Monday, August 21, 2023

Consultancy - Financial Management Coach

The financial management consultant will provide support to Horn Poultry Farm based in Jigjiga, Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, to ensure that there are adequate financial management systems across its operations.

- The objective of the assignment is to assist HAPF to develop and maintain financial management systems and reporting in fully compliance with the International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS). HAPF itself will be responsible for the day-to-day operations, including implementation of advised updates and improvements. In addition, a key notion of the TA is that the consultant will act in an advisory role, and will therefore focus on diagnosing, leading design-exercises and reviewing policies. HAPF itself will have to dedicate staff to contribute heavily to the Financial Management policy development, and to completely manage the implementation of financial management procedures.
- The assistance will be focused on:
    1. 1Establishing HAPF’s financial management rules over the operations of HAPF, including general principles, budget, accounts and asset management, procurement, internal and external audit.
    2. Establishing unified IFRS-compliant accounting policies and standard procedures over financial reporting process.
    3. Enhancement of the knowledge base and skillset of HAPF board and management through specific training sessions built around financial monitoring, control environment, transparency and disclosure requirements; and staff tasked with financial management on IFRS standards and financial management discipline.
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Deadline: 29 August 2023.