Job opportunity at the Cashew nut Board of Tanzania

The Cashew nut Board of Tanzania (CBT)

Is a corporate body established under the Cashewnut Industry Act No.18 of 2009. CBTs entrusted with the responsibility of regulating the development of the Cashew Industry in Tanzania. In undertaking its mandated roles the CRT puts more emphasis in improving efficiency and effectiveness in the Cashewnut sub sector in order to meet requirements of different stakeholders thereby enabling them to contribute to the national development.

CBT provides a. wide range of services through its head office in Mtwara and branch offices in Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Tunduru. The Board is purely (100%) Tanzania Government owned and through its team of experienced staffs, it is able to respond quickly and effectively to client requests throughout the country.

CBT invites qualified Tanzanian citizen to fill a vacant post with the following conditions:-

i. All applicants must be Citizens of Tanzania and not above 45 years old and should also observe age limit for each position where indicated.

ii. Applicants must attach up to date Curriculum Vitae (CY) having reliable Contact, Postal address, E-mail and Telephone numbers.

iii. Applicants should apply on the strength of the information given in this advertisement

iv. Applicants must attach their detailed relevant certified copies of academic Certificates
• Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma Certificates
• Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates transcripts
Form IV and VI National Examination Certificates
• Computer Certificates
Professional Certificates from respective Boards
• One recent passport size picture and birth Certificate

v. Form IV and Form VI Results slips are strictly not accepted

vi. Testimonials, Partial transcripts and results slip will not be accepted

vii. Presentation of forged Academic Certificates and other information in be CV will necessitate to legal action

viii. Applicants should indicate three (3) reputable referees with their reliable contacts

ix. Certificates from foreign examinations bodies for Ordinary or Advanced level education should be certified by National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA)

x. Certificates from Foreign Universities should be verified by’ the Tanzania Commission for
Universities (TCU)

Deadline for application 15th, June 2016 Applicants with special needs/case (Disability) are supposed to indicate women are highly encouraged to apply

Application letters should be written in Swahili or English those who applied for the post before, should not re-apply.

Only short listed candidates will be informed on a date for interview.

Currently CBT advertise the following post:-

Processing Officer II-I POST

Organizational Relationship
Appointed by: Management
Reports to: Processing Manager

Entry Qualification
Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering or its equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution or University

Duties and Responsibilities
• Inspection of cashew processing factories ensures compliance with the standards as' per Cashewnut Industry regulations,
• Assist in issuance of processing license to processors.
• Register Cashewnut processing factories and cashew processors. .
Sensitization of local investment in cashew processing through seminars-and media.
• Promote cashew kernel quality standards though capacity building/conduct awareness to processors.
Carrying out inspections of Processing factories and submit report to Processing
Manager for approval before they are given license.
Assist installation of Cashewnut processing machines.
Perform any other duties as may be assigned by his supervisor.

Attractive remuneration package in accordance with the CBT's salary Scale


All application should be sent through the Address below,
Director General
Cashewnut Board of Tanzania
P.O.Box 533
Or by hand to the Director General Office located along Tanu Road near Roman Catholic Cathedral Church Mtwara.

Tourcan Vacations hosts Tanzania fam this November

Serena, Lake Duluti Lodge (image source:
Tourcan Vacations is hosting an Educational Safari to Tanzania for senior travel agents Nov. 4 – 13.

The seven-night safari visits Lake Duluti, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. There are plenty of opportunities for game viewing as well as lodge and hotel inspections. 

Agents will get to stay at a variety of lodge accommodations. Cost of $1,985 per person sharing includes international airfare from Toronto or Calgary, taxes and all land activities. All meals are provided on safari. Visa costs are not included. 

For a detailed itinerary and application contact Edith at [email protected]

KPMG Budget Brief: Tanzania 2016 - Economic Highlights

2 in 1: Turkey and Tanzania/ Kenya/ Ethiopia in one trip from UK, London for £268

Don’t miss out a great opportunity to visit Turkey and Kenya, Ethiopia or Tanzania in one trip! 

Fly Turkish Airlines from London to Istanbul, then to Nairobi/ Mombasa/ Dar Es Salaam/ Addis Ababa and back to London from only £268!

Man receives a transplant after living 555 days without a heart in his body

After 555 days of living without a human heart, this Michigan man has finally replaced his portable artificial device for the real thing.

Stan Larkin, 25, was the first person in Michigan to be fitted for the SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver, an artificial heart designed to fit conveniently in his backpack.

He was diagnosed with familial cardiomyopathy when he was a teenager, and has been battling heart failure until December 2014, when his heart had to be removed. He was also unable to receive a transplant on time.

"We wanted to get heart transplants, but we didn't think we had enough time," said Dr. Jonathan Haft, an associate professor that worked with Larkin, in a press release.

Though existing devices that assist with partial heart failure wouldn't be suitable for Larkin, new technology suited his needs perfectly. Larkin was the lucky first candidate to try out the portable artificial heart that allowed him to spend Christmas at home as he waited for a transplant.

Haft explained that normally, heart transplant patients had to remain in the ICU, but with the new device, Larkin was allowed to leave and live his life.

"It was stressful," Larkin said in a video by UM Health System, "but after I got it, I felt so much better. I felt like before I had any heart problems, I felt like I can do what I want."

The University of Michigan Health System explained in a statement that two tubes were connected to the body that allowed the machine to delivered air into the ventricles and allow blood to be pumped through the body -- just as a human heart would.

His older brother, who also suffered from heart failure, also relied on the device, but was fitted after Larkin and received his transplant earlier.

Finally, after more than a year of living with the device while on the transplant list, Larkin replaced his artificial heart with a new one.

"I feel like I could take a jog as we speak," Larking joked in a press conference. "I want to thank the donor who gave themselves for me. I'd like to meet their family one day. Hopefully they'd want to meet me."

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Good news in the fight against pancreatic cancer

FBI tips: How to spot a threat "Tech Support" scam, what to do and defend yourself


The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is receiving an increase in complaints related to technical support scams, where the subject claims to be an employee (or an affiliate) of a major computer software or security company offering technical support to the victim. Recent complaints indicate some subjects are claiming to be support for cable and Internet companies to offer assistance with digital cable boxes and connections, modems, and routers. The subject claims the company has received notifications of errors, viruses, or security issues from the victim's internet connection. Subjects are also claiming to work on behalf of government agencies to resolve computer viruses and threats from possible foreign countries or terrorist organizations. From January 1, 2016, through April 30, 2016, the IC3 received 3,668 complaints with adjusted losses of $2,268,982.

Technical Details
  1. Initial contact with the victims occurs by different methods. Any electronic device with Internet capabilities can be affected.
  2. Telephone: This is the traditional contact method. Victims receive a “cold” call from a person who claims the victim's computer is sending error messages and numerous viruses were detected. Victims report the subjects have strong foreign accents.
  3. Pop-up message: The victim receives an on-screen pop-up message claiming viruses are attacking the device. The message includes a phone number to call to receive assistance.
  4. Locked screen on a device (Blue Screen of Death - BSOD): Victims report receiving a frozen, locked screen with a phone number and instructions to contact a (phony) tech support company. Some victims report being redirected to alternate websites before the BSOD occurs. This has been particularly noticed when the victim was accessing social media and financial websites.
  5. Pop-up messages and locked screens are sometimes accompanied by a recorded, verbal message to contact a phone number for assistance.
Once the phony tech support company/representative makes verbal contact with the victim, the subject tries to convince the victim to provide remote access to their device.

If the device is mobile (a tablet, smart phone, etc.), the subject often instructs the victim to connect the device to a computer to be fixed. Once the subject is remotely connected to the device, they claim to have found multiple viruses, malware, and/or scareware that can be removed for a fee. Fees are collected via a personal debit or credit card, electronic check, wire transfer, or prepaid card. A few instances have occurred in which the victim paid by personal check.

Variations and Trends

An increasingly reported variation of the scam occurs when the subject contacts the victim offering a refund for tech support services previously rendered because the company has closed.

The victim is convinced to allow the subject access to their device and to log onto their online bank account to process the refund. The subject then has control of the victim's device and bank account. With this access, the subject appears to have “mistakenly” refunded too much money to the victim's account, and requests the victim wire the difference back to the subject company. In reality, the subject transferred funds among the victim's own accounts (checking, savings, retirement, etc.) to make it appear as though funds were deposited. The victim wires their own money back to the company, not finding out until later that the funds came from one of their own accounts. The refunding and wiring process can occur multiple times, which results in the victim losing thousands of dollars.

Victims are increasingly reporting subjects are becoming hostile, abusive, and utilizing foul language and threats when being challenged by victims.

Additional Threats
  • The tech support scam is an attempt by subjects to gain access to victim devices. However, more can happen once a subject is given access to the device. For example:
  • The subject takes control of the victim's device and/or bank account, and will not release control until the victim pays a ransom.
  • The subject can access computer files that may contain financial accounts, passwords, and personal data (health records, social security numbers, etc.).
  • The subject may intentionally install viruses on the device.
  • The subject threatens to destroy the victim's computer or continues to call in a harassing manner.
Defense and Mitigation
Recognize the attempt and cease all communication with the subject.
  • Resist the pressure to act quickly. The subjects will urge the victim to fast action in order to protect their device. The subjects create a sense of urgency to produce fear and lure the victim into immediate action.
  • Do not give unknown, unverified persons remote access to devices or accounts. A legitimate software or security company will not directly contact individuals unless the contact is initiated by the customer.
  • Ensure all computer anti-virus, security, and malware protection is up to date. Some victims report their anti-virus software provided warnings prior to the attempt.
  • If a victim receives a pop-up or locked screen, shut down the device immediately. Victims report that shutting down the device and waiting a short time to restart usually removes the pop-up or screen lock.
  • Should a subject gain access to a device or an account, victims should take precautions to protect their identity, immediately contact their financial institutions to place protection on their accounts, and monitor their accounts and personal information for suspicious activity.
Filing a Complaint

Individuals who believe they may be a victim of an online scam (regardless of dollar amount) can file a complaint with the IC3 at

To report tech support scams, please be as descriptive as possible in the complaint including:
  1. Name of the subject and company.
  2. Phone numbers and email addresses used by the subject.
  3. Websites used by the subject company.
  4. Account names and numbers and financial institutions that received any funds (e.g., wire transfers, prepaid card payments).
  5. Description of interaction with the subject.
Complainants are also encouraged to keep all original documentation, emails, faxes, and logs of all communications.

Because scams and fraudulent websites appear very quickly, individuals are encouraged to report possible Internet scams and fraudulent websites by filing a complaint with the IC3 at To view previously released PSAs and Scam Alerts, visit the IC3 Press Room at

Mwang'onda, Kitomari speaks with CCTV about "Tanzania Budget 2016/17"


Nimepokea jumbe nyingi zikielezea kuwa mimi nimetoa maelezo ya kufafanua jinsi ya tozo ya kwenye miamala ya simu zitakavyotozwa. Hayo maelezo yametolewa na ndugu Mtatiro, lakini napenda kukanusha kuwa lile andiko sio langu, inawezekana kuna mtu atakuwa amenitag then ndugu Mtatiro akahisi ni mimi ndie nilieandika.

Sasa labda nitoe ufafanuzi wangu kwa tozo hii, ni kwamba hakuna kodi yeyote inayotozwa kwasababu mtu anamiliki fedha either hizo fedha zipo benki au kwenye kibubu nyumbani kw ako, hizo fedha ni za kwako, hakuna kodi za style hiyo. Hii kodi ya 10% excise duty inatozwa kwenye income, mapato yanayotokana na miamala hii na sio fedha zilizotumwa au zinazotolewa kwenye simu.

Sote tunajua kuwa pale unapotuma fedha au unapotoa fedha kwenye simu kuna charges yani namaanisha kuna tozo tunazochajiwa na makampuni ya simu na mawakala nao huwa wanakuwa na commission yao pale. Sasa hii tozo ambayo makampuni ya simu yamekuwa yakitukata au yakituchaji wakati wa kutoa ilikuwa haikatwi kodi hii kabisa, kwa minajili hiyo basi serikali imeonelewa ni vyema sasa hili pato linalokwenda kwenye makampuni ya simu nalo likatozwa kodi kimsingi ni kwamba hili pato lilikuwa limesahaulika flani tu.

Kwahiyo hatutarajii mtumaji wa fedha ambaye ni mimi na wewe kukatwa hii kodi ila uwezekano wa hizi charges kuongezwa na makampuni ya simu ni mkubwa ili burden(mzigo) ya kulipa hii kodi imuangukie mlaji/mtumiaji wa huduma hii. Shifting of burden.

Nia ya hii kodi kodi ni kuhakikisha kila kamisheni inayotokana na miamala ya fedha kwenye simu inatozwa kodi. Hii kodi ilikuwa ikitozwa wakati wa kutuma fedha tu na si kutoa. Kwakuwa makampuni ya simu yanatoza pande zote wakati wa kutoa na wakati wa kutuma basi ndio maana halisi ya kutozwa kodi kwenye charges za nyakati zote za kutoa na kutuma

Nadhani nimeeleweka ndugu zangu, muwe na usiku mwema na ile kodi ya benki ni benki charges ndio inatozwa kodi sio fedha yako. Bank charges ni income kwa bank na ndio wameanzisha VAR kwenye hiyo income japo naona kutakuwa na changamoto kubwa katika kutekelezwa kwa hii kodi.

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Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Juni 9, 2016

Niwatake wafuasi wa CUF wasisite na waendelee na kasi hiyo hiyo ya mgomo baridi - Maalim Seif

MVUTANO mkubwa wa kisiasa uliyoikumba Zanzibar kuhu majemedari wawili wakuu wa vyama vyenye ushindani mkubwa wa kisiasa visiwani hapa, kutoka Chama cha Wananchi (CUF) na Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)

Kila mmoja kwa nafasi yake kujigamba na kuwahakikishia wananchi kuwa ndie rais wa Zanzibar, kunaviweka visiwa hivi njiapanda.

Njiapanda kwenye uchumi, kwenye amani, umoja na mshikamano; japo kutaja kwa uchache.

Mvutano huo umeibuka tangu Tume ya Uchaguzi Zanzibar (ZEC), kufuta uchaguzi wa Oktoba 25, 2015 kutokana na sababu mbalimbali walizozieleza na kufanyika kwa uchaguzi wa marudio uliofanyika Machi 20, mwaka huu ambao CUF waliususia na wamesisitiza kutoutambua.

Majemedari hao ni Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein aliyetangazwa na ZEC kuwa ndie mshindi kwa kupata asilimia 91 ya kura katika Uchaguzi wa Machi 20 na Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad ambaye anaamini kuwa alishinda kwenye uchaguzi wa Oktoba 25, uliofutwa.


Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, anaendelea kusisitiza kwamba yeye ndiye rais halali wa Zanzibar kwa mujibu wa uchaguzi wa Oktoba 25, mwaka jana.

Msimamo huo wa Maalim Seif umemfikisha kwenye vyombo vya dola na hivi karibuni alivyohojiwa na Jeshi la Polisi Maalim Seif, aliliambia jeshi hilo, kwamba yeye na chama chake hawaitambui Serikali iliyoko madarakani ambayo inaongozwa na Dk. Shein.

Katika mahojiano hayo yaliyochukua saa tatu kati yake na Jeshi hilo, Maalim Seif, aliulizwa na jopo la maofisa 12 wa polisi, sababu za kutomtambua Rais Dk. Shein na badala yake kujitangaza kwa umma yeye ndiye rais wa Zanzibar; lakini yeye alishikilia msimamo kuwa hamtambui.

Maalim Seif alishikilia msimamo wake huo na kwamba hakemei kitendo cha wafuasi wa CUF kumtambua kuwa yeye ndiye rais, akisema huo ndio ukweli na kwamba wananchi wanatambua hivyo.

“Uchaguzi tunaoutambua ulikuwa huru na wa haki ni ule wa Oktoba 25, mwaka jana na si vyinginevyo na kwamba hadi matokeo yake yalipofutwa, mimi ndio niliyokuwa nikiongoza kwa kura nyingi,”alisema Maalim Seif katika mahojiano hayo.

Msimamo huo umekuwa jinai kiasi cha sasa Maalim Seif kushtakiwa kwa makosa ya uchochezi ikiwamo kujiita rais wa Zanzibar chini ya kifungu cha 45 sheria ya jinai ya Zanzibar.

Pamoja na kuonekana mchochezi, Maalim Seif amelihakikishia jeshi la polisi kuwa yeye na chama chake hawana dhamira ya kumdhuru Dk. Shein bali wanatumia ulingo wa siasa kufikia malengo yao ya kushika dola ili achie madaraka.

Katibu Mkuu huyo ambaye pia ni Makamu wa kwanza Mstaafu wa Zanzibar, alisema kuwa njia pekee ya kumwondoa Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein, madarakani ni kuendelea na mgomo baridi.

Anasema mataifa ya nje hayawezi kumuondoa Dk. Shein madarani, lakini wananchi na wafuasi wa CUF wakiungana kwa pamoja kufanya mgomo baridi haifiki miaka mitano Dk. Shein ataachia madarakara

Maalim Seif anaamini kuwa mgomo baridi ndio silaha imara ya kumuondoa madarakani na matumaini yake kwa kuwa wafuasi wa CUF ni wengi wakiendeleza mgomo baridi watafanikiwa.

Mgomo baridi unaoendelea kisiwani Pemba ambao unatekelezwa na wafuasi wa CUF, tayari Dk. Shein na viongozi wezake wa CCM hawana raha kutokana na mgomo huo.

“Niwatake wafuasi wa CUF wasisite na waendelee na kasi hiyo hiyo ya mgomo baridi mpaka haki mliyoporwa Oktoba 25, mwaka jana irejee,” huu ndio msimamo wa Maalim Seif.

“Hawa sasa hivi wapo taabani leo unaambiwa nchi nzima mazungumzo ni Seif baraza la wawakilishi wameacha shughuli zao wanamjadili Seif.”


Dk. Shein ambaye ndiye mshindi kwa asilimia 91 ya kura kwenye uchaguzi wa Machi 20, amesisitiza kuwa ndie rais halali wa Zanzibar huku akiwataka wananchi kuyapuuza maneno ya yanayotolewa na wapinzani hasa CUF kwamba Serikali yake haitofika mwaka 2020.

Dk. Shein anasema maneneo yanayosemwa na wapinzani anaona ni utani na dhihaka wanayowambia wananchi kuwa uchaguzi mkuu wa Zanzibar utarejewa tana kabla ya mwaka 2020.

Msimamo wa Dk. Shein kuhusu matamko ya Maalim Seif ni kwamba hakuna hata taifa ama nchi inayoweza kuishurutisha Zanzibar kufanya uchaguzi mwingine kabla ya mwaka 2020.

Amekuwa akisisitiza kuwa Zanzibar inaongozwa kwa Katiba na Sheria za nchi, hivyo hakuna wa kuiongoza na kuleta matakwa yake ili yafuatwe na Zanzibar ili uchaguzi urejewe tena.

Dk. Shein amesisitiza kuwa amewekwa na wananchi kwa mujibu wa Sheria na Katiba ya nchi, hivyo maneno ya dhihaka na utani yanayosemwa na wapinzani kuwa uchaguzi utarejewa ni kasumba za kisiasa.

“Wataumwa hadi kuvimba matumbo, lakini mimi ndie Rais halali wa Zanzibar na nitaendelea kuiongoza Zanzibar hadi mwaka 2020 utakapoitishwa uchaguzi mwingine,” hii ni kauli ya Dk. Shein.

Dk. Shein ambae pia ni makamu mwenyekiti wa CCM, alisisitiza kuwa Serikali haipatikani kwa hujuma, vitimbi ama kufukiza udi, uvumba na ubani bali serikali hupatikana kwa kufuata misingi ya demokrasia na sheria za nchi kama ilivyofanya CCM na hatimaye kushika dola.

Aliwataka wananchi kutokuwa na hasira kwani chama chao cha CCM kimeshinda na ndicho kinachoongoza Serikali na yeyote mwenye nia ya kuvuruga amani na utulivu nguvu za dola zipo na zitapambana naye.

“Mimi nimewekwa kwa ridhaa za wananchi kwa mujibu wa sheria na Katiba na hata Mwenyezi Mungu anajua kuwa mimi ndie Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi,” alisisitiza Dk. Shein.

Pamoja na hayo, Dk. Shein aliwataka wananchi na wanaCCM kuendelea na kazi zao kama kawaida na kushirkiana na serikali kutekeleza mipango mbalimbali ya maendeleo kwa kuamini kuwa Serikali yao ipo na itaendelea kushirikiana nao.

Kufuatia vitendo vya hujuma vinavyotokea kisiwani Pemba ambavyo vinahusishwa na itikadi za kisiasa, Dk Shein, amevunja ukimya na kutaka sheria ichukue mkondo wake.

Alilitaka jeshi la polisi na ofisi ya mkurugenzi wa mashtaka kuhakikisha watu wote waliohusika na vitendo vya kunyanyasa wananchi na kuharibu mali wanakamatwa na kufikishwa katika vyombo vya dola.
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Makovu ya kufutwa kwa Uchaguzi Mkuu uliopita yanakitafuna kisiwa cha Pemba baada ya kuibuka ubaguzi baina ya wafuasi wa vyama vikuu vya kisiasa vya CCM na CUF na kuzorotesha shughuli za kijamii na kiuchumi.

Uchaguzi huo ulifutwa Oktoba 25 na mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Uchaguzi (ZEC), Jecha Salim Jecha kwa maelezo kuwa kulikuwa na ukiukwaji wa sheria na kanuni za uchaguzi, jambo ambalo CUF walilipinga wakisema si mwenyekiti huyo au ZEC mwenye mamlaka ya kufuta uchaguzi, ikidai kuwa chama hicho kikuu cha upinzani kiliibuka mshindi.

Jecha alifuta uchaguzi huo siku ambayo alitakiwa atangaze mshindi wa mbio za urais, huku matokeo ya majimbo 31 yakiwa yameshatangazwa na matokeo ya majimbo mengine tisa yakiwa yameshahakikiwa na washindi kupewa vyeti vyao.

ZEC ilitangaza uchaguzi mpya ambao ulisusiwa na CUF ambayo ilitangaza kutoutambua.

Uchunguzi uliofanywa na gazeti hili kwenye kisiwa hicho kidogo chenye watu takribani 400,000 umebaini kuwa wananchi hao wanabaguana katika misiba, sherehe, vyombo vya usafiri na biashara, jambo ambalo limethibitishwa na polisi, viongozi wa mikoa ya Kusini na Kaskazini Pemba pamoja na wa vyama hivyo viwili.

Matukio ya watu kuvamiwa na kupigwa, wananchi kususa kununua bidhaa za wafuasi wa chama kimoja, mabasi kukosa abiria au abiria kushushwa kwa sababu ya tofauti za kiitikadi, kususia kushiriki katika maziko na harusi yametawala kwenye kisiwa hicho ambacho ni moja ya visiwa vikubwa viwili vinavyounda Zanzibar.

“Wakati baba anafikwa na mauti alikuwa naibu sheha wa shehia ya Bopwe Wete. Lakini wakati wa shughuli za mazishi yake, watu waliokuja msibani walikuwa wachache kwa sababu tu alikuwa mwanaCCM. Tunawajua watu wa CUF pale kijijini na hawakuja msibani,’’ alisema Said Abrahaman mkazi wa wilaya ya Wete akizungumzia mazishi yaliyofanyika mwanzoni mwa Mei.

Abdallah Vuai Ali, dereva wa daladala linalofanya safari zake kati ya Chakechake na Ndagoni, alisema wiki mbili zilizopita alilazimika kupakia abiria mmoja kutoka Ndagoni hadi Chakechake kutokana na watu wanaodaiwa kuwa wafuasi wa CUF kuteremka katika gari hilo baada ya kupanda kada wa CCM.

“Yule mama naye aligoma kushuka katika gari, hivyo nililazimika kumpeleka kituo cha tatu kutoka hapa Ndagoni kisha nikawarudia wale abiria walioshuka,” alisema Ali.

Mwanachi lilifika Wilaya ya Mkoani ambako ilielezwa na baadhi ya wakazi wa eneo la bandari wanavaa sare za vyama ili waweze kutambulika itikadi zao kwa wateja wanaonunua bidhaa mbalimbali.

Omar Ali Faki, aliyedai kuwa ni kada wa CUF, alisema kabla ya wafanyabiashara kuondolewa eneo hilo kutokana na kuibuka kwa ubaguzi huo, biashara zake hazinunuliwi na wafuasi wa CCM.

Gazeti hili lilishuhudia wafanyabishara hao wakiwa wamezuiwa kuendelea na shughuli zao kutokana na uhasama huo wa kisiasa, huku mkuu wa kituo cha Kikosi Maalumu cha Kuzuia Magendo (KMKM) katika bandari hiyo, Bakari Kombo Khamis akisema waliwaondoa wafanyabiashara hao kwa kisingizo cha mlipuko wa ugonjwa wa kipindupindu.

“Ilikuwa si ajabu kuona watu wamevaa sare za vyama sokoni na wateja walikuwa wananunua bidhaa kwa kutazama alichovaa muuzaji,” alisema Khamis.

“Kamati ya ulinzi ya wilaya tulikutana kujadili suala hili na kuamua kuwaondoa wafanyabiashara hao ili kupunguza hali hiyo ya kubaguana lakini bado wanafanya biashara kwa kujificha.”

Alidai baadhi ya wananchi wamesusa kupanda meli ya Mv Maendeleo na Mv Mapinduzi kwa maelezo kuwa ni za Serikali iliyopo madarakani na badala yake wanapanda meli ya Sealink ya kampuni ya Azam pamoja na Serengeti.

Viongozi waliozungumza na gazeti hili walisema mvutano na uhasama wa kisiasa upo kwa kiasi kikubwa katika wilaya ya Wete na Micheweni zilizopo Mkoa wa Kaskazini, huku viongozi wa CCM na CUF wakibainisha hatua wanazochukua kuwalinda wanachama wao.

Katibu wa CUF wilaya ya Micheweni, Khatib Hamad Sheikh na katibu wa chama hicho wilaya ya Wete, Riziki Omar Juma wanasema wafuasi wao wataendelea kutoshirikiana na CCM kwa sababu Serikali ikiwabagua kwa muda mrefu.

“Wanachama wetu wanapigwa na polisi bila sababu na tukipeleka taarifa vituoni, hakuna hatua zinazochukuliwa. Vijana wa CUF wananyimwa ajira, wananyimwa vitambulisho vya ukaazi na hati za kusafiria. Haya yote ni mateso ambayo tumeyavumilia na sasa yamefika mwisho,” alisema Riziki.

Katibu wa CCM wa Wilaya ya Kaskazini Pemba, Hadija Nassor Abdi alisema uhasama baina ya wanachama wa CUF na CCM ni mkubwa kiasi cha kutoshirikiana katika shughuli za kijamii.

“Wanachama wetu wakishiriki katika shughuli za watu wa CUF wanafukuzwa, wanawashusha katika daladala na hawawauzii bidhaa ya aina yoyote wanapokwenda dukani,” alisema.

“Mashamba kuvamiwa na mazao kuharibiwa kwa sasa si jambo la ajabu. Nyumba kadhaa zimebomolewa na wiki mbili zilizopita walichoma moto nyumba ya mwanaCCM iliyopo kijiji cha Shumba.”

Itaendelea kesho (via MWANANCHI)

Taarifa ya Wizara kuhusu masaibu ya Watanzania nchi za Mashariki ya Kati na Asia



Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Afrika ya Mashariki inachukua fursa hii leo kupeleka taarifa kwa Umma kupitia vyombo vya habari juu ya tatizo hili ili kutoa uelewa na kupata ushirikiano kutoka kwa wananchi katika kukabiliana na changamoto wanazopata Watanzania nje ya nchi wakitafuta maslahi ya kiuchumi ambazo zinaviashiria vya biashara haramu ya Binadamu kwa lugha ya kiingereza lijulikanalo kama (human trafficking) linalozidi kuongezeka.

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Miezi ya hivi karibuni hususan kati ya Mwezi Machi - Mei 2016, Balozi zetu nchini India na Malaysia zimepokea maombi ya kusaidia kuwarejesha nyumbani Watanzania ambao walipelekwa nchini India, na Thailand kwa ahadi za kupatiwa ajira.

Ahadi hizo za ajira zimekuwa zikitolewa na watu wasio waaminifu ambao wanashukiwa kujihusisha na mtandao wa biashara ya kusafirisha binadamu ‘human trafficking’. Mtandao huo unahusisha raia wa Tanzania waliopo ndani na nje ya nchi kwa kushirikiana na raia wa kigeni waliopo kwenye nchi hizo. 

Mtandao huo unachofanya ni pamoja na kuwatafuta wasichana wenye umri kati ya miaka 18 na 24 na hata chini ya umri huo na kuwalaghai kuwa kuna fursa za ajira katika mahoteli, migahawa, maduka makubwa au kazi za nyumbani nchi za nje na kwamba watawasaidia wasichana hao kupata kazi hizo pamoja na kuwawezesha kupata VISA na tiketi ya ndege kwa ajili ya kusafiri kwenda kwenye nchi husika. Wengi wa watu wanaokumbana na ahadi hizo, wanavutika kirahisi kwani wanaona hiyo ni fursa ya kujipatia ajira na kipato cha uhakika.

Kwa taarifa tulizozipata kuhusiana na mtandao huo ni kwamba wengi wa Watanzania wanoenda India, huwa wanajua mapema ukweli kuhusu kazi wanayoenda kuifanya huko, ila ugumu wa maisha hupelekea kurubuniwa na kuingia kwenye matatizo makubwa. Nchini India peke yake kuna Watanzania takriban mia tano, wengi wao wakiwa kwenye New Delhi (350), Bangalore (45), Mumbai (20) na wengine wanaelekea Goa.

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Kwa upande wa Mashariki ya Kati vilevile kumekuwa na wimbi kubwa la Watanzania wa kike kurubuniwa kwa kutafutiwa fursa za kwenda katika nchi za Oman, Saudi Arabia na Falme za Kiarabu hususan Dubai kufanya kazi za ndani. Wimbi la Mashariki ya Kati limepata nguvu zaidi kufuatia Indonesia na Philippines kuweka masharti magumu kwa raia wake kwenda kufanya kazi katika nchi hizi hasa kwa kada ya wafanyakazi wa majumbani.

Tofauti na nchi za Asia, vijana wa Kitanzania wanaochukuliwa kwenda nchi za Mashariki ya Kati, wengi wao ni wafanyakakazi wa ndani, na wanaondoka wakijua kuwa wanaenda kufanya kazi za ndani. Wakifika huko, baadhi yao hupata mateso na mikataba yao kukiukwa na hatimaye kuishia mitaani bila msaada.

Matatizo yanayowakabili Watanzania nchi za Mashariki ya Kati na Asia.

Kulazimishwa kufanya ukahaba na kunyang'anywa Hati za kusafiria ili kuwadhibiti wasitoroke, ndiyo matatizo makubwa zaidi ambayo yamekuwa yakiwakabili Watanzania. Kufuatia matumaini wanayojengewa na walaghai vijana wa Kitanzania wamejikuta au wamelazimika kukubali kufanya kazi za ukahaba ili kurejesha gharama za kuwasafirisha kutoka Tanzania kwenda katika mataifa hayo ili waweze kurejeshewa Hati zao za Kusafiria pamoja na kupata nauli kwa ajili ya kurudi Tanzania.
Sambamba na matatizo hayo matatizo mengine ni pamoja na; Kufanya kazi bila mkataba; Kufanya kazi nyingi ambazo kimsingi zingetakiwa kufanywa na watu wa kada mbili au tatu kufanywa na mtu mmoja; Kufanyishwa kazi tofauti na makubaliano ya awali; Kulipwa maslahi madogo ikilinganishwa na ugumu wa kazi inayofanywa; Kufanya kazi kwenye familia zaidi ya moja tofauti na makubaliano; Kufanya kazi bila muda maalum na bila kupumzika; Kunyanyanyaswa na kubaguliwa na wakati mwingine kufanyiwa vitendo vya ukatili kama vile kupigwa, kutopewa fursa ya kuwasiliana na mtu yeyote pamoja na kunyanyaswa kijinsia.

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Baadhi ya wahanga wamekuwa wakikimbilia kwenye ofisi zetu za Ubalozi kuomba msaada. Balozi zetu zimekuwa zikiwahifadhi Ubalozini na kisha kuwasiliana na jamaa zao ili wawatumie nauli na kurejea nyumbani. Baaadhi ya jamaa wamekuwa wakituma tiketi kwa ndugu zao, na mara nyingine maafisa katika Balozi zetu kwa moyo wa kibinadamu wamekuwa wakitoa fedha zao wenyewe kusaidia kununua tiketi za kuwarejesha watanzania waliofanikiwa kuchomoka kwenye mikono ya watesi hao.

Wizara imekuwa ikipokea maombi kutoka katika Ofisi za Ubalozi za nchi za Asia na Mashariki ya Kati,ili kuweza kuwasaidia wasichana hao kurejea nchini, ambapo kwa hivi karibuni kutoka Ubalozi wa Oman ambapo kulikuwa na wasichana kumi na nane (18), kati yao wasichana kumi (10) wameshasaidiwa kurudi nyumbani na kuunganishwa na familia zao na kutoka ubalozi wa India kulikuwa na wasichana kumi na tano (15) walioleta maombi Ubalozi uwasaidie kwa namna yeyote ile.

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Ni wazi kwamba vitendo hivyo ni uvunjaji wa sheria na vya kinyama na vinakiuka haki ya binadamu. Ifahamike pia kwamba usafirishaji wa binadamu ni uhalifu kwa mujibu wa makosa ya kupangwa ya Azimio la Umoja wa Mataifa No 55/25 la mwaka 2003 la kuzuia, kukomesha na kuadhibu usafirishaji wa binadamu hasa kwa wanawake na watoto chini ya Itifaki yake.

Pia ni kinyume cha Sheria ya Kupambana na Biashara Haramu ya Usafirishaji wa Binadamu ya Mwaka 2008 yaani “The Anti-Trafficking in Person Act of 2008”

Vilevile ni vema ikahafamika kuwa Sheria za nchi wanazopelekwa wasichana hao haziruhusi biashara ya ukahaba na hivyo kupelekea hatari ya kukamatwa na kufungwa ugenini.
Ndugu Wanahabari,

Hatua zinazochukuliwa na Serikali

Baada ya kuona changamoto hizi zinazowakumba Watanzania wanaokwenda kufanya kazi za ndani Nchi za Mashariki ya Kati, Balozi zetu katika ukanda huo ziliaandaa utaratibu maalumu kwa wafanyakazi wanaokwenda kufanya kazi katika nchi hizo ikiwa ni pamoja na kuandaa mikataba kulingana na sheria za nchi husika. Kwa mfano, kwa upande wa Oman tangu mwezi Machi 2011, Ubalozi umeratibu ajira za watanzania 4358 hadi kufikia tarehe 31 Septemba 2015, ambapo kati ya hao 4,033 ni watumishi wa majumbani.

Kwa upande wa Mashariki ya Kati, kuanzia Juni, 2015, Serikali iliamua kukataza rasmi Watanzania kwenda kufanya kazi zisizo na ujuzi au za ndani katika nchi hizo hadi utaratibu maalum wa kisheria utakapoandaliwa. Baada ya katazo hilo, Wizara ikishirikiana na wadau husika iliitisha vikao ili kujadili namna nzuri ya kupata suluhisho la kudumu kuhusu changamoto zinazosababishwa na mtandao huo.

Vikao hivyo viliazimia kila Ubalozi katika nchi za Mashariki ya Kati uandae mikataba ya kazi kutokana na muongozo uliokubaliwa na wadau wote. Baada ya kukamilika kwa muongozo huo Serikali ilianza kutoa vibali tena kwa Watanzania wanaokwenda kufanya kazi nchi za Mashariki ya Kati.

Vilevile kwa upande wa Asia, kutokana na ushirikiano kutoka kwa Jumuiya za Watanzania waishio katika nchi za Asia pamoja na baadhi ya wahanga wa biashara hiyo katika mataifa hayo, Serikali inashughulikia kupata majina ya wahusika wote wa mtandao huo na kufanya mawasiliano na Serikali za nchi hizo ili kuwakamata wahusika wote na kuwafikisha katika mkono wa sheria. 

Kwa hapa nyumbani, uchunguzi unaendelea kwa kushirikiana na Balozi za nchi ambazo watanzania wetu wanapelekwa ili kubaini watu wote walio sehemu ya mtandao huo hususan wale wanaowezesha upatikanaji wa VISA kwenye Balozi hizo ili kuwakamata na kuwachukulia hatua kali za kisheria.

Vilevile, kupitia kwenu wanahabari, tunatoa wito kwa watanzania wote, tuwe makini pale tunapopata fursa za kazi nje ya nchi. Kama nilivyosema hapo awali, ni muhimu kujiridhisha kwamba mambo yote ya msingi yanayohusiana na ajira hizo yamekaa sawa ikiwa ni pamoja na:
  • Kuwepo mkataba wa ajira unaotambuliwa na Mamlaka za Nchi unayotaka kwenda. Kwa hapa nyumbani mamlaka zinazoweza kusaidia ni pamoja na Ofisi za Ubalozi za Nchi husika, Wakala wa Ajira Tanzania - TAESA (Tanzania Bara) au Kamisheni ya Kazi (Zanzibar); Mtanzania asikubali kuanza safari bila kupata mkataba na Kibali kutoka TAESA au Kamisheni ya Kazi.
  • Wizara inatoa wito kwa Taasisi zote zinazoratibu safari za Nje katika viwanja vya ndege au vituo vya mipakani kuhakikisha hawamruhusu mtu kusafiri nje kwa nia ya kufanya kazi bila kuwa na vibali husika.
  • Kutafuta msaada wa kupata uthibitisho kutoka Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki au Wizara ya Kazi kama kweli kazi uliyoaidiwa ipo- Wizara yetu itaweza kutumia Balozi zetu kuthibitisha;
  • Na pale unapokwenda Nje, ni muhimu kuhakikisha kwamba unajisajili kweye ofisi za Ubalozi wa Tanzania uliopo katika nchi hizo au ubalozi wa Uingereza mahali ambapo hakuna Ubalozi wa Tanzania.
  • Kutokubali kuweka hati yako ya kusaifiria kama rehani kwasababu yoyote ile;
Katika kupata suluhisho la kudumu ikiwa ni pamoja na kuwasaidia Watanzania kupata fursa za ajira nje ya nchi, Wizara kwa kushirikiana na wadau husika inaendelea na jitihada za kusaini Mikataba ya Ushirikiano katika Sekta ya Ajira na Kazi baina ya Serikali ya Tanzania na nchi hizo kama ule wa Tanzania na Qatar. Kusainiwa kwa mikataba hiyo sio tu kutasaidia kupata fursa za ajira katika nchi hizo bali kutailazimu Serikali ya nchi hizo kushirikiana na Wizara pindi raia wao watapokwenda kinyume na mikataba ya ajira iliyopo.

Imetolewa na:
Kitengo cha Mawasiliano ya Serikali,
Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki
Dar es Salaam, 09 Juni 2016.

Analysis of "Tanzania Budget 2016/17" by Tax Consultant, Makundi I.W



Value Added Tax (VAT):-
 Bitter- Sweet for Tourism industry
Tourist services have been VAT exempt, however from 1 July 2016 tourist services will be VATable at the statutory rate of 18%, For tourists, the additional 18% will relatively be pass on to them, consequently it will be expensive to visit attractions, for tour companies can now be able to claim their input VAT compared to when tourist services were VAT exempt which means technically in taxation they were not able to claim input VAT on exempt supplies.

 Good news for Contractors
Now all bitumen are VAT exempt, bitumen is mostly used by contractors as a binder to aggregate particles in road construction, also used by makers of waterproofing products and used in sealing flat loofs.

 Mind your Steps
New VAT arrangement between Tanzania Mainland and the Zanzibar stipulates that, the Government of Zanzibar will now collect VAT on the supplies from Mainland Tanzania to Zanzibar, and Mainland Tanzania will collect VAT on the supplies from Zanzibar to Mainland Tanzania; Previously Mainland Tanzania used to collect VAT on supplies to Zanzibar and refund the amount to Zanzibar. The new arrangement is cost saving to Mainland on administrative costs in collecting Vat on behalf of Government of Zanzibar.

 All Unprocessed Food stuffs and Unprocessed Agricultural products are now VAT exempt including un-processed vegetables, un-processed fruits, cereals, Live fish and Soya beans

 Dietary Supplements
Vitamins and food supplements are now VAT exempt

 Water Guards
Water treatment chemicals have now been included in VAT exempt List.

 Major boost for Aviation in Tanzania
Insurance services in general is a VAT-able service, now the Government has announced that from 1 July 2016, Aviation Insurance will be VAT Exempt. This is a Megadeal for Air Tanzania, Fastjet, and Precision Air to mention just a few.

 Devil in the Detail for Stock brokers, Banks and Financial Institutions

Introduction of VAT on fee based financial services.

Most common fee based financial Activities includes, (i) Merger and Acquisition Services(ii) Stock Broking Services (iii) Portfolio Management Services (iv) Capital Restructuring Services (v) Corporate Financial Counselling (vi) Issue Management Services and Credit Rating Services.
Stock brokers, Banks and Other Financial Institutions have to wait to see the details in the Finance Act 2016 to clearly understand the detail of this VAT introduction, if the minister meant Fee-only or precisely Fee- based.

Income Tax changes

 Decisive Powers on Rental Income
The Commissioner General (CG) of TRA has now been given power to determine rental income based on the minimum market value to charge withholding tax on rental income. CG can now decide to re-determine self declared Rent to what he considers to be minimum market value of rent of respective property for tax Purpose.

 Armed Forces detached from Tax Exemptions
Exemption included Excise Duty, VAT and Import Duty through Armed forces canteens and shops, The Government will now provide allowances as an alternative and suitable way to deliver the goods to them.The allowance will enable the armed forces to procure their own requirements according to their preferences

An additional TShs. 3,800 per month for every employee , as the minimum Tax rate have gone down from 11% from 9% , that is Tax rate on taxable income that exceeds TShs 170,000 but does not exceed 360,000 is now 9% that is 2% of TShs 190,000. Note that, other tax bands and rate remained the same.

 Send-off Pay:
Income Tax exemption on final gratuity to members of parliament has been removed,:-as a send-off pay, each Member of Parliament receives TShs 160 Million.

 Remove Withholding tax exemption
On shares or securities listed in the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange that are owned by a resident person or a non resident person who either alone or with other associate controls less than 25 percent of the controlling shares of the issuer Company; Previously these shares were considered to be Non-investment assets as per Section 3 of Income Tax Act hence exempted from Withholding Tax on investments accorded to other shares listed in DSE.

 Payment to Approved Retirement Fund Striped off Withholding Tax Exemption
Withholding tax on payments made to approved retirement fund arising from investment incomes has been imposed,

 Tax Exemption From the Horse Mouth
When reading the Budget, The Minister Mentioned that NGO’s and Religious Institutions will now start paying Taxes on importation and ask for Refund including Filing an application to the Ministry of Finance for Approval before any importation.

We have to wait and see how this is incorporated in the Finance Bill and Finance Act 2016.
“the Government will continue to control tax exemptions to religious institutions and investors to ensure they are productive and beneficial to the nation”.

In view of this, the Government will amend relevant legislations in order to address tax exemption abuses. These amendments will be incorporated in the Finance Bill 2016. Among other things, the amendmentswill require beneficiaries to pay taxes and apply for refunds which will be reimbursed upon verification.

Changes in the Excise Duty

 Not a Good day for Telecoms
Introduction of excise duty of 10% on both receiving mobile Money
To also cover commission received in the provision of mobile money services. Previously 10% excise duty was on sending mobile money, so most Telecoms commission was mostly allocated on receiving money to do away with Excise duty.

 Soft Plastic Bags Banned
The Government has decided to abolish the manufacturing, selling, buying and use of soft plastic bags of less than 50 microns.

 Natural Gas
The excise duty rate on Natural Gas from cent 43 per cubic feet to cent 45 per cubic feet

 With exception to bottled water which Excise duty has remained the same all other Non Petroleum Products Excise duty has increased by inflation rate of 5%
Including soft drinks, locally and imported produced fruit juices, beers, energy drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, Wine, Spirits, Cigarettes, lubricating oils and greases,

 Imported Furniture discouraged
To increase excise duty rate of imported furniture from 15 percent to 20 percent

 The excise duty rate on “cigar” remains at 30 per cent
Skills Development Levy (SDL)

 Skills Development Levy (SDL)
Skills Development Levy has gone down by 0.5% from previous 5% to 4.5% starting 1 July 2016.

 The Motor Vehicles Tax on Registration and Transfer
Motor Vehicle Registration fee has gone up from the current rate of Shs. 150,000 to Shs. 250,000 permotor vehicles and from Shs. 45,000 to Shs. 95,000 per motor cycle and tricycles;

 Dig Deeper to Personalized your Motor Vehicle.
Fee for Personalized Registration Numbers has double to TShs. 10 Million from 5 Million, for every three years.

 Over to You
Mandate of collecting property tax has been transferred from Local Government Authorities to the Tanzania Revenue Authority.:-TRA will estimate tax and make valuation of the properties; institute proper remittance procedures of property tax to respective local governments; dispute resolution and review property tax exemption.

 Minor Tax Changes
The Government has decided to maintain the current levels of taxes and levies on fuel so that we maintain price stability and provide economic stability.

 Changes in the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004

Common External Tariff (CET)
 Measures to protect Local manufactures, cement, Iron, Aluminium cans, fishing nets, “oil and petrol filters” crude edible oil
 To Protect Local Cement Industries, Tanzania to increase import duty rate on cement from the current rate of 25 percent to 35 percent which is classified for one year.
 Increase the CET rate on flat rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel from 0 percent to 10 percent.
 Increase the import duty rate on Bars and rods of iron and steel from 10 percent to 25 percent.
 Increase the CET rate on Aluminium milk cans from 10 percent to 25 percent.
 Increase the import duty rate from 10 percent to 25 percent on made up fishing nets.
 Increase the import duty rate from 10 percent to 25 percent on “oil and petrol filters”
 Grant stay of application of CET rate to manufacturers of crude edible oil and apply 10 percent instead of 0 percent for one year

 High tensile bars which not manufactured in the region:-Grant stay of application of CET rate of 25 percent on iron and steel products which are used in construction of bridges and bridge sections, classified under HS Code 7308.10.00 and instead apply duty rate of 0 percent for one year;

 Grant the stay of application of CET rate of 25 percent on “automotive bolts and nuts” classified under HS Code 7318.15.00 and apply duty rate of 10 percent for one year

 Grant duty remission to manufacturers of “bolts and nuts” classified under HS Code 7228.30.00 and 7228.50.00 by charging a duty rate of 0 percent instead of 10 percent . This measure will enable manufacturers to obtain raw materials at reasonable price since they are not manufactured in the region

 Grant duty remission of 0 percent to local manufacturers of motor vehicle “air filters”

 Reinstated:- Grant import duty remission of 0 percent on splints which are raw materials used in the manufacture of matches due to lack of adequate matured forests, last year Import duty exemption for splints used in the manufacturing of matches was removed

 Reduce progressively import duty remission levels on sugar and sugar confectionery from the current rate of 10 percent. Reduction of import duty rate will be as follows: 2016/17 the rate will be 15 percent; 2017/18 the rate will be 20 percent, and 2018/19 the rate will be 25 percent. The current duty rate of 10 percent undermines local production and promotes importation of the product and abuse in the usage of the product

 Grant duty remission to manufacturers of “Aluminium cans” encouraging production of “Aluminium cans” in the region;

 Grant stay of application of EAC CET rate of 35 percent on Wheat (Wheat grain) due to lack of capacity in the region to produce wheat to satisfy the demand;

 Increase the specific duty rate on worn clothes and shoes from 0.2 USD/Kg to 0.4 USD/kg intended to gradually phase-out importation of used clothes and footwear in the region.

 Increase Import Duty rate from 10 percent to 25 percent for one year on paper products

EAC Customs Management Act, 2004

 Additions Exemptions for hospitals Under 5th Schedule EAC-CMA Refrigeration equipment, incinerator’s equipments,staff uniforms, blood collection tubes
 Grant duty remission to the manufacturers of Inputs for the manufacture of deep cycle batteries
 Grant duty remission for inputs or raw materials for use in the manufacture of solar equipments
 Fees and levies to be abolished are as follows:

o Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority

o Export Permit for food – Tsh. 50,000;Retention fees for Human and Veterinary medicines from domestic manufacturers – Tsh. 100,000;Duplicate Certificate for Human and Veterinary medicines from domestic manufacturers – USD 50;Duplicate Certificate for Human and Veterinary medicines from foreign manufacturers – USD 100;Evaluation of product promotional materials – Domestic – USD 50;Abreviated Advert – Domestic – USD 25;Duplicate certificate for foreign food, medicines medical devices – USD 100;Duplicate certificate for foreign Medical devices domestic – USD 30;Duplicate certificate for Medicines Domestic – USD 50;Retention fees for imported In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) – USD 150;Retention fee for domestic manufactured cosmetic manufactured cosmetics – Tsh. 30,000;Pre-registration GMP inspection fees for domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing sites – USD 250;Medical representative foreign per company – USD 1,000;1% FOB value for cosmetics raw materials;0.5% FOB for importation of pharmaceutical raw materials;Hospital permit for Psychotropic and Narcotics – Tsh. 10,000;Import permit for Psychotropic and Narcotics – Tsh. 50,000;Export certificates for pharmaceuticals – Tsh. 50,000;Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product – Tsh. 50,000;Inspection of new food processing facilities – small – Tsh. 100,000;Disposal certificates;Health certificates – Tsh. 50,000; and Trade fair fees – Tsh. 200,000.

 Cotton Board

o Uhuru touch contribution – Tsh. 450,000; and Fee for District Council to deliberate on cotton buyers – Tsh. 250,000;

 Tea Board
Fire and rescue levy – Tsh. 800,000.

 Coffee Board
Cherry Processing License – USD 250

 Cashewnut Board
o Cooperative Union levy – Tsh. 20/- per kg;Transportation Fee – Tsh. 50/- per kg;Task Force on Various Issues – Tsh. 10/- per kg;Storekeeper costs – Tsh. 10/- per kg.

Nota Bene :- these proposed tax changes when approved shall become effective on 1st July, 2016, unless stated otherwise.

This Brief Budget Analysis has been prepared by:

Innocent Wilfred Makundi - Consultant - Tax Services
(BAF, MBA-CM, CPA, Tax Consultant)
Mob: +255-713-670126.
Facebook: wilfred
Email: [email protected]

Mahakama ya Rufani yaamuru jalada la kesi ya Kitilya, Sumari, Sinare lirudi Mahakama Kuu

Mahakama ya Rufani Tanzania, imeamuru jalada la kesi inayomkabili Kamishna Mkuu wa zamani wa Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA), Harry Kitilya na wenzake kurudishwa Mahakama Kuu kwa ajili ya kusikilizwa rufani ya Jamhuri.

Pia, imeagiza jalada hilo lipangiwe kusikilizwa kwa jaji mwingine dhidi ya rufaa ya kupinga kuondolewa shtaka la utakatishaji fedha katika kesi ya kujipatia Dola za Marekani milioni 6.
Hukumu hiyo ilisomwa jana na Msajili wa Mahakakama ya Rufani, Zahra Maruma baada ya kusikilizwa na jopo la majaji watatu, likiongozwa na Mwenyekiti Salum Masati akisaidiana na Kipenka Musa na Augustine Mwarija.

Msajili Maruma alisema mahakama hiyo imeona kwamba Jaji Mfawidhi Moses Mzuna alikosea kukubali pingamizi la utetezi na kutupilia mbali kusikiliza rufani ya kupinga uamuzi uliotolewa na Mahakama ya Hakimu Mkazi Kisutu wa kuliondoa shtaka la kutakatisha fedha dhidi ya Kitilya na wenzake.

“Mahakama hii imebatilisha uamuzi uliotolewa na Jaji Mzuna na kwamba imeamuru jalada lirudishwe Mahakama Kuu kwa ajili ya kupangiwa jaji mwingine wa kusikiliza rufani ya upande wa Jamhuri kuhusu kuondolewa kwa shtaka hilo” alisema Msajili na kuongeza.

“Kwa kuondolewa shtaka hilo Mkurugenzi wa Mashtaka Nchini (DPP) hakuwa na namna ya kurudi Mahakama ya Kisutu kuomba kufanya mabadiliko ya hati ya mashtaka kwa sababu kila shtaka linajitegemea na kwamba shtaka la kutakatisha fedha lilishaondolewa na kumalizika katika hati hiyo ya mashtaka dhidi ya washtakiwa” alisema Msajili Maruma wakati akisoma hukumu hiyo.

Akifafanua zaidi alisema Mahakama ya Rufani imebatilisha uamuzi uliotolewa na Mahakama Kuu na kuamuru kusikilizwa rufani ya DPP kama ilivokuwa imekatwa.

Mapema Mei 31, mwaka huu upande wa Jamhuri ukiongozwa na DPP, Biswalo Mganga, Naibu DPP, Osward Tibabyekomya, Mawakili wa Serikali Waandamizi, Shadrack Kimaro na Awamu Mbagwa uliomba mahakama hiyo kuangalia uhalali wa kuondolewa shtaka la kutakatisha fedha pamoja na uamuzi wa Jaji Mzuna kutupilia mbali rufani yao.

“Watukufu Majaji ni rai yetu upande wa Jamhuri, tunaomba mahakama hii iangalie upya na kuiamuru Mahakama Kuu kusikiliza rufaa ya kuliondoa shtaka la kutakatisha fedha …”alidai DPP Mganga.

Akiwasilisha hoja za rufaa hiyo mahakamani hapo, Tibabyekomya alidai kuwa malalamiko yao ni kwamba Jaji Mfawidhi, Mosses Mzuna alikosea kukataa kusikiliza rufaa ya kuondolewa kwa shtaka hilo na mahakama ya chini.

Alidai kuwa kinachashtakiwa katika shtaka ni kosa ambalo limekamilika na kwamba linasisimama kwa kujitegemea.

“Watukufu majaji kitendo cha kufuta kabisa shtaka la nane la kutakatisha fedha dhidi ya washtakiwa kulihitimisha shtaka hilo kama lilivyokua limeshtakiwa kwa kuwa lilikuwa linajitegema”alidai na kuongeza kuwa.

“Jaji Mzuna alikataa kwamba mahakama yake haina uwezo wa kuruhusu kufanya mabadiliko ya hati ya mashtaka na kwamba uamuzi huo ulionyesha haiwezekani kufanyika mabadiliko amri ambayo inahitimisha shtaka la nane” alidai msaidizi huyo wa DPP. 

Mawakili wa utetezi wakijibu hoja za Jamhuri kwa nyakati tofauti;

Wakili Majura Magafu alidai kuwa rufaa hiyo haina mashiko ya kisheria na kwamba ilifunguliwa mapema kinyume cha sheria mahakama hiyo itupilie mbali.

“Hakimu Mchauru hakukosea kama inavyodaiwa na Jamhuri kwa sababu alitoa nafasi kwamba wakati utakapofika kisheria wataruhusiwa kufanya mabadiliko… “alidai Magafu.
Dk. Ringo Tenga alidai kuwa baada ya kuondolewa shtaka hilo, upande wa Jamhuri haukuwasilisha maombi ya kufanya mabadiliko ya hati ya mashtaka.

Alex Mgongolwa alidai kuwa hoja zao za utetezi kwamba rufaa hiyo haina sababu za kutosholeza kisheria imefunguliwa kinyume cha sheria mahakama ifutilie mbali.

Mbali na Kitilya, washtakiwa wengine ni, aliyekuwa Miss Tanzania mwaka 1996, Shose Sinare na mwanasheria wa benki ya Stanbic Tanzania, Sioi Solomon.
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Makamo wa Rais, Suluhu na Hasheem Thabeet

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. Samia Suluhu Hassan, akizungumza na mchezaji wa mpira wa kulipwa wa kikapu nchini Marekani (NBA) Hashim Thabit (Hasheem Thabeet), wakati alipofika Ofisini kwa Makamu wa Rais Ikulu Dar es salaam leo Juni 09,2016 kwa ajili ya kumuelezea kuhusu lengo na mpango wake wa kuanzisha na kukuza vituo vya michezo hapa nchini.

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. Samia Suluhu Hassan, akipokea zawadi ya mpira kutoka kwa Hashim.

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. Samia Suluhu Hassan (katikati) akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Hashim Thabit. (PIcha na OMR).

Serikali yapokea gawio la shilingi bilioni 23 kutoka kampuni 3

Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango, Mhe. Dkt. Philip Mpango (Mb), akipokea hundi kifani yenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 4.5 kutoka kwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi wa Kampuni ya Puma Energy Dkt. Ben Mosha, wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka kwa Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina (Treasury Squire) Mjini Dodoma

Naibu Waziri wa Nishati na Madini Dk. Medard Kalemani, akizungumza jambowakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka kwa Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina (Treasury Squire) Mjini Dodoma

Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango, Dkt Philip Mpango(Mb), (Katikati) akimwelekeza jambo Msajili wa Hazina Laurence Mafuru, wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina (Treasury Squire) Mjini Dodoma
Naibu Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Fedha na Mipango, Dorothy Mwanyika, akipokea mfano wa hundi yenye thamani ya shilingi Bil. 2.0 kutoka kwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi ya Tiper (T), Prof. Abdulkarim Mruma, wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina (Treasury Squire) Mjini Dodoma

Waziri wa Viwanda, Biashara na Uwekezaji, Mhe. Charles Mwijage (Mb) akizungumza jambo wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina (Treasury Squire) Mjini Dodoma

Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango, Dkt Philip Mpango(Mb), (Katikati) akinyoosha dole gumba kuashiria "mambo safi", wakati akipokea hundi ya shilingi Biln 16.5 kutoka kwa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Benki ya NMB Ineke Bussemaker, wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina (Treasury Squire) Mjini Dodoma.

Msajili wa Hazina, Laurence Mafuru, akifafanua jambo wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka kwa Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina Mjini Dodoma

Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi wa Kampuni ya Puma Energy Dkt Ben Mosha, akizungumza Jambo wakati wa Hafla fupi ya serikali kukabidhiwa Hundi za Mfano zenye thamani ya shilingi Bilioni 23 kutoka kwa Kampuni za Puma Energy, Tiper (T) na NBC Bank PLC, ambazo imewekeza hisa zake, katika ukumbi wa Hazina Mini Dodoma