[audio] Msemaji wa serikali azungumza na Diaspora kupitia Jukwaa Langu, Juni 13

Msemaji wa Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Mindi Kasiga
photo: wavuti.com
Katika kipindi hiki, tumezungumza na Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Mawasiliano ya Serikali na Msemaji wa Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Mindi Kasiga ambaye ameeleza kuhusu nafasi na wajibu wa serikali kwa Watanzania waishio kwenye diaspora.

Pia amegusia wajibu wa Watanzania hao kwa nchi yao na kujibu maswali mbalimbali.


[text, video] Hotuba ya Maalim Seif huko Washingon, DC, Marekani

Maalim Seif akiongea kwenye mkutano ulioandaliwa na Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Jumatatu, Juni 13, 2016 ndani ya jengo la CSIS Rhode Island Ave, NW jijini Washington DC. 


Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad
Address to CSIS
June 13th, 2016

Thank you for the welcome and kind words. It is a pleasure to be back among old friends.

The links between Zanzibar and the United States go back a long way - to 1837 when the US opened its first diplomatic mission in sub-Saharan Africa in Zanzibar.

In our most recent struggle for democratic rights, we have appreciated the US diplomatic support for Zanzibar and displeasure with the annulment of the election in October last year.

But we have a long way to go, and I want to implore the Washington policy community to stay the course and for those who have not paid attention to the subject to get serious about our struggle for democracy.

We are a small country, but what happens to us has a wider impact on the African continent and more globally – whether in the positive sense of being a catalyst for economic development in the region or in the negative sense that disenfranchisement is turning our island into a target for religious radicals.

These are the facts:

On October 25th last year Zanzibar, along with the rest of Tanzania, voted in good faith in elections that were hailed as free and fair by all the international observer missions that were present – SADC, the Commonwealth, the AU, the EAC, the EU, the British and the Americans.

Results from the polling units indicated a decisive victory for our party, the Civic United Front, but as we awaited the election to be called in our favor, a contingent of security forces surrounded the hotel where the verification of the results was underway and the Chairman of the Zanzibar Electoral Commission, Jecha Salim Jecha, an appointee of the ruling party, annulled the entire exercise.

That it was an arbitrary and illegal act was confirmed two weeks ago by the European Union Commission Observer mission which concluded that the ZEC did not have the legal power to annul the elections and had never supplied any evidence of the alleged irregularities that were used to justify such an extraordinary and unprecedented step.

Though our people, especially the youth, were angry and frustrated, we cautioned them to remain calm even in the face of provocation by the security forces because the facts were on our side, and we were confident that justice would prevail.

While we were still engaged in dialogue with the ruling party, the ZEC announced a rerun of the election would be held on March 20th.

It was clear that the purpose of a new election would be to ensure a different outcome – i.e. that this time the ruling party would win. Unwilling to lend our name to such a fraud we decided to boycott the election and called on our followers to follow suit.

The election went ahead and the ruling party claimed a 91 % victory. International observers refused to participate in the charade, but local and international journalists who were present said the polling areas were virtually empty and we calculate that less than 15 % of the electorate turned up to vote.

The EU and the US declared that that the elections were neither inclusive nor credible. The board of directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US government program, suspended its partnership with Tanzania and put $472-m worth of aid for electricity projects on hold.

Why would Tanzania put its democratic credentials into disrepute over the surrender of such a tiny sliver of power?

We negotiated a pact with the CCM in 2010 to ensure that whichever party came out on top in Zanzibar, there would be a coalition government. This was to forestall the violence of previous elections and to ensure that no section of the community would feel shut out of government.

Some have speculated that it was simply a case of RPS - Ruling Party Syndrome – and attributed it to the authoritarian streak in the CCM, which we are seeing on the mainland as well. Last week for instance a young man was sentenced to three years or a fine for criticizing President Magufuli on Facebook and the government banned all political rallies and gatherings by the opposition Chadema.

Chadema’s leaders have been pulled in for questioning and I myself was subjected to three hours of interrogation by 11 police officers two weeks ago. We are witnessing an unprecedented political crackdown in Tanzania and my fear is that it will only get worse in the months ahead.

But when it comes to Zanzibar there is another, deeper dimension. The ruling party in Dar Es Salaam has expressed fear that a truly democratic Zanzibar would opt for self-determination outside of Tanzania.

Secession is not our policy, as we have repeatedly made clear. What we do seek is a redefinition of our relationship with the mainland, not to end the union, but to give us the freedom to rise to our potential as an island economy.

For too long Zanzibar has been economically and politically stifled by the hastily arranged marriage with Tanganyika which was promoted by the Americans and the British in 1964 out of fear that Zanzibar was becoming an African Cuba.

Even though Julius Nyerere was a socalist, Tanzania was a staunch friend of the West during the Cold War despite its ties to the Soviet Union and China, and up until today is one of the major beneficiaries of development assistance from Washington.

Zanzibar has fared less well. In the 52 years since union our famed cosmopolitanism, our record of educational excellence, and our status as a trading hub has diminished. For decades our economy has stagnated and our development indicators have declined.

What we offered our people in last October’s elections was the vision of an unshackled future. Through our location alongside the great highway of the Indian Ocean and our deep connections with the Middle East and South Asia we could become the Singapore of Africa.

From our beautiful tropical beaches you can almost see the coast of East Africa. History and geography ties us to that economically rising region and to the inland markets and export trades of the Great Lakes region.

A new and imaginative set of assumptions based on economic development could create a new partnership between Zanzibar and Tanganyika, benefit the Indian Ocean trading zone and bring prosperity to East and Central Africa.

Furthermore, Zanzibar is a cultural bridge between Africa and the Gulf, and with the inclusive and tolerant Islam that is practiced by Zanzibaris, a successful and flourishing democracy in the islands could serve as a model to the rest of the Muslim world in the Indian Ocean of the peaceful co-existence of democracy and Islam.

Democracy is not just an abstract concept to Zanzibar. We are fighting for more than just the right to vote every five years.

So what is our solution to the crisis?

We are open, in the short term, to a care-taker government of national unity in Zanzibar that should be set up as a matter of urgency and we are prepared to go to new elections under the auspices of a neutral international body.

Until that time, we have initiated a campaign of peaceful non-violent resistance to mobilize our people and to make the statement that Zanzibar can not return to business as usual.

Our fear is that as long as democratic avenues remain closed, religious radicals will find an opening. Zanzibar has long-standing connections to other centers of Islamist militant activity such as Somalia, parts of the east coast of Kenya and of course centers in the Middle East.

Zanzibar is almost a textbook example of the conditions that lead societies to fall prey to violent extremism: poor economic governance; poverty and unemployment, especially among the youth; an abiding sense of desperation and injustice; and all of this with no channels for political expression.

That is why we refuse to extinguish hope and that is why our struggle for democracy is about much more than Zanzibar.

Katibu Mkuu wa chama cha wananchi CUF Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, akielezea hali halisi ya siasa za Zanzibar, katikati akiwa na Mkurugenzi wa CSIS Bi Jennifer G. Cooke, pamoja na aliekua balozi wa Marekani nchini Tanzania Mark Green, ambae sasa hivi ni President, International Republican Institute

Aliekua balozi wa Marekani nchini Tanzania Mark Green, ambae sasa hivi ni President, International Republican Institute, akionge siasa za Zanzibar.

Mkurugenzi wa Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Bi Jennifer G. Cooke,akiongea maelezo kuhusu mkutano mzima uliofanyika siku ya Jumatatu June 13, 2016 ndani ya jengo la (CSIS) liliopo Rhode Island Ave, NW jijini Washington DC.

Katibu Mkuu wa chama cha wananchi CUF Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, pamoja na aliekua balozi wa Marekani nchini Tanzania Mark Green.

Katibu Mkuu wa chama cha wananchi CUF Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, akijibu maswali

Bi Mercedeh Momeni ambae ni Deputy Regional Director, Southern and East Africa, National Democratic Institute, akiongea jambo kuhusu mpango mzima wa mkutano huo

Baada ya kumaliza mkutano wa (CSIS) jijini Washington DC

Ilivyokuwa Katarina alipopelekwa "Guest House" na HD


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BBC Swahili yahojiana na mwongoza muziki wa 'classical' Tanzania, Hekima Raymond

Classical Musician Nominated for Top BBC Award

Dar es Salaam — Tanzanian classical musician Hekima Raymond has been nominated among 50 other inspirational individuals for a broadcasting award of a BBC flagship programme, according to the British broadcaster.

According to the announcement made earlier this week, Raymond, a self-taught pianist and conductor, joins other 49 nominees from all over the world whose work has been recognised as inspiring.

Of the 50 nominees, three people chosen as 'Outlook Inspirations' will be revealed by a panel of judges and honoured at a special event on July 4, 2016.

On receiving the news of his nomination, Mr Raymond, whose journey into music started when he was just 11 years old, said: "I am deeply honoured, and grateful to those who have recognised my work... this will definitely inspire me to do better."

Much of Mr Raymond's work has been with the Dar Choral Society, which he revived some few years back.

Earlier this year, the US Department of State recognised his work, awarding him the Promotional Social Change through the Arts award for his impressive work. He is currently in the United States of America to receive the award. [Story by The Citizen, Tanzania]

[video] Ona alivyotapeliwa kibandani karibu milioni 1/= kupitia MPesa, TigoPesa

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Juni 13, 2016

Kutoka Bungeni: Mbunge aulizia saluti za askari...

Mchango wa Dk Ndugulilie bungeni kuhusu kiinua mgongo cha Wabunge, Magari ya serikali, PPP

Call for applications: TCRA ICT Scholarship 2016-2017

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is currently inviting highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students to apply for its 2016/17 ICT scholarship. The scholarship offers Tanzania students the opportunity to obtain degrees in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and related areas. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and interview to be conducted by the Scholarship Panel.

The Scholarship covers all university direct cost (tuition fees etc) and all student direct cost (meal, accommodation, book and stationary allowance, field practical training, special faculty requirement etc) for duration of the course, provided that they obtain good academic performance. The scholarship amount has been set based on average cost of fees and other costs for the students in public universities. Student may enquire scholarship amount for specific items from the Authority.

So, this is how to get rid of insulting rodent(s)?

Chuo Kikuu cha Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, Butiama, Mara

KUANZA kwa Chuo Kikuu cha Kilimo na Sayansi cha Mwalimu Julius K.Nyerere kilichopo wilayani Butiama mkoa wa Mara kitaupandisha na kuuinua mkoa katika masuala mbalimbali pamoja na kuwasaidia wakulima katika kuinua kilimo.

Kauli hiyo imetolewa na mkuu wa mkoa wa Mara, Magesa Mulongo alipotembelea sehemu ya majengo ya iliyokuwa shule ya Osward Mang'ombe High School ambayo yatatumika kama "campas"ya chuo hicho kinachotarajiwa kuanza kupokea wanafunzi oktoba mwaka.

Amesema chuo hicho ambacho kitatoa shahada na stashahada za fani mbalimbali licha ya masuala ya kilimo itakuwa chachu kubwa ya maendeleo ya mkoa wa Mara na wananchi watakaokuwa wanazunguka mazingira ya chuo na kuwataka wananchi kujiandaa kukipokea.

Mulongo ambaye alikuwa ameongozana na viongozi wa ngazi ya wilaya,alisema cha kwanza ambacho kinapaswa kuangaliwa ni kuhakikisha migogoro ya aina yoyote baina ya chuo na wananchi haipatikani yakiwemo masuala ya ardhi ili uongozi wa chuo ufanye shughuli zake bila kubugudhiwa.

"Kwanza ni heshima kubwa kuwepo na kuletwa kwa chuo hiki mkoa wa Mara na hususani kwenye wilaya ya Butiama katika kumuenzi mzee wetu Mwalimu Julius Nyerere na ni muhimu kinapokwenda kuanza kusiwepo na vikwazo vya aina yoyote.

"Lakini chuo hiki kitaupandisha na kuuinua mkoa wa Mara maana mahala popote palipo na vyuo au chuo kikuu licha ya mkoa kunufika lakini pia wananchi wananufaika kutokana na fursa mbalimbali ambazo watazipata kutoka kwa wanachuo,"amesema Mulongo.

Amesema kutokana na taarifa ambazo amepewa na uongozi wa chuo hicho,wananchi wakulima wa kawaida pia watapata fursa ya kupata kozi fupi ambazo zitawasaidia kuboresha shughuli zao za kilimo na kuwaomba wananchi kujiandaa na hilo.

Akitoa taarifa ya chuo hicho baada ya kuteuliwa na Rais wa awamu ya nne,Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,kuanza mchakatato wa chuo hicho,Naibu Makamu Mkuu wa Chuo Taaruma,profesa Lesakit Mellau,amesema wameshafikia hatua kubwa ya kuanza kwa chuo hicho ikiwemo kuanza kuajili wahadhiri.

Amesema bado kuna masuala ya fedha kutoka serikalini yasubiliwa kutokananza kupokea na bajeti na mambo yakienda vizuri kufikia oktoba wataanza kupokea wanafunzi.

Baadhi ya wananchi wa wilaya ya Butiama waliozungumza na Mtanzania kuhusiana na chuo hicho walisema wapo tayari kutoa ushirikiano kutokana na manufaa ambayo watayapata kutokana na kuwepo kwa chuo hicho katika maeneo yao.

Mulongo alipokuwa akiingia maeneo ya chuo hicho

Sehemu ya majengo ya chuo

  • Imenukuliwa kutoka kwenye blogu ya Shommi B.

Bajeti.... Ulabu... Besti alinionea tu

M/Kiti CHADEMA (T), viongozi BAVICHA wakamatwa; ACT-Wazalendo yazungumzia kusakwa Zitto, mkutano kufutwa

Polisi imemshikilia kwa saa mbili Mwenyekiti wa CHADEMA, Freeman Mbowe mkoani Mwanza.

Jeshi hilo lilizuia mkutano wa hadhara wa CHADEMA uliokuwa ufanyike wiki iliyopita mjini Kahama ambako lilitumia mabomu ya machozi kuwatawanya wanachama na wafuasi wa chama hicho, katika kile kilichoelezwa kulikuwa na dalili za uvunjifu wa amani.

Jeshi hilo pia lilizuia msafara wa viongozi wa chama hicho kuingia katika ofisi zake za Shinyanga walipokuwa wakielekea Mwanza.

Taarifa iliyotolewa jana na msemaji wa chama hicho, Tumaini Makene ilieleza kuwa mbali na Mbowe, jeshi hilo pia lilikuwa linawashikilia Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Vijana wa CHADEMA (BAVICHAa), Patrobas Katambi na Katibu Mkuu wa BAVICHA, Julius Mwita.

Wengine ni Mbunge wa Tunduma, Frank Mwakajoka na viongozi wengine na wanachama wa chama hicho waliokuwa wanashikiliwa katika kituo cha Polisi Nyakato, jijini Mwanza.

Makene alisema tangu asubuhi ya jana, Mbowe na viongozi wenzake walikuwa wakizunguka katika maeneo kadhaa ya jijini Mwanza kuwasalimia wananchi katika ‘vijiwe’ mbalimbali kabla hawajakamatwa.

Alisema, “Hadi sasa (saa 11 jioni) hakuna maelezo ya kushikiliwa kwao.”

Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza, Ahmed Msangi alithibitisha kukamatwa kwa viongozi hao na kubainisha kuwa waliachiwa bila kufunguliwa kesi yoyote.

“Walikutwa Igoma Sokoni wakizungumza na wananchi. Mikutano ya namna hii imezuiwa. Wamefungua kesi mahakamani, hivyo hakuna haja ya kufanya tofauti mpaka itakapohukumiwa,” alisema Msangi.

Alifafanua kuwa jeshi hilo halina uhasama wowote na CHADEMA au chama kingine chochote na“hatuwezi kukiingilia kinapofanya mikutano yake ya ndani au hotelini. Kilichozuiwa ni mikutano ya hadhara.”

Wakati Msangi akisema hayo, kongamano la ACT Wazalendo ambalo lilitakiwa lifanyike jana kuanzia saa 7:00 mchana kwenye Ukumbi wa Jengo la LAPF; Millennium Towers, Kijitonyama lilizuiwa na polisi.

Tangu mapema asubuhi, askari polisi walitanda katika eneo la ukumbi huo kuzuia kongomano hilo.

Ukumbini hapo, waandaaji walisema hakuna anayeruhusiwa kuingia kwani wamepewa maelezo ya kuufunga baada ya tukio lililoandaliwa kuahirishwa.

Zaidi ya viti 210 vilikuwa vimepangwa kwa ajili ya kongamano hilo na mmoja wa viongozi wa ukumbi huo alionekana akiondoa mabango yaliyokuwa yanautambulisha mkutano huo wa ACT.

Viongozi watatu wa ukumbi huo walikataa kueleza kinagaubaga juu ya sakata hilo, lakini taarifa za jumla zilisema mkutano umezuiwa.

Mmoja wa watumishi wa ukumbi huo, alisema: “Tuliandaa kila kitu, ila shughuli imeahirishwa. Ukumbi unatakiwa kufungwa. Hautatumika kwa leo.”

Ilipofika saa 5:00 asubuhi, Msemaji wa ACT-Wazalendo, Abdallah Khamis alisema chama kinafanya mkutano wa dharura kwenye ofisi zake za makao makuu na baadaye kingezungumza na waandishi wa habari.

Saa 8:00 mchana, Mwenyekiti wa ACT Wazalendo, Anna Mghwira akiwa na viongozi wenzake, isipokuwa Kiongozi wa Chama, Zitto Kabwe alikuwa mbele ya kamera za wanahabari akifafanua kilichotokea kwa wanachama, wafuasi wa chama hicho na Watanzania kwa ujumla.

Alisema ilipotimu saa 4:00 asubuhi walipewa taarifa na mwenye ukumbi kuwa Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Kinondoni limemjulisha kuwa chama hicho hakina kibali cha kuendesha kongamano hilo na kwamba kisiruhusiwe kufanya hivyo.

“Huku ni kufifisha demokrasia. Wapigania haki za kiraia wasimame imara na vyama vya upinzani katika kuilinda,” alisema Mghwira.

Wakati kongamano hilo likizuiwa, kuna taarifa za kukanganya juu ya alipo Zitto baada ya kudaiwa alikuwa anasakwa na polisi tangu juzi.

Taarifa hizo zinakuja siku chache baada ya kiongozi huyo kuitwa Kituo Kikuu cha Polisi jijini Dar es Salaam na kuhojiwa juu ya kauli alizozitoa kwenye mkutano wa hadhara zinazokosoa utendaji wa Serikali na kupinga matokeo ya uchaguzi wa Zanzibar.

Baadaye jioni, Kaimu Katibu Mkuu wa chama hicho, Msafiri Mtemelwa alitoa taarifa kuwa Zitto ametoweka na hajulikani alipo. Hiyo ilikuwa ni baada ya askari kanzu kumtafuta kwa muda kwa saa kadhaa.

“Zitto amekuwa akitafutwa kwa muda mrefu. Askari wanalinda nyumbani kwake tangu jana (juzi) usiku. Hivi sasa ametoweka, hatujui alipo. Lolote litakalompata, Jeshi la Polisi litajibu,” alisema Mtemelwa.

Awali, Mghwira alipoulizwa imekuwaje kuhusu Zitto alijibu kuwa mkutano ulikuwa wa dharura ndiyo maana viongozi wote hawakuwapo.

WAKATI Mwenyekiti wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema), Freeman Mbowe, akikamatwa na kuhojiwa na polisi, Kiongozi Mkuu wa chama cha ACT-Wazalendo, Zitto Kabwe amejikuta akikwama kujadili bajeti katika kongamano lililoandaliwa na chama hicho jijini Dar es Salaam, baada ya ukumbi kuzingirwa na polisi.

Viongozi hao wakuu wa vyama vya upinzani, walijikuta katika hali hiyo mahali na kwa nyakati tofauti jana.

Mbowe alikamatwa na polisi jijini Mwanza, akiwa na baadhi ya viongozi wa Kanda ya Ziwa na wanachama wakati akizungumza katika ‘vijiwe’ vya chama hicho huku Zitto, akipigwa `stop' kujadili bajeti kwenye kongamano lililoandaliwa na chama chake jijini Dar es Salaam.

Mbowe akizungumza na Nipashe jana, alisema kukamatwa kwake kunaonyesha polisi wanavyoleta utawala wa kutisha wananchi ili wawe na hofu.

“Polisi wasilete utawala wa kutisha wananchi. Viongozi ni wajibu wao kuzungumza na wananchi ili kufahamu matatizo yao pamoja na kuimarisha chama,” alisema Mbowe.

Alisema baada ya kutembelea ‘vijiwe’ vya chama hicho vilivyoko Nyegezi, Mkuyuni Sokoni, Butimba, Sahara na Igoma ili kuzungumza na viongozi wa matawi katika mkutano wa ndani, alishangazwa kuona polisi wanamganda kama luba.

Mbowe alisema baada ya kukamatwa maeneo ya Igoma, alifikishwa katika Kituo kidogo cha Polisi Igoma na kuchukuliwa maelezo akiwa na viongozi wengine wa chama hicho, kisha kuachiwa huku akitakiwa kutoa taarifa mahali popote anapotaka kwenda.

“Hata nikitaka kwenda kununua machungwa, wanataka niwape taarifa. Huu utawala gani wa kuwatisha wananchi…mimi ni kiongozi ambaye ni haki yangu kuzungumza na wanachama wangu kwenye matawi yao,” alisema Mbowe kwa uchungu.

Naye Ofisa Opereseheni wa chama hicho Kanda ya Ziwa, Njugu Tungaraza, alisema jana saa 10:00 jioni wakiwa ‘kijiwe’ cha Igoma, walikamatwa na polisi baada ya kufuatiliwa kuanzia Butimba Kambarage kisha Sahara.

Tungaraza alisema baada ya kukamatwa, walihojiwa na polisi wakiongozwa na Ofisa Upelelezi wa makosa ya Jinai (RCO) wa mkoa huo.

Viongozi wengine waliokamatwa ni Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Vijana la Chadema (Bavicha), Patrobass Katambi, Mbunge wa Tunduma, Frank Mwakajoka, Peter Makele (Mwenyekiti Kanda ya Ziwa), mwanasheria wa chama hicho, John Mallya na viongozi wengine na walinzi wa chama hicho, Red Brigade

Hata hivyo, Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Mwanza, Ahmed Msangi, alipopigiwa simu mara mbili na Nipashe, iliita bila kupokewa. Hata alipoandikiwa ujumbe mfupi wa maandishi juu ya kuwapo kwa tukio hilo, hakujibu chochote.

Kwa upande wa Zitto, Jeshi la Polisi Kanda Maalum ya Dar es Salaam lilimzuia kujadili hotuba ya Bajeti ya Serikali kwa mwaka 2016/17 kama ilivyowasilishwa bungeni mjini Dodoma Jumatano iliyopita na Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango, Dk. Philip Mpango.

ACT-Wazalendo, iliandaa kongamano kwa lengo la kuichambua bajeti hiyo baada ya Zitto pamoja ambaye pia ni Mbunge wa Kigoma Mjini, kuondolewa bungeni.

Wiki iliyopita, Zitto alihojiwa na Jeshi la Polisi kwa zaidi ya saa tatu kwa kile kilichodaiwa hotuba aliyoitoa katika viwanja vya Mbagala Zakhem wilayani Temeke Juni 5, mwaka huu.

Jana, chama hicho kilitarajia kufanya kongamano lake katika moja ya ukumbi wa jijini Dar es Salaam, lakini hakikufanya hivyo baada ya polisi kutanda nje ya ukumbi huo tangu asubuhi kwa kile kilichotafsiriwa ni kuzuia kufanyika kwa kongamano hilo.

Nipashe lilifika katika ukumbi huo na kuwaona askari wawili wakiwa nje wakifanya doria, huku vijana wawili waliovalia nguo za kiraia, wakiwaambia waalikwa waliokuwa wanakwenda katika kongamano hilo kuwa halipo.

“Mnakwenda wapi? Kama mnakwenda kwenye kongamano, halipo,” alieleza mmoja wa vijana aliyekuwa akienda kwa ajili ya kongamano hilo.

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari, Mwenyekiti wa ACT-Wazalendo, Anna Mghwira, alisema walipewa taarifa na mwenye ukumbi waliopanga kufanyia kongamano hilo kwamba Polisi walikuwa wametanda katika eneo hilo tangu saa 12:00 asubuhi.

Mghwira alisema ilipofika saa 4:00 asubuhi, mmiliki wa ukumbi huo, aliwataarifu rasmi kuwa walipewa taarifa na Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Kinondoni kuwa ACT hawana kibali cha kufanya kongamano hilo.

“Tulipewa taarifa na mwenye ukumbi kuwa Jeshi la Polisi limezuia kufanyika kwa kongamano hilo, na Polisi walimwambia mmliki wa ukumbi huo kuwa endapo ataturuhusu tufanye kongamano hilo, watawafungia kufanya biashara,” alisema Mghwira.

Hata hivyo, Mghwira alisema kitendo hicho wanakitafsiri ni mwendelezo wa hatua za uhakika kwa Jeshi la Polisi kufifisha demokrasia nchini.

Mghwira alitoa wito kwa wananchi na wapigania haki za kiraia, kusimama imara sambamba na vyama vya upinzani katika kulinda demokrasia.

“Juhudi za kupambana na ufisadi nchini haziwezi kufanikiwa bila kulinda msingi ya demokrasia. Demokrasia ndiyo msingi imara wa mapambano dhidi ya ufisadi,” alisema Mghwira.

Naye Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Bunge na Serikali ya mtaa wa ACT-Wazalendo, Yeremia Maganja, alisema waliwasiliana na Kamanda wa Polisi Kanda Maalum ya Dar es Salaam, Simon Sirro, ambaye aliwajibu kuwa hakuwa na taarifa ya kongamano hilo.

Alisema waliwasiliana na Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Kinondoni, Christopher Fuime, ambaye aliwajibu kuwa hawezi kulizungumzia suala hilo na wamtafute Kamanda Sirro.


Katika nakala ambazo ACT waliwapatia waandishi zikimnukuu Kiongozi wa ACT, Zitto alisema bajeti ya mwaka 2016/17 haitatatua kero ya ajira nchini na badala yake itasababisha Watanzania wengi zaidi kukosa ajira kwa waajiri kupunguza wafanyakazi ili kubana matumizi.

Alisema hali itakuwa mbaya zaidi kwa wenye mahoteli na miji kama Arusha itaumia zaidi kwa kuwa inategemea mno biashara ya utalii.

Kuhusu Viwanda, Zitto alisema ni jambo la kupongeza kwa sababu bajeti imelenga kuondoa changamoto ya miundombinu.

Hata hivyo, alisema inawezekana uwekezaji kwenye viwanda ukakumbwa na changamoto ya soko kutoka na serikali kubana matumizi na hivyo wananchi hawatakuwa na fedha za kutumia kununua bidhaaa na huduma.

Zitto alisema serikali imepandisha kodi kwenye bidhaa kutoka nje na ushuru, hali aliyoielezea kuwa itasababisha bei ya bidhaa na huduma kupanda na kusababisha mfumuko wa bei.
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Job opportunity at CARE for a Deputy Country Director - Program (DCD-P)

Organization: CARE USA
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Closing date: 27 Jun 2016
The Deputy Country Director - Program (DCD-P) is responsible for ensuring that CARE's programs in Tanzania contribute to CARE's vision of "a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been eliminated and people live with dignity and security". CARE Tanzania has a new Wezesha strategy and is an exciting place to work for a motivated person who can demonstrate results in decreasing poverty and social injustices through quality program implementation and development.
The DCD-P is expected to provide strategic leadership in the areas of program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and ensure that CARE's programs/projects make a significant contribution to reducing poverty and social injustice.
He/she must possess exceptional political acumen, diplomacy and negotiating skills to succeed in Tanzania's complex operating and political environment.
The DCD-P is responsible for overseeing the implementation and refinement of program strategies in climate change and women's empowerment work based on the Wezesha strategy.
The DCD-P is also responsible for overseeing the development, testing and implementation of new and innovative program approaches. S/he works closely with, and is supported by the program units at regional and CARE International partners.
The DCD-P will develop and strengthen relationship between CARE Tanzania and local civil society, government and donors.
S/he manages a team of professionals focused on the design, funding, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects (including emergency programs) that effectively address the underlying causes of poverty in line with CARE's Programming Principles. S/he must also ensure that systems and people are in place to ensure the proper management of those projects and programs.
This position supervises senior program staff and thus there is a strong importance attached to performance management and critical oversight of key support functions. creating and fostering a culture and environment for growth and mentoring.
The DCD-P is a key member of the Country Office Directorate and Executive Team and, as such, is responsible for co-leading and supporting CO initiatives.
Together with the Country Director, s/he is responsible for developing and maintaining good working relationships with relevant government institutions at central and decentralized levels, with donors and other partners. The DCD-P will assist the CD in maintaining and leveraging on the acquired leading position among the NGO community to promote CARE Mandate, Mission and Values.
The program portfolio includes development projects and initiatives within the Wezesha strategy focused on climate change and women's empowerment. The pipeline is an expected $20 million with extra attention required for fundraising.
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Staff management
  • Program quality and program development
  • Program management
  • Monitoring and evaluation for impact measurement and knowledge management, reflective practice and learning
  • External relations and partnerships
  • Perform other duties as assigned
    Primary Skills:
  • 5 years in senior management position in a country office setting
  • Strong interpersonal and representational skills and very good negotiation skills
  • Experience in program support systems
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills in a very complex political setting; extensive conceptual skills including strategic analysis and understanding of development and relief program design and evaluation, and active engagement in operationalizing a right based approach
  • Ability and interest to coach and develop staff
  • Experience in managing institutional partnerships with national and international NGOs and donors. Experience with design and implementation of partnership and/or organizational development strategies and organizational strengthening with partner organizations
  • Experience in climate change, women's empowerment programming
  • Excellent program development experience and demonstrated experience with a range of international donors
  • Excellent English writing and communication skills
    CARE USA is an equal opportunity employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status. If you’d like more information about your EEO rights as an applicant under the law, please click here.
    The closing date for this posting, if listed, is approximate. Job postings may be removed from CARE's career website at any time.

How to apply:

Jibu la swali kuhusu "...utaratibu kwa kujiunga na Jeshi la Polisi ...nimehitimu JKT"

Juzi mdau O.H.M. (majina kamili yamehifadhiwa) alituma ujumbe ufuatao:
Mim ni mwanafunzi ambae nilikuwa nikisomea diploma maalum ya elimu ya sekondary sayansi, hisabati na tehama ila kulingana na sababu mbalimbali imetokea kufunga kwa chuo hicho kikuu cha Dodoma hivyo nilitaka kufahamu utaratibu kwa kujiunga na jeshi la polisi kwani nimehitimu jkt *** *** katika operasion ya miaka 50 ya jkt na kupata namba **:**** cheo SM jina kamili O.H.M.
O.H.M (email imehifadhiwa)
Nimeulizia kunakohusika na kupata maelezo yafuatayo:
Maelezo ni kwamba asubiri hadi hapo Jeshi litakapotangaza Ajira za jeshi la Polisi ambapo sifa zitaainishwa ikiwa ni pamoja na wale waliopitia JKT.

[video] Zitto Kabwe azungumza mengi leo...

[video] Kauli ya Prof. Lipumba kuhusu barua ya kutengua kujiuzulu uongozi CUF

Lipumba akizungumza leo
Aliyekuwa mwenyekiti wa Chama cha Wananchi (CUF), Profesa Ibrahim Lipumba amesitisha mpango wake wa kung’atuka kwenye wadhfa huo baada ya kushawishiwa na viongozi wa dini, chama hicho na wanachama.

Profesa Lipumba aliyetangaza kuachana na uongozi wa chama hicho, Agosti 8 mwaka jana baada ya CUF kukubaliana na Ukawa kumsimamisha Edward Lowassa kuwania urais, ameomba kwa barua kurejea kwenye wadhifa wake, ambao umekuwa unashikiliwa kwa muda na mwanasheria, Twaha Tasilima.

Katika barua hiyo aliyomwandikia Katibu Mkuu wa CUF, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, Lipumba amesema, “Nimekuja kuongeza nguvu baada ya hitilafu za uchaguzi mkuu wa Zanzibar, harakati za kuipata demokrasia zinahitaji umoja wa wote wenye nia moja.”