Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za baadhi ya magazeti ya Tanzania leo Septemba 13, 2016

Majadiliano kuhusu tetemeko lililotokea Bukoba katika Kipindi cha Jukwaa Langu Sep 12, 2016

Katika kipindi cha JUKWAA LANGU hii leo, tulizungumzia janga kuu la tetemeko la ardhi nchini Tanzania.

Wadau Baraka Galiatano wa BukobaWadau Blog na Erick Kimasha walijiunga nasi kwa njia ya Skype kutoka Tanzania kutupa taswira ya nini kilitokea, vipi kilipokelewa na maendeleo tangu Septemba 10 na hali ilivyo hivi sasa mjini humo.

Pia tuliungana na mmoja wa wanaharakati ambao wameanzisha mfuko maalum kuchangia wahanga wa tetemeko hilo, Agnetta .

Ungana nasi kuanzia saa 11 kamili jioni majira ya Marekani Mashariki (5:00pm ET) kupitia www.kwanzaproduction.com ama kupitia TuneIn tun.in/sfeLX.

Kwa walio Marekani na Canada piga 240 454 0093.


Here is how you will be able to identify Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a fixed battery


Post-recall Galaxy Note 7 devices will include a new green battery icon, which’ll be displayed on the phone’s status bar, Always On Display screen, and Power Off screen.

Safe phones will have a black square near the barcode on their respective boxes
  • To differentiate the explosion-prone and revised Note7s, the Korean company is changing the color of the battery indicator in the status bar from white to green - zdnet.com.
  • Samsung's online IMEI check tool is now available to verify if a device is recalled or not - samsung.com.
--------- END OF UPDATE Sept 16, 2016 -------------

Starting September 13, Samsung users will have an established online database to check and tell if their Note 7 is affected or not.

New Device Identification
  1. New Galaxy Note7 packaging has clear identifiers on the box; a small black square on the white barcode label along with a white sticker with a blue letter ‘S’. 

  2. Once replacement Galaxy Note7 stock is available customers will be able to check their IMEI number on the online database that will be established on the Samsung. Alternatively, customers can speak to Samsung to check their device. 
  3. All Galaxy Note7 devices have a unique IMEI number so Samsung can identify and advise if an IMEI number belongs to a new replacement Galaxy Note7. 
Therefore, since IMEI is practically fool-proof, if you're buying a used Note 7, it won't take long to tell if you're buying a faulty one.
UPDATE Sept. 13, 2016

According to the Associated Press, Samsung issued a statement in a South Korean newspaper warning users in that country that their battery life would be limited to 60% unless they turn in their phones for new, non-exploding handsets. The idea is that users who refuse to exchange their phones for updated, safer models will be annoyed into doing so.

Samsung has not confirmed whether it plans to roll out this update to other parts of the world yet. There’s no good to wait and find out if you have a Note 7 right now, just head to Samsung’s Exchange Program site here and trade in your phone.

Scientists tell what they learned about success after following 5,000 genius kids for 45 years

Follow thousands of super-bright kids for four and a half decades and you learn a thing or two about how to raise a high-achiever.

One of the biggest takeaways: Even kids with genius-level IQs need teachers to help them reach their full potential.

Since it began in 1971, the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth(SMPY) has tracked 5,000 of the smartest the children in America — the top 1%, 0.1%, and even 0.01% of all students. It is the longest-running study of gifted children in history.

Set against an education system that often prioritizes lifting up the lowest-performing kids, SMPY's findings present another claim: Don't forget about the kids at the tippy-top.

"Whether we like it or not, these people really do control our society," Jonathan Wai, psychologist at the Duke University Talent Identification Program, recently told Nature. "The kids who test in the top 1% tend to become our eminent scientists and academics, our Fortune 500 CEOs and federal judges, senators and billionaires."

Unfortunately, much of the research from SMPY (pronounced simpy) indicates that kids who show an early aptitude for subjects like science and math tend not to receive the help they need. Teachers who see their brightest students mastering material and getting straight As choose instead to devote the majority of their attention to under-achieving kids.

As a result, the kids who may have gone on to invent life-changing medical devices or sit in the United Nations can fall into less influential roles.

SMPY reveals that assuming the smartest kids can achieve their full potential without being pushed is misguided. One of the many follow-up reviews in the study's 45-year run showed that grade-skipping can play a vital role in kids' development.

When researchers compared a control group of gifted students who didn't skip a grade to those who did, the grade-skippers were 60% more likely to earn patents and doctorates and more than twice as likely to get a Ph.D. in a field related to science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).

Even at the upper limits of intelligence, in other words, kids can still slip through the cracks.

But teachers and parents can also read that finding with optimism. If they notice a child is gifted, the best evidence suggests they should never stop supplying that child with tougher and tougher work. They should see where their limits are and make sure they're intellectually stimulated as often as possible.

SMPY has also found that teachers and parents can help high-achieving students by recognizing what kinds of intelligence they possess. Many gifted children, for instance, tend to have exceptional spatial reasoning skills. Over time, those strengths can develop into the abilities needed to achieve success as engineers, architects, or surgeons.

No matter how teachers and parents challenge kids to further develop these abilities, 45 years' worth of data suggests it's imperative that they do. The future of the world could depend on it.

Here is a new way Instagram has for you to filter out offensive comments

Instagram is letting people filter out and hide comments with words or phrases they deem inappropriate, a move trying to make its network feel "positive and safe."

Just go to the settings and look for the new section that says “Comments.” You’ll be given the option to hide inappropriate comments automatically.

The new filtering tool will be switched on for all Instagram accounts this week, according to an Instagram spokesperson Systrom on the Instagram blog.
"To empower each individual, we need to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment," "It’s not only my personal wish to do this, I believe it’s also our responsibility as a company. So, today, we’re taking the next step to ensure Instagram remains a positive place to express yourself."
Here's what the new comment filtering feature looks like in the Instagram app's settings:

2017 BIGSAS Doctoral Scholarships for international applicants

Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies offers 100 BIGSAS Doctoral scholarships for candidates from 27 African, American, Asian and European countries.

The scholarship invites applications from candidates whose dissertation project fits into one of the Graduate School’s current Research Areas. The Research Areas are Uncertainty, Innovation and Competing Orders in Africa, Knowledge, Communication, and Communities in Motion, Negotiating Change: Discourses, Politics, and Practices of Development.

More info at www.bigsas.uni-bayreuth.de

Call: South African Doctoral Scholarships in Humanities and Social Sciences

Applications are invited from suitably qualified non-South African students to study full time towards a doctoral degree in the humanities and social sciences at South African public universities. The Call will be open to students whose research is focused on their country or a comparative study in the following broad themes:
  • Pre and post-colonial states, institutions and local experiences.
  • Histories and legacies of liberation struggles.
  • Regional integration, new development and economic alternatives.
  • International political economy and the role of African humanities.
  • Heritage, identity and culture (including literature, performance, art and musicology).
  • Only non-South African citizens (based in any African country) from designated groups, with a preference to women.
  • Not older than 45 years old at the time of the application.
  • A successful completion of a Master’s degree, or entering the first year of PhD/doctoral study following an upgrade from a Master’s registration, or registered for PhD study in first year of enrolment.
Deadline: September 30th, 2016

Read more: www.nihss.ac.za

Launching of the English Language Resource Centre at SUA

Tanzania issues a statement regarding North Korea's 5th nuclear test

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Septemba 12, 2016

Taarifa ya NIDA ya tarehe ya kuanza kutoa vitambulisho vipya vya Taifa


Mamlaka ya Vitambulisho vya Taifa (NIDA) itaanza kutoa Vitambulisho vipya vya Taifa vyenye saini kwa wananchi wote waliokamilisha taratibu za usajili na utambuzi na kuchukuliwa alama za kibaiolojia (Alama za vidole, Picha, Saini ya Kielektroniki).

Kwa mujibu wa Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa NIDA Bw. Andrew Massawe; utekelezaji wa zoezi hilo utaanza rasmi Jumatano tarehe 14 Septemba 2016 katika ofisi zote za NIDA zikiwemo ofisi za Wilaya zilizoanza usajili Tanzania Zanzibar na mikoa ya Dar-es-salaam, Pwani, Lindi, Mtwara, Morogoro, Tanga, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, na Ruvuma) pamoja na waheshimiwa Wabunge Dodoma.

Waombaji wote ambao Vitambulisho vyao viko tayari watatumiwa ujumbe mfupi wa maandishi (SMS) katika simu zao za kiganjani (mkononi) kufahamishwa kufika katika vituo vya Usajili kuchukua Vitambulisho vyao.

Kuhusu wananchi ambao tayari wana Vitambulisho visivyo na saini; Bw. Massawe amesema…. “ Mamlaka inakusudia kubadilisha vitambulisho vyote vya zamani visivyo na saini, ila kwa sasa vitambulisho vya zamani vitaendelea kutumika sambamba na vipya wakati taratibu za kuendelea kuvibadilisha zikiendelea” alisisitiza.

Amesema kutokana na uwepo wa njia nyingi na salama za kusoma taarifa za mwombaji zilizomo ndani ya kifaa maalumu kilichofichwa kwenye kadi ya mtumiaji (chip); ndiyo maana vitambulisho vya zamani vitaendelea kutumika katika huduma mbalimbali zinazohitaji kumtambua mtumiaji kabla ya kupata huduma.

Akizungumzia wananchi ambao hawakuwahi kusajiliwa, Bw. Massawe amesisitiza kwamba wananchi wote ambao hawakuwahi kusajiliwa na wana umri wa miaka 18 na kuendelea; kwa mikoa ambayo tayari kuna ofisi za usajili, kuendelea kujitokeza kwa wingi kusajiliwa ili kupata Vitambulisho vya Taifa kwani zoezi la usajili ni endelevu.
“Kwa wale wananchi ambao walisajiliwa kupitia Daftari la Mpiga kura NEC; NIDA iko mbioni kuanza kutoa nambari za utambulisho wakati tukiendelea kukamilisha taratibu za usajili ili kupata utambulisho kamili na kuanza kunufaika na matumizi mapana ya Utambulisho wa Taifa wakati taratibu za uzalishaji wa Vitambulisho zikiendelea”.
Wananchi wanakumbushwa kutunza vizuri Vitambulisho vyao ili kuepuka gharama kwani kitambulisho cha Taifa kwa mara ya kwanza kitatolewa bure na iwapo kitapotea, ili kupata kingine lazima mtumiaji akilipie.

Kwa sasa vitambulisho vya Taifa vimeanza kutumika katika baadhi ya huduma nchini hususani kwenye mabenki kwa ajili ya kufungua akaunti na kuthibitisha taarifa za mtu kabla ya kupatiwa huduma. Taratibu za kupanua wigo wa matumizi ya Vitambulisho kielektroniki kwa kushirikiana na Taasisi mbalimbali zinaendelea.

Kenya to donate materials to earthquake survivors in Tanzania

President Uhuru Kenyatta has disclosed that Kenya will send a donation of iron sheets, blankets and mattresses to assist earthquake victims in Tanzania.

A press release from the presidency stated that the relief items will be airlifted by the Kenya Defence Forces on Tuesday. President Kenyatta phoned his Tanzanian counterpart, John Pombe Magufuli to express solidarity and sympathy for the disaster that struck over the weekend.
“I have learnt with deep sorrow and regret the loss of sixteen precious lives, injury to hundreds of our Tanzanian brothers and sisters, as well massive destruction of property and livelihoods following the devastating earthquake in Bukoba District, in North Western Tanzania,” 
“On behalf of the Government and the people of Kenya, and on my own behalf, I extend heartfelt condolences and sympathies to Your Excellency, the Government and people of Tanzania, and particularly to the grieving families.”
Kenyatta told Magufuli during the phone call.

The 5.7 magnitude hit northwest Tanzania on Saturday afternoon at a depth of 10km. It led to the loss of lives, injuries and destruction of property resulting from the earthquake that affected the region on Saturday. The tremor hit Bukoba close to the western shore of Lake Victoria and Nsunga in the northeast.

Kenyatta further wished those injured quick recovery and prayed to God to comfort the bereaved families.