Thursday, August 31, 2023

Associate Communications Manager - Remote

ACLED is recruiting a full-time Associate Communications Manager to contribute to the management, growth, and professional development of the organization’s Communications department. The ideal candidate will have management and training experience in a public relations, media, or non-profit setting, as well as the communications skills to lead promotional campaigns and outreach and engagement initiatives aimed at translating complex conflict data into digestible outputs for public use.

This position is fully remote and can be done from any location with reliable internet service. It is open to nationals of any country, excluding those explicitly listed on the Applicants FAQ.

The Associate Communications Manager will supervise multiple Communications team members, so team management skills are required, and they will be reporting to the Head of Communications.

For more information, please review the Applicant FAQs. Please submit your salary range for consideration.

The Associate Communications Manager will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Strategy: Work with the Head of Communications to expand and execute ACLED’s overarching communications strategy.
    • Support operational planning and team management by coordinating projects and tracking progress (e.g. through Asana, Google Calendars, etc.).
  • Management: Oversee Communications staff, as guided by the Head of Communications.
    • Improve efficiencies of day-to-day operations and supervise the execution of new projects.
  • Public Outreach and User Engagement: Lead implementation of public outreach and user engagement plans, per the communications strategy.
    • Oversee the production of outreach materials and public-facing resources like press releases, fact sheets, user guides, etc.
    • Supervise social media messaging and content production.
    • Liaise with the media and other key stakeholders to promote ACLED projects and disseminate content among relevant audiences.
    • Support and advise the organization’s senior leadership on public engagement opportunities and contribute to the implementation of executive team outreach plans.
  • Publications: Manage and review publications – including reports, infographics and other analysis content – to ensure they adhere to the organization’s research agenda, in collaboration with the Analysis department, and contribute to coordinating translations as necessary.
  • Branding and Marketing: Coordinate with ACLED’s Access and Sales teams to produce marketing collateral and branding materials, and ensure consistency of messaging across departments.
  • Event Planning: Coordinate with ACLED’s Operations and Programs departments to develop and execute an event strategy to hold webinars, panel discussions, and conferences to promote ACLED’s work and deepen connections within ACLED’s user community, in line with the overall communications strategy.
  • Recruitment and Capacity-Building: In collaboration with the Head of Communications, identify opportunities for growth in the Communications department and oversee recruitment of new team members. Identify and procure new tools and resources to enhance capacities and efficiencies within the department.
  • Training and Professional Development: In collaboration with the Head of Communications and the Senior Communications Coordinator, develop and carry out media and public relations training programs for ACLED team members.