd kila moja na baadaye kuingizwa kwenye bomba la nchi 24 mpaka Somanga Fungo.

b) Utayari na uwepo wa miundombinu ya kuzalisha umeme 2,175 MW kwa matumizi ya ndani ya nchi na kuuza ziada nje (export) kwa kipindi hiki cha “tariff.” Hoja ya Baraza hapa ni wasiwasi juu ya matarajio makubwa (over-expectations) ambayo hayawezi kufikiwa kwa muda mfupi ujao (kuanzia Januari, 2015).

6. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Baraza linaiomba EWURA ifanye ulinganisho (benchmarking) ya bei ya gesi ya Songas na hii inayoombwa na TPDC. Kwenye hili, EWURA inaweza kukokotoa wasitani wa bei (weighted average tariff) ya Songas na kuilinganisha na hii inayoombwa na TPDC. Mbali na kulinganisga na bei ya Songas, EWURA pia ipate bei kutoka nchi nyingine kama Msumbiji. Hii itaijengea EWURA mazingira ya kufanya maamuzi bora zaidi ya kuidhinisha bei kwa TPDC.

7. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Ukurasa wa 9 wa wasilisho, TPDC inaonyesha muda uliopangwa kutumika katika utekelezaji wa majukumu mbalimbali kama vile muda wa kufanya matengenezo, kununua na kuuza gesi nk. Katika hili, TPDC imeweka “Standard deviation” ya 10%. Baraza linaona kuna haja ya EWURA kutafiti kwa kufanya ulinganisho na nchi nyingine kama Msumbiji kuona kama “Standard deviation” ya 10% inakubalika. Ulinganisho (benchmarking) ni muhimu ili kufanya maamuzi sahihi na kupata ufanisi kwenye sekta hii.

8. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Katika wasilisho la TPDC, kuna mkanganyiko wa namna ukokotoaji ulivyofanyika. Kwa mfano ukurasa wa 8 jedwali Na. 3 linaonyesha makadirio ya mapato ya kila mwaka (projected annual revenuea) kuanzia mwaka 2015 hadi 2017. Katika kukokotoa takwimu hizo, TPDC imetumia USCPI ya 5.132% kwa miaka yote mitatu badala ya kutumia USCPI ambayo inaelezwa kwenye ukurasa wa 13 kuwa, takwimu za makadirio hayo zimepatikana kwa kutumia USCPI ya 2.5%. Kama TPDC ingekuwa imetumia USCPI ya 2.5%, makadirio ya mapato kwa mwaka 2016 yangekuwa ni $ 659.07 milioni badala ya $ 676 milioni na kwa mwaka 2017 yangekuwa $ 675.55 badala ya $ 727 milioni. Baraza linaishauri EWURA kupitia upya takwimu zilizowasilishwa katika maombi ya TPDC ili kujiridhisha na usahihi wake.

9. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Ukurasa wa 14 wa wasilisho la TPDC kuna taarifa juu ya tafiti za upembuzi yakinifu (feasibility studies) zilizofanywa mwaka 2009 na RakGas na 2012 iliyofanywa na KIMPHL, tafiti ambazo zilichambua mahitaji ya umeme. Kutokana na umuhimu wa taarifa za uchambuzi yakinifu, Baraza linashauri kuwa EWURA ipatiwe (ipate) taarifa kwa kina kuhusu tafiti hizi ili ijiridhishe kama mazingira na “assumptions” zilizotumika zinafaa kutumika kwenye ombi hili la TPDC.

Pia ukurasa wa 15 wa wasilisho kipengele (g) kuna taarifa ya makadirio ya fedha inayoonyesha umri wa mradi (project life time) ni miaka 20. Baraza linaona kuwa “life time” ya miaka 20 ni muda mfupi na hii inafanya gharama ya mradi iwe kubwa. Baraza linaiomba EWURA ifuatilie ili kujiridhisha na ukweli wa umri halisi wa mradi kama huu.

10. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Ukurasa wa 17 wa wasilisho la TPDC kuna taarifa inayohusu 
uchambuzi (sensitivity analysis) ambapo imeelezwa kuwa uchambuzi huu unaweza 
kufanyika kati ya “range” ya 18% - 22.52%. Katika ukokotoaji wa bei, TPDC imetumia 
22.52% ambayo imepelekea kupata tariff inayoombwa ya US $ 4.316/mmBTU. Hoja iliyopo 
hapa ni kuwa kwanini TPDC haikutumia 18% kwenye ukokotoaji wake na badala yake 
ikaamua kutumia “range” 22.52% ambayo ni ya juu zaidi.

11. Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Ukurasa wa 25 wa wasilisho la TPDC (n) ni taarifa ya MoU ambapo TPDC inadai kuwa kipengele hiki hakikustahili kuwasilishwa sambamba na ombi hili la bei. . Baraza linaona kipengele hiki ni muhimu kwa kuwa TPDC ina kampuni tanzu mbili (2) ambapo MoU ingeonyesha mahusiano ya hizi kampuni na TPDC, vigezo vya kiutendaji na utekelezaji wa majukumu, kazi ya kila kampuni, n.k. Kwa kifupi, MoU kati ya TPDC na kampuni tanzu ilitakiwa iwasilishwe sambamba na ombi hili.

Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti; Ni matarajio yetu kuwa Bodi ya EWURA itazingatia maoni haya itakapofanya uamuzi kuhusiana na ombi hili la TPDC. 



Taarifa ya Ikulu ya uteuzi wa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TPDC

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Mheshimiwa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, amemteua Dkt. James P. MATARAGIO kuwa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Shirika la Maendeleo ya Petroli Tanzania (TPDC).

Kulingana na, Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi (KMK), Balozi Ombeni Sefue uteuzi huo ulianza tarehe 15 Desemba, 2014. Dkt. James P. MATARAGIO ni Mtanzania ambaye hivi sasa anaishi na kufanya kazi nchini Marekani akiwa Senior Geoscientist wa Kampuni ya Bell Geospace, Houston, Marekani.

Wasifu wake ni kama ifuatavyo:-

  • Masters in Business Development (MBA), Chuo Kikuu cha Charlotte, North Carolina, Marekani (2008)
  • PhD (Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Structural Geology and Petroleum Geology), Chuo Kikuu cha Missouri – Rolla, Missouri, Marekani (2005)
  • MSc (Geochemistry and Petrology), Chuo Kikuu cha Okinawa, Japan (1997)
  • BSc(Hons) (Geology), Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam, 1994

  • Mwaka 2004 – hadi sasa, Senior Geoscientist, Bell Geospace Inc, Houston, Texas, USA
  • 2001 – 2004, Mhadhiri Msaidizi, Chuo Kikuu cha Missouri, wakati akisoma Shahada ya Uzamivu
  • 2000 – 2001, Mhadhiri Msaidizi, Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam.
  • 1999 – 2000, Meneja Mradi, Anglo Gold (Buzwagi)
  • 1994 – 1999 -, Exploration Geologist, Anglo America Corporation.

Miongoni mwa makampuni makubwa ya kimataifa ya mafuta na gesi aliyofanya nayo kazi kwa niaba ya mwajiri wake Bell Geospace ni pamoja na Petrobras (Brazil); BP; Anadarko; Tullow; Pemex (Mexico); ANP (Brazil), Ecopetrol (Colombia); Petronas, (Malaysia) na Vale Rio Doce.

Aidha, Dkt. James P. MATARAGIO ni mmoja wa wataalam wa sekta ya madini, mafuta na gesi asilia waishio Marekani (Diaspora) ambao walijitolea kuishauri Serikali kuhusu sekta hiyo bila malipo.

Kwa kuzingatia elimu yake, uzoefu wake na uzalendo wake, Rais ana matumiani makubwa kuwa Dkt. James P. MATARAGIO ataleta nguvu mpya na uzoefu mkubwa wa kimataifa katika kuiongoza TPDC ili iwe kampuni kubwa ya kitaifa ya mafuta na gesi asilia kama yalivyo makampuni mengine ya kitaifa ya mafuta na gesi asilia duniani.

Imetolewa na:

Kurugenzi ya Mawasiliano ya Rais,
Dar es Salaam.

18 Desemba, 2014

Ikulu's hand in the IPTL scandal

Last week the State House released a statement saying President Jakaya Kikwete would deal with the Tegeta Escrow Account issue this week. The statement came out as concerns mount on the State House’s silence on the matter.

Last month the Parliament approved resolutions that wanted President Kikwete to rescind the appointments of cabinet ministers and senior government officials implicated in the scandal.

In the wake of the Parliamentary resolutions Chief Secretary Ombeni Sefue said President Kikwete will only take action after launching fresh investigations on the issue.

The statement was challenged by activists and political analysts who wanted the President to act categorically against those who are implicated because the CAG has already conducted a thorough investigation. The following day, the State House released a statement saying that the President will give his stand on the Tegeta escrow account scam next week (this week).

It was explained that the Head of State had already received the CAG report, Parliament resolutions and other documents on the controversial cash withdraw.

The same week, the minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Bernard Membe assured donors that he would not spare any official who will be found guilty in the scandal.

Mr Membe was speaking before the management team of development partners led by Finnish Ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Sinikka Antila. He said whoever is implicated in the issue will not be spared.

Politicians, activists and political analysts who spoke to Political Platform argue that there is dilly-dallying in dealing with the matter. They said Ikulu’s response on the matter raises alarm that some of its officials could be either directly or indirectly part of the business.

The opposition Chief Whip and Chadema lawyer, Mr Tundu Lissu said in his debate in Parliament that a State House official, Mr Prosper Mbena wrote a letter to reinforce the decision to withdraw the Sh306 billion escrow funds from the Bank of Tanzania.

Mr Mbena who works as a secretary to the President reportedly wrote the letter last year directing the ministry of Finance to release the funds as advised by the Attorney General.

Kigoma South MP, Mr David Kafulila (NCCR-Mageuzi) told Political Platform that there were many signs that show that Ikulu could be entangled in the scandal either by omission or commission. He said most of the letters, which advised for the release of the money, were copied to the Chief Secretary.

He added that the transaction of Sh306 billion was very huge and that the matter was supposed to be discussed in the cabinet but nothing was discussed and instead the cash was withdrawn. “ It is obvious that the Chief Secretary was aware of the matter as almost all letters were copied to him, and still no one stopped the withdrawal of the cash,” he said.

According to Mr Kafulila, another factor that increases worries on the involvement of Ikulu in the scandal is the hiding of names of officials who received money through Stanbic bank account.

“We know the names of those who received money from Mkombozi bank account, but so far the government is silent on names of those who received money through Stanbic account. It is most likely that the list include big names in the government,” said Mr Kafulila.

He added that the accused ministers and other officials were reluctant to step down because they know officials much more senior than them are implicated. It is like they are daring the President or the Prime Minister to move on them, he noted.

The Shadow minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr John Mnyika said that Ikulu has a hand in the scandal because it received letters on the matter through the Chief Secretary.

“My debate in Parliament was based on this ground, that Ikulu was also a part of this business and I wanted Mr Sefue to face disciplinary actions, as well, for being weak in stopping this scam,” he said.

Also the State House is silent on the officials who received cash through Stanbic bank account.

“We have been told that there are officials who received money through Stanbic bank account, but so far no one is ready to mention their names- are these ghosts, this is another weakness shown by Ikulu,” said Mr Mnyika adding “Moreover, IPTL was registered in the country in the 1990s, President Kikwete has been in leadership since then. Thus calling for investigation on the matter is another problem. Ikulu cannot investigate itself, the best thing the Head of State could do is to sack the accused officials.”

“It’s obvious that Prof Muhongo and Mr Maswi’s presence in office could destroy evidences against them, thus it will be difficult for Ikulu to get tangible evidence under such circumstances,” said Mr Mnyika.

Mr Mnyika who is also Ubungo MP (CHADEMA) added that the State House was supposed to release the PCCB report on the scam before calling for another investigation on the same matter. The PCCB report was set to be handed to the President on December 10, 2014.

He said: “Ikulu’s hesitation to take measures raise alarm on who is who in this scandal,”.

The executive director for Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) Dr Hellen Kijo-Bisimba said the assurance by Membe to development partners should have begun by the government suspending all those who are implicated and then the investigation proceeds.

“How can you investigate a person while still in office. She or he can tamper with evidence,” she said.

Tume ya mipango yatembelea bandari Bukoba

Madhari ya gati la Bandari ya Bukoba.

Timu ya Ukaguzi wa Miradi ya Maendeleo kutoka Ofisi ya Rais, Tume ya Mipango wakiwasili kwenye Bandari ya Bukoba, walipofika kujionea bandari hiyo kongwe iliyopo kwenye fukwe za Ziwa Victoria, mkoani Kagera. Waliotangulia mbele ni Kiongozi wa Timu ya Ukaguzi wa Miradi ya Maendeleo kutoka Ofisi ya Rais, Tume ya Mipango, Bibi Florence Mwanri (Wapili kulia). Wengine ni baadhi ya wajumbe wa msafara huo kutoka kushoto ni Bw. Omary Abdallah, Bibi Zena Hussein (wa pili kushoto) na Bw. Julius Edward (kulia).

Wajumbe wa Timu ya Ukaguzi wa Miradi ya Maendeleo kutoka Ofisi ya Rais, Tume ya Mipango wakiwa kwenye ngazi za kupandia kwenye meli zinazotia nanga kwenye Bandari ya Bukoba.

Wajumbe wa Timu ya Ukaguzi wa Miradi ya Maendeleo kutoka Ofisi ya Rais, Tume ya Mipango wakiwa kwenye Ofisi za Bandari ya Bukoba. Jengo la Ofisi hiyo limejengwa takriban miaka 70 iliyopita.

Sehemu ya kupumzikia abiria ya Bandari ya Bukoba.

Wajumbe wa Timu ya Ukaguzi wa Miradi ya Maendeleo kutoka Ofisi ya Rais, Tume ya Mipango wakiwa kwenye moja ya maghala ya kuhifadhia mizigo kwenye Bandari ya Bukoba.

Habari picha: Said A. Mkabakuli

[video] Prof. Tibajuka akanusha taarifa za "kuachia ngazi"

Prof. Tibajuka akizungumza katika ukumbi wa mikutano kwenye hoteli ya Hyatt Regency, Jijini Dar es salaam leo.

WAZIRI wa Ardhi, Nyumba na Makazi, Profesa Anna Tibajuka amekanusha taarifa zinasosambaa kuwa "ameachia ngazi" na kusema hawezi kujiuzulu Uwaziri kutokana kashfa ya fedha za akaunti ya Tegeta Escrow.

Akizungumza katika ukumbi wa Hoteli ya Hayyat Regency, Dar es Salaam, Prof. Tibaijuka alisema kuwa udalali wake fedha hiyo ni kwa ajili ya wanafunzi katika shule za Taasisi ya Johansson Girls Education Trust.

“Mimi Nijiuzulu kwa sababu gani? Yaani kwa sababu ya mafanikio ya kuwakomboa wanawake kwenye Elimu ndio mimi nijuzulu? Maana kujiuzulu kuna sababu, na hakuna sababu ya mimi kufanya hivyo na sitofanya hivyo kwani wanaodai mimi nijiuzulu ni wanafiki wenye nia mbaya na mimi, na mimi sijiuzulu ng’o na nikifanya wanavyotaka Rais atashangaa,” 
‘Nikijiuzulu hata Rais Jakaya Kikwete atanishangaa kwani fedha nilizopata ni za shule na kwa ajili kukomboa elimu nchini hasa kwa watoto wa kike kutokana na wazazi wengi kutoweza kumudu gharama za shule,’ 

alisema Prof Tibaijuka.

Alisema fedha hizo aliyoipata ni bilioni 1.66/= ambazo zilitoka katika kampuni ya James Rugemalira ni kwa ajili ya msaada wa shule za Taasisi ya Johansson Girls Education Trust.

Alisema kuwa fedha hiyo kuingia katika akauti yake binafsi ilitokana na masharti ya mtoa msaada ndugu James Rugemalira ambaye alitaka fedha hiyo iingie katika akauti ya Benki ya Mkombozi.

Alisema kuwa udalali wake ni kutafuta fedha kwa ajili ya elimu nchini ambapo, alidai hata Mwenyekiti wa Makampuni ya IPP, Reginard Mengi alitoa sh. milioni 248/= kwa ajili ya msaada wa shule hiyo.

“Leo natuhumiwa na kila mtu kwamba nimepewa pesa na Rugemalira kwamba ni za kifisadi, jamani tuwe wa kweli kuhusu madai haya maana nimepewa pesa na Rugemalira kwa ajili ya shule hizi na siyo huyo pekee alliyechangia kwani waliochangia pesa hizi ni watu wengi ikiwemo Rais wa Awamu ya Tatu, Benjamin Mkapa, Mfanyabiashara maarufu Reginald Mengi na wengine wengi, inakuwaje leo mchango wa Rugumarila kwa ajili ya elimu kwenye Shule hii ndiyo iwe nongwa?”
“Ukisema ni pesa alizonipa ni za ufisadi wa Escrow siyo kweli, kwani Bodi ya Shule ilimuomba Bwana Rugemalira pesa kwa kutumia kampuni yake ya Mabibo Wine na kipindi kile ndiyo alikuwa kiongozi, sasa hawa watu wanaodhani ni za ufisadi inakuwaje? Jamani tuwe wakweli”
“Taifa la Ujerumani liliteketea kwa uongo uliokuwa ukienezwa na Tanzania, ndiyo tunaelekea huko. Yaani magazeti yananituhumu mimi kwamba mimi ni mhusika wa Escrow, hivi haya magazeti yana nini jamani? Hivi kweli huyo ni mwandishi wa habari kweli? Na gazeti linaandika 'Escrow ya Tibaijuka', hivi msaada wangu wa kuwakomboa Wanawake kielimu ndio imekuwa haya jamani? Mbona hatuna hofu ya Mungu?”

alihoji Waziri huyo.

Tibaijuka alisema kuwa wananchi watambue kuwa yeye ni mstaafu wa Umoja wa Mataifa hivyo kama angeitaka fedha hiyo angeweza kuifuata huko shuleni na kuchukua.

Washindi bora wa ubunifu wa program za simu wapatikana

Mshindi wa shindano la kutafuta vipaji vya ugunduzi wa program za simu la AppyStar lililoandaliwa na Vodacom Tanzania Bw.Roman Mbwasi (kushoto) akimsikiliza jambo Meneja wa Uhusiano wa Nje wa Vodacom Tanzania Abigail Ambweni(kulia) alipotembelea makao makuu ya mtandao huo uliopo Mlimani City jijini Dares Salaam. Mshindi huyu amejinyakulia zawadi ya shilingi milioni 2 na atakwenda Bangalore nchini India kushiriki katika awamu ya pili ya shindano hili ngazi ya kimataifa litakalofanyika Januari 15,2014.

  • Ni kupitia shindano la AppStar linaloendeshwa na Vodacom
  • Mshindi wa kwanza kwenda India kushiriki katika ngazi ya kimataifa

Dar es Salaam,December 17,2014: Roman Mbwasi ameibuka mshindi wa kwanza katika shindano la kutafuta vipaji vya ugunduzi wa program za simu la AppyStar lililoandaliwa na kampuni ya mawasiliano ya Vodacom likiwa linawalenga wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu wanaosoma masomo ya Sayansi ya Teknolojia ya habari na Mawasiliano na watanzania wote.Wazo la program lililomfanya kuibuka mshindi linahusu upashanaji taarifa za barabarani kupitia mtandao wa simu.

Hii ni mara ya pili kwa Roman Mbwasi kushiriki na kuwa mshindi katika shindano hili mara ya kwanza ikiwa mwaka 2012 ambapo pia aliibuka kuwa mshindi wa kwanza.Kwa ushindi wa mwaka huu amejinyakulia zawadi ya shilingi milioni 2 na atakwenda Bangalore nchini India kushiriki katika awamu ya pili ya shindano hili ngazi ya kimataifa litakalofanyika Januari 15,2014.

Shindano la Appystar lililoandaliwa na Vodacom mbali na kuwalenga wanafunzi wa vyuo ambao walishiriki kwa wingi pia lilikuwa wazi kwa watanzania wote wenye mawazo ya ubunifu wa programu za simu zinazoweza kurahishisha maisha na walitakiwa kuwasilisha kazi zao kwa kutumia program mbalimbali za kompyuta kama vile Android, Windows, IOS, na Sumbian

Nafurahi sana kuibuka tena mshindi wa mwaka huu na ushindi huu umezidi kunitia moyo katika safari ya kutimiza ndoto yangu ya kuwa mbunifu wa program mbalimbali za kidigitali na nina imani wazo langu lina vigezo vya kushinda katika ngazi ya kimataifa,nashukuru Vodacom kwa kuandaa shindano hili lenye mwelekeo wa kuibua na kukuza vipaji nchini Tanzania”.Alisema Roman

Washiriki wa mwaka walipangwa katika makundi mawili moja likiwa la wenye makampuni na tayari wana mitandao na wale ambao ndio walikuwa wanaanza kabisa kutangaza ubunifu wao na washiriki walikuwa wanaruhusiwa kushiriki katika makundi yote mawili.

Washindi wengine ni Athumani Mahiza, George Machibya na Ilakoze Jumanne .Mshindi wa kwanza kwa kila aina ya kundi lililoshiriki mashindano haya atakwenda nchini India kushiriki mashindano katika ngazi ya kimataifa.

“Mwaka huu mashindano yamezidi kuwa bora na viwango vya mawazo ya ubunifu yaliyowasilishwa yamekuwa bora zaidi,mfano ni wazo la mshindi wa kwanza Roman ambaye mwaka juzi alishinda kwa wazo la michezo ya kwenye simu mwaka huu ameibuka na wazo la kuboresha taarifa za hali ya barabarani ambalo ni la kuleta mabadiliko makubwa kwenye jamii na hadi sasa program hiyo imeishapakuliwa na watumiaji wa simu zaidi ya 50,000”.Anasema Mkuu wa Internet za simu na huduma za ziada wa Vodacom, Saurabh Jaiswal

Meneja wa Uhusiano wa Nje wa Vodacom Tanzania Abigail Ambweni anasema:”Ubunifu huu haunufaishi wabunifu wa program bali pia watumiaji wa simu,tukiwa tunaongoza katika kutoa huduma za mawasiliano kwa njia ya teknolojia,Vodacom ina jukumu la kukuza sekta hii na kuibua vipaji vya matumizi ya teknolojia ili ziwepo program mbalimbali za kurahisisha maisha kwa watumiaji wa simu”.

Washindi wa mwaka huu watapewa zawadi zao Jumamosi ijayo katika hafla itakayofanyika katika ofisi za Vodacom,pia watagharamiwa safari ya kwenda kwenye awamu ya pili ya shindano nchini India ambapo mshindi atakayepatikana atashiriki katika Mkutano Mkuu wa Kimataifa wa Masuala ya Simu za mkononi utakaofanyika Barcelona nchini Hispania.

Tangu kuanza mashindano haya mwaka 2012 yametokea kuwavutia washiriki wengi kuutoka nchi mbalimbali.Mwaka huu mashindano haya yamekuwa na washiriki kutoka nchi za , Afrika ya Kusini,,Misri t, Kenya, Ghana na India.