Information to Tanzanians for Mauritius Scholarships 2015

The Government of Mauritius is offering scholarships for undergraduate studies in Public Tertiary Education Institutions in Mauritius deserving Tanzanian students in 2015.


1. Financial Conditions of the Scholarship

1.1 The Scholarship will cover:

(i) A monthly living allowance,

(ii) Tuition fees, and

(iii) Student airfare (economy class) by the most economical route to and from Mauritius at the start and the end of the studies.

1.2 The duration of the scholarship will be for a maximum of four (4) years depending on the course.

2. Eligibility

2.1 Be resident citizens of Tanzania

2.2 Scholarships shall not be awarded for:

(i) Top-up degree programmes;

(ii) Foundation programmes; and

(iii) Mixed modes (distance and on-campus learning)

2.3 Age Limit:

Candidates should not be below 18 years and not more than 25 years of age at the date of application.

3.0. Procedure for submitting applications

3.1 The Procedure for submitting applications is as detailed below:

3.2 ALL candidates must submit the fully completed application forms and certified copies of the following documents as part of their application by 10th June 2015:

(i) Birth certificate

(ii) O-Level and A-Level Secondary Education Certificates or Equivalent Diploma Certificate with B+ grade , (iii)transcripts of secondary school results/Diploma,

(iv) Mark sheets relating to the qualifications,

(v) Medical certificate mentioning that applicant is free from any contagious disease eg.HIV/AIDS

(vi) Letter of conditional offer by a public tertiary education institution in Mauritius (if available at time of submission).


Non-submission of the above documents mentioned at (i) to (vi) by 10 June 2015, or incorrect or incomplete filling of application form will result in the elimination of the candidate from being considered for the scholarship.

Education certificates and transcripts, if not in French or in English language, must be submitted along with a certified translation in one of these two languages.

3.2 Candidates should indicate in their applications, the name of the institution and the title and course code of the programme to which they have/wish to be admitted.


Institution Website

1. University of Mauritius -

2. University of Technology, Mauritius -

3. Université des Mascareignes -

4. Open University of Mauritius -

5. Fashion and Design Institute -

6. Mauritius Institute of Education -

7. Mahatma Gandhi Institute - www.

8. Rabindranath Tagore Institute -

3.3 All applications should be made through the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

4. Other conditions

4.1 The selection of candidates for the scholarships will be made on the basis of merit.

4.2 Self-financing candidates already studying in Mauritius in an undergraduate programme before July 2015 will not be eligible for such a scholarship.

4.3 The scholarship holders would be required to sign an undertaking to return to their home country as soon as the studentship comes to an end.

4.4 The candidates, once selected, should –

a) Be available to commence their academic studies in Mauritius by the start of the academic year of the respective institution where they have been admitted;

b) Be enrolled in a full-time and on-campus (not distance learning) programme;

c) Not be in receipt of a full fee scholarship from any other source in Mauritius; and

d) Be able to pay any costs not covered by the scholarship.

5. Tuition fees and Course related costs

5.1 A provision of up to MUR 100,000 will be allocated yearly directly to the institution for this scholarship to meet tuition fees and related course costs.

5.2 Candidates will not be allowed to change their course or move to another institution once they have been granted scholarships.

6. Living allowance
6.1 An all-inclusive living allowance will be paid at an approved rate of MUR 8,300 monthly for daily expenses for the full academic year and renewed upon submission of evidence from the institution of having successfully enrolled for the following academic year.

6.2 No stipend will be released during any period of vacation leave abroad except for the house rent which should not be for more than two months during the leave.

6.3 Awardees will have to inform the Tertiary Education Commission and the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research in case they have to leave Mauritius for any personal reason or otherwise. During the period of their stay outside Mauritius, they will not be eligible to the stipend.

7. Travel to Mauritius

7.1 International student air travel (economy class fare) by the most economical route will be provided at the start and end of studentship only.

7.2 Students should inform the university or institution to which they have been admitted of their travel schedule well in advance.

8. Medical and Travel Insurance

8.1 Arrangements for Medical and Travel insurance in Mauritius will have to be borne by the students themselves.

8.2 Students will have access to public hospitals for medical treatment.

9. Student Visa

9.1 Application for student visa will be made to the Passport and Immigration office by the tertiary education institution where the student is enrolled prior to arrival in Mauritius.

9.2 The Passport and Immigration Office will process the application and issue a provisional entry permit valid for three months to enable the student to travel to Mauritius.

10. Passport

10.1 Students must have a valid passport for the duration of course applied for.

11. Accommodation

11.1 Students who will be selected will make prior arrangements with the institution in Mauritius with regards to accommodation facilities available and to make arrangements accordingly.

11.2 The institution receiving the student will make all the necessary arrangements concerning facilitation of the visa application and assisting the student to obtain appropriate accommodation.

12. Submission of Annual progress report

12.1 Students will have to submit annual/academic/attendance progress reports for continuation of scholarship payments.

12.2 A bi-annual report on the students should be submitted by each institution to the Study Mauritius Office of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research by the institution concerned.

13. Travelling

13.1 If a student decides to return to his/her country before the completion of the course, he/she would not be entitled to a return passage. The expenditure would have to be met by the student himself/herself.

13.2 The student will not be entitled to a refund of any expenses related to his/her travel outside Mauritius during vacations for the duration of the course.

14. Applications for Additional Grants

14.1 No application for additional grants will be entertained.

14.2 Students pursuing science courses will have to bear the expenditure on laboratory chemicals and other incidental expenses.

15. Fieldwork/Leave to work away

15.1 Any cost pertaining to fieldwork or leave will have to be borne by the student.

16. Renewal of Scholarship

16.1 Scholarships are provided on a yearly basis to students subject to successful completion of each year of study.

16.2 The Government of Mauritius will discontinue scholarship payments in case the student fails his/her examinations but will resume them on submission of documents certifying that he/she has succeeded in resit examinations.

17. Termination of studentship

17.1 The scholarship may be terminated at any time for reasons of unsatisfactory conduct, progress, or attendance. The detailed guidelines and application form for the scholarships are available at: and


(i) Completed application form with endorsement from the Ministry of Education and Vocational training;

(ii) Certified copy of birth certificate

(iii) Photocopy of biodata page of passport

(iv) Certified copies of O-Level and A-level Secondary educational certificates or Diploma Certificate with B+ Grade,

(v) Transcripts of secondary school results/Diploma, and

(viii) Medical certificate mentioning that student is free of contagious diseases eg HIV/AIDS.

Address for forwarding of completed application Forms

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Office No.28 Director of Higher Education –Registry
7 Magogoni Street
Code 11479
P.O.Box 9121
Dar es Salaam

NoteAll academic credentials and qualifications must be duly certified by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training •

All certificates/ transcripts and mark sheets must be either translated in English or French before submission. •

The deadline 10/06/2015 at 10:00am

Call for applications: Mauritius Scholarships for 50 African Students



The Government of Mauritius is offering scholarships to 50 students from African States for full time undergraduate studies at any public tertiary education institution duly registered with the Tertiary Education Commission.

The Scholarship will cover a grant of up to MUR 100,000 per academic year for the duration of the programme to each student to cover costs of university fees and charges, economy class air fare from and to the country of origin of the student by the most economical route at the start and end of the studies, and a monthly stipend of MUR 8,300 for subsistence allowance.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students should have obtained a conditional offer in a course of undergraduate degree level at a public tertiary education institution in Mauritius. The duration of the award will be up to four years and the age limit for eligibility is above 18 years and below 25 years.

Applications shall be made through the Ministry of Education of the country of applicant on the prescribed format with the necessary supporting documents by 30 June 2015. The detailed guidelines and application form for the scholarships are available at: and

Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
MITD House
Tel: (230) 601 5200
Fax: 6975346

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Waanzilishi wa chama cha Makatibu Muhtasi walalamikia uchaguzi wa chama chao

Viongozi wa Chama cha Makatibu Muhtasi Tanzania (TAPSEA) walioko madarakani sasa ambao wanaolalamikiwa kuingia madarakani kinyume na katiba ya chama hicho wakizungumza na baadhi ya waandishi wa habari mjini Dodoma kuzungumzia mkutano wao mkuu unaoanza leo mjini Dodoma.

MGOGORO wa uongozi ndani ya Chama cha Makatibu Muhtasi Tanzania (TAPSEA) umeingia katika hatua tata baada ya viongozi waanzilishi wa chama hicho kulalamikia uchaguzi uliopangwa kufanyika Mai 30, 2015 mjini Dodoma ilhali kuna mgogoro wa uongozi ndani ya chama hicho ukiendelea.

Akizungumza na mwandishi wa habari hizi kwa niaba ya viongozi wenzake Mwenyekiti wa TAPSEA, Pili Mpenda ambaye pia ni miongoni mwa waanzilishi wa chama hicho jana jijini Dar es Salaam alisema anasikitishwa na kitendo cha viongozi walioingia kinyume na katiba ya chama hicho kujipanga kufanya uchaguzi ilhali kuna kesi ya msingi ipo mahakamani kulalamikia wao kuondolewa madarakani.

Alisema viongozi waliopo madarakani sasa wameingia kwa nguvu za Msajili wa Vyama vya Siasa nchini baada ya kushinikiza uchaguzi kinyume na maelekezo ya Mkutano Mkuu wa kwanza wa TAPSEA uliofanyika Arusha Mai 18, 2013 wa chama hicho ambao ulielekeza maboresho ya katiba ya chama kabla ya chochote kufanyika.

Alisema mkutano mkuu wa pili uliofanyika mkoani Mwanza 2014 uliitishwa ili kuwaeleza wananchama juu ya shinikizo la msajili na wanachama wachache (7) kufanyika uchaguzi na kuwaeleza mwenendo wa marekebisho ya katiba ya TAPSEA lakini Ofisa msajili alishinikiza ufanyike uchaguzi ambao uliwagawa wanachama na wengine kususia uchaguzi huo kutokana na mvutano.
Viongozi wa Chama cha Makatibu Muhtasi Tanzania (TAPSEA) walioko madarakani sasa ambao wanaolalamikiwa kuingia madarakani kinyume na katiba ya chama hicho wakizungumza na baadhi ya waandishi wa habari mjini Dodoma kuzungumzia mkutano wao mkuu unaoanza leo mjini Dodoma.

Bi. Mpenda alisema uchaguzi uliofanyika haukuwa halali kwani mbali na kufanyika kinyume na katiba ya TAPSEA na maelekezo ya Mkutano Mkuu wa kwanza haukushirikisha wanachama wote. Aliongeza kuwa kati ya wanachama halali 815 waliokuwa wamejisajili ni wanachama 200 tu ndio walioshiriki katika uchaguzi huo.
"...Uchaguzi huu ni kinyume na katiba ya TAPSEA na kinyume na maelekezo ya Mkutano Mkuu wa kwanza na ulifanyika kwa shinikizo la Msajili wa Vyama vya Siasa...sisi hatujui alitumia kifungu gani kuja kushinikiza uchaguzi na kuusimamia kinyume na katiba yetu," 
alisema Bi Mpenda katika mazungumzo.

Aidha alisema tayari viongozi waliopinduliwa wameenda mahakamani kupinga kitendo hicho na msajili anafahamu lakini wanashangaa kuona viongozi wanaolalamikia wamejipanga kufanya uchaguzi mpya wa chama hicho Mai 30, 2015 mjini Dodoma. Hata hivyo taarifa kutoka kwa viongozi waliopo madarakani kwa sasa wamekiri kujiandaa na uchaguzi mkuu mpya kwa nafasi za juu za chama hicho pamoja na wajumbe 9 wa Kamati ya Utendaji.

Akizungumza leo mjini Dodoma na waandishi wa habari, Katibu Mkuu wa TAPSEA aliyepo madarakani kwa sasa, Festo Emmanuel amesema chama hicho kinaendelea na mkutano mkuu unaoanza leo mjini hapo na wamesajili upya wanachama ambapo imefikia jumla ya wanachama 1500. Na alikiri watafanya uchaguzi katika nafasi za juu za chama hicho.

Viongozi wa TAPSEA walioko madarakani sasa ambao wanaolalamikiwa kuingia madarakani kinyume na katiba ya chama hicho wakizungumza na baadhi ya waandishi wa habari mjini Dodoma kuzungumzia mkutano wao mkuu unaoanza leo mjini Dodoma.

[full video] Lowasa alipozungumza Dodoma, Mei 25 2015

Bungeni: Mchango wa Mbatia kwenye sekta ya utalii

Kikao na mapendekezo ya majimbo mapya ya uchaguzi Mbeya

Wajumbe katika kikao cha kamati ya ushauri cha Mkoa wa Mbeya katika ukumbi wa mikutano wa Mkapa (picha: Fahari News via Mbeya Yetu blog)

KAMATI ya ushauri ya Mkoa wa Mbeya (RCC) imepitia na kupitisha mapendekezo ya Halmashauri za Mkoa huo ya kugawa majimbo na mengine kubadili majimbo ya uchaguzi.

Akifafanua katika kikao hicho kilichofanyika katika ukumbi wa mikutano wa Mkapa uliopo Sokomatola jijini Mbeya, Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Mbeya, Abbas Kandoro alisema kikao hicho kimekubaliana na baadhi ya mapendekezo na mengine kuyakataa.

Kandoro alisema mapendekezo hayo yamezingatia vigezo vilivyotolewa ambavyo ni idadi ya watu katika jimbo na hali ya Kijografia ambayo inamuwia vigumu Mbunge mmoja kuwafikia wananchi wake kwakati ikiwa ni pamoja na mawasiliano.

Aliyataja majimbo waliyokubaliana kuyagawa kuwa ni pamoja na Jimbo la Mbozi Magharibi linalogawanywa kupata majimbo ya Momba na Tunduma, Mbozi Mashariki inkuwa na majimbo ya Vwawa na Mbozi.

Kandoro alisema jimbo lingine lililopitishwa kugawanywa ni Jimbo la Mbeya vijijini linalokuwa na Jimbo la Santilya na Mbeya vijijini na kufafanua kuwa Jimbo hilo linakosa kigezo cha idadi ya watu lakini kutokana na hali ya Jografia na mawasiliano ni vigumu kuongozwa na Mbunge mmoja.

Aliongeza kuwa Majimbo mengine yamebadilishwa majina kutokanana mapendekezo ya Halmashauri ambayo ni Jimbo la Rungwe Mashariki kuwa Jimbo la Busokelo na Jimbo la Rungwe Magharibi kuwa jimbo la Rungwe.

Alisema Majimbo mengine yaliyopendekezwa na halmashari ni pamoja na Halmshauri ya Jiji la Mbeya lakini wazo lao limekataliwa kutokana na kukosa vigezo ambavyo ni kuwa na idadi ndogo ya watu, kuwa na mawasiliano mazuri na ukubwa wa eneo linalofikia kilomita za mraba 214.

Aliongeza kuwa vigezo vingine vinavyoifanya Halmashauri ya jiji kushindwa kugawanywa ni kutokana na kutokuwa na changamoto nyingi zinazowakabili wananchi, muingiliano wa mamlaka kwa majimbo mawili kuwa chini ya Halmashauri moja.

Alisema Jimbo la Kyela pia limekosa kigezo cha kugawanywa hivyo litaendelea kubaki jimbo moja kama ilivyokuwa awali likiungana na majimbo ya Ileje, Lupa, Songwe na Mbarali.

  • via blogu ya Mbeya Yetu 

Attract viewers to your LinkedIn profile by adding work samples

Catherine Fisher, LinkedIn’s career expert, says “the more visually appealing a profile is, the better.”

[...] you definitely don’t have to be in a creative field to visually showcase your accomplishments. No matter what career or industry you’re in, there’s a media option for you.

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For example, maybe you were part of a successful product launch team. If so, add the press release, blog post, or ad announcing the project completion to your profile.

Or maybe you work in HR. Find a PowerPoint you used in a training seminar, or the link to a new office engagement program you started, or a page from the employee manual you helped write.

Have you ever given a speech or talk? Use the event video, or if there isn’t one, the publicity materials. Have you ever made a presentation? Upload the slides. Have you ever written a company blog post? Share the link. Did your company get positive press? That’s fair game, too.

Anything (professional) goes. All you’re trying to do is catch someone’s eye.

(Oh, just make sure that nothing you post is confidential or against company policy to share.)

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CHAP CHAP ILLUSTRATION exhibition and public art workshop, music, dance

Saturday 30 May CHAP CHAP ILLUSTRATION with an exhibition of works by Illustration Workshop Participants under guidance of French illustrator Stéphanie Ledoux and the German-Ecuadorian artist Omar Jaramillo, followed by public illustrators workshop. Also a video and sound exhibition about the German Tanzanian collaboration of the Global Music Academy, while we can see them play at 18.30 with Wika Band (Ashimba), Orchestra Chungu with German, Ethiopian and Tanzanian musicians, and dance with Makini and DDI. Thanks to Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institut for the joined workshop.

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