Programme Assistant, (GS6), For Tanzanian nationals only

Job no: 496862
Work type: Fixed Term Staff
Location: Tanzania,United Republic
Categories: Support: Programme

Program Specialist - HACT, (NOC), For Tanzanian nationals only

Job no: 497927
Work type: Fixed Term Staff
Location: Tanzania,United Republic
Categories: Programme Management

Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za magazeti ya Tanzania leo Julai 21, 2016

Photos: Zebras, sunrise & sunset over Serengeti and The Ngorongoro crater @jomwalwega

Serengeti sunrise
Photos from Tanzania shared to us by Jo-Ageline Kalambo
Thank you Jo!
Ngorongoro crater sunset

Serengeti sunset

Extended call: Master of Arts in Project Planning, Management and Evaluation

College of Social Sciences and Humanities - Department of Policy Planning and Management invites applications to a Master of Arts degree programme in Project Planning,Management and Evaluation for the academic year 2016/2017. The application deadline for late applicants is extended to 31st August 2016.

Msc Scholarships - Health of Aquatic Resources: Trahesa Norhed Norad Project 2014 – 2018



In Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) there is a documented knowledge gap at higher education institutions related to fish health and environmental stressors. This includes lack of understanding of aetiologies, diagnostics and prophylaxis of fish diseases. Lack of knowledge hampers the economic development of aquaculture and fisheries industries in the region, precludes evidencebased policies and decision-making from governments and also has societal implication for the development of aquatic resources-dependent communities. There is also a need to build competence in fish and environmental health to monitor and protect wild freshwater and marine fish populations which are essential for food security and food safety in the region. Furthermore, the quality of fish products and the level of man-made chemical pollutants and biotoxins have implications to human health, sustainable utilization of resources and environmental conservation. Capacity building in these fields is required to ensure an expanded, qualified workforce in institutions with solid research capabilities that can educate and train competent resource persons who will meet tomorrow’s development challenges related to production of quality high-value protein in the aquatic environment. 

Project Goal and Intended Outcome 

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Makerere University (MU), University of Nairobi (UoN), University of Zambia (UNZA) and the University of Dar es Salaam’s - Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) in Zanzibar is undertaking a collaborative research project entitled “Capacity Building for Training and Research in Aquatic and Environmental Health in Eastern and Southern Africa (TRAHESA)”. The project is supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) under the Norwegian Programme for Capacity Building in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED). The goal of the project is to strengthen education and research capacity in aquatic and environmental health in Eastern and Southern Africa. The project intends to achieve the above through training of human resources at both masters and PhD levels while generating the information to fill the knowledge gap. 

Call for Applications 

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for 10 MSc scholarships within the field of health of aquatic resources. The aim of the scholarships is to support training of local scholars at Masters degree level. Selected MSc candidates will register as full time students at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Tanzania where they will undertake the course work for one year before returning to their home countries for research under the supervision of the partner Universities implementing the TRAHESA project.

The distribution of positions is as follows:
  • Tanzania Sokoine University of Agriculture, in Tanzania (2-positions) Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam in Zanzibar, (2-positions)
  • Uganda Makerere University in Uganda (2-positions) 
  • Kenya University of Nairobi in Kenya (2-positions) 
  • Zambia University of Zambia (2-positions)

i. Holders of Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine (BVM), Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Fish Health and Safety related fields or other equivalent degree in relevant fields in natural and environmental sciences. 
ii. Having admission or evidence of submitted application documents for admission to pursue MSc in “Health of Aquatic Resources" at SUA in 2016/17 Academic year. 
iii. Highly motivated individuals to develop a scientific career and capability to complete MSc studies within the prescribed time frame (2 years). iv. Interested in undertaking research in health of aquatic resources. 
v. Not already enrolled in a sponsored MSc programme. 
vi. Willingness to work in a team and a strong ambition to accomplish the research goals of the project.
vii. Good academic records /transcripts. viii. Excellent communication skills.
ix. Good command of spoken and written English. 
x. Perspectives on future use of MSc skills for teaching, research and extension; as well as for self employment under the Private sector. 
xi. Full time availability from October 2016 for a period of 2 years. 

How to apply 

Potential candidates are hereby invited to submit an application letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts and certificates, 2 names of academic referees whereby at least one of them being the immediate work supervisors, and a one page concept note. The concept note should contain an outline of the rationale for the proposed study, objectives, methodological approach and expected outputs. Applications MUST reach focal persons in the respective Institutions and Countries by 21st August 2016. Successful applicants will be notified by 31st August 2016. 

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply. The positions are only available to applicants from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia for the respective positions in the partner universities in those countries. 

Applications should be submitted to focal persons in respective institutions whose contact details are shown below: 
  1. Prof. Robinson Mdegela; E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] for 2 positions at Sokoine University of Agriculture. 
  2. Prof. Denis Byarugaba; E-mail: [email protected] for 2 positions at Makerere University.
  3. Prof. Paul Mbuthia; E-mail: [email protected] for 2 positions at University of Nairobi. 
  4. Dr. Aviti Mmochi; E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] for 2 positions at the Institute of Marine Sciences. 
  5. Dr. Kaampwe Muzandu: E-mail: [email protected] for 2 positions at University of Zambia. 
All applications MUST be copied to the Project Coordinator in the South; Prof. Robinson Mdegela; Email: [email protected] and the Coordinator in the North; Prof. Stephen Mutoloki; [email protected] 


The MSc fellows’ tasks will be to study and report on their selected research questions within the context of this project by methods depending on the area of research. The interconnected substudies will require intensive interaction with the programme leader, research collaborators, supervisors, and other MSc and PhD students in the programme. The progress of the MSc fellows’ work will be evaluated annually or as will be deemed necessary by the Supervisors and/ or Project Coordinators. It is expected that each of the MSc fellows will publish at least one paper from his/her research work in international peer reviewed journals. 

Financial matters 

The fellowship will cover tuition fees, a monthly stipend and research costs based on successful deliverables. 

Further Contacts 

More information on the project can be obtained from: 
Professor Robinson Mdegela 
TRAHESA Project Coordinator 
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health 
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 
Sokoine University of Agriculture 
P. O. Box 3021, Morogoro, Tanzania 
Tel: +255 754 371 628 

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Julai 20, 2016

Zanzibar Govt dismisses claims of bankruptcy

Zanzibar — Finance and Planning Minister, Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed, has dismissed claims that Zanzibar government is now bankrupt, stressing that revenue collection is good.
"Just ignore social media rumours from the opposition that the government is broke and that it survives by borrowing money from businesspeople. In fact, we have been on track in revenue collection," he told reporters at his office yesterday.
He said in the past three months revenue collection has been good, reflecting control of unnecessary expenditure as directed by President Ali Mohamed Shein. Briefing reporters here about tax collection and refuting claims on bankruptcy, the minister said the government has focused at meeting basic needs for the people and paying up debts.
"We are determined to beat the target of collecting more than 800bn/- before Dr Shein ends his term. Our target for April/June was to collect 117.66bn/-. We managed to collect 117.04bn/- (99.5 per cent)," he said.
He said that the biggest ever collection was in June when 49.51bn/- was collected to surpassing the traditional monthly collection of 45bn/-. Tax collection has jumped by 42.7 per cent from 82.45bn/- to 117.66bn/- in three months, the minister said.

The Zanzibar Ministry of Finance has been working closely with the Union finance ministry to ensure that reforms made on tax collected in the Mainland do not affect the people of Zanzibar.
  • By Issa Yussuf, The Daily News via AllAfrica

[update] Angela anaomba umsaidie kujua atumeje maombi KCMC kusomea Phisio

UPDATE: Angela anashukuru kwa mchango na maoni kuhusu ombi alilotuma awali, sasa anauliza,
"samahani kwa kusumbua tena, je ada ya physiotherapy diploma ni sh ngapi kwa mwaka?"

Nigependa kujua jinsi ya kuomba kusoma Diploma in Physiotherapy KCMC. 
Je natumaje maombi? Mimi ni mhitimu wa Kitado cha Sita 2016.


Prof. Muhongo aagiza maji ya Nyamongo yapimwe tena

Waziri Profesa Sospeter Muhongo (mwenye koti la bluu) akizungumza na wananchi katika kijiji cha Matongo wilayani Tarime
Na Teresia Mhagama.

Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, Profesa Sospeter Muhongo ametoa agizo la kupimwa tena kwa maji yanayotoka katika vyanzo vinavyozunguka mgodi wa dhahabu wa Acacia North Mara ili kujiridhisha kuwa hayana athari kwa binadamu, mifugo na mazingira.

Agizo hilo alilitoa wilayani Tarime wakati akizungumza na wananchi katika vijiji vya Matongo, Nyabichune, Mrwambe na Nyakungulu ambavyo vinazunguka mgodi huo wa dhahabu.

Profesa Muhongo alitoa agizo hilo baada ya Kamati iliyokuwa ikitathmini migogoro kati ya Mgodi huo na wananchi kueleza kuwa matokeo ya vipimo vya maabara vinaonyesha kuwa maji hayo yana viwango vinavyokubalika kwa matumizi ya binadamu, mifugo na mazingira na kupendekeza kuwa wataalam wa afya na mifugo wafanye utafiti zaidi ya suala hilo ili kujiridhisha zaidi.
“Viwango vinavyopaswa kutumika katika upimaji wa maji haya lazima viwe vya Shirika la Afya Duniani (WHO) hivyo zichukuliwe tena sampuli za maji wakati wa kiangazi na wakati wa mvua na zipimwe tena. Sampuli hizo zigaiwe kwa makundi mbalimbali ikiwemo wananchi, Mkuu wa wilaya, Kamati iliyofanya tathmini na mimi mwenyewe ili kila kundi lipeleke katika maabara inayoaminika na baadaye kuwasilisha majibu ya uchunguzi,” alisema Profesa Muhongo.
Aidha alisema kuwa sampuli za maji atakazopatiwa yeye atazipeleka katika nchi mbalimbali duniani ikiwemo Ujerumani na Ubelgiji ambako kuna maabara za kisasa na zinazoaminika duniani.
Aliongeza kuwa, vyanzo vya maji katika sehemu nyingi zenye uchimbaji mkubwa na mdogo duniani vimekuwa vikiathiriwa na shughuli za migodi na kueleza kuwa atawasiliana na Mamlaka zinazosimamia Sekta ya Maji pamoja Mgodi ili kupata chanzo mbadala cha maji na hivyo kuondoa malalamiko ya wananchi wanaozunguka mgodi huo.

Aidha aliagiza wataalam wa Wizara ya Nishati na Madini kuhakikisha kuwa kila baada ya miezi mitatu wanachukua sampuli za maji katika vyanzo vinavyozunguka mgodi huo na kuzipima ili kujiridhisha kuwa maji hayo hayana madhara kwa binadamu, mifugo na mazingira.
Naye Mbunge wa Tarime vijijini, John Heche alimshukuru Waziri wa Nishati na Madini kwa kuamua kuishughulikia changamoto hiyo ya maji kwa kutoa agizo kuwa upimaji wa maji hayo uwe endelevu na kutafuta chanzo mbadala cha maji.

Aidha Profesa Muhongo alitumia fursa hiyo kuwaasa Wachimbaji wadogo kujiunga katika makundi ambayo yatawawezesha kufaidika na masuala mbalimbali ikiwemo Ruzuku inayotolewa na Serikali ambapo kwa mwaka huu, takribani Dola za Marekani milioni 400 zinatumika kuwaendeleza wachimbaji wadogo kupitia ruzuku hiyo.

Mbunge wa Tarime Vijijini, John Heche (kushoto), akizungumza na wananchi katika kijiji cha Matongo wilayani Tarime) wakati Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, Profesa Sospeter Muhongo (mwenye koti la bluu) alipofika kijijini hapo ili kuwaeleza wananchi, maamuzi ya Serikali yanayotokana na Mapendekezo ya Kamati iliyoundwa mwezi Februari mwaka huu ili kutathmini migogoro kati mgodi wa Acacia NorthMara na wananchi wanaozunguka mgodi huo.

Baadhi ya wananchi katika kijiji cha Nyabichune wilayani Tarime, wakimsikiliza Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, Profesa Sospeter Muhongo (hayupo pichani) aliyefika kijijini hapo ili kuwaeleza wananchi, maamuzi ya Serikali yanayotokana na Mapendekezo ya Kamati iliyoundwa mwezi Februari mwaka huu ili kutathmini migogoro kati mgodi wa Acacia NorthMara na wananchi wanaozunguka mgodi huo.

Kaimu Kamishna wa Madini, Mhandisi Ally Samaje akisoma Ripoti kuhusu tathmini ya Mgogoro kati ya mgodi wa Acacia North Mara na Wananchi wanaozunguka mgodi huo. Ripoti hiyo aliisoma mbele ya Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, Profesa Sospeter Muhongo (mwenye koti la bluu) aliyefika katika kijiji cha Matongo ili kuwaeleza wananchi, maamuzi ya Serikali yanayotokana na Mapendekezo ya Kamati iliyoundwa mwezi Februari mwaka huu ili kutathmini migogoro kati mgodi wa Acacia NorthMara na wananchi wanaozunguka mgodi huo.