Dave Ramsey: How to Make the Most of Your Raise — Even If It Isn't a Lot

Everyone loves a raise—and who can blame us? Every little bit of extra income makes life that much easier. That's probably why a recent ABC News survey shows that advice on how to get a raise is more important to most Americans than advice on reducing spending or increasing savings. A pay raise is the answer to both of those problems, right?

Most working Americans can expect a 3% bump in pay this year, the same average increase workers received last year and the year before that. On a $45,000 annual income, a 3% raise works out to $1,350, or $112.50 per month.

While it may not sound like all that much, it is extra money. What really matters is how you put it to use. Folks in the ABC survey had 20 spending options to choose from, and we placed their top choices into a few categories: Not a Terrible Idea, Huge Mistake and Great Idea. Do you agree with our reasoning, or are there better ways to use a raise this year?

Vacation: Not a Terrible Idea

The most popular way to spend a raise, according to the ABC survey, is on travel and vacations. While we're all for vacations when the bills are paid and you don't have any debt hanging over your head, maybe a getaway shouldn't be your top priority as you decide how to spend your raise.

Take Rick and Carla, for example. They're each making close to $45,000, so they're expecting the average raise—$110 or so per month for each of them. But there's some bad news. That $110 increase is based on their gross pay. Their actual take‑home pay increase will be less—a lot less depending on the state they live in and their tax filing status. Since Rick and Carla live in a state with no income tax, their raises work out to about $80 a month each, making their $2,640 income boost look more like $1,920.

The average vacation costs right at $1,000 per person, so Rick and Carla could cover a quick escape for two without putting a dent in their budget. To truly enjoy their vacation, however, Rick and Carla need to make sure all their financial bases are covered and they aren't using bill money, debt‑snowball money or emergency savings to pay for their holiday.

Stay Afloat: Huge Mistake

Darlene can't wait to get her raise. She's been struggling to make ends meet for several months. She's making a good income, so she can't figure out how she's gotten behind. But she's sure this raise is the answer she's been looking for.

Darlene's plan to use her raise to catch up on her bills and cover other household expenses is the second most popular way to spend a raise. While this seems responsible, Darlene should be looking forward and using her raise to get ahead financially, not to stay afloat.

Her problem isn't income—it's budgeting. Darlene needs to get a handle on her spending by creating a budget where she decides how to spend each dollar she makes before it hits her bank account. With her everyday expenses covered by the income she already has, she can use her raise to pay off her debt.

Pay Off Debt: Great Idea

At least some of the people in the survey will use their extra income to pay off debt. If Darlene gets her spending under control and applies her $80 per month take‑home pay increase to her minimum payment on her $15,000 credit card debt, she'll be debt‑free in a little more than two years and save more than $4,000 in interest!
Glenn and Deanna, on the other hand, are working on paying off their mortgage. Deanna doesn't work outside the home, so the couple will use Glenn's $80 monthly pay raise this year to attack their home loan. By adding that $80 to their regular payment, they'll pay off their $168,000 mortgage four years faster and save more than $21,000 in interest.

That $80 per month is starting to look less piddly now, don't you think?

Retirement: Great Idea

When it comes to retirement, your raise can do even greater things. For the last few years, Margaret has been contributing just 3% of her pay, $112, to her 401(k). Her take‑home pay is $3,099 per month.

When she gets her raise, she could choose to bump up her take‑home pay by $84 per month, or she could put her entire raise to work in her 401(k). If she increases her contribution by the amount of her raise, her take-home pay would drop by just $7, but her 401(k) contribution would jump to $231. That's $116 more for retirement for just $7!

That's because 401(k) contributions are pre‑tax. By contributing more to her retirement account, Margaret lowers her taxable income and puts the full power of her raise to work building her nest egg.

And what a difference it will make! Over 30 years, that monthly $116 could boost her retirement savings by more than $250,000—even more if her employer matches all or part of her increased contribution!

Margaret plans to talk to her financial advisor to see if her 401(k) is the best place to use her raise to build up her retirement fund. She could also open a Roth IRA to build up her savings outside her workplace plan. While she won't get the same initial tax benefits with a Roth IRA as she could with her 401(k), her Roth investments will grow tax‑free and she'll be able to use her savings tax‑free when she retires.

What about you? What are you looking forward to doing with your raise this year?

2 Questions that Will Turn Your Life Around Today

The simple questions you ask yourself on a daily basis will determine the type of person you become in the long run.

1. If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend?

Remember, the way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. You must respect who you are or no one else will. So treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Stop discrediting yourself for everything you aren’t, and start giving yourself credit for everything you ARE. We have to learn to be our own best friends, because sometimes we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.

Honestly, the amount of abuse you tolerate in your relationships is often equal to the amount of abuse you heap on yourself. If you are used to telling yourself that you’re unattractive, that you are destined to fail, and that you’re not capable of performing in the world without someone holding your hand, then you will accept and feel most comfortable in relationships with people who reinforce these same negative beliefs.

Because that’s what careless words do – they clutter your mind and make you love yourself and life a little less.

So when you’re hanging out by yourself, watch how you talk to yourself. Watch your thoughts. Keep in mind that it is only ever our own thoughts that hurt us. It’s how we choose to think about it all. You know this is true. You think 60,000 thoughts a day. Don’t waste 59,999 of them on limited, negative thinking.

In fact, review your self-talk right now. How well have you chosen the words you’ve used to talk to yourself today? Have you put them to positive or negative use? If I eavesdropped on your self-talk a minute ago, would I have heard statements that empower happiness, or statements that refute it?

The bottom line is that your relationship with yourself is the closest and most important relationship you will ever, ever have. So let me ask you this: When was the last time someone told you that they loved you just the way you are, and that what you think and how you feel matters? When was the last time someone told you that you did a great job, or took you someplace special to celebrate one of your small, everyday victories, simply because they know you deserve it? When was the last time that “someone” was YOU?

2. If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?

Think long and hard. And when your answer is NO for too many days in a row, you know it’s time for a change.

And this is an interesting conversation, because we are all aware deep down that life is short, and that death will happen to every one of us eventually, and yet we are infinitely surprised when it happens to someone we know. It’s like walking up a flight of stairs with a distracted mind, and misjudging the final step. You expected there to be one more stair than there is, and so you find yourself off balance for a moment, before your mind shifts back to reality and how the world really is.

So LIVE your life TODAY! Don’t ignore death, but don’t be afraid of it either. Be afraid of a life you never lived because you were too afraid to take positive action. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside you while you’re still alive. Be bold. Be courageous. Be scared to death, and then take the next step in the direction of your dreams ANYWAY.

You’ve got to take that step. Because sadly, there are far too many people who live their entire lives on the default settings, never realizing they can customize absolutely everything. Don’t be one of them! You have to live your own life your own way. That’s all there is to it. Each of us has a unique fire in our heart for something that makes us feel alive. It’s your duty to find it and keep it lit. You’ve got to stop caring so much about what everyone else wants for you, and start actually living for yourself.

Find your love, your talents, your passions, and embrace them. Don’t hide behind other people’s decisions. Don’t let others tell you what you want. Design and experience YOUR life! The life you create from doing something that moves you is far better than the life you get from sitting around wishing you were doing it. So do something today, and every day, that moves you, even if you can only spare ten minutes here and there.

A message from
Angel Chernoff
Marc and Angel Hack Life
Practical Tips for Productive Living

Adha ya usafiri wa treni! Abiria walaumu kwa kukwama Morogoro siku tatu

Abiria 775 wa treni waliokwama Kilosa baada ya stesheni ya Gulwe kukumbwa na mafuriko wamefanyiwa utaratibu na Uongozi wa Kampuni ya Reli Tanzania (TRL) kuendelea na safari yao kwa treni ya deluxe wakianzia Dodoma leo saa 2 usiku.Wakati taarifa hii inatolewa na Uongozi wa TRL treni iliokwama Kilosa iko njiani kurejea Morogoro ambapo mabasi yapatayo 12 yatawasafirisha hadi Dodoma ambapo watasafiri na deluxe kuelekea Tabora, Kigoma na Mwanza.

Hadi jana asubuhi treni 2 za abiria zilikuwa zimekwama katika stesheni za Dodoma ( treni ya Deluxe iliokuwa inateremka kuja Dar) na Kidete mkoani Morogro ( ilikuwa inapandisha kwenda bara).Abiria 219 wa treni ya Dodoma walipatiwa usafiri mbadala wa mabasi kuja Dar es Salaam lakini hawa wa Kidete ilitarajiwa mafuriko Gulwe yangepungua na kuiwezesha treni kupita salama.

Taarifa za kiufndi Alafjiri ya leo zilithibitisha kuwa mafuriko bado yanaongekeza na hivyo Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TRL Nd Masanja Kadogosa aliyekuwepo katika tukio alirejea Kilosa asubuhi leo kutoka Gulwe na kujiunga na abiria wa treni hadi Morogoro . Basi la kwanza linatarajiwa kuwasili Dodoma saa 10 jioni.

Katika taarifa hiyo ya Uongozi umeomba radhi kuwa usumbufu uliojitokeza kwa abiria na jamaa zao waliokuwa wakiwasubiri kuwapokea katika vituo mbali mbali vya treni nchini.

Imetolewa na Afisi ya Uhusiano:
Kwa niaba ya Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TRL
Ndugu Masanja Kungu Kadogosa
Aprili 07, 2016

Ilivyo barabara ya Mwenge-Morocco iliyopanuliwa kwa fedha zilizokuwa za kusherehekea uhuru 2016

Viongozi/Watendaji walaumiwa kwa kero ya maji Dar inayojirudia kila mvua inaponyesha

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN, Aprili 7, 2016

Maoni ya Kilila Mkumbo kuhusu uamuzi wa Rais Magufuli kufuta sherehe za muungano 2016

Rais Magufuli arejea Tanzania akitokea Rwanda

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt John Pombe Joseph Magufuli akilakiwa na Waziri Mkuu Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa na viongozi wengine mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es Salaam, leo Alhamis April 7, 2016 akitokea nchini Rwanda alikokuwa katika ziara ya kikazi ya siku mbili.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt John Pombe Joseph Magufuli akilakiwa na Waziri Mkuu Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam akitokea nchini Rwanda alikokuwa katika ziara ya kikazi ya siku mbili Alhamisi April 7, 2016.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt John Pombe Joseph Magufuli akilakiwa na Mkuu wa Majeshi Jenerali Davis Mwamunyange huku Inspekta jenerali wa Polisi IGP Ernest Mangu akisubiri zamu yake mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam akitokea nchini Rwanda alikokuwa katika ziara ya kikazi ya siku mbili Alhamisi April 7, 2016.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt John Pombe Joseph Magufuli akilakiwa na Kamanda wa Polisi Kanda Maalumu ya Dar es salaam Kamishna Simon Sirro mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam akitokea nchini Rwanda alikokuwa katika ziara ya kikazi ya siku mbili Alhamisi April 7, 2016.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt John Pombe Joseph Magufuli akilakiwa na Msajili wa vyama vya Siasa Mhe Jaji Francis Mutungi mara baada ya kutua katika uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam akitokea nchini Rwanda alikokuwa katika ziara ya kikazi ya siku mbili Alhamisi April 7, 2016.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt John Pombe Joseph Magufuli na mkewe Mama Janeth Magufuli wakiongozana na Waziri Mkuu Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa na Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es salaam Mhe Paul Makonda mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere jijini Dar es salaam akitokea nchini Rwanda alikokuwa katika ziara ya kikazi ya siku mbili Alhamisi April 7, 2016. Picha na IKULU

Kauli za marais Magufuli na Kagame wakati wa ufunguzi wa miradi Rusumo na kwenye hafla Rwanda

Kikwete azungumzia maisha baada ya Urais

Rai ya CUF kwa Rais Magufuli na WM Majaliwa kuhusu Umeya Tanga

Wito wa Mwanakijiji kwa Rais Magufuli kuitimizia Tanania mahitaji haya muhimu kwa sasa

Kwa baadhi yetu tuliokataa kuvingirisha mikono yetu kuunga mkono mabadiliko yaliyobinafsishwa kwa mtu mmoja tulijikuta hatuna budi kumuunga mkono Magufuli tukiamini anawakilisha mabadiliko ya kweli. Binafsi niliamini kabisa kuwa Taifa lilikuwa linamhitaji kiongozi kama Magufuli kuweza kulinasua mahali lilipo kuliko kiongozi yule mwingine toka upinzani. Niliamini kabisa kuwa Magufuli akishika madaraka atakuwa na kazi kubwa ya kulirejesha Taifa katika misingi yake ambayo inaonekana ilikuwa imepotea. 

Hatua zake mbalimbali za mwanzo kushughulika na kubana matumizi, kupambana na ufisadi na kuondoa watendaji mizigo a.k.a majipu kulinifanya niamini kabisa kuwa Magufuli kazi aliyonayo akiendelea na kasi hiyo basi ndani ya miezi sita tu atakuwa ameleta heshima katika utumishi wa umma, kurejesha heshima kwa Watanzania na fahari ya taifa letu kurudishwa. Niliamini kabisa kuwa Magufuli atafanya kazi hii bila woga, huruma, husuda, wivu, au kusita sita. Kwamba, hatomwangalia yeyote, popote na kwa lolote. Ndani ya miezi sita hivi na kabla ya ujio wa bajeti ya kwanza ya serikali yake basi Magufuli atakuwa ameshaweka alama za namna gani taifa linataka kwenda na kila kiongozi atakuwa amepata ujumbe. 

Nilifanya makosa.

Nilifanya makosa kwa sababu nilidhani hii ni kazi rahisi kwa Rais. Nilidhani ni kazi ya kutimua huyu, kuondoa yule na kumleta yule mwingine. Nilidhani ni kazi ambayo akimaliza teuzi mbalimbali basi atauwa ameipanga serikali yake kwa ajili ya kuchapa kazi. 

Sasa najua kuwa uamuzi wake wa kushughulika na watu kwanza kabla ya mfumo ni jambo muhimu sana. Ulikuwa ni uamuzi sahihi na unajitahi kutetewa. Watu ndio hutengeneza mfumo; ni watu ndio ambao hukaa chini na kufanya maamuzi mbalimbali yenye kuathiri (kwa uzuri au ubaya) uwepo na utendaji wa mfumo wa utawala. Ukiwa na watu wabovu, wabinafsi na wenye mwelekeo wa ufisadi basi mfumo utakuwa mbovu, wa kibinafsi na wenye uelekeo wa kifisadi kwa sababu moja kubwa; wale wenye kuiwamba ngoma ngozi huivutia kwao! Mfumo wetu wa utawala wa kifisadi ulitengenezwa na watawala wenye mwelekeo wa kifisadi. Matobo (siyo matundu) kwenye sheria zetu vilitengenezwa na watu ambao walijua wakiziba na wao watakuwa wamejizibia. 

Magufuli asingeweza kutengeneza mfumo mwingine kwa kutumia watu wale wale walioutengeneza mfumo huu wa sasa na hasa kama watu hao ni wanufaika wa mfumo huu. Ingelikuwa ni sawa sawa na kumtaka Rais awalazimishe watu wakate matawi ambayo wamekalia huku wakijua kwa kufanya hivyo wataangukia mtoni kwenye mamba wengi. Hakukuwa na jinsi nab ado hakuna jinsi ni lazima kuwaondoa hawa na kuwashughulikia ili kuleta watu wenye fikra zinazoakisi mwelekeo wa serikali yake.

Ni kwa sababu hiyo, kumbe kazi ile ya miezi sita kwa kweli haiwezekani. Ni kazi ambayo inapaswa kuwa endelevu na yenye matokeo bora. Tayari tumeanza kuona dalili za yaliyomo ndani ya ripot ya Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu (CAG) na tayari inatisha kama ilivyotisha mwaka 2006 na miaka iliyofuatia. Kwa muda mrefu tumekuwa tukijulishwa juu ya uchafu wa watendaji wetu na taasisi zetu na mara karibu hizo zote tumekuwa tukionesha kushtushwa na kusikitishwa tukiamini kuwa labda mwaka unaofuatia mambo yatakua tofauti. CAG aliyepita alikuwa anarudia baadhi ya hoja mwaka baada ya mwaka na wakati mwingine kuhusiana na taasisi au watu wale wale. Na safari hii tusije kushangaa kuwa hata CAG wa sasa anaweza kujikuta amegusa maeneo yale yale; matumizi mabaya ya sheria ya manunuzi ya umma, fedha kutumiwa bila maelezo, kutopatikana kwa vitabu vya masuala ya fedha wakati wa ukaguzi, na upotevu wa fedha za umma kwa namna ambayo inadokeza tu kuwa zimeliwa. 

Magufuli basi ana kazi kubwa; kushughulikia viongozi wabadhirifu, wazembe, wezi, na wenye kutumia madaraka yao vibaya na wakati huo huo kupanga na kusimamia serikali yake huku akiuunda upya mfumo uliojaribiwa na kuharibiwa. 

Kwa mwendo alioanza nao hakuna shaka yoyote jambo moja lilikuwa sahihi kwa upande wangu; kuunga mkono mabadiliko haya. Wapo wanadhani hali ni ngumu sasa na kuwa serikali inabana naamini bado hatujaona hasa ugumu kwani hadi hivi sasa bado serikali inahangaika na madudu ya nyuma na yanatisha. Kusahihisha uchumi (correcting an economy) ambao umejengwa na kusimamiwa na utamaduni wa kifisadi (corrupt culture) haiwezekani kuwa ni jambo moja.
Ni kwa sababu hiyo naamini:
  1. Kuanza kazi kwa mahakama za kushughulikia ufisadi na uhujumu uchumi kunahitajika mara moja 
  2. Sheria ya CAG ifanyiwe mabadiliko mapema zaidi ili CAG awe na madaraka ya kutoa agizo la kusimamishwa kazi na hata kufikishwa mahakamani kwa mtendaji yeyote wa umma ambaye uchunguzi wake (CAG) unaonesha kuwa kuna uvunjaji wa sheria. Ikiwezekana ofisi ya CAG iwe na Waendesha mashtaka wake kama ilivyo kwa TAKUKURU. Haipaswi madudu yam waka mzima yanasubiri mwaka mwingine kujulikana. CAG anapofanya ukaguzi na kukuta madudu na ushahidi wa kisayansi upo (forensic evidence) basi hatua zichukuliwe mara moja. Siyo awe na uwezo wa kupeleka mashtaka lakini kwa kupendekeza kwa DPP au hata yeye mwenyewe washutumiwa watiwe mbaroni, mali zao zinazohusiwa kupatikana kwa njia haramu kukamatwa ili zije kufilisiwa wakikutwa na hatia. 
  3. Sheria ya Usalama wa Taifa inahitaji kufanyiwa marekebisho ya haraka – hili ni jambo ambalo limekuwa katika mada zangu kwa karibu miaka kumi sasa. TISS bado ni dhaifu sana na udhaifu wake umechangia sana kutamalaki kwa utamaduni wa kifisadi. Natumaini Magufuli hatochukua muda mrefu kuifumua hii taasisi kwani ndio moyo wa taifa. Ikilegea taifa liko mashakani.
Kuna na mengine mengi ambayo naamini Magufuli atayafanya kwani tayari ameshaanza kuyafanya na kuwa endapo atafanikiwa tutakapofika mwisho wa mwaka huu kama taifa tutashusha pumzi kidogo kwani angalau tutakuwa katika mazingira ya kusema “kweli hakika huyu alikuwa anahitajika”. 

Ni wazi pia kutokana na kazi hii ngumu ambayo tunaamini Magufuli anaiweza kutakuwepo na wasema “hapana” na waleta “vikwazo”. Wale ambao wataona maslahi yao yanaguswa na kuwa pale walipokuwa wakihemea sasa panaanza kuondolewa. Watakuwepo watu ambao watajaribu kudhulumu na kuharibu jitihada hizi; raia wa kawaida, watendaji serikalini, wabunge na tusije kushangaa hata watu wake wa karibu. La maana ni kukaza mwenzo na kuendelea kusafisha serikali, kuleta uwajibikani, na nidhamu ili hatimaye Ujenzi Mpya (Reconstruction) wa taifa letu uanze tena kwani pale tulipoacha kulijenga tulianza kulibomoa. Hizi ni Zama Mpya, zama za ujenzi mpya wa taifa letu.
Katika hili, naamini nilikuwa sahihi na bado naendelea kuwa sahihi. Magufuli ni kiongozi wa zama hizi. 

M. M. Mwanakijiji

Nassari aanza mkakati wa kupunguza matumizi ya kuni jimboni mwake

Mbunge wa Arumeru Mashariki, Mhe. Joshua Nassari (CHADEMA) mwenye shati jeusi akiwa na baadhi ya viongozi na wataalamu wa BioGas katika kujifunza namna gesi itokanayo na kinyesi cha mifugo, hususani ng'ombe inavyoweza kutumika kupunguza matumizi ya kuni katika Jimbo la Arumeru.

Mbunge Nassari ameazimia kuipigania teknolojia hii kuweza kutumika jiboni kwake ili kuweza pia kuokoa mazingira, kuboresha maisha ya Wanameru na wakati huo huo mbolea hiyo hiyo inayozalisha gesi asilia ikitumika shambani.

Moja ya mtambo wa kuzalisha Bio Gas/ Bio-fuel Arumeru Mashariki.

Picha zote na Ofisi ya Mbunge, Arumeru Mashariki

Christina Lissu (Mb) aaga dunia

Christina Lissu
TANZIA: Waheshimiwa nawasalimu kutoka Kibondo. Nina habari zisizokuwa njema. Dada yangu na aliyekuwa Mbunge wetu wa Viti Maalum Mh. Christina Lissu Mughwai amefariki dunia muda mfupi uliopita katika hospitali ya Aga Khan Dar. Marehemu alikuwa anasumbuliwa na ugonjwa wa cancer tangu mwaka jana. Kwa niko nje ya Dar na ndio kwanza taarifa hizi zimenifikia, sina taarifa zaidi juu ya mipango ya mazishi, etc. Tutawataarifu baada ya familia kuwa tumeshauriana.
Tundu Lissu

RC apiga mafuruku pombe "ya viroba" katika mkoa anaouongoza

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Arusha, Felix Ntibenda amepiga marufuku uuzwaji wa kilevi aina ya kiroba katika mkoa huo.

Alisema uamuzi huo unatokana na vijana ambao ni nguvu kazi ya taifa kushindwa kufanya kazi na kulewa wakati wa kazi.

Aidha mkuu huyo wa mkoa alisema anafanyia kazi sakata la mkazi wa Kata ya Ngarenaro anayedaiwa kujihusisha na uuzaji na uingizaji wa dawa za kulevya ambaye baada ya kukamatwa na polisi aliachiwa katika mazingira ya kutatanisha.

Ntibenda alisema hayo jana Arusha wakati akizungumza na watendaji wa serikali za mitaa 154, maofisa watendaji kata 25 pamoja na wenyeviti wa serikali za mitaa.

Alisema suala la kilevi aina ya kiroba ni kero kwa vijana kufanya kazi wakiwa wamelewa au kuwa navyo mifukoni hasa madereva wa pikipiki, daladala na wapiga debe.

Alisema kutokana na vijana kunywa kinywaji hicho nyakati za kazi, amepiga marufuku uuzwaji wa kilevi hicho, atakayekiuka agizo hilo hatua za kisheria zitachukuliwa.

“Sitaki kuona viroba vikiuzwa katika Mkoa wa Arusha na atakayekiuka nitamchukulia hatua za kisheria, lakini huyu anayeuza dawa za kulevya halafu polisi wanamwachia na wananchi hawajui kwanini anaachiwa huku akiendelea kuuza dawa, sasa nasema mwisho wake umefika, nitafuatilia kwa makini suala hili.”

Baadhi ya wenyeviti wa serikali za mitaa walihoji sababu za kutokuwa na ofisi za kufanyia kazi badala yake wanalazimika kutumia nyumba zao au kukodisha ofisi ili kufanya kazi za jamii lakini pia hawana posho za vikao.

Wenyeviti hao akiwemo Amani Mwakalinga wa mtaa wa Darajani na Hilary Mkonyi wa mtaa wa Ngarenaro, walisema awali Mkurugenzi wa Jiji, Juma Idd aliahidi kuwajengea ofisi lakini hadi sasa hakuna utekelezaji.

DC aifunga shule baada ya matundi ya vyoo kutitia

Mkuu wa wilaya ya Babati, Crispin Meela
Mkuu wa wilaya ya Babati, Crispin Meela
Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Babati Mkoani Manyara, Crispin Meela ameifunga shule ya msingi Matufa kwa muda usiojulikana baada ya kutitia kwa matundu ya vyoo vya wanafunzi na walimu kutokana na mafuriko yaliyosababishwa na mvua zinazonyesha.

Akizungumza baada ya kuitembelea shule hiyo, Meela alisema kutokana na matundu 24 ya vyoo vya shule hiyo kuharibika inabidi shule hiyo ifungwe kwani hakuna vyoo vingine vya kutumiwa kwa wanafunzi na walimu. Hata hivyo, kaya 64 zilizokuwa zinaishi kwenye shule hiyo ya Matufa kwa kukosa makazi baada ya nyumba zao kusombwa na mafuriko yaliyosababishwa na mvua zilizonyesha siku mbili hivi sasa wamepatiwa hifadhi kwa kuwekwa kambini.

Alisema kutokana na maafa hayo hana budi kuifunga shule hiyo kwa muda usiojulikana na anatarajia watahakikisha tatizo hilo linapatiwa ufumbuzi kwa muda mfupi kupitia ushirikiano wa viongozi wa wilaya na mkoa huo. “Namuagiza mkurugenzi mtendaji wa halmashauri ya wilaya ya Babati vijijini Dominick Kweka, kuhakikisha shule hiyo inajengewa vyoo mara baada ya wiki moja kupita ili wanafunzi waweze kuendelea na masomo yao,” alisema Meela.

Kwa upande wake, mbunge wa jimbo la Babati vijijini Vrajlal Jitu Soni aliwapa pole wakazi wa vijiji vya Magugu na Matufa vilivyopo kwenye tarafa ya Mbugwe ambao wameathirika kutokana na mafuriko hayo. Jitu Soni alisema hivi sasa wanafanya tathmini ya mafuriko hayo ili kamati ya maafa kupitia ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu waweze kuwapatia msaada wananchi hao ambao nyumba na mazao yao yamechukuliwa na mafuriko hayo.

  • Woinde Shizza,Manyara

Picha za makaribisho ya Rais Magufuli nchini Rwanda

Taarifa ya Wizara kuhusu "habari ya sare za walimu"





Wizara ya Elimu, Sayansi, Teknolojia na Ufundi inakanusha taarifa inayosambazwa katika mitandao ya kijamii yenye kichwa cha habari “NDALICHAKO NA WALIMU TZ”.

Taarifa hiyo inadai kuwa Waziri wa Elimu, Sayansi, Teknolojia na Ufundi Prof. Joyce Ndalichako amesema kuwa walimu wanaandaliwa sare watakazo vaa wakati wa kazi.

Tunapenda kuufahamisha umma kuwa Taarifa hizi si za kweli. Aidha, Wizara inawataka watu wanaoeneza taarifa za kizushi za aina hii waache kufanya hivyo ili kuepusha usumbufu unaojitokeza. Hatua za kisheria zitachukuliwa kwa watakaobainika kuanzisha na kueneza uzushi huu.




Rais Magufuli ashiriki maadhimisho ya miaka 22 ya mauaji ya kimbari Rwanda

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiwa pamoja na Mkewe Mama Janeth Magufuli wakisali mbele ya makaburi ya watu waliouwawa katika Mauaji ya Kimbari nchini Rwanda mwaka 1994.