Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za baadhi ya magazeti ya Tanzania leo Agosti 16, 2016

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Agosti 15, 2016

NW Kigwangalla aendelea kukagua ofisi za mashirika yanayohusika na LGBTQ

Dkt. Kigwangalla, Naibu Waziri wa Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, jinsia, wazee na watoto Na Mbunge wa Jimbo la Nzega Vijijini, leo jioni ameendesha operesheni maalum ya ukaguzi wa ofisi za shirika lisilo la kiserikali la Community Health Education Services and Advocacy (CHESA), ikiwa ni muendelezo wa vita ya uhamasishaji wa vitendo vya mapenzi ya jinsia moja ulioanza kuota mizizi nchini.

Shirika la CHESA, pamoja na mashirika mengine (sintoyataja hapa) yanasemwa kuwa yanaendesha shughuli ambazo hayakusajiliwa kufanya, ikiwemo tuhuma za kuhamasisha watu wanaofanya mapenzi ya jinsia moja kudai haki zao kupitia miradi yao na harakati nyingine mbalimbali.

Mashaka yametanda kwenye nchi nyingi Afrika, dunia ya Waarabu na nchi zenye Wakristo wa Katoliki kuhusiana na marafiki zetu wanaoruhusu mambo haya kwenye sheria, mila na desturi zao kuanzisha mikakati ya kichini chini ya kusambaza pesa kwenye vikundi mbalimbali vya kijamii na asasi zisizo za kiserikali ili kuwahudumia, kuwaunga mkono, kuwaunganisha, kuwatetea, kuwalinda, kuwawezesha, na kuhamasisha jitihada za siri sana na makini za kueneza mapenzi ya jinsia moja nchini.

Pia kuhalalisha kama utamaduni mpya kwa kisingizio cha haki za binadamu. Tanzania imesaini International Bill of Rights (mkataba wa kimataifa wa Haki za binadamu) lakini kwenye mkataba huo Hakuna kipengele hata kimoja kinachoelezea uwepo wa Haki zinazodaiwa na kundi hili.
"Serikali itaendesha harakati nzito za uchunguzi wa pesa zote zinazoenda kwenye NGOs Na vikundi mbalimbali na kufuatilia pesa hizo zimeenda kufanya nini kwenye jamii." Alisema Dkt. Kigwangalla.
"Nimewapa agizo wataalamu kutoka Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto kushirikiana na jeshi letu la polisi kufanya kazi hiyo na kuyafikisha mahakamani Mashirika yote yatakayokutwa na hatia na pia kuchukua hatua ya kuyafutia usajili mashirika yote yatakayobainika kukiuka masharti ya usajili wao kwa mujibu wa sheria. Kwa mfano, coincidentally, tayari shirika hili litapaswa kutoa maelezo juu ya pesa lilizopokea kutoka shirika la kimataifa la JHPIEGO kutekeleza mradi wa SAUTI, ambao kwenye taarifa zake za mwaka limezificha. Mradi wa SAUTI unahudumia watu wanaofanya mapenzi ya jinsia moja." Aliendelea kusema Dkt. Kigwangalla.

Shirika la CHESA kwenye usajili wake hakuna mahali linaeleza kwenye Katiba inayolianzisha kuwa litatoa huduma hizo. Na sababu ni rahisi, kwamba lisingeweka huduma hizo Kwa kuwa lisingesajiliwa.

Miaka ya hivi karibuni Serikali ilifuta usajili wa NGO moja iliyojulikana kama 'Sisi Kwa Sisi' Kwa tuhuma kama hizi. Kwenye uchunguzi huu, imebainika kuwa baadhi ya viongozi wa iliyokuwa Sisi Kwa Sisi ni waandamizi kwenye CHESA. Je, Sisi Kwa Sisi Siyo CHESA kwenye rangi nyingine?


Africa Regional International Staff/Student Exchange: Food Security and Sustainable Human Wellbeing

The Scholarship covers
  • Roundtrip flight ticket and visa costs (using a preferred travel agent and calculated against direct linear distance)
  • Direct participation costs such as tuition fees, registration fees and service fees where applicable
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance (Health, Accident and Travel)
  • A monthly subsistence allowance for the mobility period
Type of MobilitySubsistence AllowanceDuration
Master€600Max 24 months
Doctorates€900Max 36 months
Staff€1000Max 6 months

For more information on Intra-ACP and the Educational, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency click here

Kama kupenda... bora tuachane!

Etisalat Flash fiction Award

About Flash fiction Award

Etisalat has at the core of its vision, to encourage and inspire creativity. Having this in mind, the Flash Fiction Award has been established in order to cater to the large amount of interest received from unpublished writers across the Continent. In order to garner some publicity for the art of flash fiction writing and the writers themselves, this category of the Prize will be open to the general public to review and contribute to the ultimately selection of a winner.

In today’s fast paced world where communication is right at our finger tips through the use of smart devices; phones, tablets and the likes, consumers prefer to consume information on-the-go and in bite sized chunks. The Flash Fiction Award therefore seeks to marry both of these concepts together thus providing added value to mobile device users across Africa.


Winners will receive:
  • Winning Author
  • £1,000 cash prize.
  • High end device or iPad
  • Published e-book (if available) promoted online and via SMS.
Runners-up (2):
  • £500 cash prize (each)
  • High end device or iPad
How to enter
  • Stories [no more than 300 words] should be submitted at the Etisalat Prize for Literature Flash Fiction Webpage.
  • Moderations will be handled by a panel of Judges that are, writers, authors and literary enthusiasts.
  • Entries Open - September 1st, 2016.
  • Voting Open to the general public – October 7th, 2016
  • Top 50 Announced – November 4th , 2016
  • Finalists Announced – January 2017
  • Award Ceremony/Winner Announcement – March 2017
Application link: prize.etisalat.com.ng/entry

Scholarships for online Master of Public Health – Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

We are pleased to offer scholarships for the online Master of Public Health to academically excellent young professionals from Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

Applications for scholarships for entry onto the online Master of Public Health in September 2017 will open in January 2017. Scholarships cover all tuition fees, course materials and examinations.


The scholarships are aimed at academically excellent young professionals with at least two years' post-graduation work experience who would not otherwise have the opportunity to study for a UK qualification. You should meet all the following criteria:
  • be a resident citizen of Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda and have not previously studied abroad; 
  • hold a First or Upper Second class degree; 
  • have a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience; 
  • have a clear idea how studying for an online master’s would benefit both your career and the development of your home country; 
  • have achieved a grade C or above in English Language in the Tanzania Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE), grade 4 or above in the Uganda Certificate of Secondary Education (UCE) or have a minimum IELTS result of 6.5. 
Please note that a Certificate of Proficiency from a local university cannot be considered as evidence of your level of English language proficiency.

How to apply

Applications for scholarships for entry in September 2017 will open in January 2017. It's not necessary to have an offer of admission to apply for the scholarship. Please do not apply online for admission to the University.

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Get the latest updates and announcements by checking our Equity and Merit Facebook page.

6 Former Olympic stars who ended in jail

As the Olympics continue in Rio, the best athletes from around the world are becoming household names.

But winning isn't the only thing some former Olympic figures are known for.

Oscar Pistorius

The 29-year-old South African track and field star known as “Blade Runner” is serving six years in a South African prison for the 2013 killing of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius, a double amputee, claimed he shot Steenkamp through the locked door of his bathroom during the Valentine’s Day murder because he believed she was an intruder.

Pistorius competed in the 400-meter sprint during the 2012 London Games and never took home a medal, however, he made international headlines due to his ability to run on prosthetic blades.

In August 2016, the former Olympian was hospitalized after suffering a wrist injury in prison. His family said he simply fell in his cell after speculation that he tried to kill himself.

Pistorius told officials that he suffered the injuries after falling out of bed, according to a spokesman for the South Africa's correctional services department. He was returned to his cell after being briefly hospitalized.

John du Pont

The eccentric heir to the DuPont Corporation, John du Pont, had an obsession with wrestling and, despite never previously competing in the sport himself, opened an amateur wrestling program on his Pennsylvania property, Foxcatcher Farm, in the mid-80s.

Among wrestlers who trained at the facility, Du Pont invited the Schultz brothers, Dave and Mark, to train at his estate. The brothers would later help younger wrestlers train inside the compound.

Dave Schultz, who won gold at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, was eyeing a comeback for the Atlanta Games. But du Pont shot and killed the 36-year-old at the farm 8 months before the Olympics.

Du Pont was found to be mentally ill but guilty of third-degree murder in 1997. He was sentenced to 13-30 years behind bars and passed away in December 2010 of acute pneumonia.

Du Pont and the Schultz brothers story was immortalized in the 2014 film "Foxcatcher," staring Steve Carell as the millionaire, Mark Ruffalo as the late wrestler and Channing Tatum as his brother.

Tim Montgomery

Two-time American Olympian Tim Montgomery took home gold at the 2000 Games in Sydney for the 4x100 meter relay. The South Carolina native once held a record for 100-metre sprint but all of that was tarnished after he was sentenced to prison for drug possession with intent to distribute.

In 2008, Montgomery was serving time in prison for pleading guilty to money laundering charges. He had been accused of writing bogus checks worth $1.7 million.

As his prison sentence was coming to an end, he was convicted in a Virginia court of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and distribution of more than 100 grams of heroin.

The runner was given the minimum sentence of five years in jail but only served four-and-a-half due to good behavior. In 2012, he was placed in halfway house for a period of time before entering home confinement. He is currently on parole, which will end later this year.

"There's nothing else I want," he told USA Today in 2013. "I had everything else — fast cars, had money, had clothes, had jewelry, traveled the world. I still ended up at the bottom."

The 41-year-old lives in Gainesville, Florida where he works as a personal trainer and running coach.

"I didn't lose at the first part of my life. I just made a bad choice. But I won't lose at the second part of my life,” he said in the interview.

Ludovit Plachetka

Former Czech Republic boxer Ludovit Plachetka has made more headlines outside of the ring than in it.

The former Olympian, who competed in the 1996 Atlanta Games, was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 1998 after being found guilty in a Czech court of killing his then-girlfriend’s mother and for the attempted murder of his then-girlfriend. She survived only because his gun jammed, according to the court.

The disgraced boxer only served nine years and was released in 2007. Following his release from prison, he returned to the ring, never to compete in the Olympics or any major tournament again.

In 2012, at 41, he was found guilty of raping his girlfriend’s 20-year-old sister the year prior. He was sentenced to eight years and is currently serving his term in a Czech prison.

Humberto Mariles

Two-time gold medalist Humberto Mariles proudly represented Mexico in the 1948 London Olympics and the 1952 Helsinki Games. But the equestrian would later find himself spending a majority of his post-Olympic life behind bars.

In 1964, Mariles was involved in a violent road rage confrontation where he shot the driver of another vehicle. He was sentenced to prison for 25 years but only served five after being granted a presidential pardon.

In 1972 he was caught in a drug trafficking bust in Paris. He died in his prison cell that same year at age 59. His death still remains a mystery; it is unknown if he was killed in jail or suicide.

James Snook

An American gold medalist for shooting, James Snoop was victorious in the 1920 Antwerp Games.

Nine years after the Olympics, Snook, a professor at Ohio State and pillar of his community, confessed to the murder of his mistress, Theora Hix.

After Hix went missing, police discovered her hat and gloves in his car. He was arrested and confessed to taking a hammer to Hix’s head, stabbing her in the stomach and cutting her throat. Her body was discovered in tall grass outside a rifle range where the couple had been prior to the killing.

Snook was found guilty when the case went to trial. He was sentenced to death and died on the electric chair in 1930.

2017 Machel-Mandela Fellows Program for International Applicants

The Brenthurst Foundation is inviting applications from young graduates for the Machel-Mandela Fellows Programme, named in honour of former South African President Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel.

The Machel-Mandela Fellows programme aims to be the most prestigious of its kind in Africa. It helps sharpen the Brenthurst Foundation's focus on Africa's burgeoning youth population and helps nurture Africa's future leaders.


The programme will be available full-time for a minimum of six months and the selected candidate will be expected to take up the appointment in January 2017. The fellow may be from Africa or abroad and will be based at the Brenthurst Foundation's headquarters in Parktown, Johannesburg. Fellows will work directly with and assist the Foundation's staff on a range of projects and activities, some of which will require foreign travel.

An all-inclusive stipend per month and accommodation (subject to Foundation policy) will be provided. Other work-related expenses may also be covered subject to agreement with the Foundation.

  • Under 30 years of age
  • An Undergraduate or Masters level degree
  • Excellent spoken and written English. African and other languages an asset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiastic and reliable, a self-starter who requires minimal oversight and management
  • Able to balance deadlines and attention to detail
  • Fluency in all basic IT skills
  • Copy-editing and proof-reading skills an asset
  • A passion for Africa and a keen interest in new thinking and strategies to strengthen Africa's economic performance
  • Broad knowledge of African politics and economics
  • Familiarity with the work of the Brenthurst Foundation (please consult the website : www.thebrenthurstfoundtion.org)

Please address your application to Ms Leila Jack at jackl(at)eoson.co.za quoting 'Machel-Mandela Fellow' in the subject line.

You will need to send:
  • An up-to-date CV with references' details
  • A covering letter - no more than 500 words, outlining your interest in the position and the skills you can bring to bear
  • A writing sample - this can be any piece of work, for example an essay or a published article, of any length.
  • The earliest date you would be able to start
  • Details of where you saw the programme advertised
The deadline for applications is 15 October 2016. Due to the volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If you have not heard from us by 4 November 2016 please assume your application to be unsuccessful.

Source: http://www.thebrenthurstfoundation.org/a_sndmsg/news_view.asp?I=161177&PG=287

Honjo Foreign Student’s Scholarship (for graduate students) 2017

It is mainly provided to foreign students who study in Japanese graduate schools on the purpose of earning doctoral degree.
Application Process & Schedule
・September 1 ~ October 31, 2016 :Register your applications.
・January 31, 2017 :Announcement of the first selection.
The candidates who have passed will be announced on our web page.
(We will put the candidates' application number.)
・February 1 ~ 15, 2017 :The second selection by an interview
The interview will be held in Tokyo. (TBA)
・Mid-March, 2017 :Announcement of the second selection
The candidates who have passed will be announced on our web page.
(We will put the candidates' application number.)
1.Download the "Guidelines for Application" below, and check to see if you are eligible
2.Write <Web Application Form> to get your Application Number for this scholarship program.
3.Your Application Number will be sent automatically to your email address that you confirmed on the Web Application. Please make a note of the number.
**You will need the number when we announce the results**
4.Download all the applications below and fill in the forms out in Japanese. (If your name or your current address cannot be translated into Japanese, please write these down in English)
Please make sure to write down your application number at the right corner of each form and send them to the Administration Office including all the required documents as stipulated in the Guideline for Application.
Application Period: September 1 ~ October 31, 2016
Guideline for Application (WORD)WORD27KBdocDOWNLOAD
Guideline for Application (PDF)PDF85KBPDFDOWNLOAD
Application Form (WORD) ※WORD22KBdocDOWNLOAD
Application Form (PDF) ※PDF49KBPDFDOWNLOAD
Personal Statement (WORD) ※WORD19KBdocDOWNLOAD
Personal Statement (PDF) ※PDF32KBPDFDOWNLOAD
※ All the documents are only available in Japanese becuase it is required to be filled in Japanese