Tottenham ready to let Emmanuel Adebayor depart

Tottenham will listen to offers of around £5million for striker Emmanuel Adebayor, writes Tom Hopkinson in the Sunday People.

The troubled 31-year-old has been allowed home to Togo on compassionate leave and will miss today’s final game of the season.

He has one year left on his contract, but has been told he can leave this summer.

The decision will put Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood, the former White Hart Lane manager, on alert.

Adebayor revealed last week that he had considered suicide during a long-running family feud. [THE MIRROR]

Here is his 3rd Facebook post

SEA, if I decide to bring out the Part 3 today, it is because my brother Kola Adebayor and my other siblings have decided to talk about our family issues on social medias, through letters to my club, radios…I could write an autobiography and sell it but I decided to share with you here.

25 years ago, my big older brother Kola went to Germany and he became the hope of our family. We all thought he could change the way we were living. Years after he left Togo, we still had no electricity and no phones. If he wanted to talk to us, he would call the Atlantic Hotel that was very close to our house. We would then run to the hotel reception and talk to him.

When I got the opportunity to go play football in France for the first time, we needed money to for the flight tickets and other expenses. My brother was nowhere to be found. Only God knows what he was doing in Germany.

When I arrived in France, I did all the paperwork with my team and they allowed me to stay in the academy. A few months later, my brother wanted to come visit me. I was running out of money and I was living at the academy. Therefore, I had to borrow money so I could pay for his hotel. At that time, my teammate Sega N’diaye from Cameroon was kind enough to lend me some money. I also had to borrow some more money because I had to give my brother some money for his trip back to Germany. Keep in mind he is my older brother.

A couple years later, things started to get better. Thank God, I signed a contract with Metz. Since then, my brother would contact me whenever it was time to pay his bills. Sometimes, he would say his son is sick… I had to get used to all this.

Again, I was lucky enough to get an offer from Monaco and I signed for the football club. One day, Kola and the late Peter Adebayor came to visit me in Monaco. My two brothers did not let me know they were coming. Someone said “blood is thicker than water” so I took them in. They arrived early in the morning and I was on my way to training. When I came back home, we had a discussion and they wanted to start a car business. Obviously, it involves a lot of money. I told them that I could help them out as soon as I get paid next. At that time, Thierry Mangwa was staying in my apartment because he was struggling with some personal issues and needed a place to stay. One day, I came back from training and he was crying. He never told me why. My brothers could also not explain. Another day, one of my friends Padjoe came to visit me and as he was leaving the house, I believe I offered him about €500. My brother Kola noticed that and was very upset. He was trying to understand why I gave my friend some money right away but not him. My reason was very simple; the money he (Kola) needed was a huge amount of money that I did not carry in my house. We went on and had an argument about it.

Another day, after training…I was very tired and decided to go take a nap. I woke up and a knife was held to my throat. As I opened my eyes, both of my brothers were there. They were shouting and they claimed that I was wasting their time. Peter was going mad and Kola was supporting. I asked them: “Is this the only way to solve this issue? I yes, then kill me and take the money”. It’s only at that moment that he put the knife down. After all this, I found a way out of my own apartment and I called my parents. My mom suggested that I call the police. That was the only way for me to get back into my house safely… I had training the next day, by the way. So I did what my mom said. Police came and they settled down. Again, “blood is thicker than water”, so I let it go. A few days after, Peter went to visit one of Kola’s friends in Paris. That means I was left in the house with Kola; for my own safety, I found a way to get him the money as soon as I could. Only God knows how much I gave him that day.

A few months after all this, I went back to Togo and I was surprised when my mom started to ask me why I called the police on my brothers, she continued and said I am the bad person in the family. That is another story I will leave for later…

Every time I went back home, everyone kept asking me why my brother never visited after all these years. Immediately, I organized a flight for him and he came back to visit the family, at my own expenses.

On April 22nd 2005, we received some bad news. I received a call and they announced that my father passed away. I was devastated. I called my big brother and told him that we all have to be there. Again I made sure there was a flight ticket ready for him. We all went back home and I took care of everything. A long time before my dad died, he was in the hospital one day and he asked me to make sure his funeral is not a moment of sadness. He wanted us to celebrate his life. I leave it to God to decide if the funeral I organized for my dad was what he wanted. The man who calls himself the “big man” in the family did not contribute to anything. But he still has the boldness to say I do not take care of this family.

In 2006, I had another big opportunity to go play for Arsenal. Since then, my brother has started to come up with series of false accusations against me.

On July 22nd, 2013 sad news hit us in the family. My brother Peter Adebayor passed away. His death was sad and I was affected by it. One thing I find difficult to swallow today is that Kola was accusing me of Peter’s death. He is saying that the shop I opened for Peter was not good enough. He kept texting saying that my career would be destroyed. I did everything for Peter when he was alive, I brought him to Metz, and Monaco with me. What can Kola say that he has done for Peter? Nothing. The man did not even show up at the funeral even after all the money I sent for the trip back home.

He is saying that I also made my mom suffer, but he forgot that when he was in Germany, at some point I was the one always by my mom’s side. As soon as I started to make a living with football, I did everything you could imagine for our mom. That is normal. But my brother is never satisfied. He said I bought a sh***y car for my mom. Why can’t he buy a better one? All I want from him is to take his responsibilities. Since I am not doing it right, he should show the example as a big brother. He has been in Germany for more than 20 years, but he never brought our mother there to visit. Even to go back home for a visit is another struggle. All he keeps saying is that my father said I should build a house for each one of them. I don’t think my father said that. Does that even make sense for him or anyone? As a big brother, he is supposed to be doing all that I am doing for the family. He should stop hiding and take his responsibilities. When he came to Europe, he was young enough to become a football player too. Anyways, some people are drivers here but they are able to take care of their families. They even bring their parents and other family members. Why has he not done anything like that but he keeps talking? As a matter fact, he should at least bring Rotimi, Bidemi or his own son Aziz here before talking about “taking care of the family”. Actions are louder than speeches.

A lot of people are saying that I never went to school, but they forget that it is because we could not afford it. I never blamed my parents for that. But thank God, today I am able to speak more than 3 languages and I can send my daughter to school. I am proud of that. People can accuse me for not going to school, but in the end it is all about who you become and what you teach yourself. It is also about what life teaches you and what you learn from it.

Many times I wanted to give up. Ask my sister Iyabo Adebayor how many times I have called and was ready to commit suicide? I kept these stories for years… But If I die, no one would know my story, no one would learn from it… Some people say I should keep these stories private, but someone has to sacrifice himself; someone has to talk about it. I know people would relate to my story and others would learn from it. For every one who knows me, I’d do anything for my country and my people.

Final message from the younger brother to the older brother: Quit Smoking and Quit Drinking. That was my story.

Maelezo ya ufugaji wa kware

Kware ni jamii ya ndege ambao kwa sasa wanafugwa majumbani na wanaotaga mayai kama kuku ama bata na kwa wingi sana. Ndege hawa ni wadogo 280gm - 300gm, wana rangi ya brown, nyeusi au hata nyeupe yenye miraba na madoa ya rangi ya udongo au kijivu. Manyoya yao pia yana rangi ya brown au nyeupe na yenye madoa yanayovutia.

Kutaga na kuatamia

Kware dume humpanda jike kwa muda kidogo, Hapo jike anakuwa tayari kutaga na hutaga mayai 290 hadi 310 kwa mwaka (hii hulingana na lishe nzuri atakayopatiwa).

Mayai ya Kware huatamiwa kwa siku 18 na huanza kuanguliwa vifaranga kwa muda wa siku 2, kuanzia siku ya 18 na hadi 20.

Njia bora ya kutotolesha mayai ya Kware ni kwa kutumia incubator ambapo mayai huatamiwa kwa wingi ndani ya siku 18.

Utunzaji wa vifaranga na chakula

Siku 1 – 7
Vifaranga wapatiwe chakula “STARTER PELLET” na maji masafi ya kutosha. Siku ya 1 wawekee ‘GLUCOSE’ kwenye maji, Packet moja kwa lita 20 za maji, na siku ya pili hadi ya tano wawekee Amin Total kwenye maji, Wape maji pekee siku ya sita na siku ya saba wapatie chanjo ya Newcastle. Utawapatia joto kwa njia ya umeme kwa ‘BULB’ mbili (2) za 200watts kwa kila vifaranga 300, ama unaweza kuweka taa ya ‘Energy Server’ pamoja na jiko la mkaa uliofunikwa na majivu ambao utakidhi kuwapatia joto sawia kwa masaa 24 kwa siku 7. (Majivu yanasaidia moto kukaa kwa muda mrefu)

Banda/box lako liwe la ukubwa wa 1.5m x 1.5m (au eneo la ukubwa huo ndani mwa banda kubwa la kufugia kuku) lazima uzingatie usalama wa vifaranga dhidi ya panya, paka au vicheche. Unatakiwa kuweka magazeti au mabox chini kwenye sakafu yatakayosaidia usafi. Kwa week ya kwanza chakula kitawekwa chini na tunashauri utumie chakula cha pellet ili kusaidia vifaranga wasiteleze na kuathiri miguu. NOTE: Weka gololi au mawe kwenye drinkers zako ili kuzuia vifaranga wasizame ndani ya (drinkers) maji na kufa.

Siku 8-14
Vifaranga wataendelea kupewa chakula “STARTER PELLET” na maji safi. Wataendelea kuhitaji ‘mwanga’ wa kutosha muda wote na joto la wastani bulb 2 za watts 100 au moja ya watts 200

Siku 15-21
Uhitaji wa joto utapungua, ila ni kipindi ambacho wanakula chakula zaidi kwa ajili ya kukua. Ni vizuri waendelee kupata taa ili kupata mwangaza utakayowawezesha kula mchana na usiku.

Siku 21 na Kuendelea
Kware wako hawatahitaji joto tena wawekee taa tu za energy server kipindi cha usiku, wape chakula na maji ya kutosha zaidi kwa ajili ya kukua.



Wiki ya sita kuelekea ya saba Kware wako wataanza kutaga mayai kila siku, kwa wastani Kware mmoja hutaga mayai 300 kwa mwaka.


Kware ni ndege wenye kinga kubwa na ni vigumu sana kushambuliwa na magonjwa kama kuku na mara wanapougua ni rahisi sana kutibika. Magonjwa yanayoweza kuwapata Kware ni typhoid, mafua na kuharisha .

Tiba za asili

Waweza kuwatibu vifaranga au Kware wako kwa kutumia njia ya asili ambayo pia ni rahisi, gharama nafuu na bora zaidi kuliko kutumia madawa yaliyochanganywa na kemikali na yenye gharama.
Vifuatazo ni vitu vya asili vinavyotumika kutibu magonjwa mbali mbali kwa Kware na yanayopatikana kwa wingi katika maeneo ya mfugaji. Madawa haya hutumika kwa kiwango cha wastani na hayana kipimo maalum kwani hata ukiyazidisha hayana madhara.

Mwarobaini na Aloe Vera: Madawa haya hutumika kutibu kuharisha damu pamoja na mafua kwa vifaranga vya Kware. Chukua kiasi kidogo cha mwarubaini kisha twanga vizuri kupata maji maji. Kamua maji yale, kisha weka katika maji uliyoandaa kuwanywesha vifaranga wako. Kata vipande vidogovidogo vya aloe vera (jani moja laweza kutosha) na tia katika maji yaliyochanganywa na mwarobaini, kisha wapatie vifaranga wanywe (Aloe Vera itaendelea kujikamua yenyewe ikiwa ndani ya maji huku vifaranga wakiendele kunywa).

Kitunguu swaumu: Hii hutumika kukinga na kutibu vifaranga vya kware wanaosumbuliwa na kuharisha damu. Unachukua kitunguu swaumu na kuondoa maganda ya nje kisha kusafisha na kukata vipande vidogo sana, na kuwawekea kama chakula. Vifaranga wanapenda sana vitunguu hivyo na watakula kwa kasi kama chakula lakini ni tiba tayari. Unaweza kuwapatia kila siku hadi watakapo pona.

Maziwa:Maziwa yanayotokana na ng’ombe pia hutumika kutibu ugonjwa wa kuhara pamoja na kuwapa nguvu Kware waliolegea. Mnyweshwe maziwa hayo Kware anayeumwa bila kuyachemsha na umnyweshe maziwa ya kutosha kiasi cha kushiba. Unamnywesha mara tatu kwa siku. Hakikisha maziwa unayotumia yanatoka kwa ng’ombe wanaotibiwa kila mara.


Siyo lazima Kware waugue ndipo uwapatie tiba hizi. Hakikisha unawapa tiba kabla hata hawajaugua hivyo utawakinga na magonjwa hayo. Waweza kuchanganya madawa hayo yote kwa wakati mmoja kwani hayana madhara.

Endapo madawa ya asili hayapatikani katika eneo la mfugaji basi waweza kuwatibu Kware kwa madawa yafuatayo ambapo vipimo huelezwa moja kwa moja kwa maandishi katika madawa hayo au kuelezwa na muuzaji pale utakaponunulia; Amprolium kwa ugonjwa wa kuharisha damu (Coccidiosis), Fluban,Coridix au Doxyco kutibu mafua (Coryza) na Esb3,Trisulmycine au Trimazine hutumika kwa homa ya matumbo (Typhoid).


Siku ya 7 lazima vifaranga wapatiwe chanjo ya “kideri/mdondo”
(respiratory & digestive diseases) kwa dawa inayoitwa ‘newcastle’. Chanzo cha maambukizi ni maji na chakula kilichochafuliwa na kinyesi na pia husababishwa na virusi kwa njia ya hewa.

Siku ya 14 lazima wapewe chanjo ya “gumboro”. Chanzo cha
maambukizi ni maji na chakula kilichochafuliwa na kinyesi na pia husababishwa na virusi kwa njia ya hewa.

Siku ya 21 lazima warudie chanjo ya “Newcastle (aina ya IBDL)”. Chanzo cha maambukizi ni maji na chakula kilichochafuliwa na kinyesi na pia husababishwa na virusi kwa njia ya hewa.

Siku ya 35 lazima wapate chanjo ya “Ndui”.


Mayai ya Kware ni bidhaa adimu sana hapa nchini kwa kuwa ni wafugaji wachache waliojikita katika ufugaji huu, Ufuatao ni muhtasari wa wastani wa bei ya bidhaa za Kware sokoni

1. Trei ya (mayai 30) ya KWALE inauzwa shilingi 30,000 .
2. Kifaranga wa Kware wa siku moja anauzwa shilingi 2500 – 3000
3. Kware wa week 4 (mwezi mmoja) anauzwa kwa shilingi 10,000– 12,000
4. Kware aliyeanza kutotoa (week 6) huuzwa shillingi 20,000 – 25,000
5. Kware kwa aliyekomaa kwa ajili ya kitoweo huuzwa kwa shilingi 25,000
6. DROPING za Kware huuzwa kwa shilingi 10,000 kwa 50kg kwa wafugaji wa samaki

Soko la KWALE liko juu sana kwa mayai na nyama. KWALE pia hutofautiana bei kwa jike na dume.

Mayai yake pia huuzwa kwa bei nzuri sana. Yai moja huuzwa kuanzia 8,000 hadi 12,000 kwa wakati wowote ule.



Maandalizi ya ujenzi wa ukuta wa bahari eneo la Forodhani

Maandalizi ya utanuzi wa ujenzi wa ukuta wa bahari katika eneo la Forodhani umeaza kwa hatua ya mwazo ya kuweka uzio wa mabati kupisha ujenzi huo kama inavyoonekana pichani eneo hilo likiwa tayari limezungusha mabati
picha: ZanziNews blog

Mabadiliko ya vituo vya kazi na Majina ya Walimu wa ajira mpya 2015 awamu ya pili

Tarehe 27 na 30 Aprili, 2015, Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu - TAMISEMI ilitangaza ajira ya wahitimu wa mafunzo ya ualimu na mafundi sanifu wa maabara kwa kuweka orodha kwenye tovuti ya Iliagizwa kuwa waajiriwa wapya walipaswa kuripoti katika Mamlaka za Serikali za Mitaa kuanzia tarehe 01 hadi 09 Mei, 2015.

Napenda kuchukua nafasi hii kuutaarifu umma kuwa ofisi yangu ilipokea na kuchambua maombi ya walimu ambao hawakuajiriwa awali; na walioomba kubadilishiwa vituo kutokana na matatizo mbalimbali.

Vile vile ofisi imezingatia kuwapanga tena walimu ambao kwa sababu za msingi walishindwa kuripoti kufikia tarehe 09 Mei, 2015.

Walimu wote waliopo katika orodha ya awamu ya pili wanapaswa kuripoti kuanzia tarehe 01 hadi 05 Juni, 2015 kwenye ofisi za Wakurugenzi wa Halmashauri kwa ajili ya kuajiriwa na kupangiwa vituo vya kazi.

Orodha ya walimu hao watakaoajiriwa katika halmashauri husika imegawanywa katika makundi yafuatayo:-

i. walimu wa cheti (Daraja IIIA) waliokosa ajira kwa awamu ya kwanza;

ii. walimu wa cheti (Daraja IIIA) waliobadilishiwa vituo;
iii. walimu wa masomo ya sanaa kwa ajili ya shule za sekondari ambao hawakupangiwa vituo;

iv. walimu waliobadilishiwa vituo wa masomo ya sanaa kwa ajili ya shule za sekondari;

v. walimu wa masomo ya sayansi na hisabati kwa ajili ya shule za sekondari ambao hawakupangiwa vituo; na

vi. walimu waliobadilishiwa vituo wa masomo ya sayansi na hisabati kwa ajili ya
shule za sekondari.

Utaratibu wa Ajira ya Walimu Awamu ya Pili

Kila mwajiriwa mpya anatakiwa kuzingatia yafuatayo:-

i. kuwasilisha vyeti halisi vya taaluma ya kuhitimu mafunzo ya ualimu, elimu ya sekondari, cheti cha kuzaliwa pamoja na nakala zake; na

ii. atalipwa posho ya kujikimu kwa muda wa siku saba (7) na nauli ya usafiri wa magari (ground travel), malipo hayo yatatolewa na halmashauri husika.


i. Walimu ambao wamekwisharipoti na mchakato wao wa ajira umeanza katika Mamlaka za Serikali za Mitaa hawatahusika na mabadiliko haya hivyo waendelee kufanya kazi katika halmashauri husika na hawahusiki na upangaji wa awamu hii.

ii. Walimu ambao walichelewa kuripoti tarehe 9 Mei, 2015 na majina yao hayajaonekana katika mabadiliko haya wanatakiwa waende kuajiriwa katika halmashauri walizopangwa awali (kwa kuzingatia orodha iliyotolewa kwenye tovuti tarehe 30/4/2015). Aidha, walimu wa masomo ya sanaa ambao hawakuripoti katika Halmashauri za Wilaya za Meru na Arusha wamebadilishwa vituo.

iii. Walimu waliopangwa ni wale wa masomo ya sanaa/biashara na cheti waliohitimu mafunzo kwa mwaka wa masomo 2013/14 na wahitimu wa miaka ya nyuma wa masomo ya sayansi na hisabati kwa ajili ya kufundisha katika shule za sekondari.

iv. Kituo cha kazi cha mwalimu ni shule na sio Makao Makuu ya Halmashauri, posho italipwa baada ya mwalimu kuripoti na kuandika barua kupitia kwa
Mkuu wa Shule.

v. Mwalimu hatapokelewa na kuaajiriwa kama ikitokea yupo katika orodha na amehitimu shahada au stashahada zisizo za ualimu na wenye shahada za ualimu zisizo na somo au masomo ya kufundishia katika shule za sekondari.

vi. Ikibainika kuna mwalimu atakayekwenda kuripoti na kuchukua posho na kuondoka, atachukuliwa hatua kwa mujibu wa Sheria.

Ni muhimu kuzingatia maelekezo haya, ikiwa ni pamoja na muda uliowekwa kuripoti kuepuka usumbufu unaoweza kujitokeza.

Limetolewa na
Ndg. Jumanne A. Sagini

[audio, video] Mwigulu Nchemba apumzika uongozi CCM

 Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba (kushoto) amejiuzulu nafasi hiyo katika chama tawala. Kulia ni Ndg Rajabu Luhwavi
Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba (kushoto) na Rajabu Luhwavi

Aliyekuwa Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa CCM-Bara, Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba amejiuzulu wadhifa huo.

Mwigulu ambaye pia ni Naibu Waziri wa Fedha, ametangaza kujiuzulu nafasi hiyo, jioni ya siku ya Jumapili ya Mei 214, 2015, katika katika Kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya CCM, mjini Dodoma.

Akithibitisha tukio hilo, Katibu wa NEC, Itikadi na Uenezi, Nape Nnauye amesema Mwigulu ameamua kujiuzulu nafasi hiyo kutokana na nia yake ya kutaka kuomba kuwania Urais kwa tiketi ya CCM, katika Uchaguzi Mkuu utakaofanyika Oktoba Mwaka huu.
"Mwigulu aikuwa ameshamwambia nia hiyo Mwenyekiti wa Chama Rais Jakaya Kikwete, nave Rais akamkubalia, sasa leo katika kikao ameomba rasrni kujiuzulu, na Mwenyekiti arnemkubalia mbele ya wajumbe wa NEC" 
amesema Nape.

Nape amesema kufuatia uamuzi wa Mwigulu, Mwenyekiti wa Chama, Rais Jakaya Kikwete, katika nafasi zake amemteua msaidizi wake wa masuala ya siasa, Rajabu Luhwavi kuwa Mjumbe wa NEC, na wakati huo huo kumteua kuwa Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa CCM ili kushika nafasi iliyoachwa na Mwigulu. [Taarifa ya Na Bashir Nkoromo, Dodoma]

Bofya kitufe cha pleya na video kusikiliza maelezo ya ziada...

CHADEMA yazindua vikundi vya ulinzi 200 Dar es Salaam

Mwenyekiti wa CHADEMA, Freeman Mbowe akisalimiana na Askofu Mkuu wa Kanisa la Ufufuo na Uzima, Josephat Gwajima wakati wa mkutano wa hadhara uliokwenda sambamba na uzinduzi wa kitabu cha utekelezaji wa ahadi za jimbo la Kawe.

Umati wa watu waliohudhuria mkutano huo.

Mwenyekiti wa CHADEMA, Freeman Mbowe akizindua kitabu cha ukekelezaji wa ahadi za jimbo la Kawe.

Mbowe akihutubia.

Msanii wa nyimbo za Injili Flora Mbasha, (mwenye nguo nyeusi), akiongoza mashambulizi jukwani

Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo - CHADEMA - kimefanya mkutano mkubwa wa hadhara katika viwanja vya Kawe jijini Dar es Salaam kwa lengo la kuzindua rasmi mpango uitwao FTP 200 uliolenga kuhakikisha kila Kata inakuwa na walinzi 200 wa chama hicho.
Mchungaji wa Kanisa la Ufufuo na Uzima, Josephat Gwajima, na mwimbaji nguli wa muziki wa Injili Flora Mbasha waliibukia kwenye mkutano huo uliofanyika alasiri ya Jumapili ya Mei 24.

Wakati Gwajima alihutubia, Mbasha alitumbuiza kwenye mkutano huo uliokuwa wa kuzindua kitabu cha Mbunge wa jimbo la Kawe (CHADEMA) Halima Mdee, chenye kichwa cha habari "Utekelezaji wa Ahadi za Mbunge 2011-2015".

Mgeni rasmi kwenye mkutano huo alikuwa ni Mwenyekiti wa Taifa wa chama hicho, Freeman Mbowe.

Umati wa watu waliohudhuria mkutano huo wa hadaharab wa CHADEMA pale Kawe, vwanjavya Tanganyika Packers

Wafuasi wa CHADEMA wakisikiliza hotuba ya mwenyekiti wao, Freeman Mbowe

Mbowe, Mdee na Mnyika wakizindua kitabu hicho

Gwajima akiwa na baadhi ya viongozi wa CHADEMA

Freeman Mbowe akihutubia maelfu ya wananchi kwenye mkutano huo

Mchungaji Gwajima akiongozwa na Halima Mdee kwenye jukwaa Kuu

Mbunge wa Kawe akiongozana na Mchungaji Gwajima

Mchungaji Josephat Gwajima, akihutubia mkutano wa CHADEMA, Jumapili Mei 24, 2015 katika viwanja vya Tanganyika Packers, Kawe.

Ratiba ya CCM ya kuwapata wagombea Urais, Ubunge, Uwakilishi, Udiwani Tanzania 2015

Kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya Chama cha Mapinduzi, (CCM - NEC kimetoa ratiba ya michakato ya uchukuaji fomu za kuwania uongozi wa dola katika Uchaguzi Mkuu, huku nafasi ya Urais wa Jamuhuri ya Muungano ikiwataka wagombea kuchukua fomu kuanzia Juni 3 hadi Julai 2 mwaka huu.

Akitoa ratiba hiyo, Katibu wa Itikadi na Uenezi wa chama hicho, Nape Nnauye amesema wagombea Urais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano na ule wa Zanzibar watatakiwa kuchukua fomu pamoja na mambo mengine, watatakiwa kutafuta wadhamini wasipopungua 450 kwa nafasi ya Jamhuri kutoka mikoa 15 -- mitatu kati yake iwe Zanzibar -- huku Urais wa Zanzibar ukihitaji wadhamini 250 kutoka mikoa mitatu ya Zanzibar.

Mara baada ya zoezi hilo kukamilika, vitafuata vikao mbalimbali vya uchujaji wa majina ya wagombea kwa kuanza na kikao cha Kamati ya Usalama na Maadili, tarehe 8/7 kikifuatiwa na kikao cha Kamati Kuu, tarehe 9/7 halafu Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM - NEC ambayo ndiyo itakayotoa jina la mgombea wa Urais tarehe 10/7 na kisha kutakuwepo na Mkutano Mkuu utakaofanyika tarehe 12/13 mwezi Julai.

Kwa upande wa nafasi za Ubunge na Udiwani na Wajumbe aw Baraza la Wawakilishi, wagombea watatakiwa kuchukua fomu kuanzia tarehe 15 hadi 19 mwezi Julai. Kampeni za ushawishi kwa wanachama kwenye matawi zitafanyika kuanzia tarehe 20 mpaka 31 Julai ambapo kura za maoni kwa ajili ya kuwapata wagombea katika ngazi hizo zitapigwa sambamamba tarehe 1/08/2015.

Wagombea wote wametakiwa kuzingatia maelekezo ya kanuni na taratibu za chama hicho.

Picha za vikao vya Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya CCM 2015

Makao Makuu ya CCM mkoani Dodoma yanavyoonekana kwenye picha wakati wa vikao vikubwa vya Chama.

Sare za CCM zinauzwa kwa wingi nje ya uzio wa Makao Makuu ya CCM .

Mwenyekiti wa CCM Taifa, Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete (kushoto) akizungumza na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM Ndugu Abdulrahman Kinana na Katibu wa NEC Oganaizesheni Dk.Mohamed Seif Khatib(katikati) wakati kikao cha NEC kikiendelea.

Mwigulu Mchemba akiagana na baadhi ya Wajumbe wa Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM Taifa mara baada ya kutangaza kujiuzulu nafasi yake ya Naibu Katibu Mkuu CCM (Bara) .

Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiingia ukumbini kuendesha Kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya CCM, mjini Dodoma juzi. Kulia ni Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Abdulrahman Kinana.

Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiwa na viongozi wa ngazi ya juu wa Chama baada ya kuwasili ukumbini. Kushoto ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais wa Zanzibar, Dk. Ali Mohammed Shein na kulia ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM Bara, Philip Mangula na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Abdulrahman Kinana.

Wajumbe wakiwa wamesimamaukumbini kumlaki Kikwete alipoingia ukumbini kuendesha kikao hicho leo

Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiongoza kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM, mjini Dodoma, Mei 24, 2015. Kulia ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais wa Zanzibar, Dk. Ali Mohammed Shein, na kushoto ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Bara, Philip Mangula na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Abdulrahman Kinana. (Picha na Bashir Nkoromo)

Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiongoza kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM, mjini Dodoma, Mei 24, 2015. Kuahoto ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Bara, Philip Mangula Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Abdulrahman Kinana. (Picha na Bashir Nkoromo)aption

Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais Jakaya Kikwete akishauriana jambo na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM Abdulrahman Kinana kabla ya kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM kuanza mjini Dodoma

Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiendelea kuongoza kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM, mjini Dodoma, Mei 24, 2015. 

Kwa Picha zaidi, tafadhali bofya hapa

Tumeshirikishwa na Bashir Nkoromo

Picha za Gospel & Concert & Conference Memorial Weekend lililofanyika Columbus, Ohio

Mwimbaji mahili wa nyimbo za injili kutoka Tanzania Upendo Nkone akiimba moja ya nyimbo zilizowainua watu vitin kwenye tamasha la Gospel linaloendelea mjini Columbus tangia siku ya Ijumaa May 22 na kuhitimishwa leo siku ya Jumapili May 24. Tamasha lilihudhuriwa na watu kutoka mataifa mbalimbali wengine wakiwa wamesafiri kutoka majimbo ya mbali na Ohio.

Mwimbaji kutoka Jamhuri ya Congo akienda sambamba na mwimbaji mahili wa nyimbo za injili Upendo Nkone kwenye tamasha la Gospel lililofanyika siku ya Jumamosi May 23, 2015 6230 Busch Blvd suit 260, Columbus, OH 43229.

Nnunu Nkone akitoa neno la Mungu na kuimba kwenye Tamasha la Gospel lililofanyika

Mchungaji Donis Nkone ambaye ni kaka ya mwimbaji Upendo Nkone akitoa ukifanya utambulisho kwa bendi iliyokuwa ikitumbuiza nyimbo za injili kwenye tamasha la Gospel lililofanyika siku ya Jumamosi May 23, 2015 mjini Columbus.

Mchungaji Donis Nkone na mkewe Nnunu Nkone wakifuatilia tamasha la Gospel

Bendi ikienelea kupiga moja ya nyiimbo za mwimbaji wa nyimbo za injili kutoka Tanzania Upendo Nkone.

Bendi ikitumbuiza.

Kwa picha zaidi bofya soma zaidi.