This is probably the World's toughest workout

His name is Michael Tavernier and has a couple of more video on YouTube

Meet the mad muscleman behind Britain's craziest workout regime. Fitness fanatic Michael Tavernier's gravity-defying routines leave fellow gym goers open-mouthed - and have catapulted him to social media stardom. The 40-year-old Londoner has developed his own unique callisthenics-based training programme, featuring moves inspired by the martial arts movies of his youth like Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon. His workouts - which have had more than 30 MILLION views on Facebook – includes turning himself upside down on the gym equipment to carry out 'handstand pushups'.

Moja ya vibwagizo katika kampeni za Kisiasa Tanzania 2015

Maadhimisho ya miaka 20 ya maandamano ya wanaume milioni moja

Maelfu wa kimsikiliza Bwana Luis Farakhan 
Maelfu ya watu weusi, wake kwa waume, watoto na wazee, jana walikusanyika katika jiji la Washington kuadhimiasha miaka 20 ya Matembezi Ya Wanaume Milioni Moja (One Million Man March).

Maadhimisho hayo yanakuja huku hasira na kauli za kutetea haki za kiraia zikiwa zinazidi kuongezeka miongoni mwa Wamarekani Wenye asili ya Kiafrika kufuatia matuko ya kuuwawa kwa vijana weusi katika mikono ya Polisi.

Best and Words driving experiences in the World

According to WAZE the Dutch driving experience can’t be beat! Despite the fact that the Netherlands is one of the most densely-populated countries in the world - behind Bangladesh, South Korea and Taiwan - the country performed best overall and outranked all other countries with the least amount of traffic.

On a city level, Phoenix, Arizona (USA) has the best driving conditions in the world, with low traffic and self-identified “happy” drivers.

Several Latin American countries including El Salvador and Guatemala are the toughest places to be a driver right now, ranking last due to frequency and severity of traffic jams, lack of driver services, and poor road infrastructure.

Keep phone, laptop battery between 40%-80% all time to extend its life

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[...] it used to be possible to ruin a battery by “overcharging”. When you plugged in your phone for long periods, older lithium-ion batteries could overheat (or explode, in rare cases), which in turn just reduces the charge capacity and long-term life of the battery (this can still happen if you have a case that doesn’t allow for heat to dissipate).

These days, chargers and smartphones are smart enough to prevent this from happening.

Something that’s not an issue is overcharging. Contrary to what you might think (or have been told), leaving your phone or laptop plugged in all the time is not bad for its battery. Trickle charge—what your battery gets when it’s connected and full—is way less detrimental to the battery’s health than a larger discharge would be. --- quote from Lifehacker speaking with iFixit technical writer Andrew Goldberg.

That said, leaving your phone plugged in all the time can still lead to degradation, but it’s not enough that you’ll even notice. If you want to extend the life of your battery, keep it between 40%-80% all the time. 

via Lifehacker - Smartphone Battery Myths, Explained
  • Myth: You Should Completely Discharge Your Battery Before Plugging It In
  • Myth: Charging Your Battery Overnight Kills the Long-Term Battery Life
  • Myth: Closing Apps Improves Battery Life
  • Myth: You Should Only Use “Official” Chargers with Your Phone
  • Myth: Disabling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services Saves a Ton of Battery Life

Effects of birth control and How to be a good partner to a woman using pills

Birth control is a daily part of life for millions of women, but it can have some unexpected side effects.
  • How the Pill Works
  • How the Pill Affects Sexual Desire
  • Ways the Pill Might Decrease Your Sex Drive
  • Ways the Pill Might Increase Your Sex Drive
  • Other Potential Sexual Side Effects of the Pill
  • How To Minimize the Pill’s Impacts
  • How to Be a Good Partner to a Woman on the Pill
Find the details in the following link:

Mwenyekiti wa TLP Iringa aagiza: Chagueni Magufuli Rais, Filikunjombe Mbunge

Katuni: Oya, nasubiri wa kumkabidhi mkokoteni...

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