Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za baadhi ya magazeti ya Tanzania leo Septemba 2, 2016

Good move! Amazon takes step on counterfeit goods

A few days ago someone wrote a detailed post how they ended up getting scammed at Amazon by third party seller and gave tips on how to protect yourself there.

Now it looks like Amazon is taking a step toward eliminating counterfeit goods on its marketplace with new seller fees called "brand gating," reports CNBC.
Third-party merchants on Amazon that want to sell major brand names like Nike, Samsung, and Hasbro will now be required to pay a one-time nonrefundable fee of up to $1,500. Furthermore, these sellers must also provide invoices from manufacturers or distributors for authenticity. As Amazon and other mass marketplaces look to bolster product inventory, as well as brand recognition, implementing effective counterfeit prevention tools will be vital to maintain shopper loyalty and brand sellers.
Full story at the Business Insider

If you're 25 y/o here is a tip on saving that could help you retire rich

The earlier you start saving, and the more consistently you do it, the more likely you are to become a millionaire later in life, says Farnoosh Torabi, a financial planner, author, and host of the "So Money" podcast, on a recent episode of Sophia Amoruso's Girlboss Radio.

"People get overwhelmed [when] they think about how much they’ll need one day," she said. 
"The truth is that it’s not how much you save when you’re young, it’s the frequency of saving when you’re young… it’s the consistency."
Torabi suggests starting small, because with compound interest any money you save will grow exponentially over time. 
"If you start at 25, saving $9 a day, saved over the course of 32 years — historically that has averaged 8% annual return — you can end up with $1 million by the time you’re 67."
The simple fact that you'll end up with more money than you actually put away is one way to motivate yourself to save.
Torabi offers another example to undermine the importance of starting to save while you're young.
"If you’re 25 and you start saving $10 a day today for the next 10 years, and then stop, and just let that money continue growing in those investments [until retirement], you’ll have more money than someone who started at 35 and saved until retirement."
When it comes to actually putting the money away, Torabi's best advice is to automate your savings: "Just set it and forget it."

The important thing to remember is that the earlier you start — even if you're consistently putting away less than $10 a day — the more money you'll end up with.

HackerRank: The 10 best countries for computer programming

HackerRank is a free coding practice website that allows developers to hone their coding skills by solving challenges. Based on the speed and accuracy with which people finish the challenges, HackerRank has ranked 1.5 million developers, showing which countries have the best developers as follows:

#10: Italy

#9: Czech Republic

#8: France

#7: Taiwan

#6: Japan

#5: Hungary

#4: Switzerland

#3: Poland

#2: Russia

#1: China

This is Mercedes new SUV aimed at taking on BMW

Mercedes-Benz's latest SUV to arrive is the sleek GLC Coupe that's based on the GLC concept Mercedes rolled out at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

The GLC Coupe will be available in the US in two forms — the GLC 300 and the high performance AMG GLC43.

"The new GLC43 Coupe is characterized by a high level of agility and sporty driving dynamics," Mercedes Chairman Tobias Moers said in a statement to the press. "With its expressive design and high everyday practicality, the Coupe is able to appeal to new target audiences."

Mercedes-BenzAt showrooms, the GLC Coupe will compete directly against BMW's X4 — a fact Mercedes made very clear in its communications with journalists. 

The GLC Coupe and its more conventional GLC crossover sibling are both related to the company's C-Class sedan. The three models share everything from powertrain to interiors.

Power for the GLC300 Coupe will come from a 241 horsepower, turbocharged, 2.0 inline-four-cylinder engine while the GLC 43 Coupe will get an "AMG-enhanced" 3.0 liter, twin-turbocharged V6 producing 362 hp. Both engines are hooked up to Mercedes' 9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive.

According to Mercedes, the AMG GLC43 Coupe is good for a 0-60 mph sprint in a quick 4.8 seconds and reach an electronically-limited top speed of 130 mph. Performance figures for the GLC300 Coupe have not yet been released.

And neither have the prices for both cars which will reach US showrooms in early 2017.

Here is a share of doctors using WhatsAp to talk to patients - How WhatsApp could disrupt healthcare

The use of WhatsApp in healthcare makes sense for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a safe and secure communication portal. End-to-end encryption makes it extremely difficult for anyone other than the participants of an interaction to gain access to message contents. In fact, the technology is “about one of the best safeguards you can have in place,” according to health data attorney Katie Kenney.
  • It’s everywhere. The proliferation of WhatsApp, and chat apps in general, means it could vastly improve the reach of health warnings and the like. WhatsApp was integral in tracking the spreading of the recent Zika virus outbreak, Cello notes. Doctors used the service to share symptoms they were seeing, as well as babies’ CT scans.
  • It could save time. Messaging allows doctors to maintain a patient’s overall health without needing to see them in person. This will help free up time otherwise taken by patients booking appointments simply to ask for advice or to check in.
  • It’s free, for now. WhatsApp is free to download and does not charge users for access to any of its service. This could be a very appealing incentive to hospital administrators looking for a secure and easy mode of communication, expediting the adoption of the app within healthcare.

Read the full article at businessinsider.com

This is how much social media stars and celebrities charge for each video sponsored by brands

Social media stars and celebrities are charging an average of $187,500 (£143,000) for each video sponsored by brands, according to a USA talent agency, Captiv8.

The San Francisco agency that acts as a middleman between brands and so-called influencers, also said stars with up to 7 million followers can make $75,000 for a post on Instagram or Snapchat and $30,000 for a single tweet.

Read more: campaignlive.co.uk

Use this tool to check if your email has been compromised in a data breach

With about 129 websites hacked and more than 1.3 billion accounts breached, it's imperative that you check all your email addresses.
A "breach" is an incident where a site's data has been illegally accessed by hackers and then released publicly. Review the types of data that were compromised (email addresses, passwords, credit cards etc.) and take appropriate action, such as changing passwords.
Use this website to check your email addresses: https://haveibeenpwned.com

If your account has been tempered with, it's very important that you change your password. Try using a password manager because they're considered more secure and safe than many personally created passwords.

The 10 most expensive transfers in British football in the summer of 2016

  • N'Golo Kante — £30 million. The defensive midfielder moved from last season's champions Leicester to London giants Chelsea.
  • Moussa Sissoko — £30 million. Tottenham signed the French midfielder from Newcastle United just before the transfer window closed on Wednesday night. 
  • Michy Batshuayi — £33 million. The 22-year-old Belgian striker player moved from French side Marseille to Chelsea after beginning his career in 2011 at Standard Li├Ęge. 
  • Sadio Mane — £34 million. The Senegalese footballer wowed bosses over the last season, scoring the quickest hat-trick in Premier League history, and moved from Southampton to Liverpool.
  • David Luiz — £34 million. Chelsea re-signed Brazil defender David Luiz from Paris St-Germain for around £15 million less than PSG paid for him in 2014.
  • Shkodran Mustafi — £35 million. The Valencia defender was signed by Arsenal for one of the highest transfer fees this time round. 
  • Granit Xhaka — £35 million. The Swiss star of Albanian descent moved from German side Borussia Monchengladbach to north London giants Arsenal. He plays as a central midfielder. 
  • Leroy Sane — £37 million. The German winger is only 20 years' old, but he was one of the most sought after players in the world this summer, eventually moving from Germany's Schalke 04 team to Manchester City.
  • John Stones — £47.5 million. The 22-year-old English centre back is moving from Everton to Manchester City. Stones' transfer made him the second most expensive English player in history.
  • Paul Pogba — £89 million. The French triple threat, primarily a central midfielder who is also comfortable playing both in attack and defence, has officially moved back from Juventus in Italy to Manchester United. Pogba's transfer is the most valuable in history.
Source: www.businessinsider.com

chart from Deloitte comparing this year's spending to previous years

The 20 English top flight football clubs went on a £1.17 billion ($1.5 billion) player spending spree, breaking all previous records for the summer transfer window.

Premier League clubs spent more than £155 million on players on the last day of the window on Wednesday, breaking 2013's record of £140 million.

Thirteen clubs broke their own transfer spending records, and the average outlay for new players per club reached £60 million. (Business Insider)

UK Parliament can still block Brexit despite Theresa May

UK PM Theresa May
UK PM Theresa May
According to the article by BusinessInsider, Prime minister Theresa May is making all the noises that the pro-Brexit camp wants to hear: Article 50 will be triggered in early 2017, the UK's priority will be opting out of the EU's freedom of movement rights for immigrants, and parliament will not get a vote on the deal, she says.

That last part is crucial: There is a pro-Remain majority inside the House of Commons, and if parliament were to ever get a substantive vote on Article 50 it could stop Britain leaving the EU. In fact, the referendum is merely advisory to government and the House of Commons is well within its constitutional rights to ignore it.

So May ruling out a parliament vote on Article 50 is a crucial stake in the ground for her.

But the former director-general of the Council of the European Union’s Legal Service says the House of Commons may yet get a vote on Article 50. In a column for the Financial Times, Jean-Claude Piris notes that there are two potential opportunities for MPs to scotch Article 50. The vote that May ruled out — on whether parliament should trigger the Article 50 request to leave — is merely the first one, the one everyone already knows about.

The second, less well-known opportunity is when the UK has negotiated its exit package and needs to ratify the deal after Article 50 is triggered but before the UK is booted out, Piris says (emphasis ours):

Triggering Article 50 allows talks to begin in order to negotiate and conclude a “withdrawal agreement” with the EU (only on the terms of the divorce; not on post-Brexit relations). As a treaty, its entry into force would require ratification by the House of Commons. That entry into force would entail Brexit.

Failure to ratify the deal could force the government to use the loophole that lets Britain reverse its request after it has triggered Article 50. Article 50 triggers aren't final — a country can change its mind any time during the two-year period before the exit clock runs out.

And then, of course, there is the UK Supreme Court case which may require a vote in parliament as a matter of law.

So that is three potential ways that MPs could get an Article 50 vote — and May has only ruled out one of them.

In other words, for the Remain camp, the battle isn't over yet.

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Septemba Mosi, 2016

Ranked: 10 Best Android phones in the world

10. OnePlus 3

9. Huawei Honor 8

8. LG G5

7. Motorola Moto Z

6. HTC 10

5. Google Nexus 5x

4. Google Nexus 6p

3. Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Article source, for more: businessinsider.com

Map: Main trafficking flows of cocaine according to UNODC World Drug Report 2016

Taarifa ya DAWASCO ya kuzimwa kesho mtambo wa kuzalisha maji Ruvu Juu

Shirika la Maji Safi na Majitaka Dar-es-salaam (DAWASCO), linawatangazia wakazi wa jiji la Dar-es-salaam na Mji wa Kibaha mkoan Pwani kuwa mtambo wa kuzalisha Maji wa Ruvu Juu utazimwa kwa wastani wa saa 14, kuanzia saa 3:00 asubuhi hadi saa 05:00 usiku, siku ya Ijumaa tarehe 02/09/2016.

Sababu ya kuzimwa kwa Mtambo wa Ruvu Juu ni kuruhusu usafishaji wa bomba jipya na kufanya majaribio ya sehemu ya mtambo mpya wa Maji wa Ruvu Juu, Zoezi hili linaashiria hatua za mwisho za upanuzi wa mtambo huo, ili kuondoa tatizo la upatikanaji wa huduma ya Maji katika maeneo yanayohudumiwa na mtambo wa Ruvu Juu.

Kuzimwa Kwa mtambo wa Ruvu Juu kutapelekea maeneo yafuatayo kukosa Maji:




Kwa taarifa zaidi wasiliana nasi kupitia kituo cha huduma kwa wateja 022-2194800 au 0800110064 (BURE).


Marufuku kutumia watoto kwenye sherehe

OFISA Ustawi wa Jamii wa Wilaya ya Chunya, Theresia Mwendapole, amepiga marufuku kwa wakazi wa wilaya hiyo, kuwatumia watoto kwenye sherehe zikiwamo za harusi -- linaandika gazeti la NIPASHE.

Mwendapole alitoa agizo hilo juzi, baada ya kukithiri kwa tabia hiyo na kwamba kosa hilo ni kinyume cha Sheria ya Mtoto Na. 21 ya mwaka 2009.

Alisema mtoto haruhusiwi kusimamia harusi kama bwana na bibi harusi na kwamba atayebainika kufanya hivyo atachukuliwa hatua za kisheria.

Alisema mtu atakayebainika kufanya hivyo na kukutwa na kosa, adhabu yake ni kifungo cha mwaka mmoja jela au faini ya Sh. milioni moja.

Aidha alisema kifungu cha 95 sehemu ndogo ya 1, 2 na 3 kinaeleza kuwa ni jukumu la kila raia mwema, maofisa ustawi wa jamii na polisi kutoa taarifa sehemu husika na kushughulikia uvunjwaji wa haki za watoto kwa mujibu wa sheria hiyo. Mwendapole alisema sheria hiyo inapiga marufuku kwenda kwenye kumbi za starehe kama baa na casino.

Shule 5 za msingi Dar zaongoza kwa ulawiti

SHULE ya Msingi Kimanga na Tumaini za Ilala, Dar es Salaam, zinaongoza kwa vitendo vya wanafunzi kulawitiana hali inayosababisha kutofanya vizuri darasani limeripoti gazeti la MTANZANIA.

Hayo yalisemwa na Ofisa Kiongozi wa Ustawi wa Jamii Manispaa ya Ilala, Waziri Nashiri wakati wa mkutano na wadau wa mabadiliko uliofanyika Dar es Salaam jana.

Alisema tathimini iliyofanywa kuanzia Januari hadi Juni mwaka huu, ilibaini kuwa shule hizo na nyingine tatu ambazo wanafunzi wamepata matatizo hayo. Shule nyingine ni Shule ya Msingi Tabata, Magoza iliyopo Kinyerezi na Shule ya Msingi Kisukuru.

Nashiri alisema watoto hao wamekuwa wakifanyiana vitendo hivyo wenyewe kwa wenyewe hali iliyosababisha wanafunzi wengine kujiingiza kwenye mkumbo huo.
“Ni zaidi ya shule tano za Manispaa ya Ilala wanafunzi wake wameathirika na vitendo vya kulawitiwa, hali iliyosababisha idadi kubwa ya wanafunzi kushindwa kufanya vizuri kwenye masomo yao darasani.
“Katika tathmini hiyo, tumebaini kuwa idadi kubwa ya wanafunzi hao wameanza kufanya vitendo hivyo na ndugu na jamaa zao, hali iliyosababisha kwenda kuwashawishi wanafunzi wenzao shuleni na kuanza kuingiliana wenyewe kwa wenyewe,” alisema Nashiri.
Alisema pia wameweza kubaini kuwa kati ya watoto 10, watoto wa kiume wanne wamelawitiwa na ndugu, jamaa au wanafunzi wenzao, huku watoto wa kike wanne wamebakwa huenda na ndugu zao au baba walezi.

Pamoja na mambo mengine, Nashiri alisema kuongezeka kwa tatizo hilo kunatokana na baadhi ya wazazi kushindwa kutoa ushirikiano baada ya watoto wao kubainika kufanyiwa vitendo hivyo, jambo ambalo limechangia kuendelea kufanyika kwa vitendo hivyo.
“Tumewasiliana na walimu wakuu wa shule hizo pamoja na wazazi wao kwa ajili ya kujadili jambo hilo na kutafuta njia mbadala ya kuwanasua wanafunzi ambao bado hawajafanyiwa vitendo hivyo.
“Tumeanzisha programu yetu inaitwa ‘mkono kwa mkono’ ipo Amana. Watendaji wake wanazunguka kila sehemu katika manispaa yetu kwa ajili ya kuongea na wazazi juu ya kukithiri kwa vitendo vya ukatili ikiwamo ulawiti, lengo ni kupunguza ukubwa wa tatizo hilo,” alisema.
Aidha, alisema hadi sasa manispaa hiyo pia imeweza kushirikiana na wadau mbalimbali wakiwamo wana mabadiliko kuhakikisha kuwa wanatoa elimu kwa wazazi ili waweze kutambua kuwa ukatili ni tatizo kubwa na kwamba linapaswa kupigwa vita na kila mmoja katika jamii inayowazunguka.

Alisema changamoto wanayokutana nayo ni baadhi ya wazazi kushindwa kutoa ushirikiano mara baada ya kubaini kuwa tatizo hilo limeanzia ndani ya familia.
“Wazazi wengi wanashindwa kutoa ushirikiano pindi wanapoona watoto wameanza kulawitiwa na ndugu ama jamaa, tena wengi wao ndiyo wanakuwa mstari wa mbele kwenda kuwawekea dhamana pale tunapowafikisha polisi au mahakamani kwa ajili ya hatua zaidi za kisheria,” alisema.
Mkurugenzi wa Kituo cha Msaada wa Kisheria kwa Wanawake (WLAC), Theodosia Muhulo, alisema kuwa vitendo vya ukatili ni tatizo kubwa nchi nzima, jambo ambalo limechangia wanawake wengi kukata tamaa ya maisha.
“Tumezunguka mikoa mbalimbali nchini kwa ajili ya kufanya tathimini ya vitendo vya ukatili, lakini tumebaini tatizo hilo ni kubwa ambalo linahitaji ushirikishwaji wa kila mmoja wetu katika jamii inayotuzunguka,” alisema Muhulo.
Alisema mkakati uliopo ni kuendelea kushirikiana na Serikali kuhakikisha kuwa wanatoa elimu kwa wananchi ili waweze kutambua athari ya ukatili na jinsi ya kuripoti pale wanapoona kumetokea vitendo kama hivyo.

Tangazo kwa wanachama wote wa NHIF

Mbinu 3 za kugundua fursa za kibiashara mahali ulipo

Kila kitu ambacho unakiona mbele ya macho yako ni lazima ukitafakari katika ubongo usiokuwa wa kawaida, yaani ni lazima uwaze kitakupaje pesa.

Aangalia njia ya kuzitambua fursa katika eneo lako unaloishi.

1. Tafuta mahitaji ya watu

Kila mahali unapoishi kwa namna moja ama nyingine watu huwa wanahitaji huduma au bidhaa fulani. Hivyo ni vyema ukaa chini na kutafakari ni vitu gani unadhani watu wanahitaji nini zaidi ? Baada ya kupata majibu ni wakati wako muafaka wa kuweza kuvisogeza kwa watu hao na wao wakanunua. Kufanya hivyo ni njia nzuri ya wewe kupata pesa. Pia watu wengi hupenda Huduma ambayo inapatikana kwa rahisi hivyo fanya uchunguzi wa kutosha na kuona watu wanapenda nini zaidi kuzisogeza huduma hizo kwa watu.

2. Toa majibu ya changamoto za watu

Kuna swali la msingi sana la kuujiuliza juu ya maisha yako. Swali lenyewe ni kama lifuatavyo hivi ni kwa nini huna pesa? Ukipata majibu ya swali hilo ni nusu ya kupata mafanikio. Moja ya tafiti ambazo ziliwahi kufanywa ni kwamba watu wengi hawana pesa kwa sababu kuu mbili, mosi kwa sababu hawatatui matatizo za watu. Sababu ya pili, watu wengi hawana pesa kwa sababu wanatatua matatizo machache, hivyo siri ya kubwa ya mafanikio yako ipo katika kutatua matatizo ya watu wengi katika njia ya tofauti na walivyozoea wengine.

3. Rahisisha majibu ya kazi

Watu wengi hupenda vitu ambavyo havina ugumu katika kufanya kazi, wetu wengi tunapenda kufanya kazi kwa kutumia njia rahisi na kupata majibu kamili tunayoyatarajia. Hebu angalia moja ya tajiri mkubwa dunia bwana Steve Job ambaye ni mmliki wa kampuni ya Apple, yeye alitazama jinsi watu ambavyo walikuwa wanatumia vifaa vya kietroniki kama simu za butani, desktop computer ambazo kimsingi zilikuwa ni vigumu hata kutembea nazo. Hivyo Steve Job akaamua kutengeneza vitu hivyo hivyo kwa kuongeza thamani leo hii tunafurahia simu za apple na laptop za apple ambazo zina mambo mengi pia zinasaidia kurahisisha kazi na kuifanya dunia kama kijiji.

Kwa hiyo kama alivyofanya tajiri huyo ni wakati mwafaka kufikiri ni zipi kazi ngumu ambazo zinawakabili watu na kuweza kuzipa majibu ya ugumu huo.

Ndimi afisa mipango Benson Chonya.
Simu; 0757-909942
[email protected]

Orodha ya waliochaguliwa awamu ya pili ili kujiunga Kidato cha Tano

Ofisi ya Rais -TAMISEMI inatangaza majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa kujiunga na Kidato cha Tano awamu ya Pili (Second Selection) kwa mwaka 2016. Jumla ya wanafunzi 3,918 wakiwemo wasichana 2,413 na wavulana 1,505 wamechaguliwa kujiunga na Kidato cha Tano awamu ya pili kwa ajili ya kujaza nafasi zilizoachwa wazi na wanafunzi ambao hawakuripoti awamu ya kwanza. 

Kati ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa 1,864 wakiwemo wasichana 1,099 na wavulana 765 sawa na asilimia 47.58 watajiunga na masomo ya Sayansi na Hisabati; na wanafunzi 2,054 wakiwemo wasichana 1,314 na wavulana 740 sawa na asilimia 52.42 wamechaguliwa kusoma masomo ya Sanaa na Biashara. 

Wanafunzi waliochaguliwa kujiunga na Kidato cha Tano awamu ya pili mwaka 2015 wanatakiwa kuripoti katika shule walizopangwa kwa wakati. Endapo mwanafunzi atachelewa kuripoti kwa zaidi ya siku 14 kuanzia tarehe ya tangazo hili atakuwa amepoteza nafasi hii. 

Orodha ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa kujiunga na Kidato cha Tano awamu ya pili mwaka 2016 inapatikana kwenye tovuti ya OR-TAMISEMI ya www.tamisemi.go.tz Imetolewa na Katibu Mkuu,

Tumia link hii kupata matokeo, http://tamisemi.go.tz/form_five_selection/second

Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji

Kamanda wa mkoa wa Njombe wa Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji Mkaguzi Joseph Mwasabeja akitoa elimu ya kinga na tahadhari ya majanga ya moto kwa wanafunzi wa shule ya Sekondari Njombe.
Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji limeundwa na kufanya kazi chini ya sheria namba 14 ya mwaka 2007 “FIRE AND RESCUE FORCE ACT”. Majukumu makubwa ya Jeshi ni kuzima moto na kuokoa maisha na mali katika majanga yatokanayo na moto, mafuriko, tetemeko la ardhi, ajali za barabarani pamoja na majanga mengineyo.


Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji limeundwa kwa ajili ya kutoa huduma mbalimbali kwa jamii. Hivyo basi mtu yeyote anastahili kupata huduma hiyo kwa kupiga namba ya simu 114. Pia kuna huduma nyingine zitolewazo na Idara.


Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji linajukumu kubwa la kutoa huduma kwa jamii katika Nyanja mbalimbali zikiwemo Kuokoa maisha ya watu na mali zao, Kuzima moto, Kutoa elimu ya kinga na tahadhari ya majanga moto, Kufanya ukaguzi wa tahadhari na kinga ya moto, Kusoma ramani za majengo na kutoa ushauri, Kutoa huduma ya kwanza katika majanga na ajali barabarani, Kutoa mafunzo ya kukabiliana na majanga ya moto, Kufanya uchunguzi kwenye majanga ya moto na Kutoa huduma za kibinadamu.

Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji wakati wote huwa limejiandaa kwa magari yake kuwa na vitendea kazi vya kuzimia moto na kufanyia maokozi pia magari huwa yamejazwa maji wakati wote yanapokuwa vituoni yakisubiri matukio. Changamoto iliyopo ni wananchi wengi kuwa na dhana kuwa magari ya Zimamoto huenda kwenye matukio bila maji.

Gari la Zimamoto linapofika kwenye tukio hufanya kazi kama mtambo wa kuzimamoto, magari hayo yanamatanki ya maji yenye ujazo kuanzia lita 1,500 hadi lita 7,000 (kuna moja linabeba lita 16,000) ili maji hayo yatoke kwa nguvu na kuweza kuzimamoto, magari ya Zimamoto yamefungwa pampu zenye uwezo wakusukuma lita 2,000 hadi lita 6,000 kwa dakika.

Kwa kawaida tunapofika kwenye tukio hutumia mipira yenye kipenyo cha milimeta 70 na kufunga kifaa cha kumwagia maji (branch pipe) chenye kipenyo cha milimeta 20 na pampu husukuma maji kwa nguvu ya bar 7, kwa vipimo hivyo huwa tunamwaga lita 1,000 kwa dakika kwa njia moja ya kutolea maji hivyo kwa gari lililobeba lita 7,000 maji yatakwisha ndani ya dakika saba, kwa kawaida tunatumia njia mbili za kutolea maji hivyo huwa tunamwaga lita 2,000 kwa dakika, na gari lililobeba lita 7,000 maji yatakwisha baada ya dakika 3½ nasisi hulazimika kuondoka eneo la tukio kwenda kutafuta maji.

Huku nyuma wanaweza kuja waandishi wa habari na kuwauliza wananchi mbona moto unawakana Zimamoto hawapo? Wananchi hujibu kuwa wamekuja lakini baada ya muda mfupi wameondoka na kusema kuwa wanakwenda kuchukua maji, hapo ndipo dhana ya Zimamoto wamekuja kuangalia kwanza ukubwa wa moto na sasa ndio wamekwenda kuchukua maji hujengeka. Ki uhalisia si kweli kuwa magari ya Zimamoto hufika kwenye tukio bila ya maji.

Maji yanayobebwa na magari ya Zimamoto husaidia kuanzia kazi, kabla maji ya kwenye gari kwisha gari la Zimamoto hutegemea kupata maji kutoka kwenye vituo maalum vya maji kwa ajili ya Zimamoto (Fire Hydrants) ambazo katika miji yetu mingi huwa hazifanyi kazi kutokana na sababu zifuatazo:-
  1. Kutokuwa na maji
  2. Kufukiwa na vifusi au mchanga au kufunikwa kutokana na ukarabati wa mitaa au barabara.
  3. Kung’olewa na kubadilishwa matumizi.
  4. Kung’olewa kwa alama za utambulisho (H sign)
  5. Kuibiwa kwa mifuniko kutokana na biashara ya chuma cha kavu.
  6. Miradi mingi ya maji katika miji kutoshirikisha ufungwaji wa vituo vya maji (Fire Hydrants).

Kamishna Jenerali wa Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji Thobias Andengenye akiwa ameambatana na viongozi waandamizi wa Jeshi hilo wakikagua moja ya kisima (Fire Hydrant) kinachoweza kutoa msaada wa maji katika matukio pindi magari ya zimamoto yanapoishiwa maji.

Kamishna Jenerali wa Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji Thobias Andengenye akiwa ameambatana na viongozi waandamizi wa Jeshi hilo wakikagua moja ya kisima (Fire Hydrant) kinachoweza kutoa msaada wa maji katika matukio pindi magari ya zimamoto yanapoishiwa maji.

Askari wa Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji wakionyesha jinsi ya uzimaji moto na kiasi cha maji yanayotumika (Pressure) wakati wa matukio.

Tanzania's Rear Admiral Laswai on 5 day visit to Kochi

Tanzanian Navy chief Rear Admiral R S Laswai, accompanied by his spouse and Tanzania Navy delegation, is on a five-day visit to Kochi.

During the visit that began on August 30, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command Vice Admiral A R Karve interacted with Laswai and discussed the subjects of common interest to both navies including issues related to naval training.

The delegation visited SNC training facilities at Dronacharya, Joint Operation Centre, Radar Operating Station and Naval Offshore Patrol vessel INS Sunayna.

Laswai and his spouse Ancilla, accompanied by Tanzania Navy delegation, would be visiting places of cultural interest at Fort Kochi, SNC Maritime Museum, Jewish Synagogue, Chinese fishing nets and Kerala Folklore Museum during their stay at Kochi, a Navy press release said here today.

The delegation will also visiting Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala.

The delegation would depart from Kochi on September 3.

His visit is intended to consolidate bilateral naval relationship between India and Tanzania and to explore new avenues for naval cooperation.

The Admiral assumed Command of the Tanzania Navy in November last year.

Rear Admiral Laswai later visited the Indian Naval

Academy at Ezhimala in Kannur district today and was briefed on the training process and facilities by the INA Deputy Commandant.

Laswai was accompanied by Defense Attache (Tanzania) Col A S Mwami and Indian Defense Attache to Tanzania, Captain M Mahesh in his visit, an INA release said.

He was received by Rear Admiral M D Suresh, Officiating Commandant and Chief Instructor of INA. Later, Rear Admiral Laswai interacted with the INA Deputy Commandant on subjects of common interest to both Navies and training at INA. He also interacted with the Tanzanian Naval Cadet presently undergoing training at INA. Four cadets from Tanzania have so far successfully been trained and passed out from the portals of INA, the release added.

News source: business-standard.com

Tanzania yateuliwa kuwa M/Kiti wa SADC organ on Politics, Defense and Security Cooperation

Mkutano wa Wakuu wa nchi na Serikali umemalizika katika mjini Mbabane Swaziland ambapo Tanzania imeteuliwa kuwa Mwenyekiti wa Asasi muhimu na nyeti ya Siasa, Ulinzi na Usalama ya Jumuiya ya Maendeleo Kusini mwa Afrika- SADC- (SADC Organ On Politics, Defense and Security Cooperation) ambapo nchi ya Angola imeteuliwa kuwa Makamu mwenyekiti wa asasi hiyo.