Pope Francis: "there are cases in which separation is inevitable" but...

Pope Francis celebrates mass at the Sao Sebastiao Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro, in this July 27, 2013, file photo. (REUTERS)

June 24, 2015
via La Stampa

At today’s General Audience, the Pope said there are cases when separation is inevitable or “even morally necessary” when it involves saving the weaker spouse, or children, from violence, exploitation and indifference

The break up of a family often “crumbles on top of children”, who should instead be protected because they must not become “hostages of their father or mother”. Pope Francis is continuing his series of catecheses on the family in view of next October’s Synod. The “Istrumentum laboris”, or working document for this Synod was published yesterday. In some cases, Francis said, separation is “inevitable” or even “morally necessary” when it means saving the weaker spouse, or children, from violence, exploitation and indifference and the Church needs to focus on protecting and guiding families in so-called irregular (“I don’t like this word myself”) situations.

“In recent catecheses we have talked about the family and how it experiences the fragility of the human condition, poverty, sickness and death,” Francis said. “Today, we reflect on the wounds caused within a family. When harm is caused inside the family unit itself. This is the most horrible thing of all!”

"We know very well – the Pope continued – that there is no family story without moments when the intimacy of loved ones is offended by the behaviour of one of its members. Words and actions (and inaction!) That, instead of expressing love, take it away or, worse still, stifle it. When these wounds, which are still remediable, are neglected, they grow worse: they turn into arrogance, hostility, contempt. And then they can become deep lacerations, dividing husbands and wives, and leading them to look elsewhere for understanding, support and consolation. But often this 'support' does not think of the good of the family! The emptying of conjugal love spreads resentment in relationships. And often the disintegration 'crumbles' on top of the children. Here, the children. I would like to dwell a little on this point. Despite our apparently evolved sensitivity, and all our fine psychological analysis, I wonder if we have not become somewhat anesthetized to the wounds in the soul of the children. The more you try to compensate with gifts and treats, the more you lose the sense of the wounds – the most painful and deep wounds – of the soul. We talk a lot about behavioural problems, mental health, the well-being of the child, the anxiety of parents and children ... But do we still know what a wounded soul is? Do we feel the weight of the mountain that crushes the soul of a child, in families where there is hurt and we hurt each other, to break the bond of marital fidelity? Do we know the weight our choices - often wrong choices – have on the soul of the children? When adults lose their heads, when everyone thinks to themselves, when dad and mum hurt each other, children suffer in their souls, they feel a sense of despair. And these are wounds that leave a mark for life. In the family, everything is tied together when a soul is wounded at some point, the infection infects everyone. And when a man and a woman, who are committed to being 'one flesh' and forming a family, think obsessively of their need for freedom and gratification, this bias deeply affects the hearts and lives of children. Often children hide to cry alone ... so often. We must understand this. Husband and wife are one flesh. But their creatures are flesh of their flesh. If we think of the harshness with which Jesus warns adults not to scandalize the little ones (cf. Mt 18,6), - we have listened to a passage of the Gospel - we can understand better his own word on the serious responsibility of maintaining the marital bond that begins the human family (cf. Mt 19.6 to 9). When man and woman become one flesh, all wounds and all abandonment of the father and mother affect the flesh of children. "

"It is true, on the other hand, that there are cases in which separation is inevitable. Sometimes it can become even morally necessary, precisely when it means saving the weaker spouse, or children, from more serious injuries caused by the arrogance and violence, and exploitation, from bitterness, alienation and indifference. There are, thank God, those who, sustained by faith and love for the children, testify to their loyalty to a relationship in which they believed, even when it appears impossible to revive it. Not all separated couples, however, feel this vocation. Not everyone recognizes, in solitude, a call of the Lord addressed to them. Around us there are several families in so-called irregular situations. I do not like that word. And we ask ourselves many questions. How can we help? How can we accompany them? (...) We ask the Lord for a great faith, to look at reality through the eyes of God; and a great charity, to approach people with His merciful heart. "

At the end of the Audience, the Pope recalled his recent visit to the northern Italian city of Turin (from Sunday 21st to Monday 22nd June) expressing his “heartfelt thanks to the people of Turin and the Piedmont region for their warm welcome”. He gave a special mention to the sick he met at Cottolengo and the offering of their suffering which “sustains the life of the Church”. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, whose origins are Piedmontese, added; “I felt truly at home, embraced by your affection”.

Pope Francis greeted the Faith and Light movement and when it came to the hand kiss, he also greeted – amongst others – the Nuncio to the US, Carlo Maria ViganĂ², former secretary of the Governorate and Archbishop of Philadelphia and Joseph Chaput of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. Tomorrow Chaput will present the World Meeting of Families which the Pope will be attending in September.

Exim Bank extends line of credit with Tanzania for $268 million

MUMBAI: Exim Bank (Export-Import Bank of India) has extended a line of credit with the government of Tanzania for $268 mn.

The funds would be used by the Tanzania government for financing the extension of Lake Victoria pipeline to Tabora, Igunga and Nzega in Tanzania, a statement from Exim Bank said.

"Vehicles from India along with spares and Training in operation and maintenance to the Department of Police Force, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of the United Republic of Tanzania," a statement from Exim Bank said. Till date the bank has sanctioned about $2.33 billion for 19 projects in Tanzania. The total cost of these projects is anywhere around $3.75 billion. 

This is the fourth line of credit (LOC) extended by the Exim Bank to Tanzania. The LOC is extended to the African nation on the behest of the government of India. The first LOC of $40 million was extended, for financing supply of tractors, pumps and equipment to Tanzania. The second $36.56 million was extended, for financing the purchase of vehicles. The third LOC of $178 million was extended for financing augmentation of water supply schemes of Dar-es-Salaam and Chalinze regions in Tanzania, the Exim Bank said.

India exports petroleum products, pharmaceutical products, transport equipments and fabrics. While India imports cashew nuts, pulses, metal ferrous ores, wooden products and pearls from Tanzania. Currently the total trade between the two nation stands at around $ 31 billion in favour of India according to the latest figures obtained from the government.

Many Indian companies have been looking at Africa as a huge opportunity due to the growth prospects of countries like South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. However, Indian companies, mainly driven by entrepreneurs, have not been able to make a mark when compared to their Chinese counterparts, most of them being public entities.

Article source: The IndiaTimes.com

Photo of the White House tonight lit up in rainbow colors hailing US Supreme Court ruling on marriage

There will be cool photos of the White House w rainbow colors tonight but hard to top this one by Chuck Kennedy. - @petesouza 

Wagombea Urais Tanzania kuiptia CCM na wanachokitafuta

  • Uchambuzi wa Mwalimu M. Mndeme

Taarifa ya Habari Channel TEN Juni 26, 2015

President Obama sings "Amazing Grace" at a funeral in Charleston

Maelekezo kwa diaspora anayetaka kuomba ardhi Tanzania kwa ajili ya uwekezaji

Uongozi wa Jumuiya ya DMV unapenda kuwajulisha kuwa Wizara ya Ardhi ikishirikiana na Idara ya Diaspora kwenye Wizara ya Mambo ya Nchi za Nje kuwa Wanadiaspora mnashauriwa, mnaruhusiwa na mnaweza kuomba ardhi kwa ajili ya uwekezaji nyumbani.

Mnaweza kutuma maombi yenu moja kwa moja kwenda kwa Kamishna wa Ardhi kwa kupitia Idara ya Diaspora, Wizara ya Mambo ya Nchi za Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa kwenye email hii: [email protected]

  1. Yaainishe Mkoa au Wilaya ambayo mwombaji anapenda kupatiwa ardhi
  2. Aina ya Matumizi ya Ardhi anoyoomba vile makazi, biashara, kilimo ama mifugo
  3. Kwa ardhi ya makazi, mwombaji aeleze aina ya kiwanja anachoomba ni “Low Density”, “Medium Density” au “High Density”
Jumuiya DMV

Maafisa wa BVR wapigwa mawe, gari lavunjwa kioo, Polisi wafyatua risasi

Moja wa magari yaliyoharibiwa kwa kuvunjwa vioo likiwa limepaki katika ofisi za halmashauri ya mji wa Geita

OFISA Uchaguzi pamoja na mwandikishaji wa daftari la kudumu la wapiga kura kwa mfumo wa BVR wamenusurika kifo baada ya kushambuliwa kwa mawe na wananchi wa kituo cha Mwatulole Faziri Bucha katika kata ya Buhalahala Wilayani Geita waliokuwa wakizuia mashine za BVR kuondoshwa kituoni ili hali wao hawajaandikishwa huku risasi zikirindima kwenye kituo cha Shilabela katika kata hiyo kuwatawanya wananchi waliokuwa wamewafungia maofisa uandikishaji ndani ya kituo baada ya muda wa zoezi hilo kukoma.

Vurugu hizo zilisababisha magari mawili ya halmashauri ya mji wa Geita kuvunjwa baadhi ya vioo vyake na maofisa hao kujeruhiwa sehemu mbalimbali za miili yao wakati wakijaribu kuokoa mashine za BVR zisiharibiwe na wananchi hao ambao walikuwa wamejaa hasira wakipinga zoezi hilo kumalizika bila wao kuandikishwa.

Akithibitisha kutokea kwa vurugu hizo,kaimu Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya mji wa Geita Hellen Kahindi aliwataja waliojeruhiwa kuwa ni pamoja na Utali Makweya(ofisa wa uchaguzi)aliyejeruhiwa kwa jiwe maeneo ya shingoni na Steven Oloo (mwandikishaji) aliyejeruhiwa mkononi.

Alisema maofisa hao walijeruhiwa jana majira ya saa 3 usiku katika kituo cha Mwatulole Faziri Bucha kata ya Buhalahala walipokwenda kwa ajili ya kuwaokoa wenzao pamoja na mashine za BVR waliokuwa wamezuiliwa kutoka kituoni hapo na wananchi ambao walikuwa hawajaandikishwa hadi zoezi hilo linamalizika jana majira ya saa 12 jioni.

Alisema wakiwa kituoni hapo wakati wakiingiza mashine kwenye gari gari ndipo wananchi hao kwa pamoja walianza kurusha mawe yaliyowapata maofisa hao ambao waliondoa gari kwa kasi kuokoa maisha yao huku gari moja la halmashauri hiyo lenye namba STJ 9519 aina ya Toyota Landcruser likivunjwa kioo cha nyuma na lile la idara ya usalama wa taifa ambalo namba zake hakuzipata mara moja likivunjwa vioo viwili vya ubavuni.

Wananchi wakiwa wanafanya fujo huku wanasukumana kugombea kuingia ndani ya kituo cha kuandikishwa cha upendo B,kata ya Buhalahala huku mawakala wa vyama wakiwazuia kwenye geti la kuingilia ndani walimo maofisa uandikishaji wakiendelea na kazi hiyo. 

Aidha katika kituo cha Shilabela patashika la aina yake lilitokea majira ya saa nne usiku baada ya polisi kuamua kuwatawanya kwa mabomu ya machozi wananchi ambao walikuwa wamewafungia kwa nje baadhi ya maafisa uandikishaji wa kituo hicho wakiwashinikiza kuwaandikisha kwenye daftari la kudumu la wapiga kura kwa kuwa jana ndiyo ilikuwa siku ya mwisho kwa zoezi hilo kwenye kata hiyo wakipinga wao kukosa fursa hiyo.

Patashika hiyo ilichukua zaidi ya dakika kumi, kwani baadhi ya polisi waliokuwa na silaha za moto na mabomu ya machozi walifyatua risasi hewani kwa lengo la kutawanya vurugu hizo,na kufanikiwa kutuliza ghasia hizo.

Wakati hayo yanatokea wananchi hao walisisitiza kuwa kamwe hawezi kukubali kutokuandikishwa kwenye Daftari la Kudumu la Wapiga Kura kwani watakosa haki yao ya msingi ya kuchagua kiongozi wanayemtaka.

Hata hivyo, baadhi ya vijana walidai kuwa baadhi ya makada wa vyama vya siasa ikiwemo CCM ndio chanzo cha vurugu, kwani wameonekana wakisambaza makundi ya vijana ambo siyo wakazi wa eneo hilo kuandikishwa katika vituo mbalimbali huku wakazi wakikosa fursa hiyo.

Madai mengine yalikuwa mbali na NEC kuruhusu uandikishaji kuendelea hadi saa mbili usiku kutokana na wingi wa watu wanaostahili kuandikishwa, maofisa uandikishaji walifungua vituo hivyo majira ya saa 3 asubuhi hadi saa 12 jioni na ndiyo sababu wengi wa wananchi hawakupata fursa hiyo ya kuandikishwa.
‘CCM wamekuwa wakileta watu ambao sio wakazi wa maeneo haya kutaka kujiandikisha hali ambayo imesababisha sisi wakazi wa eneo hili kukosa nafasi huku wengi waliojiandikisha ni kutoka maeneo mengine’
alisema James Felix Babileki (30) mkazi wa kata hiyo ambaye pamoja na kulala na kushinda kituoni toka zoezi lilipoanza hadi linamalizika jana kwenye kata hiyo hakupata fursa ya kujiandikisha.

Alisema hali hiyo ilitokana na kutokuwepo mabalozi kwenye vituo vya uandikishaji ambao ndiyo wenye jukumu la kujua mkazi wa eneo husika jambo lililosababisha wengi kuandikishwa kwenye maeneo yao mbali na kutokuwa wakazi na kusababisha msongamano usio wa lazima.

Baadhi ya vituo vilivyoathiriwa na msongamano wa watu kujiandikisha ili hali si wakazi wa eneo hilo ni pamoja na Magogo ambapo kwa mjibu wa mwenyekiti wa mtaa huo Paschal Mussa Nongo alidai kuwa mbali na mtaa wake kuwa na watu 580 waliofikia umri wa kupiga kura, waliojiandikisha ni 905 huku 48 ambao ni wakazi wa eneo hilo wakikosa fursa hiyo.

Malunde1 blog ilifika katika ofisi za Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Geita Joseph Konyo ili kupata ufafanuzi wa tukio hilo lakini hakupatikana baada ya kuelezwa na mmoja wa wasaidizi wake SP Bundala aliyedai yuko Mwanza kikazi na kumtaka mwandishi kuwasiliana na mkuu wa upelelezi wa makosa ya jinai mkoa wa Geita (RCO) SSP Pipi Kayumba aliyekuwepo eneo la tukio hilo.

Hata hivyo baada ya kumpigia simu hakukana wala kukiri na badala yake alisisitiza kuwa angelikuwa amepewa ruksa na kamanda mwenyewe angeweza kuzungumzia tukio hilo na kumtaka mwandishi ampigie kamanda ili ampe maagizo ya kuzungumzia tukio hilo lakini mwandishi alipomtafuta kamanda wa polisi simu yake ilikuwa imezimwa.

Hata hivyo katibu wa CCM Mkoa wa Geita, Gustavi Muba aliwataka wana CCM kutokuwa waoga na badala yake wajibu mapigo kwa kile alichodai vurugu zote zinaanzishwa na vijana wa CHADEMA kwa kuwazuia vijana wa CCM ili wasiandikishwe vinginevyo kwenye uchaguzi mkuu watashindwa.
‘WanaCCM waache woga wakajiandikishe. Hawa wenzetu CHADEMA wanavurugu sana na wanawapiga vijana wetu nashindwa kuelewa kwa nini na wao wasijibu mapigo?wasipojibu mapigo tutachapwa kama tuliivyochapwa kwenye uchaguzi wa Serikali za Mitaa’
alisema Muba.

Kwa mujibu wa mkurugenzi wa halmashauri ya mji wa Geita Kahindi, baada ya zoezi hilo kumalizika kwenye kata hiyo Juni 27. Zoezi hilo linatarajiwa kuendelea kesho katika Kata ya Kalangalala hadi Juali Mosi mwaka huu huku ukiwepo uwezekano wa kupeleka mashine kwenye kata ambazo zoezi hilo lilikwishamalizika ili kumalizia wale ambao hawakupata fursa hiyo.

The Vibe magazine is now for FREE

A prominent entertainment monthly magazine, The Vibe, which is published by ABC Bros was re-launched and now will be distributed free to the readers. This will make it Tanzania’s number 1 FREE entertainment Youth Magazine.

The magazine Editor in Chief Allan Rwechungura said that since the magazine was launched,it has achieved the objectives and now is leading entertainment magazine in Tanzania.
“On behalf of Vibe Magazine team, I deeply appreciate your support and its great to know that we can count on you ”.

Rwechungura said from this month the Vibe Magazine will be distributed for free to its readers and advertisers, which means the increase number of readership and more exposures for advertisers, 
 “We promise to bring more news on entertainment, sports as well as other issue relevant to entrepreneurship skills targeting to empower and educate Tanzanians youths,hope our readers will enjoy more.”

He said the magazine will be distributed in prime locations in the country, in saloons/barbershops, in colleges and universities as well as remote areas to enable many readers to get entertainment news, and also will be available online.

Taarifa ya NEC ya kuahirishwa kujiandikisha kwa wakazi wa Dar, Pwani

Tanzania, Mozambique to produce graphite to meet global demand

(image: proactiveinvestors.com)

Tanzania and Mozambique are seeking to become graphite producers to meet the growing global demand for the commodity.

Private firms from both countries are either exploring licensed tenements to quantify resources or moving projects with vast deposits to pre-production stage.

Consulting firm Stormcrow Capital Ltd said the graphite market can handle at least 300,000 tonnes of new production by 2020. A tonne of high quality graphite is predicted to cost $6,175 in five years.

China has dominated global output, producing about 70 per cent of the world’s graphite, but this is expected to decrease as the country curtails production due to environmental concerns.

Demand is being driven by increased use of graphite in the making of lithium-ion batteries, lubricants, steel, iron and brake linings among other items. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred for use in electric vehicles.

Magnis Resources Ltd, Kibaran Resources Ltd and IMX Resources Ltd operating in Tanzania, and Mozambique-based Syrah Resources Ltd, Metals of Africa Ltd and Triton Minerals Inc are set to produce the mineral.

Kibaran Resources of Australia is carrying out a feasibility study of the Epanko graphite project near Morogo town in Tanzania. Managing director Andrew Spinks said the project will provide an alternative long-term term supply of superior quality graphite.

“The future growth in demand for expanded graphite is significant, given its electrical and thermal conductive properties for use in applications such as building products, fire retardants and military applications,” he said.

Kibaran’s Mererani East graphite project in the northeast of Tanzania near Arusha also has commercially viable graphite given recent metallurgical results.

“Mererani provides significant support and depth to the company’s ability to broaden its product supply base,” said Mr Spinks.

Mozambique has issued an environmental licence to develop the Balama graphite project to Australian Stock Exchange-listed Syrah Resources Ltd.

Syrah’s managing director Talga Kumova said the licence will ensure that the Balama project will be operated to the highest environmental standards.

“We have been working proactively with stakeholders. The awarding of the environment licence is the culmination of two years of community consultation, base line studies and environmental impact assessments,” Mr Kumova said.

Mbilinyi "Sugu" atokwa machozi Bungeni akieleza kuhusu "kumpora" mzazi mwenza binti yao

Mbunge wa Mbeya Mjini (CHADEMA) Joseph Mbilinyi amelazimika kuomba ruhusa na kulieleza Bunge kuhusu uamuzi aliouchukua wa kumfikisha mzazi mwenza mahakamani na hatimaye kupewa haki ya kumchukua binti kutoka kwa mzazi mwenza.

Ombi la kuwasilisha hoja binafsi lilitokana na mchango wa Mhe. Martha Mlata (video imepachikwa hapo chini) alioutoa Bungeni hapo jana kuhusiana na suala hilo.

License granted to a bank operating solely on an app, no branches or online banking

A new British bank is banking that you're happy to manage your money on your phone. Atom Bank has been granted a licence by authorities and will be the first such institution to be focused on an app rather than branches or online banking.

Atom is the latest "challenger bank" looking to shake up the established retail banking giants in the UK. It's not the first bank to ditch branches, with British banks such as Egg, Smile and Cahoot requiring customers to do their banking on the Web. But it is the first new bank to firmly put the focus on an app, potentially marking a big step for the embryonic mobile payment sector.

Recent figures, reported by the Telegraph, suggest that Brits do more banking on their smartphones than online or in branches. According to Barclays, customers use the Barclays mobile banking app 26 times in a month on average, and the app receives 1,980 logins a minute. With apps like Paym, Barclays Pingit, Zapp and Apple Pay offering new ways to manage our finances and pay for stuff, apps are poised to change the way we move our money around.

"We're thinking like a tech innovator," says Edward Twiddy, Atom's chief operating and innovation officer. "Looking at how we can use technology and data to give the customer an altogether better banking experience. We believe we're the only new challenger bank in the UK currently looking to re-define an entire banking experience, with a full service bank sitting underneath it. We aim to be a serious alternative to the mainstream banks."

Read more: CNET News

Rwanda, Uganda to impose 75% tax on Tanzanian rice imports if mixed with cheap Asian rice

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania will lose its market in Rwanda and Uganda if small scale rice farmers will continue to export a mixture of Asian and Tanzanian rice.

The warning was issued by Rwanda after learning that there are businessmen who are purchasing cheap rice from Asia countries and mixing it with small proportions of Tanzanian rice before exporting it to Rwanda.

“Rwanda has warned Tanzanian businessmen that any businessman who exports rice that is mixed with other sample, will be required to pay 75 percent tariff,” said Ikunda Terry, Country Programme Manager of Eastern Africa Grain Council.

He was speaking at a meeting on Tanzania’s Rice Industry that focused on the threats and challenges, which was held in Dar es Salaam at the start of the week.

According to him, Rwanda has said it would continue to charge 75 percent tariff on Tanzanian rice that will be found to be mixed with other rice from Asian countries.

He said the rise in tariff would hurt Tanzania’s economy as it would discourage farmers to export their produce since they cannot afford to pay the price.

Elaborating, he said Rwanda has decided to impose the 75 percent tariff on Tanzanian traders if they determine that the rice has been mixed. The aim is to protect their domestic market and rice producers in the East African regional market.

The East Africa Community (EAC) currently considers rice a “sensitive product” and levies a 75 percent tariff because East African rice producers are decades away from having a low-¬-cost base capable of competing with Asian producers.

“The 75 percent Common External Tarrif (CET ) must be strictly enforced to assure Rwanda and Tanzanian prices are high enough to support smallholder farmers and assure duty-¬-free trade with our EAC partner states,” he said.

East Africa’s main competitors are Pakistan, Thailand and have millions of hectares of irrigation built by their governments and donors.

Over the past 60 years, Pakistan has 19 million hectares of irrigation given free to farmers—as well as a greater choice of seed varieties and better pest and disease control solutions.

Also they have better road and power infrastructure, larger fertilizer subsidies, cheaper loans and paddy price support and Thai and Pakistani rice farmerscan produce rice at a much cheaper cost than their East African counterparts East Africa will take decades to catch up with the Asian low cost base. In the meantime, East African rice producers, whose governments lack the financial ability to provide free irrigation and other subsidies, rely on the CET to attain prices that allow profitability.

Rice is a primary staple food crop in Tanzania. According to official Government of Tanzania (GoT) data, annual rice production doubled between 2001 and 2012 as a result of expanded cultivation and now averages about 1.35 million metric tons (MT). In late 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture declared a rice surplus of 700,000 MT.

Tanzania is the largest producer of rice in East Africa.

via The Guardian

Tanzania to get $100 million World Bank loan

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania will receive a $100 million loan from the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) to help improve governance in the east African country.

Businesses have long complained corruption is one of the main reasons for the high cost of doing business in Tanzania. The loan would be aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in governance and improving public financial management, said Philippe Dongier, the World Bank's country director for Tanzania. The project will also help promote budget credibility and execution through better cash management, public investment management and procurement to improve health, education and water supply services to the poor, the Bank said.

Tanzania is estimated to have more than 53.2 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves off its southern coast, but its energy sector has long been dogged by allegations of graft and other problems. Graft claims led to the suspension of budget support by Western donors in October.

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Wanafunzi waunda kondomu inayotambua magonjwa ya zinaa

Wanafunzi katika shule moja nchini Uingereza wameunda mipira ya kondomu inayowaonya watumiaji wanapojamiana na mtu aliyeambukizwa maradhi ya zinaa.

Kondomu hiyo inabadili rangi pindi inapokutana na majimaji ya mtu anayeugua maradhi ya zinaa.

Kondomu hiyo S.T.EYE inaweza kutambua maambukizi ya Chlamydia Kaswende na Kisonono.

Kulingana na wanafunzi hao kondomu hiyo inabadili rangi tofauti kulingana na bakteria iliyopo.

Uvumbuzi huu ni wa Daanyaal Ali, 14, Muaz Nawaz, 13 na Chirag Shah, 14, ambao ni wanafunzi katika shule ya Isaac Newton Academy iliyoko Ilford, Essex, nchini Uingereza.

''tuliazimia kumpa onyo mtumiaji wa mipira hii kuwa mpenzi wake yuko salama ama ni mgonjwa bila ya wasiwasi wa kupimwa hospitalini''.

Wanafunzi hao tayari wametunukiwa, tuzo la ubunifu la ''the TeenTech'' .

Daanyall alisema kuwa "Walizindua kondomu hiyo ilikuifaidi kizazi kijacho''

''Kwa hakika swala la usalama wa mpenzi wako ni swala la kibinafsi kwa hivyo ni swala linalopaswa kupewa kipaombele haswa ikifahamika kuwa tunawajibu wa kuchochea ngono salama bila ya kuwashurutisha wapenzi wetu kufika hospitalini bila wao wenyewe kukusudia''

Wanafunzi hao waliwalitunukiwa pauni elfu moja pamoja na fursa ya kuzuru Kasri la Malkia wa Uingereza Buckingham Palace.

Muasisi wa kampuni ya ubunifu wa kiteknolojia, TeenTech, Bwana Maggie Philbin, alisema kuwa

"Ni wajibu wetu kama jamii kuchochea ubunifu unaopatikana madarasani kuchochewa na kupigwa msasa kwa minajili ya kuboresha maisha ya mwanadamu'.'

via BBC Swahili

It's history: US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage says "The Constitution grants them that right."

In a historic development for gay rights and the institution of marriage, the Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry.

Specifically, the 5-4 ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges declares that the 14th Amendment requires all states to perform same-sex marriages and recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
"No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family," 
Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority.
"In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death," 
the ruling continues. 
"It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right."

The ruling extends marriage rights to gay couples in the 14 remaining states where same-sex marriage was previously prohibited. It also validates lower-court rulings in 20 states where marriage bans were struck down by federal judges.

The recent series of court rulings striking down marriage bans, culminating with this Supreme Court ruling, reflects a growing national acceptance of same-sex marriage. A February CBS News poll showed that 60 percent of Americans said it should be legal for same-sex couples to marry. More than half, 56 percent, said same-sex marriage should be left up to the states, though support for that position dropped eight points from a year earlier.

By protecting same-sex marriage nationally, the court is ensuring that same-sex couples are entitled to same state benefits that all married couples receive, in every state. In the Obergefell v. Hodges case, plaintiff Jim Obergefell was specifically seeking the right to be listed on his husband's death certificate. Obergefell and his longtime partner John Arthur were legally married in Maryland in 2013, when Arthur was terminally ill. However, since their home state of Ohio did not recognize same-sex marriages, the state refused Obergefell's request to be listed on Arthur's death certificate.

When CBS News' Jan Crawford asked Obergefell earlier this year what Arthur would think of the ongoing legal battle, Obergefell said, "I think -- I know -- he's proud. I know he would thank me for living up to my promises to him, for living up to my marriage vows to fight for him, to love him, to honor him and to protect him."

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