DFID job opportunity: A2 Education Adviser – Tanzania


This is an opportunity to join a dynamic DFID team in Tanzania; a country which still has very 
significant development needs and challenges, but which has made significant progress 
towards the MDGs in several areas. Education is a priority sector, and there is scope to have 
real impact on the quality of education, learning outcomes and life chances of millions of 

An estimated 90% of children are enrolled in primary school (2013) and enrolment in secondary 
education has tripled since 2006. Child mortality has reduced by 45% in the past 10 years, 
malaria prevalence has halved, and HIV stabilised. However whilst access has improved and 
there have been achievements through vertical programmes, the quality of basic services 
remains a real challenge.

Education quality has fallen with the rapid expansion at primary and more recently, secondary 
education; resulting in poor learning outcomes. Less than a third of standard 3 children met 
standard 2 expectations. In 2012, 31% of primary students passed the end of cycle exam, 
down from 58% in 2011. In 2012, following a change to the examinations process the 
secondary Form IV results were initially so poor that, at the Government’s insistence, the exam 
board re-graded all students according to the previous grading system. However, even under 
these conditions the results were 10% down on 2011, with 56% of students failing. Whilst there 
is near gender parity in enrolment in primary school, by tertiary level, only 34% of students are 

DFID has been supporting civil society organisations to monitor education and increase 
domestic accountability and there is now growing debate and awareness in the press and 
amongst politicians about education quality and this activity is likely to increase. Major new 
programmes have commenced to diversify from budget and sector support to specifically 
address primary education quality, improve English language teaching and support open 
governance and data transparency in the social sectors.

Main Responsibilities

• Be the lead DFID adviser for the education sector
• Engage with for the Global Partnership for Education 
• Active engagement in education sector dialogue, and more activity with the Ministries 
responsible for education.
• Lead the implementation management and monitoring of two major programmes: Education 
Quality Improvement in Tanzania (EQUIP-T) and Education BRN Payment by Results 
• Contribute to donor harmonisation around education services delivery financing and aid 
effectiveness by maintaining / strengthening relations with all bilateral and multilateral 
• The job holder will also support other advisers cross-sectorally within the DFID office in 
areas such as skills, economic development and good governance, and will work with the 
HIT team leader on issues that affect services quality such as PFM, anti-corruption and 

Qualifications, Skills and Competencies

For this post, it is expected that the education adviser will have a relevant post graduate degree 
and experience in education in a developing country context. The Adviser will also have the 
following education technical competencies: 
• Knowledge and application of education policy analysis
• Knowledge of education systems, sector planning and programme design 
• Knowledge of equity issues and pro-poor education interventions 
• Knowledge and understanding of the global education context including international 
education architecture and international engagement, 
• Knowledge and application of evidence, innovation and evaluation

Civil Service Competencies

• Delivering at Pace
• Delivering Value for Money
• Making Effective Decisions
• Collaborating and Partnering 
• Seeing the big Picture

Compensation package

The gross monthly salary for this position is Tanzanian shillings 6,620,389 plus benefits. This is 
a full time post and is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Applicants must be legally authorised 
to work in the United Republic of Tanzania. Appointment will be under local terms and 
confirmation of appointment is subject to medical and security clearance.

How to apply

Interested candidates should request the Application form and the full job description 
from [email protected] and after completion email it back with their CV, 
clearly marked “A2 Education Adviser – Tanzania” in the subject line by Midday on 
Friday, 18 March 2016. Only Shortlisted candidates will be notified, and will be required 
to bring original certificates and diplomas for verification.

Equal Opportunities

DFID is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Applications are welcomed from all parts of the 
community, and we actively encourage interest from women, ethnic minority groups and those 
with disabilities. Selection is on merit.

DFID operates a Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS). This means that any candidate with a 
disability who satisfies the minimum essential criteria for an advertised vacancy is guaranteed 
an interview. Please say in your application if you wish to apply under the GIS.

No payments should be requested or offered at any part of the recruitment process – any 
irregularities should be reported by email to [email protected] No travel expenses will be paid 
from outside of Tanzania.

UN International Women's Day Celebrations 2016: Women in Sports

Tahadhari ya Wizara kuhusu ugonjwa wa kimeta mkoani Kilimanjaro

Wizara Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto inapenda kutoa taarifa kwa jamii kuchukua tahadhari ya magonjwa yanayoenezwa kutoka kwa wanyama kwenda kwa binadamu. Magonjwa hayo ni kama kimeta, homa ya malale, tauni, homa ya bonde la ufa, kichaa cha mbwa, mafua makali ya ndege n.k.

Siku za karibuni ugonjwa wa Kimeta (Anthrax) ulitokea mkoani Kilimanjaro ambapo wagonjwa 23 waliugua. Ugonjwa huo uliripotiwa katika kijiji cha Rauya, kata ya Marangu Mashariki, wilaya ya Moshi Vijijini. Ugonjwa ulianza kwa mgonjwa mmoja aliyeugua baada ya kuchinja ng’ombe na mbuzi waliokuwa wamekufa. Mgonjwa huyu alitibiwa katika hospital ya KCMC na kupona.

Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto kwa kushirikiana na Wizara ya Kilimo, Mifugo na Uvuvi pamoja na timu ya Mkoa na Wilaya ilifanya uchunguzi na kubaini kuwa watu 23 waliugua na walihusika moja kwa moja katika uchinjaji au upishi wa nyama za ng’ombe wagonjwa au waliokufa waligundulika kuwa na dalili za ugonjwa wa Kimeta.

Hatua zilizochukuliwa ni pamoja na:
  1. Timu ya wataalamu wa afya kutoka ngazi ya Taifa walikwenda kushirikiana na timu ya mkoa na wilaya husika katika uchunguzi na udhibiti wa ugonjwa
  2. Ufuatiliaji wa waliokula nyama ya ng’ombe waliougua au kufa ulifanyika ambapo wote wamepata dawa za kinga, jumla ya watu 904 walihusishwa na kula nyama za ng’ombe waliokwishakufa (Wilaya ya Siha= 836, na Wilaya ya Moshi Vijijini=68)
  3. Elimu ya afya kwa jamii jinsi ya kujikinga na ugonjwa huu
  4. Kunyunyuzia dawa ya kuua bakteria wanaoeneza ugonjwa katika maeneo ya kufugia au kuchinjia wanyama
  5. Kutoa elimu na kufanya ufuatiliaji wa mabucha yote ya nyama ambayo yanahusika na uuzaji wa nyama za ng’ombe waliokufa
  6. Elimu kuhusu umuhimu wa chanjo kwa Mifugo
Namna ya kuzuia Kimeta

Ugonjwa wa Kimeta unasababishwa na aina ya bakteria aitwaye Bacillus anthracis ambaye anashambulia wanyama mwitu, wafugwao pamoja na binadamu. Ugonjwa huo unaambukizwa kutoka mnyama kwenda kwa binadamu au kutoka binadamu mmoja kwenda mwingine au kwa njia ya:
  1. kugusa nyama, damu na majimaji kutoka kwa mnyama au mwilini mwa mtu aliyeambukizwa ugonjwa huo
  2. kula nyama ya mnyama aliye mgonjwa hasa ambayo haijaiva vizuri
  3. Kuvuta vumbi kutoka lenye vimelea vilivyotoka kwa mnyama mgonjwa
  4. Wizara inatoa rai kwa jamii kuchukua tahadhari za kujikinga na ugonjwa huu ambazo ni pamoja na:
  5. Epuka kula nyama inayotokana na mnyama aliye mgonjwa au aliyekufa
  6. Tumia nyama iliyothibitishwa na mtaalamu wa mifugo
  7. Toa taarifa kwa wataalamu wa mifugo kuhusu wanyama wagonjwa au vifo vya wanyama
  8. Epuka kugusa nyama, damu na majimaji kutoka kwa mnyama au mwilini mwa mtu aliyeambukizwa ugonjwa huo bila vifaa kinga
  9. Epuka kula nayama ambayo haijaiva vizuri
  10. Toa chanjo kwa wanyama wafugwao

Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, wazee na Watoto itaendelea kushirikiana na sekta ya mifugo na nyingine ili kuimarisha mikakati ya kudhibiti magojwa ya nayoenezwa kutoka kwa mifugo kwenda kwa binadamu kama magonjwa ya kimeta, homa ya malale, tauni, homa ya bonde la ufa, kiachaa cha mbwa, mafua makali ya ndege n.k. Jamii inaaswa kuzingatia maagizo yanayotolewa na wataalamu wa afya pamoja na wa mifugo ili kujikinga na magonjwa hayo na mara waonapo dalili za magongwa hayo watoe taarifa mapema.

Imetolewa na:

Kitengo cha Mawasiliano Serikalini
04 Machi, 2016

Mkuu wa Mkoa aamuru kukamatwa papo hapo walimu 8 kwa kujihusisha na mapenzi na wanafunzi

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Mwanza, Magesa Mulongo, ameamuru kukamatwa kwa walimu nane wa shule ya sekondari ya Mihama kwa kutuhumiwa kosa la kujihusisha na mapenzi na wasichana wa shuleni hapo.

  • Picha: GSengo blog

Photos - Review workshop: Tanzania Human Development Report 2017

Executive Director of ESRF, Dr. Tausi Kida, speaks during a two-day review workshop on the first drafts of background papers for Tanzania Human Development Report 2017 in Dar es Salaam, March 3, 2016.

Principle Research Associate, ESRF, Marc Wuyts, presents his paper.
Professor Wangwe, (top to bottom), speaks at the beginning of a two-day review workshop on the first drafts of background papers for Tanzania Human Development Report 2017 in Dar es Salaam, March 3, 2016.Research Fellow of ESRF, Danford Sango, on behalf of his Executive Director, makes his opening remarks at the start of a two-day review workshop on the first drafts of background papers for Tanzania Human Development Report, THDR, 2017 in Dar es Salaam, March 3, 2016.

Principle Research Associate, ESRF, Marc Wuyts, presents his paper.

Executive Director of ESRF, Dr. Tausi Kida (L), and Professor Wangwe, listening attentively.

Flora Kessy, (L), Professor of Development Studies, Mzumbe University, Dar es Salaam Campus, and Mashavu Omar, Commissioner for Monitoring and Evaluation, Zanzibar Planning Commission in a tête-à-tête.Participant from the Development partner reads the agendas and timetable.Some of the participants read the leaflets with the details of the workshop.Some of the participants read the leaflets with the details of the workshop.Chief Executive Officer of Uongozi Institute, Professor Joseph Semboja, makes his contribution following paper presentation at day-one of a two-day workshop on the first drafts of background papers for Tanzania Human Development Report 2017 in Dar es Salaam, March 3, 2016.
Rogers Dhliwayo (L), Economics Adviser/Senior Economist at UNDP Tanzania Country Office give his views during a workshop on the first drafts of background papers for Tanzania Human Development Report 2017.

Reading the agenda and timetable.Workshop participants in a group photo.
  • Photos/Share by: K-VIS MEDIA/Khalfan Said

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN, Machi 4, 2016

Hakuna sababu ya mimi kuwa Rais! Ninayajua! Ni lazima atokee mmoja... Nimeamua kuwa sadaka!

Jamii Media yafungua kesi ya kikatiba kupinga vifungu vya Sheria ya Makosa ya Mtandao

Jamii Media Company Limited
Plot No 73/75 Block ‘A’ Mikocheni
P.O.Box 4203, 
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 0222701450 | +255 767 137 137


Kampuni ya Jamii Media, inayoendesha mitandao ya JamiiForums.com na FikraPevu.com imejijengea heshima na umaarufu kwa muda mrefu kutokana na namna inavyoendesha na kusimamia shughuli zake ambazo kwa kiwango kikubwa ni za kimtandao.

Mtandao wa JamiiForums ni mtandao mkubwa wa Kiswahili kwa Afrika Mashariki na Duniani ukiwa na wasomaji wasiopungua Milioni 4 kwa mwezi ambapo kwa mwaka 2016, mtandao huu unatimiza rasmi miaka 10 tangu uanzishwe. Mtandao huu unasifika kwa kutoa fursa ya kipekee kwa watumiaji wake kutoa yaliyo mioyoni mwao huku wengine wakijifunza mbinu kadha wa kadha za kijasiriamali, afya, elimu na hata kuibuka wanasiasa wapya waliofundwa na wana JamiiForums.

Pamoja na kuendelea kutoa huduma hata katika nyakati ngumu, mtandao wa JamiiForums unakumbana mara kwa mara na changamoto nyingi zinazopelekea waanzilishi na waendeshaji wake kuwa katika misukosuko mara kwa mara.

Kwa takribani miezi mitatu iliyopita, Jeshi la Polisi limekuwa likiushinikiza mtandao huu (kwa njia ya barua rasmi) kutoa taarifa za baadhi ya wateja wake wanaoonekana kutoa taarifa zile ambazo kwa namna moja ama nyingine zinaibua ufisadi mkubwa na ukwepaji wa kodi.

JamiiForums katika kuhakikisha inasimamia usiri (privacy) wa wateja wake, imekuwa ikihoji mashinikizo hayo yanazingatia sheria gani na kutaka kujua ni vifungu gani vya sheria ambavyo wadau wa mtandao huo wamevivunja bila kupewa maelezo yanayoridhisha zaidi ya kuelezwa kuwa hatua zaidi zitachukuliwa kama hautatolewa ushirikiano kwa Jeshi la Polisi.

Baada ya kupata mashinikizo takribani manne yanayoashiria kuwa haki ya watanzania watumiao mtandao wa intaneti na hasa watumiaji wa mtandao wa JamiiForums, Jamii Media imeshauriana na Wanasheria wake na kuona ni wakati sasa wa Kuilinda haki ya wananchi kupata taarifa na kulindwa kwa Uhuru wao wa Maoni na Kujieleza inayolindwa kwa mujibu wa Katiba ya Nchi ibara ya 18 ambapo imefungua Shauri katika Mahakama Kuu ya Tanzania (Kesi namba 9 ya mwaka 2016); kutaka Sheria ya Makosa ya Mtandao, kifungu cha 32 na 38 viangaliwe upya kwakuwa vinapelekea kuvunjwa kwa haki za msingi za watanzania watumiao mitandao ili kulinda maslahi ya umma kwa kuzingatia vifungu 26(2) na 30(3) vya Katiba ya Jamhuri ya Muungano.

Mtandao wa JamiiForums utaendelea na shughuli zake kama kawaida na utaendelea kuwahakikishia watumiaji wake kuwa mahala salama pa kutolea madukuduku yao na hata kuisaidia Serikali kuonyesha nyufa zilipo kwa maslahi mapana ya Taifa (wakizingatia mwongozo wa ushiriki wa mijadala anuai).

Mwisho, JamiiForums inamuunga na itaendelea kumuunga mkono Rais Magufuli katika jitihada zake za kupambana na ufisadi kwa kutoa uwanja/fursa salama na rahisi kwa wananchi kuweza kuyaainisha yale wanayoyabaini kuwa yanachelewesha maendeleo ya Taifa lao.

Imesainiwa na 

Maxence M. Melo
Mkurugenzi Mtendaji – Jamii Media
Machi 04, 2016

Balozi na watumishi 5 warejeshwa baada ya muda kumalizika

RAIS Dk. John Magufuli, amemrudisha nyumbani aliyekuwa Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Afrika Kusini, Radhia Msuya, pamoja na watumishi wengine watano, baada ya muda wao kumalizika.

Hii ni mara ya pili kwa Rais Dk. Magufuli kuwarejesha nyumbani Mabalozi wa Tanzania walioko nchi za nje baada ya muda wao wa mkataba kumalizika.

Ikumbukwe kuwa Januari 25, mwaka huu, Rais Magufuli alimrejesha nyumbani Balozi wa Tanzania aliyeko London, Uingereza, Peter Kallaghe, kuja kufanya kazi Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, aliyekuwa Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Italia, Dk. James Msekela na aliyekuwa Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Japan, Dk. Batilda Buriani, baada ya mikataba yao kumalizika.

Akizungumza na Nipashe, Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, Dk. Augustine Mahiga, alisema kurudhishwa nyumbani kwa Balozi Msuya, ni jambo la kawaida kwa sababu bado kazi ya kuwarudisha nyumbani Mabalozi waliomaliza mikataba yao linaendelea.

Alisema kwa sasa serikali inachofanya ni kuwarudisha nyumbani Mabalozi ambao mikataba yao imemalizika na kuwapeleka watumishi wengine wakapate uzoefu nje ya nchi.

Alisema kuna makundi matatu ambapo kundi la kwanza ni watumishi wa idara ambao muda wao wa miaka mitano umemalizika ambao wanarudishwa nyumbani ama kuhamishiwa kituo kingine cha kazi.

Alisema kundi la pili ni la Mabalozi ambao siyo watumishi wa wizara, lakini waliteuliwa na Rais kwa mkataba, hivyo mikataba yao ikimalizika Rais mwenyewe ndiye anayeamua kama ni kuwaongezea au kusitisha na kurudi nyumbani.

Dk. Mahiga alitaja kundi la tatu kuwa ni Mabalozi ambao muda wao wa kukaa nje umemalizika au umri wao wa kustaafu umefika, lakini mikataba yao bado haijamalizika, hivyo Rais anaamua kuwarudisha nchini ili wapumzike na wengine wakashike nafasi zao.

Alisema kuna Mabalozi ambao mikataba yao ya kufanya kazi nje ya nchi ni miaka mitano, lakini wamekaa zaidi ya miaka 10, hivyo serikali iko katika mchakato wa kuwarudisha nyumbani.

Waziri Mahiga alisema kuna vituo zaidi ya 35 ambavyo vinatakiwa kuwa na Mabalozi, hivyo serikali itahakikisha inawarudisha nyumbani mabalozi waliomaliza muda wao wa kazi na kupangiwa majukumu mengine.

Serikali hii haina utumishi kwa mtu aliyeharibu kazi - WM Majaliwa

WAZIRI MKUU Kassim Majaliwa(Pichani) amesema watumishi wa umma wako huru kuhamia kokote wapendako lakini wahakikishe wanaenda huko wakiwa safi na kamwe mtu asiharibu kazi kazi akitarajia kuwa atahamishiwa sehemu nyingine.

"Serikali hii haina utumishi kwa mtu aliyeharibu kazi,usije ukaharibu hapa Itilima ukadhani utaenda Bunda kuendelea na kazi. Serikali ya awamu hii haina nafasi na watumishi wa aina hiyo," amesema.

Waziri Mkuu ametoa onyo hilo leo (Ijumaa, Machi 4, 2016) wakati akizungumza na watumishi wa wilaya ya Itilima kwenye ukumbi wa Halmashauri ya wilaya hiyo ambao ameuzindua leo hii wilayani Itilima, mkoani Simiyu.

"Watumishi wenzangu huu ni wakati wa kubadilika na kuona mwelekeo wa Serikali hii ya awamu ya tano ukoje. Jukumu letu ni kuwatumikia Watanzania wote bila kujali itikadi zao, rangi wala dini zao," alisisitiza.

Waziri Mkuu aliwahakikishia watumishi hao kwamba Serikali inatambua changamoto walizonazo kutokana na upya wa wilaya hiyo na mkoa huo na akawaahidi kuwa itaboresha mazingira yenu. "Msiwaadhibu wananchi kwa kisingizio cha mazingira magumu ya kazi zenu, tunajua mnayo madai ya nauli, posho za mafunzo, kupandishwa madaraja na malimbikizo ya likizo," alisema huku akishangiliwa.

Alisema Serikali itayalipa madeni hayo japo haitamaliza yote kwa wakati mmoja ila ana uhakika wa kukamilisha walau kwa asilimia 80.

Mapema, akitoa taarifa ya wilaya hiyo, Mkuu wa wilaya hiyo, Bibi Georgina Bundala alisema wilaya hiyo iliyoanzishwa Machi 2012 na kupata Halmashauri Julai 2013 haina kituo cha polisi cha wilaya, haina gereza, Ofisi za TAKUKURU, mahakama ya wilaya wala benki.

Alisema wilaya hiyo haina hospitali ya wilaya ila akabainisha kuwa wamekwishatenga eneo la ekari 30 kwa ajili ya ujenzi huo. "Pia tumekwishapima viwanja 123 na eneo la kujenga taasisi lenye ekari 143.8 limefanyiwa uthamini na fidia kukamilika," alisema.

IJUMAA, MACHI 4, 2016.

Balozi Rwegasira aaga dunia

Joseph Rwegasira
Joseph Rwegasira
Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa inasikitika kutangaza kifo cha aliyekuwa Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa kuanzia mwaka 1993 hadi 1995, Balozi Joseph Rwegasira (Pichani) kilichotokea tarehe 04 Machi, 2016 katika Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili, Jijini Dar es Salaam.

Msiba upo nyumbani kwa Marehemu Msasani Jijini Dar es Salaam ambapo tarehe 06 Machi, 2016 mwili wa Marehemu Balozi Rwegasira utaagwa katika Kanisa Katoliki la Mtakatifu Peter Mbuyuni saa 8.00 mchana.

Aidha, tarehe 07 Machi, 2016 mwili wa Marehemu utasafirishwa kulekea Bukoba, Kagera kwa mazishi.

Wizara inaendelea kuwasiliana na Familia ya Marehemu ili kupata ratiba kamili ya msiba huo.

Mungu ailaze Roho ya Marehemu mahali pema peponi. Amina.

Imetolewa na: 
Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, 
Dar es Salaam
04 Machi, 2016

Aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti wa vyama vya wafanyakazi JUWATA, Mkuu wa Mkoa wa kwanza wa Pwani na baadaye balozi wa Tanzania nchini Zambia halafu akawa Waziri wa viwanda na Biashara, na baadaye waziri wa Kazi na mwisho Waziri wa mambo ya nchi za nje, Ndugu Joseph Clemence Rwegasira amefariki dunia leo saa kumi alfajiri.

Mzee Rwegasira alizaliwa tarehe 21/03/1935.