Watch: This is how bacteria invade antibiotics and transform into superbugs

Each year, millions of people in the world die as a result of superbug infections, but we typically don't get to see superbugs created. 

We know dangerous bacteria are getting stronger all the time and that it's our fault because of our excessive and indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

This Lexus' new SUV concept has no mirrors! Instead...

The sideview mirrors have been replaced by cameras something that was also seen in the BMW i8 concept car show off at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. 

Lexus UX is a wide-body SUV with some massive looking wheels. The door handles are set in the middle, implying that they are "suicide doors" hinged at the rear, according to Autocar's Sam Sheehan.

Japanese automakers got the OK in June to make and sell mirrorless cars, making it one of the first countries to embrace the technology. 

What happens if you lose your Apple AirPods?

The short and straight forward answer - Buy new one(s).

A long answer? May be you insure them and go through the process to get new ones (I don't know if there are companies out there for that, may be, who knows...?) because Apple's AirPods for your iPhone 7 are just like any other Apple accessories -- there's no anti-theft measures in place to protect your shiny wireless earbuds.

If one is lost or stolen, Apple says you'll be able to buy just one (but didn't say how much it would cost to buy just one.)

AirPods costs a whooping $159, so be careful with them.

Watch this and you will know why Emirates beat all and has won "best airline in the world" award

In July, the Emirates won the award for best airline in the world from consumer aviation website Skytrax.

On Tuesday, at the US Open, attendants of the Dubai based flight put on an elaborate display of tennis skills along with a give away of free tickets at New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Watch it below...

Flight / Plane sickness? Boeing is making a major change that could end jet lag

"Some passengers on long commercial flights experience discomfort characterized by symptoms similar to those of acute mountain sickness. The symptoms are often attributed to factors such as jet lag, prolonged sitting, dehydration, or contamination of cabin air. However, because barometric pressures in aircraft cabins are similar to those at the terrestrial altitudes at which acute mountain sickness occurs, it is possible that some of the symptoms are related to the decreased partial pressure of oxygen and are manifestations of acute mountain sickness."

The study found that passengers who go from sea level up to 8,000 feet of altitude saw the oxygen content in their blood fall 4%. Although this didn't trigger full on acute mountain sickness, it did bring on what the study called "increased prevalence of discomfort after three to nine hours" of exposure.

"The research showed passengers' bodies reacted at 6,000 feet similar to that at sea level," Emery said. "So we decided to pressurize the Dreamliner at 6,000 feet."

Read the full article at the

Here is what can you do before, during and after an earthquake

According to USA's New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources (a research and service division of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NM Tech)), here is what the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests:

Before an earthquake occurs
  1. Fasten shelves securely to walls, and place heavy objects on lower shelves.
  2. Store breakable items in low, closed cabinets.
  3. Hang items such as pictures and mirrors away from beds and anywhere people sit.
  4. Brace hanging light fixtures.
  5. Repair known defective electrical wiring and gas connections.
  6. Strap your water heater to studs in the wall and bolt it to the floor.
  7. Repair any large existing cracks in walls or foundations.
  8. Store poisons such as pesticides and herbicides, as well as flammable liquids, on bottoms shelves of latched cabinets.
  9. Identify safe places in each room (under sturdy furniture, against inside walls, away from glass).
  10. Locate safe places outdoors (away from buildings, trees, electrical lines, and bridges).
  11. Teach family members how to turn off gas, electricity, and water.
  12. Teach children how to dial a help line in an emergency.
  13. Have disaster supplies on hand (flashlight and extra batteries, battery operated radio, fist aid kit with manual, emergency food and drinking water, non electric can opener, cash, sturdy shoes).
  14. Develop an emergency communications plan in case family members are separated.
During an earthquake (indoors)
  1. Take cover beneath a sturdy piece of furniture or against an indoor wall away from glass that might break.
  2. Stay inside! The most dangerous thing you can do during an earthquake is to try to leave.
During an earthquake (outdoors)
  1. Move into the open, away from buildings, street lights, and overhead utility wires. Stay there until the shaking stops.
During an earthquake (in a moving vehicle)
  1. Try to find a clear area away from buildings, trees, overpasses, and overhead wires.
  2. Stop quickly and stay in the vehicle.
  3. Once the shaking has stopped, proceed with caution. Bridges and ramps may have been damaged during the shaking.
Dealing with animals
  1. The behavior of animals may change after an earthquake, and they may become aggressive or defensive.
  2. Leash dogs or keep them in a fenced area.
  3. Animals may not be allowed in emergency shelters, so prepare an emergency supply that includes a several day supply of dry animal food and a large water container.
After the earthquake
  1. Be prepared for aftershocks. They may cause additional damage for hours to months after the main shock.
  2. Help injured or trapped persons within the limits of your abilities.
  3. Listen to a battery operated radio or television for emergency information.
  4. Check on the elderly and disabled, or children who may need special help.
  5. Stay out of damaged buildings!
  6. Use the telephone only for emergency calls.
  7. Clean up spilled materials.
  8. Open cabinet and closet doors cautiously.
  9. Inspect chimneys for damage, and be extremely careful when lighting fires in fireplaces. Chimney damage may lead to fires.
  10. Check utilities for damage. If you smell gas, turn off the gas and do not use electrical devices (including telephones). Stay away from broken electrical wires, and turn off the main fuse box or circuit breaker. If water pipes are damaged, do not use the toilet and avoid tap water for drinking. Use your emergency supply, and melt ice cubes for additional water.

According to researchers this is the distance you need to run to improve your health

Researchers have come to the conclusion that just six miles (or 10 kilometres) a week can make for a healthy lifestyle.

They also concluded that excessive running can actually have negative effects on your health.

All you need to keep fit is this 7-minute most efficient workout

Researchers at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL, found that a high-intensity circuit training (HICT) routine is the most effective way to workout. This program uses a series of 12 exercises done over the course of approximately 7 minutes. Michael Bultman of CrossFit NYC performs the circuit for you to follow along at home.

Tip on how to use your your trouser / pant as a floation device for survival

Tip on how to Make Your Cologne Last Longer

Bei ya samaki katika soko la feri Dar yashuka

Wachuuzi wa samaki wakisubiri kununua kitoweo hicho katika soko la Kimataifa la Samaki la Feri jijini Dar es Salaam leo asubuhi. Bei ya samaki katika soko hilo imepungua kutokana kwa kupatikana kwa wingi kwa kitoweo hicho.
Na Dotto Mwaibalae

HALI ya bei ya samaki katika Soko la Kimataifa la Feri jijini Dar es alaam imeshuka kutokana na samaki kupatikana kwa wingi katika kipindi cha mwezi wa Septemba.

Akizungumza na "mtandao wa habari za jamii" jijini Dar es Salaam leo asubuhi mchuuzi wa samaki katika soko hilo Mohamed Hassan alisema katika kipindi cha wiki mbili bei ya samaki imeshuka ukilinganisha ni mwezi uliopita.

"Sasa hivi samaki aina ya King Fish, Changua wanauzwa kati ya sh. 30,000 lakini kipindi ambacho wakiadimika ufikia hadi sh. 35,000," alisema Hassan.

Mchuuzi mwingine wa samaki katika soko hilo Shabani Shamte alisema samaki aina ya kibua, ngisi wakati huu uuzwa kati ya sh. 23,000 hadi 25,000 ambapo wakiadimika ufikia hadi sh. 30,000.

Grace Tesha ambaye uuza samaki hao maeneo ya Mabibo Loyola alisema hata wao kipindi hiki biashara yao inakwenda vizuri kutokana na kuwepo kwa samaki wengi.

"Samaki wakiadimika huwa inatuwia vigumu mno kibiashara kwani wateja wetu wamekuwa wakilalamia kuwauzia kwa bei kubwa" alisema Tesha.

Mnada wa samaki ukiendelea
  • Imeandaliwa na mtandao wa - simu 0712-727062

Yet another terrible accident at the Palm Beach area, Dar

Accident at Palm Beach opp Jamat Jhana or opp Mohsin Pop house. Injuries or deaths are not yet known. Blood can be seen through the Subaru car door.

"This road is prone to a lot of accidents. If by any means we have enough means to impose extremely strict speed limit on this road it will help save a lot of casualties," --- a concerned citizen said.

[Information courtesy of TI responce via WhatsApp]

Polisi yaua wanawake 3 walioshukiwa ugaidi baada ya kushambulia kwa kisu

WANAWAKE watano waliovalia mabaibui na walioaminika kuvaa mikanda ya kujilipua wamevamia kituo kimoja cha polisi mjini Mombasa katika shambulio linalodaiwa kuwa la kigaidi.

Maofisa wa polisi nchini Mombasa wameeleza kuwa walitibua jaribio hilo na kufanikiwa kuwaua wanawake watatu huku wawili wakikamatwa.

Maofisa wa polisi wanasema washukiwa hao waliwasili katika kituo cha polisi cha Central ili kuripoti kuhusu simu iliyoibiwa na wakati maelezo yao yalipokuwa yakichukuliwa mmoja wao alichukua kisu na kuwadunga maofisa wawili wa polisi, huku mwingine akiwarushia polisi waliokuwa wakichukua maelezo yao bomu la petroli.

Polisi wanasema kuwa waliwafyatulia risasi na kuwaua watatu.

Maofisa wa polisi waliojeruhiwa wamepelekwa hospitali huku kituo hicho cha polisi kikilindwa ili kuhakikisha kuwa hakuna tishio jingine.

Kumekuwa na mashambulio kadhaa katika eneo la Pwani ya Kenya katika miaka ya hivi karibuni mengi yakifanywa na kundi la kigaidi la Al-Shabaab.

Hivi ndivyo wengine "wanavyoisoma numero"

KILE kibano cha kudhibiti matumizi holela ya fedha za umma alichoahidi Rais John Magufuli kimeendelea kuwakumba maofisa wengi wa juu katika idara na taasisi mbalimbali za Serikali huku athari zake zikizidi kuonekana kila uchao. 

Uchunguzi uliofanywa na Nipashe kwa siku kadhaa umethibitisha pasi na shaka kuwa hatua hizo za kubana matumizi yasiyo ya lazima ikiwamo pia kupunguza mishahara ‘kufuru’ waliyokuwa wakilipwa baadhi ya viongozi wa idara, mashirika na taasisi mbalimbali za umma zimeanza kuwaletea changamoto nyingi za kimaisha baadhi yao kulinganisha na neema tele walizokuwa nazo kabla ya kuingia madarakani kwa serikali ya awamu ya tano.

Hivi karibuni, Rais Magufuli anayesisitiza kila uchao kuwa ni lazima serikali yake ibane matumizi yasiyo ya lazima ili fedha zinazopatikana zielekezwe katika kuwanufaisha wananchi wa kawaida kupitia miradi mbalimbali ya maendeleo, aliahidi kushusha mishahara inayofikia hadi Sh. milioni 40 kwa badhi ya vigogo serikalini ili mwishowe kiwango cha juu kiwe Sh. milioni 15, sawa na punguzo la asilimia 62.5.

Alisema lengo la kufanya hivyo ni kuhakikisha kuwa wale waliokuwa wakivuna fedha nyingi kiasi cha kuishi kama ‘malaika’ wateremke ili kuondoa tofauti kubwa iliyokuwapo katika malipo ya mishahara baina yao na watumishi wengine wa kada mbalimbali. Alikwenda mbali pia kwa kuutaja hadharani mshahara wake wa kila mwezi kuwa ni Sh. milioni tisa.

Aidha, katika kutekeleza maelekezo hayo ya Rais Magufuli, Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma, Angela Kairuki, alitoa waraka rasmi wa Serikali unaoelekeza viwango vya juu vya mishahara kwa wakuu wa taasisi mbalimbali za umma kuwa ni Sh. milioni 15.


Uchunguzi wa Nipashe umebaini kuwa mbali na kupunguzwa mishahara kwa baadhi ya vigogo, wengi wao hutaabika hivi sasa na kujikuta wakibadili mwenendo wa maisha yao kutokana na hatua nyingine mbalimbali za kubana matumizi zilizochukuliwa na Serikali katika kipindi cha miezi 10 tangu kuapishwa kwa Rais Magufuli Novemba 5, 2015.

Uchunguzi huo umebaini kuwa hivi sasa, wengi kati ya maofisa wa juu na wa kati wanaoshikilia nafasi mbalimbali kwenye taasisi za umma wanateseka kutokana na kukatwa kwa mirija ya fedha zilizokuwa zikimiminika kwao kila uchao, baadhi zikiwa ni safari mfululizo za ndani na nje ya nchi ambazo kwa pamoja, ziliwahakikishia kuvuna malipo manono kupitia posho za nauli na zile za kujikimu.

Akizungumza wakati akizindua Bunge la 11 Novemba 20, 2015, Magufuli alisema kupitia safari za nje ya nchi, serikali ililipa Sh. bilioni 356.3 kwa kipindi cha mwaka wa fedha 2013/2014 na 2014/2015, ambazo kati yake Sh. bilioni 183.1 ziligharimia tiketi za ndege, Sh. bilioni 68.6 mafunzo na Sh. bilioni 104.5 zililipwa kama posho kwa maofisa waliohusika na safari hizo.

Eneo jingine ambalo vigogo wamepata pigo hivi sasa baada ya mirija kuzibwa ni kufutwa kwa maadhimisho mbalimbali kama yale ya “Wiki ya Utumishi wa Umma” yaliyokuwa yakifanyika kuanzia Juni 16 hadi 23 ya kila mwaka na pia “Wiki ya Maji” na “Siku ya Ukimwi Duniani”.

Kupitia maadhimisho hayo, vigogo mbalimbali waliokuwa wakiratibu walikuwa wakipata mwanya kujiingizia fedha kirahisi kwa kupitisha zabuni mbalimbali kama za kutengeneza vipeperushi, kukodi mahema, kukodi viti, wazabuni wa kuwaletea vyakula na wakati mwingine kutengeneza kumbukumbu za picha za mnato na video.

Katika “Wiki ya Utumishi wa Umma” mwaka huu, Waziri Kairuki alisitisha ulaji baada ya kuagiza kuwa maadhimisho hayo yafanyike ofisini huku kila Idara ama Wizara husika ikiutakiwa kutenga siku moja ya kusikiliza kero za wafanyakazi wao na siku moja ya kusikiliza kero za wananchi badala ya kwenda kwenye viwanja vya wazi kama vya Mnazi Mmoja.

Chanzo kimoja kutoka Ofisi ya Mkaguzi na Mdhibiti Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali (CAG), kilisema kuwa ulaji maarufu utokanao na posho za semina na makongamano ni kama umefutika kabisa hivi sasa na hivyo wanufaika wengi wamebaki wakilia njaa na wengine kubadili aina za maisha yao.
“Kwa kweli tutaikumbuka awamu ya nne maana kama fedha zililiwa hasa, fursa zilikuwa nyingi sana maana hata vikao vya kawaida vya kikazi katika ofisi na idara mbalimbali wakubwa walikuwa wakilipana poshi nono bila kujali. Hali hiyo sasa haipo. Hakuna mwenye uwezo wa kuandika dokezo la posho maana kesho yake atatumbuliwa mara moja,” kilisema chanzo hicho.
Alitoa mfano kuwa semina nyingi za mafunzo na hata mikutano na waandishi wa habari kwa ajili ya kuzungumzia masuala ya ofisi yao ilikuwa ikifanyika kwenye kumbi za hoteli mbalimbali na wengi walikuwa wakipata upenyo wa kuvuna fedha kirahisi; lakini hivi sasa hivi ulaji huo haupo kwa sababui mikutano yote hufanyika ofisini tena bila posho.

Pia kuna waraka unaoelekeza kuwa vikao vyote vya kikazi visivyohusisha wajumbe wanaozidi mikoa minane vifanyike kwa njia ya video na siyo kusafiri.

Katika kudhihirisha kwamba serikali haitanii kuhusu kukata matumizi, Mwezi Juni mwaka huu, Waziri wa Ujenzi, Uchukuzi na Mawasiliano, Profesa Makame Mbarawa, alizungumza na Bodi mpya ya Usimamizi wa Mamlaka ya Bandari nchini (TPA), kupitia Teknolojia ya Video (Video Conference) akiwa mjini Dodoma na bodi ikiwa Makao Makuu ya TPA, jijini Dar es Salaam.

Ilielezwa kuwa kabla ya ujio wa awamu ya tano, wajumbe wa bodi hiyo wangewasha magari kwenda Dodoma kumfuata Waziri na kulipwa posho nono.


Msajili wa Hazina, Lawrence Mafuru, ambaye huhusika pia katika kuidhinisha maombi ya watumishi wa Serikali kwa safari za nje ya nchi aliiambia Nipashe kuwa sasa hakuna namna isipokuwa ni kutekeleza agizo la kubana matumizi yasiyokuwa ya lazima na hivyo kila anyetaka kusafiri ni lazima ajieleze vya kutosha kabla ya kupata kibali cha kufanya hivyo.
“Unajua fedha za serikali ni zile zilizotengwa kwenye bajeti. Sasa kama una safari yako na haiko kwenye bajeti ya serikali, hela ya kukusafirisha na kukulipa posho inatoka wapi?” 
Alihoji Mafuru na kuongeza:
“Sisi hatuwezi kuruhusu mtu asafiri kiholela. Hivyo lazima tujiridhishe kama mkutano anaotaka kwenda mhusika fungu lake limo kwenye bajeti iliyopitishwa na serikali na kama sivyo tunamkatalia,” alisema Mafuru


Ukata huo utokanao na uamuzi wa serikali kubana matumizi umesababisha mabadiliko makubwa kwa baadhi ya vigogo waliokuwa wakitamba mitaani kutokana na ukwasi mkubwa waliokuwa nao.

Uchunguzi wa Nipashe umebaini kuwa badhi ya athari hizo ni pamoja na kupungua kwa idadi ya vigogo kwenye maeneo ya starehe; baadhi kupungua miili kiasi cha kupoteza maumbile ya vitambi vyao; wengine kulazimika kuwahamisha watoto zao kutoka kwenye shule ghali walizokuwa wakisoma na kuwajumuisha kwenye shule nyingine za gharama nafuu na pia wapo ambao sasa wametulia kwenye ndoa zao baada ya kushindwa kugharimia matunzo ya utitiri wa ‘nyumba ndogo’

Uchunguzi wa Nipashe umebaini vilevile kuwa athari nyingine zitokanazo na maisha mapya ya badhi ya vigogo yatokanayo na ukata uliokithiri ni pamoja na kupunguza matumizi yao katika kulipa mishahara ya watumishi wa ndani kwa maarufu kama ‘hausigeli’ na ‘hausiboi’; kupungua kwa idadi ya magari binafsi ya kifahari yaliyokuwa yakiwagharimu fedha nyingi kuyaendesha kwa kuyanunulia mafuta na viupuri na pia baadhi yao wameanza kugeukia usafiri wa rahisi wa bodaboda kwa safari fupifupi – jambo ambalo kamwe hawakutarajiwa kuliufanya hapo kabla.
“Kuna watu walikuwa wanatumia fedha bwana. Wengine tulikuwa tunawaita wazee wa bandari...hawa walikuwa hawana cha wikiendi wala nini, wao ni matanuzi tu na walikuwa wana vijumba vidogo kila kona ya mji. Lakini sasa wengi wanataabika kwa sababu mambo hayo yanahitaji fedha ambazo zimekuwa zikiwakimbia kwa kasi,” 
chanzo kimoja kiliiambia Nipashe na kuongeza:
“Baadhi wamechoka hadi vitambi vikubwa walivyokuwa navyo vimeanza kupukutika… hawaumwi lakini walau na wao wanaisoma namba kwakweli,” mwingine aliongeza.
Alisema baadhi ya watu hao waliokuwa wakitumia fedha kwa fujo hivi sasa wanaishi kwa kubangaiza kwa sababu wengi ni wale waliokuwa wakitegemea dili za Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA) na Mamlaka ya Bandari TPA ambako mizigo mingi ilikuwa ikipitishwa bila kulipiwa ushuru.
“Unajua hata vyuo vimeathirika sana maana wale vigogo waliokuwa wanawasomesha baadhi ya kina dada hawana hela...baadhi ya warembo wamelazimika kuhama nyumba walizokuwa wakilipiwa na vigogo baada ya kutelekezwa,” chanzo kingine kiliongeza.
Nipashe ilifanya uchunguzi kwenye baadhi ya kumbi za starehe (pub) zilizofunguliwa kwa wingi enzi za utawala wa awamu ya nne na kubaini kuwa hivi sasa baadhi zikiwa zimefungwa na nyingine nyingi hazijai kam zamani.

Mmoja wa wafanyakazi wa pub moja iliyoko Ubungo Riverside alikiri kuwa hivi sasa biashara imekuwa mbaya na wateja ni wa kugombania.

Hali hiyo ya ukata inadhihirishwa pia na hatua ya baadhi ya hoteli kuanza kuuzwa au kubadilishwa matumizi, ikiwamo hoteli marufu ya Land Mark ya Ubungo jijini Dar es Salaam iliyogeuzwa kuwa hosteli ya wanafunzi.

Mmiliki wa Hoteli hiyo, Saul Amom, alisema hivi karibuni kuwa kudorora kwa biashara ndiko kumewalazimu kufanya mabadiliko hayo katika uendeshaji wa biashara.
“Kwa kweli hali ni mbaya na ndiyo maana tumeamua kufanya haya mabadiliko. Hakuna namna,” mmiliki huyo alikaririwa akisema.
Aidha, hoteli mbili za kitalii mkoani Arusha zilitangazwa pia kuuzwa kutokana na kuongezeka kwa gharama za uendeshaji huku nyingine ikielezwa kushindwa kulipa mishahara wafanyakazi wake. --- NIPASHE

Taarifa kamili ya Ripoti ya Kamati ya Baraza Arusha

Amekamatwa! Alikuwa akitisha watu kwa kisu na kuwaibia mataa ya Mnazi Mmoja, Dar

Asimulia kilichomkuta Kariakoo na kuhadharisha kuhusu aina hii ya wizi

Job: Gender Officer - Hivos, Tanzania

Hivos EA seeks qualified candidates for the position of:

Vacancy Name: Gender Officer

Number of hours: 40

Region: East Africa

Office:  Same, Tanzania

About Hivos

Hivos is an international organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Counterbalance alone, however, is not enough. Our primary focus is achieving structural change. This is why we cooperate with innovative businesses, citizens and their organisations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

Twin & Twin Trading Limited together with Hivos through funding from Comic Relief are working with Vuasu Cooperative Union in Same, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. Vuasu Cooperative Union, like many East African coffee POs, faces two main challenges: improving its productivity to bridge the gap with other origins (225 - 250 kg/ha against 600kg/ha in Ethiopia or 800-1000 kg/ha in Peru, Guatemala or Honduras) and improving its quality to capture part of the growth of the specialty coffee market. By increasing the visibility of women and youth along the value chain, enhancing their decision-making power and control over assets and ensuring equal access to income and extension services, we will positively affect VCU’s coffee quality and productivity and thereby secure their position as a strong market player in the specialty coffee industry. It is estimated that around coffee farmer 5,104 (518-fe) who are members of VCU and 11,000 non-active members will benefit.

The 5 year Gender and generational empowerment with Vuasu Cooperative Union programme will build on the achievements of Hivos’ work with Vuasu and integrate Twin’s 6 pillars of development for smallholder organizations: Gender Justice, Sustainable Agriculture, Business Management, Governance, Quality and Processing and Market Access. It will draw on existing global and regional expertise, including Hivos Head office, Hivos Regional Office in Nairobi, locally-based GALS and sustainable agriculture consultant, Hivos Programme Coordinator in Tanzania.
Job context

Hivos and Twin are seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Gender Officer. The job is part of the Gender and Generational Empowerment programme team and will focus on supporting smallholder farmers of Vuasu Cooperative Union to produce high quality coffee as per specialty coffee standards and involvement of youth and women. Gender Officer will be responsible for supervision of all gender activities within the programme.

The Gender Officer will report to the Regional Gender Officer-Hivos and will work closely with the Hivos Programme Coordinator in Tanzania and the Twin team.

The position will be based at the Vuasu Cooperative Union, Same Office with extensive travel within Same and Mwanga districts.
Your responsibilities

Gender in coffee value chain
  • Supervision and delivery of the gender components of the programme.
  • Plan and execute gender workshops for champions at union and AMCO level.
  • Together with champions prepare quarterly gender programme plans and reports.
  • Develop a follow-up action plan for champions and for the gender aspects of the programme.
  • Coordination with consultants, Agronomist, Quality and Field Officers to include gender materials into GAPs, business, governance and quality.
Programme management
  • Supervision of the gender champions.
  • Program work planning and monitoring gender activities against agreed plans.
  • Providing support to associates/consultants.
  • Collecting key data to track the performance of this coffee programme.
  • Any other reasonable duty as may be assigned that is consistent with the nature of the job and its level of responsibility.
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Diploma or Degree in Gender, Community development, Sociology or relevant fields.
  • Proven ability to plan, coordinate and monitor gender programme activities.
  • Proven ability to work with financial information, preparing and tracking budgets.
  • Professional skills in IT including Microsoft Office, email etc.
Languages: Working knowledge of Swahili and English (essential).


  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in strengthening the gender capacity of producer organizations (preferably in coffee).
  • Proven experience in project/program management.
  • Experience in program monitoring and evaluation.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Highly developed, demonstrated teamwork skills.
  • Ability to travel within the two districts and East African region
What we offer
Hivos offers a competitive package based on the candidate’s qualifications.

Like to apply?

To apply, kindly send your CV and cover letter explaining why you are the suitable candidate for this position to[email protected]. Your letter should state your current and expected salary. Deadline is 16th September, 2016. 

Tamko la vyama vya wafanyakazi kuhusu muswada wa mafao ya kujitoa


Ndugu Waandishi wa habari , kwanza tunapenda kuchukua fursa hii kuwashukuru sana kwa namna mnavyoendelea kutupatia ushirikiano katika kutimiza wajibu wetu wa kudai, kulinda na kutetea masilahi ya wafanyakazi wa nchi hii na taifa kwa ujumla. Tunaomba muendelee na moyo huo ili tusaidiane kuijenga Tanzania tuipendayo.