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Hotuba ya Rais Kikwete kwa Viongozi wa Dini

Why's Kenya represented by Chinese at Venice Biennale? Read this...

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In The Shame In Venice 2, Kenyan artist Michael Soi protests the makeup of his country's pavilion at the Biennale.Courtesy of Michael Soi

There's something sketchy at this year's Venice Biennale — the international art exhibition sometimes dubbed the Olympics of the contemporary art world.

When you come to the Kenyan pavilion, almost all of the artists will be ... Chinese.

The Biennale, one of the oldest and most important exhibitions of contemporary art in the world, takes place in Venice every two years. Thirty countries, including the U.S., have a permanent slot.

About 50 other countries have applied for their own exhibition space, called a pavilion. The East African country of Kenya hosted its first pavilion in 2013 and plans to host another this year, featuring mainly Chinese nationals. None of them have apparently ever been to Africa or reference it in their work.

The controversial roster — including contemporary artists Qin FengShi Jinsong,Li ZhanyangLan Zheng HuiLi Gang, and others — has provoked outrage among Kenyan bloggers and artists. It's also provoked a sense of deja vu — the same thing happened in 2013. Kenya's first-ever pavilion was also overwhelmingly Chinese.

"I was a member of the jury for the last Biennale in 2013 and the Kenyan Pavilion was shambolic," writes Olabisi Silva on Facebook. The founder and director of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria, wrote that the Kenyan pavilion was "full of Chinese and Italian artists with some [Kenyan artists] in a dark room."

"A frightening manifestation of neocolonialism vulgarly presented as multiculturalism," wrote Wenny Teo in a critique of the 2013 exhibit, "to be avoided like the plague."

In Nairobi, where the Kenyan contemporary art scene is gaining traction with serious art buyers, the news is being felt not just as an artistic flop but as a colossal missed opportunity. "It's a kick in the stomach," says Sylvia Gichia, director ofKuona Trust, an artist's collective and residency program in Nairobi. Organizations like hers work hard to bring Nairobi's artistic renaissance to a global audience via art fairs and art auctions.

Needless to say she is dismayed that the 370,000 art lovers who visit the Biennale will see none of the work that's driving the contemporary Kenyan scene. "What," Gichia asks, "do the Chinese have to do with visual arts in Kenya?"

Nobody in Kenya's government will answer that question. (Calls and texts to the personal cellphone of Nairobi's minister of culture, Hassan Wario, went unanswered.) In most countries, the government either selects the artists or assigns that duty to a private gallery. In Kenya, the government apparently played no role other than to fob off the job to an Italian curator, Paola Poponi.

Poponi cannot say she has ever set foot in Kenya, but her official title is "commissioner" of the Kenyan pavilion, the same title she held in 2013. She defended the choice of artists, in an email liberal with capitalizations, saying that the Kenyan pavilion ably expressed the international theme of this 56th Biennale, which is All The World's Futures.

Poponi wrote, "Talking about art FROM ANOTHER PART OF THE WORLD during an art exhibition can be useful for KENYA, always more able to create its OWN IDENTITY." She said that art should not be constrained by geography and explained in a follow-up email that "MEETING THE REST OF THE WORLD" would enable Kenyan artists to analyze their own experiences "more deeply." 

But if Poponi's goal is to expand the vision of Kenyan artists and have them "meet" the rest of the world, what better way than to invite Kenyans to the Biennale exhibition?

Poponi wrote back to say that the pavilion does feature Kenyans. Two of them. The one ethnic Kenyan in this pavilion — Yvonne Amolo, who has won awards for her film about racism — lives in Switzerland and has no connection to the contemporary Kenyan art scene.

The other Kenyan citizen is a 72-year-old Italian-born painter, sculptor and real estate magnate who has lived in the Kenyan coastal town of Malindi for nearly a half a century. Armando Tanzini sits at the heart of this controversy, because he's the only artist whose work has appeared in both the 2013 and 2015 Kenyan pavilions.

On his Facebook page, Tanzini describes what he is all about:

"I love Africa, I love it with its endless qualities and its anful defects, I love it because it's innocent and poor, I love it like I love all my neighbors, also the rich one, but the poor — uncomfortable — are signals. Why don't we turn our head to this forgotten world placed under Equator? Why don't we try to help them to make concrete the huge richness of their land and their souls? Not as missionaries, but as smart and sincere managers, ready to give and receive. I've been working with them for 30 years, testing several irrational economies such as tourism, agriculture, handcraft, estate activities and so on. I discovered that only magic of creativity could face those economic appalling emergencies, especially in artistic and scientific fields."

I sat down with Tanzini last week in a cafe in Nairobi to understand how the pavilion had come to be. He spoke proudly of the art workshops he holds for Kenyan children at his exclusive beachfront lodge. He described with awe his adopted hometown, Malindi, where he first bought property in the late '60s. That was long before the town would become known as Kenya's "Little Italy" for its palatial Italian resorts frequented by Formula One racers and celebrity politicians.

Tanzini, a prominent figure in this Italian scene, doesn't mingle much with Kenya's contemporary artists. But when I asked him about the controversy around Kenya's pavilion, he explained that if not for his efforts, Kenya would not have any pavilion at all.

"The government of Kenya, they don't know about this important exhibition, the Biennale," he says. "I try several times to help them to understand."

Finally, in 2013, with the government's approval, he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Kenya a pavilion and organize the show. This year he says it wasn't solely his money. He had other private sponsors. But again, no funding was forthcoming from Kenya's government. "Unfortunately, if I want to bring Africa, or Kenya, I must compromise in some way," he said. "Compromise because we have no[t] the money."

Tanzini wouldn't elaborate on what this compromise was, or where the additional money had come from, or if the commercially successful Chinese artists in the pavilion were invited because they, too, could also pay their own way.

But if you were tasked with organizing a show in Venice and you wanted to find artists with the money and incentive to chip in on the sizable entrance fee, you would do well to look to the Chinese. Davide Quadrio, a curator of Chinese contemporary art at Arthub Asia in Shanghai, says he knows "many artists" that "buy their introduction to Venice. And they don't even care about the venue anymore. Or the credibility of the show."

The reason, he explains, is the outsized value of the Venice imprimatur to domestic Chinese collectors. Chinese artists can sell their work for more money if they can say they've shown in the prestigious biennial exhibition.

"Somehow Venice became a sort of brand for many organizations in China to position their artist inside China," he says. "The value that Venice represents in contemporary art for China? Is actually the China market."

That doesn't make Kenyan artists feel any better. Even Tanzini admits that he feels "guilty" and "sad" because he would like to bring other Kenyan artists than himself.

When I asked him which artists he would have liked to bring, I expected him to name a leading Nairobi-based artist like Peterson Kamwathi or Sam Hopkins orMiriam Kyambi.

Instead, he gestured to his young Kenyan secretary, Sarah, sitting next to him on the couch. (Moments earlier, while Tanzini had been using the restroom, she had told me that she wasn't an artist but had quite enjoyed participating in some of Tanzini's workshops.) "She has such talent," Tanzini insisted. She does "amazing work with rubber."

A petition circulating on Change.org, titled Renounce Kenya's fraudulent Representation at 56 Venice Biennial 2015, proclaims that "a group of well connected persons, who lack neither the intellectual nor creative capacity to represent Kenya's contemporary art to the international arena, are posturing to the world as the Kenyan Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennial in Italy."

The Biennale would not respond to requests for comment. When the exhibition opens on May 9, participants will have to contend with Kenyan protesters, who say they'd rather have no pavilion at all than one that doesn't represent their country. Novelist Binyavanga Wainaina told me that "we have people there, watching out for it, watching out to document it."

He was quick to point out that his issue is not with the Biennale nor with Tanzini but with Kenya's Ministry of Culture — and Kenya's dismissive attitude toward the arts.

"That this parody could happen two years ago was already far from excusable," Wainaina said. That it would happen a second time, without government comment, he says, is "farcical."

Mapitio ya magazeti katika Tv mbalimbali Machi 31, 2015

Ufafanuzi wa Polisi kuhusu silaha zinazomhusu Gwajima

Leo tarehe 30/03/2015 waandishi wa habari walifika kituo Kikuu cha Polisi wakitaka kujua uhalali wa silaha iliyokamatwa tarehe 29/03/2015. Silaha hiyo ni Bastola aina ya BERRETA yenye namba CAT5802 ikiwa na risasi tatu. Pia zilikamatwa risasi 17 za Short Gun.

Ufafanuzu ni kama ifuatavyo:

Uchunguzi wa kina na wa kitaalam sasa umethibitisha kwamba silaha hiyo inamilikiwa kihalali na Askofu Josephat Gwajima. Kuhusu risasi 17 za Short Gun ni kwamba Askofu Gwajima anamiliki Bunduki aina ya Short Gun yenye namba 102837 ambayo inatumia risasi za aina ya hizo zilizokamatwa.

Kuhusu watu 15 wanaotuhumiwa kujaribu kumtorosha Askofu Josephat Gwajima bado uchunguzi unaendelea. Aidha watu hao pia wanahojiwa kuhusu suala la kukutwa na silaha na risasi zilizotajwa hapo juu wakati wao sio wamiliki halali za silaha hiyo na risasi hizo na idadi iliyotajwa kwa mujibu wa sheria.

Baada ya uchunguzi wa suala hilo jalada la kesi litapelekwa kwa mwanasheria wa Serikali kabla hawajafikishwa mahakamani ili sheria ichukue mkondo wake.


Various job opportunities in Tanzania at Etihad Airways

Please click on the highlighted job title for details.

TitleDepartmentCityCountryDate Added Date Added

Airport Duty ManagerAirport OperationsDar es SalaamTANZANIA19 March 2015

Airport ManagerAirport OperationsDar es SalaamTANZANIA19 March 2015
Airport Operations OfficerAirport OperationsDar es SalaamTANZANIA19 March 2015
Driver/MessengerGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
Marketing CoordinatorGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
Office CoordinatorGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
Reservation and Ticketing AgentGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
Reservation and Ticketing SupervisorGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
Sales RepresentativeGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
Sales Support AdministratorGlobal SalesDar es SalaamTANZANIA1 March 2015
At the time of publishing this ad, application deadline for these jobs was marked for April 17th, 2015.

Job opportunity for Airport Duty Manager in Tanzania at Etihad Airways

Airport Duty Manager


CityDar es Salaam
DepartmentAirport Operations
Closing date17 April 2015

Job PurposeThe successful candidate will be responsible to manage the airport operation on a shift basis ensuring that service delivery conforms to regulatory, operational, safety and customer service standards within a cost effective environment. Liaises with Airport Authorities and third party service providers ensuring that Etihad Airways ground handling requirements and customer service standards are met at all times. Manages all elements of the ground operation whilst on duty.
  • Deliver strong performance at the outstation, whilst managing relationships with relevant internal and external parties
  • Ensure 3rd party resources are utilized in such a manner that maximum revenue and productivity can be achieved within given constraints
  • Ensure that all airport activities are delivered safely and securely in compliance with Etihad corporate, local and CAR OPS regulatory standards
  • Manage and audit Service Level Agreements with Ground Handling Agencies
  • Responsible for the maintenance of Emergency Response and Business Continuity plans
  • Ensure that opportunities to optimize airport revenues are identified and delivered
  • Ensure the Performance Management of team members is carried out in accordance with the Etihad Airways values
  • Ensure that all ground services business is delivered in accordance with the Etihad values
  • Responsible for the delivery of delay, disruption and diversion plans
  • Other ad hoc duties as detailed by the business as and when required
Relevant industry experience, with a demonstrable sound knowledge of airport operations and customer service. 4-5 years working experience with an airline or ground handling agency. Minimum of 1-2 years management or supervisory experience, preferably within the aviation industry. 
Degree level education is preferred or relevant industry experience.
Training & Knowledge:
  • Fluency in English language 
  • Computer literate
  • Function specific licenses for tasks performed, where required e.g. load control
The IndividualMust have the right to live and work in Tanzania.

Kura za CECAFA, TFF zapewa Blatter, si Figo wala Ali

Baraza la Shirikisho la Soka Afrika vyama vya soka vya TFF na CECAFA vyamuunga mkono Sepp Blatter kuwania kiti cha Urais wa FIFA.

Harambee kwa ajili ya maziko ya Eddis Mgawe

Mzee Eddis Mgawe enzi za uhai wake

Familia ya Mgawe na Malinda inawataarifu harambee ya mpendwa Mzee Eddis Mgawe ili kusaidia na hatimae kufanikisha kusafirisha mwili wa marehemu kwenda nyumbani kwa mazishi, gharama za kusafirisha mwili ni $13,955. Harambee itafanyika siku ya Jumatano April 1, 2015 harambee itafanyika 1702 Pinecone Ct, Bowie, MD 20721 kuanzia saa 11:30 jioni (5:30 pm)

Matarajio ya familia na kamati ni kusafirisha mwili siku ya Ijumaa yote inategemea msaada michango yetu na kwa uwezo wake Mwenyezi Mungu mwingi wa rehema atawezesha hili na ndugu, jamaa na marafiki wakiwemo Watanzania wenzetu nje ya DMV tunaweza kufikisha rambirambi zetu kupitia Wells Fargo, Acct. # 8188051794 Routing # 055003201 jina ni Mary & Bernard Mgawe.

Kwa DMV msiba upo: 

1702 Pinecone Ct,
Bowie, MD 20721

Kwa maelezo zaidi na maelekezo wasiliana na: 

  1. Dr. Seche Malecela Iddy Sandaly 301 613 5165
  2. Hamza Mwamoyo 301 922 0618
  3. Dickson Mkama (DMK) 301 661 6207
  4. Loveness Mamuya 240 423 0437
  5. Tino Malinda 240 565 7133
  6. Bernard Mgawe 918 809 3134
  7. Tuma Kaisi 301 433 3411
  8. Sunday Shomari 614 622 1273
  9. Raymond Abraham 301 793 4467
  10. Ismail Bibagamba 301 272 4345
  11. Dj Luke Joe 301 661 6696


Bwana ametoa, Bwana ametwaa na jina lake lihimidiwe

Warren Buffett: “I have 3 Cokes during the day and 2 at night”

(photo: entrepreneur.com)

His secret to staying young: "I eat like a six-year-old."

The world’s most successful investor stays youthful by drinking at least five Cokes a day. Turns out, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO’s bizarre diet is highly strategic.

How does the world’s top investor, at 84 years old, wake up every day and face the world with boundless energy?

“I’m one quarter Coca-Cola,” Warren Buffett says.

When he told me this in a phone call yesterday (we were talking about the death of his friend, former Coca-Cola president Don Keough), I assumed he was talking about his stock portfolio.

No, Buffett explained, “If I eat 2700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday.”

Perhaps only a man who owns $16 billion in Coca-Cola KO -0.67% stock—9% of Coke, through his company, Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A 0.35% —would maintain such an odd daily diet. One 12-ounce can of Coke contains 140 calories. Typically, Buffett says, “I have three Cokes during the day and two at night.”

When he’s at his desk at Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha, he drinks regular Coke; at home, he treats himself to Cherry Coke.

“I’ll have one at breakfast,” he explains, noting that he loves to drink Coke with potato sticks. What brand of potato sticks? “I have a can right here,” he says. “U-T-Z” Utz is a Hanover, Pennsylvania-based snack maker. Buffett says that he’s talked to Utz management about potentially buying the company.

Investors in Berkshire Hathaway may feel relieved that the CEO isn’t addicted to Utz Potato Stix at every breakfast. “This morning, I had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream,” Buffett says.

Asked to explain the high-sugar, high-salt diet that has somehow enabled him to remain seemingly healthy, Buffett replies: “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.” The octogenarian adds, “It’s the safest course I can take.”

via Fortune.com

Here’s what emotionally balanced people don’t do

1. They don’t just react (they respond). 
– A reaction is a hot, in-the-moment burst of emotion that's usually driven by our ego (so we're more likely to react when we're disconnected from ourselves). It might last just a split second before our intuition kicks in and offers some perspective, or it might take over to a point that we act on it. When we feel crappy after dealing with a situation or person, that's a sign we've reacted rather than responded. Responding will leave you feeling like you handled things with integrity and respect.

2. They don’t ignore the reality of their emotions. 
– When we're in the here and now, it's much easier to cope with emotions and see them as just that: emotions. If we get caught up obsessing over the future or past, emotions and situations can take on new (and untrue) meanings as they become attached to stories. For example, imagine you're turned down for a job. Naturally you're disappointed. If you're not present with that emotion and experience it in the moment the mind delves back into your past for all the other times you've felt that way. Now you feel like a failure and start to carry a feeling of unworthiness into every other interview. When we stay present, we're empowered to start fresh every moment and we can see every situation with perspective.

3. They don’t neglect their authentic selves. 
– Make a big list of all the things that make you feel great, and do at least one thing on it every day. Big or small, it doesn't matter! Doing something that makes us feel amazing is an act of self-love – it's that simple! This small effort reduces stress levels and makes us feel capable and confident. Rather than waiting for other people or circumstances to make us feel good, practicing self-love is all about empowering ourselves to feel how we want to feel, all the time.

4. They don’t resist movement. 
– When we're feeling down, stressed or anxious, one of the best ways to get out of our head and reconnected with ourselves is movement – especially free movement. It's very rare we move our bodies in a way that is totally free! Put on some music and give it a go whenever you feel like you're in a bit of a funk. It will feel weird at first so make a feel-good playlist of songs that you just can't help but boogie to. Make movement (of any kind) part of your daily ritual of looking after your emotional well-being.

5. They don't treat gratitude as a bonus (they make it a requirement). 
– Practicing gratitude is super supportive for our emotional wellness because it shifts our focus to the good in our lives, and trains us to look for the positives in every situation. It gives us appreciation for all that we have instead of getting caught up with what's lacking. To cultivate gratitude, try sharing three things you're grateful for each day with your partner, family or housemates during dinner or before bed. You can also write a gratitude list in your journal or make a gratitude jar to put slips of paper with things you're grateful for on them into it every day. 

Angel Chernoff

Marc and Angel Hack Life

CUF washambuliwa na kujeruhiwa wakitoka mkutanoni

Katibu Mkuu wa CUF, Mhe. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, akimjuilia hali mmoja kati ya watu waliojeruhiwa na watu wasiojulikana katika maeneo ya Fuoni Taveta, wakati wakirejea kutoka mkutano wa CUF Makunduchi. Amemtembelea kijana huyo Shamis Ali Khamis nyumbani kwao Muembe Makumbi mjini Zanzibar.

Katibu Mkuu wa Chama cha Wananchi (CUF), Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, amehudhuria mazishi ya Hemed Salum Hemed (38) aliyefariki katika ajali ya barabarani iliyotokea wakati akirudi katika mkutano wa hadhara wa chama hicho uliofanyika Makunduchi Wilaya ya Kusini Unguja.

Marehemu ambaye ni mkaazi wa Kinuni, Wilaya ya Magharibi Unguja, amesaliwa katika Msikiti Ngamia, Kilimahewa na kuzikwa Kianga, mkoa wa Mjini Magharibi Unguja.

Aidha, Maalim Seif amewatembelea na kuwawafariji baadhi ya wafuasi wa chama hicho waliojeruhiwa na watu wasiojuilikana wakati walipokuwa wakirudi katika mkutano huo walipofika eneo la Fuoni.

Kwa mujibu wa Naibu Mkurugenzi wa Haki za Binadamu wa CUF, Bibi Pavu Juma, katika tukio hilo vijana waliokuwa katika gari eneo la Fuoni Taveta wakiwa na mapanga, nondo na mawe walianza kuwarushia mawe wafuasi wa CUF waliokuwa kwenye magari wakitokea katika mkutano Makunduchi na kuwajeruhi wafuasi 24 wa chama hicho.

Amesema baadhi ya majeruhi hao wamepata majeraha makubwa na wamelazwa katika hospitali ya Mnazimmoja, na wengine wamesafirishwa hadi Dar es Salaam kwa matibabu zaidi.

Mapema akiwatembelea baadhi ya majeruhi huko Mwembemakumbi, Katibu Mkuu huyo wa CUF, Mhe. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad amesema watu waliowajeruhi wafuasi wa CUF wamefanya hivyo baada ya chama chao kukosa sera za kuwaeleza wananchi na sasa wameamua kufanya hujuma ambazo amesema hazitowasaidia.

Amerejea wito wake wa kuwataka wanachama na wafuasi wa CUF wawe watulivu na kwamba chama hicho kinafuatilia kwa karibu hujuma zote zinazofanywa dhidi yao.

Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar ambaye pia ni Katibu Mkuu wa CUF, Mhe. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad akishiriki katika mazishi ya Hemed Salum Hemed (38) mkaazi wa Kinuni Zanzibar aliyefariki katika ajali ya barabarani wakati akitoka mkutanoni Makunduchi. Mazishi hayo yamefanyika Msikiti Ngamia, Kilimahewa.

Mmoja wa watu waliojeruhiwa
Mmoja wa majeruhi


Itakumbukwa kwamba jana, tarehe 29/03/2015 The Civic United Front (CUF-Chama Cha Wananchi) kilifanya ziara na mkutano wa hadhara Wilaya ya Kusini, jimbo la Makunduchi katika uwanja wa Jamhuri.

Wakihutubia Mkutano huo Viongozi wa CUF walizungumzia mwenendo na kuibuka kwa vitendo vya hujuma dhidi ya wafuasi wa CUF na majengo ya Ofisi za Chama hicho katika maeneo mbalimbali nchini.

Kwa mfano, wakati akihutubia katika mkutano huo Naibu Katibu Mkuu, Mheshimiwa Nassor Ahmed Mazrui alitahadharisha kuwa kuna taarifa za uhakika zilizoletwa uwanjani hapo kuwa kuna mpango ulioandaliwa wa kuwadhuru kwa kuwashambulia wananchi waliohudhuria mkutano huo na kwa hivyo kulitaka Jeshi la Polisi kuhakikisha ulinzi katika maeneo yote ili kudhibiti na kuzima mpango huo.

Mbali na tahadhari hizo zilizotolewa mapema, Jeshi la Polisi lilishindwa kutoa mashirikiano kwa kuwapatia wananchi hao ulinzi hali iliyosababisha msafara wa uliokuwa ukitoka katika mkutano huo kuvamiwa, na wafuasi wa CUF kupigwa na kujeruhiwa sehemu mbalimbali za miili yao.

Kufuatia matukio hayo, CUF-Chama Cha wananchi:

• Kinalitaka Jeshi la Polisi kufanya uchunguzi wa kina kwa kuanza na wale wote waliotajwa kushiriki na kufadhili hujuma na uhuni dhidi ya wananchi waliokuwa wakitumia haki yao ya Kikatiba ya kushiriki katika shughuli za kisiasa kwa mujibu wa sheria za nchi.

• Kinalitaka Jeshi la Polisi kuwafuatlia na kuwachukulia hatua vijana wote waliohusika kuwavamia, kuwapiga na kuwajeruhi wananchi hao wasio na hatia yoyote.

• Kinalitaka Jeshi la Polisi kutodharau hujuma zinazofanywa dhidi ya CUF na kwa hivyo kufuatilia kwa kina na kubaini njama za upangaji wa mipango ya hujuma kwa kuwachukulia hatua za kisheria bila ya kujali cheo cha yeyote miongoni mwao wale wote wanaochochea na kushabikia dhulma za aina hii kwa wananchi.

• Kinalitaka Jeshi la Polisi kukomesha utaratibu wa CCM wa kukusanya vijana (JANJAWEED) kutoka maeneo mbalimbali ya nchi katika makambi na kuwapa mafunzo ya utumiaji wa silaha na kuwatia mori wa kupiga, kujeruhi na kuuwa kila asiyekubaliana na sera na matakwa ya CCM.




Prof. Lipumba, Dk Slaa, Makonda wamjulia hali Gwajima

Mwenyekiti wa CUF, Prof. Ibrahim H. Lipumba katika Hospitali ya TMJ alipofikakumjulia hali Askofu Gwajima.

Katibu Mkuu wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), Wilibroad Slaa katika Hospitali ya TMJ alipofikakumjulia hali Askofu Gwajima.

Katibu Mkuu wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), Wilibroad Slaa (kushoto), akiteta jambo na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kinondoni, Paul Makonda walipokutana Hospitali ya TMJ walipofika kumjulia hali Askofu Gwajima.

CCM yasema Iringa Mjini mali yao 2015

Kada  wa CCM, Bw Ahmed Mbata  (mwenye miwani) akimzuia  kijana wa CCM kuendelea  kumdhibiti kada wa CHADEMA  aliyeanguka chini baada ya  kupigwa  kwa tuhuma za  kutaka  kuvuruga mkutano wa UVCCM

KAMANDA wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (UVCCM) wilaya ya Iringa mjini Frederick Mwakalebela ametuma salam kwa upinzani jimbo la Iringa Mjini kuwa mwisho wao kuongoza jimbo hilo ni Oktoba mwaka huu hivyo wananchi wajiandae kwa sherehe za kulipokea jimbo.

Akizungumza leo katika mkutano wa UVCCM Iringa mjini uliofanyika katika uwanja wa Mwembetogwa mjini hapa alisema kuwa ni jambo la kushangaza kuona mbunge wa jimbo hilo Mchungaji Peter Msigwa akikodi majeshi (wanasiasa wenzake) nje ya Iringa Mjini ili kusaidia mashambulizi baada ya kuona hali ya upepo kwake si nzuri .

"naomba kuwahakikishieni kuwa jimbo hili tulikosea mwaka 2010 ila kwa mwaka huu haturudii kosa, lazima jimbo lirudi CCM"

Alisema kuwa ni ukweli usiopingika kuwa lazima CHADEMA wajipange kukabidhi jimbo hilo kwa CCM kwa kuwa maandalizi ya kupokea yamekwisha fanyika.

Akielezea kuhusu umuhimu wa vijana kujiandikisha katika Daftari la Kudumu la Wapiga Kura alisema ili CCM iweze kushinda kuanzia Udiwani, Ubunge na Urais ni lazima wakajitokeza kujiandikisha katika daftari hilo.

Alisema hakuna ushindi bila ya vijana kujitokeza kujiandikisha. Alisema iwapo kila mmoja atajiandikisha, ushindi wa CCM upo wazi.

Katibu wa CCM mkoa wa Iringa, Hassan Mtenga akihutubia wananchi hao alisema kuwa Mbunge Msigwa anapaswa kujiandaa kisaikolojia kwani CCM imejipanga vema kuona jimbo hilo linarudi mikononi mwa CCM kwa mwaka huu.

Alisema kuwa jimbo hilo CCM ililianzimisha kwa CHADEMA hivyo muda wao wa kuendelea kulikalia umepitwa kutokana na Mbunge kushindwa kuwatumikia vema wananchi wa jimbo hilo wakiwemo vijana ambao waliahidiwa ajira ila hadi leo vijana wa Iringa Mjini wamegeuka ombaomba kutokana na kutokuwa na ajira.

Alisema mbali ya Mbunge wa sasa muda wake kumalizika, bado anapaswa kuwaeleza wananchi  wa jimbo la Iringa Mjini matumizi ya fedha za Mfuko wa Jimbo ambazo amekuwa akizipata zimefanya kazi gani katika jimbo hilo, la sivyo CCM itakuja na orodha kamili ya ahadi zake na kiwango halisi cha fedha za mfuko wa jimbo.

Mtenga alisema CHADEMAa imekuwa ikiendesha siasa za vurugu kwa kuwatumia vijana kuvamia mikutano wa CCM hasa pale wanapoona wananchi wamejitokeza kwa wingi kwa lengo la kutaka kuivuruga na kuwa kuanzia sasa CCM inawaomba vijana hao kuacha kutumika kwa maslahi ya wachache na kuwa iwapo watashindwa uvumilivu wa sera za CCM ni vema wasifike katika katika mikutano badala ya kufika kwa lengo la kufanya fujo.

Kamanda wa UVCCM wilaya ya Iringa mjini Frederick Mwakalebela akiwahutubia wananchi ktk uwanja wa Mwembetogwa ktk mkutano ulioandaliwa na UVCCM Iringa Mjini

Kada  wa CCM Bw Ahmed Mbata  akimzuia  kijana wa CCM kuendelea  kumdhibiti kada wa CHADEMA  aliyeanguka chini baada ya  kupigwa  kwa  tuhuma za  kutaka  kuvuruga mkutano wa UVCCM
Vijana  wa CCM  wakisogea  kumshambulia  kijana aliyetaka  kuvuruga mkutano  wao 
Wananchi  wakimtazama  kijana  wa Chadema aliyetaka  kuvuruga  mkutano wa CCM
Wananchi  wakitazama  tukio  hilo
Askari polisi akizuia  vurugu  hivyo
Mwakalebela  kushoto  akiwa na katibu wa UVCCM  Iringa

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