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Instanbul tips Tanzania on ‘terrorist organisation’

FOLLOWING an assessment by the Turkish government over the failed coup attempt, the Turkish Ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Yasemin Eralp, has said that there is every indication that those behind the coup belong to an organization, which operates in many countries, including Tanzania.

She asked the government of Tanzania to scrutinise and keep an eye on the organisation, insisting that it is carrying out dangerous activities in the country. Ms Eralp was briefing the media on the situation in Turkey after the July 15 military coup attempt, which illegally aimed at overthrowing the democratically elected Turkish government.

She said the failed coup attempt was carried out by a cowardly terrorist group. She added that it was understood in a short time that the action was more than a treacherous plot. She said it was a terrorist campaign since the perpetrators shot at their own people, stabbed commanders in the back and bombed the national parliament as well as the office of the president.

Last week, international media reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused a US-based Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, of plotting the overthrow of the democratically elected government. Mr Gulen has been living in self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania in the US since 1999.

President Erdogan has repeatedly accused Mr Gulen of trying to foment an uprising in the military, media and judiciary. Fethullah Gulen's organisation runs various activities across the world. There are more than 100 primary, middle and secondary schools in Africa that belong to Gulen.

Yesterday, Ms Eralp told the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ that she had a meeting with Chief Secretary (CS), Ambassador John Kijazi, on Thursday regarding the organisation’s activities in the country. “I visited the CS yesterday. I told him about the organisation and the situation in Turkey.

Generally, the government of Tanzania is with us,” she said. She added: “I asked the government of Tanzania to make a serious follow up to that particular organisation in the country. I am sure Tanzania officials are aware of the organisation’s activities.”

Ms Eralp asked the government to track down the organisation’s financial transactions and always investigate its movements. On Tuesday, the Turkish community living in the country gathered at the Turkish Embassy in Tanzania to condemn the failed coup attempt.

They called on the government of Tanzania to close down all schools and other activities, which are linked to the organisation, that is accused of masterminding the coup plot in Turkey. On the state of security in Turkey, the ambassador assured Tanzanians that the country is safe and that everything is under control.

“The coup attempt has been foiled and everything is going on like before. I would like to use this opportunity to assure travellers that everything is under control and Turkey is safe,” she said. She said more than 10,000 people were detained and 4,000 arrested in connection with the July 15 attempted coup. She said among the detained and arrested are judges, police officers, military personnel and prosecutors.

According to Ms Eralp, all legal procedures and principles of human rights will be observed during the prosecution of the suspects. She said those who will be found guilty will be punished according to the existing Turkish laws.

On the three months state of emergency, Ms Eralp said the decision is in line with requirement of the constitution. “State of emergency has been declared. The decision involves the Security Council, government and it is ratified by the parliament, therefore it was necessary to declare the state of emergency,” she said.

However, the Ambassador said the declaration does not stop foreigners or Turkish people from continuing with normal activities including doing businesses. “Turkish airline is continuing with its schedule from Dar es Salaam to Istanbul as usual, therefore there is no restriction, there is no problem at all,” said Ms Eralp. On the US support, Ms Eralp said the two countries are progressing with talks on the extradition of Mr Gulan, who is accused of plotting the failed attempt coup.

“Extradition is a process, so Turkey is following legal procedures,” she said. She added that the US has so far shown support to Turkey and that it has expressed its readiness to assist in interrogating the suspects.

On the war against terrorism, the ambassador said Turkey is a strong country and that the failed coup will never weaken its war against terrorism. “Turkey has been fighting the Partiya Karkeren Kurdistane (PKK) and the jihadist group Islamic State (IS), therefore Turkey’s government will not stop this war against terrorist groups,” she said.

Tanzania authorities could not be reached immediately to comment on the Turkish ambassador’s plea on investigating the Turkish’s based organisation.

When we tried to get a comment from the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Commissioner of Police, Diwani Athuman, he asked for an excuse saying he was in the middle of a sensitive meeting. Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Advera Bulimba, could not be reached as her mobile phone was switched off.

Uganda oil pipeline: Tanzania invites private sector in refinery

ARUSHA, Tanzania – Tanzania has invited the private sector to inject funds in the Uganda oil refinery, in which Tanzania has been allocated eight percent.

Prof. Sospeter Muhongo, Tanzanian Minerals and Energy minister said Tanzania has been allocated eight per cent shares that would cost $150.4 million.

The minister, in a statement published on the ministry’s website, said it would be appropriate for the private sector to come in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement to be able to meet Tanzania’s allocated funding share.

The Ugandan government has allocated 40 per cent shares to East African Community states including Tanzania. Prof Muhongo visited the proposed site for the refinery early this month during talks on the oil pipeline.

The Ugandan government is looking for a lead private investor for the refinery after the Russian RT Global Resources withdrew from the project. Negotiations with the SK Engineering of South Korea to replace the Russians are ongoing.

Meanwhile, two other major investors in oil exploration in Uganda, Tullow and CNOOC, have agreed to be part of the oil pipeline from the Kabaale to Tanga port. Prof Muhongo said in a statement issued by the ministry that the two investors, who had previously shown interest in participating in the oil pipeline that was to pass through Kenya, have now shown interest to join in on the construction of the one to passing through Tanzania.

The construction is expected to start on January 2017 will be named the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

“The pipeline will cost $3.55 billion and will be 1,443 kilometers long capable of carrying 200,000 oil drums per day,” Prof Muhongo noted. Adding that Tullow and CNOOC, participated in the talks that commenced in Kampala Uganda on July 4th.

Tanzanian officials who participated in the talks came from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA).

Job: Country Manager, BASF- Tanzania

Company: BASF
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Employment Type: Full-Time Employee
Reference Code: 324695101
Date Posted: Jul 23, 2016


What you can expect
The incumbent will responsible for developing and delivering on BASF’s strategic plan for Tanzania in the most effective and efficient manner; while being accountable for the overall performance for the company and for the day to day running and management of the company’s business. Core tasks will include:
  • Lead the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of BASF strategy in Tanzania
  • Build and Maintain effective relationships in support of BASF business in Tanzania.
  • Streamlining our distribution channels, and management of our distributors within the region.
  • Ensure effective management of existing and/or possible partnerships between government, civil society and international community.
  • Ensure professional development as well as physical welfare of BASF staff in Tanzania.
  • Management of office and finance functions by ensuring compliance of the office with local laws & regulations, BASF policies and procedures as well as general work ethics.
  • Assist in achieving proper financial controls in the office.
  • Maintain effective communication and relations with BASF East Africa and supporting Business Units.
What we expect
  • Relevant University degree is required.
  • 10 years experience in relevant industries of which 5 years should be at management level, preferably within a multi-national organisation.
  • Strong business acumen and understanding of the industry.
  • Sound financial management experience.
We offer

Responsibility from day one in a challenging work environment and on-the-job training as part of a committed team. Competitive compensation including attractive benefits as well as excellent career opportunities in an international company.

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Tanzania releases Saudi national convicted of human trafficking

Riyadh: The Tanzanian authorities released a Saudi national who spent months in prison on charges of human trafficking.

He was arrested and taken in custody after attempting to bring six Burundi women to work as housemaids in Saudi Arabia.

The judicial authorities in Tanzania sentenced him to several months in prison and fined him after convicting him of human trafficking.

Saudi Charge d’ Affaires Faisal Al-Ma’amri said that the embassy hired a lawyer to represent the defendant before the court.

He told Saudi Arabic newspaper Al-Eqtisadiah that a Kenyan broker-trafficker helped him bring the six women from Burundi and lodge them in a house in Tanzania before reporting him, which led to his arrest.

KKKT kurejesha serikalini milioni 129/= baada ya TAKUKURU kubana

Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT) la Mjini Kati, Dayosisi ya Kaskazini mkoani Arusha, limesema lipo tayari kurudisha Sh129 milioni ambazo zilitolewa na Serikali kwa ajili ya mishahara ya madaktari katika Hospitali ya Selian ambayo linaimiliki.

Hatua hiyo imekuja baada ya Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa (TAKUKURU), kuwahoji baadhi ya watumishi wa kanisa hilo na kuchukua baadhi ya mafaili kwa kile kilichoelezwa kwamba wanachunguza mishahara hewa.

Katibu wa Dayosisi hiyo, Samwel Saiguran alisema juzi ofisini kwake kwamba wapo tayari kurudisha kiwango hicho cha fedha kwa utaratibu, kwani waliwalipa madaktari ambao hawakuwa katika orodha ya watumishi wa Serikali kwa nia njema kuokoa maisha ya Watanzania.

Kamanda wa TAKUKURU Mkoa wa Arusha, Juventus Baitu alisema taasisi yake inafanya uchunguzi kuhakiki watumishi hewa Hospitali ya Selian inayomikiliwa na kanisa hilo lakini hakutaka kuingia undani wa suala hilo.

Tathmini ya yatokanayo ya miezi 8 ya urais wa John Magufuli


TAREHE 23/06/2016



Ndugu waandishi wa habari habari za leo na pole kwa majukumu mazito ya ujenzi wa Taifa. Taarifa yetu itajikita katika maeneo makuu mawili, Mkutano Mkuu wa CCM na UTAFITI wa Miezi 8 ya Mhe Rais John Magufuli.

Taasisi ya CZI ni taasisi huru isiyo ya kiserikali ambayo inajihusisha na ushauri wa mambo ya HABARI na kijamii, pamoja na tafiti mbalimbali. Katika kipindi cha miezi mitatu iliyopita, tulizunguka nchi nzima na kuuliza wananchi maswali ya papo kwa papo, ama kwa njia ya simu ama kwa kuhoji kimakundi kulingana na umri wa wahusika.

Tulihoji Watanzania 2,3oo wa kada mbalimbali katika maeneo kadha wa kadha tuliyotembelea kuanzia umri wa miaka 14 hadi 18 na kuanzia wenye umri wa miaka 18 hadi 30 na kuanzia miaka 30 hadi 60.


Kundi hili baada ya kuhojiwa wanaamini Rais John Magufuli ataleta mageuzi makubwa ya kiuchumi, na atarejesha nidhamu ya masomo shuleni kuanzia shule za awali, msingi nasekondari kwa vijana wenye umri kuanzia miaka 7 hadi 18.

Asilimia 78 ya vijana hao kwenye ngazi ya elimu ya msingi na sekondari wanaamini Mhe Rais Magufuli atasaidia kuleta mageuzi kwenye elimu ikiwa ni pamoja na kuondoa tatizo la madawati, mitaala na nidhamu ya walimu, huku asilimia 22 ya vijana hao wakisema Mhe Rais huenda asifanikiwe kwenye harakati zake za mageuzi kwenye sekta ya elimu. Pia kundi hili linaamini kuondolewa kwa michezo shuleni kutazidi kudidimiza maendeleo ya michezo nchini.


Watanzania kuanzia miaka 18-30, asilimia 82 wanaamini serikali ya Rais Magufuli italeta mageuzi kwenye elimu hususan kwenye mikopo ya wanafunzi wa elimu ya juu pamoja na kumaliza tatizo la mabweni ya kulala wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu. Pia kada hiyo inaamini rais anaweza kupunguza tatizo la ajira kwa wahitimu wa vyuo vikuu pamoja na vijana nchini Tanzania. Sababu kuu ambayo inawafanya waseme hayo inatokana na kupambana na wafanyakazi hewa katika taasisi za serikali ambazo zimekuwa zikichangia kukosekana kwa ajira kwa vijana. Lakini sababu nyingine ya kuongezeka kwa ajira ni msimamo wa serikali wa kufufua na kuanzisha viwanda vipya, hasa vya mazao ya kilimo ili kuongeza mnyororo wa thamani kwa mazao ya kilimo.

Aidha asilimia 18 ya kada hii haiamini kama serikali ya awamu ya tano italeta mageuzi yoyote nchini na wanasema ni kawaida ya serikali kuwapa matumaini wananchi wake lakini mwishoni mambo hubaki vilevile kama awamu zilizopita.


Watanzania wenye umri wa miaka 30-60 waliohojiwa wanasema kuna uwezekano watumishi wa umma wakarejesha imani kwa serikali kutokana na juhudi za Mhe. Rais anavyopambana na ufisadi na rushwa kwa dhati.

Aidha kada hii asilimia 89.0 wanaamini Mhe Rais atamaliza matatizo ya wazee kwa kuanza kuwalipa posho kwa mwezi lakini pia wanaamini nidhamu ya watumishi itaongezeka miongoni mwa watumishi wa umma pamoja na binafsi kutokana na namna serikali inavyopambana na watumishi hewa na utumbuaji majipu unaoendelea kwenye serikali ya awamu ya tano.

Aidha kada hii inaamini umoja na mshikamano wa Watanzania utaendelea kuimarika na moyo wa kusaidiana kwa wananchi wa Tanzania utadumu na kuimarika pia.

Vile vile kada hii inasema Rais Magufuli anazidi kuwa maarufu huku wapinzani wakionekana kupoteza umaarufu kutokana na kushindwa kubuni mbinu mpya ya mapambano ya kisiasa.

Asilimia 11 ya kada hii inaamini serikali ya awamu ya tano haitaleta mageuzi yoyote kwa wazee na nidhamu kwa watumishi wa umma haitabadilika kutokana na aina ya viongozi wanaowasimamia watumishi hao ambao wengi wao siyo waadilifu na siyo watendaji na wafuatiliaji wa mambo kwenye maeneo yao ya kazi.

Kwa ujumla wake mhe rais anakubalika kwa asilimia 89% huku akiwa amewapiku Edward Lowasa na Mhe Jakaya KIkwete ambao wao wamegawana zilizobaki. Jakaya Kikwete akiwa na asilimia 7% huku Edward Lowasa akiwa na asilimia 4%.

Mikoa ambayo tulikwenda ni Dodoma, Mara, Geita, Ruvuma, Arusha, Manyara, Kusini Pemba, Wete Pemba, Kaskazini Unguja, Tabora, Kigoma, Pwani, Morogoro, Simiyu, na Tanga, na kuhoji wananchi takriban 2,300.


Mara tu baada ya kutangazwa mshindi hata kabla ya kuapishwa Novemba 5, 2015 watu wengi walibeza kama angeweza kutekeleza yale aliyoyasema. Wapo waliosema kwamba asingeweza kupambana na rushwa na ufisadi kwa sababu mfumo huo umeanzia ndani ya CCM. Walizungumzia kuhusu suala la kufumua mfumo wa uendeshaji wa Serikali, kuijenga upya CCM, pamoja na namna ya kushirikiana na upinzani. Wengine wakahoji muundo wa baraza la mawaziri utakavyokuwa hasa kwa vile lililopita lilikuwa kubwa mno.

Hata hivyo, katika kipindi cha miezi nane tu, amefanya mambo makubwa mengi kana kwamba amekuwepo madarakani kwa muda mrefu na kwa kiasi kikubwa hata ahadi zake nyingi amekwishazitekeleza na nyingine anaendelea kuzitekeleza. Tutajaribu kukumbusha machache kati ya mengi aliyoyafanya katika kipindi hicho.

Alielekeza Shs. 225 milioni zilizochangwa kwa ajili ya kugharamia hafla ya pongezi za Wabunge Dodoma kutumika kununua vitanda vya hospitali ya Muhimbili na Shs. 15 milioni tu ndio zitumike kwa ajili ya sherehe hiyo.


Kurudisha nidhamu kwa watumishi wa umma ilikuwa moja ya agenda zake na ahadi aliyoirudia Zaidi ya mara 100 wakati wa kampeni zake na hata sasa bado anaendelea kusema. Watanzania wamekuwa na kilio cha muda mrefu kwamba wamekuwa wakishindwa kupatiwa huduma muhimu na watendaji wa serikali, ambao wengi wao hawatekelezi wajibu wao ipasavyo.

Itakumbukwa kwamba, hata kabla hajaunda Baraza lake la Mawaziri, Rais Magufuli alifanya mambo makubwa kadhaa ambayo hayakutegemewa. Kwanza alifanya ziara mbili kubwa za kushtukiza ambapo Novemba 6, 2015 ikiwa ni siku moja tu baada ya kuapishwa alitembea kwa miguu kutoka Ikulu hadi Wizara ya Fedha ambako alipita katika ofisi moja baada ya nyingine na baadaye alifanya kikao na watendaji. Novemba 9 alifanya ziara nyingine ya kushtukiza katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili ambako alivunja Bodi ya Wakurugenzi, alimwondoa Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa hospitali hiyo, Dk. Hussein Kidanto na kuamuru mashine muhimu za vipimo za CT-Scan na MRI kutengenezwa haraka huku akitoa sehemu ya mshahara wake kumlipia mgonjwa mmoja aliyekuwa anahitaji kufanyiwa kipimo cha CT-Scan.

Ni katika kipindi hicho ambapo Serikali, katika zile zile ziara za kushtukiza zilizofanywa na Rais mwenyewe na Waziri Mkuu Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa, Watanzania walishuhudia vigogo wa Mamlaka ya Bandari Tanzania (TPA) na Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA) wakiswekwa ndani, kusimamishwa, kutenguliwa teuzi zao na wengine kufikishwa mahakamani kwa makossa mbalimbali, yakiwemo uzembe, rushwa na ufisadi na matumizi mabaya ya madaraka. Tumeona watendaji wa mamlaka nyingi za umma wakiendelea kusimamishwa/kufukuzwa kazi kama Kamishna Mkuu wa TRA, Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Mamlaka ya Vitambulisho vya Taifa (NIDA), Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa TAKUKURU, UHAMIAJI na TRL. Hii imerudisha nidhamu kwa watumishi wa UMMA na kuleta ufanisi katika utoaji wa huduma kwa wananchi.


Itakumbukwa kwamba, Rais Magufuli alipunguza kupunguza sherehe na dhifa za kitaifa na Jumatatu ya Novemba 23, 2015, alitangaza kufutwa kwa Sherehe za Uhuru Desemba 9 na kuagiza fedha za maandalizi ya sikukuu hiyo zitumike kutatua matatizo mengine, ikiwemo kufanya upanuzi wa Barabara ya Morocco-Mwenge huku akiagiza siku hiyo itumike kusafisha mazingira ili kupunguza matatizo ya kipindupindu nchini. Alifuta sherehe za Muungano na kuelekeza kwamba fedha hizo zitumike kupanua barabara ya kutoka Uwanja wa Ndege jijini Mwanza hadi mjini. Aliagiza pia taasisi hizo zifanye vikao vyao katika kumbi maalum za idara zao badala ya kwenda mikoani ama kukodi kumbi za hoteli huku watu akijilipa posho nyingi wakati vikao hivyo ni vya kiutendaji tu.

Tumeshuhudia katika uteuzi wa viongozi wa serikali ya Awamu ya 5, Mh. Rais amezuia shamlashamla za kupongezana viongozi wa serikali wanapoteuliwa na kufanya uteuzi wa serikali ya awamu ya Tano kutumia bajeti ndogo katika siku hizo za uteuzi. Mfano, uteuzi wa Wakuu wa wilaya, Mawaziri na wakuu wa Mikoa hakukuwa na shamlashamla kama ilivyozoeleka katika awamu zilizopita.

Hili limesaidia kuokoa fedha nyingi ambazo zimekwenda kufanya shughuli za maendeleo ya wananchi. Wale waliodhani kwamba utendaji wa Dk. Magufuli ni mfumo wa kujilundikia majukumu bila utekelezaji (Slack Management Style) walikosea sana, kwa sababu tangu wakati ule tumeshuhudia watendaji wengi wazembe, wala rushwa na mafisadi wakiwajibishwa huku wengine wakifikishwa mahakamani.


Suala la kuwepo kwa watumishi hewa, ambalo lilikuwa linalalamikiwa kwa muda mrefu, safari hii Rais Magufuli alilitumbua ambapo tulishuhudia kwamba kumbe kulikuwa na watumishi hewa zaidi ya 12,000 waliokuwa wanalipwa mabilioni ya fedha ambazo ziliingia kwa maofisa wajanja. Kuonyesha kwamba hakuwa na mzaha hata kidogo, alimfuta kazi mara moja Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Shinyanga baada ya kugundua kwamba alimdanganya kwamba mkoa wake haukuwa na mtumishi hewa hata mmoja wakati haikuwa hivyo. Mabilioni mengi ya fedha yameokolewa kutokana na zoezi hilo katika Serikali za Mitaa.


Rais Magufuli alianza mara moja kwa kutangaza kufuta safari zote za nje za mafunzo na ziara kwa maofisa na watendaji wa Serikali katika harakati za kubana matumizi huku akibainisha kwamba, safari hizo zililigharimu Taifa mabilioni ya fedha wakati nyingi hazikuwa na tija. Akasema yeyote ambaye alitaka kusafiri ilikuwa lazima apate kibali maalum kutoka kwa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi au kwake yeye. Siyo siri kwamba hili limeondoa zile ‘safari za kufanya shopping’ ambazo maofisa wengi wa serikali walizitumia kutafuna fedha za umma na kuitia doa Serikali ya CCM.

Uamuzi wa Mh. Rais kurudisha utaratibu wa vibali vya kwenda nje, umeokoa pesa nyingi sana ambazo zilikuwa zinatumika na viongozi mbalimbali wa serikali kusafiri kwenda nchi za nje safari ambazo zilikuwa hazina tija kwa taifa. Kwa kulitekeleza hili hata yeye mwenyewe katika kipindi cha miezi 8 ya utawala amesafiri mara 2 tu, kwenda Rwanda na Uganda. Huu ni mfano ambao unatakiwa kuigwa na kuungwa mkono na watanzania wote walio na dhamana katika sekata ya umma.


Katika kufuata Ilani ya Uchaguzi ya CCM ya mwaka 2015, ameweza kupeleka TShs bilioni 18 kwa ajili ya kutekeleza mpango huo wa elimu bure kwa shule za msingi na sekondari. Hivi sasa tunashuhudia idadi kubwa ya udahili wa wanafunzi wa shule za msingi na kuongeza idadi kubwa ya uhitaji wa madawati hasa kwa shule za msingi. Wazazi wengi wameitikia na kuamua kupeleka watoto wao shuleni haya ni matokeo ya Utekelezaji wa Sera ya Elimu bure katika ilani ya uchaguzi ya CCM ya mwaka 2015.


Serikali makini hukusanya kodi! Rais Magufuli katika kipindi kifupi tu ameweza kusimamia vyema ukusanyaji wa kodi akianza kwa kuwabana wafanyabiashara wakubwa ambao walikuwa wakwepaji sugu. Lakini pia Serikali imeweza kupunguza kiasi cha kodi ya PAYE kwa 2% katika mishahara ya wafanyakazi kila mwezi na kuondoa makali ya kodi kwa wafanyakazi wake.


Mh. Rais pia ameweza kuanzisha mahakama ya mafisadi kwa lengo la kupambana na mafisadi ambao wamelifikisha taifa la Tanzania kwa wizi mkubwa wa mali za umma pamoja na matumizi mabaya ya fedha za serikali. Hili alilisema katika kampeni na amelitekeleza kwa asilimia 80 akionyesha dhamira yake ya kushughukia watu wa namna hiyo.

Katika sherehe za kuanza mwaka wa kimahakama Mh. Rais aliweza kuahidi na kutoa jumla ya Tshs Bilion 12 ili kuharakisha utendaji wa mahakama jambo ambalo halijawahi kufanyika na kila mwaka awamu zilizopita bajeti haitoshelezi kwa muhimili huu. Fedha hizo zilikabidhiwa kwa Idara hiyo mwezi Februari 2016.

Ajabu ni kwamba, kasi ya kuwawajibisha watumishi wa umma ikaanza kupingwa na baadhi ya wapinzani, hususan wale ambao walikuwa wanaahidi kwenye kamepni zao kwamba wangeweza kupambana na ufisadi! Siyo siri kwamba, tayari kasi yake hiyo ilikuwa imewapoteza wapinzani hata kabla hajaunda baraza la mawaziri – wakati huo akiwa na wasaidizi watatu tu – Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi, Makamu wa Rais na Waziri Mkuu!


Mh. Rais amehaidi kujenga mabweni kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wa chuo kikuu cha Dar es salaam jambo ambalo lilipigiwa kelele sana na wanafunzi katika awamu zilizopita lakini leo litafanyika kupitia Mh. Rais wa awamu ya Tano kama alivyo ahidi.

Yako mengi sana aliyoyatekeleza ambayo hayawezi kutosha hapa, lakini Rais Magufuli, ambaye kimsingi ameisongesha mbele Tanzania katika kipindi kifupi, anaweza kufanya mambo makubwa zaidi hasa atakapokabidhiwa uenyekiti wa taifa wa CCM, chama tawala na kikongwe kabisa barani Afrika, kwa sababu huko nako ataondoa mfumo mbovu wa uongozi unaokifanya chama hicho kilalamikiwe na kiwe agenda kuu ya wapinzani kila mara.

Wale wanaobeza utendaji wake wanapaswa kukaa kimya, kwani Wananchi waliomweka madarakani ndio watakaompima na kumhukumu, kwa sababu hakuna aliyetegemea kama serikali hii ingeweza kuondoa Service Charge kwenye umeme wa majumbani ambapo wananchi walikuwa wanaumizwa sana na hili jambo.

Mwenye nia njema na maendeleo ya taifa hili, anapaswa kuiunga mkono kwa dhati kabisa serikali ya Dk. Magufuli kwa utendaji huu na siyo kumhujumu, kumbeza ama kutoka visingizio vyovyote vile.


Ndugu zangu Watanzania, wakati wanachama wa CCM wakijiandaa na Mkutano Mkuu wa chama hicho kikiwa na ajenda moja tu kumkabidhi Rais John Magufuli uenyekiti wa CCM, wanachama wa chama hicho wanapaswa kutambua mambo kadhaa ambayo yanampa umuhimu wa kipekee Rais Magufuli kupewa nafasi hiyo na wajumbe wa mkutano mkuu, pamoja na Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM Taifa.

Chama cha Mapinduzi kina rasilimali nyingi:
  1. Rasilimali watu
  2. Rasilimali Ardhi, Majengo na Viwanja
  3. Wananzuoni wa kila taaluma
  4. Wafanyabiashara ndogondogo (machinga)
  5. Wafanyabiashara wa kati na wakubwa
  6. Wanachama wake wanaozidi milioni 9
  7. Mashabiki wake wanaozidi milioni 28.9
  8. Wakulima
  9. Wavuvi
  10. Wafugaji nk.
Lakini pamoja na utajiri huo, bado chama hicho hakiwezi kujiendesha na wanategemea Ruzuku kutoka Ofisi ya Msajili wa Vyama vya Siasa, pamoja na wafadhili ambao wengine siyo wasafi kwenye rekodi za kodi.

Ndugu waandishi wa habari, baada ya kutafakari kwa kina tumegundua kwamba, Mhe Rais Magufuli anazo agenda nzuri za kukiendeleza chama hicho kisiasa, kiuchumi na kimaendeleo pindi atakapopewa chama hicho.

Agenda hizo ni:

Mosi: Kuhakikisha chama kinajitegemea kwa kuanzisha miradi ya maendeleo ambayo itakifanya kijiendeshe chenyewe bila kutegemea wafadhili.

Pili: Miradi ambayo ipo tayari ijulikane na iwekwe wazi na iwanufaishe wanachama na wananchi kwa ujumla.

Tatu: Kuongeza wanachama zaidi wa chama hicho.

Nne: Kuwa na wanachama wanaokipenda chama hicho na wenye uzalendo na chama hicho na nchi yao.

Ndugu waandishi wa habari, kwa mtazamo huo tunawaomba wajumbe wa Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM, pamoja na wajumbe wa Mkutano Mkuu waone umuhimu wa kumpa Mhe Rais Magufuli kura za kutosha ili awe mwenyekiti wa Chama cha Mapinduzi.

Aidha, kuna taarifa za baadhi wa wanaCCM wachache ambao wamekuwa wanazunguka mikoani na wilayani wakieneza taarifa za uongo kwamba Rais Magufuli mwenyewe ndiye hataki kuwa mwenyekiti wa chama.

Ndugu wananchi na waandishi wa habari, tunawaonya hao wanaoeneza uongo huo waache mara moja kwa kuwa uongo na uzushi huo haulengi kukijenga chama na watu hao huenda wakajikuta kwenye wakati mgumu kama wataendelea kuzusha na kueneza uongo huo.

Tunawaomba Watanzania wazidi kumuombea rais wetu kwa kuwa anaonyesha nia ya dhati kuhakikisha nchi inapata maendeleo, kwani hata wakati aliposhiriki jubilee ya miaka 50 ya Benki Kuu ya Tanzania alisikika akiwataka benki kuu kuhakikisha wanalinda thamani ya shilingi pamoja na kushusha mfumko wa bei.

Kama mnavyojua, moja ya matatizo makubwa kwa watanzania hasa wa kipato cha chini ni mfumko wa bei ambao umekuwa unawatesa kila mwaka bila serikali kutafuta njia mbadala za kupunguza mfumko huo, lakini rais wa awamu ya tano Mhe Magufuli na serikali yake wanapambana kuondoa kero hiyo kubwa kwa Watanzania.

Tudumishe umoja, mshikamano na Amani. Mungu Ibariki Afrika, Mungu Ibariki Tanzania!

Imeandaliwa na:
  • David Saire Manoti-Mwanasiasa Kijana
  • Raphael Nyang’i Awino- Mwanasiasa kijana
  • Cyprian Musiba Nyamagambile- Mwandishi/Mtafiti
  • Dotto omary Nyirenda - Mwanadiplomasia kijana
  • Daniel Mahelela - Mtafiti
  • Juma George Chikawe-Mwanasheria

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Julai 24, 2016

[audio] Chahali - Kwaheri JK, Karibu Magufuli: Uchambuzi wa kina wa uchaguzi wa M/Kiti CCM

Jana Julai 23, 2016 Rais Dokta John Magufuli alichaguliwa kwa asilimia 100 kuwa Mwenyekiti mpya wa Taifa wa chama tawala CCM, na mtangulizi wake, Rais Mstaafu, Jakaya Kikwete, kung'atuka rasmi. Ufuatao ni uchambuzi wa kina kuhusu mabadiliko hayo ya uongozi wa juu kabisa wa chama hicho kikongwe, hasa fursa na changamoto kwa Mwenyekiti mpya Magufuli. Karibuni...

Check this out on Chirbit

Pokémon: The Surprising history behind the word - TIME explains

Dictionary.com added a definition for the word on July 19

If a bewildered Boomer turned to an online dictionary these last few weeks, hoping to make some sense out of all thisPokémon business in the news, they likely would have been greeted with a correction. Did you meanpikeman, a soldier armed with a pike? Or perhaps the shell membrane, putamen? Maybe pygmaean, that which is typical of pygmies?

As of Tuesday, however, this set will get the results they’re looking for on Dictionary.com.
  1. a media franchise including video games, animated television series, movies, card games, etc. that depict a fictional class of pet monsters and their trainers.
  2. a pet monster in this fictional world.
The word is among more than 300 in the dictionary’s editors latest batch, and they say that the timing is a coincidence. This trademark just happened to be in their definition queue right as a viral mobile game by that name took the world by poké-storm. But it’s dovetailing with a “surge in lookups” that they’re seeing now and is timely evidence that this Japanese-spawned term has become an English word in its own right — even though it was kind of English to begin with.

The name of Nintendo’s lucrative franchise was created through a process known as wasei eigo. That phrase, says language writer John Kelly, literally means “Japan-made English” and refers to the process of Japanese speakers taking “English nuts and bolts” and “assembling them into new Japanese words.” In rare cases, if the term proves popular or useful enough, it then gets borrowed back by English speakers, coming full circle, poké-style.

In a common version of this process, Japanese speakers start with English words — in this case the raw materials were pocket and monster — and then “transmogrify” them so they sound like a more typical Japanese phrase and describe a novel concept, Kelly says. The words get spelled out in a Japanese writing system used for foreign words, called katakana, so academics call this step “katakanization.”

Launching his game in the mid-90s, developer Satoshi Tajiri took the first syllables of each of those katakanized words— poketto monsutā — and mashed them together. Hence the three-syllable word in the title of the most popular mobile game in U.S. history. English becomes Japanese becomes portmanteau becomes English.

Kelly, who specializes in writing about etymology, points to other examples of words that went through the wasei-eigo machine and ended up back in English dictionaries. There’s salary man, a term for a white-collar businessman that was invented by the Japanese; they pronounced itsararī-man before English speakers re-Anglicized it. Another example iscosplay — the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book or video game. Japanese speakers turned the words costume and play intokosupure, which became cosplay when English speakers welcomed their root words back in a new form.

Perhaps the best known example is karaoke. Its root, explains Nagoya University‘s Nathan Hopson, are the Japanese word for empty (kara) and the katakanized word for “orchestra” (ōkesutora). As he has written, the popularity of that word in English and around the world is a testament to “the ways in which language becomes globalized in thickly tangled webs of exchange.”

Other examples that never got taken up in America are romansu gurē(romance + gray), a Japanese word for a middle-aged lover. There is wan patān (one + pattern), an adjective that describes “that which is overdone.” Though academics have outlined competing theories about what exactly is going on when Japanese speakers coin new words based on foreign ones, Kelly emphasizes that it is not a “poor attempt” at English. “It’s not trying to do a one-to-one translation,” he says. “It’s making something wholly new.”

Showing up in a dictionary isn’t an absolute testament to whether a foreign-derived word is part of standard English, though it’s evidence you would use to make a case if you were, say, playing high-level Scrabble. Beyond that, there is other evidence that Pokémon has taken on a life of its own on this side of the Pacific.

People are breaking it apart and forming new words, like pokémania, to describe the widespread, wild adoption of Pokémon Go. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “verbed” the title of the game, punnily saying she wished she could figure out how to get voters to “Pokémon Go to the polls!” And while in Japanese, pokémon would be the singular and plural form, English speakers are describing the pet monsters as “pokémons,” much like how they say and write “emojis,” which comes from the Japanese words forpicture (e-) and character (moji).

For his part, Kelly believes that a foreign word becomes an English one when lots of people are “using it very naturally and smoothly across a variety of contexts.” That uptake often happens quicker when the word fills a specific role, giving people a term that describes something no other string of letters can. And whether you are obsessed with them or desperately tired of hearing about them, those pet monsters go by no other name.

“It’s like karaoke on steroids!” Hopson says of Pokémon. “Two English words, katakana-ized, chopped in half, glued together, and then shipped back out to take over the world.”

This is how Pokémon Go (and other apps) is making money

According to MoneyNation, as of July 14th article, Pokémon GO is worth $29 billion based on Nintendo’s stock price jump, but that’s actually a bargain with revenue that goes way beyond in-app purchases.

Let’s look at the surface numbers that everyone is throwing around. 21 million daily active users. 700,000 downloads per day. $1.6 million a day spent on in-app purchases. Seems like a big deal but why is everybody freaking out about it? Why in short, to paraphrase John Lennon, is it more popular than he and Jesus put together? Why did Nintendo’s stock jump $9.67 billion in a single week after its release? A fresh-off the presses MoneyNation analysis below shows why.