Tanzanians seeking studies abroad increase

The number of Tanzanian students seeking to study abroad has steadily increased with the Global Education Link alone registering nearly 6,000 new applicants for the 2016/17 academic year.

Global Education Link Ltd Managing Director, Mr Abdulmalik Mollel, told Chief Justice Mohammed Chade Othman that the large number of applications is in the area of engineering science and medicine.

"Most students are looking for universities to pursue their degree courses in science and it is unfortunate that our higher learning institutions cannot accommodate the demand," he said.

He said for the last five days since Global Education Link Limited opened office at the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Trade Fair Grounds in Dar es Salaam about 400 students had registered to advance their studies abroad.

"We cannot guarantee that all will be successful, some are just searching for details and want to make comparisons while others are indeed looking for universities," he said. He observed that university assurances and the cost of science courses was a major factor pushing for more students search for international universities.

He said that while tuition fees of medical studies in India universities costs about 2,000 US dollars, the cost for the same course in a local university is about 7m/-.

"Yet, due to politics some students are not sure whether they can finish their studies or not," he said adding, "Lack of capital among various universities in the country had limited greater investment such as labs and workshops for science students."

According to Mr Mollel, from January to June this year the organization had registered more than 5,000 applications and more than 250 applicants have been confirmed to join high learning studies abroad.

"We expect by the year end more than 800 students will be confirmed to study in Canada, US, Russia, Ukraine and India," he said. Mr Deepak Kaushik, Senior Market Executive at Sharda University in New Delhi, India, said a number of Tanzanian students admitted to the university are studying management engineering, law and health.

He said the institution offers scholarships for best performing students after the first year at the varsity. "There are more than 250 Tanzanians studying at Sharda university and we hope more will be admitted this year," he said. [The Daily News]

Israel, Tanzania to resume full ties as Netanyahu visits Africa

NOTE: The following article which was cross-posted "as is" from i24news.tv incorrectly states that, "Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe"; wavuti.com would like to correct the writer and editor that Bernard Membe was the Minister for the said ministry from 2007 to 2015, currently Dr Augustine Mahiga is the Minister for Foreign Affairs, East Africa, Regional and International Cooperation of the United Republic of Tanzania and the current Chairperson of the EAC Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara at Ben-Gurion International Airport before heading to Uganda (redits/photos : AVI OHAYON / GPO)
Commando raid was 'watershed moment' when Israel learned to stand up for itself, says PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Uganda on Monday for a rare tour of sub-Saharan Africa, seeking new trade partners and marking the 40th anniversary of a hostage rescue in which his brother died.

Netanyahu met with Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe, and the two countries are expected to announce the resumption of full diplomatic ties. Tanzania cut off ties with Israel after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, along with several other African nations.

Speaking in Entebbe, close to the site of the 1976 airport raid in which over 100 hostages were released, Netanyahu said the visit was "deeply moving" and symbolized the changing relationship between Israel and Africa.

"Exactly 40 years ago Israeli soldiers carried out the historic mission in Entebbe," Netanyahu said.

"Forty years ago they landed in the dead of night in a country led by a brutal dictator who gave refuge to terrorists, today we landed in broad daylight to be welcomed by a president who fights terrorism."

He said his visit signaled "dramatic changes in the relationship between Africa and Israel: Africa is a continent on the rise. After many decades I can say Israel is coming back to Africa and Africa is coming back to Israel."

In a statement just before his departure for the four-day tour, Netanyahu called the first visit by an Israeli premier to the region in decades "historic".

The trip comes as Israel launches a $13-million aid package to strengthen economic ties and cooperation with African countries, said Netanyahu's office.

Israel would also provide African states with training in "domestic security" and health, it said.

Beyond diplomacy and trade, the trip also has deep personal meaning for Netanyahu.

His brother Yonatan was killed in July 1976 as he led a commando raid in Entebbe, Uganda, to free passengers aboard an Air France plane hijacked by two Palestinians and two Germans.

"I learned from my brother that you need two things to defeat the terrorists: clarity and courage," Netanyahu said.

Speaking during a commemoration event close to the old terminal building, Netanyahu said the fight against terrorism continued.

"When terrorism succeeds in one place it spreads to other places, and when terrorism is defeated anywhere it is weakened everywhere. This is why Entebbe... was a victory for all humanity," he said.

Netanyahu said the Entebbe raid was "a watershed moment" for Israel when the country learned to stand up for itself.

"It was the most daring rescue mission of all time. We were powerless no more, we would do whatever it takes," he said.

Netanyahu was given a gun salute on arrival and then proceeded to the 40th anniversary commemoration ceremony at the old airport terminal.

He is scheduled take part in an anti-terrorism summit alongside leaders from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Sudan and Zambia, before heading to Nairobi later on Monday.

Israel's dealings with Africa currently constitutes only two percent of its foreign trade, leaving plenty of room for growth.

Demand is rising for its defence expertise and products.

But it also sees African countries as potential allies, particularly at the United Nations and other international bodies, where it is regularly condemned over its occupation of the West Bank and blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Some African countries are keen to obtain Israeli agricultural and water technology, which the country has been promoting, say officials. Netanyahu's trip follows years of efforts to improve ties.

After Uganda, Netanyahu will travel on to Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda, but he is also meeting other African leaders at a summit in Uganda.

"Coming on a journey like this is also very important from diplomatic, economic and security perspectives and I am pleased that Israel is going back to Africa in a big way," Netanyahu said in a statement, adding: "We are opening Africa to Israel again."

The Arab-Israeli conflict drove a wedge between African countries and the Jewish state in the 1960s.

Following wars between Israel and its neighbors in 1967 and 1973, north African nations led by Egypt put pressure on sub-Saharan African states to cut ties with Israel, which many did.

Relations were not helped by Israel's friendship with the apartheid regime in South Africa before it fell in 1994.

In an interview with Uganda's Daily Monitor newspaper ahead of his visit, Netanyahu said his visit was an attempt to thaw relations.

"I'm very open about it, that's true," Netanyahu said, according to the paper.

Staff with agencies

i24news diplomatic correspondent and television reporter Ellie Hochenberg contributed to this report

Taarifa mabadiliko ya usimamizi wa rasilimali za wanyamapori nje ya hifadhi za Taifa

Taarifa ya Wizara kuhusu malipo ya VAT katika shughuli za utalii

Open job opportunities at the EAC

Click for more information on the following open job opportunities at the East African Community:

Registrar (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Deputy Registrar, Mergers and Acquisitions (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Deputy Registrar, Monopolies and Cartels (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Principal Accountant (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Principal Civil Aviation Officer (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Principal Environment & Natural Resources Officer (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Principal Health Officer (Clinical Research) (Re-Advertised)
Bujumbura, Burundi
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Principal Health Officer (Operational and Applied Research) (Re-Advertised)
Bujumbura, Burundi
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Principal Legal Officer (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Personal Assistant to the Speaker (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Senior Legal Officer (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Senior Research Officer (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Accountant (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Assistant Serjeant-At-Arms (Re-Advertised)
Arusha, Tanzania
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Accountants Assistant
Kigali, Rwanda
Friday, 8 July 2016 - 5:00pm

Ujangili wazidi kutikisha Moshi: Walinzi 2 Ahsante Tours wauawa, Milioni 65/= zaibwa

Watu wasiojulikana wamevamia ofisi za Kampuni ya Ahsante Tours ya mjini Moshi na kuua walinzi wawili na kuiba Sh 65.5 milioni.

Tukio hilo limekuja siku chache baada ya watu wasiojulikana kuvunja duka la kubadilisha fedha la Chase Forex Bureau De Change la mjini Moshi na kuiba zaidi ya Sh120 milioni.

Tukio la mauaji ya walinzi wawili ofisi za Ahsante Tours, lilitokea usiku wa kuamkia jana, baada ya watu hao kuwazidi nguvu walinzi na kuwafunga kamba kisha kuwapiga kwa kitu butu kichwani.

Kampuni hiyo inamilikiwa na mfanyabiashara Cathbert Swai na mkewe Stella Shangali, ambao pia wanamiliki hoteli ya kitalii ya Weruweru River Lodge iliyopo Mailisita, nje kidogo ya mji wa Moshi.

Taarifa kutoka kwa baadhi ya wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo ambayo ni moja kati ya kampuni zinazoongoza kwa kupokea watalii wengi, zinadai huenda tukio hilo ni mpango wa ndani.

“Kuna maswali mengi tunajiuliza. Walijuaje kuna kiasi hicho kikubwa cha fedha kama taarifa hazikutoka miongoni mwetu?” alihoji mmoja wa wafanyakazi aliyeomba jina lake lisitajwe.

Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Kilimanjaro, Wilbroad Mutafungwa, alisema kati ya fedha zilizoibwa, kulikuwa na Dola za Marekani (Sh50 milioni) na Sh15 milioni za Tanzania.

Walinzi waliouawa wametajwa kuwa ni Omar Mohamed (48), mkazi wa Matindigani Pasua na Dominick Cheddy (41), mkazi wa Mailisita na wote ni wenyeji wa mkoa wa Tanga.

Kamanda Mutafungwa alisema tukio hilo liligunduliwa saa 1.00 asubuhi na wasamaria wema waliotoa taarifa polisi, na uchunguzi wa awali umebaini watu hao walikata uzio wa ofisi hizo.

“Baada ya kuingia ndani ya jengo hilo la ofisi walivunja ofisi ya meneja mkuu na baadaye ofisi ya mhasibu ndio wakaiba Dola 23,300 na pesa za Tanzania Sh15 milioni,”alisema Kamanda Mutafungwa.

“Tunashuku kuwa huenda hao majambazi waliamua kuwaua hao walinzi baada ya hao walinzi kuwatambua. Bahati mbaya hawakuwa na silaha yoyote hata panga hawakuwa nalo,”alisisitiza.

Kamanda Mutafungwa alisema Polisi inamshikilia mtu mmoja ambaye inaonekana alikuwepo wakati mauaji na uporaji huo ukifanyika lakini, majambazi hao hawakumdhuru sehemu yoyote.

Hata hivyo, Kamanda Mutafungwa, aliwataka wafanyabiashara kupeleka pesa benki badala ya kuzihifadhi ndani au ofisini na kuwataka pia kuimarisha ulinzi ikiwamo kuweka CCCTV Camera.

Alitoa wito kwa wananchi wenye taarifa za waliohusika na tukio hilo, kulisaidia Jeshi la Polisi kama ilivyotokea wiki moja iliyopita ambapo taarifa zao zilisaidia kuwatia mbaroni wahalifu mbalimbali 30.

Taarifa ya agizo la Wizara: Marufuku kuvuta sigara, tumbaku kwenye maeneo ya umma




Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto inampongeza Mheshimiwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda kwa kupiga marufuku matumizi ya Shisha na uvutaji wa Sigara hadharani kama afua ya kupunguza madhara ya tumbaku na madawa ya kulevya katika jamii.

Uchunguzi wa kitalaam uliofanyika umebaini kuwa Shisha ina madhara kwa afya ya watumiaji hasa vijana na watoto. Watumiaji wa Shisha wanatumia kiwango kikubwa cha tumbaku kwa muda mfupi, hali inayoongeza madhara yatokanayo na tumbaku kama vile: - Saratani, Magonjwa ya Mapafu, Kibofu cha mkojo, Tezi dume, Koo, Mdomo na Kiywa, Ngozi, Ini, Ubongo.

Pia imebainika kwamba matumizi ya Shisha huambatana na kuongezewa dawa nyingine za kulevya na hivyo hufanya watumiaji wa Shisha kupata uraibu wa dawa za kulevya. Matumizi ya dawa hizo za kulevya ni kosa la jinai.


Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto inapenda kurejea na kusisitiza agizo lake la tarehe 12 Machi 2015 la kuzuia matumizi ya sigara na matumizi ya bidhaa za tumbaku katika maeneo ya umma.

Inakumbushwa kwamba agizo hili limezingatia utekelezaji wa Sheria ya Usimamizi wa Bidhaa za Tumbaku, Sura ya 121 T.L 2002, ya Sheria za Tanzania kipengele cha 12 (1) ambacho kinakataza matumizi ya Tumbaku katika Maeneo ya Umma.


Madhumu ya Agizo hili ni kuilinda Jamii kwa ujumla kutokana na madhara yatokanayo na moshi wa sigara. Wizara inawakumbusha wananchi wanaotumia bidhaa za tumbaku kupunguza au kuacha kabisa matumizi ya tumbaku. Aidha, agizo hili linaijumuisha jamii yote katika kubaini madhara ya tumbaku na umuhimu wa kuzuia matumizi ya tumbaku katika maeneo ya kazi na maeneo yote ya umma.


Agizo hili linawahusu wananchi wote nchini wanaopata huduma katika maeneo ya umma kama ilivyotafsiriwa na sheria husika.


Matumizi ya tumbaku hayaruhusiwi katika maeneo yote ya umma. Maeneo haya yanajumuisha ofisi zote za Serikali na tasisi zake zote, watu binafsi, vyuo, vituo vya huduma za Afya zikiwemo Hospitali, vituo vya Afya na zahanati, vituo vya usafiri wa Anga, Mabasi, bandari na treni, sehemu za mikutano, mapumziko, bustani na fuko za maji,sherehe,michezo,masoko,maduka makubwa pamoja na sehemu za kuabudu.Na kwa mtu yeyote anayeendesha shughuli katika maeneo ya umma analazimika kutenga eneo maalum kwa ajili ya wavuta sigara.


Kwa kuwa Mhe. Waziri mwenye dhamana na masuala ya Afya nchini ameona hatari hii ya Uvutaji wa sigara na utumiaji wa bidhaa za tumbaku kwa afya ya Wananchi, kuanzia leo tarehe 4/7/2016 matumizi ya Shisha nchini yamepigwa marufuku kwa wote wanaojihusisha na matumizi hayo, na kwa wafanyabiashara wote wanaojihusisha na upatikanaji wa Shisha nchini.

Hivyo basi, kwa agizo hili katika maeneo yote nchini ambako matumizi ya Shisha hufanyika ni marufuku matumizi hayo kuendelea kutumika.

Aidha vyombo vya Dola na mamlaka husika vinahimizwa kusimamia kwa ukamilifu katazo hili.

Imetolewa na;
Kitengo cha Mawasiliano Serikalini
Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto – Afya

Simai M Said: My response to Hon. Jumanne Maghembe

source: NIPASHE 
The Minister responsible for Tourism in Tanzania, Proff Jumanne Maghembe has responded back with regard to the recent cry of the tourism stake holders in relation to introducing VAT on services by saying "TANZANIA IS NOT A KENYAN COLONY, FURTHER TANZANIA HAS ITS OWN DEVELOPMENT PLANS."


First of all, allow me to acknowledge and thank you Hon Maghembe for having taken the time to RESPOND this particular concern of tourism stakeholders both in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. In reality, with my humble apologies, you have completely disregard the matter and your response is in no relation with what the tourism stakeholders are pleading. Many of the investors who are engaged directly or indirectly in tourism are begging you to review and reverse your decisition based on a WIN WIN situation. The recent implementation of the VAT on tourism services to which your Ministry has a constitutional right, is detrimental on a short term and long term towards the tourism industry in the United Republic of Tanzania. As we all know, our good neighbours in Kenya, has somehow similar attractions as Tanzania that we both offer to an average international traveller so called 'tourist'. We both, meaning Tanzania and Kenya rely on the European summer to capture their summer holidays by inviting them to holiday in our respective countries. Hence, it is ultimate that we both ( Kenya and Tanzania) will find ourselves promoting and selling our hotels and attractions as a destination in their respective promotional travel shows. Where there is a Kenyan Tour Operator, you are most likely to see a Tanzanian offering the same. This is where a tourist visiting East Africa will make his/her decision towards the destination.

Now, with regard to the current global economy and international travel based on the current trend, the few issues that an average traveller will consider are as follow :-
a) Security
b) Value for money
c) Attractions and Excursions
d) How long will it take to get there ( Duration of flights and prices)
e) Weather, Food, Culture, Entertainments and so on

Now, the issue of the stakeholders that are having difficulties in meeting some of the above, in order to pursue and convince a client and operators in Europe and other places, is to pay extra taxes (VAT) on certain areas while holidaying in Tanzania. At the same time, our neighbours in Kenya have united between the private sector and the government to revive their destination by making it not only value for money but GOING AN EXTRA MILE TO GIVE BACK IN RETURN AS SUCH BY REMOVING CERTAIN FEES ON KIDS UNDER THE AGE OF 16.

The knock-on-effects to the economy in imposing such taxes bearing in mind, that Tanzania & Kenya are competive markets albeit having different economic policies will make other sectors to be vulnerable and shaky. We cannot ignore our competitors actions as though we are a silo with no economic ramifications, by neglecting such concessions offered by our neighboring countries or other destinations with similar distinctive characteristics.

Now, the question to ask ourselves, how do we expect to sell somehow a similar product to a traveller? As we all know, we have Serengeti to offer, Kenyans have Maasai Mara, we have Zanzibar as a beach and cultural destination, they have Mombasa and Lamu, we have Selous, they have Tsavo, we have Kilimanjaro located in our country, they have a stunning view of Kilimanjaro from the Amboseli due to the geographical location of the mountain, we have Lake Manyara, they have Lake Nakuru, we have Tarangire, they offer a comparable product which is Nairobi National Park. Bear in mind, most of all these attractions lie on the same rift valley and have identical climatic conditions and rich in wild life which is our selling chip. Now ask yourself, how does one compete here to attract visitors to come for holiday in Tanzania. For sure, the main and fundamental issue is finances and a client would definitely consider an affordable destination for safari. As a minister responsible for tourism, you are bound to encourage and support this particular requirement to enhance and making the industry value for money.

Finally, I am kindly requesting you, to consider the request of the tourism stakeholders, to meet them and to find and an amicable solution for the sake of the industry and our great country. Kindly take into consideration, the Tanzania Investment Act of 1997, Part 2, Section 6 whereby it reads as follow : For the purpose of Section 5,
the center shall
a) Initiate and support measures that will enhance the investment climate in the country for both local and foreign investors
g) Carry out and support local investment promotion activities which are necessary which are necessary to encourage and facilitate increased local investments, including entrepreneurial development programmes.

To this, as a big supporter of this particular sector and having engaged myself for so many years, I truly hope that you will be able to consider and honour the request of the investors. Besides, most of the contracts and costs are normally sent to operators in Europe and other places months in advance to allow tourists to make choices for the destinations they would like to visit. Therefore, the sudden introduction of such taxes will cause chaos and regard us as a nuisance and unfriendly destination. A lower arrivals in mainland for safari means less arrivals in Zanzibar as between 35% to 40% of tourists visiting mainland Tanzania end up in Zanzibar. This what we have built for years, bush and the beach. The choice is yours Sir.

Simai Mohammed Said ( BLW )
Member, House of Representatives
Tunguu Constituecy, Zanzibar.

Mradi wa USAID wa Kuimarisha Mifumo ya Sekta za Umma (PS3) wazinduliwa Kigoma

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Kigoma, Brigedia Jenerali (Rt), Emmanuel Maganga akizindua mradi wa Uimarishaji wa Mifumo ya Sekta za Umma (PS3) katika mkoa wake wa Kigoma leo.
UZINDUZI wa kimkoa wa Mradi wa Uimarishaji Mifumo ya Sekta za Umma, unaofadhiliwa na Shirika la Maendeleo ya Kimataifa la Marekani (USAID), umefanyika mjini Kigoma siku ya Jumatatu na Jumanne, Julai 4-5, 2016. Mradi huo ujulikanao kwa Kiingereza kama Public Sector Systems Strengthening (PS3) ni wa miaka mitano, na utafanya kazi na Serikali Kuu pamoja na Halmashauri 93 katika mikoa 13 ya Tanzania bara.

PS3 inalenga kuunda ushirikiano na Serikali ya Tanzania kwa ajili ya kuimarisha mifumo ya sekta za umma yakiwemo masuala ya utawala bora, rasilimali watu, fedha, utoaji wa taarifa, na tafiti tendaji. Ushirkiano huu wa PS3 katika ngazi ya Serikali kuu na Halmashauri, una nia ya kukuza utoaji, ubora, na matumizi ya huduma za umma, hususan kwa jamii ambazo hazijanufaika vya kutosha katika uzinduzi huo, mgeni rasmi alikuwa ni Mkuu wa Mkoa waKigoma, Mh. Brigedia Jenerali (Mstaafu) Emmanuel Maganga. Watu takribani 250 walihudhuria.

Washiriki wa uzinduzi huo walikuwa ni: Katibu Tawala wa Mkoa (RAS), Wakuu wa Wilaya za Lindi, Wenyeviti wa Halmashauri, Wakurugenzi wa Halmashauri, Wajumbe wa Sekretarieti ya Mkoa, na Wajumbe wa Timu ya Mejenimenti kutoka kwenye Halmashauri. Mkoa wa Kigoma una Halmashauri nane, ambazo ni: Halmashauri ya Manispaa ya Kigoma, Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Kigoma, Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Kasulu, Halmashauri ya Mji wa Kasulu, Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Kibondo, Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Kakonko, Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Uvinza, na Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Buhigwe.

PS3 ni mradi wa miaka mitano ambao umeandaliwa na USAID kwa kushirikiana na Serikali ya Tanzania, na unafadhiliwa na USAID. Unatekelezwa na mashirika saba yakiwepo ya kitaifa na kimataifa, ambayo ni: Abt Associates Inc., kama mtekelezaji mkuu, na watekelezaji wasaidizi ambao ni Taasisi ya Benjamin Mkapa (BMF), Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Chuo cha Mafunzi ya Serikali za Mitaa Hombolo (LGTI), Taasisi ya Ushauri Tanzania (TMA), Broad Branch Institute, Intra Health International, na Urban Institute. Mikoa 13 ya Tanzania Bara ambako mradi utatekelezwa ni: Iringa, Dodoma, Kagera, Kigoma, Lindi, Mara, Mbeya, Morogoro, Mtwara, Mwanza, Njombe, Rukwa, na Shinyanga.


PS3 itaimarisha mifumo katika ngazi ya Taifa, Mkoa na Halmashauri. Mradi utahakikisha mifumo iliyopo katika ngazi ya Halmashauri inaimarishwa kupitia kitita cha afua zilizoundwa kwa ajili ya kuongeza ufanisi wa utoaji huduma kwa wananchi wa Tanzania. Mafanikio yanayotarajiwa ni pamoja na:

Utawala Bora na Ushirikishwaji wa Raia: Uimarishaji wa utawala katika ngazi ya kitaifa na ya Mamlaka za Serikali za Mitaa, ili kuweza kutumia rasilimali kwa uwazi, kuwezesha ushiriki wa wananchi katika kupanga, kufuatilia, na kutoa matokeo katika kila sekta.

Rasilimali Watu: Kuongezeka kwa usawa katika mgawanyo wa rasilimali watu kwa ajili ya utoaji wa huduma bora kwenye maeneo yenye uhitaji zaidi. Kuimarisha mfumo wa ajira pamoja na kudumu kwa watumishi katika ajira serikalini.

Fedha: Ongezeko la pato la ndani kwa ajili ya huduma za umma, kuongeza ufanisi katika matumizi ya fedha za umma, na pia kuongeza uwiano kati ya kiasi cha fedha kilichotumika na mali iliyonunuliwa.

Mifumo ya Mawasiliano: Kuimarisha mifumo ya utoaji taarifa iliyopo nchini, pamoja na matumizi ya takwimu kwa wadau.

Utafiti Tendaji: Tafiti Tendaji muhimu zitakazosaidia mradi kujua changamoto na mikakati ya kuzishughulikia changamoto hizo. Tafiti hizi zitasaidia kugundua fursa zilizopo na kuzitumia kuweza kupata matokeo yanayotarajiwa. Pia tafiti hizo zitasaidia kuboresha maamuzi serikalini.

Mkuu wa Mkoa aliwataka watendaji wa Halamashauri hizo kufanya kazi kwa bidii kuhakikisha mradi unaleta manufaa kwa jamii na mkoa.

Katibu Tawala Mkoa wa Kigoma Charles Pallangyo, akizungumza wakati wa uzinduzi huo. Wengine kutoka kushoto ni Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kigoma Mjini Samsoni Anga, Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Kigoma, Brigedia Jenerali (Rt), Emmanuel Maganga, Kiongozi wa Mradi wa PS3, Dk Conrad Mbuya na Mwakilishi kutoka Ofisi ya Rais TAMISEMI.

Kiongozi wa mradi wa PS3, Dk Conrad Mbuya akizungumza na kueleza dhumuni la mradi huo. Kushoto ni Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Kigoma,Brigedia Jenerali (Rt), Emmanuel Maganga.

Mwakilishi kutoka TAMISEMI, Mrisho Mrisho akizungumza kuhusiana na mradi huo na namna ambavyo serikali imejipanga kuhakikisha utekelezaji wake unafanikiwa.

Wakuu wa Wilaya za Mkoa wa Kigoma wakifuatilia kwa makini uzinduzi huo. Kutoka kushoto ni Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Buhigwe, Kanali. Elisha Marco Gaguti, Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kakonko Kanali.Hosea Malonda Ndagala na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kibondo Luis Peter Bura.

Mkuu wa Wilaya Kasulu, Kanali. Martin Elia Mkisi akiwa na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Uvinza Mwanamvua Hoza Mlindoko, wakifuatilia mada katika uzinduzi huo.

Msimamizi wa Mradi wa Uimarishaji wa Mifumo ya Sekta ya Umma (PS3) Dk Conrad Mbuya akiwasilisha mada baada ya kufanyika kwa uzinduzi.

Dk Gemin Mtei akiwasilisha mada kuhusiana na mikakati ya kufanikisha mradi huo.

Aloyce Maziku kutoka PS3 akiwasilisha mada kuhusiana na Tafiti Tendaji.

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Uvinza, Mwanamvua Mlindoko akifuatilia mada hizo kwa makini.

Washiriki wakifuatilia mada kwa umakini.

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Buhigwe, Kanali. Elisha Marco Gaguti akisikiliza kwa makini.

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kakonko Kanali.Hosea Malonda Ndagala akiwa makini kusikiliza mada zinazowasilishwa.

Wakuu wa Wilaya na washiriki wengine wakifuatilia mada.

Benchi la Ufundi la mradi wa PS3 wakiwa kazini.

Washiriki wakiuliza maswali

Matiko Machonchoryo akijibu moja ya maswali yaliyoulizwa.

Mshauri wa Habari na Mawasiliano katika Mradi wa PS3, Leah Mwainyekule akielezea jambo.

Washiriki wakiwa mkutanoni.

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Kigoma (wapili kulia) akiagana na Msimamizi wa mradi wa PS3, Dk Conrad Mbuya baada ya uzinduzi. Kulia ni Katibu Tawala wa Mkoa wa Kigoma, Charles Pallangyo na kushoto ni Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kigoma mjini,Samsoni Anga.

Picha za pamoja na makundi mbalimbali.

Picha ya pamoja kati ya viongozi na waratibu wa mradi wa PS3.

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