Airbnb in Tanzania: Changing the way tourists get to know Africa

Godwin Ndosi of Tanzania (center) rents rooms in his family home through Airbnb and sometimes takes guests to visit his relatives, including his aunt and uncle (flanking Ndosi). Photo: Anika Yvette/Courtesy of Godwin Ndosi via NPR

When Godwin Ndosi first heard the word "Airbnb," he said, "Airbnb? Is that the name of a person?

Now it's the way he makes his living.

His introduction to the accommodations rental website came a year ago. Ndosi, a 23-year-old from Arusha, Tanzania, runs a safari business. A client had nowhere to stay after his hotel plans fell apart, so Ndosi invited him to spend the night at his pad.

When the client saw the place — a four-bedroom bungalow surrounded by palm trees, with a hammock swaying in a lush garden out back — he turned to Ndosi and said: "This is beautiful. You could turn your house into a business. You know Airbnb?"

Ndosi did not know Airbnb, but "when he left, I researched it and registered myself on the app," he says.

Since then, Ndosi has achieved "superhost" status — nearly 200 guests from countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, the U.S. and the U.K. have stayed with him and his parents, the "Fun and Lovely Tanzanian Family." His listing has a five-star rating on the site along with rave reviews that mention middle-of-the-night airport pickups and fresh milk from his cows with breakfast.

Across Africa, people like Ndosi are earning money by renting out their homes on Airbnb, and in the process, they're encouraging global tourists to connect directly to the local economy.

Ndosi says that when he was growing up, folks in Arusha had a negative view of the tourists who came to explore Serengeti National Park or Mount Kilimanjaro. They brought little to the community because a handful of hotels had a monopoly on the industry, he says.

These accommodations push guests to eat at their restaurants, book their safari trips and shop at their souvenir stores. They may sell locally made handicrafts and clothing — but at a steep markup. A $5 shirt bought wholesale from a craftsman, for example, could be priced at $20 at the hotel shop.

"These people were coming and didn't buy anything from us. They just stayed in the lodges and took pictures of us," Ndosi says.

But, he says, "We're in a different age now."

Airbnb has upended the system. When the site launched in 2008, Africa was a minor part. That has changed, and now that more than 44,000 homes in Africa have been listed, the continent has become one of the company's fastest-growing regions. (South Africa, Morocco and Kenya top the continent's markets.)

Nicola D'Elia, Airbnb's first general manager for Africa and the Middle East, was hired from Facebook, where he helped with expansion in these regions. He says the goal is to have homes for rent absolutely everywhere.

"We want to bring tourists to parts of the continent that aren't covered by traditional accommodations — only places where you could stay in other people's homes," D'Elia says.

Making that vision a reality, says D'Elia, will "help create a new generation of micro-entrepreneurs from local hosts to local businesses."

Ndosi is proof that it's happening. When he registered for Airbnb, he had just graduated from college with a degree in wildlife tourism. He was applying for government jobs and graduate school and pursuing his passion of organizing small safari trips, but he worried about making an income. A tradition in his Maasai culture required him — the youngest in the family — to provide for his parents and look after their property, the bungalow.

The house has turned out to be the ideal business for him. His parents take up one room, and he rents out the other three. When all of the rooms are filled — he laughs as he shares this tidbit — he sleeps in a tent outside the house, in the garden.

Godwin Ndosi, 23, rents out rooms at his parents' house to guests around the world through Airbnb. (photo via NPR, Courtesy of Godwin Ndosi)

Ndosi says his "super friendly" mom and dad, who help entertain the guests and answer questions about Tanzanian customs and culture, are key to his success. So is his pricing strategy: a stay with him costs just $15 a night, which includes Airbnb's 3 percent hosting fee.

"Everybody had a $20 price on Airbnb, and some even had $50 or $100," he says. "But I never wanted to charge too much for a traveler to experience the local way of living."

His low price and guest-first ethos seem to have paid off.

"Because of my reviews, people cry to stay with me — or tell me they'll pay double or triple to stay with me just for five days," he says.

Business was slow initially, because it's tough to snag Airbnb guests before anyone has put up a review. But after four months of waiting, Ndosi got his first guests: a trio of tourists from Malaysia, who'd decided to pick a place based on the host profile. They liked Ndosi's simple and short description on his page, so they went with him.

They meant to stay for one day but stuck around for 10. Later, they told Ndosi that after they came to Arusha and stayed with him and his parents, they "found their family."

His guests tend to create lasting bonds during their visits.

Ndosi shares a story of two of his Airbnb guests who visited Ambureni, a village outside Arusha where Ndosi's family is from. The Swiss couple was shocked by what they saw: poverty and a lack of infrastructure. They decided to help raise funds for the orphanage and a new hospital.

Ndosi says amazing people have stayed at his bungalow in the past year, but there's one odd thing he has noticed. He has never hosted a fellow Tanzanian.

"Locals don't want to stay with locals because they're already locals," Ndosi says.

Airbnb is on the case, D'Elia says. This year, it's working to get more people living in African countries to use Airbnb when they travel domestically, starting with one of Airbnb's biggest markets: South Africa. And it's looking at Africa-friendly payment solutions, like M-Pesa, a mobile payment app widely used across the continent.

Maybe that will make business even busier for Ndosi, who has earned enough cash through Airbnb to fund his entire graduate school education, which he hopes to start soon. The publicity has helped him gain more clients for his safari company. And he's investing in more rooms and accommodations across Arusha to expand his Airbnb business — something he now wants to do full time.

Last October, he finally heard back from one of the government jobs he applied for. He got the gig.

How did he respond?

"I had the guts to say no, I don't need your job," he says. "I'm happy."
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Serikali yaanza mchakato wa kupasua barabara itakayounganisha Morogoro na Iringa kupitia Kilolo

Mbunge wa Kilolo Venance Mwamoto akiwa kijiji cha Mhanga kata ya Kimara wilaya ya Kilolo mkoani Iringa akionyesha wilaya ya Kilombero mkoa wa Morogoro , wilaya ya Kilolo ipo mbioni kuunganishwa kwa barabara na wilaya ya Kilombero

SERIKALI ya mkoa wa Iringa ipo mboni kupasua barabara mpya itakayounganisha wilaya ya Kilolo na Kilombero mkoani Morogoro kama njia ya kuwakwamua kiuchimi wananchi wa kata za pembezoni na wilaya ya Kilolo.

Meneja wa wakala wa baraba (TANROAD) mkoa wa Iringa mhandisi Daniel Kindole akizungumza leo na viongozi wa seriikali ya kata ya Kimara baada ya kufika kutazama eneo ambalo barabara hiyo itapita ,alisema kuwa ziara yake katika wilaya hiyo ni utekelezaji wa maagizo ya kikao cha bodi ya barabara mkoa kufuatia maombi ya mbunge wa Kilolo Venance Mwamoto katika kikao hicho kutaka wanachi wa Kilolo waunganishwe na wale wa Kilombero.

Mhandisi Kindole alisema baada ya kufika eneo hilo ameona upo uwezekano mkubwa wa barabara hiyo kutengenezwa ili kuunganisha wilaya ya Kilolo mkoa wa Iringa na wilaya ya Kilombero mkoani Morogoro.

Hivyo alisema kwa kuwa barabara hiyo kikao cha bodi ya barabara na kile cha kamati ya ushauri ya mkoa waliagiza kufika kutazama eneo hilo kwa upande wake ametekeleza na atarejesha majibu ili vikao hivyo vya mkoa kuweza kuingiza barabara hiyo katika orodha za barabara za mkoa .

Huku mwenyekiti wa serikali ya kijiji cha Mhanga Bw Emelis Kiongozi pamoja na kumpongeza mbunge wao kwa kufikisha maombi ya wananchi katika vikao vya mkoa bado alisema kuwa ujenzi wa barabara hiyo utasaidia kufungua milango ya uchumi katika wilaya ya Kilolo kwa kusafirisha mazao yao hadi Morogoro .

Aliasema iwapo barabara hiyo ya Mhanga hadi Mgeta wilaya ya Kilombero itafunguliwa itakuwa na faida kubwa kwa wilaya ya Kilolo kwani alisema ni mwendo wa masaa 3 kutoka Iringa mjini hadi Morogoro kama barabara hiyo itafunguliwa ila kwa sasa wanatumia zaidi ya masaa 10 kutoka kijiji cha Mhanga Kilolo kwenda Morogoro kupita barabara ya Kilolo- Iringa .

Mbunge wa Kilolo Bw Mwamoto alisema kuwa kufunguka kwa barabara hiyo kutakuza uchumi wa Kilolo na mkoa mzima wa Iringa kwani miongoni mwa wawekezaji wakubwa katika wilaya ya Kilolo ni pamoja na kampuni ya New Foresti inayojihusisha na kilimo cha miti hivyo barabara hiyo itawawezesha kusafirisha mazao hayo ya miti kwenda Mgeta wilaya ya Kilombero ili kutumia usafiri wa gari moshi (treni)

"Hawa wawekezaji itakuwa rahisi kwao kusafirisha mbao na magogo kwenda kijiji cha Mgeta ambako ni Kilomita 20 pekee ili kutumia usafiri wa Treni kusafirisha kwenda Dar es Salaam na mikoa mingine badala ya kuzunguka hadi Iringa mjini zaidi ya Kilometa 60 "alisema Mwamoto.

Meneja wa wakala wa baraba (TANROAD) mkoa wa Iringa mhandisi Daniel Kindole(kulia) akimsikiliza mbunge wa Kilolo Venance Mwamoto (kushoto ) wakati wa ziara ya kukagua eneo ambalo TanRoad watachonga barabara kati ya kijiji cha Mhanga wilaya ya Kilolo na Mgeta wilaya ya Kilombero mkoa wa Morogoro 

Indian Army aspirants forced to take exams in underwear to avoid cheating

NEW DELHI, March 1 (Xinhua) -- In a shocking incident, over 1,000 Indian Army aspirants were allowed to take an examination in the eastern state of Bihar only after they took off their clothes.

Hundreds of young men took the examination on Monday in Muzaffarpur town in the eastern state of Bihar in underwear, for the post of clerk in the army, local media reported Tuesday.

Some newspapers even published photo of candidates sitting cross-legged on the ground in their briefs and used their thighs as tables for the one-hour test.

Justifying the move, Indian Army's Colonel VS Godhara told media that the move was aimed at ensuring that there was no cheating.

"We conduct thorough frisking and ensure that candidates carry minimum external things to the examination center," he said.

NW aagiza kusimamishwa kazi kwa Wauguzi 6 wa Hospitali ya Temeke

Wauguzi sita wa wodi ya akinamama Wajawazito wa hospitali ya rufaa ya Temeke, wamesimamishwa kazi kwa kukiuka maadili ya taaluma yao wakati wa kuwahudumia akina mama wanaofika kujifungua kwenye hospitali hiyo.

Hatua hiyo imefikiwa kwenye ziara iliyofanywa hospitalini hapo na Naibu waziri, wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia,wazee na Watoto, Mh. Dkt. Hamisi Kigwangwalla alipofanya ziara ya kawaida kuangalia utendaji wa kazi aliyofaya mapema leo Machi Mosi. (Machi 1.2016).

Tukio hilo la aina yake, ni mara baada ya Dk. Kigwangalla kufika Hospitalini hapo na kuangaalia huduma zinavyotolewa pamoja na kusikiliza wagonjwa, ghafla baadhi ya wagonjwa walipobaini uwepo wa Naibu Waziri huyo ndiopo walipomfuata na kutoa maoni na kero zao ikiwemo suala hilo la kudaiwa pesa za matibabu na dawa licha ya kuwa wana kadi za bima za matibabu.

Hata hivyo baada ya Dk. Kigwangalla kuhoji juu ya malalamiko yao, ndugu wa wagonjwa hao walimweleza kuwa, licha ya kuwa na Bima ya Afya, mgonjwa wao ambaye alikuwa mjamzito Wauguzi walimtaka atoe pesa ilikulipia vifaa huku wakikataa kwa kutotumika kwa kadi ya matibabu hali ambayo ni kinyume na utaratibu.

Aidha,wauguzi hao wanatakiwa kifikishwa kwenye baraza la wauguzi na wakunga kwakukosa uadilifu,waliosimamishwa kazi ni pamoja na Bi Beatrice Temba, Marian Mohamed, khadija Salum, Elizabeth Mwilawa, Agnes Mwapashe na Merion saidi.

Hatahivyo, Dk. Kigwangalla ametoa siku 30 kwa Manispaa hiyo ya Temeke kukamilisha chumba cha upasuaji cha akina mama Wajawazito. Pia ameagiza Vyumba viwili vya upasuaji kuvifanyia ukarabati mkubwa na kuwa katika ubora unaotakiwa ndani ya miezi sita.

Aidha, ametoa miezi mitatu kwa chumba cha watoto wachanga kwa kuongeza vitanda 25 hadi 30 kutoka vitanda 9 vya awali ili kuepusha magonjwa ya kuambukiza ambapo kwa sasa wodi hiyo ina vitanda tisa pekee huku wakiwa wanazalisha watoto zadi ya 30 kwa siku.

Dk.Kigwangalla ametoa wito kwa uongozi wa Hospitali hiyo kuhakikisha wanatekeleza yale yote aliyoagiza kwani pindi atakaporejea tena ni kuchukua hatua kwa watakaozembea.

Naibu waziri, wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia,wazee na Watoto, Mh. Dkt. Hamisi Kigwangwalla pamoja na Mganga Mfawidhi wa Hospitali hiyo ya rufaa ya Temeke, Dkt.Amani Malima wakiwa katika moja ya maeneo ya Hospitali hiyo mapema leo
Naibu waziri, wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia,wazee na Watoto, Mh. Dkt. Hamisi Kigwangwalla (katikati) akisikiliza kwa umakini maelezo ya Mganga Mfawidhi wa hospiyali hiyo, Dk. Malima.
Naibu Waziri Dk. Kigwangalla, Mganga Mfawidhi pamoja na ndugu wa mama mjamzito aliyeombwa pesa za vifaa na wauguzi, wakielekea kumuonyesha Naibu Waziri mgonjwa huyo.
Wakielekea wodi ya akina mama wajawazito.
Ndugu wa mgonjwa akitoa maelezo yake kwa kina (aliyenyoosha vidole juu) ambapo hata hivyo wauguzi waliofanya kitendo hicho hawakuwa tayari 'kutumbuliwa majipu' ndipo Naibu Waziri alipoamua kuchukua hatua kwa wauguzi wote sita ambao walikuwapo zamu ambao pia walimshughulikia mama mjamzito huyo, wasimamishwe kazi mara moja pamoja na kuchukuliwa hatua za kisheria katika mamlaka husika.
Ndugu wa kiume wa mgonjwa akitoa malalamiko yake hayo.
Naibu Waziri wa Afya, Dk. Kigwangalla akiwa ndani ya chumba cha Mahabara cha Hospitali hiyo.
Ukaguzi ukiendelea.
Naibu Waziri wa Afya. Dk. Kigwangalla akiwa katika wodi ya akimama wajawazito wakati wa ziara hiyo ya kukagua utendaji kazi.
Naibu Waziri akiwasili katika Hospitali hiyo ya Temeke.
Naibu Waziri wa Afya Dk. Kigwangalla pamoja Mganga Mfawidhi, Dk. Malima wakisikiliza kwa makini malalamiko ya baadhi ya wagonjwa na ndugu wa wagonjwa (hawapo pichani).
Naibu waziri, wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia,wazee na Watoto, Mh. Dkt. Hamisi Kigwangwalla akitoa maelezo kwa uongozi wa Hospitali hiyo juu ya kuchukua hatua stahiki kwa wauguzi hao pamoja na kufanyia kazi maelekezo yote aliyoyaagiza. 

Auawa kwa mchi na mke mwenza alipomtuhumu kumkata mwanaye uume

Mwanamke aliyejulikana kwa jina la Ester Misalaba (19) ameuawa kwa kupigwa utosini kwa mchi wa kutwangia na mke mwenza aliyemtuhumu kukata uume wa mtoto wake Frank Bahati mwenye umri wa mwaka mmoja na miezi kutokana na imani za kishirikina.

AKitoa taarifa kwa vyombo vya habari,kamanda wa polisi mkoa wa Shinyanga Mika Nyange alisema tukio hilo limetokea juzi saa 10 jioni katika kijiji cha Mlinza,kata ya Bugomela wilayani Kahama.

Akisimulia tukio kamanda Nyange alisema Ester Misalaba (19) mkazi wa Mulinza D aliuawa kwa kupigwa kichwani na mchi wa kutwangia na Mariam Hamis (26) ambaye ni mke mwenza na kusababisha kifo chake papo hapo.

“Chanzo cha tukio hili ni imani za kishirikina baada ya Mariam Hamis kumkata ngozi ya uume mtoto wa mke mwenzie Ester Misalaba aitwaye Frank Bahati mwenye umri wa mwaka mmoja na miezi miwili kisha Mariam Hamis kuondoka na ngozi hiyo ya uume wa mtoto”,alieleza Kamanda Nyange.

“Mama mwenye mtoto Ester Misalaba alipogundua kuwa mwanaye katolewa ngozi ya uume,ndipo ugomvi ulipoanza kati yao,mtuhumiwa (Mariam Hamis) akachukua mchi na kumpiga marehemu katikati ya utosi na kufariki dunia papo hapo, bado tunachunguza tukio hili,”aliongeza Kamanda Nyange.

Wakati huo huo mkazi wa kijiji cha Mwasaligula kata ya Lyabusalu wilaya ya Shinyanga Mazengea Kazungu (49) amevamiwa akiwa nyumbani kwake na watu watatu wasiofahamika waliokuwa na silaha inayodhaniwa kuwa ni SMG kwa lengo la kupora pesa.

Kamanda Nyange alisema tukio hilo limetokea juzi saa 1:30 usiku ambapo watu hao walivamia nyumba ya Kazungu kisha kufyatua risasi moja hewani na kujaribu kupora lakini hawakufanikiwa kutokana na kelele za wakazi wa eneo hilo.

Alisema juhudi za kuwabaini na kuwakamata wahusika wa tukio hilo zinaendelea. 

Jafo aagiza, "Mkurugenzi mtafutie kazi nyingine katika ofisi yako" Meneja Mamlaka ya Bodi ya Maji Kisarawe

NAIBU Waziri wa Ofisi ya Rais, TAMISEMIE, Utumishi na Utawala Bora, Selemani Jafo amemuagiza Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya wilaya ya Kisarawe kumtafutia kazi nyingine Meneja wa Mamlaka ya Bodi ya Maji Kisarawe Listen Materu kutokana na kushindwa kutatua kero ya maji kwa muda mrefu.

Jafo ambae pia ni mbunge wa jimbo la Kisarawe alisema hawawezi kuendelea kukaa na watumishi ambao hawaguswi na matatizo ya wananchi.

Alitoa agizo hilo juzi mjini Kisarawe, kwenye mkutano aliouandaa kwa ajili ya kuwashukuru wananchi kwa kumpa ridhaa ya kuendelea kuongoza jimbo hilo, na kusikiliza kero zinazowakabili wananchi hao.

Naibu Waziri huyo alimtaka Materu kuachia nafasi ya Meneja kwani ameshindwa kutatua changamoto ya maji katika mji wa Kisarawe.

"Mkurugenzi mtafutie kazi nyingine katika ofisi yako, hatuwezi kuwa na watu ambao hawaguswi na matatizo ya watu tafuta atakayekaimu nafasi yake katika kipindi hiki. Hatufanyi mambo ya kuchekeana, na hatuwezi kuibadilisha Kisarawe yetu kama tutaendelea kuwavumili watumishi wanaochangia kudumaza maendeleo"alisema Jafo.

Inadaiwa kuwa, Materu amekuwa meneja wa Mamlaka hiyo kwa zaidi ya miaka kumi lakini hakuna njia mbadala iliyobuniwa na mamlaka hiyo kuondoa tatizo la maji kukosekana mara kwa mara.

Mji huo wa Kisarawe una chanzo cha maji cha kimani ambacho kinatoa lita 16,000 kwa saa na chanzo kingine cha minaki kinachotoa zaid ya lita 10,000 kwa saa hali ambayo ni dhahiri kusingekuwepo na tatizo la maji.

Wananchi waliohudhuria katika mkutano huo walifurahishwa na kitendo kilichofanywa na mbunge wao huku wakiendelea kumuomba ahamie katika idara ya ardhi.

Mwajuma Yusuph, Salehe Ally na Said Issa walisema kuondolewa Meneja huyo kutaleta mabadiliko kwani baadhi ya watumishi wanafanya kazi kwa mazoea bila kujali adha inayowapata wananchi.

Waziri Mbarawa amteua Prof. Nkunya kuwa M/Kiti wa Bodi ya Baraza la Taifa la Ujenzi

Profesa Nkunya
Waziri wa Ujenzi, Uchukuzi na Mawasiliano, Profesa Makame Mbarawa kwa Mamlaka aliyopewa amemteua Profesa MAYUNGA HABIBU NKUNYA kuwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Baraza la Taifa la Ujenzi (NCC) kuanzia Februari 17, 2016.

Uteuzi huo ni wa miaka mitatu kuanzia tarehe 17 Februari, 2016 hadi 16 Februari, 2019.

Kabla ya uteuzi huo Profesa Nkunya alikuwa ni Mwenyekiti wa Kamati Maalum ya Programu ya Mapitio ya Mfumo wa Taifa wa Ubunifu (National Innovation System Review Programme).

Uteuzi huo unafuatia kumalizika kwa muda wa aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi hiyo.

Taarifa hii imetolewa na,

Eng. Joseph M. Nyamhanga
Wizara ya Ujenzi, Uchukuzi na Mawasiliano,
01 Machi, 2016

Polisi wapekua nyumbani kwa Halima Mdee

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN, Machi Mosi, 2016

Gazeti la DIRA latakiwa kuomba radhi



P.O. Box 8031, Dar es Salaam, 
Tel: 2110585, 2122771/3, 
Fax: 2113814, 

Tarehe: 01/03/2016

Gazeti la Dira ya Mtanzania, Toleo Na.404 la Februari, 29 – Machi 6, 2016 liliandika taarifa yenye kichwa cha habari kisemacho “Uchafu wa Ombeni Sefue Ikulu”.  Taarifa hiyo, ambayo ni muendelezo wa makala nyingine kwenye toleo la gazeti hilo la wiki iliyopita, ilimtuhumu Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi kushawishi juu ya uteuzi wa Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa MSD pamoja na Kampuni za “CRJE” na “UGG” kupewa tenda ya kujenga Chuo Kikuu cha Dodoma, Daraja la Kigamboni na Reli ya Dar es Salaam - Kigali. Taarifa zote hizi ni za uongo na za kupotosha wananchi.  

Kuhusu uteuzi wa nafasi ya Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa MSD,

Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi, Balozi Ombeni Sefue, hakuhusika kwa namna yoyote kushawishi uteuzi wa Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa MSD. Uteuzi huo ulitekelezwa kwa kufuata kanuni na taratibu zilizowekwa. Nafasi hiyo ilitangazwa na Bodi tarehe 20 Novemba, 2013. Usaili ulifanywa na kampuni huru iliyopewa jukumu hilo na Bodi. Mapendekezo ya majina matatu yalipelekwa kwa Mhe. Rais na Waziri wa Afya, kwa ajili ya uteuzi.Balozi Sefue alikuwa hamjui aliyeteuliwa na wala hakuwahi kuwa na uhusiano naye. 

Alichofanya Balozi Sefue ni kutangaza tu uteuzi baada ya Rais kuteua. Gazeti hilo pia limeandika uwongo kuwa MSD haijawahi kuongozwa na Mkurugenzi Mkuu asiye Mfamasia.  Tangu MSD ianzishwe mwaka 1993 hadi sasa, ni Mkurugenzi Mkuu mmoja tu, Rino Meyers (1996-1999), ndiye  alikuwa Mfamasia. Wakurugenzi wengine kama  Peter Mellon (1993-1995), Jay Drosin (2001-2004) na Joseph Mgaya (2004-2013) hawakuwa Wafamasia.

Kuhusu Kampuni ya CRJE kuhusishwa na Balozi Ombeni Y. Sefue

Suala la kumhusisha Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi na kampuni hii nalo ni uzushi na uongo wa kupindukia. Wakati kampuni hii ikipewa tenda ya kujenga Chuo Kikuu cha Dodoma mwezi Oktoba 2007, Balozi Ombeni Y. Sefuehakuwa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi; alikuwa Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani. Kadhalika mchakato wa kumpata mkandarasi wa daraja la Kigamboni, ulipoanza mwezi Machi, 2011, Balozi Sefuehakuwa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi; alikuwa Balozi wa Tanzania, Umoja wa Mataifa, New York. Hata mkataba wa ujenzi wa Daraja hilo uliposainiwa tarehe 9 Januari, 2012, Balozi Sefue alikuwa na wiki moja tu ya kuwa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi kufuatia kuteuliwa tarehe 30 Disemba, 2011. Aidha, Kampuni iliyoshinda tenda hiyo wala siyo CRJE kama ilivyoandikwa na gazeti hilo bali ni China Major Bridges Engineering Company (BCEC) kwakushirikiana na Kampuni ya China Railway Construction (CRCEG).

Kuhusu tuhuma kuwa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi Chapuo Kampuni ya UGG:

Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi hajawahi kuipigia chapuo kampuni yoyote ile pahala popote. Isitoshe, hakuna kampuni yenye jina la “UGG” iliyowahi kuonesha nia ya kujenga reli ya kati. Hii ni moja ya uthibitisho kwamba  gazeti hili linatoa taarifa za kuokoteza zisizo na ukweli kama vile walivyopotosha kuhusu jina la Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi kwenye makala yao ya pili kwenye ukurasa wa tisa wa gazeti hilo yenye kichwa cha habari “Magufuli anaishi na jipu Ikulu” ambapo walimpachika Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi jina la Sifuni, jina ambalo hajawahi kuwa nalo.  Balozi Sefue hajahusika, hahusiki na wala hatahusika katika kuchagua wa kupewa tenda hiyo kwa sababu yeye si sehemu ya wenye mamlaka ya kutoa tenda.

Kuhusu Eliachim Maswi:

Gazeti la Dira ya Mtanzania limeandika kuwa moja ya “madudu” aliyofanya Balozi Sefue ni walichoita kumsafisha Bwana Eliachim Maswi.  Wanadai hivyo wakati wamekiri kuwa alichofanya Balozi Sefue ni kusoma matokeo ya uchunguzi, ambao hakuufanya yeye.  Waliomsafisha Maswi ni Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Serikali; Sekretarieti ya Maadili ya Umma; na hatimaye kamati ya uchunguzi iliyoongozwa na Jaji wa Mahakama Kuu.   Kwa hiyo, kwa maoni ya gazeti hili, Balozi Sefue asingepaswa kusoma matokeo ya uchunguzi uliofanywa na vyombo hivyo huru.  Kwa maoni yao kusoma taarifa ya uchunguzi ni “madudu”.

Habari hizo hazina chembe yoyote ya ukweli, na wao wenyewe ndani ya gazeti wamekiri hawana ushahidi,  ni wazi kuwa habari hizo ni za kubuni na zimetungwa.

Kwa sababu hiyo, Serikali inalitaka Gazeti la Dira ya Mtanzania kukanusha uongo na uzushi wao na kumuomba radhi Balozi Ombeni Sefue, kuiomba radhi Serikali na kuwaomba radhi wote walioumizwa na uzushi huo   kwa uzito ule ule uliotumika kuchapisha taarifa hiyo. 

Vinginevyo iwapo gazeti la Dira ya Mtanzania lina ushahidi wa huo “uchafu” wa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi,  waupeleke mara moja kwenye vyombo vinavyohusika ikiwamo Sekretarieti ya Maadili na TAKUKURU.Vinginevyo, hatua zikichukuliwa dhidi yao wasiseme Serikali inavibana vyombo vya habari.

Aidha Serikali inashauri wenye vyombo vya habari, wachapishaji, wahariri na waandishi wa habari wajikite kwenye weledi na ukweli, wafanye utafiti na kuandika mambo waliyo na uhakika nayo, na kamwe wasikubali kutumiwa kuendeleza agenda za watu wengine.


Taarifa ya serikali kuhusu kilichochapishwa katika gazeti la DIRA

TFDA yakamata vipodozi na manukato yanayotengenezwa na kiwanda bandia Dar

Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Mamlaka ya Chakula na Dawa (TFDA), Hiiti Sillo akiwaonesha wandishi wahabari (hawapo pichani) mitambo ya kutengenezea perfumes bandia zinazoitwa kwa jina la SAME leo jijini Dar es Salaam

Mamlaka ya Chakula na Dawa (TFDA), Kanda ya Mashariki kwa kushirikiana na Jeshi la Polisi imekamata vipodozi vya manukato ‘Perfume’ katika nyumba inayomilikiwa na Mwanaidi iliyopo eneo la Tuangoma, Wilayani Temeke Mkoani Dar es Salaam.

Akizungumzna na wandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam leo ,Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa TFDA,Hiiti Sillo amesema kuwa walipata taarifa juu ya utengenezaji wa mafuta ya manukato na ndipo wakafanyia kazi na kwenda kukamata.

Amesema katika nyumba hiyo ina vifaa vya kimaabara, malighafi na kemikali mbalimbali za kutengeneza manukato yenye alama ya kibiashara SAME huku mafuta yakionyeshwa stika kuwa inatengenezwa nchini Uturuki

Sillo amesema wangalizi wa nyumba hiyo Fatuma Selemani anashikiliwa na Jeshi la Polisi ili kusaidia upelelezi na jalada la Polisi na MBL/IR/1998/2016 limefunguliwa katika Kituo cha Polisi Wilaya ya Kipolisi Mbagala, Temeke.

Amesema vielelezo vyote ikiwa ni chupa 5,350 za perfumes zilizokamatwa dukani pamoja na vifaa, malighafi, kemikali na stika mbalimbali zilizokamatwa dukani vinashikiliwa.

Sillo amewaomba wananchi wote ambao wanazo majumbani kwao perfumes aina ya SAME waache kuzitumia na wazirudishe katika ofisi za TFDA zilizopo hapa nchini kwa sababu perfumes hizo hazijasajiliwa na TFDA na hivyo ubora na usalama wake haufahamiki.

Aidha amesema wananchi waendelee kutoa taarifa kuhusu mtu au makundi ya watu mbalimbali wanaojihusisha na biashara haramu za utengenezaji, uzalishaji, usambazaji na uuzaji wa chakula, dawa, vipodozi na vifaa tiba katika maduka au majumbani mwao.

Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Mamlaka ya Chakula na Dawa TFDA), Hiiti Sillo akiwaonesha wandishi wa habari perfumes bandia zinazoitwa kwa jina la SAME leo jijini Dar es Salaam.
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Rais Magufuli azungumza Ikulu ya Arusha na Rais Museveni

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli na Rais wa Uganda Mhe Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wakiwa katika mazungumzo kwenye Ikulu ndogo ya Arusha jijini Arusha leo Machi 1, 2016 

Simu : +255-22-2114512, 2116898
Tovuti :
Faksi : 255-22-2113425

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli ambaye pia ni Mwenyekiti wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki, amekutana na kufanya Mazungumzo na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Uganda Mheshimiwa Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, ambapo pamoja na mambo mengine wamekubaliana kujengwa kwa bomba la kusafirisha mafuta kutoka Bandari ya Tanga nchini Tanzania hadi nchini Uganda.

Rais Museveni amemtembelea Rais Magufuli katika Ikulu ndogo ya Arusha leo jioni mara baada ya kuwasili hapa nchini akitokea nchini Uganda, ambapo hapo kesho atahudhuria Mkutano Mkuu wa 17 wa kawaida wa wakuu wa nchi wanachama wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki, utakaofanyika katika Hoteli ya Ngurudoto Jijini Arusha.

Akizungumza baada ya viongozi hao kufanya mazungumzo ya faragha, Rais Magufuli amesema wamekubaliana kutekeleza mradi huo wa bomba la kusafirisha mafuta kutoka Tanga hadi Uganda, kwa manufaa ya nchi zote mbili na nchi nyingine za Afrika Mashariki.

Amesema bomba hilo litakuwa na urefu wa kilometa 1,120 na kwamba mradi huo utazalisha ajira za watu zaidi ya 15,000.

Rais Magufuli ameongeza kuwa pamoja na kujengwa kwa bomba la mafuta, pia wamezungumzia kuongeza biashara ndani ya nchi za jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki, kujenga viwanda na kuzalisha ajira zaidi kupitia sekta mbalimbali za uzalishaji mali.

Aidha, Rais Magufuli amesema katika Mkutano huu nchi wanachama watajadili maombi ya nchi ya Sudan Kusini kupata uanachama ndani ya Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki.

Amebainisha kuwa, kwa Sudan Kusini kuwa mwanachama Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki, itakuwa na uwezo wa kufanya biashara katika eneo lenye takribani watu milioni 150 na hivyo kupata manufaa makubwa zaidi.

Kwa upande wake Rais Yoweri Kaguta Museven pamoja na kuunga mkono yaliyosemwa na Rais Magufuli amempongeza kwa kasi yake nzuri aliyoanza nayo katika uongozi, na amesema ni matumaini yake kuwa nchi wanachama wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki, sasa zitakuwa katika nafasi nzuri ya kwenda kwa kasi ya Rais Magufuli katika maendeleo.

Gerson Msigwa

Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano, IKULU


01 Machi, 2016

Tanzania Tourist Board Olduvai Gorge press release

C:\Users\gtengeneza.TTB\Desktop\TTB LOGO.jpg



Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has been following up the ongoing discussions on social media following a video clip being posted on YouTube ( which has been circulating through various media channels showing a person claiming that Oldupai Gorge, a site in Tanzania that holds evidence of the earliest existence of mankind is in Kenya.
This video clip has triggered a lot of discussions on the different social media among Tanzanians and other people who have good wishes for Tanzania tourism who know very well that Oldupai Gorge is in Tanzania and NOT in Kenya.
As a public institution, responsible for marketing and promotion of Tanzania tourist attractions, Tanzania Tourist Board is also dismayed by this misleading information which intends to distort the good work the Board has been doing in promoting Tanzania tourist attractions including the Oldupai Gorge.
The Board would like to take this opportunity to strongly refute this statement delivered by the said person from a neighboring country while addressing one of the sessions of the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) in USA, August 2015.
We would like to inform the world that as it is the case for Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar to mention just a few, Olduvai Gorge which is referred to as the Cradle of Mankind, where Dr. Louis and Mary Leakey discovered important hominid remains of the nutcracker ‘Australopithecus bosel’, who lived nearly two million years ago, is also in Tanzania and not elsewhere in the world. It is located in the eastern Serengeti Plains in the Arusha Region and about 45 km, from Laetoli, another important archaeological site of early human occupation. The paleoanthropologist-archeologist team Mary and Louis Leakey established and developed the excavation and research programs at Olduvai Gorge which achieved great advances of human knowledge and world-renown status. Olduvai Gorge is one of the key tourist attractions for Tanzania.

We call upon Tanzanians and those with good wishes for Tanzania wherever they are to continue supporting the effort’s undertaken by TTB in marketing Tanzania and her all tourism attractions. We believe that it is the role of every single Tanzanian to promote Tanzania as Africa’s best destination and ask them to join and support Tanzania Tourist Board in its efforts to promote destination Tanzania.
We would like to applaud the reaction made by Tanzanians and non-Tanzanian within and out of Tanzania, who through this incident were able to stand up as ‘one voice’ and tell the world that OLDUPAI GORGE is INDEED IN TANZANIA!
Issued by:

Public Relations Office
March 01, 2016