Friday, September 1, 2023

East Africa Regional Data Assistant

Position Description

The FEWS NET Early Warning Team maintains field offices in Africa, Central America, Asia, and the Caribbean. The data assistant plays an integral role in these efforts by collating and processing data relevant to food security early warning efforts to meet decision support needs. As decision support needs evolve (expanding or contracting), so do monitoring efforts and strategies, requiring additional support and leadership. Data assistants will be responsible for ensuring the collation and processing of data collected by FEWS NET EWT field enumerators and/or monitors that are used as inputs to food security monitoring and early warning analysis.

  • The main responsibilities of the East Africa data assistant include, but are not limited to:Coordinating data collection activities by enumerators and field monitors in collaboration with country representatives (CR) in their respective countries
  • Serving as a regional point of contact for all FEWS NET EWT enumerators and/or monitors. This includes administrative tasks such as confirming receipt of data to the relevant office manager/accountant (OMA) to allow for enumerator and/or monitor salary processing
  • Ensuring that data are processed and prepared, as necessary, for transmission to the CR, the Regional Food Security Specialists (RFSS) and the FEWS NET Data Warehouse (FDW)
  • Communicating with enumerators and/or monitors to facilitate responses to ad hoc requests about market conditions from FEWS NET EWT country, regional, or Washington DC-based offices
  • Ensuring that FEWS NET EWT data are delivered to relevant partners organizations based on agreements with these organizations
  • Supporting the maintenance and updating of FEWS NET EWT’s food security monitoring databases
  • Ensuring that relevant food security monitoring maps and other visualizations (e.g. prices, markets functioning and access, and cross-border trade) are prepared and regularly updated in a timely manner
  • Contributing to the documentation and files of the project and updating essential data used in early warning and food security monitoring and assessment
  • Providing inputs requested by the CR, RFSSs and DSG analysts for all monthly reporting requirements, including Food Security Outlooks, Outlook Updates, key messages, and regular briefings to the US Government and other partners
  • Contributing to regular and ad hoc markets and trade (M&T) analyses and reporting (e.g. price bulletins and regional supply and market outlooks)
  • Contributing to other FEWS NET EWT information products required locally and by the Washington-based technical team
  • Other related tasks that may be assigned from time to time