[video] Mbowe azungumzia lawama za wanachama wanaounda UKAWA

Yaliyojiri katika picha za kampeni za UKAWA mjini Bukoba

Umati wa Wananchi wa Mji wa Bukoba ukiwa umefurika kwenye Uwanja wa Aga Khan kuhudhuria Mkutano wa Kampeni za Mgombea Urais wa Tanzania wa UKAWA kupitia Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), Mh. Edward Lowassa, leo Septemba 19, 2015.

Tanzania must do more to fight corruption if it wants $472.8-m aid from USA - MCC Statement

Press Statement

MCC Statement on Board of Directors' Discussion of Tanzania at September 2015 Meeting

For Immediate Release

September 17, 2015

Renee Kelly

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) issued the following statement after its Board of Directors quarterly meeting on Sept. 17, 2015.

At today’s meeting, MCC’s Board discussed a proposed $472.8 million compact with Tanzania and expressed support for its strong design and clear goal of strengthening the power sector. The proposed compact aims to increase access to reliable electricity in Tanzania, strengthen utilities and utility management, help Tanzania implement its ambitious plan to reform the energy sector, and catalyze private sector investment. Projects funded under the compact will meet the agency's economic analysis standards.

The Government of Tanzania has undertaken critical reforms in recent months to lay the groundwork for successful implementation of the proposed compact. The design of the proposed compact includes disbursements of funds that are conditioned on Tanzania taking additional specified actions to strengthen the country’s power utilities, deepen sectoral reform, and create the environment to attract increased private investment.

While welcoming those reforms, the Board expressed continued concern regarding corruption in Tanzania. In light of MCC’s fundamental commitment to fighting corruption, the Board agreed that Tanzania must pass the Control of Corruption indicator on MCC’s fiscal year 2016 scorecard before the Board will vote on the compact.

The Board also expressed its expectation that Tanzania’s October 25 general election is free and fair, consistent with the importance MCC places on democratic rights.


Government to offer slice of Air Tanzania to buyers after general elections

Air Tanzania logo 2015

TANZANIA’S government is considering selling a stake in the national carrier in a turnaround strategy that may be implemented after a new president is elected next month, said acting Chief Executive Officer Johnson Mfinanga.

State-owned Air Tanzania Corp. is currently restricted to flying a limited number of domestic routes because of inadequate funding to acquire more planes, Mfinanga said in an interview in the commercial capital of Dar es Salaam on Wednesday.

“At the moment we don’t have enough aircraft to compete in the business,” he said. “We are just maintaining our presence while awaiting a final move by government.”

Any decisions on proposals to seek private investment for expansion following a study conducted by the World Bank this year have been delayed until after the national elections set for October 25, Mfinanga said.

President Jakaya Kikwete, who leads the Chama Cha Mapinduzi party, which has been the dominant political force for more than 50 years since independence, is stepping down after his second term.

The opposition Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo has criticised the government’s failure to boost the airline’s operations. The party’s presidential candidate, Edward Lowassa, promised at a campaign launch last month that he would invest to make the carrier more competitive if he’s put in office.

“Unfortunately it’s an election year so things are not moving as they should, after the election we shall get the bigger picture,” said Mfinanga. “The level of investment will depend on which partner we get.”

The company in 2011 cancelled a plan to buy 10 aircraft from Airbus SAS. The carrier’s fleet currently consists of Bombardier Inc. Dash 8 Q300 and CRJ 200 aircraft, according to Air Tanzania’s website.

The airline has opened itself up to private investment before. In 2006, South African Airways sold back to Tanzania’s government the 49% stake it bought in Air Tanzania in 2002, after recording losses. The carrier said in 2010 it was in partnership talks with China Sonangol International Ltd. and other international companies.

Other carriers on the continent have had mixed performances. State-owned Ethiopian Airlines posted $172.4 million of profit in 2014-15 and targets increasing this to $507 million in five years’ time.

RwandAir is expanding its fleet by taking delivery of two Airbus jets for longhaul flights. Africa’s leading airline, South African Airways, and Nairobi- listed Kenya Airways have made losses. (Bloomberg) via mgafrica.com

Tanzania blocks Malawi from burning tonnes of ivory stockpile

Malawian President Peter Mutharika (pictured) postponed the burning of a separate ivory stockpile in April

The BBC reports that Tanzania has stoped Malawi from burning 2.6 tonnes of ivory, saying it needs to use the tusks as evidence for the prosecution of suspected poachers.

The nearly 800 tusks were intercepted by customs officials as they were being smuggled into Malawi from Tanzania.

The director of Malawi's wildlife department said he was disappointed with the court order, which bans the burning of the ivory for three months.

Malawi's elephant population has halved since 1980, mainly due to poaching while Tanzania's has declined by 60% in the past five years.

Last month, a court fined two Malawian siblings $5,500 (£3,500) for their part in trafficking the ivory and ordered it be burned within 20 days, AFP news agency reports.

But Tanzania's authorities successfully sought an order to block the destruction from the High Court in the Malawian city of Mzuzu.

"We were all set to burn the trafficked ivory on Friday morning to show our commitment to the fight against elephant poaching and illegal trafficking," said Bright Kumchedwa, director of Malawi's parks and wildlife department.

In April the Malawian government decided to postpone the burning of four tonnes of ivory at the last minute.

It said it wanted to delay burning the stockpile so it could boost it with the 2.6 tonnes of elephant tusks, which were being held because of court cases.

Conservationists say poaching has surged across sub-Saharan Africa in the past few years, with gangs killing elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns to feed the ever-increasing demand from Asia.

Last year, the leaders of Botswana, Gabon, Chad and Tanzania pledged to honour a 10-year moratorium on the sale of ivory.

Mwanasheria CHADEMA apelekwa India kwa matibabu

Mabere Nyaucho Marando
Mabere Nyaucho Marando

Mjumbe wa Kamati Kuu na Mwanasheria wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), Mabere Marando, amepelekwa nchini India na familia yake kwa ajili ya kupata matibabu zaidi -- yameripoti magazeti la MTANZANIA na MAJIRA siku ya Jumanne, Septemba 15, 2015.
Akizungumza na MTANZANIA Dar es Salaam jana, Ofisa Uhusiano Msaidizi wa Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili (MNH), John Steven, alisema Marando aliondoka juzi na baadhi ya ndugu zake.
“Wameondoka Jumapili kwenda nchini India kwa ajili ya matibabu zaidi, wenyewe walisisitiza tusitaje ugonjwa unaomsumbua ndugu yao, na kwamba ataeleza mwenyewe (Marando) pindi atakapopona” 
Marando ambaye pia ni Mjumbe wa Mkutano Mkuu wa CHADEMA, alifikishwa hospitalini hapo usiku wa Septemba 7, mwaka huu, baada ya kuugua ghafla akiwa nyumbani kwake na kuazwa katika Taasisi ya Moyo ya Jakaya Kikwete karibu wiki nzima kwa ajili ya matibabu.

Kipindupindu chaua 2 Dodoma; Wizara yataja mikoa 5 iliyoathirika

WATU wawili wamefariki dunia kutokana na ugonjwa wa Kipindupindu mkoani wilayani Kongwa, Dodoma. 

Kauli hiyo ilitolewa jana mjini hapa na Mganga Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dodoma, Dk. Ezekiel Mpuya. Dk. Mpuya amesema hivi karibuni walipokea mgonjwa mmoja wa kipindupindu kutoka katika kijiji cha Mkoka kata ya Mkoka wilayani Kongwa.

“Hapo kulikuwa na familia moja iliyokuwa mkoa wa Morogoro kwenye eneo ambalo linasadikiwa kuwa na ugonjwa wa kipindupindu, alisafiri kuja eneo la Mkoka bila ya wao kufahamu mtoto alianza kuharisha.

“Lakini alipopelekwa kwenye kituo cha afya cha Mkoka na kuchukuliwa vipimo walibaini kwamba ni ugonjwa wa kipindupindu,” amesema.

Aidha, amesema hadi juzi kulikuwa na wagonjwa saba kwenye kituo hicho ambapo wawili walifariki dunia.

Hata hivyo, amesema katika kijiji hicho cha Mkoka kuna mwanakijiji mmoja naye alisafiri kuja Manispaa ya Dodoma ambapo alionekana kuwa na dalili za ugonjwa huo.

“Alipoona dalili hizo aliamua kwenda kwenye kituo cha Afya cha Makole na kuchukuliwa vipimo, ingawa vipimo vimeonyesha kuwa hana dalili za kuhara lakini sisi tunamashaka na tunaendelea kumuhudumia,” amesema.

Aidha, amewaasa wananchi kuwa waangalifu ikiwa ni pamoja na kuchukua tahadhari kwa kuwa ugonjwa wa kipindupindu unatokana na kula kinyesi.

“Wanatakiwa kunawa mikono na sabuni wanapotoka chooni na kabla ya kula, na vyakula wanavyokula viwe visafi,” amesema.

Amesema walipotembelea katika kijiji cha Mkoka waligundua kuwa wakazi wengi wa eneo hilo hawana vyoo.

Hata hivyo, Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Afya na Ustawi wa Jamii, Dk. Donan Mmbano amesema mpaka sasa ni mikoa mitano ndiyo iliyoathirika na Ugonjwa wa Kipindupindu.

Aliitaja mikoa hiyo kuwa ni Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Kilimanjaro, Iringa na Morogoro.