Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za magazeti ya Tanzania leo Julai 19, 2016

Seized ivory may have came from as many as 140 poached elephants

  • In this week’s crime blotter: a huge ivory bust, an elk poached by wildlife authorities, and three tortoises in a plastic bag.
By Sophie Tremblay
Willy Lowry

Tanzanian authorities announced on Monday that they had seized 1.4 tons of elephant tusks and arrested a group of major international ivory dealers in Dar es Salaam, the country’s largest city.

The ivory was discovered in late June at a house in Kimara, a mostly upper class suburb, by officials with a specialized wildlife crime task force that is part of Tanzania’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit (NTSCIU).

According to Elisifa Ngowi, the head of the NTSCIU task force, the tusks had been cut into 660 pieces, and suspects in custody allegedly revealed that the ivory was being readied for export to Vietnam and China.

Ngowi estimates that the pieces added up to 280 tusks from 140 elephants. Experts with the unit estimated the seized ivory to be worth 4.6 billion Tanzanian shillings (two million dollars). Tanzania’s Director of Criminal Investigations, Diwani Athumani, says it was one of the biggest seizures in the country’s history.

Earlier, Tanzanian police and officials with the unit had detained and interrogated dozens of people, which eventually led them to the leaders of the poaching network. Seven people, including two Ugandans and two Guineans, were arrested in connection with the seizure. They’re facing charges of heading organized crime, unlawful dealing in trophies, and possession of government trophies. If convicted they could each face up to 40 years in prison.

“We gathered important intelligence from this operation,” Ngowi says. “We learned more about the important people in the international market and how they carry out their business, including methods of payment to dealers here in Tanzania.”

Several alleged ivory dealers have been arrested in Tanzania by the NTSCIU during the past year. In October the task force arrested Yang Feng Glan, dubbed the Ivory Queen for her alleged leadership of one of Africa’s biggest ivory smuggling rings. The last major seizure in Tanzania happened three years ago, when 1,700 pieces of ivory weighing 5.5 tons were seized in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

Ngowi believes that many of the tusks seized in this operation came from elephants killed in the Selous Game Reserve, an area once home to the largest population of elephants in East Africa. Last year a government census revealed that from 2009 to 2014 Tanzania lost 60 percent of its elephants to poaching, and during the past decade the number of elephants in the Selous fell from 70,406 to 15,217.

Some other wildlife crime busts, convictions, and investigations around the world announced this past week:

MACAWS AND FURS: Hong Kong Police and customs officers confiscated 46 endangered macaws, 24 magpie robins, and 14 boxes of furs as the goods were being loaded onto a speedboat bound for Shenzhen, a city in southeastern China, the South China Morning Post reports. A police source said he believed the macaws, which can be sold for as much as $20,000 on the black market, were imported into Hong Kong legally but were being exported illegally to escape stringent restrictions imposed by mainland authorities.

ELK POACHING: Four men pleaded guilty to poaching a bull elk on the Roan Plateau, in western Colorado, the Denver Post reports. State investigators said they learned of the illegal hunt after one of the men posted a photo online of himself with the animal, which was killed in an area closed to hunting. Two of the men were employees with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

RUNAWAY SUSPECT: South African authorities nabbed a man suspected of poaching rhinos in 2011 and keeping their horns, AllAfricasays. The suspect was arrested in 2015, was later released on bail, and had been on the run ever since. Cops busted him after he withdrew cash from an ATM machine.

TORTOISE TAKER: Police in Mumbai, India, seized three live Indian star tortoises from a woman they say were carrying them in a plastic basket, according to Mid-Day. It’s unclear why the woman allegedly possessed them. Considered vulnerable, Indian star tortoises are prized for the exotic pet trade.
  1. Sophie Tremblay is a freelance journalist based in Arusha, Tanzania. Follow her on Twitter. Willy Lowry is a freelance journalist who covers East Africa. Follow him on Twitter.
  2. Jani Actman reported the roundup of wildlife crime busts, convictions, and investigations. Follow Jani Actman on Twitter.

Two firms ordered to pay VIP Engineering 15 billion/-

By Faustine Kapama

The High Court's Commercial Division has ordered two foreign companies to pay a local investment firm, VIP Engineering and Marketing Limited, over 15bn/- for negligence in a transaction relating to shipment of several tons of substandard rice in 1998. In a judgment delivered by Judge Jacobs Mwambegele last week, the court found that VIP Engineering Company, the plaintiff, had proved its case against Societe Generale De Survellance (S.A) and SGS (Tanzania) Limited, on the balance of probability as required by the law.

"I enter judgment for the plaintiff as follows; Specific damages for USD 650,359.08 (and) court fees of 22,000,000/-," declared Judge Mwambegele, who read the judgment on behalf of trial Judge Nathalia Kimaro, now a Justice in the Court of Appeal.

As for the general damages for consequential loss of profit and economic loss occasioned by the two SGSs, as defendants, the judge ruled that the evidence produced proved that the defendants were very negligent and the plaintiff suffered loss because of their acts and omissions.

The judge, therefore, used the court's discretion and awarded the plaintiff 6,000,000 US dollars, as general payments. All the respective payments, according to the judge, attracted 20 per cent interest from May 15, 1999 when the suit was lodged till date of judgment.

In the judgment, the judge ruled that SGS (S.A) had a duty under the contract to take all reasonable precautions, due care and reasonable alternative measures all with the objective of carrying out the terms and conditions on the importation by VIP of the rice in 1998. He said that there was evidence adduced by Mr James Rugemalira that the plaintiff paid for pre-shipment inspection fees as per contract but the defendants knowing that no inspection was carried out at all, issued a clear report of finding to signify that the goods imported matched required specification.

The judge noted further that while the contract had a provision for destination inspection in circumstances where pre-shipment was not done, the defendants refused to carry out inspection as requested by VIP although they were aware that the ship carried rice which had no the specifications.

"The consequences were that the rice could not be sold as the price anticipated by the plaintiff and its market was adversely affected. That led the plaintiff to suffer loss. The evidence of loss suffered by VIP because of the negligence of SGS S.A and SGS is there," the judge declared.

In January 1998, VIP ordered for purchase of 3,000 metric tonnes of rice (Pakistan long rice, 15-20 per cent broken) from M/S Orco International (S) Pte Limited of Singapore under a Warehousing Management and Sales Contracts at a price of USD 267.50 per metric tons, thus making the total to USD 802,500.

At the time the sales contract was negotiated, VIP, the buyer was in Dar es Salaam, while the seller in Singapore and the rice was in possession of a third party, M/S MAHMOOD PLC of Karachi in Pakistan. The respondent companies (SGS) came into the scene because of pre-shipment inspection of the rice.

In the period 1998, SGS (S.A) was the sole appointee of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) for conducting pre-shipment inspection of the imports destined to Tanzania. This appointment was done through a Pre-shipment Inspection Contract executed between them.

TRA, being a government agency with public duties for supervision of imports into the United Republic of Tanzania for purposes of revenue collection, opted to have SGS (S.A) as its appointee in conducting pre-shipment inspection on goods destined to Tanzania for an agreed fees arrangements.

In the transaction, VIP anticipated that, SGS (S.A) to carry out their obligation with all due care, diligence and efficiency in accordance with generally accepted techniques and inspection agency profession in compliance with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and World Trade Organisation standards. VIP made the required payment for the consignment and the same arrived in Dar es Salaam in March 1998 on board MV RUAHA.

It was at the time of discharge that the plaintiff noted that the rice was of a poor quality and less quantity contrary to SGS (S.A) and SGS (Tanzania) reports on quality. Upon noting the discrepancy in the quality, VIP requested the respondents to carry out post shipment inspection and survey of the rice for a dup purpose, including ascertaining the difference in quality and quantity for establishing the exact extent of loss and work together to mitigate further loss.

VIP sued the respondents, demanding, among others, specific damages suffered of USD 656,359.08, general damages for consequential loss of profit and economic loss occasioned by the respondent's negligence and, or fraudulent breach of the duty of care at the rate of USD 2,000,000 per year.

TAZARA lands new contract

The Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority has landed a new contract to transport 18mn litres of petroleum products to DR Congo

Malawi's government has ordered the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) to move 48mn litres of petroleum products in the next 12 months, starting this month.

The first million litres (1,000 metric tonnes) has already departed the Port of Dar es Salaam, authorities confirmed.

"As we consolidate our turnaround mission, we are delighted to announce the conclusion of an Agreement with African Fossils Limited of Tanzania to move 18mn litres (18,000 metric tonnes) of petroleum products to DR Congo in the next one year," said TAZARA spokesperson, Conrad K.

Conrad K said the target for the 2016/2017 financial year was to transport 381,000 metric tonnes, a three-fold improvement from 130,000 metric tonnes that were hauled in the 2015/2016 financial year.

"We are grateful to African Fossils Limited for giving us a vote of confidence through this order, which also reaffirms the faith that our customers have generally placed in us to transform the Authority," he said.

"We believe we are well on course to turn around TAZARA's performance, which had dropped to the lowest in the Financial Year 2014/2015, when a paltry 87,680 metric tonnes was transported."

The authority will mark its 40th anniversary on 28 July.

[audio] Wameisoma namba

Leo nikisikiliza radio Uhuru nimerekodi kisehemu cha wimbo waliouweka, sikiliza audio hii...

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Julai 18, 2016

Taarifa ya Ikulu: Rais Magufuli ateua Wakurugenzi SIDO na Hospitali ya Mkapa

Taarifa ya NSSF ya kusimamishwa kazi Wakurugenzi na Mameneja

Raising free-range children: No medicine, No school routine, No bed-time

Reported by Barcroft TV -- Parents Adele and Matt Allen believe in an all-natural approach to bringing up their children - so much so they refuse modern medicine, traditional schooling and encourage full-term breastfeeding. Adele, 32, and Matt, 33, from Brighton, call their parenting style ‘Off-Grid Parenting’ and their children Ulysses, five and Ostara, one, are therefore both still breastfed, have never visited a doctor and will not attend a mainstream school. When Adele, a writer, fell pregnant with her son, the couple’s controversial methods felt completely natural to them. Adele gave birth to both her children, completely unassisted and with no medical intervention with only her husband Matt by her side.

Hotuba aliyoitoa Rais Magufuli wakati wa hafla ya kuwaapisha Makamishna wa Polisi

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli amewaagiza viongozi wa Jeshi la Polisi Tanzania kuwaondoa watumishi wote wasiokuwa askari polisi na ambao wamekuwa wakijihusisha na vitendo vya ukiukwaji wa taratibu na ufujaji wa fedha za umma ili kulinda heshima, nidhamu na uadilifu ndani ya jeshi hilo.

Rais Magufuli ametoa maelekezo hayo leo tarehe 18 Julai, 2016 muda mfupi baada ya Naibu Makamishna wa Polisi 25 na Makamishna Wasaidizi Waandamizi wa Polisi 35 kula kiapo cha uadilifu kwa viongozi wa umma, Ikulu Jijini Dar es salaam.

Pamoja na kutoa agizo la kutaka wasio askari polisi kuondolewa katika utumishi wa jeshi la polisi, Rais Magufuli pia ameagiza jeshi hilo lichukue hatua dhidi ya wote wanaokabiliwa na tuhuma za wizi wa fedha wakiwemo wanaodaiwa kuiba mabilioni ya shilingi zilizotolewa kwa ajili ya ununuzi wa sare za askari mwaka jana 2015.
"Mnajua kupeleleza, mna vyombo vyote, ofisi ya IGP (Inspekta Jenerali wa Polisi) ipo palepale, ofisi ya DCI (Mkurugenzi wa Upelelezi wa Makosa ya Jinai) ipo palepale, Makamishna wote mnazunguka mnakwenda palepale, mwizi mnae palepale, mnashindwa kumshika.
"Kama mnafikiri kuwa na raia katika jeshi la polisi wanawaharibia kazi zenu hamisheni raia wote na wapelekeni utumishi, kwani hakuna mhasibu ambaye ni askari polisi? hakuna mhandisi ambaye ni askari polisi? hakuna afisa tawala ambaye ni askari polisi? Mimi nafikiri kama matatizo ya wizi na wafanyakazi hewa yanaletwa na raia waliomo ndani ya jeshi la polisi na majeshi yetu mengine, IGP kaorodheshe raia wote wanafanya kazi Jeshi la Polisi ili waondolewe na tuwapangie kazi nyingine uraiani" Amesema Rais Magufuli.
Hata hivyo Rais Magufuli amelipongeza Jeshi la Polisi kwa kazi nzuri linayofanya iliyoliwezesha kujenga imani kubwa kwa watanzania na ametaka viongozi wa Jeshi hilo wawaongoze askari walio chini yao vizuri, wawatie moyo na waache vitendo vya kuwakatisha tamaa kwa kuwaadhibu ama kuwatisha pale wanapochukua hatua stahiki dhidi watu wanaovunja sheria.
"Sasa mimi niwaombe nyinyi, wale wadogo mnaowaongoza mkawape mamlaka ya kutimiza wajibu wao, hata kama ameshika gari la IGP liache lishikwe IGP atakwenda kujieleza mwenyewe, hata akishika gari la RPC afanye hivyohivyo, hata akishika gari la Waziri au gari la Rais mwacheni atekeleze wajibu wake, sheria ni msumeno, tunawanyima nguvu hawa wa chini wanapotimiza wajibu wao kwa mujibu wa sheria halafu unamwambia liachie, ukifanya hivyo aliyeshikwa anatoka pale akiwa anatamba kwelikweli na yule askari unamvunja nguvu ya kufanya kazi" Amesisitiza Rais Magufuli.
Rais Magufuli pia amelitaka jeshi hilo kuungana na vyombo vingine vya serikali katika kutekeleza shughuli zake zikiwemo kusimamia ukusanyaji wa mapato ya serikali bandarini, katika sekta ya utalii na maeneo mengine, kukabiliana na vitendo vya rushwa na kuondoa watumishi hewa.

Tukio hili la Naibu Makamishna wa Polisi na Makamishna Wasaidizi Waandamizi wa Polisi kula kiapo cha uadilifu kwa viongozi wa umma limeongozwa na Kamishna wa Maadili Jaji Mstaafu Salome Kaganda na limehudhuriwa na viongozi mbalimbali wakiwemo Waziri wa Mambo ya Ndani ya Nchi Mhe. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba, Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais Utumishi na Utawala Bora Mhe. Anjellah Kairuki, Naibu Waziri wa Mambo ya Ndani ya Nchi Mhe. Hamad Yusuf Masauni, Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali Mhe. George Mcheche Masaju, Makatibu Wakuu na Viongozi wa vyombo vya Ulinzi na Usalama.

Gerson Msigwa
Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano, IKULU
Dar es salaam

Gugu Zulu, mwendesha magari ya langalanga Afrika Kusini afariki akikamlisha Trek4Mandela mlima Kilimanjaro

Raia wa Afrika Kusini waliopanda Mlima hivi karibuni kwa lengo la kuchangisha fedha kwa ajili ya kununua taulo za kusaidia watoto wa kike. Aliyechuchumaa mbele (mwenye kofia), Gugu Zulu ndiye anatajwa kufariki Dunia wakati akielekea Kileleni.
Na Dixon Busagaga 

Ra ia wa Afrika ya Kusini Guguleth Mathebula Zulu (38) aliyefika nchini kwa ajili utalii wa kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro amefariki leo tarehe 18.7.2016 baada ya kupatwa na tatizo la kushindwa kupumua kwenye mwinuko wa juu mlimani.

Shirika la Hifadhi za Taifa nchini kwa kushirikiana na mamlaka mbalimbali za serikali zinaendelea na uratibu wa kurejesha mwili wa marehemu nchini Afrika ya Kusini kwa ajili ya taratibu za maziko.

Zulu alifika nchini na kuanza kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro tarehe 14.7.2016 kwa ajili ya kuenzi jitihada za Rais wa Kwanza wa Afrika ya Kusini Nelson Mandela za kusaidia familia maskini nchini Afrika ya Kusini, hususani kuwapatia mahitaji muhimu watoto wa kike ambao hawana uwezo wa kupata mahitaji muhimu.

Hii ni mara ya pili kwa watalii kutoka Afrika ya Kusini kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro kwa ajili ya kuenzi juhudi za Mandela katika kusaidia jamii ya watoto wa kike kupitia kampeni maalum ya kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro.

Imetolewa na 
Idara ya Mawasiliano Hifadhi za Taifa Tanzania
S.L.P 3134 
Baruapepe: [email protected] 
Wavuti: www.tanzaniaparks.go.tz

Gugu Zule (Kulia) akiwa na Richard Mabaso muda mfupi kabla ya kuanza safari ya kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro.
Gugu Zulu akiwa katika lango la Marangu akipata picha na mmoja wa washiriki wa safari hiyo muda mfupi kabla ya kuanza kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro.

Gugu Zulu (kushoto) akiwa na rafiki yake muda mfupi kabla ya kuanza safari ya kupanda Mlima Kilimanjaro katika kampeni ijulikanayo kama Trek4Mandela ikiwa na lengo la kchangisha fedha kwa ajili ya kunua taulo za watoto wa kike pamoja na kusherehekea kumbukumbu ya kuzaliwa kwa baba wa taifa la Afrika Kusini ,Nelson Mandela. 

Rais Magufuli ahudumia kwa kuwagawia vitafunwa wageni baada ya hafla ya kuapishwa Makamishna wa Polisi


Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akizungumza na Maafisa wa Jeshi la polisi aliowapandisha vyeo vya Naibu Kamishna wa Polisi DCP na Kamishna Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi (SACP) Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Kamishna Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi (SACP) Kedmon Andrew Mnubi akila kiapo cha Ahadi ya uadilifu pamoja na Maafisa wengine wa Jeshi la Polisi Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Kamishna Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi (SACP) Mwamini Marco Rwantale akila kiapo cha Ahadi ya uadilifu pamoja na Maafisa wengine wa Jeshi la Polisi Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Naibu Kamishna wa Polisi (DCP) Ahmada Abdalla Khamis akisaini hati ya kiapo cha Ahadi ya Uadilifu Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Naibu Kamishna wa Polisi (DCP) Frasser Rweyemamu Kashai akisaini hati hati ya kiapo cha Ahadi ya Uadilifu Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam

Naibu Kamishna wa Polisi (DCP) Ahmada Abdalla Khamis akisalimiana na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli mara baada ya kula kiapo cha ahadi ya uadilifu Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Maafisa wa Jeshi la Polisi waliopandishwa vyeo vya Kamishna Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi (SACP) na Naibu Kamishna wa Polisi DCP mara baada ya kula kiapo cha ahadi ya uadilifu Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Maafisa wa Jeshi la Polisi waliopandishwa cheo cha Kamishna Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi (SACP) mara baada ya kula kiapo cha Maadili ya Watumishi wa umma Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiwagawia vitafunwa wageni mbalimbali waliofika Ikulu kwa ajili ya kushuhudia Maafisa wa Polisi walipondishwa vyeo wakati wakila kiapo.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiwagawia vitafunwa baadhi ya waandishi wa habari waliohudhuria tukio hilo Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiwagaia vitafunwa baadhi ya Maafisa mbalimbali wa Polisi waliokula kiapo cha Maadili Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Kamishna Mkuu wa Sekretarieti ya Maadili Jaji Mstaafu Salome Kaganda akizungumza kabla ya kiapo hicho cha Ahadi ya uadilifu Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam

Kauli ya Paul Makonda kuhusu ujumbe uliowekwa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda akizungumza kipindi cha Power Breakfast ya Clouds FM na 360 ya Clouds Tv juu ya watu ambao wanaotengeneza akaunti bandia za mitandao mbalimbali kupitia jina lake amesema:
“Kwanza wanapaswa kujua kuwa sina account ambayo inanza na cheo changu hivyo account zote zangu zimeandikwa kwa jina langu Paul Makonda sio vingine hivyo kila mtu anapaswa kuwa makini na hilo.” 
Anasema agizo lililowekwa katika mitandao ya kijami kuwa wananchi wasiokuwa na kazi watakwenda jela, ni batili na siyo la akaunti yake bali yeye ameagiza Wenyeviti wa Serikali za Mitaa kuhakikisha kuwa wanafanya uhakiki wa wakazi wao nyumba kwa nyumba kwa ajili ya usalama wa maeneo wanayokaa.

Anataja kuwa kutokana matatizo yaliyopo kamwe hataacha kupambana na mafisadi katika Halmashauri zote tatu, wauza dawa za kulevya "unga", wafanyabiashara wa shisha na mashoga.

Hivyo aliwataka:
wananchi wa mkoa wa Dar es Salaam kuwa makini na kufuata maelekezo ya wenyeviti mitaa amabayo nimewapa hili tuweze kuimarisha ulinzi kuanzi ngazi ya chini kabisa.
Makonda, amesema tangu alipotangaza kuanza kukamatwa kwa mashoga, amebaini kuna mkakati unawaohusisha watu hao zaidi ya 150 kutaka kumwangamiza.

Alisema kuwa baada ya kubainika kwa mipango hiyo, mashoga wanane wamekamatwa na Jeshi la Polisi kwa hatua zaidi.
“Lazima watu wajue jitihada na harakati za kusimamia katiba na usawa hapa nchini. Hakuna anayezipenda, vita inakuwa kubwa… Nimebaini kuwa mashoga zaidi ya 150 waliketi katika baa moja Kinondoni wakipanga njama za kunimaliza kwa namna moja ama nyingine, lakini kutokana na taarifa za kiintelijensia, watu kadhaa, wengi wao wakiwa ni mashoga wameshakamatwa,” alisema Makonda.
Akizungumzia ajira, alisema kuna mpango wa kuwachukua vijana zaidi ya 1,200 ambapo watapatiwa mafunzo ya ujasiriamali ambao watapatikana kwa uchambuzi maalum.
“Tuna mkakati wa kuwachukua vijana zaidi ya 1,200 kwa ajili ya kuwapeleka katika mafunzo ya ujasiriamali, lakini ni lazima tuwatambue kwanza watu hao,” alisema.
Alidokeza kuwa kuna mpango wa kupanua muda wa kufanya biashara jijini tangu asubuhi hadi saa nne za usiku ili kuwapatia watu huduma kwa muda mrefu na kwamba kilichotakiwa ni kuimarishwa kwa usalama ikiwa ni pamoja na kuongeza taa sehemu mbalimbali za jiji.

Mambo mengine aliyozungumzia ni dhamira ya kuwawezesha walimu wa mkoani kwake waanze kusafiri bure katika mabasi ya mwendo kasi na kutowapa pesa ombaomba mitaani ili kuwafanya waondoke jijini.

Kuhusu maovu mbalimbali yanayofanyika jijini, Makonda alishutumu ushoga, utapeli na uvutaji wa madawa ya kulevya ikiwa ni pamoja na shisha.
“Ushoga umepingwa na vitabu vya dini na hakuna sheria inayoruhusu ushoga, kwa hili najua watu watanitukana sana lakini nguvu niliyo nayo hakuna wa kunisimamisha,” 
alisisitiza huku akiwaonya watu wanaojiingiza katika utapeli kwa kutumia majina ya watu wengine, likiwemo jina lake.

Ziara ya Balozi Masilingi katika jimbo la Washington

Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani Mhe. Wilson Masilingi akiwa kwenye mkutano na Watanzania Seattle jimbo la Washington nchini Marekani siku ya Jumamosi July 16, 2016. Habari na Picha na Katunda Catunda Mwakilishi wa Vijimambo Seattle, WA
Na Katunda Catunda

Balozi wa Tanzania nchi ni Marekani muheshimiwa Wilson Masilingi yupo ziarani katika jimbo la Washington alipata fursa ya kuzungumza na jumuiya ya watanzania waishio hapo ambapo alieleza mikakati ya ziara hiyo ni kupanua Milango ya kibiashara Kati ya Tanzania na Marekani kutokana na kuwa jimbo la Washington ni moja ya majimbo ambayo ni makao makuu ya makampuni makubwa duniani

Katika Ziara hiyo alitembelea kiwanda cha ndege cha Boeing na kupanga mikakati ambayo serikali ya awamu ya tano inatarajia kununua ndege mbili za kisasa ili kufufua shirika la air Tanzania ,pia alipata nafasi ya kutembelea Microsoft na kampuni ya Starbucks ambayo inaendesha migahawa mikubwa ya kahawa duniani. Balozi Huyo alimaliza mazungumzo yake kwa kukutana na Chama cha wafanyabiashara cha Seattle .

Ziara hizo ni moja mikakati ya serikali ya Awamu ya tano chini ya Rais Magufuli katika kupunguza matumizi ya serikali kusafirisha viongozi kutoka Tanzania kuja kufanya mazungumzo badala ya kutumia Mabalozi na wawakilishi waliopo kwenye nchi hizo

katibu wa jumuiya ya watanzania Seattle (Tanzaseattle) Hajji Rajab Hajji akimkaribisha balozi

Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani Mhe. Wilson Masilingi akiongea kwenye mkutano na Watanzania Seattle jimbo la Washington nchini Marekani siku ya Jumamosi July 16, 2016.

Wakati wa chakula.

Watanzania Seattle wakifuatilia mkutano na Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani Mhe. Wilson Masilingi siku ya Jumamosi ya Julai 16, 2016.

Mkutano ukiendelea.

Watanzania Seattle wakimsikiliza katibu wa Jumuiya ya Watanzania Hajji Rajab Hajji alipokua akimkaribisha Mhe. Balozi.

Mkutano ukiendelea