Monday, July 24, 2023

Check (cheque) fraud

When using checks, be aware that the checks you write most of the time will include your name, your address, and your bank account number. If they fall into the wrong hands, you may lose your personal information stolen and financial loss.

How do scammers get your check?
  1. by taking them your checks from the mailbox
  2. by getting them from the trash cans if they were not disposed of properly
How do they get money from this fraud?

By rewriting your check to themselves after using chemicals to erase your information.
  1. by selling your personally identifiable information (PII) to other scammers
  2. by using your PII to forge checks 
  3. by using your PII to create profile that they can use to apply for services as if they were you
Some tips to help with making it harder to alter your check
  1. User a permanent pen
  2. In the payee field, fill out the name in the entire space or make a line to the end of the space
  3. Use the same signature every time to be consistent
  4. Go to the post office and mail it from inside, and not dropping them in the drop boxes outside