World Bank Scholarships Program

Call for Applications is OPEN

January 27 to February 23, 2017—Now accepting applications from women and men mid-career professionals from developing countries and Japan to finance graduate degrees in development related fields.

Submit Your Climate Solution for 2017 Momentum for Change Awards

The United Nations Climate Change secretariat opened the call for applications for the 2017 Momentum for Change Awards today to showcase action and ambition as national governments work toward implementing the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2017 Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities will recognize climate action that is already achieving real results in five categories:
  1. Women for Results: recognizing the critical leadership and participation of women in addressing climate change, implemented in collaboration with Masdar’s WiSER initiative.
  2. Financing for Climate Friendly Investment: recognizing successful financial innovations for adaptation and climate mitigation, implemented in partnership with the World Economic Forum Global Project on Climate Change.
  3. ICT Solutions: recognizing successful climate change activities in the field of information and communications technology. This focus area is implemented in partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative.
  4. Planetary Health: recognizing novel solutions that balance the need for both human health and a healthy planet, implemented with support by The Rockefeller Foundation.
  5. Climate Neutral Now: recognizing efforts by individuals, companies and governments that are achieving real results in transitioning to climate neutrality, implemented with the secretariat’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.

More info at

Applications for the 2017 Momentum for Change Awards are being accepted from 30 January until 9 April 2017 

China Scholarship Opportunities for 2017/2018


Applications are invited from committed, motivated and qualified Tanzanians to apply for postgraduate studies in the one of China’s best Oil and Gas Universities – the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

Sponsorship will be in the fields of oil and gas. The scholarships will be processed in collaboration with the Embassy of China in Tanzania and will be awarded to the best twenty two (22) candidates.


a) Applicants must be holders of Bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences or Engineering from recognized universities;

b) Master’s Degree and Ph.D. applicants should not be older than 35 and 40 years respectively;

c) Applicants will be required to pay for a ticket to China; other costs will be paid by the Government of China including return ticket; and

d) Applicant once awarded scholarship, will not be allowed to decline for any reasons.

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Closing Date: 17th March, 2017.

Midem Artist Accelerator: The first international career booster for emerging talent

The Midem Artist Accelerator is an exclusive programme for artists and their entourages. Designed to support managers, agents, labels and publishers as they look to grow their artists’ profiles globally, it’s the opportunity to promote 9 upcoming international talents selected by an Artistic Committee.

The Midem Artist Accelerator 360 programme features a range of curated networking opportunities, as well as learning and coaching sessions with leaders of the international music industry.

Plus, the 9 finalists will have the opportunity to play a live set at Midem and have their song featured on Midem’s communications, as well as on the official Midem 2017 vinyl compilation.

Visit the following link for application:

Call for Applications: Summer School in Human Rights Litigation

The Open Society Justice Initiative and Central European University invite applicants for the 2017 Summer School in Human Rights Litigation, to be held in Budapest from July 10 to 14.

The summer school provides a unique opportunity for human rights professionals to build on their experience and to develop their skills to successfully bring cases to the regional human rights systems and the UN treaty bodies, and to use those cases to achieve practical change. The curriculum will combine presentations, case studies, exercises, and discussion groups with preparatory work and further reading to ensure full maximum benefit for those attending the course. Participants will be invited to provide information on cases they are working on and those concrete examples will help shape discussion.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants need not be practicing lawyers; however, they must have some experience in human rights litigation, and will ideally have three to six years’ experience in human rights practice. Participants will be required to submit examples of cases and issues that they are or have been involved in. Instruction will be in English. Bursaries towards tuition fees and expenses, including travel, are available where the need can be demonstrated.

Purpose and Priorities

The course encourages participants to approach human rights litigation strategically, viewing litigating a human rights case as one step in the process of achieving social change. It includes modules that examine the steps involved in strategic litigation, such as case selection, client care, and forum choice. It also uses case studies to explore how to build a strong evidential record in support of the case, how to develop campaigning and advocacy to raise awareness of the issues involved, and how to implement a successful judgment. Other presentations will focus on the challenges of drafting legal petitions dealing with human rights claims and dealing with the ethical problems that arise in human rights cases.

The curriculum will cover a range of human rights tribunals, such as the African, Inter-American, and European regional bodies, as well as the most frequently used United Nations treaty bodies. The course will also allow participants to choose specialist seminars to examine key issues in their field; in past years, this has included torture and the right to life, discrimination, freedom of information and expression, violations in the context of migration, and rights upon arrest.

The summer school faculty consists of practitioners from the Justice Initiative and its human rights litigation partners, combining both an academic analysis and a practical assessment of different human rights situations faced by lawyers and activists around the world.


The deadline for applications is February 14, 2017. Additional course information and instructions for applications can be found on the course page of the CEU Summer University website.


Young Leaders Programme 2017

Youth are a driving force behind some of the most inspiring development projects. At EDD 2017, young people will have their voices heard in policy discussions that will shape our future. The 16 selected Young Leaders will share their views and experiences in high-level debates, alongside world leaders and other change-makers in the development field.

During their visit to Brussels, Young Leaders get the chance to visit European institutions, participate in workshops, meet key policymakers and interact with other young people driving change around the world. They will speak at various sessions and enjoy full access to the whole conference. Travel and accommodation is covered by the European Commission.

Applications are now open!

Apply at

2017 Startup Challenge - Innovation on the rise: Africa and Russia

Applications to our showcases in Abidjan and St. Petersburg are open, don’t miss the opportunity!
  • In 2017, Innotribe will return to Africa for the third consecutive year. The warm welcome from the community and enthusiasm from startups have been essential in building solid foundations for the programme in the region. Once again, Innotribe will partner with SWIFT’s African Regional Conference (ARC), organised from 16-18 May 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The Startup Challenge will take place on Wednesday 17 May in the afternoon. Click here to Read the Press Release AND Aply.
  • For the first time, Innotribe will also bring the Startup Challenge to Russia. The local innovation ecosystem already includes some notable players and has a great potential to further develop a stimulating environment for FinTech startups, not only in Russia but also in the neighbouring CIS countries. Innotribe will partner with the ROSSWIFT (Russian National SWIFT Member and User Group), namely including the Bank of Russia, the National Settlement Depository, Sberbank, and Alfa-Bank. The Innotribe Startup Challenge showcase will be organised during the International Financial Congress (IFC), Russia’s largest international financial forum hosted by the Bank of Russia, taking place from 12-14 July 2017 in St. Petersburg. Click here to Read the Press Release AND Apply.

Call: ISTR Africa Network (ISTRAN) Conference

The broad aim of this conference is to kick-start the process of taking seriously these and other critical questions occupying the civil society-philanthropy interface. To this end, we invite theoretical, philosophical and empirical submissions drawing on the best investigative traditions and approaches from the entire spectrum of the social sciences, including, but not necessarily limited to, economics, history, psychology, cultural studies, philosophy, sociology, political science, and anthropology. Papers may be ethnographic, comparative, statistical, regional, national, or strictly theoretical in their approaches. Whilst submitters are encouraged to take issue with and pursue the implications of the foregoing questions from their respective intellectual standpoints, it is also important that they see them (i.e. the questions) as mere provocations to thought, and not limits or constraints that the conference organizers seek to impose.

2017 Koffi Addo Writivism Prize for Creative Non Fiction

The Koffi Addo Writivism Prize for Creative Non Fiction is an annual award for creative non-fiction by emerging African writers administered by the Center for African Cultural Excellence (CACE).

Entrants must be unpublished writers (unpublished here means those who have not had a book published), resident in an African country. Questions of eligibility shall be resolved by the CACE administration and their decision is final.

Entries must be submitted online, by emailing them to [email protected]as attachments (not in the body email), clearly labeled in the subject: Koffi Addo Prize.

The writer must include in the body of the email, other information about him/her, as country of residence, age, legal name and pen name (where applicable) and telephone contact.

Only one entry per writer may be submitted for the Koffi Addo Writivism Prize for Non Fiction. The story must be original and previously unpublished in any form (including on the writer’s personal blog).

Call: ChangemakerXchange East Africa | Changemakers from across sectors

This special edition of ChangemakerXchange Summit in Kenya brings together 25 of the top young changemakers and adult allies from East Africa, individuals that are driven to make a positive change, from across all sectors (civil society, media, corporate, government and more). The aim of the summit is to build a cross-sectoral network of changemakers that work together to address the societal issues they see being most present in a collaborative manner.

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The deadline for applications is February 22 midnight (the midnight of your local timezone)

Wetlands 2017 Youth Photo Contest

Between 2 February and 2 March 2017 young people from around the world aged between 18 to 25 are invited to particpate in the Wetlands Youth Photo Contest for a chance to win a free flight to visit a Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site) courtesy of Star Alliance Biosphere Connections.

Photo contest conditions
  1. The photograph(s) must be of any type of wetland that helps us cope with extreme weather events. The photograph(s) can relate to or illustrate wetland use, conservation and sustainable use.
  2. The photograph must be in digital format. Only photographs submitted online will be eligible. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Contest.
  3. All digital files must be in JPEG or JPG format, and with a maximum size of 5MB.
  4. The photograph, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the Photographer.
  5. All Entries must be submitted and received by 2 March 2017 at 12.00 Midnight CET
  6. There is limit of three photographs per person. Read the full Participation Conditions
Source & More info at

2017 WISE Prize for Education

The WISE Prize for Education recognizes an individual, or a team of up to six, for an outstanding contribution to education. The achievements of the nominated individual or team should have had a significant and lasting impact upon education at any level and should demonstrate an inspiring and visionary approach.

More info at

Deadline: The global call for nominations is open until 11:59 PM, GMT, March 31, 2017.

#Insiders4Good Fellowship to East Africa

We are calling all East African entrepreneurs with projects in the early stage to apply to become part of our second cohort of #Insiders4Good Fellows. Twenty-five entrepreneurs will be selected and will receive a premier suite of Windows hardware and software, and a 6-month mentorship program will be kicked off by a special one-week learning event for Fellows and mentors. The 6-month mentorship will include tailored technical and strategic mentorship from local and international leaders to help bring your unique idea to the next level.

More info at

Please apply now! The deadline is approaching quickly on March 31, 2017.

Call for Proposals: Young Leaders in Energy Access Award

Up to five Young Leaders in the field of energy access will be invited to the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum held on March 22-23 in Lisbon, Portugal with all expenses covered. The Young Leaders will get the opportunity to share their ideas and recommendations to improve energy access in Africa with a wide group of energy experts and high-level stakeholders, including the European Commission, the African Union Commission, the UN and the World Bank through a communiqué written on site! The Young Leaders will also have the chance to broaden their knowledge of business opportunities for clean energy access and will receive a trophy acknowledging their contribution to bring sustainable energy access to Africa.

Mwl. Mndeme: Ushauri kwako Mhe. Paul Makonda


Jana nimesikiliza sehemu ya mazungumzo yako kama Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam na wadau wa usafiri wa Taxi jijini DSM hasa kutokana na kile ambacho kimeonekana kama “uvamizi wa kampuni ya Uber” kwenye soko la Taxi. Katika jumla ya niliyojifunza kwenye kikao kile, inaonekana wadau wa Taxi (madereva na wamiliki ) wanalalamikia Kampuni hii juu ya utaratibu wanaotumia kufanya biashara na gharama wanazotoza kutokua halisia (kidogo sana ukilinganisha na viwango vyao vya kawaida) na hivyo kuathiri sana soko lao.
Katika kikao hiki nilivutiwa na mtizamo wako kuhusu tatizo hili kwani nilelewa mambo kadhaa toka kwako: kwamba kwanza umegundua kuna tatizo; pili ulifanya utafiti wako kidogo na usio rasmi; tatu ukataka kuwasikiliza wahusika na kupata maelezo na ushahidi wa kutosha kuhusu tatizo; na mwisho ukataka kupata mapendekezo ya kutatua tatizo toka kwa wanaoathirika. Kwanza niseme hii ni hatua na mtizamo mzuri sana kwa kiongozi wa watu. Kama kiongozi ni vema kuchukua muda unapokabiliana na tatizo kubwa la kijamii na kupata maelezo sahihi kabla ya kufanya maamuzi au kutoa maelekezo. Pili, umeonesha busara kama kiongozi kuwashirikisha waathirika katika kutafuta suluhu na majawabu ya matatizo kabla ya kufanya maamuzi maana kuwa kiongozi hakumaanishi unajua kila kitu. Huu ni mtazamo mzuri na ninakupongeza.
Nimeona umewapa wadau wiki moja wakatafakari na wakupelekee mapendekezo yao. Kwa kuwa wiki hiyo haijaisha nimetamani nami kama mdau wa mkoa wako na zaidi sana kama raia wa Tanzania, nitoe mchango wangu kushauri jambo hili ili kama itakupendeza wewe na wasaidizi wako, muchanganye na mapendekezo yatakayoletwa wadau kupata suhuhisho na majawabu ya kusaidia. Nitajaribu kufupisha sana mawazo yangu:
  1. Moja, mimi sijawahi kutumia usafiri wa Uber DSM lakini nimeutumia nje ya Tanzania. Ni ukweli usio na kificho kwamba mfumo wao wa uendeshaji biashara ya Taxi una faida nyingi kwa mtumiaji hasa kuokoa muda, kupata huduma mahali ulipo,na wakati mwingie gharama ni ndogo kidogo ukilinganisha na wato huduma wengine. Hili halipingiki hasa unapofananisha na huduma zetu za taxi ambazo ziko kizamani sana.
  2. Pili nimesikitika kwamba nchi yetu imefikia mahali pa kuruhusu hadi biashara ya Taxi imfanywe na makampuni ya nje. Uber ni kampuni ya Kimarekani yenye Makao yake makuu katika Jiji la San Fransisco na ilizianzishwa mwaka 2009 jamaa wawili Garrett Camp na Travis Kalanick. Ndani ya maiaka michache ya uhai wake imejitahidi kujipanua kwa haraka kwenye nchi kadhaa. Nchini Uingereza ina maika kama 2 sasa na inapanuka kwa kasi huku kukiwa na mambo kadhaa ambayo yameshaleta migogoro.

Nchi zote makini duniani na hasa za kimagharibi (zilizoendelea) zinajitahidi sana kutoruhusu kila kazi/biashara kufanywa na watu wa nje ya nchi yao. Wanalinda soko lao na wanalinda ajira na vipato vya watu wao. Ndio mana unaweza kuingia kwao ukiwa hata na PhD au umeipata kwao na ikawa ngumu sana kuajiriwa kwa kuwa wanatoa kipaumbele kwa watu wao. Kwa kifupi hawakupi ajira iwapo kuna mtu wao anaihitaji na hana kazi. Tunapoongelea habari ya kukuza uchumi wa watanzania kama taifa na kwa mtu mmoja mmoja ni lazima tuwe na mikakati ya kulinda baadhi ya ajira na biashara kwa ajili ya watu wetu hasa zile zinazofanywa na watu wa kipato kidogo na zisizohitaji utaalamu na elimu kubwa. Ninashawishika kwamba kuruhusu wageni na makampuni ya kigeni kuwekeza usafiri wa taxi, mabasi, bajaji, mama lishe, na zingine zinazofafa na hizo sio kitu sahihi na tutapoteza mwelekeo. Tutunze ajira hizi kwa ajili ya watu wetu kwa nguvu zetu na makampuni ya kigeni tuwasukumize wakawekeze kwenye biashara na shughuli zinazohitaji mitaji mikubwa, utaalamu wa hali juu, na teknolojia ambazo hatuna kama vile usaifiri wa ndege, treni, viwanda vya uzalishaji, nk.

  1. Tatu, tunaporuhusu makampuni ya kigeni kuwekeza kwenye biashara za kawaida kama hizi ni wazi kwamba unazidi kuondoa fedha kwenye mzunguko wa watu wa kawaida. Hata kama kampuni hiyo inalipa kodi, tujue kwamba faida wanayoipata kwa sehemu kubwa haibaki nchini maana inakwenda kwenye nchi zao. Hata kama ikibaki haibaki kwa watu ambao fedha hiyo imetolewa (watu wa kipato na maciha ya chini). Hii bado inanipa ushawishi wa kutoruhusu wageni kuwekeza kwenye maeneo kama haya.
  2. Nne, ni kweli tunatakiwa kuboresha huduma ya taxi DSM na miji mingine iondokane na uzamani, ulanguzi, uhatari, na ulaghai. Tunaweza kuboresha huduma hii ikawa ya kisasa, ya kuheshimika, salama, na isiyo na ulanguzi bila kuitafuta wawekezaji au wataalamu wa nje. Mambo kadhaa yanaweza kufanyika:
    1. Tuachane na mfumo wa kuendesha biashara ya taxi kwa mtu mmoja mmoja na badala yake iendeshwe kikampuni. Inaweza ikaundwa kampuni moja au zaidi ambayo kila mwenye taxi anajisajili huko na biashara inakua ni kati ya wateja na kampuni badala ya dereva na mwenye taxi. Kwa mfano, Chama cha Madereva Taxi DMS kinaweza kuondokana na kuwa chama ikawa kampuni. Kila mwenye Taxi anaingia mkataba na kampuni hiyo na kampuni inaweka viwango vya gharama inayoeleweka kwa umbali (kimometa) badala ya ilivyo sasa. Pia kampuni itahakikisha kila taxi inafungwa kifaa cha kuhesabu umbali na kukokotoa gharama hivyo mteja anaona kabisa kasafiri umbali gani na ni gharama kiasi gani bila kuibiwa na kulanguliwa. Vifaa hivi sio ghali na vinapatikana
    2. Kwa kutumia wataalaamu wetu wa ndani na hasa vyuo vikuu, kampuni hizi watengeneze mifumo ya kompyuta ambayo itazisajili taxi zote na kuziratibu zinapokua barabarani ili kutoa huduma kwa wakati. Hii itapunguza uzamani uliko sasa hivi wa taxi kutoka Posta au Mbagala kumfuata mteja Bunju kwa kuwa ndio anaijua wakati kuna Taxi ziko barabarani nyingi kuanzia Mwenge hadi Bagamoyo. Mfumo wanaotumia Uber hautofautiani sana na huu lakini hiki ndicho nchi nyingi za wenzetu zinatumia kwa sasa. Hii itasaidia huduma ya Taxi ipatikane njiani lakini pia mtu aweze kupiga simu kwenye ofisi ya kampuni na kutumiwa taxi iliyokaribu na alipo. Hii tapunguza sana gharama kwani kwa sasa madereva wanatoza gharama kubwa ikisababisha na safari ndefu ya kwenda na kurudi (round trips) kutoka alipo hadi anapompeleka mteja na kurudi tena maskani ake. Najua bado tunachangamoto ya anuani sahihi za makazi lakini bado tunaweza kufanya tafakuri fikirishi na tukapata namna nzuri tu ya kukidhi mahitaji.
    3. Mara nyingine ninahisi viongozi wetu na taasisi za maamuzi serikalini hazina taarifa sahihi/za kutosha juu ya ujuzi na utalaamu wetu uliolala kwenye vyuo vikuu na hivyo kujikuta wanashiwika kirahisi na makampuni ya nje kwenye mambo yahusuyo teknolojia hasa kwenye TEHAMA. Hili laweza kuchangiwa pia na wataalamu wetu hasa vyuo vikuu kujifungia ndani na jamii kutokujua wanaweza kuisaidiaje, lakini tuna wajuzi na wataalmu wengi wanaoweza kuboresha huduma kama hizi. Ninakuomba nenda pale Bamaga kwenye kampasi ya elimu za TEHAMA ya Chuo Kikuu cha DSM (UDSM) wakishirikiana na Shule yao Kuu cha Biashara waambie wakusaidie kukubunia mfumo wa kuratibu Taxi kwenye mkoa wako na mupeane muda. Kwa kufanya haya utakua umeshiriki kukuza tafiti, kuendeleza ubunifu wa ndani, na utakua umepata suluhisho na majawabu unayotafuta kwa mkoa wako. Pia utagundua kwamba Uber au wengine wa nje hawana miujiza sana katika wanachokifanya kwani yanaweza kufanywa vyema na watanzania wenyewe. UDSM kukimba mbali mkoa wako una vyuo vingine kama IFM na DIT ambavyo vina wataalamu wengi wa mifumo ya TEHAMA
    4. Biashara ya Taxi irasimishwe. Kwa utaratibu maalumu na kwa awamu tuachane na mtindo kufanyika biashara hii kienyeji na chini ya wamiliki binafsi ili  kuboresha na kuhakiki usalama wake, kufanikisha ukusanyaji wa kodi, kuongeza ufanisi kwa watumiaji wa huduma, na kupunguza ughali usio wa lazima.

Kama ukipenda kujiridhisha unaweza kupata taarifa ya kitaaalmu kuelezea changamoto ya kukumbatia kampuni za nje kama Uber kwenye soko dogo na linalotegemewa na watu wa chini kama wa nchi yetu ili ikusaidie wewe na wasaidizi wako kufanya maamuzi yenye ushahidi zaidi. Ni muhim sana katika kukabiliana na changamoto za kijamii kama ambazo ziko nyingi, ninyi viongozi mutumie pia wataalamu/wasomi/watafiti ili majawabu na suluhisho munalotoa au linalopatika liwe la kimkakati zaidi, endelevu, na linaloangalia mambo mengi katika mtambuka wa jambo husika.
Nakutakia kazi njema na bidii zaidi katika kutatua changamoto zinazoikabili jamii yetu ya Dar es Salaam na Tanzania kwa ujumla wake.
Ni mimi mwananchi wako wa Dar esSM, Mathew Mndeme (Mwalimu MM)
Napatikana kupitia barua pepe: mmmwalimu(at)

Before and After: Room Makeovers and Painted Furniture