Job: Project Manager Maternal and Child Health - SolidarMed

Organization: SolidarMed

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Closing date: 29 Sep 2016

Organisation: SolidarMed is a medium size Swiss NGO, dynamic, flexible and with a clear vision.

Project Information

SolidarMed has been strengthening Ulanga’s community-based primary health care system, including a network of community health workers (CHWs) and volunteers, since 2010. The current phase focuses on setting – up a community health worker network and fostering the self-help capacities in communities. The upcoming phase (2017+) will consolidate these achievements and put an increasing focus on strengthening the supply side (providers and facilities) This Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health project is implemented by a dynamic local team and embedded into the overall SolidarMed country programme for Tanzania. It aims at capitalizing its lessons learnt and contributes to policy dialogue at multiple levels.

Country: Tanzania

Place of Assignment: Mahenge, Ulanga District, Morogoro Region

The position requires regular dislocations to the surrounding health facilities and Ifakara.

Start of duty: September/October 2016

Employment: 100 % (full time)

Contract type: Fixed term appointment: minimum of three years with the possibility of contract extension.

Key tasks and responsibilities
  • Overall management and coordination of the project, incl. planning, monitoring, budgeting, reporting
  • Act as technical advisor to partners (district health system) and build clinical capacity among local health staff (hospital, health centre, dispensary) through training, coaching and mentoring, with a thematic focus on Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health.
  • Ensure the strategic and operational alignment of the two project components (community and facility level)
  • Contribute to the further development of the project
  •  Establish and implement an operational research agenda
We are looking for
  • Medical doctor with an additional degree in Public Health, at least 3 years of work experience, incl. in low-resource settings, preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Clinical expertise in MNCH (obstetric, surgical or paediatric skills welcome)
  • Interest in operational research, scientific exchange, knowledge sharing and data management; experience in this area would be an asset
  • Applied knowledge of project cycle management and team leading
  • Good writing and reporting skills (English)
  • Valid driving license
  • Personal flexibility and preparedness to live in a remote rural place with frequent dislocations to the health facilities
The position comes with a mix of managerial (planning, coordination, networking, reporting etc.) and clinical (mentoring, coaching, on the job teaching) tasks. We are looking for a hands-on person, socially competent, with clinical and public health competence, not afraid of organising and implementing.

Language Skills
  • Fluent English (written, spoken)
  • Basic Kiswahili. If not spoken: readiness to learn.
  • German would be an asset
We offer
  • A professionally run, innovate health program in a rural African setting
  • An attractive salary and benefit package commensurate with Swiss standards
  • Professional development opportunities and linkages with competence and research networks
  • Family posting in a rural but safe African setting; however no international or English medium school
  • A motivated team both in Tanzania and Switzerland
How to apply:

Applications are accepted in electronic format only.

Please email your CV and a short letter of motivation (reference “PM PHCU Tanzania” to: [email protected]

Please also mention how you heard about the job posting (if internet, please mention

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. For further information about the role and the project, email Dr. Karolin Pfeiffer: [email protected]

Address: [email protected]

Betam sues CITCC over Tanzania network backbone deal breach

Betam Communications Tanzania has asked the High Court to order state-owned China International Telecommunication Construction Corporation (CITCC) to pay it TZS 20 billion in compensation for allegedly breaching a contract relating to the installation of the fibre optic cable network in Tanzania, reports Daily News. The Betam Company, under directorship of Ethiopian Terrefe Ras-Work, is suing CITCC and CITCC Tanzania, demanding several reliefs. Ras-Work is the former Head of Africa Division and Policy Advisor of the International Telecommunication Union.

His company claims USD 6.26 million from CITCC as agency commission, compound interest at the rate of 10 percent per annum until the date of suit, which is USD 2.22 million for the period of delay, the interest, and general and special damages, among others.

Betam's advocate Semu Anney told the trial judge that there was an agreement between the parties in relation to the installation of National ICT Broadband Infrastructure Backbone Networks in Tanzania. He submitted that the averments as to the matter were pleaded in the plaint and specifically admitted on the written statement of defence by the two Chinese companies, who are defendants in the suit in question for the execution of commission agency agreement for the project in the country.

Among Betam's obligations as per the contract were identification of the project opportunity in Tanzania for CITCC, negotiation of a Memorandum of Understanding and cosigning with CITCC and Tanzania, and advice on technical, financial and business issues.

Betam Company also promoted the interests of the CITCC in particular and China in general with Tanzania government officials for the benefit of the two countries and provided support in the implementation of the project as and when required. CITCC had to consider the project opportunity identified by Betam, evaluate the project and take appropriate actions, consult with Betam on policy matters to ensure its successful implementation and pay appropriate compensation to Betam as per the agreement.

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Dwight Howard provides educational resources to schoolgirls in Tanzania

Dwight Howard is more than a basketball player. He’s even more than a philanthropist. The Atlanta Hawks center doesn’t just donate his money in the hopes of making the world a better place, he truly embodies the spirit of giving back.

Through Howard’s D12 Foundation, the basketball star has been making efforts not only to “facilitate positive change in the lives of American youth”, but also to empower the schoolgirls of Tanzania by providing them with the educational resources needed to succeed.

“One of the things that I was told was that it’s very hard for women to go to school, and when they do there’s a danger of them being raped or kidnapped and all sorts of things happening with them getting to school,” Howard told the Huffington Post. “That didn’t sit too well with me. And so I just want to do my part to help these women with the opportunity to go to school and learn.”

Within the last 15 years, close to 50,000 girls in Tanzania lacked adequate educational resources because of early pregnancies. Aiding the schoolgirls falls in line with D12’s Early Childhood Education & Literacy “ripple effect” which is designed to improve higher graduation rates, provide access to employment, reduce crime and drug abuse along with lowering incarceration odds.

“This is something that I was put on this earth for, to give back. And I think the best thing you can do with your time is to give,” he said. “For me, just to see these kids grow and go in the right direction it fills my heart with joy.”

Howard launched the D12 Foundation in February of 2011 and has watched the organization succeed tremendously.

“A basketball career for me is great, but there’s a time where that basketball career will be over. These kid’s lives can change forever. And that’s something that will continue to go on even after I’m done playing basketball. So I’m doing anything I can for the community and anything I can for the world ― makes me feel a lot better.”

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Serikali yajiandaa kuajiri 71,496

Serikali inatarajia kutoa ajira mpya zipatazo 71,496 kwa mwaka huu wa fedha baada ya kukamilika kwa zoezi la kuwaondoa wafanyakazi hewa ambapo hadi sasa watumishi wapatao 839, tayari wapo katika hatua mbalimbali wakiwepoo waliopelekwa katika Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa (TAKUKURU).Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Rais, (Utumishi na Utawala Bora), Angela Kairuki aliyasema hayo wakati akizungumzia juu ya utekelezaji na mikakati katika Wizara yake katika kipindi cha “Utekelezaji” kinacho rushwa kupitia Shirika la Utangazaji Tanzania (TBC1).

“Mpaka sasa kuna baadhi ya watumishi hewa waliofanyiwa mahojiano na polisi na kama upelelezi ukikamilika sheria kali zitachukuliwa ikiwepo kufikishwa mahakani kwa mtumishi atakaye bainika kukutwa na makosa “ Alisema Kairuki

Alisema kuwa kuna baadhi ya Maofisa Utumishi pamoja na Wahasibu ambao wameonekana kuwa si waaminifu kwani baadhi yao wameonekana kuelekeza fedha kwa ndugu zao na miradi yao na wengine walishastaafu lakini majina yao yameonekana bado kuendelea kuwepo katika mfumo wa kupokea.

Kairuki aliongeza kuwa katika kipindi cha Machi mosi mpaka kufikia Agosti 20 mwaka huu, Watumishi hewa wapatao 16,127 walibainika ambapo walikuwa wakisababishi hasara ya mabilioni kwa serikali ambapo serikali kama ingewalipa ingesababisha hasara ya zaidi ya bilioni 16.

“Uhakiki huu ni endelevu kwani baadhi ya Maofisa Utumishi pamoja na Wahasibu si waaminifu hivyo tunawataka waajiri wao kuweka mkazo katika swala hili, kwani tunajua wahasibu wengi wamepewa madaraka lakini si waamiifu”Alisema Kiruki.

Kairuki aliwatoa hofu baadhi ya Watanzani ambao walikuwa wakisubiria ajira mpya kutoka Serikali, alisema kuwa kilichokuwa kikisubiriwa ni takwimu halisi ambazo zitasaidia kuonesha ni watumishi wangapi wameweza kuondolewa.

“hii ni neema kwa wanafunzi waliomaliza vyuo kwani kuna nafasi zipatazo 71,496 kwa mwaka huu wa fedha hivyo napenda kuwahauri vijana kuwa na subira kwa kuto kujiingiza katika makundi yasiyo faa” Alisema kairuki.

Pia aliwataka Maofisa Utumishi kuwa hudumia vizuri watumishi kwa kuwapa haki zao ikiwemo kuwa pandisha madaraja kwa wakati stahili na si vema kwa baadhi ya watu kughushi taarifa za Utumishi wa umma na kusisitiza kuwa kufanya hivyo ni kosa kuibwa sana.

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Taarifa ya uteuzi wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi NDC

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Save the date: Tanzania DR Congo Trade - Lubumbashi, 22nd September


This forum comes after the growth in the economy of Democratic Republic of Congo in 2015 to 7.7%. “This performance is driven by robust extractive industries and related investments despite the global economic slowdown and the decline in the demand and price for minerals exported by the DRC.” Reported by World Bank.

The Trade Forum is aimed at nurturing trade initiatives whose ultimate goal is to improve business environment, formalize trade and strengthen economic ties between the United Republic of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo

This forum, under the theme “Strengthening bilateral Trade and Investment opportunities” will assemble over 100 key business players from Tanzania and DR Congo’s Private Sectors. It will also include key policy decision makers from both governments.


  1. Service industry
  2. Energy and Mines
  3. Information and Communications Technology
  4. Transport Cluster
  5. Agriculture


The forum seeks to foster cooperation between the private sector from both DR Congo and Tanzania in areas of common interest such as, exchange and dissemination of relevant business information and intelligence.
The EARLY BIRD price package deadline has been extended from 31st August to until 5th September. To BOOK an all Inclusive TRAVEL PACKAGE CONTACT US

Majadiliano kuhusu "Demokrasia Tanzania" kwenye kipindi cha Jukwaa Langu

Kipindi hiki ambacho kinakujia kila JUMATATU, kinajadili mambo mbalimbali na zaidi kuhusu TANZANIA ya sasa na ile tuitakayo.

Katika kipindi cha wiki hii, mbali na habari mbalimbali zilizotawala vyombo vya habari, pia wasikilizaji walipata nafasi ya kutoa maoni kulingana na mambo mbalimbali yanayoendelea nchini Tanzania na ukuaji wa Demokrasia ya nchi yetu.