Xenophobic clashes rock Durban, South Africa

Marchers against xenophobia run from tear gas in Dr Pixley Kaseme (West) Street in Durban yesterday.
Photo: Mercury via uhuruspirit.org

Durban - Areas of Durban resembled a war zone late on Tuesday afternoon as violence between locals and foreign nationals boiled over.

Shops in central Durban were closed as a knobkierrie-wielding mob assaulted foreign nationals and looted their shops in Durban.

Metro police rushed around to make sure shops were properly closed as some foreigners fled without closing them properly.

Taxis had their windows smashed as foreign nationals threw rocks and stones from a block of flats on West Street, in central Durban.

Police had their hands full trying to calm down an angry mob of locals who had stones and rocks thrown at them.

There was glass all over the street and police resorted to using teargas in a bid to separate the warring groups.

“We are under attack, people are coming from everywhere. Police are not helping us, maybe they are tired of us,” said foreign shop owner, Richard Condonso.

He said the locals had pushed them into a corner.

“We will retaliate, in full force just to defend ourselves,” said Condonso.

A local, who refused to be named, said the foreign nationals deserved what was happening to them.

“We are tired of them. They are criminals. They do house break-ins. Ever since they came into the country, the crime rate has escalated”.

Police spokesperson, Jay Naicker could not be reached for comment.


So, this is how they put those whole full size pear-in-a bottle

Bottles on pears dot the trees of Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Ore.
Bruce Forster/Courtesy of Clear Creek Distillery (via NPR)

A pear in a bottle at Westford Hill Distillery's orchard in Ashford, Conn.
Courtesy of Westford Hill Distillers  (via NPR)

Westford Hill Distillers' Poire Prisonniere with full-size Bartlett pears grown inside.
Courtesy of Westford Hill Distillers  (via NPR)

Every springtime in the lovely Alsace region of France, people stand in blossoming pear orchards, sliding glass bottles over tender young pears. The workers fasten the bottles securely to nearby branches, and then wait a few months for each tiny pear to grow and ripen in its own little glass greenhouse.

In late summer, they remove the bottles and pluck off leaves, clean the pear and glass, and finally, pour in colorless pear brandy — distilled from last year's harvest. Once they seal it up, voila, they've made a beautiful bottle of brandy with a whole pear inside. This is the astonishing, age-old tradition first invented in Alsace in the 1700s and known as eau de vie de poire, or pear water of life.

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Beware! EPA looks at use of pesticide that sickened family

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An odorless pesticide sprayed at a Caribbean resort has left three members of a Delaware family hospitalized for weeks after they became seriously ill during their Virgin Islands vacation, and federal officials said Tuesday that investigators found the toxic chemical has been used at the resort several times before.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials said the agency is looking into the use of the pesticide methyl bromide at the Sirenusa Condominium Resort in Cruz Bay, St. John. The agency is contacting people, including resort employees, to determine how many others might have been exposed to the pesticide, which is prohibited in residential settings. The Justice Department also is investigating the company that may be responsible.

The Esmond family of Wilmington, Delaware, was staying at the resort when they began having seizures March 20.

A family spokesman said Steve Esmond, his wife, Theresa Devine, and their two teenage sons were airlifted to hospitals on the U.S. mainland. The sons are in critical condition. Esmond has regained consciousness, but his sons have remained in a coma weeks after the exposure, family spokesman James Maron told The News Journal of Wilmington. Devine was treated and released.

"They are confident in their medical professionals and are hopeful for a full recovery," Maron said in a written statement Tuesday. "The Esmond family thanks everyone for their support and concern for their recovery from this unthinkable tragedy of pesticide poisoning."

Esmond is head of a private middle school in Wilmington, and Devine is a dentist.

Use of the pesticide was confirmed the day after the family became ill, which has helped inform doctors on how to treat the family, said Judith Enck, the EPA's regional administrator in New York City, which has jurisdiction over the U.S. Virgin Islands.

"We have confirmed that the problem is indeed methyl bromide," she said. "Methyl bromide is a potent neurotoxin. It's a gas. It can cause convulsions, coma, cognitive deficits, inflammation of the lungs. A lot depends on how much a person is exposed to and for what period of time."

The EPA banned the chemical for residential use in 1984 primarily for health concerns. That ban extends to U.S. territories, including the Virgin Islands, Enck said.

So far the investigation has revealed a certified applicator working for Memphis, Tennessee-based Terminix applied the methyl bromide in the complex while targeting an indoor beetle that consumes wood, Enck said. The company is now under a criminal investigation led by the U.S. Justice Department.

Terminix issued a statement saying the safety of its customers and employees is a top priority.

"First and foremost, the family is in our thoughts and prayers," spokesman Michael Wassmer said. "We're cooperating with authorities in their investigation, and we're conducting our own thorough internal investigation."

Investigators also learned methyl bromide has been used in the complex before, the EPA said, but it's not clear why the ban was ignored.

"Certified pesticide applicators know this is not approved for indoor residential use," Enck said. "The health effects are quite serious."

Sea Glass Vacations LLC, which rents units at Sirenusa, said in a statement that it has terminated its contract with Terminix and the home under investigation is unoccupied. The rental company earlier said the unit below the Esmond family's dwelling was treated for pests by Terminix.

"We are sending our thoughts and prayers to the family impacted by this tragic incident," the company said. "We remain committed to full cooperation with all local and federal authorities."

The EPA is continuing to test and monitor the property and is continuing to investigate the details of the family's exposure, Enck said, "to make sure it never happens again anywhere."


Associated Press writer Danica Coto in San Juan, Puerto Rico, contributed to this report.

Source: The AP

Umuhimu na Namna ya kutofautisha biashara kwenye maisha

Mpenzi msomaji wa AMKA MTANZANIA tumekutana tena leo kwenye kipengele hiki cha USHAURI WA CHANGAMOTO mbalimbali ambazo zinatuzuia kufikia malengo yetu na hatimaye mafanikio makubwa kwenye maisha. Maisha yana changamoto nyingi sana na wakati mwingine unaweza usione kipi sahihi cha kufanya hasa unapokuwa katikati ya changamoto hizi. Ni kupitia kipengele hiki ambapo tunaweza kusaidiana mawazo na hatimaye ukaweza kutatua changamoto yako.

Leo tutaangalia changamoto ya kutofautisha biashara na maisha ya kawaida. Hii ni changamoto kubwa sana na ambayo imewafanya wengi washindwe kufikia mafanikio kupitia biashara zao.

Mara nyingi watu wanapopata matatizo kwenye maisha, huona biashara zao ni sehemu rahisi kwao kutatua matatizo yao. Tatizo kubwa linakuja kwamba mtu anapotumia biashara yake kutatua matatizo ya maisha, matatizo hayaishi na biashara inaathirika sana na hata kufa kabisa.

Hata watu wanaosema kwamba kuna chuma ulete kwenye biashara zao, wao wenyewe ndio chuma ulete kwa sababu wanashindwa kutenganisha biashara na maisha yao ya kawaida. Unapochanganya biashara na maisha ya kawaida huwezi kuona maendeleo makubwa kwenye biashara yako.

Je ufanye nini ili uweze kutofautisha maisha ya kawaida na biashara ili uweze kuona mafanikio kwenye biashara yako?

Kabla hatujaona nini cha kufanya, tuone maoni ya msomaji mwenzetu kuhusu swala hili.

Changamoto yangu ni kwamba: najihusisha na biashara ya nafaka(mahindi na mpunga). Nikiweka stoo kwa ajili ya kuuza baadae ili nipate faida,hali ya hewa inakuwa mbaya kama vile ukame na njaa hali inayopelekea kuwagawia tena ndugu zangu kiasi fulani cha hiyo stoo maana wananitegemea sana. Nikiuza kilichobaki hakinipi faida zaidi ya gharama za kununulia tu. Je nifanyeje?

Tumeona maoni ya msomaji mwenzetu juu ya muingiliano wa biashara yake na maisha ya kawaida. Inawezekana hata wewe kuna jinsi ambavyo biashara yako inaingiliana na maisha, kwa mfano matumizi yako yanatoka moja kw amoja kwenye biashara na vingine vingi.

Vifuatavyo ni baadhi ya vitu unavyoweza kufanya ili kutatua changamoto hii.

  • Kwanza kabisa ni muhimu utambue kwamba tatizo la njaa linalotokea halitokei kwa sababu wewe una akiba ya chakula. Na hata linapotokea na kama usingekuwa na akiba ya chakula, bado watu wangepata njia ya kutatua tatizo hilo. Ila kwa sasa hawafikirii sana njia nyingine kwa sababu wana uhakika kwamba wewe utakuwa na chakula wakati huo wa njaa na utawasaidia. Hii ni hali ya kawaida kwa binadamu, hatupendi kujichosha sana ahasa tunapokuwa na uhakika na kitu. Kikubwa cha kufanya hapa ni wewe kuwahamasisha hao ndugu zako watunze mazao ya kutosha wakati wa msimu wa mavuno, na uwaambie wazi kabisa kwamba mazao unayonunua wewe na kutunza sio kwa ajili ya chakula, bali ni kwa ajili ya biashara. Kwa hali hii utawafanya waanze kuchukua majukumu ya maisha yao na kuacha kuwa tegemezi. Najua unaweza kufikiria kwamba kufanya hivyo utaonekana una roho mbaya, ila ukweli ni kwamba unahitaji kuchagua kitu kimoja, kuonekana una roho nzuri, huku biashara yako inakufa na unaendelea kulalamika moyoni au kuonekana una roho mbaya, huku ukiwasaidia watu kuchukua majukumu ya maisha yao na wewe biashara yako kukua. Hii pia unaweza kuitumia kwenye biashara ya kawaida, unapopata matatizo, mawazo yako ya kwanza yasiwe kwenye biashara yako, fikiria njia nyingine kwanza za kutatua tatizo hilo. Lazima kuna njia nyingi tu, hasa pale unapofikiria kama nisingekuwa na biashara hii ningefanya nini?
  • Pili, badili mipango na muundo wako wa biashara. Kama unaona kufanya hiko nilichoshauri hapo juu ni kigumu kwako, basi unaweza kubadili muundo na mipango ya biashara yako. Kwa mfano badala ya kusubiri mpaka kipindi ambacho hakuna kabisa mazao ndio uuze, uza mapema kabla njaa haijaanza. Hata kama hutouza kwa bei kubwa sana, fanya hivyo ili kuepuka kukosa kabisa faida. Kumbuka hufanyi hivi ili kuwanyima ndugu zako chakula, ila unafanya hivi ili kuokoa biashara yako, ambayo kama ikikua, utaweza kuwasaidia hao ndugu zako zaidi. Angalia jinsi utakavyoweza kuuza mazao yako mapema kabla ya njaa kuingia na kulazimika kuwagawia ndugu zako na wewe kushindwa kupata faida.
  • Tatu, nunua mazao ya ziada wakati wa mavuno. Kitu kingine muhimu unachoweza kufanya, ni kununua mazao ya ziada wakati wa msimu wa mavuno. Fanya hivi ukilenga kuweka sehemu ya mazao hayo kama chakula pale njaa itakapotokea. Na njaa itakapotokea hakikisha unagawa kiasi kile cha ziada ulichonunua tu, kikiisha unawaambia ukweli kwmaba kimekwisha na waangalie njia nyingine za kuokoa maisha yao.
  • Nne badilisha biashara kabisa. Kama hayo yote tuliyojadili hapo juu hayatawezekana kwenye hali yako, unachiweza kufanya ni kubadili biashara kabisa. Angalia ni biashara gani utakayoweza kufanya kwa maeneo uliyopo ambayo haitakuw ana muingiliano mkubwa sana na watu kiasi cha wao kukutegemea sana wewe. Ukifikiria vizuri hutakosa biashara ya tofauti. Kuliko kufanya biashara moja ambayo haikupeleki mbele miaka yote ni bora kubadili na kuangalia biashara nyingine ambayo inaweza kukupa nafasi nzuri ya kuendelea.

Kikubwa nachoweza kukushauri kwa ujumla ni kwamba unahitaji kuwa makini sana na biashara yako. Watu wakishajua sehemu fulani kunapatikana suluhisho la matatizo yao, hawafikirii tena kitu kingine. Ni bora uamue kufanya maamuzi magumu ya kukuza biashara yako kwa njia tulizojadili hapo juu hata kama hao ndugu zako watakuona mbaya, ila biashara yako itakapokuwa utaweza kuwasaidia vizuri zaidi ikiwepo hata kuwapatia kazi mbalimbali. Lakini ukiendekeza hili la njaa, mtazidi kurudishana nyuma na hutawez akuwasaidia vizuri.

Kumbuka njia nzuri ya kumsaidia masikini ni wewe kutokuwa masikini, ukikubali kuendelea kuunganisha biashara yako na maisha, utaendelea kuwa masikini na hutaweza kuwasaidia hao ndugu zako.

Nakutakia kila la kheri kwenye kutenganisha biashara yako na maisha ya kawaida.


Makirita Amani

Siri moja ya kupita gari na kuendesha bila kusababish(shiw)a ajali

...hasa kwa wale wanaonunua magari kwa mara ya kwanza, na hawana uzoefu wa kuendesha gari, na pia wale wote ambao wanaweza wakawa wana uzoefu wa kuendesha gari mijini, lakini hawana uzoefu wa kuendesha gari kwenye barabara kuu za kwenda mikoani.

Lakini ni vema kila mtu aliye dereva akasoma ninachoeleza hapa, inaweza kuokoa maisha yako ya familia yako, na wengine wanaoendesha magari au kuwa abiria.

Ndugu zangu, ukiweza kuendasha gari hapa Dar, au hata mikoani mijini, haina maana utaweza kuendesha gari pasipo tatizo kwenye barabara kuu. Nimeshuhudia watu wengi sana waliokufa kwa sababu baada ya kununua gari walikuwa na mchecheto wa ku-drive kwenda kwao kijijini.

Kuendesha gari kwenye barabara kuu ni tofauti sana na kuendesha gari mijini. Kwenye barabara kuu challenge zake ni kubwa sana kwa sababu gari zinaenda kwa kasi, na pia kuna mambo mengi ya ghafla yanayoweza kujitokeza ambayo kama huna uamuzi wa haraka kama dereva utakufa tu kabla ya kufika mwisho wa safari yako. Ukifanya kosa hata dogo barabara kuu unaweza kufa, tofauti na mijini.

Kwa mfano, ku-overtake katika barabara kuu ni jambo linatakiwa lifanywe kwa makini sana. Na pia kila unapoingia kona kali au blind spot kwenye barabara kuu weka akilini kwamba unaweza kukutana na kitu upande wako, basi linaloenda kasi, lori au trekta liloharibika, mifugo, shimo kubwa, mawe yaliyoporomoka, ajali nk. Pia unaweza kukutana ghafla na dereva mzembe anae-overtake kwenye kona na yuko upande wako.

Usithubutu ku-overtake sehemu ambayo huoni mbali mbele, na usikaribie sana gari unayotaka ku-overtake kabla ya kui-overtake. Na unapo-overtake kama una gari manual gear, rudi gia za chini kwanza ili kujenga spidi ya ku-overtake. Kama una gari automatiki, ikibidi itoe gari kwenye overdrive (unabonyeza kiswitch cha Overdrive na kuna kataa katawaka kwenye dashboard kuonyesha Overdrive iko off), hasa kama ulilkuwa umepunguza mwendo. Mara nyingine toa gia kwenye "D" na rudi kwenye "2" ili kujenga spidi ya ku-overtake, na ukishamaliza rudi kwenye D na Overdrive. Hili ni muhimu sana kwa gari za ambazo ukikanyaga accerator gari inakawia kuchanganya. Overtake kwa haraka, sehemu ambayo iko salama, na ni vizuri gari unayoi-overtake dereva wake ajue unamu-overtake. Unaweza kumpigia honi kidogo ya kuibia kama kuomba - usipige kwa nguvu ukamuudhi. Epuka kuovertake sehemu ya barabara yenye mashimo, maana dereva wa mbele anaweza kurudi upande wako ili akwepe shimo wakati tayari unamu-overtake.

Siri moja ya ku-overtake salama ni uvumilivu - overtake nzuri haitaki haraka.

Na pia kosa linaloua watu wengi sana ni ku-overtake kwa kukisia kwamba hakutakuwa na gari inayokuja upande wa pili zile sehemu ambazo huoni vizuri mbele. Hata kama barabara haina magari mengi usithubutu kukisia kwamba hakutakuwa na gari (gambling overtake).

Na pia katika barabara kuu kuna suala la uchovu - fatigue. Hili ni jambo jingine linaua sana watu wasio na uzoefu wa kuwa katika barabara kuu. Ni mbaya hata zaidi ikiwa utakaposimama mahali kwa chakula ukanywa bia - hata moja tu, kwa sababu itakuletea sana usingizi. Epuka kula vyakula vizito kama ugali na maharage, au kula hadi ukashiba sana! Ukisikia usingizi simama upumpzike, toka ndani ya gari, tembea kidogo, kabla ya kuendelea na safari. Kama ikibidi tumia Redbull (sio zaidi ya mbili).

Na jambo jingine muhimu sana la kukumbuka ni kwamba ukiingia barabara kuu, ukaendesha kwa muda fulani, akili yako inazoea spidi kali kiasi kwamba huoni tena kama unaenda spidi kali. Unaweza ukawa unaenda 140km/h ukaona kama unaenda 80km/hr. Hili huwa mara nyingi linasababisha kuacha njia na kupinduka, au kuingia kona ukiwa na spidi kubwa na gari kupinduka. Nadhani umesikia sana ajali zinazosemwa zilitokea kwa sababu dereva alishindwa kumiliki gari - ni kwa sababu akilini dereva aliona haendi spidi.

Na pia jambo jingine muhimu sana kukumbuka ni kwamba, unapoenda safari yoyote ya mbali ambayo utaendesha gari mfululizo kwa zaidi ya masaa manne, au kwa spidi zaidi ya 100km/hr, hakikisha tairi zako hazina umri zaidi ya miaka mitano, la sivyo utapata basti hata kama tairi inaonekana bado mpya kwa

kuitazama. Tairi ikizidi miaka mitano haifai kusafiria safari ya mbali, japo unaweza ukaendelea kuitumia kwa safari za mijini.

Nimeona niseme haya kwa sababu nawapenda ndugu zangu. Sitaki mufe barabarani, au mniue mie na familia yangu. Wapeni taarifa wengine ili tuzidi kuepuka vifo hivi vya barabarani ambavyo vingi vinazuilika.

Neno langu la mwisho, ili uendeleee kuwa salama barabarani ni kwa lugha ya kiingereza; BE PATIENT kwa lolote unalotaka kufanya ukiwa unaendesha gari. Zingaitia hilo, utakuwa salama.

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UDSM yakumbwa na hofu ya shambulio la kigaidi

Allowance available for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) • DAAD

With its development-oriented postgraduate study programmes, the DAAD promotes the training of specialists from development and newly industrialised countries. Well-trained local experts, who are networked with international partners, play an important part in the sustainable development of their countries. They are the best guarantee for a better future with less poverty, more education and health for all. The scholarships offer foreign graduates from development and newly industrialised countries from all disciplines and with at least two years' professional experience the chance to take a postgraduate or Master's degree at a state or state-recognised German university, and in exceptional cases to take a doctoral degree, and to obtain a university qualification (Master's/PhD) in Germany.
Who can apply?
Graduates from all disciplines with at least two years' professional experience
What is supported?
Individual scholarships exclusively for Postgraduate courses in Germany that are listed on the "List of all Postgraduate courses with application deadlines" (seewww.daad.de/pgc)
Duration of funding
12 to 36 months (dependent on study programme)
  • Depending on academic level, monthly payments of 750 euros for graduates or 1,000 euros for doctoral candidates
  • Payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance cover
  • Travel allowance, unless these expenses are covered by the home country or another source of funding
  • Candidates fulfil the necessary academic requirements and can be expected to successfully complete a study programme in Germany (above-average result for first academic exam – top performance third, language skills)
  • Candidates have a Bachelor degree (usually a four-year course) in an appropriate subject
  • Candidates have at least two years' professional experience
  • Candidates can prove their motivation is development-related and be expected to take on social responsibility and initiate and support processes of change in their personal and professional environment after their training/scholarship
More detailed information

Faida ya kufuga samaki

Unatafuta sifa maishani? Utateseka sana

Hebu fikiria, jaribu kufikiria, halafu karibia kuamini au amini kabisa kwamba, una vitu vifuatavyo: Una magari ya kifahari kumi, nyumba za kifahari mbili kila mkoa kwa mikoa yote Tanzania, mashamba ya ekari elfu moja kila mkoa na fedha zipatazo shilingi bilioni kumi benki. Hebu fikiria.

Najua unaweza kujenga taswira, kama tunavyofanya wakati tunapoota ndoto za alinacha, hadi kufanya hali ionekane kuwa ni kweli. Hebu fikiria tena kwamba, kwa sababu ya mali hizo umekuwa maarufu katika nchi za afrika mashariki na kati. Hebu fikiria kwamba, unaandikwa na kutajwa magazetini, redioni na kwenye televisheni.

Jione kwenye hizo fikra zako kwamba, hayo ndiyo maisha yako, tajiri na maarufu. Halafu endelea kufikiria kuhusu maisha yako. watu wanakujua, wanakuogopa, wanakushangaa na kukunyenyekea. Kila unapoenda unajua watu wanakutazama na kutamani wangekuwa kama wewe labda.

Endelea kufikiria kwamba, umekuwa tajiri na maarufu tangu mwaka 1990 hadi leo. Hebu jaribu kufikiri kwa makini zaidi, baada ya kusifiwa, kuogopwa, kunyenyekewa na kufahamika kila kona , halafu kingefuata kitu gani? Ni kitu gani ungekuwa umekipata? Sawa, umesifiwa na kufahamika na ukajisikia vizuri. Halafu inakuwaje baada ya kujisikia vizuri kwa muda wote huo?

Katika kufikiri kwako, unadhani bado utaendelea kujali kusifiwa na kunyenyekewa? Hapana, haiwezekani. Baada ya muda fulani wa kusifiwa na kunyenyekewa, utagundua kwamba, hakuna chochote ndani ya sifa hizo na kunyenyekewa huko. Kw anini? Kwa sababu, wewe siyo kusifiwa na kunyenyekewa, wewe ni wewe hiki ndicho kitu hasa nataka ukijue vizuri hapa.

Lakini, hata kama utaendelea kusifiwa na kujisikia vizuri, halafu itakuwa ni kitu gani? Hebu fikiria kwamba, kila asubuhi ukiamka, magazeti yamendika kuhusu wewe kwa sifa zote, hata bei ya viatu vyako, televisheni zinakuonesha ukipanda gari lako la kifahari na kwenda uendako na redio zinazungumzia juu ya fedha na utajiri wako sana tu. Hebu fikiria, unadhani itakusaidia kitu gani hiyo?

Mwisho wa sifa hizo ni upi hasa? Unaposifiwa ni wapi panajisikia vizuri, ni sehemu gani ya mwili inapata furaha au starehe? Lakini, gharama ya kulinda sifa na kunyenyekewa huko unaijua? Huwezi kuijua kwa sababu hujaingia kwenye sifa na kunyenyekewa na watu. Ukiingia na wale ambao tayari wameshaingia, wanataka kutoka, hawataki tena ‘balaa’ hilo.

Mcheza soka maarufu wa siku za nyuma kidogo, David Beckham aliwahi kusema, maisha yake ni upuuzi mtupu kwa sababu ya umaarufu, Princess Diana aliwahi kujuta kufahamika kwake. Unapotafuta mafanikio kaa chini ujiulize kweli unataka mafanikio hayo makubwa hasa au unatafuta sifa tu ili watu wakujue?

Halafu jiulize tena wakishakujua nini kinatokea? Tunawajua akina George Bush, tunawajua akina Neymer, hata pia tunawajua akina Mike Tyson. Halafu kuwajua kwetu kunawapa kitu gani, kinatokea kitu gani? Wanaendelea kuwa watu walewale, wanaendelea kuwa binadamu na kama sisi, miili yao itapotea hivi pindi.

Kuna profesa mmoja kwa jina alipata kufahamika kama Yunus, ambaye ni raia wa Bangladesh. Huyu alikuwa ana benki ambayo iliweza kukopesha na kubadili hali za maisha ya familia karibu millioni tatu (siyo watu, ni familia) nchini humo.

Lakini, pamoja na uwezo huo aliokuwa nao yeye alipata kuishi kwenye nyumba ya kawaida tena ya kupanga. Hiyo yote inaonyesha Profesa huyu alikuwa hataki sifa wala kunyenyekewa na kuandikwa kila mahali kwenye magazeti hilo lilikuwa sio lake, kikubwa alichokuwa akitafuta ni mafanikio katika maisha yake na ambayo yatasaidia na wengine.

Tuna watu katika jamii yetu tunayoishi, huwa ni watu wa kupenda sifa sana. Si ajabu huwezi kuwashangaa watu hawa wakilewa sana kwa lengo la kutaka kuonyesha jeuri ya pesa kiasi cha kwamba mpaka kuweza kusahau nyumbani kwao.

Inadaiwa kwamba kwa watu kama hawa, ili akupe stahili yako, hata kama ni madaraka kazini, lazima umnyenyekee. Kama ametoka ndani, ni lazima uhakikishe unamkimbilia, kupokea mkoba na kujidai hata kama kumfuta vumbi kidogo kwenye suti hata kama haina vumbi.

Halafu unajiuliza, ni ya nini yote hiyo? Ni huyu huyu ambaye anakunywa pombe hadi anasaidiwa kuingia garini? Kwa nini anywe kiasi hicho? Pesa na umaarufu aliodhani utampa nafuu, vimeshindwa kufanya kazi hiyo. Sasa ina maana gani, utajiri na umaarufu?

Labda utajiri kama ule wa Profesa Yunus ndiyo utajiri tunaoutaka. Utajiri unaoangukia mikononi mwa watu waliokamilika, kimwili, kihisia, kiakili na kiroho. Huu utajiri mwingine ni visu vyenye kuwachanja walionao na kuwakatia wanaozunguka. Umaarufu tunaoutaka, hauna kitu kwa sababu, hata kama ungekuwa maarufu vipi, polepole umaarufu utafifia na maisha yako ya mwili hayazidi miaka 120.

Sasa kusifiwa kwa miaka 120 tu, kuna maana gani, kunakusadia kitu gani, wakati hata dini yako haikwambii kuwa itaishi milele. Umebaini kwamba, hukuja duniani kutafuta sifa na umaarufu, bali umekuja kuishi ili ufurahie maisha yako. Mara nyingi tunamtaja Bill Gates kila siku unafikiri anajali hilo? Unafikri anajali kutajwa huko, ambao ni mtihani mgumu kuliko kutafuta mali na utajiri alionao.

Ndiyo maana unaweza kukuta mtu amenunua kagari na kujenga kajumba, halafu anamtukana na kumdharau kila mtu. Anakwenda kwa wanamziki wamtaje jina lake kwenye nyimbo zao, anakwenda kwenye televisheni kujidai anasaidia watoto yatima. Anatafuta sifa na kutaka watu wamjue. Halafu wakishamjua ndiyo iwe nini?

Akiishiwa, anajifungia ndani, anachanganyikiwa, anajenga uadui na kila mtu, anadai amelogwa. Anakuwa anababaika kwa sababu amepoteza kile alichodhani ndicho yeye, mali na umaarufu. Hajui kwamba, yeye yupo kama binadamu na ni kamili bila chochote. Ni lini binadamu atainua macho na kuuona ukweli? Inaniuma sana.

Kutafuta kujulikana ni kutafuta kuinuliwa kutoka pale ambapo mtu anaamini yupo (chini) ili ajisikie vizuri. Mtu ambaye anajua yupo anapostahili hana haja ya kutaka ainuliwe kutoka hapo nakupelekwa mahali ambapo atahisi kustahili.

Kutaka sifa ni kutaka kuondolewa kwenye tope, kwenye uchafu, pasipo faa na kuwekwa mahali pengine. Kwa hiyo mpenda sifa, ni mnyonge kuliko mtu mwingine yeyote.

Wengi huwa hatujui kwamba, sisi ni sisi na hatuwezi kuwa kitu kingine, tupande ndege, tununue merikebu, tujulikane hadi uvunguni, tuimbwe na maredio na kuoneshwa na matelevisheni kutwa kucha, bado ni sisi tu. Thamani yetu inaendelea kuwa ileile.

Huko ndani mwetu kunaendelea kuwa kulekule. Ni kama kiti, hata ukikiwekea marembo gani, ukaweka miguu mitatu, ukakitandika na dhahabu na lulu, kazi yake ni ileile ya kukaliwa, haibadiliki. Ikishabadilika, kinakuwa siyo kiti tena.

Nasi hata tuwe vipi, ubinadamu wetu hauwezi kubadilika, uko palepale. Msingi wa binadamu haubadilishwi na chochote, kama ambavyo dhima ya kiti haibadilishwi na namna kilivyotengenezwa. Kila mtu anapaswa kujua kuwa, amekuja duniani kuishi kama yeye.

Kama ni furaha atajipa mwenyewe, kama ni kero atajipa mwenyewe, kama ni kujishusha atafanya hivyo mwenyewe, hali kadhalika kujipandisha. Lakini, hata kama itakuwa vipi, anabaki kuwa binadamu.

Kama nilivyoanza awali mwa makala haya. Nakuomba ujaribu kufikiri tena kwamba, tayari una kila kitu kinachokuhangaisha hivi sasa. Fedha kibao, magari, majumba, umaarufu, mke au mume mzuri kuliko wote duniani, watoto wenye akili kuliko wote. Halafu kitafuata kitu gani?

Nataka ujiulize baada ya hayo yote kutimia, ni kitu gani kitafuata? Kama umefikiri vizuri, utagundua kwamba, ni upuuzi mtupu mbele. Utagundua kuwa hukuhitaji hivyo vyote hivyo, bali ulihitaji ulivyohitaji wewe kuvihitaji.

Hivyo vingine siyo wewe uliyevihitaji. Ni nani sasa anayekusumbua na kuhangaika na kubabaika na maisha kuvitafuta hivyo? Nakuachia swali hilo.

NAKUTAKIA KILA LA KHERI KATIKA SAFARI YAKO YA MAFANIKIO, endelea kutembelea DIRA YA MAFANIKIO kwa elimu na maarifa bora yatakayoboresha maisha yako.

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Judge allows woman to file for divorce using Facebook

A judge is allowing a Brooklyn, N.Y., woman to file for divorce from her elusive husband via Facebook.

In his decision dated March 27, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper said Ellanora Biadoo could file for divorce from Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku using a private Facebook message.

The (New York) Daily News, which first reported the story, said Baidoo and Blood-Dzraku, both from Ghana, were married in a civil ceremony in 2009. The relationship ran into trouble when Blood-Dzraku reneged on his promise to also have a traditional Ghanaian ceremony.

Andrew Spinnell, Baidoo's lawyer, told the paper that Blood-Dzraku kept in touch with his wife exclusively via phone and Facebook. Attempts to find him failed.

"We tried everything, including hiring a private detective — and nothing," Spinnell told the paper.

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In-Country Scholarship Programme in Tanzania • DAAD

Postgraduate training in a field with strong relevance to national development aiming at university staff development and public sector demand of academically trained personnel
Who can apply?
Tanzanian Nationals only.
Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.
What is supported?
Master or PhD studies
Duration of funding
up to two years for the Master’s, up to three years for the PhD
  • Monthly allowance
  • Study and research allowance
  • Tuition fees
Complete applications have to be submitted through the Tanzanian University to the German Embassy in Dar es Salaam. The final selection will take place at the DAAD head office in Bonn.
More detailed information
For more details please refer to your university.