Monday, October 16, 2023

African Peacebuilding Network: Individual Research Fellowships

The African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) invites research fellowship applications from African scholars, researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners working on conflict and peacebuilding issues at universities and research institutions; or regional, governmental, and nongovernmental agencies or organizations based in Africa.

Support is available for research and analysis on the following issues:
  • Causes, drivers, actors, and trajectories of violent conflict;
  • Natural resource conflict: community, national and regional dimensions
  • Geopolitics and histories of conflict, conflict mediation and peace;
  • Minorities, under-represented groups, and the social dynamics of conflict and peace;
  • Climate Change, Energy Transitions, Conflict and Peace
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation practices and peace
  • Religion and peace
  • Resilience, conflict prevention and transformation;
  • State and non-state armed actors, transnational crime, extremism, displacement, and migration;
  • Post-conflict elections, democratization, governance, and development;
  • Statebuilding, nation-building, identities, and the citizenship question;
  • Transitional justice, reconciliation, and peace;
  • The economic and financial dimensions of peace support operations and post-conflict reconstruction;
  • Regional Economic Communities (RECs), regionalism and peace;
  • UN-AU-REC Partnerships and Peacebuilding Architectures ;
  • Media, digital technology, AI, war, and peacebuilding;
  • Cultures, media, and art(s) of peace;
  • Women, youth, and peacebuilding;
  • Water politics, conflict, and peace;
  • Theater, Music, and Peace
  • Human mobilities, insecurities and peace
  • Peace Education and African Literatures
  • Prevention of mass atrocities; and
  • Diseases, Politics and Peace