Tanzania’s Mkekabet becomes 1st in Afriica to sign deal with FSB Technology

London-based sportsbook platform provider FSB Technology has expanded into the African market for the first time following a deal with Tanzanian betting operator Mkekabet.

FSB will power Mkekabet’s online offering, as well as provide an SMS betting service for the operator.

The bespoke Mkekabet.com website is available in English and Swahili and will enable customers to bet on a range of sports including football, tennis, basketball, cricket, golf, volleyball, and handball.

The platform has also been integrated into technology provider Oxygen8’s mobile payment gateway, making use of both M-pesa and Tigo mobile banking services.

FSB will provide both pre-match and in-play bets for the operator, and plans to introduce a jackpot product based on correct football scores which will be available in multiple jurisdictions.

FSB Technology’s business development director Richard Thor said he was delighted that the site was now live after meeting a series of challenging requirements including the need to accept wagers via SMS.

“We’re very pleased to have launched Mkekabet and are very confident it will be very beneficial to its operator in Tanzania and beyond,” he said.

“We were always confident that we could tailor our offering to wide range of territories, but answering language, local payment provision, and scalability questions has been very rewarding.”

Mkekabet’s managing director Mark Robertson added: “We’ve been very impressed with FSB’s ability to customise their platform for our local payment and regulatory requirements.

“Our site is now the best looking and best performing ones around and we have a distinct advantage over our competitors.”

Job: Deputy Team Leader

Company Overview

Palladium develops and delivers solutions that create positive impact for communities, businesses, societies and economies. We transform lives and create enduring value by working with governments, corporations and non-profit organisations. Palladium is built on the idea that progress will be supported by four key pillars:
  • International Development
  • Strategy Execution Consulting
  • Impact Investment
  • Training and EventsWe create positive impact through more than 100 current projects with more than 2000 employees operating in over 90 countries.
Palladium is a child-safe organisation, and screens applicants for suitability to work with children. Wealso provide equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.

Project Overview and Role

The objectives of this upcoming DFID-funded programme is to enable the poorest and most vulnerable in Tanzanian society to become more resilient to climate change and to benefit from low carbon growth through the strengthening of the United Republic of Tanzania Public sector institutions.


Primary responsibilities
  • The DTL reports to the Team Leader, and the position will respond to requests and guidance from the Palladium Project Manager and Operations Group. The DTL is responsible for:
  • Supporting the Team Leader in overall strategic, technical, programmatic, financial, and management guidance and support for large-scale programme activities;
  • Providing strategic, technical, programmatic, financial, and management support for programme;
  • Ensuring that project objectives, outcomes, and deliverables are met and financial, operational, and reporting requirements met;
  • Leading communication with in-country program sub-awardees, partners, and other stakeholders;
  • Preparing monthly status updates and participate in monthly program review meetings;
  • Supporting the Team Leader in working with and building the capacity of government authorities at all levels of government, with local community-based organizations, and with the private sector;
  • Providing analytical and evaluative techniques to identify and resolve issues or problems; and
  • If required, travel and other duties as assigned by the Team Leader.
  • Master's degree in international development or related fields;
  • 5-7+ years? experience in institutional capacity building (capacity building in the climate change sector is preferable);
  • Demonstrated success and experience in building capacity of stakeholders, staff, and partners to more effectively meet the requirements of their position;
  • 2+ years? experience in senior-level management and leadership positions, preferably in a donor-funded international development projects (DFID experience and knowledge of the Theory of Change is an advantage);
  • Some experience with environmental or climate change policy or finance;
  • Some experience with climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies and techniques;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and proven ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships across teams and organizations;
  • Attention to detail and ability to effectively and efficiently perform multiple tasks and balance competing priorities often within a required timeframe;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Good team leadership, management and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and to manage competing priorities;
  • Attention to detail and ability to effectively and efficiently perform multiple tasks and balance competing priorities often within a required timeframe;
  • Outstanding team player and willingness to learn and support learning of others; and
  • Fluency in written and oral communication skills in English and Kiswahili is essential.
Tanzanian nationals are strongly encouraged to apply

Follow this link to apply: https://palladiumhr.secure.force.com...

Katuni: Hapa kwangu bakora tu... utakimbia

Katuni: Simba sokoni... teh

Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za magazeti ya Tanzania leo Agosti 2, 2016

Job opportunity for a Regional Trainer at MS TCDC, Arusha


MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MS TCDC), located in Usa River near Arusha, was established in 1976 to prepare Danish volunteers to work in East and Southern Africa. Today it trains over 5,000 people annually from all over the world in Kiswahili language and culture, and in 70 governance, leadership and development courses. For more information please, visit www.mstcdc.or.tz

Update: [audio] Mila? Wamasai wavamia nyumba kumchukua kijana wakamtoe kafara

Update: Audio yenye taarifa mpya iliyotolewa leo Ijumaa, Agosti 5, 2016...


Mwishoni mwa juma lililopita, kundi kubwa la kabila la Wamasai kutoka ndani na nje ya nchi, lilivamia nyumba moja katika Wilaya ya Hai kwa lengo la kumchukua kijana mmoja ili atolewe kafara kwa ajili ya kutakasa rika lake.

Bofya kitufe cha pleya iliyopchikwa hapa kusikiliza ripoti hii iliyosikika katika Redio Sauti ya Injili - Moshi.

U.S.A. pledges $407 million aid to Tanzania

REUTERS, Mon Aug 1, 2016 -- The United States pledged $407 million aid to Tanzania on Monday, months after cancelling a similar payment due to an election that it said had violated the country's commitment to democracy.

The U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) canceled a $473 million aid package in March after elections in the Zanzibar archipelago that it said were not free and fair. It said at the time that other aid commitments would not be affected.

Haji Semboja, an economics professor at the University of Dar es Salaam, told Reuters the new assistance implied that Washington was satisfied with ongoing government reforms.

"Although the MCC initiative and this new funding are two separate programmes, this new aid commitment is a sign that Tanzania is heading in the right direction," he said.

The U.S. embassy said the $407 would be disbursed this year to support the areas of health, agriculture, natural resource management, education, energy and democratic governance.

It is part of a five-year aid deal signed between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Tanzania on Monday and constitutes half of the U.S. government's expenditure on development in Tanzania, the U.S. embassy said.


Leo tarehe 1 Agosti 2016, Bi Sharon Cromer Mkurugenzi Mkazi akiwakilisha Shirika la Marekani la Maendeleo ya Kimataifa (USAID) na Dk. Servacius Likwelile, akiiwakilisha Serikali ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania wamesaini mkataba wa miaka mitano wa msaada wa USAID kwa Tanzania (five-year strategic assistance agreement). Kwa kupitia mkataba huu, Marekani, kwa uratibu kamili wa Serikali ya Tanzania, inalenga kuisaidia Tanzania kufikia azma yake ya mageuzi ya kiuchumi na kijamii na kuwa nchi yenye uchumi wa kati ifikapo mwaka 2025. Chini ya mkataba huu, mwaka huu, Serikali ya Marekani kupitia USAID inatarajia kuwekeza nchini Tanzania Dola za Kimarekani milioni 407 katika sekta mbalimbali, ikiwa ni pamoja na sekta za afya, kilimo, usimamizi wa maliasili, nishati na utawala wa kidemokrasia. Uwekezaji huu wa Dola za Kimarekani milioni 407 ni nusu ya bajeti ya mwaka ambayo Serikali ya Marekani hutumia kwa maendeleo na miradi mingine ya pamoja nchini Tanzania ambayo baadhi hutekelezwa na Serikali ya Tanzania na mingine hutekelezwa na mashirika yasiyo ya kiserikali yanayofanya kazi nchini Tanzania.

Kwa taarifa zaidi kuhusu mkataba huu, tafadhali wasiliana kwa barua pepe na Japhet Sanga ([email protected]), Afisa Habari Mwandamizi wa Ubalozi wa Marekani Dar es Salaam au Bw. Benny Mwaipaja, ([email protected]), Kaimu Afisa Habari Mkuu wa Serikali – Wizara ya Fedha, Dar es salaam.

Kuhusu kutenguliwa Mkurugenzi na uhusiano wa kushindwa CCM Morogoro 2015.

Taarifa kwa vyombo vya habari

Agosti 1, 2016

Kuhusu kutenguliwa kwa Mkurugenzi wa Bagamoyo na uhusiano wa kushindwa CCM katika majimbo ya Mlimba na Kilombero, mkoani Morogoro 2015.

Julai 30, mwaka huu, Mheshimiwa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Dokta John Pombe Magufuli alitengua uteuzi wa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Wilaya ya Bagamoyo, Bibi Azimina A. Mbilinyi. Taarifa hiyo iliyosainiwa na Eng. Musa Iyombe, Katibu Mkuu Ofisi ya Rais TAMISEMI, ilisema Rais alitengua uteuzi huo kwa sababu hakuridhishwa na utendaji kazi wa Bibi Azimina A. Mbilinyi.

Baada ya taarifa hiyo, wapo watu wanaohusisha kutenguliwa mkurugenzi huyo na kushindwa kwa CCM katika majimbo ya Mlimba na Kilombero. Kabla ya kuhamishimiwa Bagamoyo, Bibi Mbilinyi alikuwa Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya Kilombero, yenye majimbo mawili ya uchaguzi, ambayo yote wabunge wake ni wa kambi ya Chadema; Peter Lijualikali-Kilombero na Suzan Kiwanga Mlimba.


Naandika haya kama mtu ambaye nilishiriki kura za maoni na niliona kasoro zilizotokea na ndizo zilizosababisha CCM kushindwa, unaweza kuona hata madiwani tumepata wachache kuliko wenzetu. Nilikuwa kati ya watia nia katika CCM Jimbo la Mlimba, wengine niliogombea nao ni Dk Frederick Sagamiko (ambaye sasa ni Mkurugenzi-Maswa), Senorina Kateule, Godwin Kunambi (ambaye ndiye alipitishwa na chama kugombea), Augustino Kusalika, George Swevetta, Castor Ligallama, Profesa Jumanne Mhoma, Jane Mihanji, Fred Mwasakilale.

Kwa upande wa Jimbo la Kilombero watia nia walikuwa Kanali mstaafu Harun Kondo, Vitus Lipagila, Abdullah Lyana, Oscar Mazengo, Japhet Mswaki, Paul Mfungahema, John Guninita, Abubakari Asenga (ambaye sasa ni katibu tawala Rombo) na Abdul Mteketa.


Katika mchakato wa kumpata mgombea wa Ubunge, hapo ndipo tatizo lilipoanzia; Kwa mfano katika Jimbo la Mlimba, tangu siku ya kwanza ya kampeni katika kumsaka mgombea, tukiwa tunatoka makao makuu ya wilaya (Ifakara), tulipofika hotelini kata ya Mlimba ugomvi uliibuka miongoni mwa watia nia.

Msingi wa ugomvi huo uliozaa uhasama, ilikuwa mmoja wa watia nia kumrushia maneno mwingine kiasi cha kutaka kupigana; sababu kubwa ni kwamba sote tuliwahi kufika katika kambi yaani hoteli ambayo tulitakiwa kuwepo kabla ya kwenda vijijini kwa wanaCCM wenzetu kujinadi, lakini kuna mtia nia ambaye alichelewa zaidi ya saa masaa matano kufika tulipotakiwa kuwepo yaani hapo kwenye kambi, kitendo ambacho kilitafsiriwa kama alikuwa anafanya kampeni.

Aidha mtia nia huyo aliambiwa na mtia nia mwenzake (huyo waliyekuwa wakigombana) kwamba yeye hakupaswa kugombea Jimbo la Mlimba, kwa sababu makazi yake ni kata ya Mkamba, ambayo iko katika Jimbo la Kilombero.

Kama hiyo haitoshi, katika kura za maoni kulikuwa na malalamiko kuwa baadhi ya watia nia ni kama walipandikiza watu, kwamba yuko mtia nia ambaye kulipokuwa na mkutano wa wana CCM ili kusikia sera za watia nia, aliposimama yeye alikuwa anashangiliwa sana, na wakati mwingine kama yeye alikuwa wa kwanza kuzungumza, basi baada ya yeye kuongea, wengi wa wana CCM walikuwa wakiondoka kwenye mikutano.


Licha ya malalamiko hayo kuwasilishwa wilayani, hapakuwa na hatua za haraka zilizochukuliwa. Kitendo hiki kiliendelea kuimarisha ufa ndani ya CCM hasa miongoni mwa wagombea (watia nia).


Baada ya kumaliza kujinadi, uchaguzi ulifanyika katika vituo mbalimbali huku tukiambiwa tuweke mawakala katika maeneo ya kupigia kura. Wengi tulifanya hivyo. Kwenye kura za maoni, miujiza ilianza kutokea, kwamba katika kata fulani, wakala wako anakwambia umepata kura kiasi fulani, wilayani tulikuwa tukiona kura tofauti. Wengi tulipohoji tuliambiwa tutulie kungekuwa na vikao kujadili kama kuna kasoro na namna gani twende sawa.


Hadi leo hakuna kikao kilichoitishwa na wilaya kujadili malalamiko ambayo watia nia waliyawasilisha wilayani. Matokeo yake ni nini? Ukweli ni kwamba wapo wanaCCM wengi walijitoa CCM moja kwa moja na kuungana na upinzani, huku wengine walifanya hivyo kwa siri, sababu kubwa ni kwamba waliona ofisi ya Wilaya haikuwatendea haki kwa kutofanya kikao, kitendo ambacho kilitafsiriwa kama walikuwa na mgombea wao waliyemtaka, japo ofisi ya CCM wilaya Kilombero imekuwa ikikanusha hilo.

Anguko la CCM katika Wilaya ya Kilombero lilitokana na dharau; baadhi ya viongozi kuamini kwamba wanaweza kwenda mbele hata kama watawadharau au watayadharau malalamiko ya watia nia wengine.


Ni mimi, Dismas Lyassa pekee ndiye niliyeshiriki kwenye mikutano ya kuwanadi wagombea, niliwasha gari yangu kutoka Dar es Salaam hadi Ifakara kwenye kumnadi Abubakar Assenga. Wengine walikuwa na sababu zao zikiwamo kutofurahishwa na mchakato mzima wa upatikanaji wa wagombea.


Kama nilivyotangulia kusema, natoa taarifa hii kama mtu ambaye nayajua mazingira ya kushindwa kwa CCM yangu katika uchaguzi, mtu ambaye najua kwanini CCM tulishindwa mwaka 2015. Huenda wengine waliona tofauti lakini haya ni kwa namna ninavyoona mimi kama Dismas Lyassa.

Kwa bahati nzuri katiba inaruhusu kila mtu kutoa maoni yake katika jambo kwa kadri anavyoona yeye, ndivyo ninavyoona mimi kilichotokea kwenye uchaguzi 2015, wengine wanaweza kuwa na maoni tofauti, nao waheshimiwe kwa sababu kila mtu ana uhuru wa kutoa maoni kwa kadri anavyoona yeye.

Katika mitandao ya kijamii, yuko mwanasiasa mmoja maarufu nchini anahusisha kuanguka CCM eti kwa sababu alishindwa kuisaidia CCM kushinda. Kwa mazingira niliyoyaeleza wagombea wetu wangewezaje kushinda? Mfano katika kijiji cha Mofu pekee, zaidi ya viongozi 15 wa matawi na taasisi mbalimbali walihama CCM na kwenda upinzani, jumatano ya kuelekea jumapili ya uchaguzi. CCM haijapoteza majimbo ya Mlimba na Kilombero pekee, kwa hiyo sioni mantiki ya kuhusisha haya ya Azimina na siasa.

Wapo wanaoweza kusema aaah sasa mbona Rais amechukua maamuzi saa chache baada ya CCM kushindwa kesi za kupinga matokeo….jambo humtokea mtu wakati wowote, iwe anatoka usingizini…kazini nk…mtu anaweza kufa hata kama anatoka nyumba ya ibada…huwezi kusema si angesubiri kwanza.

Bibi Azimina A. Mbilinyi

Akiwa Mkurugenzi Kilombero niliwahi kuwasiliana nae kwa simu/whatsap kuhusu kijana mmoja aliyesomeshwa na mjane. Kwamba, kijana huyo alipata ajira katika halmashauri hiyo kama afisa maendeleo, lakini aliporipoti akaambiwa arudi atatafutwa. Nilimpigia Azimini mara kadhaa kujua juu ya suala hili na majibu yalikuwa ni kwamba anafanyia kazi, huku kukiwa na utata wa kama nafasi hiyo ambayo ilikuwa ni kwa mujibu Tume ya Utumishi wa Umma kama ilikuwa bado au la.

Maana yake ni nini? Ikiwa mimi najua hili, je wewe ulikuwa unajua? Kumbe ni kwamba sio sahihi kuzungumza mambo tusiyoyajua. No research, no right to SPEAK. Huyo kijana ambaye amesomeshwa na mjane, hadi leo hana kazi, anaishi kwa mama yake kwenye nyumba moja inayotazamana na hoteli ya Landmark Ubungo, Dar es Salaam. Hana ajira, licha ya kwamba tayari alishaipata, ameambiwa asubiri, leo ni zaidi ya miezi nane tangu aambiwe asubiri, hakuna jibu lililonyooka.

Ambacho nataka umma ufahamu ni kwamba ukweli kuhusu majimbo ya Kilombero na Mlimba ni huo, kwamba wapo wana CCM walioshirikiana na vyama vya upinzani ili tu ishinde kwa sababu waliamini hawakutendewa haki na chama hasa pale kilipofunga milango ya kuwepo kwa mikutano ya suruhu.


Kama mtakumbuka baada ya uchaguzi mkuu, niliongoza mpango wa kufufua CCM Kilombero, niliwasiliana na viongozi wa kata zote, matawi na wanachama; azma ilikuwa kwanza ni kuwaondoa viongozi wa wilaya, hata hivyo nilishawishiwa na baadhi ya viongozi wa ngazi za juu wa chama kwamba suala hilo lingeweza kuharibu zaidi, kwa hiyo niwe na utulivu na nifanye mawasiliano na wote ambao nilishawasiliana nao ili kuahirisha chochote nilichokuwa nimekipanga.

Nilifanya hivyo, kutokana na kuwatii hasa baada ya kuelezwa njia nyinginezo ambazo zingeweza kuweka mambo sawa ndani ya chama.

Naomba ulimwengu ufahamu kwamba hayo ndiyo yaliyotokea katika majimbo ya Mlimba na Kilombero; shida kubwa ni sisi wenyewe tulishindwa kuungana baada ya kura za maoni, na viongozi hadi leo hawajatuunganisha. 

Kwa kuanguka kwa CCM wa kuondolewa ni viongozi wote wakuu wa CCM Wilaya kutokana na sababu 1.Kushindwa kuwa na mkakati wa kuimarisha chama, hasa kutokana na ukweli kwamba hata wakati wa kura za maoni, wapo wanachama walitoa lawama za wazi kwamba viongozi wa wilaya wamekuwa wazito kutembelea kata na matawi ili kuyaimarisha. 2. Pia hawakuona umuhimu wa kuweka suruhu baina ya watia nia 3. Kuna haja ya viongozi wakuu wa chama chetu (CCM) kuomba kibali ili waingilie mawasiliano ya simu ya viongozi wa CCM Wilaya Kilombero, hasa laini za tigo na Airtel, kuanzia Julai 2015hadi Oktoba 2015. Nafahamu ninachokiongea ndio maana sijataja laini za simu za makampuni mengine.


Kutangaza mambo tofauti ni kupotosha umma bila sababu, tuungane na Rais katika kuimarisha nchi. Miaka mingi tumekuwa tukililia Rais mchapakazi, sasa amepatikana ni vema kumtia moyo.
Kwani hujawahi kuwa na rafiki, halafu ukabini kwamba haikuwa sahihi kuwa nae? 

Ni mambo ya kujitafakari badala ya kulaumu.

Tanzania kwanza; tuungane kuijenga nchi yetu.

Wako katika ujenzi wa taifa

Dismas Lyassa
Taarifa hii nimeitoa leo Agosti mosi, 2016