Pres. Obama's visit to Kenya boosts Tanzania tourism

Zanzibar (image: accessed by July 24, 2015)

TANZANIA (eTN) - Just hours before the American President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya, there was reported a slight increase of tourists booked to Tanzania’s northern tourist circuit.

Reports from the northern tourist city of Arusha said the number of visitors to the city had slightly increased since Wednesday, two days before Obama’s visit to neighboring Kenya.

Without revealing the number of visitors who booked to their hotels and lodges, a section of hotel managers had expressed their happy hours of seeing their accommodation facilities fully booked, thanks to Obama’s visit to Kenya.

Though no exact figures could be made available immediately from the Tanzania National Parks and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority to show the exact number of park entries, a section of tour operators told eTN that, they had received new bookings from their counterparts in the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi.

Reports further said the number of private vehicles which entered Tanzania from Kenya had as well slightly increased, while tourists once booked to Nairobi hotels had shifted to Arusha city. The city and its neighboring wildlife parks are paradise for local Kenyan tourists.

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USA cuts off Tanzania Bank for facilitating money laundering

U.S. bars bank over money laundering. U.S. authorities severed access to the U.S. financial system for a Tanzania-based lender they accuse of facilitating money laundering. U.S. financial institutions are now barred from opening or maintaining accounts at FBME Bank Ltd., said the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN. The bank was named last year by FinCEN as a “financial institution of primary money laundering concern” under Section 311 of the Patriot Act; the action taken Thursday finalized the initial findings, fully cutting the bank off from the U.S. financial system.

Report: Tanzania 2nd after USA for hotels offering free breakfast

(Ngorongoro lodge)

If you pick your hotels by offers of free breakfast, listen up. The country with the highest percentage of hotels serving free bagels, cereal or eggs is ... the United States.

Just 14% of hotels worldwide offer the freebie, but 43% of American hotels do, according to a report by travel booking site Hipmunk.

In fact, check out a dozen U.S. hotel chains that serve hot breakfasts.

After that, the list of countries gets interesting.

Tanzania comes in second; 32% of its hotels include free breakfast.

That's followed by nations that pretty much leave Europe in the dust:

3. Honduras (30%)

4. Peru (29%)

5. Sweden (29%)

6. Tunisia (28%)

7. Bolivia (27%)

8. Cambodia (25%)

9. Colombia (24%)

10. Uruguay (24%)

When looking at luxury hotels that give you a complimentary breakfast, Tanzania comes in first with 50%, followed by Cambodia (48%), Croatia (45%), Italy (45%) and South Africa (44%).

In the U.S., luxury doesn't mean everything. More than half of two-star hotels give guests free breakfast, but only 5% of the top five-star digs serve the meal for free.

And if it really really matters to you, online travel retailers such as Hipmunk allow you to filter your hotel searches to find those that offer free breakfast (or free Wi-Fi or free parking, etc.)

The analysis was created by Priceonomics based on data collected from 500,000 hotels listed in Hipmunk's database.
  • Original article appeared first at the LATimes

FCC grants approval of AT&T acquisition of DirecTV

Part of the released EDOCS reads as follows:
WASHINGTON, July 24, 2015 – Today, the Federal Communications Commission grants – with conditions – approval of the transfer of control of licenses and authorizations from DIRECTV to AT&T Inc. (AT&T). The approval will allow AT&T to acquire DIRECTV and merge the two companies into one combined entity. An Order detailing the Commission’s reasoning and the conditions will be issued shortly.

The Commission’s decision is based on a careful, thorough review of the record, which includes extensive economic analysis and documentary data from the applicants, as well as comments from interested parties. Based on this review, the Commission has determined that granting the application, subject to certain conditions, is in the public interest.

 As part of the merger, AT&T-DIRECTV will be required to expand its deployment of high- speed, fiber optic broadband Internet access service to 12.5 million customer locations as well as to E-rate eligible schools and libraries. In addition, AT&T-DIRECTV is prohibited from using discriminatory practices to disadvantage online video distribution services and will submit its Internet interconnection agreements for Commission review. Finally, AT&T-DIRECTV will offer broadband services to low-income consumers at discounted rates.

Mwanza: Mahabusu 3 wapoteza maisha wakijaribu kupora silaha Polisi

MAHABUSU Watatu waliokuwa wanapelekwa katika Gereza la Butimba, jijini Mwanza, wakitokea kijiji cha Nyang`amango wilayani Misungwi, wamefariki dunia wakati wakijaribu kuwanyang`anya Polisi silaha.

Kaimu Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza, Japhet Lusingu, amethibitisha kutokea kwa tukio hilo, ambapo amesema, Ebina Muhono, Mkazi wa Mkuyuni jijini hapa, alikufa papo hapo baada ya kuruka kutoka kwenye gari la Polisi namba PT. 1680 Land Cruiser.

Amesema wengine wawili, Daniel Elias na Maramba Range, wao walipata majeruha baada ya kuanguka wakati wakijaribu kuruka na kukimbizwa katika Hospitali ya Wilaya ya Misungwi na walifariki dunia jana asubuhi.

Lusingu amesema katika tukio hilo ambalo lilitokea Julai 23 Mwaka huu saa 10:30 jioni, mahabusu mmoja, Denis Mahuti, Mkazi wa Tarime alifanikiwa kutoroka akiwa chini ya ulinzi wa sajenti, Mahamoud.

“Mahabusu hao ghafla walijaribu kuwapora askari silaha waliokuwa wakiwasindikiza katika gereza la Butimba lakini Polisi walipambana na watuhumiwa na kushindwa kuwapora silaha,” amesema Lusingu.

Hata hivyo amesema watuhumiwa wote wanne wanatuhumiwa kwa kesi za unyang`anyi wa kutumia silaha ambazo ni CC. 27 na 30 za Mwaka 2015 katika Mahakama ya Wilaya ya Misungwi.

Wakati huo huo, watu wanne wanaodaiwa kuwa majambazi waliokuwa na silaha idhaniwayo ni SMG/ SAR wamevamia boti ya Mv. Zenegathe na kusababisha kifo cha mtu mmoja aliyefahamika kwa jina moja la Charles.

Kamanda Lusingu amesema tukio hilo lilitokea Julai 23 Mwaka huu, saa 9:00 katika kisiwa cha Goziba kilichopo Mkoa wa Kagera na kisiwa cha Ghana.

Slides: USA TODAY examines FBI data - Untold story of America's mass killings

Since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings in the United States.
Well-known images from Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech capture the nation’s attention, but similar bloody scenes happen with alarming frequency and much less scrutiny.
USA TODAY examined FBI data -- which defines a mass killing as four or more victims -- as well as local police records and media reports to understand mass killings in America. They happen far more often than the government reports, and the circumstances of those killings -- the people who commit them, the weapons they use and the forces that motivate them -- are far more predictable than many might think.
Yet no one is keeping track.
See the slides at:

Kenya's top 10 exports

Julians Amboko, a research analyst at the Nairobi-based financial advisory company Stratlink, helped NPR identify the Kenya's top 10 export sectors in 2014.

Below is the data from Kenya's National Bureau of Statistics showing total export sales from last year are shown rounded to the nearest dollar, using an exchange rate of 100.8 Kenyan shillings to the dollar. 
  1. Horticulture: $962,705,336

  2. Tea: $931,878,329

  3. Tourism: $863,510,310

  4. Apparel, clothing and accessories: $287,240,880

  5. Coffee (unroasted): $197,590,846

  6. Tobacco and tobacco products ($166,969,600)

  7. Iron and steel ($133,391,124)

  8. Plastic articles ($109,102,769)

  9. Essential oils ($107,704,120)

  10. Medicinal and pharmaceutical products ($82,281,383)

Latest from Alzheimer's research: Change your lifestyle to protect your brain

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The latest Alzheimer's research has a clear theme: Change your lifestyle to protect your brain.

It will take several years for scientists to prove whether some experimental drugs could at least delay Alzheimer's disease, and an aging population is at risk now.

Whatever happens on the drug front, there are generally healthy everyday steps people can take - from better sleep to handling stress to hitting the books - that research suggests just might lower the risk of Alzheimer's.

Making these lifestyle changes "looks more promising than the drug studies so far," said Dr. Richard Lipton of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, whose lab researches what makes up healthy aging. The findings on stress prompted Lipton to take up yoga.

Here are five tips to help guard your brain against memory loss, based on research at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference:

Studies of more than 6,000 people linked poor sleep quality - and especially sleep apnea - to early memory problems called mild cognitive impairment, which in turn can raise the risk of later Alzheimer's. Other research showed poor sleep can spur a brain-clogging protein named amyloid that's a hallmark of Alzheimer's.

Talk to your doctor if you're having sleep problems, advises Dr. Kristine Yaffe of the University of California, San Francisco: "Sleep disorders are so common, and we think many are quite treatable."

Seniors often are advised to work crossword puzzles, take music lessons or learn a new language to keep the brain engaged. The protective effects of learning may start decades earlier in life.

In Sweden, researchers at the Karolinska Institute unearthed school report cards and work histories of more than 7,000 older adults. Good grades as young as age 10 predicted lower risk of dementia later in life. So did getting a job that required expertise with numbers or, for women, complex interactions with people - occupations such as researchers or teachers.

Why? Learning and complex thinking strengthen connections between nerve cells, building up "cognitive reserve" so that as Alzheimer's brews, the brain can withstand more damage before symptoms become apparent.

What's good for the heart is good for the brain, too, and physical activity counters a list of damaging problems - high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol - that can increase the risk of memory impairment later in life.

Get started early: One study tracked the habits of 3,200 young adults for 25 years, and found those who were the least active had the worst cognition when they were middle-aged. Sedentary behaviors like TV watching played a role. Yaffe - who just had her desk raised so she can spend more time standing - worries about kids' screen time.

Late-life depression is a risk factor for Alzheimer's. Harvard researchers found loneliness is, too, accelerating cognitive decline in a study that tracked more than 8,000 seniors for over a decade.

Stress is bad for the brain as well, Lipton said. It's not just experiencing stress - we all do - but how we cope with it. Brooding over stressful events, for example, prolongs the harmful effects on brain cells. One study found seniors with the poorest coping skills were much more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment over nearly four years than seniors who could shrug off the stress.

Diets high in fruits and vegetables and lower in fat and sugar are good for the arteries that keep blood flowing to the brain. Type 2 diabetes, the kind linked to excess weight, raises the risk of dementia later in life.

Weight aside, Lipton's lab recently found a healthy diet lowered seniors' risk of impaired "executive function" as they got older - how the brain pays attention, organizes and multitasks.

US President, Barack Obama arrives in Kenya

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, right, watches as President Barack Obama, center, hugs his half-sister Auma Obama, left, after he arrived at Kenyatta International Airport on July 24, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.

US President Barack Obama sits alongside his step-grandmother, Mama Sarah (L) and half-sister Auma Obama (R), during a gathering of family at his hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, July 24, 2015. (photo: AFP/Getty Images)

President Obama attends a private dinner with family members at his hotel restaurant after arriving in Nairobi July 24, 2015.

Kuwa makini kukagua vichane na mikungu ya ndizi...

Kuna kiumbe mwenye sumu hatari kwa binadamu kajificha humo ndani, usije ukamgusa vibaya...

Heart - Alone (w/ lyrics, w/ Carrie Underwood)

Enjoy and Have a nice weekend!

Jiwe la msingi aliloweka Messi nchini Gabon siku ya Jumamosi tu, limeibwa!

Jiwe la msingi lililowekwa na mchezaji wa soka mashuhuri Lionel Messi pamoja na rais Ali Bongo Ondimba wa Gabon katika uzinduzi wa uwanja wa mpira utakaotumika kuchezwa mechi za fainali za kombe la Mataifa ya Afrika mwaka 2017, limepotea na halijulikani lilipo hadi sasa.

Jiwe hilo la msingi liliwekwa Jumamosi iliyopita na mshindi huyo wa tuzo la mchezaji bora duniani, akiwa na rais Bongo katika mji wa kusini mwa Gabon Port-Gentil. [Nukuu ya taarifa ya maandishi ya DW Swahili via WhatsApp]

Serikali yafafanua kuhusu malalamiko ya BVR Dar

Serikali imetoa ufafanuzi kuhusu baadhi ya changamoto zilizojitokeza katika zoezi la uandikishaji wa wananchi kwenye daftari la kudumu la wapiga kura katika mfumo wa BVR lililoanza juzi jijini Dar es Salaam.

Mkuu wa Mkoa Wa Dar es salaam Said Meck Sadiki Amesema kuwa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC) kwa kushirikiana na Wakurugenzi wa Manispaa za jiji la Dar es Salaam wanaendelea kushughulikia changamoto mbalimbali zilizojitokeza kwenye baadhi ya vituo kufuatia mashine za BVR kushindwa kufanya kazi vizuri.

Amesema kuwa kumekuwa na malalamiko yanayotolewa na wananchi yanayosababishwa na waandikishaji kuchelewa kufika katika vituo walivyopangiwa na kusababisha wananchi kusubiri muda mrefu bila kuandikishwa.

Amesisitiza kuwa Serikali haitasita kuchukua hatua kali kwa yeyote atakayebainika kuhusika na uzembe huo.

Amewaagiza Wakurugenzi wa Manispaa zote za jiji la Dar es Salaam kuwafuta kazi watendaji wazembe ili kuepusha madhara na vurugu zinazoweza kuepukika.

Ameongeza kuwa kuwa kazi ya uandikishaji wananchi inatakiwa kuanza saa 2 asubuhi mpaka saa 12 jioni kila siku kwa tarehe zote zilizopangwa.

Amesema kuwa tayari ameshapokea taarifa za uwepo wa baadhi ya wasimamizi wasio waaminifu wanaokiuka kanuni na taratibu kwa kuwaingiza waandikishaji wasiohusika kusimamia zoezi hilo na kuahidi kulifuatilia suala hilo yeye mwenyewe ufuatiliaji ili sheria ichukue mkondo wake kwa yeyote atakayebainika kuvuruga zoezi hilo.

Ametoa wito kwa wananchi kuendelea kutoa taarifa kwa mamlaka husika kuhusu pindi wanapobaini hujuma ya aina yoyote inayolenga kuvuruga zoezi hilo na kuwataka waendelee kujitokeza katika vituo vya uandikishaji ili kutimiza lengo la kuwaandikisha wakazi wote wa Dar es Salaam wenye sifa za kupiga kura.

Pia amevitaka vyama vya siasa kuacha kutumia mwanya huo kuweka bendera au kuvaa mavazi yanayoashiria kampeni za siasa ili kuepusha vurugu.

Kwingineko, Mkazi wa Ilala Bungoni (hakutaka kutaja jina) ameelezea kuhusu rushwa inavyotendeka kituoni hapo na kusema, 
“kuna watu wenye pesa zao ambao wanakuja hapa hawakai foleni bali wanatoa tu pesa”
“tukiwa kwenye foleni utashangaa tu mtu anaenda kule mbele anatoa hela kisha anapewa namba kwa hiyo wanawauzia namba za mbele ili kesho yake wapate kitambulisho mapema”.
Amesema, hali hiyo imekuwa kero kwa wananchi wa hali ya chini, ambapo muda mwingine hupelekea kutokea kwa fujo vituoni kutokana kwamba inakuwa ngumu kuona mtu akitumia mabavu kupata haki.

Erica Lulakwa's new song: Piga moyo konde

Debut Album "Piga Moyo Konde" is out! On Itunes

Dundika is the 2nd Song released from this Album. Listen free on Spotify and Tidal. If you like the music, I would truly appreciate your support in writing a review or sharing links to iTunes or Google Play on social media.

Listen to this music below.

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