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Marafiki wa Lowasa wafikisha bango la Rais Kikwete mlima Kilimanjaro

Baadhi ya vijana ambao ni marafiki wa Lowasa wakiwa katika safari ya kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro.

Kundi la marafiki wa Lowasa kutoka kana ya Kaskazini wakiwa katika kituo cha Kibo, wakiwa katika maandalizi ya kuanza kwenda kwenye kilele cha Mlima Kilimanjaro.

Sehemu ya juu ya mlima Kilimanjaro ikiwa imefunikwa kwa theruji.

Kundi la Marafiki wa Lowasa wakiwa katika kituo cha Stella, kikiwa ni kituo cha mwisho kuelekea kilele cha Uhuru.

Mandhari mbalimbali zinayoonekana wakati wa kuupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro.

Safari ya kurudi kiasi ilikuwa tatizo wakati mwingine baadhi yao walilazimika kupewa msaada kwenye kifaa maalumu cha kushushia wageni waliopata matatizo.
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Polisi yawakamata dereva, utingo wa Mghamba wawashitaki kwa kuzembea watoto wakasafiri kwenye chassis

Polisi mkoani Singida inawashikilia dereva na utingo wa basi la Mghamba Express kwa kutokuwa makini na kusababisha watoto watatu kusafiri zaidi ya umbali wa kilometa 360 kwa saa saidi ya nne wakiwa wamejificha katika 'chassis' ya gari.

Kamanda wa Polisi mkoani humo amesema watoto hao wana kati ya umri wa miaka 12 hadi 15 ACP Thobias Sedoyeka walisafiri katika basi la kampuni hiyo lenye namba za usajili T254AHV wakitokea Kahama hadi Singida ambapo Polisi waliwabaini wakati wa kufanya ukaguzi wa mabasi yaendayo masafa marefu katika kituo cha Singida.

Taarifa zaidi kuhusu watoto hao, wasikilize kwenye video ifuatayo...

Dar Express yawasaka ili iwachukulie hatua wanaosambaza uongo

Mkurugenzi wa kampuni ya mabasi ya Dar Express, Yudika Mremi amesema anasikitishwa na taarifa za uongo zinazosambazwa katika internet kuhusu mabasi ya kampuni hiyo kupata ajali.

Mremi amesema kampuni yake inawatafuta na kisha itawachukulia hatua za kisheria wale wote watakaogundulika kuwa chanzo cha uvumi na taarifa za uongo dhidi ya kampuni yake.

Amewaomba wananchi kuendelea kuiamini kampuni yake kwani pamoja na kuwa ina mabasi mapya na yaliyopo katika hali nzuri kwa sasa, bado wanamwamini na kumwomba Mungu kwa kuwa ndiye anayewezesha safari ya salama.

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Chronic headaches? Examine your lifestyle first - Doctor says

There is just no single reason why people get chronic headaches (although migraines have a genetic component and usually a trigger)

But the triggers are different for different people. They can include 
  • poor diet, 
  • too much sugar 
  • certain types of alcohol. 
  • Problems sleeping, 
  • stress, 
  • lack of exercise 
or a combination of any number of these things can cause chronic headaches.

[...] At the headache center, patients receive a thorough medical history that includes headache patterns, disability and mood assessments. Then the center works with patients to try to identify what triggers their headaches and how they can avoid those triggers in the future.

Some people find relief through exercise. "I write an exercise prescription probably as often as I write a prescription for medication," neurologist Carolyn Bernstein says. She acknowledges it's sometimes difficult to encourage a patient with cracking head pain to get up and exercise. But even a little can help, and according to Bernstein it doesn't have to be jogging for miles and miles. It can be yoga, tai chi or even just a little stretching.

A big lifestyle adjustment worked for Terri Bradford. She started 
  1. exercising
  2. changed her diet
  3. giving up gluten, dairy and sugar
  4. learned how to meditate to reduce stress
All these changes, she says, have made a huge difference. She has far fewer headaches and when she does have them, they're far less severe. 

Workshop on hate speech in upcoming election campaign

Journalists and African media leaders from the region are meeting this week to highlight the role of media and journalism in combating hate-speech and intolerance in the upcoming election campaign.

The meeting, organised by the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) and the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN), opens in Dar Es Salaam today (Tuesday) and comes after fresh regional conflict with recent terrorist attacks in Kenya and fears of genocidal violence in Burundi.

The meeting will involve a workshop at the Peacock Hotel on how journalists and media can help stop the spread of hateful political propaganda and will reinforce the Africa-wide campaign,Turning the Page of Hate, which was launched last year in Kigali to mark the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

Among the speakers will be Mohammed Garba, President of the Federation of African Journalists and Imelda Lulu Urio, from the Tanzanian Legal and Human Rights Centre.

“This conference could not come at a more important time for Tanzanian journalists,” “Media here are in the frontline of a struggle for democracy and pluralism. We have to ensure that we keep a lid on the voices of hate and, at the same time, give people the right to free speech.”
said Rose Haji Mwalimu, head of IAWRT for Tanzania.

This challenging task will involve helping journalists to identify hate-speech and to lower the temperature of confrontation that often comes at election time, she said. The journalists and media will be encouraged to use a special 5-point test for hate-speech that has been developed in co-operation between media and the United Nations human rights commission.

“The violence in recent months inspired by terrorists in Kenya and the continuing shadows over Burundi suggest that it’s a matter of urgency for journalists to eliminate the voices of intense hatred and incitement,” “This meeting comes only a few months before the hotly-contest general election in Tanzania when the political temperature will rise and media have to guard against being used by hate-mongers.”
said Aidan White, Director of the EJN.

In recent years, Tanzania has seen much foul play by candidates from all parties with hate speech and threats on all sides. There have been reports of acid attacks, kidnappings and killings. This meeting will focus on practical actions for journalists to help reduce the level of confrontation.

The meeting will:

1. Call upon government and all political leaders to respect the freedom of the press and ensure that journalists operate in a safe environment;

2. Call on media and journalists to boycott hate speech or any language that can stir violence;

3. Promote ethical standards at all levels of the press, broadcasting and online communications;

4. Call on politicians to ban hate speech in their own ranks;

5. Call upon citizens to boycott meetings or activities where candidates or political activists use hateful, violent and discriminatory language to promote their brand of politics.

6. Reiterate the need for all media to be aware of legal restrictions, including the Newspaper Act of 1976 that could see media banned for hate speech;

7. Call upon the Tanzanian Parliament to review provisions in the Statistics Act as well as the Cyber Crime Act which may violate the freedom of the press as well as the right to information.

“None of this will be easy,” “But this is an important opportunity for journalists and media to strengthen their role in ensuring the coming elections are a beacon for democracy and not an excuse for settling political score by acts of hatred and violence.” 
said Rose Haji Mwalimu,

More information:

Rose Haji Mwalimu: [email protected] or 0754270856/0655434444

Aidan White: [email protected] or 00447946291511

Burundi refugee reach 50,000

Burundi refugee numbers in neighbouring countries reach 50,000 as violence continues

Since Burundi's civil war ended in 2005, it has seen some of the most promising developments in recent refugee history in Africa. Solutions to the plight of many thousands of formerly displaced people have been found after over a decade of conflict. These have included one of the world's largest and most successful voluntary return programmes for Burundian refugees - with UNHCR helping Burundi with the return of almost half a million people. Neighbouring Tanzania was among the countries that hosted large numbers of Burundian refugees who had fled violence in 1972. It has in recent years offered citizenship to some 200,000 of them and their descendants, the largest number of refugees UNHCR has ever seen being locally integrated by a host country. Thousands of others have been successfully resettled overseas, including more than 8,000 in the United States.

Since the eruption of pre-election violence in mid-April, however, there have been alarming signs that this progress is being undone. Over the last weeks more than 50,000 Burundians have fled to neighbouring Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Many of these have crossed into Rwanda (25,004), but over the last week we have also seen a sharp increase in people seeking asylum in Tanzania (17,696) after entry restrictions there were lifted. In addition, almost 8,000 people have crossed into South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In all these cases women and children, including a large number of unaccompanied children, are in the majority.

In Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, protests have resumed since Monday, and there are reports of daily violence. Unrest has been spreading to the provinces as well. In Rwanda, new arrivals have reported fleeing Burundi because of harassment and intimidation by Imbonerakure youth militants, who paint red marks on homes of people to be targeted. Some decided to leave as a precautionary measure, having experienced previous cycles of violence. There are also reports of people selling their properties before leaving the country - possibly indicating anticipation of prolonged insecurity.

Many of the new arrivals are coming from the Ngozi and Muyinga provinces of northern Burundi. However, this week, we have also seen the arrival of people from urban areas, including a number of high school and university students. With the Government of Rwanda, we are now moving the refugees to a new refugee camp, Mahama, which can host up to 60,000 refugees.

Many people have experienced difficulties while trying to leave Burundi. Several women have reported threats of rape from armed men, and having to bribe their way through roadblocks. Some have walked for hours through the bush with their children.

In the Democratic of the Congo, 7,661 Burundians have registered as refugees so far. The new arrivals are being hosted by local families, but the growing numbers are straining available support. UNHCR is helping some 500 vulnerable refugees at a transit centre at Kavimvira and in another centre at Sange. Work is ongoing to identify a site where all the refugees can be moved, and from where they can have access to facilities such as schools, health centers and with proper security.

In Tanzania, nearly 4,000 people have now been registered, but more than 13,000 are still waiting to be processed. An estimated 10,000 Burundians have arrived on Kagunga island on Lake Tanganyika. We have started to relocate them with the help of an old ferry that can carry a maximum of 600 people. All asylum seekers are being transported from villages and islands to Nyarugusu refugee camp, where they will receive a plot of land on which they can build a shelter and grow some vegetables.

UNHCR appeals to the authorities in Burundi to allow people to move freely. It is vital too that borders remain open, and we are grateful to commitments in this regard by neighbouring countries and for the support that host communities are giving to the refugees.

Fox announces the end of 'American Idol'

Fox announced Monday that the 15th season of American Idol, which will begin in January 2016, will be the last.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo releases a song: Stop Attacking Immigrants

South African music group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo's and Malian singer Salif Keita have released a son as a plea for peace in South Africa, which has been grappling with the fallout from deadly violence against immigrants from other parts of Africa.

"Africa is our home," they sing in Zulu, English and Bambara. "Make it a better place. Peace, love and harmony."

Ladysmith Black Mambazo has always advocated peace, says Sibongiseni Shabalala, a son of the group's founder. So it came as a shock when deadly attacks against mainly African immigrants erupted in their own province, KwaZulu-Natal in late March.

"We feel very ashamed especially because we travel all over the world for peace," "They come as brothers, but now when this happened, it makes us feel very bad that our people can do such things to our African brothers and sisters."Their song is a reminder that "we are all Africans [and] Africa is for us all," ..."That's exactly how we were brought up at home. My father always taught us to be respectful, to live in peace with other people, to love other people."..."If there [are] problems, people must sit down and talk. But fighting — killing each other — will never solve the problems."
"This is how people should live, together," ... "If people can come and see us, sitting with our brothers and sisters from Mali, from South Africa, working on a song of peace, trying to send this message that people should stop and think, before killing each other." 

He says the atmosphere in the recording studio in Durban, where they recorded the song, should be an example to everyone. 

Shabalala hopes that once people hear the song, they will listen to its message. 
"Music — when you are sad — it calms you. You sing, it heals you," he says. "We are all brothers and sisters."

Jury rejects $750,000 lawsuit by Police Officer who faulted Starbucks' free coffee

A jury in the State of North Carolina, USA has rejected a $750,000 civil lawsuit filed by Lt. Matthew Kohr of the Raleigh Police Department, who said a Starbucks store had given him a large cup of hot coffee with an unsecured lid.

"said the trauma of the burn set off his Crohn's disease, and he needed surgery to remove a portion of his intestine. He spent months on sick leave and struggled to return to work at his job as a lieutenant with the special operations division."

The jury made its decision on a 10-2 vote; the parties had agreed to forgo a requirement for a unanimous decision.

Wari na Kipata: Asili yake Uchaggani

Wari = Mbege (pombe inayotengenezwa kwa kutumia ndizi mbivu, ulezi na maji. Angalabu wengine hutia majani ya mti wa 'msesewe/mseseve' ili kukoleza uchachu na ukali ili kuondoa dhana kuwa wanakunywa pombe pole kama togwa ya watoto)

Kipata = Kata (kifaa cha kunywea kinachotengenezwa kwa kutumia kibuyu)

Kamfuga mwenyewe huyo...

Msipokuwa makini CCM tutaizika mwaka huu - Askofu Makala

Askofu wa Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri (KKKT) Dayosisi Kusini Mashariki ya Ziwa Victoria Emmanuel Makala amesema Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) kisipokuwa na umoja mwaka huu kitazikwa.

Askofu Makala aliyasema hayo juzi wakati akiweka wakfu kanda ya "Waona Nini" kutoka Kwaya ya Usharika ya KKKT Ebeneezer, Kanisa Kuu Shinyanga iliyozinduliwa katika kanisa hilo ambapo viongozi mbalimbali wa vyama vya siasa wakiongozwa na mwenyekiti wa wenyeviti wa CCM nchini, Mgana Msindai walihudhuria.

Askofu Makala aliwataka wana CCM kudumisha amani ndani ya CCM ili kuendeleza amani iliyopo nchini badala ya kuendeleza malumbano na kisipokuwa makini mwaka huu itazikwa.
“Nawaasa dumisheni amani ndani ya CCM, dumisheni umoja, muwe kitu kimoja muongoze vizuri. Msaidieni Rais naye ni mtu mnamtesa. Msipokuwa makini CCM tutaizika mwaka huu. Kila mtu akitaka kuwa Rais, hatutafika mbali. Hakuna. Nchi hii haiwezi kuongozwa na marais wawili”,
alisema Askofu Makala na kuongeza:
“Mimi siyo mwanasiasa lakini tumeapishwa kuwa na sauti za Kinabii na kuwaonya watawala Kibiblia, kwa hiyo naomba sana kwa amani na ushirikiano tulionao tuendelee kuulinda”,
Aliwataka viongozi wa siasa kutoona aibu kuingia kwenye nyumba za ibada ili waombewe ili wawe waadilifu badala ya kukimbilia kwa waganga wa kienyeji.
“Nendeni Makanisani na Misikitini muombewe, kiongozi mzuri ni yule mwenye hofu na Mungu, hatutaki kuwa na viongozi wezi na wenye madeni, msione aibu kuja na hizo pesa mlizonazo msizifiche zileteni kwenye nyumba za ibada hakuna atakayewafukuza”,
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NEC kugawa majimbo ya Uchaguzi

Zoezi la kuchunguza na kugawa majimbo kwa ajili ya Uchaguzi Mkuu kwa mujibu wa sheria, lipo katika hatua za awali na linatarajiwa kukamilika kwa wakati.

Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi Nchini (NEC), Jaji mstaafu Damian Lubuva alipokutana wajumbe wa Tume katika mkutano na Viongovi wa Vyama vya Siasa nchini amesema:

Tume itazingatia vigezo mbalimbali ikiwemo uwazi kwamba idadi ya watu katika majimbo imeongezeka. Lakini pia itazignatia upatikanaji wa mawasiliano yanaojumuisha miundombinu  yaani barabara, simu na vyombo vya habari kwa ajili ya kupata mawasiliano.

Baadhi ya viongozi wa vyama vya siasa waliohudhuria mkutano huo, wameelezea wasiwasi wao kutokana na kutokuwepo uhakika wa kukamilika ugawaji majimbo kwa wakati.

Jaji Lubuva amesema ugawaji wa majimbo hufanyika kila baada ya miaka 10 kabla ya mwezi Oktoba.

Lubuva ameendelea kusisitiza kusema kuwa Uchaguzi Mkuu utafanyika kama ulivyokuwa umepangwa kutokana na zoezi la uboreshaji wa Daftari la Kudumu la Wapiga Kura kuendelea. Amesema tarehe 15 mwezi huu zoezi hilo litaanza katika mikoa ya Dodoma, Katavi, Rukwa, Mbeya na Tabora hadi tarehe 14 Juni 2015.

Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Uchaguzi akizungumza wakati wa ufunguzi wa mkutano na Viongozi wa vyama vya siasa ambapo alizungumzia zoezi la kugawa Majimbo ya Uchaguzi.

Mkurugenzi wa Uchaguzi Ndugu Julius Malaba akifafanua njia zitakazotumika katika kugawa majimbo ya uchaguzi kwenye mkutano na viongozi wa vyama vya siasa.

Mwenyekiti wa Tumeya uchaguzi akifafanua jambo wakati wa mkutano na viongozi wa vyama vya siasa.

Profesa Ibrahimu Lipumba akichangia mada wakati wa mkutano wa Tume ya Uchaguzi na vyama vya siasa.

Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Uchaguzi Jaji Mstaafu Damian Lubuva akizungumza na Katibu wa NEC Itikadi na Uenezi CCM Taifa Nape Nnauye

Viongozi wa Tume ya Uchaguzi wakichukua maoni ya wachangiaji hoja katika mkutano huo na viongozi wa vyama vya siasa.

Katibu wa NEC Itikadi na Uenezi Nape Nnauye akizungumza wakati wa mkutano wa Tume ya uchaguzi na vyama vya siasa

Mwenyekiti wa chama cha NLD Dk. Emmanuel Makaidi akizungumza wakati wa mkutano huo na kuitaka tume iache kufanya kazi wakati wa uchaguzi tu.
  • Picha: Adam Mzee via blogu ya CCM

"I'm sorry for everything" - Rotimi Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor’s brother has apologised for his behavior and is asking the former Arsenal star to forgive him and return home.

The Tottenham striker accused his younger brother Rotimi of stealing a shirt given to him by the late Marc-Vivien Foe, a signed jersey that belonged to Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane and a £25,000 Cartier necklace the Tottenham striker had bought for his mother.

In a follow-up to ‘part one’ of a statement he released on Facebook last week - where he claimed Rotimi had taken 21 mobile phones from a French football academy he had sent him - Adebayor has delivered on his promise that there was much more to come.

The Togo international has now posted an incredible 1,041-word instalment; this time focusing on his younger brother who he said repeatedly stole from him.

Adebayor, who left his homeland to join Metz as a teenager in 1999, claims his sibling had a master key in his house and 'frequently' stole items from a storage room, as well as taking and selling football boots he intended to give to people in Africa.

The 31-year-old also said Rotimi is responsible for changing his relationship with good friend Jacques Songo'o after stealing a PlayStation device from the retired Cameroonian footballer's son.

But in a contrite interview to the BBC in the wake of the accusations on Facebook made against him and other family members by the Tottenham striker, Rotimi apologized for his behavior and called on his brother to come home so they resolve their differences.

"I'm so sorry for everything that I've done wrong... I want to beg, forgive me," said Rotimi Adebayor.
"I want him [Emmanuel] to try and be with us again. To sit like a family, do things together. I pray to God that moment is coming soon.
"People are laughing at us, but they will see us and they will cry... God's time is the best, I wish my brother good luck."

Yesterday, May 10, 2015 Emmanuel Adebayor wrote the following on his official Facebook page:

SEA, here is another part of the story I have kept inside since. Today I feel the constant need to let it out. If I share my stories, it is because I believe every story comes with a lesson. And the lesson is for anyone that is reading this. This is about a brother who keeps saying today that I am not a good support for our family. His name is Rotimi Adebayor. At the age of 13, he did something very bad. He and I know what he did. Because of that our parents had to send him to a village far from the big city. When I started to be successful in football and I went to Togo for vacation; at that time one of my mother’s friend came from the village to visit us. As she explained how Rotimi was suffering in the village, I immediately asked them to bring him back into the city. As soon as he came back, I made sure I put him in school. For me that is normal.
In 2002, I went to play the AFCON in Mali and I had the huge privilege to swap my shirt with Marc-Vivien Foé. May his soul rest in peace. When I got back to Togo, I put that shirt in a secure place. My brother found a way to steal that shirt and sold it.
When I moved from Metz to Monaco, we reached an advanced stage in the Champions League and we played against Real Madrid. It was one of most beautiful day of my life because I was lucky enough to get a signed shirt from the football legend Zinedine Zidane. As I brought that shirt back to Togo, my brother still found a way to steal that shirt and sold it.
When I was in Metz, I was earning about €15,000 a month. I wanted to get something unique for my mom to thank her for all she did for me. I wanted to make her happy. So I decided to take an amount worth 3 months of my wages and I bought her a Cartier neckless for about €45,000. Rotimi and his friends Akim(@Yam Freedom) and Tao (@Sao Tao Oyawole) made a plan and stole that precious neckless. They sold it for about €800. When my mom and I found out, my mother asked me not to bother because he is the younger brother. Despite the situation, I would like to take this same occasion to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!
In my house, I have a storage room where I keep some of my belongings when I travel back to Europe. I am the only one with that key but my brother managed to get a master key that was able to open every single door in the house. He frequently stole drinks and other items from that room.
After all this we kept saying “blood is thicker than water” and we moved on. Therefore, I decided to take him where I started my football in France. I brought him to a great football academy in France. You already know how this story ended. He stole cellphones from many of his teammates and they sacked him from the football academy. By the way, after I published the first story about him, he called me to say that he did not steal exactly 21 phones. He claimed that the number was lower than that. Still...Is that acceptable? He also added that I should be happy that he stole drinks and other items from my storage room. I asked him why and he replied: "Because I am your brother".
Jacques Songo’o who is now a retired Cameroonian footballer also had his son in the academy and he was a good friend of Rotimi. Let me add that he was part of my development as a footballer and he always gave me good advices. I was in Togo on my days off when Songo’ocalled me; he sounded very angry. He explained to me how my brother stole his son’s PSP. When I asked my brother why he did that, he argued that he forgot it in his bag. How can you forget someone else’s device in your bag and travel with it from France to Togo? Since that day, my relationship with Songo'o changed and he has become pretty distant with me and my family.
I was still in Monaco when I decided to collect all football boots from my teammates so I could give them to people in Africa. I had a huge bag full of shoes. I brought that bag to Togo. A few days after when I decided to give the boots out to the people in need, I noticed the bag full of boots disappeared. Later on, I found out that my brother was the one who stole the bag and went to sell the shoes in Hedzranawoé (famous public market in Togo).
One day, my mom called me early in the morning when I was still in bed. She told me that Rotimi has gotten a Visa to go to Dubai so he can play football out there. He had to leave that day with his friend Kodjovi (@Denilson de Souza) who was in the same situation. It was either they went that day or the Visa would be suspended. I asked one of my guys at the time (@Agui Mozino) to go find tickets for my brother and his friend. We could not find any economy class ticket on that day so I had to get them both first class tickets. After all, it was an opportunity for him to make his own career in Dubai. Only 4days later, Rotimi went back home. He explained how the lifestyle in Dubai was not made for him. He said he wasn’t free to do what he wanted to do because it is a strictly Muslim place. He couldn't drink, party as much as he wanted or kiss girls in public.
The part 3 is coming out soon and it will be about the man that calls himself the father of the family @Kola Adebayor A.K.A Lion of Judah.

Mvua yakosesha makazi kaya 30 Bukoba; Waliofariki kwa mafuriko Dar wafikia 12

Idadi ya watu waliokufa kutokana na mafuriko jijini Dar es Salaam wameongezeka na kufikia kumi na wawili.

Akitoa taarifa kwa wanahabari, Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Suleiman Kova amewataka wakazi wa jiji hilo kujihadhari kutokana na mvua zinazoendelea kunyesha.

Mamlaka ya hali ya hewa ilitoa taarifa kuwa mvua hizo zitaendelea hadi tarehe 20 mwezi huu.

Wakati huo huo, ripoti kutoka mkoani Kagera katika Manispaa ya Bukoba zinazema kuwa jumla ya kaya 3 katika Mtaa wa Nyamkazi kandoni mwaziwa Viktoria, hazina makazi kutokana na mvua zinazoendelea kunyesha mkoani humo. Familia chache zilifanikiwa kuokoa vitu vichache vya matumizi pamoja na mavazi.  

Pamoja na uharibifu huo wa makazi ya watu, athari nyingine zilizotokana na mvua hizo ni uharibifu wa mazao ya chakula, uharibifu wa miundombinu ya barabara pamoja na maji.

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Bukoba, Jackson Musome amesema hakuna yeyote aliyeripotiwa kupoteza uhai na waathirika wamepewa hifadhi ya muda katika Shule ya Msingi Nyamkazi.

Tanzanian Govt expands new birth registration system

Baby Veronica being registered

The new system is set to drastically increase the number of children under 5 with birth certificates

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania, Honorable Ummy Ali Mwalimu, launched today in Mwanza the new simplified birth registration initiative for children under-five in Tanzania. The event took place in Mwanza, the second largest city in mainland Tanzania. Mwanza will be the second region, after Mbeya, to benefit from the new, easily accessible and free birth registration system which is set to register over 400,000 children under-five by December 2015.

This new birth registration system, which is being supported by a generous contribution from the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development, was first field tested in 2012 in Temeke, the largest district of the city of Dar es salaam and in 2014 was officially launched in Mbeya. According to the Acting Chief Executive Officer of RITA, Ms. Emmy Hudson, this simplified system marks a significant shift in accelerating birth registration in Tanzania after years of stagnation.

“RITA has embarked on several initiatives to improve birth registration in Mainland Tanzania, especially to newborn babies to ensure that each baby is captured and registered shortly after birth and closest to home. Through this initiative we see this dream realized and thank our development partners for unwavering support. Temeke and Mbeya have set good examples and we hope to register even better results in Mwanza.”

The 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey showed that only 16 per cent of children in Tanzania under the age of five were registered with civil authorities, and only about 8 per cent have a birth certificate.[1] Registration in Zanzibar is much more widespread than on the mainland with 78.7 per cent of under-fives registered (63 per cent with a certificate) versus 14.6 per cent registered (6.2 per cent with a certificate) on the mainland.[2]

Prior to the roll-out of the Birth Registration Initiative in Mbeya it was estimated that only 8.7 per cent of the under-five population had a birth certificate. In less than two years after the roll-out, Mbeya saw approximately a 48 per cent increase and now it is estimated that nearly 56 per cent of under-fives in Mbeya have a certificate.

Baby Veronica and her Birth Certificate

The new decentralized birth registration and certification system capitalizes on the existing health infrastructure and personnel to register newborn babies soon after birth or within 12 months when visiting health facilities for vaccinations. Registration information is uploaded using mobile phone technology to a centralized data-base resulting in real-time data availability, and a certificate is issued the same day.

This new birth registration and certification system will be operational in Mwanza soon after today’s launch. With financial support from the Canadian Government, this new system will also be rolled out over the next five years to ten additional regions, namely, Mara, Shinyanga, Simiyu, Geita, Iringa, Njombe, Tabora, Kagera, Kigoma and Dodoma.

UNICEF Tanzania Deputy Representative, Paul Edwards

UNICEF Tanzania Deputy Representative, Paul Edwards, commended the Government of Tanzania for its commitment to prioritizing child rights and reaffirmed UNICEF’s commitment and support towards making birth registration and certification a reality for all children.

“With this initiative RITA has taken an important step towards facilitating birth registration. Registration Assistants are now able to upload information instantly over mobile phones, making data available in ‘real time.’ This type of information is crucial in planning for Tanzania’s future. And it goes without saying that the certificate itself provides protection for children - proof of age informs the State as to who is a child, and provides protection against the exploitation of children and child marriage.”

Tigo Lake Zone Director, Ally Maswanya said: “The support provided by Tigo towards this initiative is in line with the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy which aims at empowering community with information and communication technology tools such as mobile phones. The under-five birth registration initiative demonstrates our commitment as telecommunication experts and attests the potential of mobile technology in development programs.”

The VSO Country Director Jean Van Wetter praised the strong partnership between Government, UN, private sector and civil society: “Birth registration is fundamental to guarantee child rights and further improve the social services delivery system in the country.”

[1] See Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (2010), pg. 27.
[2] Ibid. and See p.28, Table 2.11 Birth Registration for Children Under Five

Vodacom Tanzania CEO, Rene Meza resigns

Johannesburg - Rene Meza, managing director of Vodacom Group Ltd.’s Tanzanian unit, has resigned to pursue other opportunities.

Meza, who joined Vodacom Tanzania in 2011, will leave the wireless carrier in September, the Johannesburg-based company said in a statement Monday. He previously worked for Bharti Airtel Ltd. in Kenya and for Millicom International Cellular SA.

“During his time with Vodacom, he doubled the network to 3,200 sites, increased the number of customers to over 12 million and led Tanzania to have the second biggest M-Pesa customer base in the Vodacom Group,” Vodacom said in the statement. M-Pesa is a mobile banking service.

Tanzanian carriers are developing more sophisticated mobile banking products, such as interest-baring accounts and loans, to boost sales as well as seeking more spectrum to improve their networks.

Rene Meza to leave Vodacom Tanzania for Ooredoo Myanmar

Qatari telecommunications firm Ooredoo said on Monday that Rene Meza, currently managing director of Vodacom Tanzania, would become the new chief executive of its Myanmar unit.

Meza will replace Ross Cormack, "who has taken the decision to leave his position later this year" after he led the Myanmar unit since its creation as a greenfield operation two years ago, Ooredoo said in a statement.

Taarifa inayosambaa kuhusu Lowasa

Taarifa hizi mbili zimepokelewa via WhatsApp. 

Ilitumwa awali ilisomeka ifuatavyo:

Kutoka ofisi ya mwenyekiti wa shughuli za nje za Bunge, 
Napenda kutoa habari mpya kwa MARAFIKI wote wa Edward Ngoyai Lowassa. 
Siku iliyosubiriwa kwa miaka imewadia, baada ya makundi mbali mbali kufuata agizo la Mhe rais Jakaya Kikwete alilolitoa siku ya sherehe za chama mkoani Ruvuma, na kumshawishi kwa hali na mali siku ya Mhe Lowassa. Ameshawishika na sasa anawatangazia wana safari ya matumaini wote kwamba,

Siku ya tarehe 16/05/2015. atatangaza nia ya kugombea urais wa awamu ya tano wa jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania. 
Hivyo anawaomba watu wote wenye mapenzi mema na Nchi yao wajitokeze kumuunga mkono pale uwanja wa Shekh Amri Abed Arusha. 
Tuwajulisheni WADAU wote wa safari ya matumaini, 
Imetoka kwa,
Ndug. Aboubakar Liongo,
Ofisi ya Edward N. Lowassa,
Mwenge, Dar es salaam.
Taarifa hiyo ilifuatiwa na:

Kuna  taarifa  inayosambaa  kwenye  mitandao  ya  kijamii yenye  jina langu  ya kwamba mh Edward  Lowassa atatangaza  rasmi  nia  Jumamosi. 
Napenda  kuwaambia  kuwa  habari  hiyo  ni  ya uongo  na haijatolewa na ofisi  ya mh Lowassa,kwa  hiyo  ni  ya  kupuuzwa. 
Taarifa rasmi  itatolewa. 
Imetolewa  na ofisi  ya Mh Edward Lowassa (Mb) 
Aboubakar Liongo 

Mwili waopolewa kwenye bwawa la maji Arusha

Mwili ukipelekwa pembezoni mwa bwawa tayari kutolewa kwenye maji

Mtu mmoja, Ibrahim Issa (25) amekufa maji baada ya kutumbukia kwenye bwawa lenye maji linalomilikiwa na kampuni ya Kili flora lililoko eneo la Mlangarini Wilayani Arumeru mkoani Arusha.

Mwili huo uliodumu kwenye maji kwa muda wa masaa 26, uliokolewa na wasamaria wema waliojitolea kuutafuta mwili huo ili kuutoa kwenye bwawa alikotumbukia lenye kina cha maji meta 20 chini na meta 500 urefu.

Baadhi ya wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo ya Kili Flora walisema kuwa marehemu alitoka mapumziko ya kunywa chai saa nne asubuhi may 8 mwaka huu na kubeba waya aliyotengenezea ndoano kwa ajili ya kwenda kujipatia samaki lakini kwa bahati mbaya aliteleza na kuangukia ndani ya maji.

“Kwa mbali tulisikia kama kuna kelele bwawani nyuma ya mashambani na tulipokwenda kutazama tulimuona Ibrahim (marehemu) akiomba msaada na tukafanya juhudi za kumrushia kamba kuvuta lakini haikuwezekana kwani alishachoka na ndipo alipozama”
alisema Jane Macha.

Macha alisema Tulitoa taarifa kwenye uongozi kumuokoa mapema lakini hata hivyo ilishindikana kwa kutolewa ruhusa ya haraka kutokana na makao makuu ya uongozi kuwa Usa, eneo ambalo ni mbali na hapa hivyo baadae uongozi ulipofika ulikuwa unasua sua kufanya taratibu za kumuokoa mapema hivyo wananchi walijitosa kwenye maji na kuanza kumtafuta kucha bila mafanikio.

Jeshi la polisi pamoja na maafisa wa zima moto wakiondoa mwili eneo la tukio kuupeleka chumba cha kuhifadhia maiti katika hospitali ya mkoa mount meru tiyari kwa mazishi

Mwenyekiti wa mtaa wa Olomitu, kata ya Mlangarine, Absalom Kambaine alisema kuwa ingawa alichelewa kupata taarifa lakini siku ya pili asubuhi ya May, 9 alikwenda kuomba msaada wa kuupata mwili kwa wataalam wa maafa wakiwemo jeshi la polisi, jeshi wananchi kikosi 977 KJ, na kikosi cha zima moto lakini hakufanikiwa kwa kile kinachodaiwa ukosefu wa vifaa.

“Kiukweli nimepata taarifa asubuhi hii nikaamka na kukimbia kimbia kwa wataalam ambapo zimamoto walifika eneo la tukio lakini walisema hawawezi kuupata mwili huo kwani hawana vifaa vya uokoaji majini pia wataalam wa kuzama, nikaenda kambi ya jeshi hii hapa karibu moshono nao wakasema hakuna wataalam wa uzamiaji majini bali wapo wavuvi pekee na hawataweza kufanya kazi hiyo hadi kibali makao makuu pia polisi walifika hapa lakini wao wakasema wamekuja kuweka ulinzi na kusubiri mwili tu” 
alisema mwenyekiti Kambaine.

Kwa upande wa baba mzazi wa marehem Joseph Issa alisema kuwa hali hiyo ya mwanae kuzama na kukaa ndani ya maji kwa zaidi ya masaa 26 ni uzembe wa vikosi husika na serikali kwa pamoja kukosa vifaa vya uokoaji ndio maana maafa yanatokea mara kwa mara huku hakuna anaejishughulisha na tahadhari hivyo wanamuachia Mungu swala hilo.

Kesi ya mauaji ya albino Aaron Nongo yaanza kusikilizwa tena

KESI ya mauaji ya Aaron Nongo mwenye ulemavu wa ngozi (albino) imeanza kusikilizwa tena leo hii kwenye Mahakama Kuu Kanda ya Mwanza baada ya kusimama kwa miezi takriban mitano.

Shauri hilo namba 213 la mwaka 2014 liko mbele ya Jaji Robert Makaramba, ambaye ndiyo kwanza ameanza kulisikiliza baada ya jaji wa awali, Ashery Sumari, kupewa uhamisho.

Washtakiwa katika kesi hiyo walikuwa watano, lakini leo hii mahakama imearifiwa kwamba mmoja – Paulo Budeba Genji maarufu kama Lumalija – alifariki dunia Novemba 22, 2014 katika Hospitali ya Mkoa wa Mwanza, Sekou Toure, wakati akiwa mahabusu.

Taarifa hiyo ilitolewa na kiongozi wa mawakili wa upande wa mashtaka, Emil Kiria, ambaye aliiomba mahakama, akirejea Kifungu cha 284 (a) cha Sheria ya Mwenendo wa Makosa ya Jinai, kwamba inapotokea hali kama hiyo mashtaka dhidi ya mtu huyo yanafikia kikomo, ombi ambalo lilikubaliwa na mahakama.

Washtakiwa waliobakia kwenye kesi hiyo ni Chacha Jeremia, Mathew Jeremia Mlimi, Paschal Lugoye Mashiku na Alex Joseph maarufu kama Bugwema Silola Jangalu.

Kesi hiyo ambayo inaendelea tena kesho katika Mahakama Kuu Kanda ya Mwanza, iko katika hatua ya ushahidi ambapo shahidi wa sita wa upande wa mashtaka atatoa ushahidi wake.

Leo hii mashahidi wawili wametoa ushahidi wao na kufanya idadi ya mashahidi waliokwishatoa ushahidi wao kufikia watano mpaka sasa.

Marehemu Nongo aliuawa Juni 26, 2009 majira ya saa tatu usiku akiwa nyumbani kwake Ibanda Relini, jijini Mwanza ambapo wauaji hao walimkata usoni na kisha kumkata miguu yake yote miwili na kutoweka nayo pamoja na meno mawili ya mbele.

Daniel Mbega,

Maamuzi ya Kamati ya Rufaa ya Nidhamu TFF

Baada ya mahojiano kati ya mrufani Dk. Damas Ndumbaro na Wakili wa TFF Nd Emmanuel Muga, pamoja na Wajumbe wa Kamati ya rufaa ya nidhamu kuwahoji wote, Mrufani na Wakili wa TFF, Kamati ya rufaa ya nidhamu ilichukua uamuzi ufuatao:-

1. Hoja ya kwanza cha rufaa, kwamba kamati ya nidhamu haikuwa na nguvu za kisheria kusikiliza shauri lake, Kamati ya rufaa ya nidhamu baada kusikiliza hoja za pande zote mbili, kwa uamuzi wa Wajumbe wote kwa maana ya kuwa zote nne za Wajjumbe wa kamati ya rufaa ya nidhamu, ilitupilia mbali hoja hiyo na kuona kwamba kamati ilikuwa na mamlaka ya kusikiliza shauri hilo kwa kuwa mkata rufaa ni afisa wa Shirikisho la Mpira wa Miguu Tanzania TFF kwa mujibu wa Katiba ya TFF ya 2013. Uamuzi katika hoja hii uliamuliwa kwa kura 3 dhidi ya moja.

2. Hoja ya pili inayosema kwamba kamati ilikosea kisheria kwa kutompa muda wa kuleta utetezi wake wala vielelezo vyovyote vile kwenye shauri lake.

Kamati ya rufaa ya Nidhamu kwenye Shauri hili, baada ya kufanya maamuzi kwa kupiga kura, kura za Wajumbe watatu zilitupiliwa mbali hoja yake na kura moja kati ya kura nne ilikubaliana na hoja yake kwa uamuzi huo, kamati ya rufani ya nidhamu ilitupilia mbali hoja hiyo kwa uamuzi wa wingi wa kura kwa maana ya kuwa tatu dhidi ya kura moja.

Sababu za kutupilia mbali hoja hizo ni kwamba mrufani alipata wito wa kwenda kwenye shauri, na akawakilishwa na wakili wake ( Nestory Peter Wandiba ) kwenye Shauri hilo. Shauri liliposikilizwa kwa mara ya kwanza tarehe 10/10.2014 shauri lilipangwa kusikilizwa tarehe 11/10/2014 Lakini siku hiyo ya pili si wakili wala Dr Ndumbaro alifika kwenye shauri hilo kwa maana hiyo basi shauri lililazimika kusilikizwa upande mmoja kwa mujibu wa kanuni za nidhamu za TFF ibara ya 94 (3).

3. Hoja ya tatu linalosema kwamba kamati ilikosea kusiliza shauri upande mmoja bila ya mtuhumiwa kuwepo, ni kukiuka haki yake ya msingi ya kusikilizwa.

Kamati baada ya kusikiliza utetezi kutoka pande zote mbili kamati ilifanya uamuzi kwa kupiga kura, na kura tatu (wajumbe watatu) walitupilia mbali hoja hiyo, dhidi ya kura moja (mjumbe mmoja) aliyeikubali hoja hiyo. Sababu za kutupilia mbali hoja hiyo ni kutokana na ukweli kwamba mrufani alipata wito wa kuhudhuria shauri hili na akamtuma wakili wake, lakini mrufani alishindwa kuonyesha vielelezo vya kuonyesha kwamba angesafiri kwenda nje ya nchi ili kamati ya nidhamu iweze kuahirisha shauri mpaka wakati ambao angekuwa amerejea lakini hakufanya hivyo.

Hata hivyo kwa mujibu wa Ibara 144(2) (3) za kanuni ya nidhamu za TFF, mrufani angeweza pia kuomba kamati ya nidhamu ibatilishe uamuzi iliyoutoa dhidi yake ili aweze kusikilizwa utetezi wake pia hakufanya hivyo na aliamua kukata rufaa.

4. Hoja ya nne inayosema kwamba kamati ilikosea kisheria katika uchambuzi wa ushahidi wa mlalamikaji na hatimaye kutoa uamuzi uliomtia hatiani.

Kamati ya rufani ya nidhamu ilisikiliza kwa umakini hoja za pande zote mbili na kujiridhisha kwamba mrufani alifanya makosa kwa kutoa taarifa isiyosahihi na kupotosha maamuzi ya TFF kinyume na kanuni ya 41 (6) ya kanuni za ligi kuu ya Tanzania toleo la 2014 (4) na pia kushawishi, kupotosha au kuzuia maamuzi/utekelezaji wa maamuzi ya TFF kinyume na kanuni ya 41(16) ya kanuni za ligi kuu za Tanzania ya (2014).

Wakati wa kufanya maamuzi, wajumbe watatu(3) kwa maana ya kura tatu zilitupilia mbali hoja hiyo, na kura moja, kwa maana ya mjumbe mmoja alikubaliana na hoja hiyo. Kwa maana hiyo, kamati ya rufaa ya nidhamu ya TFF imetupilia mbali hoja hiyo.

Kwa uamuzi huu kamati inadhibitisha uamuzi wa kamati ya nidhamu iliyosomwa tarehe 13/10/2014, uamuzi huu umefikiwa baada ya wajumbe kupiga kura na uamuzi kupitishwa kwa wingi wa kura za wajumbe watatu, dhidi ya mjumbe mmoja wa kamati hii kwa hoja ya 2,3 na 4 na wajumbe wote 4 walikubaliana kutupiliwa mbali hoja ya kwanza.

Kwa hiyo Dr Damas Ndumbaro ataendelea kutumikia adhabu yake kwa kutojihusisha na shughuli yoyote ya Mpira wa Miguu (Soka) kwa kipindi cha miaka saba.

Hata hivyo mrufani Dr Damas Ndumbaro anayohaki ndani ya siku 10 kuanzia leo tarehe 10/05/2015 ya kuomba marejeo ya uamuzi huu mbele ya kamati ya Rufaa ya Nidhamu ya TFF chini ya Ibara 142 ya kanuni za nidhamu za TFF ya mwaka.

Kila upande utabeba gharama zake Hukumu inasomwa leo tarehe 10/05/2015/

Revocatus L. K. Kuuli.


Mapitio ya magazeti Mei 11, 2015 via TBC

Nafasi za kazi ya ukufunzi wa Chuo

Nafasi za kazi ya ukufunzi wa Chuo (College Tutors)

Neema Herbalist College ni Chuo kipya kinachotoa kozi ya CHAKULA NA LISHE katika ngazi ya Cheti

(Basic Certificate In Foods & NUTRITION) Chuo kinatangaza nafasi za kazi ya ukufunzi.

Mwombaji awe na sifa zifuatazo:

i. Awe na Shahada ya Sayansi katika Home Economics & Human Nutrition. (B.Sc in Home Economics & Human Nutrition) kutoka katika chuo kinacho tambuliwa na serikali.

ii. Awe na uzoefu usio pungua miaka miwili na kuendelea.

iii. Awe na wito wa kazi ya kufundisha.

iv. Awe anaishi katika mkoa wa Dar es salaam.


· Kuandaa mtiririko wa mpangilio wa masomo (lesson sequences and plan)
· Kuandaa na kufundisha masomo
· Kusimamia masomo ya vitendo chini ya mkufunzi mkuu wa somo.
· Kuandaa na kupanga vifaa kwa ajili ya somo la vitendo.
· Kusimamia wanafunzi wakati wa somo la vitendo.
· Kupima maendeleo ya wanafunzi kwenye mitihani katika kipindi chote cha kozi na kutunza alama zao.
· Kuandaa mitihani ya mafunzo kwa vitendo
· Kutekeleza shughuli nyingine za kikazi kadri atakavyo pangiwa na mkuu wake wa kazi.



Andika maombi yako kwenda kwa :

Mkuu wa Chuo,
Neema Herbalist College,
S.L.P 35930,
Dar es salaam.

Au tuma maombi yako kwenda : [email protected]

Mwisho wa kupokea barua za maombi ni tarehe 31 MEI 2015 saa nane kamili mchana.

Kwa maelezo zaidi, tembelea ;