Rais Kikwete arejea Tanzania akitokea Uswisi

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiwasili katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam mara baada ya kurejea nyumbani baada ya ziara ya kikazi mjini Geneva.
Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiwasili katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam mara baada ya kurejea nyumbani baada ya ziara ya kikazi mjini Geneva.

Akiwa Geneva, Rais Kikwete ameongoza vikao vya Jopo la Kimataifa Linalopendekeza Jinsi Dunia inavyoweza kukabiliana na majanga yajayo ya magonjwa ya milipuko ambalo kazi yake imeungwa mkono na nchi 21 ambazo zilichangia mapambano dhidi ya ugonjwa wa Ebola.

Miongoni mwa mikutano ambayo Rais Kikwete ameiongoza katika Makao ya Umoja wa Mataifa (UN) mjini Geneva ni pamoja na yeye na wanajopo wenzake kutoa maelezo kuhusu maendeleo ya kazi yao kwa nchi ambazo zilichangia mapambano dhidi ya ugonjwa wa Ebola katika nchi za Guinea, Liberia na Sierra Leone.

Nchi hizo ambazo zimeunga mkono kazi ya Jopo hili katika mkutano huo ni Venezuela, Umoja wa Ulaya (EU), Uholanzi, Finland, Shirikisho la Russia (Russian Federation), Norway, China, Ubelgiji, India, Ujerumani, Marekani, Uswisi, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Uingereza, Israel, Benki ya Maendeleo ya Afrika (AfDB), Umoja wa Afrika (AU), Benki ya Dunia (WB), Jamhuri ya Korea na Japan.

Pamoja na kwamba wajibu mkuu wa Jopo hili siyo kuchunguza ugonjwa wa Ebola na madhara yake, bado ugonjwa huo ni msingi mkuu wa kazi ya Jopo hilo ambalo wajibu wake ni kutumia uzoefu wa Ebola kutoa mapendekezo ya jinsi dunia inavyoweza kukabiliana na majanga ya magonjwa ya milipuko katika siku zijazo.

Ugonjwa wa Ebola ambao ulilipuka katika nchi hizo tatu za Afrika Magharibi mwishoni mwa mwaka 2013 mpaka sasa umeua watu 11,000 katika nchi hizo na kusababisha mshtuko mkubwa duniani.

Hiyo ilikuwa mara ya 24 kwa ugonjwa huo kulipuka katika Afrika tokea ulipolipuka kwa mara ya kwanza mwaka 1976, miaka karibu 40 iliyopita, katika Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Congo (DRC) wakati huo ikiitwa Zaire.

Hata hivyo, katika milipuko ya kwanza 23, ugonjwa huo uliua watu wachache zaidi kuliko mlipuko wa 24.

Jopo hilo limeambiwa kuwa tofauti na matarajio ya dunia kuwa ugonjwa huo ulikuwa unamalizika katika nchi hizo hasa katika Liberia, umeanza kupata kasi tena na nchi hizo tatu zinakisiwa kuwa na wagonjwa karibu 70.

Jopo hilo lenye Wajumbe sita liliteuliwa Aprili, mwaka huu, na Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Mataifa, Mheshimiwa Ban Ki Moon na kufanya vikao vyake vya mwanzo Mei, mwaka huu, katika makao makuu ya UN, mjini New York, Marekani.

Mbali na kukutana na nchi zilizochangia mapambano dhidi ya Ebola, Rais Kikwete na Jopo lake limepata nafasi ya kumsikiliza aliyekuwa Mkurugenzi wa Shirika la Afya Duniani (WHO), Kanda ya Afrika, wakati ugonjwa huo unalipuka Dkt. Luis Gomes Sambo wa Angola ambaye aliwaeleza wajumbe historia ya ofisi ya kanda hiyo iliyoko mjini Brazzaville, Jamhuri ya Congo, katika kukabiliana na ugonjwa huo.

Aidha, Wajumbe wa Jopo wamemsikiliza Mkurugenzi mpya wa Kanda, Dkt. Matshidizo Rebecca Moeti ambaye amezungumza kwa njia ya mkutanomtandao (teleconference) kutoka mjini Brazzaville. Dkt. Moeti alianza kazi yake Januari Mosi, mwaka huu, 2015.

Vile vile, Wajumbe wa Jopo wamesikiliza jitihada za Jamhuri ya Rwanda kukabiliana na magonjwa ya mlipuko kupitia kwa Waziri wa Afya wa nchi hiyo, Agnes Binagwaho ambaye naye alizungumza kwa mkutanomtandao kutoka Kigali, Rwanda.

Nje ya vikao hivyo, Rais Kikwete alikutana na kufanya mazungumzo na Katibu Mkuu Mstaafu wa UN, Mheshimiwa Kofi Annan. Katika mkutano huo kwenye Hoteli ya Intercontinental, viongozi hao wawili wamezungumzia masuala mbali mbali ya kimataifa, ikiwamo hali ya Burundi.

Rais pia amekutana kwa mazungumzo na Mtendaji Mkuu wa Kituo cha South Centre ambacho kina makao yake mjini Geneva, Dkt. Martin Kohr. Kituo hicho kilianzishwa chini ya uongozi wa Baba wa Taifa, Mwalimu Nyerere, kwa nia ya utekelezaji wa Ripoti ya Kamisheni ya Nchi Zinazoendelea (South-South Commission), ambayo iliongozwa na Mwalimu.

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akisalimiana na mfanyakazi wa Shirika la Ndege la Uswisi katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam mara baada ya kurejea nyumbani baada ya ziara ya kikazi mjini Geneva
Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akisalimiana na mfanyakazi wa Shirika la Ndege la Uswisi katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam mara baada ya kurejea nyumbani baada ya ziara ya kikazi mjini Geneva

[video] Application of Magnus effect as in soccer, tennis and basketballs, planes, ships

Mozambique seizes Tanzania-bound truck load of precious stones

The Mozambican police in the northern province of Cabo Delgado have seized a truck carrying a container filled with 15 semi-precious stones that were being smuggled to Tanzania, the local media reported on Wednesday.

A report in the Maputo independent daily quotes the Mozambican police as saying that the same truck had been spotted on several previous occasions leaving the mining area in Ancuabe district, which aroused suspicions.

This time, the truck was stopped at a checkpoint, and the police insisted on opening the container.

When the stones, mostly garnets, were found, the police arrested the driver, who is a Tanzanian citizen.

A multi-sector team, including officials from the customs service and from the Provincial Directorate of Mineral Resources and Energy is investigating the case.

A police spokesperson told reporters that, two days after the seizure, a document was presented apparently giving the owner of the stones, another Tanzanian citizen, and the right to transport the stones to Tanzania by sea.

But the stones were not on board any boat, and the police suspect that the export licence was illegally passed on to a different person

Azam Media gets rights to broadcast Rio 2016 Olympics

Azam Media is to cover the Rio 2016 Olympics in Tanzania, after agreeing a deal for free-to-air transmission rights with Infront Sports & Media, the Chinese-controlled sports marketing company.

Azam, a private broadcaster, will carry at least six hours of coverage a day on its DTV and ZBC2 channels.

The agreement covers exclusive rights for free-to-air transmissions on terrestrial, satellite and cable TV platforms, as well as non-exclusive internet and mobile.

Infront was awarded broadcast rights in sub-Saharan Africa to Sochi 2014 and the Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games, in addition to Rio, by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in January 2014.

The territory comprises 43 countries in all, including Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia, but not South Africa.

As part of its mandate, Infront, along with TV Media Sport, an Africa specialist, is to produce a broadcast feed specifically tailored for an African audience and comprising six to nine hours of live content a day, as well as daily highlights and news programmes.

This will focus on African athletes and the most popular competitions, with commentary provided in French, English and Portuguese.

[video] Drones used in Tanzania to safeguard elephants

It looks just like video game.

The scene: Tanzania’s savanna.

Your avatar: A ranger in Tarangire National Park.

The objective: Use a small helicopter to chase a group of hungry elephants off a farm and into the park, all before angry farmers kill the animals, vultures attack the helicopter, or the chopper’s fuel runs out.

It might sound like fun but for conservationists in Tanzania, this isn’t just a game.

The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) and the conservation organization Resolve have begun deploying small drones to chase elephants out of farms and into protected areas. The goal is to stop farmers killing elephants that have destroyed crops–one driver of the country’s drastic elephant population decline.

“Increasingly we see elephants moving through farms, especially in Tarangire where they can easily leave the park and get a tasty meal,” says Nathan Hahn, a research associate with Resolve. “It’s created a lot of resentment in those communities, and so farmers have been using bows and arrows, poisoned watermelons, even guns, to kill elephants.”

Traditionally farmers and rangers worked throughout the night making loud noises, waving torches, and charging the elephants in four-wheelers to get them off farmers’ land – all of which involved dangerously close contact with the aggressive animals and could take hours to work.

But with drones, rangers can stay out of sight of the elephants, co-piloting the small, white machines from the back of a pick up truck. Not only is this much safer, but its also more time efficient–the drones typically scare off the elephants in thirty seconds flat.
But there’s one major obstacle to the program: the Tanzanian government.

Tanzania banned the use of drones for photographic and filming purposes last November. Then Kenya’s government put a blanket ban on drones for commercial purposes, shutting down a similar drone herding project in the Maasai Mara in January. Three months later, the Tanzanian Private Sector Foundation tested use of drones to track poachers in the Selous Game Reserve in the hopes of obtaining government approval for their commercial use, but its unclear whether the Tanzanian government will warm up to the idea or follow Kenya’s lead and shut it down completely.

And this isn’t the only challenge. Drones are expensive–roughly $1,100 USD per drone and $4,000 USD to get them to Tanzania. Then there’s the fact a typical drone’s battery lasts only twenty minutes, and there’s a chance the elephants could habituate to the sound.

But without new conservation measures, Tanzania may face an elephant population crash.

Shrinking elephant population

According to a Tanzanian National Parks Authority report released in June, the elephant population has plummeted 60% in the last five years. And while much of the decline is attributed to poaching, anecdotal evidence suggests human-elephant conflict contributes significantly as well–and is likely to increase in the future.

“Elephants raid a lot of land now and the corridors they use between protected areas are rapidly being developed,” says David Olson, a conservation biologist with Resolve. “As we protect the elephant population, they will grow outside protected areas and conflict with farmers will grow.”

This month will prove to be the drones biggest test, as crops are harvested and the peak of elephant raiding season hits.

“The next few weeks are critical,” says Jonathan Konuche, who trained the rangers in the use of drones with Resolve. “This is when we’ll find out if the drones can really work.”
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Kama walivyohisi watu: Mkapa ndiye aliyesema "su" kwenye kikao CCM

Kauli ya Rais wa Awamu ya tatu, Benjamin Mkapa ya kutaka wajumbe wa Halmashauri Kuu kupiga kura na wale wasioafiki watoke, ndiyo inaelezwa kuwa ilimaliza mzozo ulioibuka baada ya jina la Edward Lowassa kuenguliwa mapema.

Kikao hicho kilichofanyika Julai 10 kilionekana kuelekea kukumbwa na mtafaruku baada ya wajumbe kumpokea Rais Jakaya Kikwete kwa wimbo wa kuonyesha kuwa wana imani na waziri huyo mkuu wa zamani ambaye jina lake halikuwamo miongoni mwa makada watano waliopitishwa na Kamati Kuu ya CCM.

Habari ambazo Mwananchi imezipata kutoka kwa wajumbe wa Halmashauri Kuu zinasema kuwa baada ya mapumziko ya chakula cha mchana, ulizuka mjadala mkubwa kuhusu kuenguliwa kwa Lowassa, ambaye alionekana kuwa alikuwa akiongoza mbio za urais ndani ya chama hicho.

Habari hizo zinasema wakati wa mjadala huo ndipo wajumbe wa Baraza la Ushauri la Viongozi walipoingilia na kuanza kutoa ushauri mmoja baada ya mwingine kabla ya Mkapa kuzungumza na baadaye kusema “twendeni tukapige kura, asiyetaka atoke”, ndipo hali ya ukimya ilipotanda na kufuatiwa na kazi ya kupiga kura iliyoashiria kuwa amani imerejea.

Hata hivyo, haikuwa rahisi kwa kikao hicho chenye wajumbe takriba 400 kutulizwa na kufikia hatua ya kupigia kura majina matano ili kupata matatu ambayo yalipelekwa kwenye Mkutano Mkuu.

Habari ambazo Mwananchi imezipata zinaeleza kuwa wajumbe waliokuwa wakimtaka Lowassa walikuwa wakihoji sababu za mbunge huyo wa Monduli kuenguliwa huku jina la Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Bernard Membe likiachwa.

Alikuwa mwenyekiti wa baraza hilo, Ali Hassan Mwinyi aliyeanza kwa kuwaeleza wajumbe historia ya changamoto zilizokipata chama hicho, aliyoyaona mwaka 1995 wakati kulipokuwa na wagombea 17, lakini walioingia kwenye mchujo walikuwa 15, wakiwemo Benjamin Mkapa, Jakaya Kikwete na Cleopa Msuya.

Mwinyi aliwashauri wajumbe kuwa kama wanampenda mtu, wawe na kiasi na kama wanamchukia mtu, wawe na kiasi pia na kwamba wasifanye mambo hayo kwa kupitiliza kwani matokeo yatapokuwa tofauti na walivyotarajia wao ndiyo wataathirika zaidi kuliko muhusika.

Kwa mujibu wa mtoa taarifa mwingine aliyetoa nasaha zake alikuwa Waziri Mkuu wa zamani, John Samuel Malecela, ambaye aliimbia kwenye mbio hizo mwaka 2005 wakati walipojitokeza makada 11 kuwania kuteuliwa na CCM.

Malecela, ambaye wakati huo alikuwa na wadhifa wa makamu mwenyekiti wa CCM Bara, Malecela aliwaeleza wajumbe hasa walikuwa na mapenzi na Lowassa kwamba hata yeye wakati huo alikuwa na kundi kubwa la watu waliokuwa wanamuunga mkono kutoka Kanda ya Ziwa.

Kwa mujibu wa mtoa taarifa, Malecela aliwaambia wajumbe wa NEC kwamba wafuasi wake walikuwa wakilia kwa uchungu kutokana na jina lake kukatwa, walimshauri mengi ikiwemo ya kuhama chama, lakini aliwaambia “chama kwanza mtu baadaye”, kwa maana huo ndiyo ulikuwa uamuzi wa chama na unapaswa kuheshimiwa.

Wakati huo, baada ya Rais Kikwete kutangazwa kuwa ndiye ambaye angepeperusha bendera ya CCM katika Uchaguzi Mkuu wa mwaka 2005, alikwenda kumpa mkono wa hongera na kuahidi kumuunga mkono.

Mjumbe mwingine wa baraza hilo, Amani Abeid Karume, ambaye alikuwa Rais wa Zanzibar, anasemekana kuwa aliwaambia wajumbe kwamba wafanye mambo kama watu wazima, kwa kuwa kuna mambo ya mtu yanaweza kuzungumzwa hadharani, lakini kuna mengine yanahitaji staha ili kuepuka kudhalilishana.

Aliwashauri wajumbe wasipende kutaka kila kitu cha mtu wanayedhani anaonewa kiwekwe wazi kwa kuwa kuna mengine hayastahili kuwekwa hadharani, na kuwasisitizia kufikiri kama watu wazima.

Habari hizo zinasema kuwa aliyebadilisha kabisa mwelekeo wa kikao alikuwa Rais Mkapa ambaye aliwaeleza wajumbe kwamba mambo yote wanayozungumza kuhusu uonevu siyo sahihi kwa sababu mwenyekiti wa chama, Rais Kikwete ana taarifa kuliko wao kwa kuwa anazo nyenzo za kumpatia taarifa na namna ya kuzithibisha ukweli wake.

Kwa mujibu wa mtoa taarifa Mkapa baada ya kusema maneno hayo alisema: “Twendeni tukapige kura, asiyetaka atoke.”

Maneno ya wazee hao na hasa ya Mkapa yaliwanyong’oneza wajumbe hasa waliokuwa wakipinga uamuzi wa Kamati Kuu, na baada ya hapo hakuna aliyeinua kinywa chake kutaka kuzungumza kitu au kupinga jambo.

Kikao hicho kilikuwa na usiri mkubwa baada ya wajumbe kuzuiwa kuingia na simu kwenye ukumbi wa mikutano wa ofisi za makao makuu ya CCM, White House uliopo katikati ya mji wa Dodoma.

Baraza la Ushauri linaoongozwa na Rais Mwinyi (mwenyekiti), katibu wake ni Spika wa zamani wa Bunge, Pius Msekwa, wakati wajumbe ni marais wastaafu, Mkapa, Karume, Dk Salmin Amour na Makamu wa Rais wa Pili na Waziri Mkuu mstaafu, John Malecela.

Wastaafu hao walikuwepo kwenye vikao vyote, na Malecela, ambaye alikuwa London nchini Uingereza, aliwasili siku ya kikao cha Kamati Kuu, na kwa umuhimu wake alipotua Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere alikuta ndege nyingine ikimsubiri uwanjani hapo kwa ajili ya kumpeleka Dodoma.

Dalili za kuzuka mtafaruku kwenye kikao cha Halmashauri Kuu zilianza mapema. Wakati Mwenyekiti akiingia na viongozi wengine, wajumbe walianza kuimba wimbo wa “tuna imnani na Lowassa”, badala ya maneno yanayotumika kwenye wimbo huo ambao hupachikwa jina la mwenyekiti wa chama.

“Haijapata kutokea,” alisema Rais Kikwete baada ya kukaa kwenye kiti na kuongeza kuwa mambo yote yatazungumzwa taratibu na muafaka utafikiwa.

Mtoa taarifa wetu anasema kuwa Rais Kikwete alikuwa mvumulivu, akitoa mwanya kwa wajumbe wengi kuzungumza licha ya baadhi kumshambulia wakidai familia yake inampigia kampeni Membe.

Habari zinasema pamoja na shutuma zote hizo, Kikwete hakujibu hoja hizo zaidi ya kutoa mwanya kwa wajumbe wengi zaidi kuchangia.

Kwa mujibu wa mtoa taarifa ilifika wakati wajumbe wakaanza kushambuliana wao kwa wao, huku wengine wakisema hawajaenda humo kujadili jina la mtu mmoja.

Wajiandaa kwenda mahakamani kushitaki CCM imeanza kampeni NEC imebariki

Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi, (NEC) Jaji Damian Lubuva amesema mgombea urais mteule wa CCM, Dk John Magufuli hapigi kampeni bali kinachofanyika ni utambulisho wa mgombea wao kwa wananchi.

Kauli ya Lubuva imekuja ikiwa ni siku chache baada ya Chama cha ACT-Wazalendo kuandikia barua NEC, ikilalamika kuwa Dk Magufuli ameanza kampeni kabla ya wakati.

Alisema NEC imepokea barua ya malalamiko ya ACT-Wazalendo inayolalamika kuwa Magufuli ameanza kampeni kabla ya muda na pia kulalamika kualikwa kwa mteule huyo wa CCM kuwa mgeni rasmi kwenye ufunguzi wa Michuano ya Kombe la Kagame, inayoanza leo kwenye Uwanja wa Taifa, Dar es Salaam.
“Tume ina maadili yake, kwa mfano eti tumzuie asiende kwenye mechi , sisi tumzuie kama nani, huu si wakati wetu, wakati wetu ukifika tutakunjua makucha yetu”

Alisema NEC haihusiki hata na yale yanayotokea Dodoma, bali itaanza kazi yake ifikapo Agosti 21 mara baada ya uteuzi rasmi wa wagombea.

Akizungumzia zaidi ziara hizo, Jaji Lubuva alisema tume hiyo haina kauli juu ya ziara ya Magufuli, bali akifanyacho ni mchakato tu wa ratiba ya chama chake.

Jaji Lubuva alisema kwa upande wa Sheria na Katiba, Nec itaanza kuchukua hatua kwa wale watakaokiuka kanuni kuanzia Agosti 22, pindi kipyenga cha kampeni kitakapoanza hadi Oktoba 24 kitakapomalizika.
“Katika kipindi hicho, tume inakuwa na nguvu ya kuwashughulikia wagombea, kwa sasa kinachotokea ni mambo ya vyama, sisi kwenye tume hatuna msingi wa kushughulikia hayo,” 

Wakati Jaji Lubuva akisema hayo, Chama Cha Kijamii (CCK) wameamua kutumia wanasheria ili kuandaa mipango ya kumwekea pingamizi Dk Magufuli, kuwa anakiuka Sheria ya Uchaguzi kwa kufanya kampeni kabla ya wakati.

Akizungumza jana, Katibu Mkuu wa CCK Renatus Muhabi, alisema Tume ya Uchaguzi (NEC) huenda nayo ikashtakiwa kwa kushindwa kuwajibika licha ya kuwa ndiyo msimamizi wa Sheria ya Uchaguzi.
“Tumeshampa kazi mwanasheria, Aloys Rugaziya kuandaa pingamizi baada ya kutoridhishwa na majibu ya Jaji Lubuva.
“ Majibu yake Jaji Lubuva ni wazi yanaonyesha kuwa anaiogopa CCM, maana ndiyo iliyompa hiyo nafasi, hapo unaweza kuona kwa nini tumekuwa tunalilia tume huru, yeye anapodai hahusiki na kufuatilia mambo anayofanya mgombea huyo, eti hadi pale atakapochukua fomu ya NEC, huu siyo utawala bora ni ukiukwaji mkubwa,” 

Muhabi alisema CCK imeamua kujitolea kulifuatilia jambo hilo kwa karibu licha ya kwamba wapinzani wenzao wakiwamo UKAWA wapo kimya, wanaamini kwamba ukimya huo unatokana na kutingwa kusaka mgombea wao wa urais, hivyo wao watajitahidi hadi dakika ya mwisho kutetea haki na demokrasia ndani ya vyama.

Wakili anayeshughulikia utaratibu wa kufungua kesi hiyo, Rugaziya, alikiri kuwapo kwenye mchakato wa kufungua kesi, lakini hatua hiyo itafuata pale watakapojiridhisha kuwa kuna makosa ya kisheria kwenye matendo ya Dk Magufuli na mikutano anayofanya.
“Wanasiasa wana utazamaji wao wa mambo nasi kama wanasheria tuna utazamaji wetu, hivyo tunachofanya sasa ni kwamba tupo kwenye hatua za kujiridhisha kwanza kuangalia vipengele vya sheria ya uchaguzi kwa ujumla, ikiwamo masuala ya kampeni baada ya hapo ndiyo tutajua mwelekeo mzuri wa jambo hili,” 
alisema Wakili Rugaziya.

Imenukuliwa kutoka MWANANCHI

Mbunge wa Kahama ahama CCM asema, "Sitaki kuwa sehemu ya uchafu huu."

James Lembeli mbunge wa Kahama mkoani Shinyanga, ameondoka katika Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM). Anasema, chama hicho kinanuka rushwa na kwamba yeye hawezi kugombea kwenye chama ambacho kimebeba wala rushwa.

Akizungumza na wanachama wa CCM, wilayani Kahama, Lembeli amesema, 
“…nimekuja kuwaeleza, kwamba sitagombea ubunge katika jimbo hili kupitia CCM.”
Hii ilikuwa majira ya saa nne asubuhi. Mara baada ya kauli yake hiyo, kuliibuka tahahuri miongoni mwa wanachama wa chama hicho, waliokuwa wamejazana ofisini kumsubiri Lembeli achukue fomu ya kuwania nafasi hiyo.

Mbunge huyo machachari nchini alikuwa ni miongoni mwa wabunge waliojipambanua kupinga ufisadi, ndani na nje ya Bunge.

Kabla ya uamuzi huo, Lembeli amekuwa akilalamikia chama chake kubeba baadhi ya wagombea; kujenga makundi ya wanamtandao na kuanza kampeni kabla ya muda.
“Sitaki kuwa sehemu ya uchafu huu. Hivyo, nimeamua kutogombea ubunge kupitia CCM, ingawa nitagombea kupitia chama kingine,” 

Amesema katika ziara zake jimboni amekuwa akipokea kadi nyingi ambazo zimetolewa na wagombea kinyume cha taratibu na taarifa hizo alizifikisha katika ofisi ya wilaya lakini hakuna hatua zilizochukuliwa.

Mara baada ya kutoa shutuma hizo, Lembeli aliondoka katika ofisi hizo bila kusalimiana na katibu wa chama hicho wilayani Kahama ambaye alikuja kumsubiri ili amkabidhi fomu za kuwania ubunge kupitia CCM.

MwanaHALISI Online, lilipoulizwa katibu wa CCM wilaya ya Kahama, Alexandulina Katabi, kuhusu madai ya Lembeli, haraka alisema, 
“madai hayo yanapaswa kupelekwa ofisini siyo kwenye magazeti.”
Alisema, kamati ya maadili ya chama hicho iliwahi kumuita mbunge huyo ili kuja kutoa ushahidi, lakini amegoma kufanya hivyo. Alisema, 
“kadi feki zinajulikana kupitia kwangu kwa kuwa ndiye ninayezitoa.”
Taarifa ambazo zimepatikana baadaye zinasema, Lembeli anatarajiwa kujiunga na Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), muda wowote kutoka sasa.

Aidha, wabunge wengine wa CCM majina tunayo, wanatarajiwa kujiunga na chama hicho na kugombea ubunge katika majimbo mbalimbali nchini.

MSc in Foreign Service scholarship at Georgetown Univ. for Sub-Saharan students

As of fall 2014, the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) at Georgetown University began offering a full-tuition scholarship for a talented graduate student from sub-Saharan Africa.

MSFS is a two-year, full-time graduate degree program in international affairs. Students will take courses in international relations, international trade, international finance, statistics and analytical tools, and history. In addition, students choose an area of concentration such as Global Politics and Security, International Development, or Global Business and Finance.

Application requirements include:
A completed undergraduate degree from an accredited university and a strong academic record.
One set of standardized test scores: TOEFL/IELTS or GRE/GMAT (for more information on which test applicants need to take, visit http://msfs.georgetown.edu/admissions/faq#standardized).
Completion of a course in microeconomics and a course in macroeconomics, or ability to complete both courses *before* the beginning of the MSFS program in fall 2016.
Professional work experience, ideally in a field related to their future professional goals. Students have an average of four years of work experience prior to joining MSFS.

For complete information on required application items, please visit http://msfs.georgetown.edu/admissions/howtoapply.

Special consideration will be given to applicants from:
Côte d'Ivoire
South Africa

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit all required application materials (online application, personal statement, official transcripts and test scores, letters of recommendation). The scholarship will be awarded based on the strength of the student's application in the admissions process.

The application deadline for fall 2016 is January 15, 2016.

For more information on the academic program, visit http://msfs.georgetown.edu. For information on how to apply, visit http://msfs.georgetown.edu/admissions.

Mahojiano ya Yericko Nyerere kwenye MlimaniTv

National Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for Tanzanian students

National Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

This scheme supports Tanzanian students in pursuing postgraduate education at Tanzanian Higher Education Institutions, focusing on selected energy-sector related engineering and related courses in the 2015/16 Academic Year,

About the Scheme

The scheme offers eight scholarships for Tanzanian students to support them in the completion of postgraduate education at selected Tanzanian Higher Education Institutions.

Covering 15 energy-sector related engineering courses relevant for the development of Tanzania’s natural gas sector, the scheme is funded by BG Tanzania and administered by the British Council, Tanzania.

The scheme is run as a pilot for the September student intake of the Academic Year 2015/16.

Who is eligible?
  • Tanzanian nationals who are able to meet the relevant course entry requirements and can demonstrate their ability to successfully complete their chosen studies.
  •  Applicants should not have any other Master’s degree.
What does the Scheme cover?
  • Scholarship Awards are granted for full-time courses starting in September/October 2015, and will cover the full period of study for the respective courses i.e. either 18 or 24 months, depending on the course;
  • Awards cover (1) academic tuition fees, (2) research costs, and (3) direct student costs, including accommodation, living allowance etc., as agreed with each of the respective Higher Education Institutions; 
  • Applicants should note that the awards may not cover all costs associated with their studies and that they may require additional funding (private or from other third parties). 
Employment prospects

The emerging natural gas and wider energy sector will offer attractive employment opportunities through a competitive application process for Tanzanian citizens with the relevant technical and professional skills;

Beneficiaries will be better equipped to access potential employment opportunities with energy companies and other companies participating in the sector’s supply chain;

Some beneficiaries may have the potential to apply to the BG Tanzania Graduate Programme, or other corporate training schemes.

How to apply

Step 1: University admission: Interested applicants first need to apply for a place on an eligible course at one of the 5 participating universities.

Step 2: Download application: Once you have received an offer from a participating university on an eligible course, you can apply for the Scheme by downloading an application form from the British Council website http://www.britishcouncil.or.tz/study-uk/scholarships-funding/bg-scholarships

Step 3: Application submission:Submit your completed scholarship application pack to the British Council Tanzania through post office as per below postal address:Higher Education and Scholarships, Programs and Projects,British Council, Samora Avenue/Ohio Street,P. O .Box 9100, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania.

Application deadline

The deadline for applying for a scholarship award under this Scheme is 31 July 2015. By this date, completed scholarship applications should have reached the British Council office in Dar es Salaam.

Applicants will be shortlisted and invited for interviews, and the final selection of scholars will be announced by 15 September 2015.

Contact details

Higher Education and Scholarships
Tel: +255 22 2165 300
Email: [email protected] (for scholarship inquiries only)

BG Tanzania1st Floor, 
Kilwa House
Plot 369 Toure Drive Oysterbay
PO Box 105833Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaTel: +255 (0)222 218300

Hotuba aliyoitoa Magufuli akitambulishwa Zanzibar


Mwenyekiti wa CCM na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM Zanzibar na Rais wa Zanzibar,
Makamu Mwenyekiti Bara
Viongozi Makuu Mliopo
Viongozi Wakuu Wastaafu,
Mgombea Mwenza,
Ndugu Katibu Mkuu wa CCM Taifa
Wajumbe Wote wa NEC, Wajumbe wa Kamati Kuu na Wajumbe Mkutano Mkuu mliopo,
Viongozi wa Serikali, Viongozi wa Dini na Asasi zisizo za Kiserikali mliopo hapa,
Mabibi na Mabwana
Asalaam Alaykhum! Bwana Asifiwe, Tumsifu Yesu Kristo,

Awali ya yote, napenda nichukue fursa hii adhimu sana, kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa yote yaliyofanyika hata kuniwezesha leo hii kuwa mgombea wa Chama cha Mapinduzi. Namshukuru kwanza, kwa kutufikisha wote hapa tukiwa buheri wa afya. Namshukuru pia, kwa kutusimamia vizuri, kwa Usalama na Amani toka kuanza kwa mchakato huu hadi hapa tulipofikia. Tunazidi kumuomba aendelee kutusimamia mpaka ushindi utakapopatikana.

Naomba nirudie tena kuwashukuru kwa moyo wa dhati Kamati Kuu, Wajumbe wa Halmashauri Kuu na Wajumbe wa Mkutano Mkuu kwa heshima kubwa mliyonipa kuipeperusha bendera ya CCM katika kinyang’aniro cha Urais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano ya Tanzania kwenye Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Oktoba, 2015. Nakosa maneno sahihi na muafaka ya kuwashukuru. Ahadi yangu kwenu ni kwamba sitowaangusha kamwe. Nitalipa fadhila hii, kwa kuinadi na kuisimamia vizuri Ilani ya Chama cha Mapinduzi ya 2015 na kuitekeleza kwa makini kwa manufaa ya wananchi wote wa Tanzania ili tuendelee kukiweka Chama chetu kwenye nafasi ya ushindi daima. Asanteni sana.

Niwashukuru sana viongozi wa wana CCM wa Dodoma kwa kuandaa hafla hii ya kuzungumza nanyi na kupitia kwenu kwa wananchi wote wa Tanzania kwa mara ya kwanza tangu nilipoteuliwa na Chama leo asubuhi.

Najua matarajio ni makubwa sana. Natambua, Watanzania wote, wanataka misingi ya amani na umoja wetu iliyojengwa na waasisi wa nchi yetu Baba wa Taifa Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere na Mzee Abeid Aman Karume na kuimarishwa na kuendelezwa na viongozi waliofuatia wa Jamhuri ya Muungano na Marais wa Zanzibar inaendelea kudumishwa. Wanataka kuona Muungano wetu na umoja baina ya watanzania unaendelea kudumishwa bila kujali dini zao, rangi zao, makabila yao, wala mahali watokako. Napenda kuwahakikishia Watanzania wenzangu kwamba mkikichagua Chama cha Mapinduzi nitasimamia na kupigania misingi hii kwa nguvu zote, kwa moyo wote na kwa kutumia vipaji vyote nilivyojaliwa na Mwenyezi Mungu ili nchi yetu iendelee kuwa moja, Muungano wetu uzidi kustawi na kuhakikisha wanatanzania wote wanaendelea kuishi kwa umoja na mshikamano.

Pili, Watanzania wanataka maendeleo ya haraka. Katika hili natambua kwamba kila Mtanzania anao uwezo wa kujiletea maendeleo. Bahati nzuri tayari misingi ipo. Nitafanya jitihada ya kukidhi kiu yao hii kwa kuendeleza misingi sahihi iliyojengwa katika awamu zote nne zilizonitangulia. Nyote ni mashuhuda wa kazi nzuri iliyofanywa na mafanikio makubwa yaliyopatikana kama yalivyoelezwa bayana na Rais Dkt. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete alipolihutubia Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania tarehe 09 Julai, 2015. Nitayaendeleza kwa umakini, uhodari, juhudi na maarifa ya hali ya juu, ili sasa nchi yetu ipae kuelekea kwenye maendeleo ya juu kwa pato la nchi na pato la kila mmoja wetu. Tupunguze umaskini kwa kasi kubwa zaidi. Nafarijika kwamba Ilani ya Chama chetu inanituma hivyo, nitaitekeleza kwa umakini wa hali ya juu kabisa kwa manufaa ya nchi yangu na ya kila Mtanzania.

Tatu, natambua kwamba usalama wa raia na mali zao, na ulinzi wa uhuru na mipaka ya nchi yetu ndiyo uhai wa taifa letu. Hatutakuwa na mchezo na mtu yoyote atakayejaribu kuhatarisha uhuru na mipaka yetu. Tutaendelea kutekeleza Sera za CCM za kuboresha vyombo vyetu vya ulinzi na usalama ili viweze kutekeleza wajibu wao huo kwa ufanisi mkubwa zaidi na viendelee kuheshimika ndani na nje ya nchi, viendelee kudumisha usalama wa wananchi wa Tanzania pamoja na mali zao.

Nne, natambua kuwa Watanzania wote; vijana, wanawake, wazee, wanaCCM na wasio wana CCM, wote wana matumaini makubwa na Chama cha Mapinduzi. Kwa watoto, tunajua wanataka kupata huduma bora hususan za elimu na afya. Kwa vijana, matumaini yao ni kuona juhudi za utatuzi wa changamoto zinazowakabili zikiwamo ukosefu wa ajira zinafanyika kwa kasi kubwa zaidi. Kwa akina mama, vijana na wazee matarajio yao ni kupata huduma zilizoimarika kama vile afya, upatikanaji wa maji, umeme hasa vijijini, kilimo bora na chenye tija, masoko kwa ajili mazao ya kilimo na mazao mengine yatokanayo na sekta mbalimbali, usafiri wa uhakika wa barabara, reli, anga na majini.

Ili haya yote yaendelee kutekelezwa vizuri na kwa ufanisi mkubwa Watanzania wanayo Imani kubwa na matumaini kwa Chama Cha Mapinduzi. Chama chenye uwezo wa kuyaendeleza haya. Ni katika Imani hii basi, naamini kuwa mwezi Oktoba, CCM itashinda kwa kishindo na kuendeleza hatamu ya uongozi wa nchi yetu kwa Awamu ya Tano. Napenda niwahakikishie kuwa, nikichaguliwa kuwa Rais wa nchi yetu, kazi yangu kubwa ni kuhakikisha Ilani inatekelezwa kikamilifu na kuongeza kasi ya maendeleo kwa Watanzania wote, vijana kwa wazee, wanawake, watoto wetu na nchi kwa ujumla. Tunachohitaji ni umoja miongoni mwetu wana CCM kama kauli mbiu yetu inavyosema Umoja ni Ushindi. Naomba viongozi na wanachama wa CCM tuiishi kauli hii kwa matendo.

CCM iko tayari kwa mageuzi ya uhakika na ya haraka kwa maendeleo ya nchi yetu na watu wake. Nitawauliza? Kwa mageuzi ya uhakika na maendeleo ya haraka kwa wote tuchague chama gani? CCM, kumbe mnajua.

Kwa wenzetu Waislamu, Ramadhan Kareem

Asanteni kwa kunisikiliza.

Mungu kibariki Chama cha Mapinduzi,

Mungu ibariki Tanzania,

Kidumu Chama cha Mapinduzi.

Kundi la 4UMovement Dar latangaza kuuunga mkono UKAWA

4u movement Tanzania inajipambanua katika mabadiliko chanya kwa nchi yetu, tumeongoza Kuyasaka mabadiliko Kupitia balozi wetu wa mabadiliko Mh Edward Lowassa ndani ya CCM. Mchakato wa Kidemokrasia wa kudai mabadiliko ndani ya CCM umefungwa bila balozi wetu kuwa mpeperusha bendera hio na si kwa kushindwa , bali haki haikutendeka kwake na kwa wagombea wengine kwa kufinyangwa kanuni za chama katika Mchakato.

Tuliahidi kuto rudi nyuma na kamwe hatuwezi saliti nchi yetu, Mwl Julius Kambarage Nyerere muasisi wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi na Baba wa Taifa alituasa, tukiyakosa mabadiliko ndani ya CCM tuwe radhi kuyatafuta nje ya CCM.

4u movement Kama vuguvugu la mabadiliko hatusimami kuyadai mabadiliko ndani ya nchi yetu.

Tunaanza rasmi safari ya kudai mabadiliko nje CCM kwani si dhambi na ni haki yetu ya kikatiba. Tunawaomba wana 4umvt kwenda kushiriki kikamilifu uchaguzi wa 2015 kwa kuchukua fomu mbali mbali za uchaguzi, Kujiandikisha kWa wingi na kuwa hamasisha wenzetu wajiandikishe ili kwenda kutafuta mabadiliko YA kweli na kuingoa CCM madarakani.

Kwa picha na Taarifa za kikao pitia hapa.


Mr Hemed Ally
Mratibu Taifa (National Coordinator)

@4u movement

Kundi la vijana la 4U Movement, lililokuwa likimuunga mkono aliyewahi kuwa Waziri Mkuu na Mbunge wa Monduli, Mhe. Edward Lowasa, wakati wa mchakato wa kumpata mgombea kiti cha Urais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania kupitia Chama Cha Mapinduzi, CCM, limetangaza leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015, kuunga mkono vuguvugu la Umoja wa Katiba ya Wananchi, almaarufu kama UKAWA.

Tangazo hilo lilitolewa na mratibu wa Taifa wa kundi hilo, Hemed Ali, wakati wa mkutano na waandishi wa habari uliofanyika jijini Dar es Salaam mapema leo mchana.

Baadhi ya wanachama wa kundi hilo walikuwepo wakati kiongozi wao anatangaza msimamo huo mpya.

Sababu za kuunga mkono UKAWA, zimeelezwa na kiongozi huyo kuwa ni kutoridhishwa na mwenendo wa mchakato wa kumpata mgombea wa CCM, ambapo walidai kuwa katiba ya CCM haikufuatwa na baadhi ya makada wa chama hicho, akiwemo Mhe. Lowasa, hawakutendewa haki.

Kiongozi wa Kundi Vijana wa 4U Movement, liliokuwa likimuunga mkono Waziri Mkuu wa zamani Edward Lowassa, Hemed Ali akizungumza na waandishi wa habari jjini Dar es Salaam leo Julai 18, 2015 kuhusu msimamo wao wa kuungamkono UKAWA

Vijana wa Kundi la 4U Movement, liliokuwa likimuunga mkono Waziri Mkuu wa zamani Edward Lowassa, washangilia baada kuzungumza na waandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam jana kuhusu msimamo wao wa kuungamkono UKAWA.

Magazetini Julai 18, 2015 siku ya Idd el Fitr

Mama Salma Kikwete ahani msiba wa Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone"

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akilakiwa na Katibu Mtendaji wa Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) Bw. Godfrer Mngereza alipowasili kujiunga na familia na waombolezaji katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015. Marehemu Banza Stone, aliyefariki jana mchana baada ya kuugua kwa muda mrefu, amezikwa jioni hii katika makaburi ya Sinza. Marehemu Banza Stone atakumbukwa kwa umahiri wake wa utunzi na uimbaji alipokuwa na bendi mbalimbali zikiwemo Twanga Pepeta, Tot na Extra Bongo.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akisalimiana na Mbunge wa Ubungo Mhe. John Mnyika alipowasili kujiunga na familia na waombolezaji katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akitambulishwa kwa Katibu wa bendi ya TOT, Gasper Tumaini, ambako marehemu Banza Stone aliwahi kufanya kazi enzi za uhai wake

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akimpa pole kaka wa marehemu alipowasili kujiunga na familia na waombolezaji katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akitoa pole kwa wana familia na waombolezaji katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akimfariji mama mzazi wa marehemu katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akiongea na kiongozi wa bendi ya African Stars Twanga Pepeta Asha Baraka katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akimfariji Haji Ramadhani Masanja, mtoto wa marehemu katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Mke wa Rais Mama Salma Kikwete akiongea na Haji Ramadhani Masanja, mtoto wa marehemu katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Jeneza lenye mwili wa marehemu Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" likitolewa nyumbani tayari kwa mazishi Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Waombolezaji wakilia kwa uchungu wakati mwili wa Banza Stone ukipelekwa mazikoni

Mama Salma Kikwete, Asha Barka na mama wa marehemu wakiwa na nyuso za huzuni wakati mwili wa merehemu Banza Stone ukipelekwa mazikoni

Mama Salma Kikwete akiagana na kiongozi na mwimbaji wa African Stars wana Twanga Pepeta ambaye alifanya kazi kwa karibu na Banza Stone tokea kuanza kwa bendi hiyo

Mama Salma Kikwete akiaga waombolezaji katika msiba wa mwanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja "Banza Stone" Sinza Lion jijini Dar es salaam leo Jumamosi Julai 18, 2015.

Picha: Ikulu

CHADEMA, Godbless Lema akipokea madiwani wa Monduli kutoka CCM