Will Dar capitalize on this demand for more flights to, from Comoros?

Air Tanzania ATCL
(image: africanewsheadlines blog)

Opportunity lurks for local air carriers as the Comoros government has sought assistance to increase flights between Hahaya/Moroni and Dar es Salaam.

The Comoros Transport Minister was in Dodoma recently and met her counterpart who agreed to allow more flights to and from Dar es Salaam to the Island and authorities from both countries are currently working on ways to increase flight frequency.

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) Acting Director General, Mr Charles Chacha, said in Dar es Salaam on Friday that the Island is in dire need of more flights after Yemenia Airways stopped its flights following the crisis in Yemen.

He said that the Comoros does not have an airline of its own and depends on Dar es Salaam for connecting flights and that the government has agreed to assist the country to ease its air transport woes.

However, the Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Johnson Mfinanga, cautioned that allowing local or foreign airlines to take the route would kill the national carrier.

At the moment, ATCL has five flights weekly to and from Hahaya using a CRJ- 100 aircraft with the capacity to carry 50 passengers, but it is believed that the demand is still very high.

According to Mr Mfinanga, beginning June 1, this year, they plan to increase flights to the Island and they will be flying daily to try and meet demand since most of the passengers are business people who shuttle between Dar es Salaam and the Comoros.

Earlier, the Comoros Minister for Transport, Ms Bahiat Massoundi said that the country is in dire need of air transport to and from Dar es Salaam, more so now when the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca approaches.

While working on modalities to increase flights between the two countries, TCAA is still walking on eggshells since allowing foreign flight to pick passengers from Dar es Salaam would violate certain commercial aviation rights.

The freedoms of the air are a set of commercial aviation rights granting a country's airlines the privilege to enter and land in another country's airspace, formulated as a result of disagreements over the extent of aviation liberalisation in the Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1944, known as the Chicago Convention.

The fifth freedom involves the right to fly between two foreign countries on a flight originating or ending in one's own country.

As such, TCAA can only allow local airlines to take passengers originating from Dar es Salaam to the Comoros, with an increasing demanding, local airlines stand to make good of the growing opportunity.

Mapitio ya magazeti kwenye Tv, Jumanne Mei 26, 2015

Watch Banks, Western Union, MoneyGram as Bitcoin gain pace in remittance market

(image: bitcoinist.net)

Even through digital, remittance remains deeply dependent on third parties: banks are still validating money transfers from senders to the remittance operator and again to recipients.

Bitcoin could lower fees due to its decentralized network and through three different operating models that could be shaped:
  • Full bitcoin: The sender owns bitcoins he sends to the recipient who can directly use them. .
  • From bitcoin to fiat currency: The sender have an easy access to bitcoins he sends to the remittance operator that sends fiat to the recipient. This model considers developing countries have an easy access to bitcoins wallets.
  • From fiat currency to fiat currency: The sender pays its local money to the remittance operator that sends fiat to the recipient, using bitcoins to transfer money from one currency to another.
Remittance was a $582 billion market in 2014 according to the World Bank. Most of all it is dominated by transfers from developed countries to developing ones. In 2014, China received $64 billion through remittance and India $71 billion. Philippines received $25 billion, Mexico $22 billion, Nigeria $21 billion, Egypt $17 billion and Vietnam $11 billion in 2013.

A few startups are already operating on the bitcoin/remittance market

Even at the early beginning this market has already attracted entrepreneurs and investors.

Though far from Transferwise, a mobile remittance company that has a valuation over $1 billion and uses a P2P model to facilitate easy money transfers and currency exchanges, BitPesa has recently raised $1.1 million to ease bitcoins transfer from the UK to Africa.

Read the full post at the Tech Crunch

Australian company find more gold in South-Eastern Tanzania

TARGET: Miners drilling gold at Kishugu and Naujombo. Naujombo is an extensive, coherent and gold-in-soil anomaly

An Australian mining company, IMX Resources Limited, has announced it has found strong traces of gold in Naujombo, South-Eastern Tanzania.

The find would boost their operations at Nachingwea . IMX would now do additional exploration to refine the drill targets at both Kishugu and Naujombo.

Naujombo is located approximately 35km North-East of its Kishugu Gold Prospect on its Nachingwea Property.

The new anomaly was identified from geochemical and geophysical datasets, a statement dated May 7, signed by Phil Hoskins, CEO of IMX Resources Limited.

According to Hoskins’ statement to East African Business Week, Naujombo is an extensive, coherent and gold-in-soil anomaly.

“The identification of a significant new target of similar scale to Kishugu was an important development for the company’s regional exploration strategy at its Nachingwea Property,” Hoskins says.

“This opens up the gold potential of our tenements quite significantly outside of Kishugu,” Hoskins said.

He added: “Naujombo ticks all the key boxes thus far from a geochemical, geophysical, geological and structural perspective, presenting as a target of equal importance to Kishugu.”

With this new development IMX’s original plan to commence drilling at Kishugu during the June Quarter would be rescheduled.

IMX has now decided to modify its exploration approach by conducting additional exploration programs initially at both Kishugu and Naujombo.

The additional exploration, which will include extending the soil sampling at Naujombo, trenching and geophysics is expected to commence at Kishugu and Naujombo in May, 2015.

IMX Resources Limited is an Australian-based exploration company, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange with projects located in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, IMX controls 85% of the Nachingwea (over 800 km from Dar es Salaam) Property in South-Eastern Tanzania.

The Nachingwea Property covers an area of 5,800 square kilometres and lies in the world-class Mozambique Belt which is prospective for graphite, nickel, gold and copper mineralization.

The company’s Chilalo Graphite Project, Kishugu Gold Prospect and Ntaka Hill Nickel Project are located on the Nachingwea Property.

Tanzania among 16 countries on track to achieve UPE targets - UN report

(image: BridgeIT in Tanzania © Kate Place - www.elearning-africa.com)

TANZANIA is one among 16 countries south of sub-Sahara Africa likely to achieve 70 to 90 per cent of Universal Primary Education (UPE) attainments by the end of this year.

Other countries are Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Djibouti, DRC, Gambia, Lesotho, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Togo and Zimbabwe.

The information is contained in the United Nations report in Education for all status in Sub- Saharan Africa and the post 2015 education Agenda. (Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2015).

In the report, other countries which are likely to achieve above 95 per cent are Botswana, Cape Verde, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Sao Tomé & Principe, Seychelles and South Africa.

The report was presented to the government recently in Dodoma. In the report, Tanzania also was one of the countries with highest progress with steady growth in average GER in all regions, strong social mobilisation and political commitment greatest over the period. However, its steady growth has been hampered by national financing and urban concentration.

It was mentioned in the report that in 2012, nearly 2/3 of Sub- Saharan Africa children (144 million) completed the primary cycle against less than half in 2000, which is a significant reduction of out-of-school children of primary school age from 23.7 million to 18.2million.

The report , which is comprehensive on education is dealing with different aspects of education mentioning also how to tackled the problem of drop out; it said, 67 per cent completion implies that, the 33 per cent drop out prematurely - without second chance, will join the future group of illiterates.

In Tanzania, completion rates is from 63 to 87,5 per cent, showing one of the best progresses in Africa with a gain of 13,5 per cent over the period but still 12,5 per cent drop out rate, creates serious thinking on how to handle it.

Overall all regions have made significant progress in ECCE but the figures remain low, indicating that ECCE benefits only a minority. The averages conceal significant differences between countries.

Presenting the report, UNESCO Representative and Head of Office in Tanzania, Zulmira Rodrigues, said there is a need for every citizen in sub-Sahara to read the report, see the failure and success and map out way forward for the sake of development.

Addressing the 2000-2015 EFA legacies, she insisted on quality teaching and learning and to reach the unreached. She also spoke on tackling crosscutting issues for most countries such as Development of education infrastructure, deployment of information and communication technologies (ICT) in particular, so as to modernise teaching ensuring education for all.

Dar port expansion

Photo: wavuti.weebly.com

The Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam was once the most efficient in sub-Saharan Africa.

The performance of the port, which is the second-largest in east Africa, has slipped dramatically over the past 20 years.

Ships are often forced to wait to dock and the transit of goods through the port is slow. The World Bank estimates that trade costs are 60 per cent higher between Tanzania and China than between Brazil and China, despite the distance between the Latin American country and the world’s second-biggest economy being almost double.

The port is also unable to accommodate larger vessels, which is becoming increasingly problematic. “Container ships have become bigger. For economies of scale, shipping companies prefer three large ships docking than 10 smaller ones,” says Smak Kaombwe, an adviser for TradeMark East Africa.

“You need ports to become bigger because of that. [Otherwise] you can find your port becoming irrelevant.”

Dar es Salaam port’s constraints are a problem for Tanzania because demand for imports is set to rise dramatically as the population, currently about 51 million people, continues to grow. Its population will double every 25 years if the current rate of growth continues.

Tanzania also wants to increase its exports significantly. The country currently imports more than it exports, a trend that the government wants to reverse.

“The plan is to become a net exporter,” says Mr Kaombwe.

Any plans to boost Tanzania’s trade must focus on Dar es Salaam as about 90 per cent of the country’s international trade passes through its port.

The Dar es Salaam port situation has not just been a problem for Tanzania. It has also held back neighbouring landlocked countries Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“[Dar es Salaam] port handles a significant proportion of the external trade of Tanzania and the region,” says Richard Martin Humphreys, the lead transport economist at the World Bank. “Greater operating efficiency will benefit all users of the port.”

Kenya’s Mombasa port, which is the largest in the region, is much more efficient. If Dar es Salaam port reached the same level of efficiency as Mombasa’s, the Tanzanian economy would gain almost US$1.8 billion a year, according to World Bank analysis. The region would gain $800 million a year.

It is for this reason that Tanzania put the revitalisation of Dar es Salaam port at the centre of its “Big Results, Now!” programme. A memorandum of understanding to expand the port was signed by Tanzania Ports Authority, TradeMark East Africa, the World Bank and the UK’s department for international development (DFID) in September.

The expansion project will double the capacity of the port to 28 million tonnes by 2020 and more than triple it to 34 million tonnes by 2025. The project will be carried out in two phases and cost an estimated $750m in total.

The upgraded port will be suitable for bigger ships. Infrastructure outside of the port will be improved, too. “We are also improving roads and railway system,” says Mr Kaombwe.

Improving Dar es Salaam port may ease the pressure on other ports in the region that are struggling to meet demand.

“Traffics are growing in all ports in the sub-region reflecting the vibrancy of the regional economies, and a number of ports are bumping up against their capacity constraints,” says Mr Humphreys.

Without significant upgrades, Dar es Salaam port may be at risk of falling behind rivals. “If the current situation is not remedied, the port of Dar es Salaam might lose its existing market share in regional trade, particularly when other ports and railways become operational in neighbouring countries,” according to the World Bank.

Kenya is upgrading Mombasa port, to the north of Dar es Salaam, and plans to push ahead with an even bigger port at Lamu. However, that project has already faced many obstacles. The port, near the border with Somalia, is part of an ambitious scheme for a trade route with railway lines crossing South Sudan and Ethiopia, along with road upgrades.

Plans have also been mooted for a port within Tanzania that would compete with Dar es Salaam. An $11bn facility at Bagamoyo, which would be larger than Mombasa’s, has been proposed as a way to export Tanzanian gas, once its resources are exploited, and other goods. However, the proposed port location is far from Tanzania’s natural gas resources.

China Merchant Holding International and the Oman Investment Fund had agreed to partner for the project. A groundbreaking ceremony was planned for July but has been postponed indefinitely.

“The approach with Bagamoyo is to use the private sector as a PPP project,” says Mr Kaombwe. “A lot has been said but we haven’t seen the investment materialise.”

The scale of the project and the costs associated with it have led some to believe it is highly unlikely to go ahead. “It is too costly,” says Mr Kaombwe. “It will need a lot of dredging.”

In the short term at least, the expansion of Dar es Salaam port is the only project likely to have any effect on trade. “Mineral traffic will be boosted hopefully, and surplus grain when it’s there,” says Mr Kaombwe.

In 2013, Tanzania exported goods worth just over $5bn, according to World Trade Organisation figures. South Africa, India and the European Union were the biggest recipients of Tanzanian goods in 2013. It imported more than $12bn worth of goods.

Agricultural goods account for almost 30 per cent of Tanzania’s exports, its largest export sector. The country’s agricultural imports are make up less than 10 per cent of the total. Tanzanians are currently paying a high price for imported food relative to other developing countries. The upgraded port may help to change this. “Pricing for the customers should come down,” says Mr Kaombwe. “We expect customers to benefit.”

The World Bank estimates that Tanzanians will be $40 better off each as a result of the Dar es Salaam port upgrade. “The Port of Dar es Salaam is arguably Tanzania’s most important infrastructure asset,” says Ros Cooper, the acting head of office for the DFID.

“Future growth of the economy depends on the port’s ability to improve, to become more efficient and to be able to handle more trade,” he says.

“[It] will help Tanzania to be more competitive and will support economic development and growth across the region. And through this, improve the lives of millions of people.”

Tanzania unveils MSc Degree in Petroleum Geology at UDSM

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — BG Tanzania last week announced funding for the Masters of Science (MSc) course in Petroleum Geology at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) over the 2015/2016 year.

This is part of the support to UDSM over the next four years. It will approximately worth $2.2 million (Tsh.3.9 billion) to cover all tuition expenses for the first cohort of 13 enrolled students for the programme.

As part of the support BG Tanzania and the Embassy of the Netherlands are providing institutional support to the Geology Department of the University of Dar es Salaam.

Derek Hudson, BG East Africa President and Asset General Manager said this is through a multi-year collaboration between UDSM and the University of Aberdeen (UoA) for the temporary secondment of UoA lecturers and mentors, and PhD scholarships for two UDSM lecturers to conduct teaching - relevant research at the University of Aberdeen.

According to Hudson, this commitment to capacity building is a reflection of BG Tanzania's social investment strategy, which focuses on supporting the Tanzanian government and its citizens to gain skills and competencies required to seize potential direct and indirect opportunities associated with the development of the country's natural gas sector.

"The support provided to UDSM is complemented by additional social investments in education, including the BG Tanzania's International Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme and the recruitment of Tanzanians into the Group's International Graduate Programme," Hudson said.

Adding that their vision is to support the government in developing a Tanzanian oil and gas sector in which Tanzanians can actively participate and are delighted to provide institutional support to the University of Dar es Salaam's Geology Department to build its teaching and improve its research capacity in petroleum geology.

"We will continue to support skills development initiatives to ensure that Tanzanians can gain competencies that will enable them develop further expertise relevant to and around the oil and gas sector," he said.

According to the Netherlands Ambassador to Tanzania the collaboration between the University of Dar es Salaam, the Dutch government and IOCs including BG will continue in the future, to work together also to ensure sustainability of the efforts in the long term.

The event which was graced by Mizengo Peter Pinda the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania brought together dignitaries from the Tanzanian government, BG Tanzania, the diplomatic community including the Head of EU Delegation in Tanzania, the Dean of Diplomatic Corps in Tanzania, and the British High Commissioner.

Others were Ambassadors of the Netherlands and Sweden, Oil and Gas companies operating in Tanzania, UDSM professors and students, who all gathered at UDSM to officially launch the UDSM programmes in Petroleum Studies and Research Week Exhibitions.

BG Tanzania is the local business of BG Group, a global gas major. BG Group explore for, develop, produce, market and ship natural gas and oil around the world.

Their business is founded on distinctive capabilities of market knowledge and commercial agility; exploration performance; a unique LNG business; and ability to fast-track the development of economic oil projects around the world.

Although Africa is made up of over 50 countries and an estimated 805 million people, to date oil and gas production has been focused on just five nations ' Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Angola.

But that is changing with the eastern states of Kenya, Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia joining the party. In Ethiopia, the Ogaden Basin Area is within a proven hydrocarbon setting. Tanzania Mozambique are potentially the biggest natural gas producers in Africa.

According to the 2012 BP Statistical Energy Survey, Africa had proven oil reserves of 132,438 billion barrels at the end of 2011, equivalent to 41.2 years of current production and 8.01 per cent of the world's reserves.

The continent produced an average 8.8 million barrels of crude oil per day in 2011, just over 10% of the global output. The leading problem is lack of upstream and downstream infrastructure.

The volume of oil would need to be fairly large to justify the construction of new pipeline systems.

Aliyeongoza msafara kwenda kwa Lowasa asimamishwa kazi

Kamanda  wa UVCCM wilaya ya Mbarali mkoani Mbeya, Ibrahimu Ismail (Mwakabwanga) (kulia)

KAMANDA wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (UVCCM), Wilaya ya Mbarali mkoani Mbeya, Ibrahim Ismail (Mwakabwanga), ambaye aliongoza msafara wa vijana wa Bodaboda kwenda mkoani Dodoma kumshawishi Edward Lowassa kuwania urais, amesimamishwa kazi ya ukamanda.

Katibu wa UVCCM wilaya ya Mbarali, Brown Hebron Mwangomale, alithibitisha kumsimamisha kazi kamanda huyo kwa kile alichosema kuwa ni kutokana na kukiuka kanuni za jumuiya hiyo.

Alisema kamanda huyo tangu apendekezwe na hatimaye kuteuliwa baada ya kupita katika vikao halali vya Jumuiya hiyo ngazi ya wilaya, mkoa na Taifa, amekuwa akifanya mambo mengi jimboni humo bila kushirikisha ofisi.
“Ni kweli tumemsimamisha kamanda na baadhi ya vijana kwa siku tisini ambapo pia walikaidi kuja kuhojiwa na kamati tekelezaji ya UVCCM wilaya” 
alisema Mwangomale.

Kamanda Mwakabwanga ambaye pia anatajwa kuwa ni mmoja kati ya makada wa CCM wilayani humo wanaotarajia kutangaza nia ya Ubunge huku taswira ikiwa ni yeye mwenye nguvu na mwekezaji aliyetajwa kwa jina la Haruni, alikiri kupata taarifa za kusimamishwa nafasi ya ukamanda.
“Mimi nipo hapa Mbarali, nimepata taarifa kuwa kuna barua yangu naletewa ambayo inahusu kusimamishwa ukamanda! Awali nilipata barua ya kutakiwa kuhojiwa na kamati ya utekelezaji ambayo haikutaja hata tuhuma zangu, tarehe hiyo hiyo ya kuhojiwa napewa barua ya kusimamishwa! Lakini natarajia kuijibu kwa maandishi” 
alisema Mwakabwanga.

Alisema maamuzi ya namna hiyo ni moja kati ya mambo ambayo yanawakimbiza baadhi ya vijana ndani ya CCM ambapo yeye amesikia taarifa kuwa anatuhumiwa kuwa nyuma ya baadhi ya vijana ambao wanaotaka kiitishwe kikao halali cha kikanuni ambacho ni Baraza la vijana la wilaya.

Mbali na Mwakabwanga, imeelezwa kuwa vijana kadhaa ambao wanaonekana kumuunga mkono kiongozi huyo katika safari yake ya matumaini ya Ubunge, nao wamesimamishwa akiwemo Mjumbe wa kamati ya utekelezaji ya mkoa wa Mbeya, Simon Nyota, ambaye kikanuni anao uwezo wa kuijadili barua hiyo na kumjadili katibu wa wilaya.

Nyota alipotafutwa alikiri kupata barua ya kusimamishwa na akasema “Hizi ni vurugu, Kamati iliyotusimamisha tuliipa siku 90 za kutoa taarifa za umoja wa vijana na kuitisha baraza, lakini leo nashangaa wanataka kutuziba midomo huku Katibu akisema kuwa mimi nilikosea kusimamisha msafara wa Katibu wa mkoa ambaye ni mjumbe mwenzangu katika kikao cha mkoa” alisema Nyota.

Wengine waliosimamishwa kujihusisha na shughuli za umoja wa vijana wa CCM wilayani humo ni pamoja na Elia Bange, Veronica, Alfan Melele na Michael Makao ambaye ni mwenyekiti Rujewa na mjumbe halmashauri ya CCM wilaya ya Mbarali.
“Nimepata barua ya Mei 18, mwaka huu ya kunisimamisha kwa siku 90 kutoshughulika na kazi za umoja wa vijana ambayo inaeleza kuwa nina makosa ya kuvuruga jumuiya, kukataa kuhojiwa na vikao halali, kupuuza maagizo ya ofisi na kuendekeza makundi” 
alisema Makao.

Alisema hali hiyo imekuja baada ya kikao cha baraza la dharula lililoketi Desemba 29,2014 wilayani humo ambalo lilishinikizwa na baadhi ya vijana kuutaka uongozi wa jumuiya hiyo kuitisha vikao vya kikanuni ambapo baraza hilo liliwapa Katibu na Mwenyekiti wake siku 90 za kutekeleza maagizo ya baraza ambapo badala ya kutekeleza, wameamua kuwaziba midomo baadhi ya wanaoonekana wana ushawishi katika kuwabana viongozi hao.

Uteuzi wa TFF: Tido Mhando kuongoza FDF; Mkebezi meneja mpya Taifa Stars

Kamati ya Utendaji ya Shirikisho la Mpira wa Miguu nchini TFF imeketi katika ukumbi uliopo makao makuu ya Shirikisho uwanja wa Karume.

Kamati ya Utendaji imepitia masuala mbalimbali na kutoa maamuzi yafuatayo:

CLUB LICENCING (Leseni za vilabu)

Kamati ya Utendaji imeiagiza sekretarieti ivisisitize vilabu vya Ligi Kuu umuhimu wa kukamilisha maombi yao ya ushiriki wa ligi kuu kwa msimu wa 2015/16 kwa kuwasilisha fomu za maombi ya Leseni za vilabu TFF. Klabu ambayo haitakamilisha mchakato huo haitaruhusiwa kushiriki ligi kuu ifikapo msimu wa 2015/16.

- Kutokana na maamuzi ya mkutano mkuu wa TFF uliofanyika Morogoro ambao uliagiza wanachama wake wapya wapewe kompyuta, agizo hilo limetekelezwa na kompyuta hizo watakabidhiwa wajumbe wa Kamati ya Utendaji wanaotoka kanda hizo ili waziwakilishe maeneo husika. Mikoa hiyo ni Geita, Katavi, Manyara, Njombe na Simiyu.

MFUKO WA FDF - Kufuatia mkutano mkuu wa TFF kuingiza kipengele cha FDF katika katiba yake, kikao cha Kamati ya Utendaji wa mujibu wa katiba kimepitisha kanuni za uendeshaji wa mfuko huo.

Aidha kikao hicho kimeteua wajumbe wafuatao wawe wajumbe wa tume hiyo

(i)Tido Mhando - Mwenyekiti,

(ii) Deogratius Lyatto - Makamu mwenyekiti

(iii)Ephraim Mafuru - mjumbe,

(iv)Beatrice Singano - mjumbe,

(v)Joseph Kahama - mjumbe

(vi)Ayoub Chamshana - mjumbe.

Pia Henry Tandau ameteuliwa kuwa katibu mtendaji wa mfuko huo.


Kamati ya Utendaji ya TFF imemteua Boniface Wambura kuwa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji mpya wa Bodi ya Ligi Kuu nchini kuanzia tarehe 01, Juni 2015.

Wambura kabla ya uteuzi huo alikua mkurugenzi wa mashandano TFF.

TFF inampongeza Wambura kwa uteuzi na inaamini atatoa mchango mzuri katika kukuza na kuzitangaza ligi zetu.

Kamati ya utendaji imemteau Martin Chacha (mratibu wa timu za Taifa) kukaimu nafasi ya mkurugenzi wa mashandano TFF.


Kamati ya utendaji ya TFF imesikitishwa na mwenendo mbovu wa Taifa Stars Rais wa TFF, Jamal Malinzi kwa niaba ya kamati ya utendaji amewaomba radhi wapenzi wa mpira kwa matokeo mabaya ya Taifa Stars kwenye michuano ya Cosafa.

Kikao cha kamati ya utendaji kilipokea taarifa juu ya mwenendo wa timu ya Taifa.

Baada ya majadiliano ya kina, ilikubaliwa kuwa kocha mkuu wa timu ya Taifa, Mart Nooij apewe changamoto maalumu ya kufuzu kwa fainali za Afrika kwa wachezaji wa ndani CHAN na asipofanikisha jambo hilo mkataba wake utasitishwa mara moja.

Maamuzi haya yamezingatia hali halisi ya timu ya Taifa ambayo inakabiliwa na michuano mbalimbali ya kimataifa ndani ya kipindi kifupi.

Aidha katika kuliimarisha benchi la ufundi la timu ya Taifa, Leopald Tasso Mkebezi ameteuliwa kuwa meneja mpya wa timu ya Taifa.

Mkebezi amewahi kuwa meneja wa timu ya Taifa katika kipindi cha mwaka 2006 - 2012.


Majibu ya Ikulu yampa Mengi hofu zaidi kuhusu uhai wake

Mwenyekiti Mtendaji wa IPP, Reginald Mengi amesema bado anahofia usalama wa maisha yake kutokana na majibu ya Msemaji wa Kurugenzi ya Mawasiliano ya Rais Ikulu Bw. Salvatory Rweyemamu, kuhusu Zitto Kabwe "kumchongea" Mengi kwa Rais Jakaya Kikwete.

Mzazi na mwanaye mchanga miongoni mwa waliobomlewa nyumba bila taarifa wala fidia

Tanzania mwenyeji wa Mkutano wa Mabenki ya Akiba Duniani (WSBI)

Pichani ni Afisa Mtendaji Mkuu wa Benki ya Posta Tanzania (TPB), Sabasaba Moshingi akifafanua jambo wakati wa mkutano na waandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam, kuhusu mkutano wa mabenki ya Akiba Duniani (WSBI) Kanda ya Afrika utakaofanyika kuanzia kesho jijini Dar es Salaam. 

Kulia ni Mkurugenzi wa Sheria wa benki hiyo, Mystika Ngongi na kushoto ni Mundakweli Kaniki ambaye ni Meneja Mwandamizi wa Mipango Mkakati ya TPB. 

Mkutano huo utashirikisha zaidi ya washiriki 100 kutoka nchi mbalimbali barani Afrika na viongozi wa Dunia wa Taasisi hiyo ya WSBI ambapo pia TBP ndiyo Benki mwenyeji wa mkutano huo.

Upendo Nkone, Mike Kalambay wanogesha tamasha la Injili, Marekani

Mwimbaji wa nyimbo za injili wa Columbus, Ohio Enock Mwamba (kati) akiimba moja ya nyimbo za injili huku akiwashirikisha Mike Kalambay aliyekuja kutoka Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Congo na Upendo Nkone aliyekuja toka Tanzania maalum kunogesha tamasha la Injili (Gospel) lililofanyika siku Jumapili May 24, 2015 na kuhitimisha tamasha hilo lililokua la siku 3 mjini humo lililoanzia siku ya Ijumaa Mei 22, 2015.

[audio] Aliyozungumza Lowasa Mei 25, 2015

Mhe. Edward Lowassa amefanya mkutano maalum leo nyumbani kwake mjini Dodoma ambapo ananukuliwa kusema yafuatayo kwa muhtasari:

Ratiba ya NEC ya Uchaguzi Mkuu Tanzania 2015

Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi nchini Tanzania (NEC) imetoa ratiba rasmi kwa vyama vya Siasa na wananchi wote itakayotumika katika Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Serikali unaotarajia kufanyika Oktoba mwaka huu.

Kwa mujibu wa taarifa iliyosainiwa na Mwenyekiti wa Tume hiyo Jaji wa Rufaa (Mst.) Damian Lubuva imesema kuwa kwa Mamlaka waliyopewa kwa mujibu wa vifungu vya 35B(1), (3) (a), 37 (1) (a) na 46 (1) vya Sheria ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi, Sura ya 343, shughuli za uchaguzi zinatarajia kuanza hivi karibuni.

Taarifa hiyo imefafanua kuwa Uteuzi wa wagombea Urais, Ubunge na Udiwani unatarajia kufanyika Agosti 21, 2015, na kampeni za Uchaguzi kwa wagombea hao zitatarajia kuanza Agosti 22 mpaka - Oktoba 24 mwaka huu.

Halikadhalika siku ya kupiga kura kwa wananchi wote inatarajiwa kuwa Oktoba 25, 2015 kwa wale waliojitokeza kujiandikisha kwenye daftari la wapiga kura.

Taarifa ya mabadiliko ya Wakuu wa Wilaya


Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Mheshimiwa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete amemteua Bwana Anthony Peter Mavunde kuwa Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Mpwapwa, Mkoa wa Dodoma, kuanzia leo, Jumatatu, Mei 25, 2015.

Aidha, Rais Kikwete amefanya uhamisho wa wakuu 10 wa Wilaya kwa nia ya kuongeza ufanisi katika uongozi wa Wilaya mbali mbali nchini.

Katika mabadiliko hayo, Rais Kikwete amemhamisha Luteni Edward Ole Lenga kutoka Wilaya ya Mkalama, Mkoa wa Singida kwenda kuwa mkuu wa wilaya mpya ya Kyerwa, Mkoa wa Kagera. Luteni Lenga anachukua nafasi iliyoachwa wazi na Luteni Kanali Benedict Kulikela Kitenga ambaye alifariki dunia Aprili 20, mwaka huu, 2015.

Wakuu wengine wa wilaya ambao Rais Kikwete amewahamisha ni Elizabeth Chalamila Mkwasa kutoka Wilaya ya Dodoma kwenda Wilaya ya Mvomero, Mkoa wa Morogoro, Dkt. Jasmine Tisike kutoka Wilaya ya Mpwapwa kwenda Wilaya ya Dodoma, Agnes Elias Hokororo kutoka Wilaya ya Namtumbo, Mkoa wa Ruvuma kwenda Wilaya ya Tunduru, mkoani humo humo na Fadhili Nkurlu kutoka Wilaya ya Misenyi, Mkoa wa Kagera kwenda Wilaya ya Mkalama.

Wengine ambao wamehamishwa ni Chande Bakari Nalicho kutoka Wilaya ya Tunduru kwenda Wilaya ya Namtumbo, Festo Shem Kiswaga kutoka Wilaya ya Mvomero kwenda Misenyi, Darry Ibrahim Rwegasira kutoka Wilaya ya Karagwe, Mkoa wa Kagera kwenda Wilaya ya Biharamulo, mkoani humo humo, Elias Choro John Tarimo kutoka Wilaya ya Biharamulo kwenda Chunya, Mkoa wa Mbeya na Deodatus Lukas Kinawiro kutoka Wilaya ya Chunya kwenda Wilaya ya Karagwe, Mkoa wa Kagera.

Imetolewa na;
Kurugenzi ya Mawasiliano ya Rais,
Ikulu – Dar es Salaam.

Mwigizaji maarufu enzi za RTD, Bi Nyakomba aaga dunia

Bi Nyakomba ameaga dunia.

Marehemu Bi Nyakomba alipata umaarufu katika michezo ya maigizo redionio wakati huo ikirushwa na Redio Tanzania (RTD) akishirikiana na wasanii wenzake wakiwemo Hamisi Tajiri al maaruf Meneja, Ibrahim Raha al maaruf Mzee Jongo, Bakari Mbelemba al maaruf Mzee Jangala, Mzee Kagunga, Mzee Majengo na wengine, amefariki katika hospitali ya Jeshi la Polisi katika barabara ya Kilaw, alikopelekwa usiku wa kuamkia jana baada ya kuzidiwa.

Bi Nyakomba alikuwa akiugua kisukari tangu mwaka 2012.

Mwili wa marehemu Nyakomba unatarajiwa kuzikwa kesho saa tisa alasiri kwenye makaburi ya Chang'ombe jijini Dar es Salaam mara baada ya ibada ya mazishi itakayofanyika katika Kanisa Katoliki la Mtakatifu Maurus, Kurasini.

Ndugu wa familia ya marehemu wamesema Bi Nyakomba amefariki akiwa na umri wa miaka 64 akiacha watoto sita na wajukuu kumi na watatu.

Enzi za uhai wake, Channel TEN iliwahi kufika katika nyumba yake huko Keko Juu katika Kata ya Mburahati, Manispaa ya Temeke ili kumjulia hali wakati akiugua ambapo pamoja na mambo mengine, alihusia wasanii hususan vijana kote nchini, kuifanya sanaa kaw nidhamu kwa kuwa ni kazi rasmi kama nyinginezo.

Mwenyezi Mungu alitoa na ametwaa, jina lake lihimidiwe.

Apumzike pema marehemu Bi Nyakomba.

Pole kwa nyote mlioguswa na msiba huu.

Mapitio ya magazeti kwenye Tv, Jumatatu Mei 25, 2015

Taarifa ya habari Channel TEN Jumapili, Mei 24, 2015

Usikose Escape One Jumamosi saa 3 usiku, Karibu!

Mafundi wa muziki mzuri usiozeeka wa kizazi kipya na zamani Ben Pol, Rubi, Barnaba, Mataluma, Alice, Baraka, Mbaraka Mwinshehe, Moro Jazz, Patrick Balisidya, Afro 70, Marijani Rajab na Dar International... watakuwepo Escape One Jumamosi hii, saa tatu usiku. Usikose!!!

Historia fupi, video na picha za shamrashamra za Sikukuu ya Mashujaa, Marekani

Polisi wa Mji Mkuu Washington D.C wakifungua rasmi mwendo wa maelfu ya pikipiki kwaajili ya kutoa heshima kwa wenzao waliofariki wakiwa wanalihudumia jeshi la nchi hii, katika sikukuu ya mashujaa yaani ‘Memorial Day’

Na Abou Shatry/Swahilivilla Blog, Washington DC — Kila ifikapo wikiendi ya Siku ya Mashujaa nchini Marekani, maelfu ya pikipiki na watazamaji humiminika katika barabara za jiji la Washington kushuhudia mtiririko wa ngurumo za mapikipiki katika kile waanadalizi wanachokiita kama na "Ride for Freedom" (Kuendesha kwa ajili ya Uhuru". Ada hii ilianzia mwaka 1988 ikiwa na lengo la kuwakumbuka na kuwaenzi mashujaa wa kijeshi walio hai na waliokufa au kupotea vitani.

Waendesha pikipiki hukusanyika asubuhi ya Jumapili ya wikiendi hiyo katika eneo la Wizara ya Ulinzi ya Marekani (Pentagon), kisha huvuka daraja la makumbusho wakati wa mchana, na ndirimo zao huelekea kwenye eneo la Mnara wa Makumbusho ya Taifa.

Madereva wa magari ya kawaida hushauriwa kukaa kando au kuwa waangalifu wakati wa mapumziko ya wikiendi hiyo kutokana na idadi kubwa ya pikipiki inayoingia katika eneo zima la Washington na vitongoji vyake, ambayo pia hulazimu barabara nyingi kufungwa.

Tukio hilo la kila mwaka la kuwaenzi mashujaa wa kijeshi, kwa mwaka huu lilianza saa moja asubuhi siku ya Jumapili ya tarehe 24 Mei kwenye eneo la Pentagon.

Maandamano ya Rolling Thunder (Mtiririko wa Radi) yaliyopewa jina hilo kutokana na mtiriko wa sauti zitokanazo na injini za mapikipiki, yaliingia katika eneo la Washington kupitia Daraja la Makumbusho baada ya kuyajaza maeneo yote ya kuegeshea magari ya Kaskazini na Kusini mwa Pentagon kwa pikipiki. Baadaye wapandaji waliendesha kulizunguka eneo la Mnara wa Makumbusho ya Taifa.

Ingawa maandamano hayo kuchukua muda wa dakika takriban 20 tu tangu kuanza mpaka kumalizika, makeke na wingi wa pikipiki zinazoshiriki husababisha barabara kufungwa kwa karibuni saa nne. Mwaka huu barabara zilifungwa kuanzia saa 5 asubuhi mpaka saa 9 alasiri.

Wikiendi ya Siku ya Mashujaa (Memorial Day Weekend), huadhimishwa mwishoni mwa juma la mwisho la mwezi wa Mei kila mwaka nchini Marekani.

Siku yenyewe khaswa ya Mashujaa ni Jumatatu ya mwisho ya Mei, lakini imepewa jina la "Memorial Day Weekend" kwa vile wafanyakazi wengi hupata nafasi ya kupumzika kwa siku tatu mfululuzo kuanzia Jumamosi hadi Jumatatu.

Washiriki wa msafara wa Pikipiki unaojulikana kama (Rolling Thunder) wakipita maeneo ya national mall, Jijini Washington DC katika sherehe za sikukuu ya Siku ya mashujaa ‘Memorial Day’.

Dogo: Hudhaifa Shatry akipata burudani za msafara wa pikipiki (Rolling Thunder) Siku ya Jumapili Mei 24, wakati yakipita maeneo ya national mall, jijini Washington DC

Polisi wa Mji Mkuu Washington DC wakiwa katika funguzi za mwendo wa maelfu ya pikipiki katika sikukuu ya mashujaa yaani ‘Memorial Day’

Wakisalimiana na watazamaji waliokaa pembezoni mwabarabara wakati wakivuruisha gurumo za pikipiki zao hewani 

Pikipiki la aina yake likiwa katika mwendo wa kuvurumisha ngurumo hewani katika sikukuu ya mashujaa yaani ‘Memorial Day’ Siku ya Jumapili Mei 24, 2015 Jijini Washington DC.

Kwa picha zaidi, bofya hapa

Geita wapata msaada wa gari la wagonjwa na vifaa vya upasuaji

Naibu Waziri ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa (TAMISEMI) Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa (wa pili kulia) akisalimiana na Meneja Biashara Idara ya Uhusiano wa Vodacom Tanzania, Grace Lyon mara baada ya kuwasili kwenye maadhimisho ya siku ya kimataifa ya kutokomeza Fistula yaliyofanyika kitaifa katika Wilaya Mbogwe, Geita. Kulia ni Kaimu Mkuu wa wilaya ya Mbogwe, Amani Mwenegoha na Kushoto ni Naibu Ofisa Mtendaji Mkuu wa Hospitali ya CCBRT, Haika Mawalla na wa pili kushoto ni Mwakilishi msaidizi wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Idadi ya Watu duniani (UNFPA) nchini Tanzania, Dkt.Rutasha Dadi.

Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa linaloshughulikia Idadi ya Watu Duniani (UNFPA) limekabidhi msaada wa gari la wagonjwa lenye thamani ya shilingi milioni 80 katika kituo cha afya cha Masumbwe kilichopo katika Wilaya mpya ya Mbogwe Mkoani Geita.

Meya Jafary Michael azindua matawi mapya ya CHADEMA Moshi

Mjumbe wa Halmashauri kuu ya CHADEMA na Meya wa Manispaa ya Moshi, Jafary Michael akizungumza wakati wa uzinduzi wa tawi katika kata ya Longuo mjini Moshi.

Ofisi mpya ya Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) Kata ya Longuo B.

Mjumbe wa Halmashauri kuu ya CHADEMA Taifa na meya wa manispaa ya Moshi, Jafary Michael akikata utepe kufungua ofisi mpya ya Kata ya Longuo B.

Meya Michael akitia saini katika kitabu cha wageni mara baada ya kufungua ofisi ya kata ya CHADEMA.

Katibu wa CHADEMA mkoa wa Kilimanjaro Basil Lema akitia saini katika kitabu cha wageni wakati wa ufunguzi wa ofisi ya Kata ya Longuo B.

Diwani wa kata ya Longuo B, Ray Mboya akitia saini katika kitabu hicho.

Baadhi ya makada wa CHADEMA manispaa ya Moshi wakishuhudia zoezi hilo.

Ofisi mpya ya CHADEMA kata ya, Longuo manispaa ya Moshi ikafunguliwa rasmi.

  • Taarifa hii tumeshirikishwa na Dixon Busagaga 

Ana kwa Ana na Nape Nnauye [sehemu ya mwisho]

Katika sehemu hii ya pili na ya mwisho ya mahojiano yetu na Katibu wa Itikadi na Uenezi wa CCM, Nape Nnauye ameazungumzia mambo mbalimbali, hasa suala la uchaguzi.


UN SG Message on Africa Day, 25 MAY 2015


25 May 2015

Each year, Africa Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate Africa’s achievements and to reflect on its challenges. The dominant story of the year has been the Ebola crisis that swept West Africa, claiming at least 11,000 lives and threatening hard-won social, economic and political achievements. With great courage and determination, and with the generous support of African nations and the international community, the affected countries have made remarkable progress toward ending the outbreak. Now, we have to intensify efforts to “get to zero and stay at zero” cases, repair the damage, and strengthen social and institutional resilience throughout the continent. To help mobilize support for this important task I will convene an International Ebola Recovery Conference at the United Nations in New York in July.

Africa continues to make steady economic, social and political progress. Overall, the continent’s economy grew by roughly 4 per cent in 2014, creating one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted positive economic expansion in Africa’s history. As a result, a growing number of Africans have joined the middle class each year. With investment in education, health and infrastructure increasing, the prospects for much of Africa are bright.

The challenge is to spread these benefits of Africa’s progress more broadly and deeply, particularly to the women and girls who represent Africa’s future. If we empower women, we help build better, more equal and more prosperous societies. I commend the commitment of the African Union to gender equality and the empowerment of women as part of its Agenda 2063, and I welcome the declaration of 2015 as the year of women’s empowerment in Africa.

While we work to break down the social, economic, environmental and cultural obstacles that women and girls face, let us also recognize the gains that have been made. Africa leads the world in female representation in Parliaments, and the continent has one of the highest rates of female entrepreneurship. Let us be inspired by these successes and intensify efforts to provide Africa’s women with better access to education, work and healthcare, and by doing so, accelerate Africa’s transformation. Let us also do more to end violence against women and girls while strengthening their role in all fields, including peacebuilding. Despite an overall decline in the number of conflicts, too many Africans still experience violent conflict. Women and girls bear the brunt, and are frequent targets of sexual violence and abuse.

We know that conflicts breed where people suffer from poor governance, human rights violations, exclusion and poverty. I therefore applaud Africa’s vision to build, by 2063, a peaceful and prosperous continent where democracy, human rights and the rule of law are entrenched and flourishing, starting with the aim to silence all guns by 2020. I reaffirm the commitment of the United Nations to work with the African Union, the Regional Economic Communities, and African countries and their citizens, to make this vision a reality.

Innocent Melleck ampa mtoto Felista Shirima kiti cha walemavu

Mama mzazi wa mtoto Felista Shirima akieleza kwa uchungu namna ambavyo mtoto wake alivyopata ulemavu wa kudumu.

Babu wa mtoto Felista,Anold Shirima akiwasilisha ombi kwa jamii la kupata wakili kwa ajili ya usikilizwaji upya wa kesi dhidi ya watu waliosababisha ajali ya mtoto huyo.

Naibu Kamanda wa jumuiya ya vijana wa CCM (UVCCM) Innocent Melleck akizungumza mara baada ya kutembelea familia ya mtoto Felista wa kijiji cha Rauya Marangu wilaya ya Moshi vijijini.

Baadhi ya atoto na ndugu wengine waliofika nyumbani kwa mtoto huyo.

Melleck alikabidhi kiti cha walemavu cha magurudumu kwa mtoto Felista kwa ajili ya kusaidia wakati wa kwenda shuleni.

Mellecky pia alikabidhi diapers kwa ajili ya mtoto huyo.

Familia na wanandugu wngine wa mtoto Felista wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Naibu Kamanda wa UVCCM wilaya ya Moshi vijijini ,Innocent Melleck mara baada ya kukabidhi msaada wa baiskeli. 

Mama mzazi wa mtoto Felsita akitabasamu akiwa amembeba mtoto wake mara baada ya kupokea msaada wa baiskeli,Pempers na Chakula kwa ajili ya mtoto wake,hata hivyo mamahuyo bado anahitaji msaadawa kiasi sha sh Mil,1.5 kwa ajili ya malipo ya matibabu ya mtoto huyo anayodaiwa katika hosptali ya rufaa ya KCMC.

  • Tumeshirikishwa taarifa hii na Dixon Busagaga