Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Graphic designers and Video editors

World Vision International Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe Regional (WV MEEER) Office in Cyprus is inviting Graphic designers and Video editors to submit proposals for providing Multimedia material design, production and editing service for the Cyprus office and MEEER offices. The full description also available to linked terms of reference.

Description of the requested design service and deliverables

Country Profile

Design an informative and visually appealing country profile that includes text, infographics, and relevant images. The design must be engaging and easy to understand, catering to a diverse audience.

Policy Brief

Design a policy brief template that communicates complex information in a simplified and digestible format. The design should be clean and professional, facilitating reader engagement and comprehension.


Create eye-catching banners for various uses, including but not limited to websites, events, or advertising. Banners should reflect the company's branding and incorporate necessary information.

PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation

Design a professional and compelling PowerPoint template to be used in presentations. The template should maintain a balance between visuals and content, encouraging audience engagement while communicating the intended message.


Design a clear and professional report layout that allows for the inclusion of text, images, and graphs. The report must be easy to read, with clear demarcations for different sections and a hierarchy of information.

Shorthand & Factsheet

Create visually stimulating and informative shorthand & factsheet designs. The designs should effectively present key facts and figures, and be easy to digest for readers of varying expertise levels.

Social Media Tile & Poster

Design engaging social media tiles and posters that can be used across various platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). These designs should adhere to platform-specific best practices for dimensions and resolution, and must effectively communicate the key message while capturing audience attention.

Video Editing

Edit raw footage provided by the team to create professional and engaging videos. This includes incorporating graphic overlays, ensuring smooth transitions, correcting color and sound, and adding other effects as necessary.

Not Defined

For the service not listed above organization would pay per hour and the respective volume of the work should be approved by a WVI representative upfront
Related documents:Terms of reference -
Financial proposal template -

How to apply

Submission of Proposal:

Should you/your organization be interested in this assignment, we would invite you to provide us with your offer in English language. Your offer should contain:Technical proposal:Portfolio
Financial Proposal – filled up the provided template with respective rates only for offered service (prices should include all the applicable taxes).

Non-binding offer free of charge in the English language should be submitted via email to [email protected] before 20.08.2023 17:00 23:59 Cyprus Time in the form of two separate, signed, documents in pdf format. One document clearly marked TECHNICAL PROPOSAL and one document clearly marked FINANCIAL Proposal.

Please indicate “Multimedia material design, production and editing service” in the subject line.

The organization and its donors reserve the right to reject all proposals and cancel, reschedule and/or stop the selection process at any time.

Any late submission of the bids will be disregarded.