Mapitio ya magazeti katika Tv mbalimbali Machi 29, 2015

PhD Position Human Geography at the University of Zurich


The Human Geography Division of the Department of Geography at the University of Zurich is offering a PhD position (60%) for a period of 4 years. The position can be started from May 2015, or later. The gross starting salary is CHF 47’000 p.a.


As successful applicant, you are responsible for developing and conducting the research agenda for a PhD project in the field of rural change either in Switzerland or in Nepal. Fo-­‐‑ cus of the research in Switzerland would be on challenges of the future of Engadina Bassa; in Nepal on the struggle for income options of landless people. Expertise in theory-­‐‑led empirical research with a focus on qualitative methods (semi-­‐‑structured interviews, par-­‐‑ ticipant observation) is a strong plus.

The successful applicant will be part of the Human Geography Division (further information and join a dynamic interna-­‐‑ tionally oriented team. We offer further training through a Graduate School, and the gain-­‐‑ ing of teaching experience in Bachelor and Master courses.


Please send a cover letter, a full curriculum vitae with the name of one referee, copies of relevant diplomas and a brief outline with first ideas about the envisaged PhD project (3 pages max.) in a single pdf file to [email protected]

Closing date: 15 April 2015

Eh, huyu refa na kadi zake za faulo, hii kali... ha ha haaa!

Tanzania to set up a diplomatic office in Seychelles

The outgoing High Commissioner of Tanzania to Seychelles, Dr Batilda S. Burian, has come to the end of her tenure, but has said she is keen on becoming an advocate for the blue economy concept as promoted by the Seychelles when she takes up her next post in Japan.

The Tanzanian diplomat, who will be the next ambassador of her country to Japan, said this at the end of her one and a half year mandate in the Indian Ocean island archipelago of 115 islands.

Dr Burian was speaking to journalists after she had paid a farewell call on the Seychelles President James Michel, at State House, in the archipelago’s capital of Victoria this morning, where they reviewed the existing cooperation between the two countries.

“We’ve talked about the blue economy and I’ve promised and have assured the president that on my new responsibility as ambassador of Tanzania to Tokyo, I will continue to advocate and bring awareness on the issue of blue economy for sustainability,” she said.

Burian also highlighted the areas where bilateral relations have been further developed during her mandate in spite of her being based in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as those expected in the foreseeable future.

“Without having an office here, we’ve been able to move in terms of our bilateral cooperation. Our ministries in charge of aviation were able to sign a memorandum of understanding which has enabled Air Seychelles to start its scheduled flights to Dar es Salaam twice a week. But we also have bilateral agreements that will soon be signed on exchange of prisoners as well as investment where the Seychelles Investment Bureau will cooperate with the Tanzania Investment Centre.”

The Seychelles national carrier started flying to Dar es Salaam in December last year, with both sides expressing hope that tourism and trade would be improved between the two countries.

The Seychelles Honorary Consul in Tanzania, Maryvonne Pool, who has lived in the eastern African nation for 31 years, said at the time that many entrepreneurs in Tanzania had shown interest in exporting various products, such as fresh seafood, to Seychelles.

In a press statement issued this afternoon, State House said President Michel thanked High Commissioner Burian for her valuable contribution to further enhance the bilateral relations between Seychelles and Tanzania, noting "the strong historical links" that exist between the two sides.

Seychelles and Tanzania established diplomatic ties in November 1986.

Burian has highlighted her country’s intention to have a permanent diplomatic mission in Seychelles by setting up an office for the Honorary Consul of Tanzania.

AMI Hospital files for bankruptcy in High Court in Tanzania


A SOUTH African Company operating AMI Hospital or Trauma Centre at Msasani area in Dar es Salaam, African Medical Investment Tanzania Public Limited, is bankrupt and has surrendered to the High Court to be wound-up.

In a petition filed last week before the High Court's Main Registry, the company alleges that it has been incurring losses in terms of billions to the extent of having several outstanding liabilities and debts which are now exceeding its ability to pay to different creditors.

"The petitioner (African Medical Investment Tanzania Public Limited) incurred a net loss of 1.146 million US dollars in the year ended February 28, 2013, while in the year ended February 28, 2014, the petitioner incurred a net loss of 775,000 US dollars," reads a section of the petition document.

It is stated that the company was also required to pay outstanding dues to institutes, notably the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and individuals as well as depositing with the courts substantial amount of money.

According to the petition, given the value of the assets of the company and the amount of money owed to it by creditors, there was no way it would be able to raise enough funds for paying them as well as meeting her obligations.

"The petitioner is anxious that unless winding up is done by the court for the purposes of protecting all creditors, there will be no fair and just repayment of the debts by using available assets, which might be taken by few creditors leaving others with nothing although are of same legal status," it is stated.

African Medical Investment Tanzania Public Limited alleges that the winding up order by the court would accordingly protect all categories of creditors and ensure that winding up is fairly, justly and equitably conducted.

The new action by the company is, however, described as an attempt to circumvent a resent Court of Appeal order for a deposit into court 3bn/-in favour of local businessman Navtej Singh Bains, following a tenancy agreement dispute in respect of a building where the company is conducting its business.

Justices Mbarouk Mbarouk, Salum Massati and Katherine Oriyo further directed the company to deposit into court a monthly rent to the tune of 64,000 US dollars, pending determination of an appeal it had lodged against the judgment issued by the High Court's Commercial Division on September 9, last year.

When reached for comment on the new development, advocate Dilip Kesaria for the businessmen said that he was not opposing the petition, though indeed his client would be affected if the High Court grants requests for winding up the company.

The local businessman built and designed the building for hospital business on Plot No. 589 Yatch Club Road, Coral Lane, Msasani Peninsular in Dar es Salaam under which the South African company, after settling in Tanzania to do business, agreed to rent the premises in question for the purpose.

It was alleged that the modality of payment of rent was that the first two years the South African company would pay 33,000 US dollars per month payable every six months in advance.

Then for the third year would pay 36,300 US dollars per month payable in 12 months in advance. Furthermore, it was agreed that the company would pay 39,930 US dollars per month for the fourth year payable in 12 months in advance. Before expiration of the said lease on December 31, 2012, the businessman made several attempts to have the lease renewed.

However, it is alleged that the company employed delaying tactics. The company paid the rent in piece meals in the fourth year contrary to the lease agreements and on two occasions, some of its cheques were dishonoured by its bankers.

Billion Dollar US-backed New Alliance forces Bagamoyo farmers off their land

Photo: ActionAid
Up to 1,300 people in the Tanzanian District of Bagamoyo are facing eviction for a sugarcane plantation, as part of a billion dollar U.S.-funded initiative called the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

The $8 billion initiative, announced by President Obama at the Camp David G8 summit in 2012, promised to inject much-needed money into rural communities in Africa. Yet, the nearly $2 billion of U.S. taxpayers' money committed by the Administration to the New Alliance is being used to fund large agribusiness projects, some of which force poor farmers off their land.

One of the first of these projects to break ground is by a Swedish-owned company, EcoEnergy, which is fronted by an investor nicknamed "Ethanol Jesus" by his country's tabloids.

The company is already facing a police investigation in Sweden, following news that its head bought the rights to the project in Tanzania from his former company SEKAB for the sum of 400 Swedish Crowns (approximately $50), despite three Swedish municipalities being reported to have invested millions of Crowns in support of the project.

ActionAid's research has found that families are being forced off their land in Bagamoyo following an inadequate consultation process conducted by EcoEnergy. Many of the people affected reported that they were not allowed to choose whether to leave their land, and that they were denied crucial information about the impact of the project on their ability to make a living off the land and feed their families.

Land in demand

The Bagamoyo project will cover 20,000 hectares -- an area of land bigger than Washington D.C.

EcoEnergy claims that its project will inject $45 million a year into the local economy, but ActionAid estimates that it may only generate a maximum of $11.5 million per year. With the plantation likely to produce sugar for ethanol, both the product and the profits are set to leave the country.

One of the ways that EcoEnergy says the project will benefit the communities is through on "outgrower" scheme in which farmers would grow sugarcane and supply the company at an agreed price. But this will bring huge risk for the farmers, who will need to take out loans equivalent to $16,000 per person, or 30 times the minimum annual agricultural salary in Tanzania.

The company estimates that it will take at least seven years for the farmers to pay back the loan and make a profit. But even then, they will face higher costs as the food that they used to grow themselves will have to be bought, and they will have to pay for housing for their families elsewhere.

With more than 20 large land projects already in the pipeline in Tanzania alone, land in Africa is in huge demand. The large amounts of public cash on offer mean that international companies such as the tax-dodging beer giant SABMiller and other big players like food conglomerate Cargill and Monsanto, are keen to get in on the action.

This spells trouble for Africa's smallholder farmers -- the very people that produce up to 80 percent of the continent's food. Rather than allowing these farmers to be pushed aside when a big investor comes calling, countries like Tanzania and big donors like the U.S., should be providing the support that these farmers need to ensure food security and sustainable growth for African economies.

President Obama has a history of supporting constructive international programs that can reach women smallholder farmers with critical investments -- including his flagship L'Aquila initiative, some of the Feed the Future programs and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, but he got it wrong with the New Alliance, and it needs to be scrapped.

It's time for the administration to end its support for the New Alliance and focus its funding on supporting smallholder farmers in Africa, rather than initiatives that take away their land and livelihoods.

Gwajima azimia akihojiwa Polisi na kuwahishwa hospitalini

ASKOFU wa Kanisa la Ufufuo na Uzima, Josephat Gwajima jana alizimia na kisha kukimbizwa hospitali wakati akihojiwa Kituo Kikuu cha Polisi Kanda Maalumu ya Dar es Salaam.
Gwajima ambaye alijisalimisha kituoni hapo saa 8:22 jana mchana akiitikia wito wa polisi uliomtaka kufika kutokana na tuhuma za kutoa lugha chafu dhidi ya Askofu Mkuu wa Kanisa Katoliki Jimbo Kuu la Dar es Salaam, Mwadhama Polycarp Kardinali Pengo.

Waandishi wa Mtanzania Jumamosi waliokuwa kituoni hapo wanaeleza kuwa walimuona Gwajima akitolewa kutoka katika chumba cha mahojiano akiwa amebebwa.

Kwa mujibu wa waandishi hao Gwajima ambaye alikuwa amebebwa na maofisa wa polisi alipelekwa moja kwa moja kwenye gari aina ya Noah kwa ajili ya kumpeleka hospitali.

Tukio hilo lililotokea majira ya saa 3:16 usiku lilikuja katika kipindi kisichozidi dakika saba tangu askofu huyo alipoonekana akiwa ameshikiliwa na wasaidizi wake kuelekea msalani huku yeye mwenyewe akiwa amejishika kichwa.

Wakati akipelekwa hospitali, msafara wake ulikuwa ni wa magari mawili mojawapo likiwa ni aina ya Toyota Land Cruiser lenye namba za usajili PT 1848 na Noah yenye namba za usajili T 215 BEM.
Akizungumza na gazeti hili kituoni hapo, mwanasheria wa askofu huyo, John Mallya alisema wakati wakiwa katika mahojiano, alisema anahisi kizunguzungu na baadaye akaishiwa nguvu na akawa amefumba macho.

Mallya alisema baada ya hali hiyo kutokea, polisi walimchukua na kisha kumpeleka katika hospitali ya Jeshi la Polisi iliyoko Kurasini, Dar es Salaam.

Wakati Mallya akiwasiliana na gazeti hili majira ya 4:30 usiku alisema kuwa walikuwa wakifanya mchakato wa kumuhamishia katika hospitali ya TMJ kutokana na yake kutokuwa nzuri.

“Siwezi kujua tatizo ni nini na siwezi kuzungumza chochote kuhusu hilo maana hayo ni mambo ya kitabibu” alisema Malya.

Ilipotimu saa 4:41 Waandishi wa gazeti hili ambao nao walifika katika hospitali hiyo ya Jeshi la Polisi walishuhudia Gwajima akitolewa katika hospitali hiyo ya Jeshi la Polisi na kisha kupakizwa katika gari maalum la kubebea wagonjwa lenye namba DFP 6309.

Wakati hayo yakitokea taarifa nyingine zilizolifikia gazeti hili zilidai kuwa; kwa muda wote akiwa katika mahojiano, Gwajima alikuwa hajala chochote hali ambayo iliibua wasiwasi kwamba huenda ilichangia kubadilika kwa afya yake.

Polisi mmoja aliyekuwa katika chumba cha mahojiano aliwaeleza waandishi wetu kwamba Askofu Gwajima alipoteza fahamu muda mfupi baada ya kuhojiwa kuhusu mali anazozimiliki.

Awali wakati Gwajima alipowasili kituoni hapo mchana kabla ya kuhojiwa alizungumza na waandishi wa habari ambapo alikiri kutoa lugha chafu dhidi Kardinali Pengo.

Gwajima ambaye alifika kituoni hapo saa 8:22 mchana alisema kauli yake hiyo ambayo imesambaa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii aliitoa kutokana na Kardinali Pengo kuwageuka wenzake ambao ni Baraza la Maaskofu Tanzania linalounganisha Wakatoliki, Pentekoste na Jumuiya ya Kikristo Tanzania (CCT) kukubaliana kwa pamoja kuwa hawataki Mahakama ya Kadhi.

Alisema maaskofu wote walikubaliana kuhusu tamko hilo na kisha kulisaini lakini anamshangaa Kardinali Pengo ambaye pia alisaini kuwageuka.

“Mimi kama kiongozi wa kiroho nikaona nimkemee kiongozi mwenzangu wa kiroho aache mambo ambayo si mazuri. Hakuna maneno ya kashfa ambayo nimeyatoa. Niliyotoa ni neno la Mungu linalotumiwa kumwongoza mtumishi wa Mungu,” alisema Gwajima.

Alisema anashangaa kuitwa polisi kwani hajatukana polisi na ndio sababu akaitika wito na kufika.

Gwajima alifika polisi akitembea kwa miguu kutokana na foleni kali iliyokuwepo barabarani huku akiwa ameongozana na Mwanasheria wake John Malya pamoja na baadhi ya wachungaji, waumini wa kanisa hilo na wengine waliotajwa kuwa ni walinzi wake.

Kamanda wa Polisi Kanda Maalumu ya Dar es Salaam Kamishna Suleimani Kova alisema Mchungaji Gwajima ametii amri ya Jeshi hilo kama alivyotakiwa.

Kova alisema baada ya kufika kituoni hapo alielekezwa kwenda kumuona Mkuu wa Upelelezi Kanda Maalumu ya Dar es Salaam SACP Costantine Massawe.

Akitaja tuhuma zinazomkabili Mchungaji Gwajima, Kova alisema ni pamoja na kumkashifu na kumtukana hadharani kiongozi wa Kanisa Katoliki Kardinali Pengo.

“Taratibu za kuhojiwa zimeshaanza kwa mujibu wa sheria na mtuhumiwa atapewa haki zote anazostahili ikiwemo kuwa na ndugu yake wa karibu, rafiki anayemwamini au wakili wake. Kama ilivyokawaida utakusanywa ushahidi kutoka pande zote za shauri hilo ili kubaini ukweli wa jinsi tukio hilo lilivyotokea,” alisema Kova.

Kova alisema baada ya hapo hatua nyingine za kisheria zitachukuliwa ikiwa ni pamoja na kupata maoni ya kitaalamu na ya kisheria ili kuhakikisha kwamba haki inatendeka.

“Ili ufanisi upatikane katika upelelezi wa shauri hili ni muhimu kupata ushirikiano kutoka kwa kila atakayetakiwa kulisaidia Jeshi la Polisi kukamilisha haraka upelelezi wa shauri hilo ambalo limepata mvuto mkubwa kwenye jamii,” alisema Kova.

Katika video na sauti zilizosambaa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii hasa What’s App, Gwajima alirekodiwa akiwa kwenye ibada ya kanisa lake akitumia lugha zisizokuwa na staa kwa Kardinali Pengo akimtuhumu kuwa ni msaliti kwani amekwenda kinyume na Taasisi ya Baraza la Maaskofu Katoliki Tanzania (TEC), Baraza la Makanisa ya Kipentekoste (CPCT) na Jumuiya ya Kikristo Tanzania (CCT) kwa kuwataka waumini waisome Katiba Inayopendekezwa kisha wapewe uhuru wa kupiga kura ya “ndiyo” au “hapana” tofauti na vyombo hivyo vyenye dhamana ya kuongoza dini ya Kikristo vilivyotaka waumini waipigie kura ya “hapana”.

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  • Jibu la Spika kuhusu mshahara na kiinua mgongo kwa Wabunge 2 walioteuliwa juzi

    Swali liliulizwa Bungeni jana na Felix Mkosamali aliyetaka kufahamu ikiwa wabunge walioteuliwa hivi karibuni watalipwa kiinua mkongo sawa na wabunge waliolitumikia bunge kwa miaka mitano.

    Akijibu swali hilo, Spika Anne Makinda alisema mshahara wa wabunge walioteuliwa hivi karibuni utalipwa sawa sawa kiasi wancholipwa wabunge wenzao, kisha kila mbunge atalipwa kiinua mgongo kwa kuzingatia muda aliolitumikia Bunge. Kila mmoja hulipwa kadiri ya muda aliolitumikia Bunge hadi linapovunjwa. Mwaka huu, Bunge linatarajiwa kuvunjwa rasmi mwezi Juni.