Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Data Analyst

Terms of reference

Job Title: Data Analyst

Code: SR-00-9058

Duty station: Rome - HQ

Starting date: 01/10/2023

Contract duration: 12 months (renewable)

General purpose of the position

The Data Analyst is the figure who analyzes and interprets data. This analysis aims to extract useful information to test business hypotheses and gain a competitive advantage. The profile could be called a translator of numbers, who is responsible for transforming raw data into valuable information.

The first step in proper and effective analysis is to correctly organize and cluster the data. The Data Analyst can use mathematical codes and formulas to automate calculation processes and group the data in this preliminary step. Upon completion of the analysis, the Data Analyst communicates the results through reports and written documents.

Main responsibilities and tasks

Among the main tasks of the Data Analyst are:
  • Understand the types of research to be conducted - based on the needs;
  • Ensure that the information is not biased - in which case the Data Analyst will select only valuable data;
  • Suggest changes in the tools and processes used for data collection;
  • Organize the data and create clusters;
  • Read data using statistical methods to identify correlations and interpretive patterns, particular trends or recurring patterns from which helpful information for the company's business can be derived;
  • Share the results of the analysis to stakeholders through written documents. In some cases, the Data Analyst may use visualization software.
Required profile and experience

  • Bachelor's degree in : Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, and Economics.